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Dear Sir, I am a student from S K Patel Institute of Management and Computer Studies, Gandhinagar.

As part of our Academic Curriculum we are conducting a Marketing Research on Consumer Durable Industry. Request to oblige by answering some of the questions as under:1) Name of Showroom:-.. Area/City Mobile 2) Distributor/Direct Dealer/Retailer:-. If Retailer/Direct Dealer - Contact Details of Distributor Name: Phone No. 3) Request to select brands in Home Appliances you deal a) Panasonic d) Videocon b) LG e) Samsung c) Whirlpool f) Godrej

g) Other (Please Specify). 4) Product Range available at your showroom a) Refrigerators b) WM d) MWO g) Air Cooler e) TV h) Deep Freeze c) AC f) Water Purifier i) . d) 1 Crore & above b) FF % c) Whirlpool . f) Videocon .

5) Annual Turnover (In lakhs) for Home Appliances a) 10- 25 b) 25-50 c) 50- 1 Crore 6) Refrigerator sales average per year a) LG.. d) Kelvinator g) Other (Specify) ... 7) Air conditioners sales per month a) LG.. d) Panasonic g) Onida ... Split - . % DC ..%

b) Samsung .. e) Godrej

Window % c) Whirlpool . f) Videocon . i) Others (Specify) .

b) Samsung .. e) Godrej h) Voltas

8) Microwave sales per month a) LG.. d) Panasonic g) Others (Specify)

Convection ..%

Grill..% c) Whirlpool . f) Onida ...

b) Samsung .. e) Videocon .

9) Washing Machine sales per month a) LG.. d) Panasonic g) Others (Specify) .

Semi %

Fully ..%

b) Samsung .. e) Videocon .

c) Whirlpool . f) Onida ...

10) Request to rate following brands on following parameter on scale of 1-5 1- Excellent 2- Good LG 3- Average Samsung 4- Could be better Godrej Whirpool 5- Poor Onida

S.No Brand Perception Product Range After Sales Service Margin Provided Quality Price

11) Are you currently associated with Godrej Yes/No a) If No Would you like to associate . b) If Yes - Are you satisfied on an overall basis.. Thank You for providing your valuable input and co-operation extended in completing our Research project Request to staple Business Card: