Band: SUNGLASSES AFTER DARK (Roma) Title: s/t Release date: Sep 24th, 2008 Label: Ufo Hi-Fi (Italia) Cod

: UFO005 Copies: 500 LP

Tracklist: Bite You Good Nite Love Her All Over Gimme Your Doll Sexy Japan Asshole Hold My Microphone Rock n' Roll Nation Short Distance Shotgun Fight Scream For More Your Wife Is My Girl

Sunglasses After Dark: Luca Silver Sadist Cruciani - drums Marco dr Sweethell Calcagnoli - bass, vocals Lorenzo Baron Judas La Fauci - guitar, lead vocals backing vocals, handclapping: Danilo Ufo, Lorenzo Taxi, Enrico Steaknives and S:A:D

Artwork: Francesco Di Giorgio


Impact is the reason, distilling influences to find out the very origin, the solid structure; reaching the bone, plucking it up and strike as hard as possible. Oscure and antagonist in style, S:A:D are a power trio heading on live output, playing rock n’ roll as they’d like to listen to and, above all, writing powerful and effective songs. The band’s style consists in tearing punk rock to pieces by taking its components to extreme, radicalizing rock to its black old rhythm n’ blues origin (Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Fats Domino…) and pushing punk to its outer limits (Bad Brains, DOA, Black Flag…), then synthesizing everything in three-minute songs, with pop structures and solutions (Motown, 70s glam…). Though not identifying with any particular musical form, S:A:D usually introduce themselves as a boogiepunk band, leaving the audience to interpret their intentions time after time.





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2004 Sunglasses After Dark come to life in Rome, when Luca Silver Sadist Cruciani (drums) and Lorenzo Baron Judas La Fauci (guitar and vocals) engage Roberta Rattle Lizard Arrigoni as a bass player and backing vocalist The band starts coordinating first by playing Damned, Stooges, New York Dolls, Alice Cooper, Kiss, T.Rex covers, then by working up original songs, written and arranged in search of the greatest obtainable impact, with the basic rock n’ roll combo: the trio Live debut at Roostok Festival, in front of a 300-person-audience; first gigs Late fall 2004 - Alien Legacy Demo. 3 original tracks + an MC5 cover 2005 During the first half of 2005 S:A:D gained the esteem and loyalty of a growing audience, plying in the Capital’s main clubs, with super-hero face painting In July Roberta leaves the band and dedicates herself to her other one, Black Circus Tarantula, S:A:D’s future labelmates Marco Dr Sweethell Calcagnoli is the new bass player. His hard blues style, vocal gifts and contribution complete and improve both sound and songwriting Performing at Questa è Roma Mica… III, yearly roman hardcore punk festival, final dedication to S:A:D by Strength Approach, the headliners

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2006 Boogie Hell – Demo ‘006, 4 original songs. Recorded at Temple Of Noise, Rome by Mirko, Strength Approach’s guitarist and Simone Molla Mauri Molla joins the band for a while, on the occasion of a gig with Montecristo and Tony James (Generation X, Sisters Of Mercy, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Chelsea…) Injured Sadist, substituted by Luca Punk (Coloss, Real Swinger, Napkidnappers…) for one gig with Jack Saints, ex New Bomb Turks Love Her All Over video, produced by Digitalchroma, directed by Francesco Di Giorgio and Andrea Sanguigni. Broadcasted by some italian music networks 2007 S:A:D + Bone Machine + Last Killers – Molla’s last gig with the band S:A:D + Mudlarks – back in trio S:A:D + Taxi + Shocks – the band meets Marco Resovaglio and Danilo Siilvestri, Taxi’s producers, who invite S:A:D to record an album for their own label: UFO Hi-Fi Performing at Road To Ruins International Punk Rock Festival IV, with Cheetah Chrome, ex Dead Boys, Gods Of Gamble, Idol Lips, Paul Collins, Zeros etc. Album pre-production at GreenMountainAudio, Rome Gigs with Anti You, Doomraiser, Bone Machine, OJM, Angry Brigade… In October S:A:D start recording the album at GreenMountainAudio, with Marco and Danilo Ufo Hi-Fi as sound engineers. Live recordings with lead guitar overdubs 2008 Performing at Questa è Roma, Mica… V, in the main evening, with Growing Concern, Payback, Fourth Sin, Snake Cult, Intellectuals etc. Franco’s Night, in loving memory of Francesco, Taxi’s drummer. 5 bands playing covers: S:A:D play T.Rex, Steaknives - Black Flag, GTA - Misfits, Bonnie Parkers - Ramones. Vocal tracks recorded at Pesci Rossi Studio, Campino; mixing at GreenMountainAudio, mastering at Saffmastering, Chicago Printing in progress, gigs with Coloss, Fingernails, Garçon Fatal, Serial Drinkers, Strangedz etc. UFO Hi-Fi Festival at Rome’s La Sapienza University with Skuma, Mia Wallace, Uscita 17, Sweepers etc. Sep 24th, 2008 UFO Hi-Fi releases S:A:D’s first, self-titled album as UFO005. 500 vinyls, 10 original songs, artwork by Francesco Di Giorgio Oct 18th, release party at Traffic, Rome with Ray Daytona and the Googoobombos S:A:D’s Sexy Japan is the opening track for an international punk rock compilation called D.I.Y. In Your Face – Vol. 1

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Promotion will mainly take place at live shows, the circumstance in which the band is most powerful, and for which every single S:A:D song was written. S:A:D, November ‘008.

S:A:D played with:
Angry Brigade Mudlarks Anti You OJM Black Circus Tarantula Operation S Bone Machine Payback Bonnie Parkers P.E.G's Cat Claws Peacebreakers Cheetah Chrome Pinta Facile Coloss Piscio Sangue Design Plakkaggio HC Desperate Living Prisoner In Orbit Difference Quidam Dolcevena Ray Daytona & the Googoobombos Doomraiser Serial Drinkers Ebola Shocks Fingernails Skuma Fourth Sin Smash Your Lies Garçon Fatal Snake Cult Gods Of Gamble Spring Of Rage Grand Theft Age Steaknives Growing Concern Straight Opposition Idol Lips Strangedz Intellectuals Strength Approach Ivs Primae Noctis Taxi Jack Saints Think About Tony James Thrang theKing Tragicz Last Killers Tsunami Mia Wallace Undertakers Micene Urge Nicotina Mickey Kills Sushi Winter Beach Disco Mithra Zephiro Montecristo Mordana


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