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Deadly MRSA Super-Pathogen Now Contaminates U.S.

Food Supply; So Why Are Medical Authorities Still Hiding the Fact that Colloidal Silver Cures MRSA? Dear Personal Liberty Reader, I'm going to get straight to the point. Infections caused by the flesh-eating MRSA super-pathogen (i.e., drugresistantStaphylococcus aureus), now kill more people annually in the U.S. than AIDS. Indeed, according to, MRSA is now responsible for a whopping 94,000 life-threatening infections and 18,650 deaths each year in the U.S. alone. But four bona fide clinical studies I'll show you in just a moment demonstrate that safe, natural colloidal silver the world's most powerful natural antibiotic literally decimates the MRSA pathogen! That's the good news. Here's the bad news: A brand new study published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases has demonstrated that an average of 50% of all the beef, chicken, pork and turkey bought in five U.S. cities and sampled by researchers were contaminated with the deadly MRSA pathogen. That's up from only 14% MRSA contamination found in studies conducted last year. In other words, the problem with MRSA-contaminated meats in our food supply is skyrocketing! But health authorities are keeping it under wraps out of fear people will quit buying meat and devastate another critical part of the economy. According to medical journalist Leah Zerbe, earlier this year researchers tested 136 total samples (80 different brands) of ground beef, chicken, pork and turkey purchased from 26 retail grocery stores in five U.S. cities. The shocking results: Nearly 80% of the turkey, 42%of the pork, 41% of the chicken and 37% of the beef were contaminated with antibiotic-resistant staph, i.e., MRSA! Colloidal Silver Decimates MRSA! As I mentioned earlier, numerous clinical studies prove colloidal silver handily destroys the MRSA pathogen. So before I explain how you can keep an unlimited supply of colloidal silver on hand for just pennies, and let you hear from a number of real-life colloidal silver

users who have healed their own deadly MRSA infections, let me summarize just four of these important clinical studies for you. After all, with MRSA now infecting half the nation's meat supply, it's become critical for families like yours to understand how truly effective colloidal silver is against this insidious pathogen, as well ashow to use colloidal silver to stop MRSA infections dead in their tracks: Case #1: Brigham Young Clinical Study Proves Colloidal Silver Kills MRSA In this study, conducted at Brigham Young University, and published in the journal Current Science, it was found that a number of the antibiotic drugs which formerly killed drugresistant pathogens such as MRSA could actually be restored to full efficacy against the deadly pathogens, but only if a liquid solution of colloidal silver was used in conjunction with the drug! Since these antibiotic drugs had previously lost their effectiveness against the super-pathogens, this study clearly demonstrates that the silver was the deciding factor in the deaths of the deadly drug-resistant pathogens! Case #2: Iranian Clinical Study Proves Silver Increases Effectiveness of Antibiotic Drugs Against Staph This study was conducted by the Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Medical Nanotechnology Research Center at the University of Tehran, Iran, and published in the journal Nanomedicine. It demonstrated thatthe addition of silver to three specific antibiotics (vancomycin, amoxicillin and penicillin) almost magically renews their effectiveness against today's most deadly pathogens, including MRSA! Case #3: Taiwanese Clinical Study Proves Colloidal Silver By Itself Kills MRSA This study was conducted by the Nanya Institute of Technology in Taiwan and published in the journal Colloids Surface B Biointerfaces. It demonstrated that colloidal silver kills both MRSA and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, another deadly and extremely opportunistic superbug. In this study, a special colloidal silver solution was tested on contact surfaces where the deadly pathogens are known to colonize, and from which they can spread to humans. The silver solution proved to be completely effective against both the MRSA and Pseudomonas super-pathogens! Case #4: Czech Clinical Study Proves Silver Particles Kill MRSA This study was conducted at the Department of Physical

Chemistry at Palacky University in the Czech Republic, and published in the prestigious Journal of Physical Chemistry B. The study demonstrated that "...silver particles with a narrow size distribution with an average size of 25 nm showed high antimicrobial and bactericidal activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, including multi-resistant strains such MRSA." The study further demonstrated that very low concentrations of silver could be utilized to destroy MRSA, as long as the silver particles were very small, averaging 25 nm. Real-Life People Using Colloidal Silver Against MRSA! The above clinical studies published in bona fide medical and science journals provide ample evidence that colloidal silver destroys the MRSA pathogen. And in just a moment, I'm going to tell you how to make all of the high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver you could ever need, quickly and easily, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, for just pennies, so you can help protect your family and friends against MRSA and other serious infections just like I do. But first, let me show you what real-life people using colloidal silver against MRSA have said, in their own words: Cured Dying Doctor of a Deadly MRSA Infection! "In November 2009 I was in the morning breakfast hot spot and as usual I was talking to a friend about his health challenges, unaware that a doctor's wife was listening. After my friend left, the doctor's wife asked me if I knew anything that would cure MRSA. I told her that I made something called colloidal silver with a machine called a MicroParticle Colloidal Silver Generator, and that it should help. She told me that her husband was a doctor and he had MRSA. I offered to give her some colloidal silver the next day. When I arrived at the nursing home and met her she was very upset. The doctors overseeing her husband's case had told her earlier that morning that she needed to let him go because there was nothing more that they could do for him, and that they were withdrawing all his medications. He also had a feeding tube. I told her that I could not tell her what to do for him, but I could tell her what I would do for myself if I were in the same situation. I gave her a dropper bottle of the colloidal silver and said if it were me I'd put two droppers of colloidal silverunder my tongue every hour as long as I was

awake. The next day, and thereafter, I would do it every two hours while I was awake. If I had a feeding tube I would apply one tablespoon through the tube three times a day. After four days she called and said that they had retested him for MRSA and he tested negative. She was one happy lady! I think everyone should be able to make their own colloidal silver." T. K. Keith, Oklahoma Here's another dramatic success story, which demonstrates how powerful and effective micro-particle colloidal silver can be... Healed Deadly MRSA Infection and Saved My Friend's Leg from Amputation! "I have a dear friend who is well over 500 pounds. My car is the only one that he can ride comfortably in AND tow the trailer with his enormous electric chair. For that reason, I'm the one that takes him to his VA appointments (105 miles away) and his doctor appointments (45 miles away). He suffered from MRSA in bedsores on his leg that had not healed for 8 years. At a doctor appointment, his doctor said we needed to think about amputation of his lower leg to keep the MRSA at bay. So I asked the doctor to let me try something for one month and he just said, 'At his point we have nothing to lose except his leg.'He said he was going to call in a prescription for another high-strength antibiotic (Zithromax). History showed us that as long as he stayed on the antibiotics, the progression of the MRSA would slow down. But within two weeks of getting off of it, he would get very ill again. As we drove home, I explained my colloidal silver idea to my friend. This was on a Thursday, I believe. I gave him a quart of the colloidal silver to drink and a quart for his wounds. I told him to 'drink approximately 1/4 cup twice a day.' I also asked him to have his home health nurse (who'd been working with him for years) to soak the bandage with the colloidal silver when she redressed his sores. On the following Monday, he called the doctor's office to find out why they hadn't called in the antibiotics. The nurse got on the phone and asked why he wasn't in the hospital. The doctor had assumed that he was going directly to the hospital when we left his office. The nurse told my friend that he needed to get to the hospital right away as the blood work done in the office at his last appointment showed he only had days left to live!!!! He called me and we rushed over to the hospital for more tests and you know what they found? NO MRSA! The doctor

couldn't believe it. Over the next few weeks, the home health nurse saw his wounds closing up. She was amazed that the skin was granulating again. It only took 4 days for his blood work to go from system-wide Septicemia with MRSA to 'No Detectable Infection.' As a paramedic, I have a pretty good immune system and will trust silver to take care of any infections that I get exposed to. It is documented that it killed the systemic MRSA, worked topically on the MRSA-laden bed sores, AND lowered his need for hypertensive meds. I am a believer!!!! Actually, I don't just 'believe' in it, I KNOW it works!" Gina She Was Dying, Until She Used the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver! "Last year, my sister, Miriam, had extensive dental work done, which caused her to become infected with MRSA. This led to a heart attack. She was dying. The antibiotics and other medications being administered by her doctors were not working and she was getting weaker by the day. In desperation, we looked up information on MRSA on the Internet, and references to colloidal silver repeatedly came up, so we looked into that and found your colloidal silver generator along with all the information about them. At the same time, we met a lady who had been using one of your colloidal silver generators for many years and was very willing to share the colloidal silver and her knowledge with us until we could order our own generator. We felt that God had led us to this information and this lady. Immediately, we got the colloidal silver to my sister and she began taking it. Almost at once, her condition improved. She was gaining strength until she told her doctor that she was taking colloidal silver. He reacted so negatively, that my brother-in-law became fearful and refused to allow my sister to have any more colloidal silver. She relapsed and became so sick that she couldn't even talk coherently. She was so weak that she couldn't eat or take care of herself at all. Again she was dying. It was then that my brother-in-law was called away on an emergency. We took colloidal silver to my sister and within two days, when her husband returned, she had made such a remarkable recovery that he could not deny the truth. Colloidal silver, with God's guidance, saved her life." Wynona, CA

Colloidal Silver Cured My Hospital-Acquired Staph Infection and Saved My Foot from Amputation! "Micro-particle colloidal silver has been very important to me on many occasions, but none more so than this instance: Something was growing in my foot, under the left ankle. It was painful, swollen and precluded my wearing most shoes. When I had finished all my tests and biopsy, my orthopedist said I had a cancer. Of course that's the magic terror word and I was in the hospital 'toot sweet' for surgery. At the time of this incident, I was staying with my son and daughterin-law in Michigan and, of course, they did their best to take care of me. Unfortunately, I developed a Staph infection from the surgery. So back to the hospital I went. After months of stays in the hospital, daily two-hour intensive I.V. treatments and MUCH pain and suffering, they said my foot needed to come off. I came home to get well by myself or just meet my Maker. My little colloidal silver generator, (which I always take with me now) went into action and I started drinking two ounces of silver water four times a day and dousing the still open and draining wound with it. In a little over three weeks there was no more draining and the wound started to heal! That aftermath of surgery cost me and my insurance company thousands of dollars and I didn't get well from anything done by the doctors. It was the micro-particle colloidal silver that did the trick! Yet still, when I told my doctor the above story, all he could say was how lucky I was that I hadn't harmed myself. And he looked at me like I was a not a very bright child." Clara B., Arkansas

That's the beauty of owning the means of colloidal silver production: You can make your own high-quality colloidal silver for a tiny fraction of the cost you'd have to pay in health food stores or through online vendors. And with a MicroParticle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, it's even more effective than the store-bought stuff, because you're making it fresh each time, and the particle size is as low as .8 nm a fraction of a single nanometer! These are uncommonly small silver particles that are completely bioavailable for the human body.

And when you can make such high-quality colloidal silver for just pennies per quart, you can literally afford to bathe in it. Indeed, many people with chronic skin conditions (including MRSA eruptions) do just that, and to great effect. They just add a quart or so to their bath water, and skin conditions begin to clear up rapidly! You can also... Spray it directly onto your body, to heal sores and to keep cuts, burns or scratches from becoming infected!

Spray your store-bought meats and other fresh foods with colloidal silver before refrigerating, to kill any nasty pathogens such as MRSA on the food surfaces!

Spray colloidal silver onto your cutting boards and kitchen countertops after you've prepared food (especially meat!) to kill germs, mold, mildew and other microbes yes, including the MRSA pathogen!

Soak your store-bought fruits and vegetables to eradicate potentially harmful bacteria and fungus from the food surfaces!

Clean and decontaminate faucets, door knobs, and other contact surfaces (including that filthy blade on your kitchen can opener)!

Add a couple of ounces to your daily laundry as a natural antiseptic agent that will keep clothes, bath towels, dish rags, and other fabrics fresh and germ-free for weeks on end!

Soak your toothbrush to prevent microbial contamination!

Spray it around sinks, bathtubs and other surfaces to stop mold and mildew in its tracks! Spray it topically onto cuts and burns for prevention of infectionand to stimulate rapid wound healing!

Add it to your pet's water bowl to resolve internal infections and help prevent illness!

Gargle to eradicate sore throats!

Put it into a spray atomizer and sniff it up your nose to eliminate sinus infections! Add a drop or two into your eyes to stop Pink Eye or styes in a single afternoon!

And, of course, you can safely use colloidal silver internally to help stop infections like colds and flu...alleviate intestinal infections...stop urinary tract infections...cure upper respiratory infections...wipe out infection-based prostate problems... and much, much more!