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For New Product Submissions to the Ministry

Product Submission File Number

Please complete, save/rename with date and initials (e.g. 130108_RPL-PSF_BD.doc) and send/submit this form as an electronic word document to us via our e-mail address at:
(In addition Mail supporting product information with a copy of the completed form to our mailing address or attach PDF files of supporting documentation) Please provide the requested information in the fields provided (you can type directly in the grey shaded field boxes) as this information will be used by the New Products Evaluation Standing Committee to assist in the review of the product use. Incomplete information delays the evaluation process.

1) Suppliers Name:
Address: Prov./State Postal/ZIP: Contact: City: Tel: Email: Fax:

2) Manufacturers Name
Address: Prov./State Postal/ZIP: Contact:
(if different than supplier):

City: Tel: Email: Fax:

3) Product Name:
Detail function and product use:

Identify Relevant Category in Ministrys Recognized Product List: Where is this product being used by other transportation agencies?

Provide names of a key contact persons in other transportation agencies with telephone numbers:

Provide support information of where product has been used or had trials:

Has this product been evaluated for environmental impact? Yes No If yes, attach environmental studies.

New Products Submission Form January 8, 2013

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Recognized Product Submission Form (contd)

Is this product WHMIS controlled? Yes No if yes, attach/send MSDS (note: MSDS must conform to WHMIS standards). Provide/Attach details: Does this product meet the requirements of a recognized specification agency (i.e., CSA, ASTM, CGSB, AASHTO)? Yes No If so, state agency and specification number(s):

Provide independent supporting letter/reports confirming compliance to standards and/or successful testing results.

Provide all other information that you feel is relevant to assist the Committee to appraise this products use? Provide/Attach details:

Some criteria the RPL Committee uses to evaluate a product submission.

Provide details that can support the Products Safety: Environmental: Durability: Life Cycle: Permanent Installation:

8) Applicants Contact Information

Print Name Email address for contact person:
A response for the products submission will be issued upon receipt of application, initial appraisal and committee result. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY:
Received Date: Initial Response Reply/Discussion: Review Result Advise Applicant: Committee Result AcceptedUse: Proven Use: Tran-24100-40/54506A Product Name/Description: Product Number: 160000 OPERATIONAL MATERIALS Recognized Products Ministry Reviewer(s): Comments: Date: Not Required: Advise Applicant: Rejected for Use: Notification


MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION and INFRASTRUCTURE Geotechnical Materials and Paving Engineering PO Box 9850 Stn. Prov Govt Victoria BC V8W 9T5 tel:250.387.4360 fax:250.387.7735

Electronic Submission INTERNET ADDRESS:

New Products Submission Form January 8, 2013

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