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ATTENDANCE: The following member agencies were present in the meeting: PERMANENT MEMBERS:
Secretary Armin Luistro, FSC DepEd Kurt Cendaa - DepEd Assistant Director Leocadio Trovela DILG Myrna Santos DILG Commissioner Jose Luis Gomez PSC Dr. Lauro Domingo - PSC Vince Juico - PCSO Omar Castanar DBM Minerva Averilla DOLE Maria Eloisa Abad - DFA Ivy Fatima Ferrer - DFA Darlene Dancel DSWD


Chairman Leon G. Flores III, CESE, NYC Commissioner Gregorio Ramon Tingson Commissioner Earl Saavedra OIC -Executive Director Arturo Magadan Commissioner Percival Cendaa Commissioner Georgina Nava

Dr. Robinson F. Espinoza, Secretariat Head Jeng Ramirez- Salmo, PRMED Asst Div Chief Cyndi A. Enriquez, Head, Policy Development Jigs Pasamba, Policy Development Bernadette Fernando, Head M&E Arianne Coronel Monitoring and Evaluation Teodolfo Bonitez, Monitoring and Evaluation Conrado Rigor, Head Planning Lindy Loise Gamolo, Planning Ernest Zamora OCAL Velsie Querubin, AFD Karlo Amanse, OED Fernando Quiazon, RYDD Nino Sialongo, OED


Review and Approval of the Proposed Agenda and Minutes of the Previous Meeting

For Approval

II Business Arising from the Minutes of the Last Meeting III Philippine Youth Development Plan Roll out results 1st National Convention Of Regional Youth Advisory Council OSY NATIONAL PROGRAM Other Matters

For Information

For Information


For Information


For Information For Information



DISCUSSIONS The meeting was called to order by Secretary Luistro at 10:00am Brother Armin went through the provisional agenda; there was no motion since there was no quorum yet. He proceeded and requested the Body to review the Minutes of the past meeting.


Call to Order

2 Review and Approval of the Provisional Agenda

3 Reading/ Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting 4.0. Business Arising from the Minutes of the Last Meeting

Since no comments were raised, Assistant Director Trovela of DILG moved for the approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting, and duly seconded. NAC - Rules of Procedure (ROP) Officially approved; Letter to be drafted for signature of agencies

Government Internship Program (GIP)

For presentation next meeting Officially approved; Letter to be drafted for signature of agencies

Resolution of NYCs membership to all RDCs

Highlights of the NYC Activities Chairman Flores of NYC presented the NYC activities/ events conducted in 2012. He Informed the Body that the NYC shall be launching the youth-friendly LGU similar to the Child-Friendly City Awards conducted by the CWC. He added that in relation to the engagement of the NYC and the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK), several programs have been developed and implemented, such as the SK Seal of Good Housekeeping, in coordination with the DILG. Other engagements include the SK Desk, SK Watch and the SK capacity building. PSC Commissioner Gomez raised that the NYC activities did not mention about sports program. He added that the NYC can develop policies on sports which address both the inschool and OSY, and games at the SK level. He suggested that a NYC Commissioner be delegated as a representative to the PSC to be a part of the activities of the sports commission. He added that DILG and NYC could be cooperating partners and set aside time for LGUs for sports facilities to be used by young people (4-6pm). He asked if RDC could provide data on sports, and further inquired how sports could be a part of the culture of the Filipino. Chairman Flores informed the Body that there are programs on sports development that have been recommended by different stakeholders during the implementation of the joint program of the NYC and Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) Nationwide Drug Abuse Caravan. Asst. Director Trovela of DILG suggested to revive and strengthen the memorandum regarding the creation of a sports development council. 3 Request from COMELEC the data of youth registrants Develop policy on encouraging young people to engage into sports Propose policies to the LGUs on how to make sidewalks walkable, so they can contribute to encouraging sports

Brother Armin expressed the need to create inclusive sports which are grassroots-typed, can be sustained, and do not require a big budget. He emphasized the strengthening of non-competitive typed of sports. Commissioner Gomez of PSC stated that there will be a launching by 2013 of non-competitive sports in Luneta, and this Body will be invited. Mr. Omar Castanar of DBM asked how agencies use their budget for GIP and SPES. He suggested to make a standard guideline and provide more budgets for GIP. Government Internship Program(GIP) Comm. Saavedra explained the difference between SPES and GIP. He updated the Body that NYC still leads the GIP implementation, as discussed in the last stakeholders meeting. He informed the Body about the status of GIP, viz: Currently collating reports from different agencies Plan to propose an EO for the expansion of the program Philippine Youth Development Plan The Body was updated that the NYC is currently waiting for the signature/ approval of the Executive Order (EO), pending in Malacanang. 5.0 Philippine Youth Development Plan Roll-Out Results The results of PYDP roll-out were presented by Dr. Robinson Espinoza. After the presentation, the following comments and observations were raised; Brother Armin commented that PYDP covers everything and anything and it needs to identify priorities per objective of the Plan. Dr. Espinoza replied that this will be addressed once the PYDP Taskforce is organized. Mr. Castanar stressed the need to look at the data for the youth and proposed for a registry system and more studies. He inquired how NYC participates in the bottoms-up process. For the next NAC meeting, the Commission to identify what programs should be prioritized NYC to present the program on GIP in the next meeting

Brother Armin stated that there is no need to wait for the President to sign the EO for PYDP. He suggested the Commission-En-Banc to sit down and identify what the NYC can accomplish on its own. He pointed out that the development of a data base can already be a major contribution. Assistant Director Trovela suggested NYC to strengthen the monitoring of its programs. DILG expressed its support to the proposed OSY program and stated their willingness to issue Memorandum Circular to the LGUs. 6.0 1st National Convention Of Regional Youth Advisory Council (RYAC) Comm. Cendana presented the 1st National Convention of Regional Youth Advisory Council. Some comments and observations were raised after the presentation. Brother Armin opined that hes not sure if the NAC/RYAC should be the one to determine the programs for the youth sector. He said that the young people should be the one to identify what programs should be prioritized for them. Comm. Cendana responded that the young people were consulted through the National Youth Parliament (NYP). But Brother Armin still asked, is the RYAC the best way to mainstream the programs of the commission? 7.0 OSY NATIONAL PROGRAM The national program for the OSY (Abot-Alam) was presented by Comm. Gio Tingson. Brother Armin expressed hope that the DILG can include the Seal of Good Housekeeping as indicator in terms of the greatest decreased in number of OSYs in the barangay. Asst. Director Trovela recommended to include Day Care and the SK. He suggested additional budget for the program by 2014 based on the data gathered in 2013. Other Matters PYDP Task Force will be called on the Quarter of 2013 1st

MC from the DILG to be released for the registration to start by January 2013 Commissioner Tingson to set a meeting with DILG next week

Schedule meeting



The next NAC meeting was set on March 2013 . Chairman Flores thanked attending the meeting. the Body for


The meeting adjourned 12:00 noon, followed by a luncheon.

Prepared by:

EVANESA PASAMBA Presidential Staff Officer III PRMED - Policy Unit / NAC Secretariat