By Email Mr John Inman Head of Local Plans City of Edinburgh Council, Waverley Court G1, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh

, EH8 8BG 27 January 2012

Dear Mr Inman EDINBURGH LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN: MAIN ISSUES REPORT SSE welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Main Issues Report for the new Local Development Plan. SSE is involved in the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity, in the production, storage, distribution and supply of gas and in other energy services. Our comments are confined to issues concerning carbon reduction and the energy industry within the City. Question 6: Renewable Energy: Leith Docks The National Renewables Infrastructure Plan considered Scotland’s potential to support the offshore renewable energy industry, and identified the Port of Leith as the highest-ranked location in Scotland for integrated renewables manufacturing. Edinburgh therefore has the potential to play a significant role in these important developments. To facilitate this economic growth in renewables, the Council needs to alter its policy at Leith Docks, to retain the Port of Leith in industrial use. Therefore, SSE supports the proposed ‘Reasonable Alternative’ to identify the North Eastern part of Leith Docks as a business and industry area. Carbon Reduction: Question 18: Scotland’s renewable energy targets cover energy generation and also the use of renewable heat. For Edinburgh to play its part in meeting these targets, the City must focus on opportunities for the decentralisation of energy generation into more locally-based solutions and also on the opportunities for CHP, to advance the use of renewable heat. SSE does not feel able to support either the preferred option or the reasonable alternative, as these are focused too closely on solutions which are specific to individual new buildings, rather than a commitment to carbon reduction overall. The proposed manufacturing hub for the offshore renewable energy industry will also require large amounts of power in operation, and ways to provide this from renewable sources should be investigated. SSE has wideranging experience in the delivery of decentralised generation solutions and CHP, and would welcome the opportunity to work with the City of Edinburgh Council to develop policy in this area. Please contact us if you would like to discuss these submissions, and the potential for carbon reduction solutions in more detail. Yours sincerely,

Flavia Paterson Head of Public Affairs, Scotland

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