The Cosmic Paradigm Newsletter by Mark Kimmel May 5, 2006 As we journey about the eastern U.S.

and I talk with people about the situation of our planet, almost everyone agrees that something is amiss. While most people are still willing to settle for the status quo ("maybe a new administration in Washington"), some are looking for ways to help. "What can one person do?" is their most common question. I believe the answer is, "At this critical juncture in human history, one individual can make all the difference in the world." The first part of the answer is comprehending how powerful you are, how much more you are than your 3rd dimensional body, how much more you are than you have been led to believe. If you can but grasp this elusive truth, you can set aside the shackles of the current paradigm. And if enough of us embrace our power, collectively we can change the human condition on this planet. Most people have a hard time grasping their power. We have been carefully coached to believe that we are powerless, lackeys in the power structure. Let's examine some evidence as a way to help move outside the box. I hope you can relate to the following examples and that they will help you better appreciate how powerful you really are. Near death experiences have been reported for centuries, more frequently since the onset of modern medicine. Those experiencing NDE's report bright lights, tunnels, and a welcome reception. Many feel they were given the choice to stay or return to their bodies. So, if it is not their physical body having these experiences, making these decisions, what is it? It obviously is their higher self, their energy body, their fragment of the Divine. (Your choice of words.) For me, this body of evidence makes a clear case that we are more than our physical bodies and that our non-physical selves survive death. And if we survive death, we are more powerful than our physical bodies. Connected to NDE's are those people who contend that they are "walk-ins." A walk-in is characterized by a radical personality change after recovering from a NDE and, very likely, memories of their lives on other spheres. I have had the opportunity to talk with a number of walk-ins and believe their accounts. For me this is further evidence that our individual power exceeds our physical body's capability. In the cases of those who have experienced NDE's or are walk-ins, invariably they see life much differently, grasp the Larger Reality. Many have chosen to become healers and/or light workers. Many people have had past life experiences. Whether these are under hypnosis or spontaneous, they are too real, too accurate to dismiss. If you and I have lived other lives, then we are more than our physical bodies, more powerful than a spirit incarnated for a single lifetime. I have had the privilege of knowing people who have memories of many

past lives, some going back to ancient times. One has only to examine this one phenomenon to conclude that we have individual power beyond the 3rd dimension. Robert Monroe founded The Monroe Institute. TMI teaches people how to have out of body experiences, how to travel beyond the realm of time and space. Such experiences are not limited to those who have psychic abilities and other special facilities; anyone can learn to experience out of body traveling. For me, this is one more indication that we are more than our physical bodies, that we have power we do not ordinarily appreciate. From my own experience, I can attest to the thrill of separating from my physical body. Remote viewing was developed under grants from the military and intelligence services in the U.S. and other countries. It is a second way to harness and direct one's psychic powers. Practioners of this skill have demonstrated amazing abilities of finding people, exploring targets, and moving beyond the limits of time and space. Again, anyone can learn these techniques. Again another indication of one's power beyond the physical. One of the best indicators I have of my individual power is based on one of my own experiences. My first indication of personal power was when I raised the money for my first venture fund. Prior to that time, I had worked for others, had followed the direction of a boss (parent, teacher, or supervisor). Now, in 1977, I had the opportunity to exercise my own judgment, achieve my own successes. The process I used was first to imagine what it would be like to have a venture fund that would "help entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams." Second I set my intent on achieving that end result. Third, I actively went about begging for money from every source imaginable, selling the concept, pledging my commitment to it, and pressing forward until it was accomplished. You may quarrel with whether this was really an exercise in personal power. However, consider this: I conceived the idea. I set my intention to accomplish the feat. I created something that had not been done before. You exercise this same power every time you create something in the kitchen. Am I advocating you go create a venture fund? No, but I am suggesting that you already are creators, that you already have personal power. You need only recognize it to help change the world. Finally, ask yourself, "When have I had something happen which I can not explain in 3rd dimension terms?" If you are honest with yourself, if you are willing to set aside your current frame of reference, you will probably recall some such event. I suggest you revisit that event by whatever means you choose. I did that very thing with amazing results. The second part of "What can one person do?" is applying your power. Here we draw upon quantum physics where we learn that we can influence the results of an experiment by merely observing it. Until my next newsletter, I am going to leave it at that. My comments on the articles that follow this newsletter are the following. a) Take them for what they say to your heart. b) No one source has all the answers.

1) The information from The Pleiadian High Council is very much in step with other information coming to us at this moment. 2) Steve Greer and Paul Hellyer are holding a press conference on May 9th, the 5th anniversary of the Disclosure Project -- keep an eye out for more. 3) The link to the nuclear bunker buster is most insightful 4) I love to fish and eat fish. This report is disturbing, to say the least. 5) The prophecies of 2012 probably will be answered long before we reach that date. In Truth and Love, Mark Kimmel --1) Channeled Message From Mira from The Pleiadian High Council Through Valerie Donner Greetings, I am Mira. Today I want to speak about many things. I know you are interested in what is happening from our vantage point here in the Pleiadian High Council. I told you before that we are on standby with constant monitoring alert for the Earth. The time is rapidly approaching when you will see the end of normalcy. You will be constantly bombarded with the need to make adjustments to your physical surroundings and in many areas of your life. The Earth herself is in the powerful throes of cleaning up an unkempt planet. There are many causes for this and this is not to punish you as children by sending you to your room. All that is occurring and that will be occurring is for everyone's highest good. Each person and particle will end up exactly where they need to be. Even if the Earth shakes you to your very roots you will grow by standing tall and remaining connected. You can do this-you can stay grounded and rise above it all. Due to all that is happening within and upon your planet right now it is best that we stay simple. We can get down to the practical brass tacks of what it means for you to be on the planet and how you co-operate with each other for survival. What you are now doing is drawing communities together, sharing your love, wisdom and knowledge. This is in preparation for life in the higher dimensions. Too few of you know how to do this well. There are some places where the cooperative efforts are cohesive and strong. You are just beginning this process of connecting and learning to trust each other. It is also a heart opening for you. It can be a healing procedure and it is something that you have long awaited. For most of your lifetimes on the Earth you have felt entirely alone.

Maybe you were with the wrong people or perhaps you lost your way. We are telling you that you are beginning to find your way. It is good. It will be rewarding in the long run. You are starting somewhere and this is what must happen. The full-scale advancement of living in communities is still a short time in the future. Simply banding together in groups through a particular purpose is giving you a start. Even your Internet groups are one way of drawing you to like-minded people. You always want to be discerning though and make sure that you are in full resonance with those with whom you connect. Otherwise, you may have some sorry lessons with the implementation process. Take a group for whatever good it is for you. Be open to all of the divine flow so that you may be drawn to various groups for different reasons. We can tell you that this is the time for following your heart. You will like the results if you do this. Follow your interests. If you have not begun this process you might want to consider starting your own group. It is most desirable if you have other Lightworkers, the ground crew, to be with so that you will feel confident of your direction. You will be able to share with each other and count your insights into this time as a collective gift. You all have numerous gifts and talents. You will need to let the creative juices flow. Love and support each other. Let yourselves shine in this endeavor. The ego is falling away in favor of the heart. Some day your hearts will sing in the delight of your new lifestyles and your new planet. We have a template for how this works. It is a blissful way to live. It will be an adjustment for you and could be challenging for those who have not been interested in a spiritual life. The doors are opening to tomorrow. They are opening wide. You are starting to get a peak at what is on the other side as the third dimension is becoming lackluster. You await with excitement for a taste of something better. You are setting the energies in place with your intentions and dreams. Your dreams will come true. Through intentions and dreams created on your planet. Your Creator has big plans for you and the Earth. You dreamed big before you incarnated into the body. Your Creator and you are a cohesive group that is moving things forward. We assist along with many others. We are excited about all of these creative opportunities. We like to try new things too even though we have served many planets in their ascension process. No two are alike and Earth is unique. We have a deep connection with Earth and her inhabitants that goes back in history. Many of you have Pleiadian roots. You have spent many lifetimes here in the Pleiades because it is a wonderful place to be. For you it is home. Your life times on Earth have been intense and challenging for the most part. You have always missed your home. You have felt like strangers in a strange land even though you love the Earth. Most of you lost your instant messaging system with the Light Realms and with your Creator. This fact has been devastating and has brought some of the

loneliest feelings for you. You might not have been able to put your finger on the feeling but this is the crux of it. In the Pleiades we live so differently from the way you now live. Our governments are not full of bureaucracy. They are run by councils. The council members serve on various councils. The Pleiadian High council oversees all of the various councils here. We help when needed and mostly serve as advisories. Our system stands on its own merit. We are able to accomplish great achievements with a smooth flowing government. We work hand in hand and make sure that the good of all is served. Council members have achieved a high degree of wisdom. They serve for long periods of time. They have the history at their fingertips and the expertise to go along with it. Each member has special merit. It is an honor to serve on the councils. As your planet evolves into the higher dimensions you will see your governments changing. Eventually they will be based on councils. This method is how your Creator continues to create. It is a miraculous way of conducting life. It is simple and politics are not the way you experience them. It is an entirely different way of being. You have a positive future with much to look forward to and many rewards along with it. Please do not feel that you have to hang onto the present 3D form because creation takes many forms. Being attached to the old way of doing things will arrest your development. We are with you in this evolutionary process. We hold the energy for your enlightenment and for that of the Earth. We collaborate with the creators of \nfuture of Earth and that includes you. Please stay in touch with us and we shall usher in your new world together. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, channel, teacher, writer and speaker. She works deeply at the heart and soul level where healing is needed. She sees things, feels things and receives information for her clients. She has been meditating twice a day for over 30 years. She works with her team like the Masters Jesus, Kuthumi, Mother Mary, Djwal Khul, St. Germain and the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Rafael and Uriel. She can be reached for private sessions at: Phone 866-281-2402 (toll free in the U.S.) Email: * 2) This article is on the Disclosure Project web site at: EXOPOLITICS TORONTO Press Release For Immediate Distribution

A Toronto Press Conference Tuesday May 9th on UFO Disclosure Sponsored by Exopolitics Toronto with Dr. Steven M. Greer and the Hon. Paul Hellyer Toronto, Ontario (Press Release) May 1, 2006 - Exopolitics Toronto and the Canadian Disclosure Initiative present an exclusive Press Conference on UFO Disclosure Witness Testimony. A press screening of authentic military, corporate and government witness testimony will present compelling evidence attesting to: The reality of an extraterrestrial presence, The authenticity and geo-political policy implications of unidentified aerial phenomenon of non-Earth origin and The 58 year old military/government cover-up of this issue. This historic press event will feature statements and remarks by the Hon. Paul Hellyer former Minister of National Defense in Canada and Dr. Steven M. Greer Director of the Disclosure Project Washington DC. Exopolitics Toronto will screen a professionally produced Witness Testimony digital video film created by the Disclosure Project under the direction of Dr. Steven Greer on the theatre screen at the prestigious De La Salle Oaklands College in Toronto Ontario on Tuesday May 9th at 7:00 pm. The goal of this press conference is to present witness testimony by Brigadier Generals, Naval Photographic experts, military officers, ICBM Launch Commanders, an FAA Crash Site Senior Administrator, NORAD air traffic controllers and pilots that confirms authentic, first-hand encounters with intelligently controlled unidentified aerial craft of non-Earth origin. Statements and remarks by Dr. Greer and the Hon. Paul Hellyer about the testimony's policy and geo-political implications will follow the film's screening. An open question period for the press will follow remarks by Dr. Greer and Mr. Hellyer. For the first time in Canada, this provocative and unambiguous witness testimony provides all journalists an opportunity to study irrefutable, documented and shockingly compelling witness testimony about the presence of unidentified aerial phenomenon of non-Earth origin and the associated 58 year cover-up by military and government officials. In fact, each witness has stated they are willing to testify, under oath, before Congress or Parliament as to the truth of their testimony; a bold personal and legal precedent set by these courageous military, government and corporate officials. Understandably mainstream media has always been reluctant to approach this issue; dismissing it because of inconclusive evidence or skepticism. This is no longer the case.

Press now will have the right to unreservedly examine superior quality information assembled by researchers and experts in this field; information only accessible in the past to officials with the highest levels of security clearance. This category of evidential material has been withheld from the press for over 58 years. Exopolitics Toronto's disclosure press conference rectifies this situation; an event no journalist will want to overlook due to the gravity of the witness' disclosures. Abundant evidence and witness testimony also exists that establishes the existence of related covert projects that have developed advanced energy and propulsion technologies that could replace the need for oil, gas, coal and nuclear power. These rogue, so-called "black" projects have hidden these energy breakthroughs from the public, to the detriment of national security, the environment and the economy, so that elite special interests can maintain the current status quo. Press will also be able to view copies of original government documents and national security memoranda that confirm a co-ordinated involvement with and a high level of interest in global UFO activity by military and national security agencies. Exopolitics Toronto will have on hand copies of original secret documents of NORAD Status and Events obtained under the Access to Information and Privacy Act - National Defense Headquarters showing the scrambling of two NORAD CF-18 jets in 2001 to intercept three unidentified craft tracked by an MEDEVAC LR-35 out of Anchorage Alaska. Also on the agenda will be a special announcement concerning the documentary Dan Aykroyd Unplugged On UFOs. This documentary by Canadian David Sereda will be released in late May. Press Conference Details Date: Tuesday May 9th 7:00 pm Location: De La Salle Oaklands College 131 Farnham Ave. Toronto Ontario Auditorium - Entrance at south end of the building Free Parking available. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Agenda -Introduction and Remarks - Victor Viggiani Director of Media Relations Exopolitics Toronto and Michael Bird Director Exopolitics Toronto -Exclusive Witness Disclosure Testimony Presentation Digital Video -Question Period - Dr. Steven Greer and the Hon. Paul Hellyer - Press will have an opportunity to question both featured guests concerning witness testimony and the policy questions surrounding an Extraterrestrial presence. -Discussion of film documentary Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs Admission Details Press - valid press credentials.

General Public - $5.00 Television Camera Crews should arrive at 6:30 pm to position equipment Radio and television journalists and print media - seating section - PRESS ONLY. Map Directions to De La Salle Oaklands visit Google Map Directions The entrance to De La Salle is located on the south side of Farnham Avenue - three streets south of St. Clair east of Avenue Rd. and west of Yonge St. TTC Access De La Salle Oaklands is also accessible by walking north to Farnham Ave on Yonge St. from the Summerhill subway stop or by taking the Avenue Rd. bus which stops in front of the college. This Press Event is an initiative supported by the Canadian Disclosure Initiative - a coalition of three NGO agencies: Exopolitics Toronto Michael J. Bird Director and Victor Viggiani B.A. M.Ed. Director of Media Relations The Disclosure Project Washington, D.C.: Dr. Steven M. Greer, ICIS -Institute for Cooperation in Space Vancouver, Canada: Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd Interview and Contact Information: Michael Bird Director - Exopolitics Toronto Victor Viggiani Director - Media Relations Exopolitics Toronto Tel: 905 278 1238 E-mail: 3) Nuclear Bunker Buster (RNEP) Animation 4) CLIMATE CHANGE SHATTERING MARINE FOOD CHAIN

By Stephen Leahy IPS April 10, 2006 BROOKLIN, Canada - Vast swaths of coral reefs in the Caribbean sea and South Pacific Ocean are dying, while the recently-discovered cold-water corals in northern waters will not survive the century -- all due to climate change. The loss of reefs will have a catastrophic impact on all marine life. One-third of the coral at official monitoring sites in the area of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands have recently perished in what scientists call an "unprecedented" die-off. Extremely high sea temperatures in the summer and fall of 2005 that spawned a record hurricane season have also caused extensive coral bleaching extending from the Florida Keys to Tobago and Barbados in the south and Panama and Costa Rica, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Coral Reef Watch. High sea temperatures are also killing parts of Australia's 2,000-kilometre-long Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest living reef formation. As summer ends in the Southern Hemisphere, researchers are now investigating the extent of the coral bleaching. Up to 98 percent of the coral in one area has been affected, reported the Australian Institute of Marine Science last week. "The Great Barrier Reef has been living on this planet for 18 million years and we've undermined its existence within our lifetimes," says Brian Huse, executive director of the Coral Reef Alliance, a U.S.-based NGO dedicated to protecting the health of coral reefs. "Twenty percent of Earth's reefs have been lost and 50 percent face moderate to severe threats," Huse told IPS. The economic value of reefs globally is estimated at 375 billion dollars, he says. Coral reefs are uncommon, found in less than one percent of the world's oceans. However, they are considered the tropical rainforests of the oceans because they provide home and habitat to 25 to 33 percent of all marine life. The World Conservation Union (IUCN) considers coral reefs one of the life-support systems essential for human survival. Reefs are made up of tiny animals called polyps, which create cup-like limestone skeletons around themselves using calcium from seawater. Reefs form as generation after generation of coral polyps live, build and die, creating habitat for themselves and many other plants and animals.

Coral gets its beautiful colors from algae that cover the polyps. The algae produce oxygen and sugars for the coral polyps to eat while the polyps produce carbon dioxide and nitrogen, which enhances algae growth. If coral polyps are stressed by too-warm sea temperatures or pollution, they lose their algae coating and turn white. Bleached corals can recover if the stress is temporary -- lasting weeks instead of months. In 2002, extensive bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef led to a five percent permanent mortality rate. Reefs in the Indian Ocean and other parts of the Pacific have been hit even harder by warm ocean temperatures over the past few years. Reefs face a number of other threats from trawling, blast fishing (the use of dynamite to catch fish), pollution, unsustainable tourism and disease, says Huse. Climate change is the most daunting threat of all, in large part because few people realise the impacts their carbon dioxide emissions are having on the oceans, he says. Every day, the average person on the planet burns enough fossil fuel to emit 24 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere, out of which about nine pounds is then taken up by the ocean. As this CO2 combines with seawater, it forms an acid in a process known as ocean acidification. There is no debate about the fact that the oceans are becoming more and more acidic due to climate change, says Scott Doney, senior scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in the U.S. "What isn't known is how marine life will react," Doney said in an interview. Coral reefs in tropical areas appear to withstand current and future acidification, but new research shows that the recently discovered cold-water corals are highly sensitive, he says. Cold-water corals are found at depths of 2,000 to 3,000 metres in the North Atlantic and Southern Ocean and to a lesser extent in the North Pacific. Only discovered about 20 years ago, these corals appear to be quite extensive and full of unusual marine life but their full extent has not been documented. And although nearly all of the known reef sites have been damaged by bottom trawl fishing, ocean acidification may be their worst threat. Like warm-water corals, polyps in cold-water corals take calcium from sea water to make their limestone skeletons. However, there is much less calcium (actually aragonite, a form of calcium carbonate) available at depth and more acidic sea water dramatically reduces what is available. Corals thus form weaker, thinner skeletons or are unable to form them at all. The calcium levels have already declined in many parts of the world's oceans and by 2100, 70 percent will no longer be able to support cold corals, says John Guinotte, marine scientist at the Marine Conservation Biology Institute in Washington State.

"Corals have no experience with these conditions and are unlikely to adapt in time," Guinotte told IPS. While Guinotte only looked at impacts on corals, Doney has learned that many other important marine species like types of phytoplankton and small snails that make shells are similarly affected. "Before 2100, these species won't be able to form the shells they need to live," he said. Such highly abundant species are an important part of the marine food chain and impacts on the ocean ecology could be devastating. "There could be a big hit but we don't what it will be yet," said Guinotte. "What we do know is that by the year 2050, the oceans will be very different than they are now." ............ NHNE Climate Change Resource Page: -----------NHNE News List: To subscribe, send a message to: To unsubscribe, send a message to: To review current posts: Published by David Sunfellow NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE) eMail: NHNE Website: Phone: (928) 282-6120 Fax: (815) 642-0117 Appreciate what we are doing? You can say so with a tax-deductible donation: P.O. Box 2242

Sedona, AZ 86339 5) The question of the Mayan calendar end date by Carl Johan Calleman For some time now there has been a discussion going on as to what is the exact end date of the Mayan calendar. This debate was recently fueled by the rejection by Don Alejandro Oxlaj, head of the council of elders of the Maya, of the December 21, 2012 date promoted by archeologists. A newcomer to this field may be surprised at the aggressiveness this statement has been responded to at web pages such as the forum at or John Jenkins This aggressiveness, which by the way has been directed more against me than to Don Alejandro, who actually made the statement attests to the importance of the question and especially the understanding of the cosmic plan that lies underneath it. Hopefully Don Alejandro's rejection (in no uncertain terms) of the December 21, 2012 end date will mean that some will dig deeper to understand the evolution of consciousness and make an attempt to understand what this end date really is based on. Yet, the fundamental issue at hand is not so much what is the actual end date of the Mayan calendar, but how we are to understand this calendar and its relationship to the cosmic plan. This is also why the end date question requires an open mind and even a fairly deep knowledge of Mayan calendrics to address. Those that promote the December 21, 2012 date almost invariably lack a model for understanding evolution based on the Mayan calendar and are instead placing all the importance on what will happen on one particular day; December 21, 2012. What they suggest for this date is typically an event in the sky or a pole shift, a comet that will hit the earth or some other physical or astronomical singular event. In my view the most absurd of these interpretations is probably a book that sets out to prove that this is the day when the world will come to an end because of a pole shift and there is nothing we can do about it (The Orion Prophecy). For someone who does not have a scientific training and background its purported « mathematical proof » for this may even seem impressive. Those supporting the December 21, 2012 date, such as, prefer such depressing rubbish to an analysis of the evolution of consciousness, simply because it is consistent with the end date they propose. To them, the end date has become like a religion and if some author agrees with this anything goes. That representatives of the contemporary Maya reject this end date will then obviously not be popular among them as they do not attribute any meaning to the Mayan calendar apart from what may happen on this particular day. At a time when we may soon expect a much expanded interest in the meaning of the Mayan calendar such interpretations of an event taking place on a special date are obviously very much welcomed by the defenders of the established order for the simple reason that they do not imply that we need to participate in a process of evolution of consciousness. Moreover, if the Mayan calendar is only about an event that happens in

the sky what else would there be to do other than sit and wait with arms crossed for this event to take place? Fortunately, for the serious student of the Mayan calendar system, it has a much greater richness than this and may help people understand both the past and the future and at the same time provide a meaningful spiritual context for life. Those defending the December 21, 2012 date however never link the Mayan calendar to a model for the evolution of consciousness and strongly oppose the very serious work that has been made to verify - literally a mountain of evidence - that it describes an ongoing evolution from the Big Bang until the present time. One of the conclusions that we may draw from this body of evidence is that in the next few years we may expect a downfall of all hierarchical structures and especially those that are based on Western dominance of the world. Another prediction is that the rule of darkness in the time period November 19, 2007 to November 13, 2008, will be a very oppressive period exerted by exactly those forces that will make their last desperate attempt to maintain their dominance of the world. If this time period is confused with a period of light many people will go along with it in the same way as happened when this very same energy ruled the world, and especially Germany, during the era 1932-1952. It then seems obvious that the ruling circles of our planet do not want this information to reach the broader public and the defenders of the December 21, 2012 date that deny that we are living in an ongoing evolution of consciousness are playing directly into their hands. When the reaction comes in November of 2007 the ruling elite, primarily based in the US, would much rather have people think that nobody should be able to question their rule and that spiritual freedom is impossible. In that time the proponents of the December 21, 2012 date will come in very handy for the rulers and all ideas that the Mayan calendar describes an evolution towards oneness and balance will be suppressed. Of course, these statements are not based on some divine revelation, but with analogies that associate this time period with corresponding destructive eras in the past. The primary reason that the end date is important is in my view that it strongly colors our perception of the present and the immediate time ahead. Would it not be because the question of the end date is important for the present and how people will understand the upcoming energies of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca I would see no reason to discuss it, especially not considering all the negative projections - far from a spirit of oneness - that it seems to give rise to among some. It is at the present time very important to discuss the upcoming energies of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca, but the December 21 people are trying to sweep it under the rug. Hence, the issue of the end date is not so much a question of the particular date we favor, but what philosophy we adhere to and what vision of the world we would like to promote. Those denying the existence of a cosmic time plan leading towards a state of oneness have nothing to offer but the status quo and those seems to be the very people that are obsessed by being right about the December 21 end date. To them, the most important argument in favor of the December 21, 2012 date seems to be that there is agreement among the archeologists about it and hence no one should question it. But since modern archeologists approach the Mayan calendar as a superstition to begin with how could they possibly know when the completion date of the divine process of creation

would be? The divine plan is not their field of study. Only someone who sets out to understand how the Mayan calendar describes the cosmic plan would be able to arrive at the correct end date for this. To grasp the origin of this end date it needs first to be pointed out that there is a fundamental misunderstanding among modern people about the Mayan Long Count. This misunderstanding is that the ancient Maya devised this calendar by targeting a particular end date. Although this may seem exciting to ourselves as we are living in that time it simply is not correct. The inscriptions from the ancient Maya in fact exclusively deal with describing the beginning of the Long Count, the creation date, which was set at August 11, 3114. The Mayan royalty living some 3500 years later sought to legitimize their positions by tracing their ancestry back to the beginning of this creation and wanted to understand this creation that their power was based on. Only those that have studied Mayan calendrics in some depth will know that the inscriptions deal with the creation date and not with the end date. The exact placement of this beginning date of the Long Count falls on the date that the sun was in zenith in Izapa, where the Long Count most likely was devised. Hence we have every reason to believe that it was this solar zenith day that its ending date was based on. The end date of the Long Count will simply fall exactly 1.872.000 days after this zenith date, which places it at December 21, 2012. Hence, the end date touted by the archeologists, December 21, 2012, directly depends on the fact that the people living in Izapa at the time thought of August 11, the date the sun was in zenith in their own particular temple city, as a holy day. Because of its zenith character it had probably for a long time been regarded as a day « when time began », as indeed it meant the beginning of a yearly cycle that determined the changing seasons in that location. From a wider perspective the problem with this beginning date is then that it lacks relevance to the world at large. Why would this zenith date, which the beginning of the Long Count is set at, matter to people living in other locations than Izapa (or on the same latitude)? Well, it obviously does not play a role for people living in other parts of the world, and is simply based on the desire of the Izapans to emphasize their own particular location and tradition. Hence, believing that the energetic beginning of the Long Count falls on the day that « time began » in Izapa is like believing that Jesus was actually born on Christmas Day. The parallel is that in both cases an older tradition, the pagan midwinter solstice in the case of the Christians, which was not related to what really was to be celebrated, was simply taken over by a new calendrical tradition. That such an ancient established highly localized tradition of the importance of the solar zenith in Izapa now seems to dominate the perception of some currently interested in the Mayan calendar and so the modern proponents of the December 21, 2012 date are stuck in the same established tradition as the ancient Izapans were. Thus, to many of them it is not permitted for a scientist to broaden his perspective or question something that the archeologists all seem to agree upon. One might wonder where science would be today if such local traditions would never have been questioned. In my view, it is the task of science to arrive at an increasingly holistic understanding of the world and being stuck in a local tradition (even if it is Mayan or proto-Mayan) prevents the emergence of an understanding of the cosmic plan that is relevant to our entire planet.

The second reason that we may understand the December 21, 2012 date to be wrong is that it falls on the tzolkin day 4 Ahau, since this is not a completion energy. It must fall on a date that is 13 Ahau, since this is the tzolkin energy towards which all the tzolkin energies are moving. This may be a more difficult argument to grasp than that the beginning of the traditional Long Count is based on a local tradition. To realize that the actual end date must fall on an energy that is a 13 Ahau date essentially requires of someone that he or she for a relatively long time have followed exclusively the true tzolkin count. Only in that way would one be able to personally experience the energy shifts, and unfortunately not so many people do that. If people mix two different counts that we may be certain that there is too much confusion for the actual energy shifts to be felt. Yet, it is important to know that Don Alejandro speaks about a prophecy of the return of 13 Ahau that seems to have survived through the ages. Carlos Cedillo also alerted me to a passage in the Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel that describes the energy of 13 Ahau as follows: « Holy completion of time, truly » - a statement not found regarding any other tzolkin energy in these prophetic Mayan books written a few hundred years ago. From a knowledge of the tzolkin it simply seems logical that the true Mayan calendar should end on a day that has the energy of 13 Ahau. The placement of the end date of this creation at the particular 13 Ahau energy of October 28, 2011 is supported by what seems to be a correction made in Palenque to the original Izapan Long Count several hundred years later. Most likely the priests of Palenque, who obviously meticulously followed the true tzolkin count then started to feel that there was something wrong with the correlation between the Izapan Long Count and the tzolkin. (Since they were living in Palenque they were not attached to or tuned in to the Izapan solstice date). The correction that they hinted at was however not implemented as a change of the Izapan Long Count because of the forbidding consequences. (Somebody who doubts that should consider how easy it would be to change the Gregorian calendar if the date of birth of Jesus was determined with absolute certainty). Such a change would not have been possible because of the enormous role that the Long Count had in legitimizing the rule of the Palenquean dynasty and providing stability to its society. Hence, its priests could only hint that the Izapan Long Count missed the mark by 420 days. Hence, you might say that the Palenquean priests around AD 600 began to feel something that is similar to what many are beginning to feel today. This is that there is something wrong with the December 21, 2012 end date of the Long Count. This experience will only increase in the years to come at least among those that are not content with repeating what other people are saying and who actually are able themselves to experience the wave movement of divine creation towards the state of oneness. And it is to those that I am primarily addressing myself, because it is those that may craft the path that the divine plan seems to be laying out for us. I am not primarily addressing myself to those for whom it is more important to be right about a date than to facilitate the spiritual future of humanity. In this context I would also like to point out that many people have a strong intuitive sense that the year 2012 will mean something special. This intuitive sense is fully consistent with the October 28, 2011 date, since if the divine process of creation is

completed on that day it will indeed be the year 2012 that will usher the great change. If instead the completion of divine creation would fall on the Izapan end date, December 21, 2012, it would be the year 2013 that would harvest the change. Intuitively, most seem to favor the 2012 date and I feel this promises that as we come closer people will increasingly be drawn to the energetically correct end date, October 28, 2011. Carl Johan Calleman Orsa, Sweden 4 Cib (4 Vulture) 7.6.15 of the Galactic Underworld Carl Johan Calleman You can order the paperback versions of TRILLION, DECIMAL, & CREATING THE COSMIC PARADIGM at TRILLION & DECIMAL are available through bookstores. The information presented in this newsletter is based on what we believe to be true. It is from reliable sources and our own personal experience. Copies of earlier newsletters and special reports are available at This editorial opinion is provided by Mark Kimmel. For breaking news, information, personal stories, newsletters, and books relating to extraterrestrials, implications of extraterrestrial contact, and the cosmic paradigm go to To comment on this newsletter send your statement to Web site: Subscriptions to Newsletters and Cosmic Paradigm Network: Re-distribution and proper re-posting of this document is appreciated. Please use proper net etiquette when doing so. ---