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We could divide the responsibilities and performances in different stages; by doing this we are able to manage our performance. Being in TESCO I could evaluate my performance in following in following four stages. Planning Monitoring Developing Assessing

Being Manager in the first step of planning I will go through the planning process like,

Review and revise plan

Determine situation

Implement Plan

Evaluate Goals

Create Plan

Assess Risks

After going through all this process of planning I shall see the individual employee and will see the following actions taken by me and the response to that by the employee.

In the second step I will engage the employee with good work appreciation and then I will help him to improve his performance by guiding and coaching. Then by having it documented I shall review and discuss his performance. To keep the employee motivated I shall acknowledge his work by a feed back. In the third step I will try to develop the employee by discussing and guiding the employee with the better skills and abilities, so that he could be able to execute the plan successfully. in the last step of my managerial role I will assess the performance of the employee at least twice in the year. To do this I shall arrange the formal meetings and will discuss all the aspects of the employee to improve performance or stabilize the current performance. Being an employee of TESCO I shall follow the same route for evaluating and scaling my performance. This will include, Planning Monitoring Developing and Assessing

In the first step I will try to understand my job profile, then I will set goal to evaluate my performance according to the needs of the TESCO. In second I shall evaluate the performance by my daily objective progress. And I shall also abide by the advises given on time to me the senior management. The feed back taken from the managers shall be welcomed because it helps to grow. I shall review the process of performance by my achievements and shall accept the necessary revisions in the plan. In the third step I will try to improve my performance and development in a continuous way by improving the development areas and recognizing the strengths. I will accept the responsibility as the primary driver of the task. By doing this I shall improve my self in learning and development. In the last step I will be assess my performance from the feed back what so ever it is. Then I will improve my gray areas from the said feed back.