Case  Studies

Prostate  Cancer  Treatments  
Long-­‐term  outcomes  from  a  Prospec2ve  Trial  of  Cyberknife  Stereotac2c  Body  Radiotherapy  (SBRT)  for   Low-­‐risk  Prostate  Cancer PURPOSE: Hypofrac)onated  radiotherapy  has  an  intrinsically  different  normal  )ssue  and  tumor  radiobiology.  The   results  of  a  prospec)ve  trial  of  stereotac)c  body  radiotherapy  (SBRT)  for  prostate  cancer  with  long-­‐term   pa)ent-­‐reported  toxicity  and  tumor  control  rates  are  presented. CONCLUSION: Significant  late  bladder  and  rectal  toxici)es  from  SBRT  for  prostate  cancer  are  infrequent.  PSA  relapse-­‐ free  survival  compares  favorably  with  other  defini)ve  treatments.  The  current  evidence  supports   considera)on  of  stereotac)c  body  radiotherapy  among  the  therapeu)c  op)ons  for  localized  prostate   cancer.

Link  to  ar)cle:  hKp://

Cyberknife  Stereotac2c  Body  Radiotherapy  (SBRT  )  for  Intermediate-­‐risk    Organ-­‐confined  Prostate   Cancer:  Interim  Toxicity  and  Quality  of  Life  Outcomes  from  a  Mul2-­‐Ins2tu2onal  Study PURPOSE:   The  phase  II,  prospec)ve,  mul)-­‐ins)tu)onal  study  evaluated  the  toxicity  and  efficacy  of  SBRT  in  129   intermediate-­‐risk,  organ-­‐confined  prostate  cancer  pa)ents  treated  from  2007  to  2010  with  a  median   follow  up  of  36*  months  (*  updated  data).   Conclusion:  Results  demonstrate  that  three  years  aZer  SBRT  treatment,  99  percent  of  pa)ents  were   cancer-­‐free,  with  only  one  pa)ent  experiencing  cancer  recurrence. Link  to  ar)cle:  hKps://­‐and-­‐Media/News-­‐Releases/2012/Intermediate-­‐risk-­‐ pa)ents-­‐with-­‐organ-­‐confined-­‐prostate-­‐cancer-­‐have-­‐high-­‐cancer-­‐free-­‐survival-­‐rate-­‐aZer-­‐stereotac)c-­‐ body-­‐radia)on-­‐therapy.aspx Link  to  presenta)on:  hKps:// Media_Resources/Press_Kits/Annual_Mee)ng_2012/Meier%20ASTRO%20Press%20Slides%20revised %20FINAL.pdf

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