To all our dear friends reading this: Merry Christmas!

As the Christmas season nears, the snow falls faster and faster. The world is clean, fresh and new once again. The Christmas trees are being put up, decorations are being hung, and cookies are being baked, (and eaten, by some) but here in Russia this reminder of Christ’s birth is not celebrated. We pray that this holiday will be celebrated soon. Yet just a few weeks ago we could all smell the turkey roasting, and cranberry sauce being made. God has blessed us greatly! Even though in Russia, where they do not celebrate Thanksgiving, God has given us the opportunity to be able to celebrate this special holiday, with some close friends and family. This celebration is very special for our family, because we think, it is one of the greatest reminders we have to “count our blessings and name them one by one.” This holiday needs to be celebrated in every Christian’s heart, not just on Thanksgiving but every day. This year, God has given us so much. Seven people baptized, over four hundred people coming through our doors for VBS, our church’s one- year anniversary, Our daughter’s wedding, and much more. We have even had to divide one of our small groups for they have grown so much in number. On the personal side, we have been busy with this holiday season fast approaching. Our son Daniel, who has been studying at the university here in Kazan for a semester, will be flying home to the States a couple of days after Christmas. Joseph, who has recently gone back to America, is currently trying to find a job, and soon after, he will attend college. Hannah and Dimitry are enjoying their first Christmas season together. They currently are in Kiev, Ukraine awaiting Hannah’s visa to return back to their home in Russia. Our plans, if God willing is that in the near future, we would be able to buy land. This is needed so we would be able to get a permanent residency (much like a green card). If all goes well, we plan to start all the paperwork for the permanent residency in the summer. Please pray that all goes well and that God would provide us with the money to buy the land and later on build a house there ( This is such a great opportunity not only is this needed to stay in Russia, but this a wonderful opportunity for witnessing and other ministry purposes). In the spring time we are also planning to visit the States, on a short furlough. Also Daniel, our oldest son will graduate in the spring in Maranatha Bible College. Also please pray for all the people who attended the wedding that heard the gospel there, and have not accepted it would be able to. We are also hoping to open a work visa, so that we would be able to work here in Russia. Please pray for children’s Christmas Cantata, that many new children would be able to come and listen to the gospel, and also for the youth group Christmas, and that the youth group would grow. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support! On the mission field one of the greatest encouragements we have is when we know that there are many who pray for our ministry. In this holiday season, many in Russia will celebrate this year without the true meaning of Christmas in their hearts. Our prayer is everyone will come to a knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We invite any of you who wish to visit us in Russia, to do so. We would love to meet and for you to join us in our ministry. We hope that all of you who have the light of Christmas in their hearts would be able to share it to others. May God Bless you! Merry Christmas! With love, The Callands, Tony, Lana, Daniel, Hannah and Dimitrty, Joseph, and Katherine

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