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150 German Astrologers

Copyright: Hans-Hinrich Taeger / IAS (1998/99) - This data collection is a free gift for all participants of the IAS Research Projects. Republishing is welcome. Please contact us. PREMARKS:.TAE = data-collection of Hans-Hinrich Taeger/IAS, (d) = document in hand, MET = Middle European Time, MET/S = Middle European Summer Time, BC = via birth certificate. Data of astrologers fall under group 1, 1(d) or 4 (speculative time or data). In case of republishing data cite 'via Taeger-Archives'. For possible updates, detailed source references, the 'Taeger-Rating System' and the various abbreviation lists of the TAEGER-ARCHIVES see the 4 volumes of the 'Internationales Horoskope Lexikon' (1991-98), the latest CD-ROM version of the TAEGER-ARCHIVES (1998) or contact us directly. Click here for the.abbreviation lists of the Taeger-Archives. See also the.'Introductionary Letter'.and/or.'Research Projects IAS'.




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1 ANDERSEN, Hans J.: 12. 6. 1922, 21h 15m MET, Hamburg/D, 10° E 00' 53° N 33' Professional psychologist, historian, Christian esoteric, publisher and astrologer. Special interests: mundane astrology, astrogeography. Author of 'Astrogeographie-Atlas'. ( TAE via personal statement (d)) 2 ANGELI, Gottfried: 5. 8. 1953, 21h 55m MET, Haagen/Baden/D, 7° E 40' 47° N 38' Professional astrologer, astro-journalist (magazines, tv, radio), author. Advocate of traditional astrology. Special interests: mundane, financial and partnership astrology. Opening of his counceling office: 1. 10. 1976. Editor and instructor of a 2 1/2 year study course called 'Reformierte Astrologie'. Author of 'Die Sterne luegen nicht - oder doch?' (date of publication: 29. 6. 1980), founder of 'Logodata' counceling service (September 1986) and collaborator of the magazine 'Venus' (-since January 1995). (TAE via personal statement (d)) 3 ARNOLD, Karl Ludwig: 14. 2. 1922, 10h 45m MET, Halberstadt/Harz/D, 11° E 02’ 51° N 54’ - Engineer, town planner, aircraft pilot, management consultant, geodesist, economist, chairman of ‘Chance Zukunft e.V.’ (alternative agricultural projects) and of ‘Institut fuer Lebens- und Unternehmungsberatung’, researcher of physiognomy. Professional astrologer (member of ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’), cosmobiologist (Ebertin School). Advocate of a psychological orientated astrology. Specialized in individual and partnership astrology as well as astro-medicine. (TAE via personal statement (d) via BC) 4 BALTIN, Max-Michael: 24. 10. 1954, 19h 10m MET, Hagen/D, 7° E 28' 51° N 22' -

Part time professional astrologer (since 1978), computer designer (home-pages), Buddhist (Tibetan tradition, a.o. student of Tenga Tulku, Zong Rimpotsche, Choegyam Trungpa), author. For many years student and coworker of Hans-H. Taeger. Certified Astroenergetic Adviser. Special interests: synthesis of western and eastern philosophy, astro-medicine. Kyudo-Instructor (Japanese archery). Author of 'Astrosomatik' and coauthor (together with Frauke RINDERMANN: 25. 3. 1959, 3h 50m MET, Dortmund/D) of 'Astro-Bits' (-introduction into Astroenergetics). Techniques: house progressions, tension rulers (via Meier-Parm), Vesta, Chiron, Mandala-Energy-Analysis (MEA), holograms, rhythmograms... (Both data: TAE via BC (d)) Email: Website:: . 5 BAUMGARTNER, Hans: 7. 6. 1906, 17h 00m MET, Reichenberg/D, 15° E 04' 50° N 46' - (death data unknown) - Professional astrologer, publisher of astrology books (Baumgartner Verlag), editor of the periodical 'Astrologischer Auskunftsbogen', author. Advocate of traditional astrology.Special interests: primary directions, rectifications, fixed stars. Booklets: 'Direktionssysteme', '1. Hilfe bei der Horoskopdeutung', 'Fixsterne u. ihre Bedeutung', 'Geburtszeitkorrektur', 'Tod im Horoskop', 'Planetendeutung'. (TAE via S. Belcsak) 6 BAYER, Karl: 2. 8. 1896, 14h 09m MET, Berlin/D, 13 °E 22' 52° N 30' - (death data unknown) -Professional astrologer, author. Advocate of a scientific astrology and cofounder of modern German astrology. Author of the books 'Grundprobleme der Astrologie', 'Astrologie ist Wissenschaft'. (TAE via DAV-Databank) 7 BECKER, Wilhelm: 2. 7. 1869, 7h 55m GMT, Frankfurt/D, 8° E 41' 50° N 07' - (death data unknown) -Professional astrologer. Follower of A. Leo and advocate of Placidus houses. Editor of the magazine 'Die Astrologie' and president of the 'Berliner Astrologische Gesellschaft'. (TAE via DAV-Databank) 8 BECKERATH, Erich von: 15. 12. 1891, 23h 00m LMT, Duesseldorf, 6° E 47' 51° N 14' (died: 16. 5. 1981, 13h 00m MET/S, Salzburg/A) - Historian, art historian, heraldic researcher, astrologer, author. Special interests: mundane astrology (city and country foundations), art and astrology, history of astrology. Related to cosmobiology (R. Ebertin). Publications: 'Beitraege zur Geschichte der Astrologie', 'Geheimsprache der gy, history of astrology. Related to cosmobiology (R. Ebertin). Publications: 'Beitraege zur Geschichte der Astrologie', 'Geheimsprache der Bilder'... (TAE via DAV-Databank) 9 BECKMANN, Wilhelm: 12. 6. 1892, 4h 00m LMT, Hamburg/D, 9° E 59’ 53° N 33’ (died: 21. 1. 1956, 9h 30m MET, Hamburg/D, caused by liver cancer) - Attorney, research astrologer (prognostic astrology), coworker of A. Witte and engaged advocate of Uranian Astrology (‘Hamburger Schule’). Special interests: solar arc directions, rectifications. Well known for his cooperation with box promotor W. Rothenburg (author of ‘Die Sterne luegen nicht’). Together they calculated dates for important box

Advocate of a psychological orientated astrology with integration of the family history. ecotrophologist. physician.g. 7. (TAE via K. astrologer. Specialized in partnership-astrology and medical astrology. Advocate of a scientific astrology. editor of the astrological magazine 'Zodiakus' (190913). Stefan: 24. 1876. mundane astrology. astro-biographical research. psychology of organization. for the German boxer Max Schmeling. 1914. Rudhyar. 1938. co-worker of the parapsychologist Hans Bender. astrologer. 9° E 56’ 49° N 48’ Dietician. data collector. professional astrologer. 7h 13m MET.championships e. 1911. 11° E 35' 48° N 08' professional astrologer. Together with his wife Isolde BONIN (13. author. 12. Astrological study groups in Fulda and Cologne. Also influenced by Thomas Ring.and reincarnation therapist. 10h 35m MET. mundane astrology. 23h 30m MET. 1953. Walter: 23. Duesseldorf/D. H. He developed a theory that all physical and psychological energies have cosmic origin and that life is a summing up of cosmic energies (-could there be another explanation?). psychotherapist. (TAE via personal statement) 16 BRANDAU. 3° W 41’ 40° N 24’ German astrologer of Spanish origin. Rafael Gil: 5. Weber via personal statement) 10 BENZ. 11. 1. (TAE via personal statement (d)) 14 BONIN. 4. Wuerzburg/D. They are authors of 'Neptun-Dominanz' (1992) and of a planet node ephemeris 'Planetenknoten-Dauerephemeride' (1996). In 1991 he started a centre for astrological studies and psychotherapy in Hamburg. Special interests: scientific astrology. 15h 42m MET. 1. Madrid/E. 9° E 56' 49° N 48' (died 1938) . author. (TAE via DAV-Databank) 12 BLAAS. 1937. Certified member of ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’. Advocate of a humanistic and psychological orientated astrology. 20h 58m MET. von Kloeckler. Active member of ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’. Wuerzburg/D. 1964. Tony: 27. Astrological studies with J. 6° E 52’ 51° N 28’ Psychologist. 6. Neptune research. Strehlen/D. 6° E 47' 51° N 14' - . Willy: 9. San Miguel des Pablos and Bruno & Luise Huber.Scholar. Gestalttherapist. Originally he wanted to become a musician or a juggler. 4h 15m MET. Oberhausen/D. D. Special interests: astro-medicine. (Both data: TAE via personal statement (d)) 15 BRAND. Psychologist. 10h 46m LMT. Alexander: 27. 1959. Special interests: rhythm-analysis. (TAE via BC (d) and personal statement (d)) 11 BETHOR. 6. 17° E 04' 50° N 47' Astrologer. planet nodes. Berlin/D) he runs the astrology school 'Astrologie-Schule Bonin (ASBO)'. publisher of astrology books. Fritz: 10. 9h 20m MET. Did scientific research on the Gauquelin findings (1983). (TAE via personal statement (d)) 13 BOER. practicing Zen-Buddhist. Munich/D. actor. author. family. data collector.

Main interests: astro medicine. He was one of the first who did intensive Pluto research but gave Pluto a very bad and negative image with his book 'Pluto. He established a synthesis of astrology.. Luther). a method which postulates that every degree of the zodiac has an analogy to the body and its organs. Advocate of a more scientific orientated astrology in combination with yoga. 1947. 1893.Professional astrologer (Cosmobiology). Books: 'Die grossen Weissagungen des Nostradamus'. 3. A popular reasearch method of the early seventies and still under research by cosmobiologists. author. Fritz: 3. In 1985 he founded the ‘Schule fuer Astro-Psychologische Lebenshilfe / SAPL-Buehler’. From planetary occupations of special aerias of the chart he deduced special body weaknesses and possible diseases. 20h 21m MET/S.mathematician. 9. of Brandenburg. (TAE via H. (TAE via W. notoric wine drinker. 9h 51m MET. M. Berlin/D) . Specht via old source) 22 DETHLEFSEN. Founder of modern Austrian astrology. physicist. 'Bedeutung und Offenbarung himmlischer Influentz' (1538).prophetische Weltgeschichte'. 11° E 02' 51° N 45' (death data unknown) . Centgraf): 8. Magdeburg/D) . 'Nostradamus . (TAE via DAV-Databank) 19 BUEHLER. psychic.. 12. 11° E 11' 48° N 00' . 11° E 05' 49° N 27' (died: 9. Bietigheim/D. Nuremberg/D. astrologer. occultist. Advocate of mundane and prognostic astrology (catastrophies. Melanchthon. Like many others he can’t see any sence in astrology and individual charts without having previous .Popular esoteric. Nuremberg/D) . astrologer. clear thinker and master of rhetoric. professional astrologer. A sharp. 1864. Karl: 11. author. 'Lehrbuch zur Entwicklung okkulter Kräfte'. (TAE via Belcsak via personal statement) 18 BRUNHUEBNER. 13h 45m LMT. 9° E 08' 48° N 57' (died: 2. author. astrologer. psychologer. (TAE via S. late afternoon. 1894. Belcsak) 21 CHARION. 2. occultist.Astrologer (-since 1926). 10h 46m MET. physician. depth psychology and transpersonal psychology. 3. psychologist. author. 3. 7. humanist (influenced by Ph. 16° E 23' 48° N 13' (died: 10. Thomassen via personal statement) 20 CENTURIO (A. 4. Advocate of scientific and experimental astrology.Occultist. 'Astrologische Technik und Prognose'. 10° E 16’ 47° N 24’ . eastern philosophy and esoteric astrology. Books: 'Weltchronik'. In collaboration with R. Thale/Harz/D. Wolfgang: 13. He emphasizes the strong connection between past-life experiences and the actual horoscope. author. 1537. 12h 28m LMT. death etc. Vienna/A. Ebertin he developed the 'organ clock' ('Organuhr'). Oberstdorf/D. reincarnation-therapist. Author of 'Mathematisch-instruktives Lehrbuch der Astrologie' (1905). 1946. astrologer. der Planet unserer Zeit'.). Johannes (Johannes Naegele): 22. 5h 22m LMT. 1965. author. Ebertin) 17 BRANDLER-PRACHT. Thorwald: 11. Court astrologer of elector Joachim 1. 2. 1499. which was also published in the United States. Herrsching/D.Actor. (TAE via R.Pianist. His main interests where the prophecies of Nostradamus. 1939.

Books: 'Astrologisch-Homoeopathische Erfahrungsbilder' (2 vol.). 1944. Konvent fuer rituelle Therapie'). astro-rhythms.experiences of existance. (TAE via R. ‘Wenn die Seele den Koerper gesunden laesst’ (1995).Renowned homoeopath. professional astrologer. Ebertin and B. Elsbeth: 14. 'Erlebnis der Wiedergeburt'. mundane astrology. 'Vom kosmischen Symbol zur ganzheitlichen Deutung’(1998). 1928. 13h 07m MET. psychological astrology.und Uebungsbuch' (6 vol. 1933. Mother of the astrologer Reinhold Ebertin. 11° E 34' 48° N 08' . 2. 4h 40m MET. author. 11. 1901. Co-editor of the Ebertin yearbooks 'Kosmobiologische Jahrbücher' (1969-78). 'Astrologisches Lehr. astrologer. He postulated 4 main rules: Know thyself! (microcosm). Son of the astrologer Reinhold Ebertin and grandson of the astrologer Elsbeth Ebertin. In his early years a student of A. Special interests: prognosis. 14° E 59' 51° N 09' (died: 14. understand those laws as positive and subordinate yourself under those positive laws.Pioneer of a scientific and experimental orientated astrology (Ebertin School. discover the laws of the universe (macrocosm).netsurf. 5. Advocate of Cosmobiology (Ebertin School) as well as traditional astrology. partnership astrology. 18h 30m LMT. weather prognosis. ‘Im Dialog mit der Seele’ (1995). Books: 'Bedeutung der Fixsterne'.). author. (TAE via R. esoteric. 19h 12m MET. Cosmobiology). resp. Books: ‘Schicksal als Chance'. He developed many interesting . starting from the ascendent clockwise from 12th house to 1st house). 11° E 01' 50° N 59' Psychologist. publisher of astrological books. Wolfgang: 28. 1988.. graphologist. A full-blooded.. Erfurt/D. psychological astrology. 'Reinkarnation und neues Bewußtsein' (1987-95/3 ed. idealistic orientated professional astrologer (since 1923). He emphasizes the important connection between past life experiences and the actual horoscope. (TAE via personal statement (d)) Email:. grandmother of Baldur Ebertin. -at a bomb attack) Professional astrologer. Witte. fixed stars. 'Royal Nativities'.de 25 EBERTIN. 'Astrologie und Liebesleben'. psychoanalysist.. Author of ‘ABC der Kosmobiologie’ (1979).. animal horoscopes. philosopher. Initiator of a modern German astrology. 2. 7.. Hirschlanden/D. Director of the Doebereiner-School. 3. author. alternative healer. experimental astrology. Special interests: astro-medicine. per house.. Freiburg/Baden/D. He developed the ‘Münchner Rhythmenlehre’ (Munich-Rhythm Theory: house progressions of 7 yrs. Special interests: astro-medicine.ebertin@calw. Goerlitz/D. Vetter via personal statement/-DAV-Databank has 9h 45m MET via Niehenke via personal statement) 23 DOEBEREINER.. data collector. (TAE via personal statement (d)) 24 EBERTIN. Goerlitz/D. editor of the astrological magazine 'Blick in die Zukunft' (1917-38). reincarnation-therapist. Baldur: 21. 1880. 14° E 59' 51° N 09' (died: 28. 'Krankheit als Weg'. Munich/D. Reinhold: 16. In 1993 he founded a centre for ritual therapy in Munich ('Kawwana. research. -also called ‘Munich School’ (‘Muenchener Schule’).). Ebertin/-other sources have a rectified time of 18h 22m LMT) 26 EBERTIN. early in the morning) .

1h 10m MET. (TAE via personal statement) 27 ENGLERT. 9. Coworker of A. primary directions. 10. 'Der Mensch und sein Gestirn' (1961).astrologie’. Frankfurt/D) . Taeger and others.mach./D. Special . author. 1966.http://rpkalf2.alt. (Both data: TAE via personal statement (d) and BC (d)/-own rectification: 8h 25m MET) 30 GARMS. 'Das Doppelgesicht des Kosmos' (1962). 5. 8° E 41' 50° N 07' (died: 3. reincarnation therapist. 31 GELLRICH. Martin: 11. economist. 9.Graphic designer (-also web-design). 'Kosmobiologie'. part time astrologer. 11h 04m MET. the first of this kind in Germany. Mitgestalter des Schicksals' (1967).de/~ferber . 1940. Married with Klaus Frankenbach (* 23. Treindl. Email: . Taeger-Archives on CD-ROM). 19h 40m MET/S. Tobias: 27. 12h 23m MET. Additional interests: distance values. neo-astrologer. mundane astrology. astrology and economics. prognostic astrology. Partner of Varinia Gellrich. 7° E 28’ 51° N 31’ . 1984) she started her astrological studies.Publishing manager. 8° E 35' 51° N 25' Developer of astrological software ('Sternwerkstatt') and the data exchange format AAF (Astrologisches Austauschformat) for import and export of astrological data. http://www. 1958. collaborator of the astrological magazine 'Meridian'. 12. Editor of the magazines 'Mensch im All'. Organizer of the annual Ebertin congress in the sixties and seventies. 0h 40m MET. psychograms. Developer of the IHLAAF dataexchange format. Publisher of astrology books. 08° E 12’ 49° N 05’ Computer scientist. 10. professional astrologer. part time astrologer. 'Kosmobiologische Jahrbücher' and founder of the Ebertin publishing house. Waltraut: 6. (TAE via personal statement (d)) 28 FERBER. An enthusiastic advocate of a traditional more exoteric orientated astrology. 8.garms@sternwerkstatt. Interests: primary and secondary directions. 1984. astrologer. In 1993 she initiated the astrological usernet-group ‘ 29 FUHRMANN. Advocate of traditional astrology. 1970.sternwerkstatt. Walter: 1. 1986. research. Initiator of the 'Kosmobiologische Akademie Aalen/KAA'. the 90°-circle. Varinia: 23. Hans-H. (TAE via personal statement) Website: . Divorce: 30. 2.uni-karlsruhe. Research interests: prenatal astrology. Brilon-Wald/D. Graphic designer. Frankfurt/M.methods like midpoint-structures. rectifications. m. Specialised in programming astrological researchand databank software (DAV-Databank. Mechernich/D. Kandel/D. certified member of Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV and OEAG (Austrian Society of Astrologers). 8h 40m MET. 'Kombination der Gestirnseinflüsse (KdG)'.ferber@icada. After the first meeting with an astrologer (15. . 1. 'Direktionen. Former president of the 'Deutscher Astrologenverband (DAV)' for 17 years.Email: . 'Mensch im All' (1970). . 9° E 04’ 47° N 50’).. Peter Niehenke. Ludwigshafen/D.. (TAE via personal statement) Website: . mundane astrology. 17h 40m MET. 1938. Pluto research. Dortmund/D. 6° E 38’ 50° N 35’ . heliocentric astrology. Author of 'Pluto'.

Lucht the research team G2L. Books: 'Praxis der Biorhythmik' (1977). Special ~interests: astro-medicine. Together with Tobias Ferber she developed the astrological research system ‘Ecliptix’. 1. G. psychologer. For the Springer publishing house he calculated the date for the first edition of the popular German tabloid 'Bild-Zeitung'. Krafft). During the Nazi-regime he was forced since 1941 to do astrological research and prognosis of foreign military strategies (-together with K. G.: 18. Special interests: astrology and sex determination.: 25. Das Problem der Geschlechtsbestimmung' (1926). 'Biokurven'. (TAE via Belcsak via personal statement/-other sources give 20h 00m by error) 36 GRUETZNER. Unter-Ammergau/D) .. Alfred Max: 4. Pioneer of a modern and scientific orientated German astrology. Books: 'Erklaerung und systematische Deutung des Geburtshoroskops' (1926). Berlin/D. Books: 'Astronomische Wetterkunde' (1919). Student of A.Occultist (tarot). author. progressions of the ascendent ('Abrollungen'). www. 1923). Specialities: midpoints. 1892. 1898. 1979) . 'Das deutsche Tarotbuch'. 20h 30m LMT. 1932).Occultist. Bodenbach/D/Podmokly/CS. professional astrologer. statement/-rectified time: 4h 31m MET via K. reform astrologer. author. .ping. Advocate of a humanistic. Dresden/D. pioneer of modern German astrology (‘Methode Glahn’/Glahn-Methods). 14° E 13’ 50° N 46’ (died: 6. Frank A. (TAE via H. 9° E 42' 52° N 22' (died: 6. 1941. biorhythm research. 1985. 1865. .varinia@antares. Kassel/D. Editor of the magazine 'Astrologische Monatshefte' (1946-63). (TAE via Preuss via personal rectification of Glahn/-other sources give 21h 00m LMT via BC) 34 GOERNER. Founder of the Cosmobiosophic Society ('Kosmobiosophische Gesellschaft') and an association of professional astrologers ('Astrologischer Berufsverband'). Mueller-Freyward via pers. cardiac insuffiency) . 19h 13m MET. professional astrologer. Editor of the magazine 'Astrale Warte'.Engineer. 4h 00m MET. division of the 12 houses in 36 sub-sections. 1922 and Leipzig. Hans: 27. Horst: 27. 'Lehrbuch der Astrologie und Horoskopie' (4 vol. 6. F. Hollenstedt/D) . 15h 00m MET. Organizer of the first 2 European astrology conferences (Munich. (TAE via pers. psychological and scientific orientated astrology. author.Email: . 8. Opponent of the Uranian Astrology of 32 GENUIT. In 1948 he founded together with his wife and G. 5h 30m MET. 6h 30m MET/S..Alternative practitioner. 4h 30m 1962. 1927. 2. 12. psychotherapist. statement) 33 GLAHN. 1904.interests: astro-medicine.and geograms. professional research astrologer. statograms (Statogramme) as well as psycho. Witte. Linden/Hanover/D. 13° E 44' 51° N 03' (died: 8.. 20h 56m LMT. astrocartography. 6° E 58' 50° N 57' (died: 6. Cologne/D. He worked on dynamograms (Dynamogramme). Weber via Goerner) 35 GRIMM. 11. 'Knabe oder Mädchen. author. (TAE via personal statement via BC) Website: . 7. 2. E. Witte and a too quickly expanding experimental astrology. 13° E 24' 52° N 31' - .

A challenge for the astrological community to verify or disprove this interesting field of research. Influenced by Theodor Landscheidt. Special interest in mundane astrology. 10. Advocate of Astroenergetics (synthesis of western astrology. 1927. Sigmaringen/D.http://www. Vesta. In 1995 they published a book on 'Pholus' whom they gave psychological qualities of the responding centaur of Greek mythology. Stuttgart/D. Berlin/ 38 HARTWIG. In cooperation with D. 6. parapsychologist. ugsch@aol. Organizer of alternative congresses and astrological workshops. 13° E 22’ 52° N . (TAE via BC (d)) Website: . 8. esoteric. 9. 9° E 55’ 51° N 32’ Wholesaler. 0h 24m MET. Robert von: 1. 1937.Centaurs@online. rectifications. 1984) . Certified Astroenergetic Adviser. Heeren and his coresearcher concentrated their research on QB1. tension rulers (Meier-Parm). 1993FW and Pholus. Worked in the field of Cosmobiology (R.Entrepreneur. editor of alternative city magazine (Berlin).htm.Email: . Former astrology student of Hans-H.. occultist (tarot). businessman. 9° E 13' 48° N 05' (died: 13. professional astrologer (since 1991). Koch he established in 1994 a workshop for research into the effects of the newly discovered comets or planetoids of the Kuyper belt with their orbits between Saturn and Pluto ('Arbeitskreis Neue Planeten/ANP'). Ebertin). experimental astrology. Special interests: primary directions according to Kuendig. Advocate of a scientific astrology. prognosis. Advocate of a traditional astrology.000 celestial bodies) is the comet Chiron. 1954. 8h 15m MET. (TAE via BC (d)) 39 HAUSMANN. professional astrologer. 10h 30m MET. Munich/D. . research astrologer (statistics). Chiron. Ingrid: 10. Advocate of traditional astrology as well as Cosmobiology (R. Mandala-Energy-Analysis (MEA). One prominent member of this belt (with estimated 10. Special interests: house progressions.centaurresearchproject.html & .000 to 8. 9° E 10' 48° N 46' Educationalist. (TAE via DAV-Databank via personal statement) 40 HEEREN. 11° E 34' 48° N 08' Musical educator (classical guitar). science and Buddhism). Lectures on ‘astrology and freedom of will’ and ‘live prolonging aspects’.Professional astrologer. Pluto-transits. 41 HEINEN-GREUBEL. Guenter: 1. Advocate of experimental and research astrology (cyclic astrology in correlation to music and sound). 20h 45m MET. http://www. part time astrologer. Uller: 21. Ebertin). Buddhist (Tibetan Buddhism).robertvonheeren. 4. 1964. author. 1902. Certified astrologer (1978) and member of ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’ . Goettingen/D. Hans: (TAE via personal statement (d) and BC (d)) 37 GSCHEIDEL. (TAE via BC (d)) Email:. Taeger. Since many years he is a student of Akong Rimpotsche (Scotland) and Sogyal Rimpotsche to become a Buddhist therapist. 8h 32m MET.

Alternative healing Meier). Shamanism). Active member and instructor of the 'Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV'. Ernst: 3. eastern religion (Yoga. Writer of astrological text (interpretation) software. 7. 0h 53m MET.Detlef. 4h 00m MET/ 46 HOVER. (TAE via personal statement) 44 HOF. Frey. Dethlefsen and Phoebe Wyss. 1955. aroma-therapist. Member of ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’. User of Topocentric house system. Wrote a book on aromatherapy (‘Wesen und Anwendung duftender Essenzen’. Advocate of a psychological and esoteric orientated astrology. Berlin-Wedding/D. 2. acupuncturist. http://www. Influenced by St. 1946. DAV chairman since 1997. esoteric. 8.come. 47 ISSBERNER-HALDANE. 1923. 3. (TAE via personal statement (d)) Website: . 0h 15m MET/S.Professional palmist (scientific palmistry). Hand). synastry. 6. 6° E 58' 50° N 57' Astrologer (scientific orientated astrology). Frankfurt/M. 23h 45m MET. Various tv and radioshows. astrologer (student of H. Zen-Buddhism. Main interests: prognosis. history of astrology. exakte Deutung der Konstellationen'. 8° E 41' 50° N 07' . 1917. Christian esoteric. 13° E 30' 52° N 30' . 6. (Both data: TAE via personal Statement (d) via BC) 42 HENSCHEL. Advocate of esoteric astrology. Trautmann and Swiss astrologer C. 10° E 05’ 52° N 38’ Teacher of religious education. psychology. 1957. Walter: 17.Professional astrologer. Manfred Michael: 4. Books: 'Das Horoskop Wahrsagekunst und Astrologie'. 14h 30m MET. (TAE via personal statement (d) via BC and mother) Email: .and breathing therapist. intuition and spirituality. Active and certified member of the 'Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV'.Hover@t-online. astrodrama (experimental self experiences). 1988). F.30’ . composite (R. student of Huber-School. Cologne/D. 1h 00m MET. 9h 56m MET. Influenced by W. part time astrologer. esoteric. Arroyo. author.jgh.astrologica Email: . 1935. Cologne/D. dream-travelling. professional astrologer. Books:. (TAE via personal statement (d)) 43 HERM./D. Berlin/D. (TAE via DAV-Databank) 45 HOPPMANN. bringing together the inner yin and yang energies (meditation). reincarnation. author. astrologer. occultist. professional astrologer. Eckhart: 8. Special interests: partnershipastrology. Juergen: 26. psychotherapy and astrology. Liz Greene. 1957. Celle/D. Schweinfurt/D). Married with Wolfgang Heinen (* 20. 10. 'Karma-Astrologie esoterische Studie über die Planeten .Natural healing practitioner. He creates a synthesis of tradition. Advocate of a synthesis of meditation. Detlef (Didi): 22. cyclic astrology. body therapist (massage). Data collector. author. relations between Christianity and astrology. Director of the 'Institut fuer Astrologie und Esoterische Psychologie' (Stuttgart). author. co-author of 'Rationale Astrologie. 6° E 58' 50° N 57' Psychologist. 13° E 22' 52° N 30' .hoppmann@t-online.

(TAE via DAV-Databank via personal statement) 48 JANASCHECK. 12.Jehle@t-online. instructor and certified of the 'Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV'. Hamburg/D) . 1896. Lives partly in Ireland or in Germany. author. dream-analysis. 12° E 47’ 51° N 03’ . 'Grundlagen fuer die astrologische Deutung' (1926). Markus: 24. 8. 23h 30m MET. (TAE via BC (d)) 49 JEHLE. (TAE via Kampherbeek via Venerius) .Saturn und Neptun'. mythology. 1958. 1961. Former student and collaborator of radio-shows about astrology. 14° E 19' 51° N 45' (died: 28.g. Markus. Vesta. management consultant. Mittelstradam/Dresden/D.chief editor of the 'Ebertin Verlag'. graphologist. Books: 'Wenn der Mond im siebten Hause steht' (1996) and 'Jupiter and Mars' (1997). author. working at the Taeger-Archives). Works on a book about dreamlife and the influence of the moon. a. professional astrologer. student of Sogyal Rimpotsche). 8h 37m MET. Participant of several German tv.Website:. 7. 'Astrologie als Erfahrungswissenschaft' (1926). 'Wissenschaftliche Handlesekunst’ . 13° E 44' 51° N 03' (died 1950) . Herbert Freiherr von: 26. Advocate of Astroenergetics (astrology. editor of the astrological magazine 'Meridian'.htm. 'Medizinische Hand. His findings are called ‘Kern-Analyse’. Special interests: feminine astrology. 2.Physician. Since 1981 astrological research at the Astrological Research Centre (ASTRECENT) on connections between horoscopes and harmonics. professional astrologer. 7° E 40' 47° N 37' Psychologist. Cottbus/D. Certified Astroenergetic Adviser. Critic of the methods of directions.. . 9h 43m MET. 1919. Books: 'Kursus der Astrologie' (3 vol. Pioneer of German scientific-empirical astrology and advocate of the Placidus house-system.Early pioneer of German empirical and scientific orientated astrology. certified astrologer of ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’ . Loerrach/D. author. 4. tension rulers.o. lyricist (4 collections of poems).und Nageldiagnostik'.de 50 KERN. Chiron.. Advocate of a creative and psychological orientated astrology. science and Buddhism).meridian-magazin. 1924. Karlsruhe/D. 9h 30m MET. 'Berufsbegabung und Schicksal' (1928). (TAE via personal statement (d)) 51 KLOECKLER. 1853. Buddhist (Tibetan Buddhism. 10h 25m MET. Ernst Heinz: 30. He understood the zodiacal and planetary influences as electrodynamic stimulations which are in correspondence with the human aura.Industrial manager. (TAE via personal statement (d) via his own rectification/-8h 45m MET via BC/-mother says 8h 40m MET) Email: . Albert: 23.http://www. Well known for his accurate and solid research.. 8° E 24' 49° N 00' Astrologer. Ulla: 5. 6. Taeger for many years (e. He introduced the midpoints and was the teacher of Alfred Witte. Rochlitz/Saxonia/D. Astrological studies since 1972. 12h 00m LMT. (TAE via DAV-Databank via H. director of the 'Astrologie-Zentrum-Berlin'. Specht) 52 KNIEPF.

Booklets: 'Psychologische Farbenlehre' (1931). art historian . President of 'Zentralstelle Duesseldorf'. Ebertin and certified astrologer of ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’. 6. 'Aspektanalyse' (1929). Committed leader of a modern and scientific orientated astrology. Neuss/D. the planetoids Ceres.Professional astrologer. 7h 30m MET. Esslingen/D. Wangemann and Huber-School. (TAE via personal statement in one of his articles) 54 KORSCH.Professional astrologer. 1899. Koerner/-other sources: 14h 18m) 56 KUENKEL. 'Schicksal und Willensfreiheit'. Specht and others he developed in the early sixties a new birthplace related house-system (‘Koch Felder’/Koch-Houses/GOH). scientific and psychological (Klages. Dorothea: 19. 13° E 22' 52° N 30' (died: 18. 2.. 1. 6h 25m MET. vol. Advocate of a traditional. Advocate of a humanistic. for sidereal astrology. 14/-all other sources give a rectified time of 19h 56m LMT) 55 KUEHR. esoteric (Iching. 15h 20m MET. He used primary directions. (TAE via Lescaut. 9° E 19' 48° N 44' (died: 25. 20h 15m MET. He put much emphasis on exact mathematical calculations concerning rectifications. which is o. 2. Pallas. He did also research on the psychological and esoteric effects of colours and gems. Herbolzheim/D. Organizer of several international astrological congresses. He developed the 'Geburtszeitmethode des Goldenen Schnitts'. This sytem is still very popular with the Ebertin-. author. Juno. 5. 14h 15m MET.k. 1951. author. author. Based on the retrograde movement of the siderial orientated spring-point he developed a theory of world cycles like age of aquarius etc. tarot).Germanist. historian. 9.53 KOCH. 'Seele der Edelsteine' (1934). teacher. esoteric. professional astrologer. Hans: 7. Hubert: 13. 1970. 1896. graphology. editor of the astrological magazine 'Zenit' (1930-38). 5. Walter: 18. astrologer. He published many articles about the history of astrology. Exact . 6° E 41' 51° N 12' (died 1943 in concentration camp) . philosophical orientated astrology. (TAE via E.. Goeppingen/D) .Jurist. Freud. Books: 'Das grosse Jahr' (1922). Dachau). musicologist. Books: 'Psychologische Horoskopdeutung' (2 vol. but in complete contradiction to the tropical zodiac signs which are static and have no connections with fixed stars constellations. 'Berechnung der Ereigniszeiten' (1936). astrologer (-since 1924). Student of R. Special interests: research on Mooncycles. Jung) orientated astrology. 1943. Gmain/D) . Stolzenberg/Warthe/D. 20h 00m LMT. a rectification method using the golden section. 1883.. (TAE via Luc de Marré via BC) 57 KUENSTLE-SCHMIECHEN.Classical philologist. 7° E 47’ 48° N 13’ . 1948). 15° E 20' 52° N 57' (death data unknown) . Vesta as well as on Lilith (Black Moon). Like many German astrologers of those days he was imprisoned in a concentration camp (1941-45.. Unfortunately this mix-up of 2 completely different systems is still very popular (personal comment of Taeger). 9h 30m MET. 'GOH Haeusertafeln' (1965). Berlin/D. Advocate of traditional astrology. Erich Carl: 13. an umbrella organization of all German astrological associations and astrologers of that time. In cooperation with H. 1895. aspect analysis and the golden section. journalist. Placidus houses and had also interest in mundane astrology.

Doebereiner. astrologer. 10. Hoffnung auf eine neue Wissenschaft'. Brauckmueller) . In 1997 she was replaced by Detlef Hover. 1923. partnership astrology. (TAE via pers. Intercontinental. Bornhoevel/D) . mundane astrology. Member of the astrological research groups of A. In 1959 (!) he introduced the galactic centre. (TAE via personal statement (d) via his own rectification/. Prominent advocate of Uranian Astrology ('Hamburger Schule'). astrologer (-since 1974. ‘Stardeut’. 1954. An outstanding pioneer of modern scientific astrology who tries to integrate newest astronomical findings to enlarge the small horizon of traditional astrology. 18h 08m MET. Berlin/D. Distributor of astrological software like ‘Hermes’. 1899. ‘Domizil’). student of A. 6. data collector. ‘Fuerst Scherenberg’.astro-gemini of the American astrologer Nancy Hastings. 6. Rudolph. Certified (1993) and active member of ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’. Brigitta: 6. accidents. 1962. Landscheidt lives now in Canada. (TAE via personal statement (d) via BC/-also rectified to 19h 45m) 58 LANDSCHEIDT. Cosmobiology (R. 9h 00m MET. Advocate of the Munich School (Muenchner Rhythmenlehre) of W. Conrad and R. Transpluto.Professional astrologer. 'Sun-Earth-Man'. Zazen and symbolic meanings of fairy tales. Bornhoevel/D.Jurist.and computer courses. via personal statement via B. 6° E 47’ 51° N 12’ Electronic scientist.18h 15m MET via BC) 59 LEFELDT. Rainer: 1. astrosomatic illnesses.g.statement (d) via BC/-also 5h 53 rectified) 61 LEONHARDY. 13° E 23’ 52° N 30’ Medical assistant. Her aims where to make astrology socially acceptable. astronomer. Behrens. 8° E 49' 53° N 05' . followed by geocentric planet nodes. Hermann: 29. 'Astrologie. self taught). hotel director (e. Buddhist orientated astrologer since 1968 (Zen-Buddhism). Theodor: 10. (TAE via personal statement (d) via BC) 62 LIEBSTUECKEL. 3. Essen/D she was elected as chairman of ‘DAV’ . 10° E 16' 54° N 04' (died: 1. heliocentric astrology as well as newest research of solar activity cycles and much more. 2h 32m MET. 1927. Cofounder of an astrology school in Cologne (1995). ‘Astromed’. 1977. Brigitte: 24. Special interests: solar-transits. (TAE via Holden/Hughes:‘Astrological Pioneers’ via AFA) 60 LEMKE. author. 6. On the 25th of September 1995. 17h 30m MET. Author of many scientific articles and ephemeris. June 1996. Hilton. Bremen/D. Books: 'Wir sind Kinder des Lichts' (1987). 9° E 56’ 49° N 48’ . 8.Hotelier. professional astrologer (-since 1986). Witte and collaborator of L. (TAE via Meridian. Since 1993 he lectures astrology. Ebertin) and traditional astrology. Duesseldorf/D. Co-author of Wittes 'Regelwerk für Planetenbilder' and editor of an index for this book. In 1995 she founded the astrological centre ‘Symbolon’. Facts which cannot be ignored by a futureorientated astrology. 5h 55m MET. author. entrepreneur (founder of a clay building company). Wuerzburg/D. Studied the methods of Uranian astrology (‘Hamburger Schule’). She also gives courses on Ikebana. 16h 10m MET. 21h 05m MET. rectifications.

'Das ägyptische Tarot'. Bruno: 4. Advocate of a psychological and esoteric orientated 65 MATTHAEI. Oeschelbronn/D) . Advocate of traditional astrology. 13° E 22' 52° N 30' (died: 17. transcending and uniting all schools and traditions. constructor. Frankfurt/M. opposition-structure.. numerology). Herrsching/D. open minded astrology. 2. 11° E 34' 48° N 08' (died: 8. (TAE via personal statement (d) via BC (d)) Email: . Hamburg/D.. Bestseller author of 45 popular but serious astrology books like 'Handbuch der Astrologie'. Chairman of ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’ (16. http://http://www. painter. humanist.which until then was mainly limited to sun-sign astrology.Engine driver of ‘Deutsche Bahn AG’ (-since 13.G. Active and certified member (1980) of ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’. result of a heart attack from 4th of February 1987) . 1900. von Pronay) 64 MAHL. Munich/D. carried on by Hans-H. 'Karma in der Astrologie'. software developer. 1987. 11. Propagandist of the equal house system. writer (novels. 4. 'Die Magie der Zahlen'. An idealist and individualist with a good sence of humour as well as a serious and scientific orientated researcher. Designer and webmaster of the DAV Website:.1979).. 19h 30m MET. short stories). Schicksal. (TAE via personal statement (d)) (Website: Vesta@solar. astrologer. Books: 'Psychologische Astrologie' (3 vol. trinestructure etc. 8h 59m MET. Heinrich Christian: 5. Berlin/D. 1987 honory member of DAV. 15h 08m MET. 'Spannungsherrscher'.system . Enzisweiler/D. (TAE via statistician./D. 1984).1. graphologist. 9° E 40’ 47° N 34’ . 7. With his books he was an important educator of the public towards a deeper understanding of astrology . 3. A highlight on every astrology congress. Taeger. 'Die Familie im Horoskop'. 1996. psychologist (C. lecturer for distortion science and technique of forgering. Herbert: 5.heart attack) . 1951. 'Astrologischer Ratgeber'. 1905. Since 12.Writer (novels.He died . 'Die klassische Astrologie'. 1973). esoteric. writer. 1903. Author of the study ‘Sternenwirksamkeiten im Leben und Schaffen Anton Bruckners. 4. He subdivided horoscopes by their main structure ('Figurinen') like conjunction-structure.. 20h 38m MET. short stories.Dramaturge. youth literature). part time astrologer. 'Das Horoskop in der Hand'. He also developed the method of tension rulers ('Spannungsherrscher'): planets which have the farest distance to all other planets of the horoscope. master of rhetoric. 1997. Bruno. (TAE via pers. But mainly he dedicated his life work to demonstrate the importance of the small planet Vesta.. occultist (tarot.Mahl@t-online. 9° E 59' 53° N 33' (died September 1987. 'Gezeiten des Schicksals'.Iron works engineer. 'Sterne.dav-astrologie. 7h 00m MET.Journalist. 'Astrologie und Tarot'. Hans: 25. 8h 00m MET.statement (d)) 66 MEIER-PARM.’ (1992). 4. astrologer (psychological astrology). Bernd Arnulf: 10. philosopher. Jung). anthroposophist.1977 . Charakter'. 7. Pioneer of a modern.. professional astrologer. Books: 'Der Planetoid Vesta'. 1924.:)) 67 MERTZ. 7. 8° E 42’ 48° N 54’ (died: 25. Pforzheim/D. 11.. 7h 35m MET. Hamburg/D) .63 LOEHLEIN. Like many German astrologers of those days he was imprisoned some years in a concentration camp.

10. (TAE via Meridian. 1923. 'Vorschläge zur eigenen Schicksalsgestaltung'. Special interests: research on Down-Syndrom (mongolism). Advocate of an easy to follow and down to earth pschological orientated astrology. Beate: 20. (TAE via DAV-Databank) 73 MUELLER. In his early childhood (8 yrs. W. author. Member of the Munich Research Group (‘Muenchner Forscherkreis’) where he worked together with O. 8° E 43' 49° N 25' (death data unknown) . Thomassen gives a rectified time of 8h 53m MET via personal statement) 71 MOUFANG. 11. 15h 28m MET. astrologer. 3h 30m MET. head of the Institute for Medical Psychology in Homburg/Saar/D. 6° E 58’ 50° N 57’ Professional research astrologer. 3. data collector. 7h 00m MET/S. 1941. 1895. Co-founder (in the twenties) of an academic orientated astrology circle called 'Deutsche Kulturgemeinschaft zur Pflege der Astrologie'. Saarbruecken/D). Stuutgart/D. Berlin/D. 3. parapsychologist (‘Institut fuer Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene. 'Befreiung vom Schicksalszwang' (1986). 4h 10m LMT.Professional astrologer. Grimm. astrology of conception. Main interests: astrology and dreamlife. Heidelberg/D. August 1995. 1930. 4. 11. (TAE via personal statement/-other sources give 6h 25m MET) 68 METZ. Translator of astrological books. 'Gesetze des Schicksals' (1987). Advocate of Cosmobiology (Ebertin-School). 11° E 35’ 48° N 08’ (death data unknown) .Foreign correspondence clerk.) he became diseased with polio. He understood astrology as a holistic art of interpretation and not as an empirical science. Hermann: 8. Coworker of ‘Astrologiezentrum Berlin’. 8° E 33' 47° N 23' Popular psychologer. Poellner and A. Freiburg’). Books: 'Astrologie und Psychologie'.: 4. 9° E 11’ 48° N 46’ Psychologist.peaceful just when he had finished his 50th book.: Mueller via BC) 74 MUELLER-FREYWARDT. Horn/-W. publisher of data books. (TAE via DAV-Databank) 72 MRSIC. media scientist.. research astrologer (statistics). (TAE via DAV-Databank via personal statement) 70 MODERSOHN. Arno: 24. 11h 00m MET. 4h 00m MET. 9. (TAE via personal statement (d) via hospital and father/Gisela M. 1915. via personal statement) 69 MEYER. Gesundheit und Glück in der psychologischen Astrologie'. 'Partnerschaft. 10. 18h 23m MET. Prien/Chiemsee/D. Kolbermoor/D. 1959. Married with Gisela Mueller (* 2. 13° E 21’ 52° N 30’ .. G. expert for the psychology of traffic. data collector. 1896. author.Professional astrologer. Hans: 22. Editor of a 4 volume databook-series. author and teacher. astrologer. journalist. W. 12° . 1947. He developed a method to calculate an optimum timing for the creative act. Erich: 12. Cologne/D. 8h 50m MET.: 26. Munich/D. (TAE via G.

Witte into English. Weber via personal statement) 75 NEUBAECKER. publisher. homoeopath. Gladbeck/D. Beside Comobiology he also studied Uranian astrology (‘Hamburger Schule’). Advocate of Astroenergetics (combination of 78 NIGGEMANN. 1997). Former chairman of DAV and now honorary member. Special interests: feminist astrology. In 1959 he translated without authorization the ‘Regelwerk der Planeten’ of A. 1953. Author of 'Kritische Astrologie' (critical astrology). 9h 30m MET. 'Himmelsmusik' (1989). Books: 'Bilder zur Harmonik' (1988). Buddhist (Tibetan Buddhism). Author of an astrological correspondence course on cassettes. Student and coworker of A.. 'Harmonik und Symbolik' (1990). 1985. constructor of musical instruments. Witte and an enthusiastic opponent of Cosmobiology and R.Musicologist (music of the spheres). author. 1891. Editor of the 'DAVDatabank' (CD-ROM. Petra: 10. A popular speaker of the Ebertin congresses of the 70th. Advocate of scientific astrology (research). Peter: 26. 22h 22m MET/S. Chiron. 9. professional astrologer (since 1975). Nudist movement activist. 6° E 57' 50° N 56' Professional astrologer. professional astrologer. This coursed a dramatic copyright quarrel with L. (TAE via personal statement (d) via his own rectification/-22h 30m MET/S via BC) Website: . author. Paderborn/D. 8° E 20' 52°N12' . 8° E 45’ 51° N 43’ (died: 1. Taeger and actual student of Akong Rimpoche (Scotland) to become a Buddhist therapist.Physician. editor of the astrological yearbook ‘AstrokalenderSternenlichter’ (-since 1984). In 1998 she wrote a book about the importance and positive effects of writing an astrobiographical selfanalysis ('Handbuch der astrologischen Biographiearbeit').de/ Email: .E 04’ 47° N 51’ . Vesta. Melle/Osnabrueck/D. tension rulers. Speciality: analogies between music and planetary movements. Hamm/Westphalia/D. (TAE via personal statement (d) via BC) 76 NIEHAUS. Bronx/NY/USA) . 8h 55m MET. science. internet). 1954. Buddhism). Also active in media work (radio. Hans: 22. astrodrama. Rudolph. body therapy. As a physician he additionally used the psychological TuanimaTest and autosuggestion. (TAE via K. Certified Astroenergetic Adviser. 5. peter@niehenke. MandalaEnergy-Analysis. Book: ‘Astrologische Gesundheitsfibel’. 7° E 49' 51° N 41' . psychotherapist (since 1981). 9. physicist. Amongst others she works with house progressions. 1949. http://http://www. 1953. 6° E 59’ 51° N 34’. research astrologer. (Both data: TAE via BC (d)) 77 NIEHENKE. publisher: 'Verlag Peter Neubaecker' (graphic planetary calenders.). active and certified member of the 'Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV'. 5. Ebertin. 6h 38m LMT. tv. Peter: 9.. Books: ‘The Principles of . A well known speaker of international astrological congresses. author. director of the 'Freiburger Ausbildungszentrum'.German-american astrologer. Former student of Hans-H. 3. 6. He integrates horoscopes as a source for diagnosis and therapy. Cologne/D. 2h 35m MET. certified Astroenergetic Adviser) she gives courses and workshops in the area of Aachen.niehenke. ascendent watches. mathematician. Important advocate of Uranian astrology (‘Hamburger Schule’) in the States. Together with IngridWERNER (* 17.

Advocate of a psychological and spiritual orientated astrology. author. Wilhelm: 5. 10° E 41' 53° N 52' (died: 11. Ernst-Guenther: 10. 20h 30m MET. 1. 2. esoteric. 'Geburt und Tod'. 11. Stuttgart/D. Specht) 85 POPP. 14h 09m MET. 1914. 14h 07m MET. 1966. 1774.Professional astrologer. Ernst: 13. 1904. Codirector of the company ‘Paessler Software’. Erlangen/D. 17h 38m MET. H. 13° E 03’ 50° N 05’ . ‘Der Schluessel zur Partnerschaftsastrologie’. Witte. Werner: 17. 22h 15m MET/S. ‘Der Schluessel zur Prognose’. Berlin/D. via personal statement) 80 PAESSLER.Esoteric. Hamburg/D) . 7.Uranian Astrology’. 9. Luebeck/D. 10h 30m MET. 1950. info@paessler. 11° E 01’ 49° N 36’ Electrical engineer.Detective superintendent. 1944. Both parents are astrologers. A sensitive and deep thinker. 14h 49m MET. Dirk: 13.statement/-7h 00m via BC) 79 OTT. May 1991. He was involved as a co-author in Geoffrey Dean’s famous book ‘Recent Advances in Natal . 3. 1968. (TAE via NCGR-Journal. Director of the 'Astrologieschule Ernst Ott' (2-year courses in astrology). 8h 00m MET. (TAE via H. 1994.paessler.Professional astrologer. 12. Herbert: 10. Special interests: rectifications. programmer of the famous astrological software ‘Galileo’. 1992 via pers. (TAE via U. 12. Buchau/Karlsbad/CS. (TAE via Meridian. 1897. Author of 'Geburtszeitkorrektur'. astrologer (follower of A.Police detective. philosopher. Hamburg/D) .. (TAE via personal statement) 82 PAUELS. In 1816 he published the manifesto ‘Astrologie’ to reintegrate astrology again as a university science. Beside cyclic studies he supported the theory that the universe is penetrated by mind and soul (Weltseele). (TAE via personal statement (d) exactly timed by his father) Website: . (TAE via U. 4. Schubert he edited an astrological pocketbook series and rendered the ‘Tetrabiblos’ of Ptolemy the first time into German. author. Advocate of Uranian Astrology ('Hamburger Schule'). part time research astrologer (-since 1963). Together with G. Winterthur/CH. Braunschweig/D. ‘Der Schluessel zur esoterischen Astrologie’. 13° E 22' 52° N 30' (died: Email: . Rudolph via personal statement) 83 PERCH. Active member of the 'Deutscher Astrologen Verband/DAV'. ‘Key to Uranian Astrology’. 'Die sensitiven Punkte'. professional astrologer. Advocate of Uranian Astrology ('Hamburger Schule'). 8° E 44' 47° N 30' Professional astrologer. Witte). Carl: 27. Mainly known for his books: ‘Das Horoskop der Menschheit’. follower of A. Book: ‘Der Mensch und die Sterne’. 7. 6h 30m 81 PARIS. author. http://www. sensitive points. Rudolph via personal statement) 84 PFAFF. collaborator of the astrological magazine 'Hamburger Hefte'. 9° E 11’ 48° N 46’ (died 1835) . 10° E 31’ 52° N 16’ (died: 6. author. 1985) .

banker. Warnsdorf/D. author of many astrology books.. He combined astrology with graphology. 1902. fundamental principles of astrology. 17 has also a rectified time of 23h 23m LMT) . 19° E 25' 54° N 10' (death data unknown) .. financial astrology (management consultant). collector of astrological texts. 3. His hobbys are Karate and Aikido. Alexander von: 31.Astrology’. data collector (horoscopes of nobility).Diplomat. astrological almanac's).1598. Breitenburg/D) ..8. 7. psychologer (creator of the Tuanima-picture test).. prognosis. (TAE via personal statement) 87 PRONAY. Editor of a correspondence course on graphology: 'Lehrgang der intuitiven Graphologie'. Author (translator) of 'Lehrgedicht des Manilus' (fundamental principles of astrology). 9° E 31' 53° N 55' (died: 31. astronomer. Heinrich Graf von: 11. stock market analysis.Physician. 3. 'Die grosse Partschaftsanalyse' (1979). -pestilence) Mathematician (trigonometry). Books: 'Catalogus' (horoscopes of emperors and and high aristrocracy). Books: 'Astrologische Direktionen' (1983).. 11° E 34' 48° N 08' (died: 9. musician. Books: 'Aspektdeutung'. author. 4. 'Horoskopdeutung'. 1526. 'Staedtepositionen'. Elbing/Ostpr. Heinrich: 6. astrobiographical studies. 22h 31m LMT./D. author. 20h 45m MET. solar return. Steinburg/Itzehoe/D. No. astrologer. painter. 1927. (TAE via DAV-Databank) 89 REGIOMONTANUS (Johannes Mueller): 6. publisher (ephemeris. Advocate of traditional astrology (primary directions. (TAE via K. tables for primary directions. 'Deutung des Solarhoroskops' (1985). 1988. historian. humanist. 1436. 4. 14° E 37' 50° N 55' . Walter: 6. astro statistics. 1888. Ebertin/-Lescaut. 'Prognose nach dem Geburtshoroskop' (1984). Interests: astro-medicine. 1476.Professional astrologer.. Interests: primary and secondary directions.1961) . politician. His main interests are psychological and esoteric astrology. Weber via R. (TAE via personal statement) 88 RANTZAU. and programming astrological software. humanist. 'Das grosse Transitbuch' (1983). data collector.. via reconstruction of his self drawn horoscope) 90 REICH. mundane astrology). Rome/I. merchant. partnership-analysis. Advocate of a psychological and medical orientated astrology. He tried to give a medical explanation for the function of astrology during the process of birth: with opening of the lungs (first cry) the brain and especially the pineal gland function as an organic memory and keep this first cosmic radiation imprint throughout the life. transits. 3h 00m MET. Advocate of a traditional. 'Sterne in uns' (1975). mundane astrology. professional astrologer. solid and scientific orientated astrology. reformer of calendar. (TAE via personal statement (d)) 86 PREUSS. 6. author.12. 'Helfen Horoskope hoffen?' (1982). 1585).. 'Glueckssterne' (data collection). 'Tractatus Astrologicus' (basics of astrology). 23h 15m LMT. vol. Munich/D. astrologer. 'De Conservanda Valetudine' (astro-medicine). 5. 'Exempla' (collection of 87 horoscopes.Graphologist. 10° E 35' 50° N 05' (died: 6. 16h 40m LAT. Unfinden/Bavaria/D. (TAE via Astrolog.

5. (TAE via personal statement (d)) 96 RING. psychotherapist. Research on partnership astrology (combin and composite). She is also author of the astrological interpretation program ‘Horoskop fuer zwei’ (1998). author. A sensitive and clear thinker. Since the early 90th she acts as the director of the ‘DAV-Ausbildungszentrum Ruhrgebiet’ in Witten/D. author. 1983. He understood astrology as an 'art' of interpretation. 11° E 05' 49° N 27' (died: 24.und Compositdeutung' (1997). holistic and cyclic orientated astrology (Germany's Dane Rudhyar). no. a centre for people with mental handicaps in Reinach/CH. Advocate of traditional astrology. 8° E 43’ 49° N 25’ .. philosopher. Munich School (W. Advocate of a humanistic and philosophical orientated astrology. Schaerding/A. Heidelberg/D. 11.91 REICHENBACH. parapsychologist (collaborator of H. 9° E 10' 48° N 46' . 5. Participant of astrological tv. mona. Cofounder and for many years director of ‘Stiftung Lebenshilfe’. professional astrologer. 15° E 34’ 51° N 16’ . Paul: 6. Thomas: 28. 3h 45m MET. graphic designer. lecturer in psychology on schools for adult education. -appendicitis) . October 1995. 1992 via personalstatement) 95 RIEMANN. for 16 yrs. Bunzlau/D/Boleslawiec/PL.. 17h 00m MET. 8. 1902. 8h 37m MET/S. 'Die Faehigkeit zu lieben'. 'Die Kunst des Alterns'. 'Grundformen helfender Partnerschaft'. (1939). astrologer. 1929. Coworker at ‘Astro-Zentrum Berlin’ and owner of the esoteric bookshop ‘Zenit’ (Berlin). (TAE via Meridian. (TAE via BC (d) and hospital (d)) 92 REIMOLD. astrology instructor ('Ausbildungszentrum Berlin'). Books: 'Das Sonnensystem als Organismus'. 7. 2h 17m MET. professional astrologer. professional astrologer.riegger@t-online. Active member of the ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’. philosophical. 8° E 24’ 49° N 03’ Alternative health practitioner. cosmologist. (TAE via Meridian. astrologer. Doebereiner). statement (d) of her own rectification/-hospital says 2h 18m MET versus 3h 18m MET via BC) Email: . 6h 00m MET. gestalt-therapist. Former student of the prominent astrologer Thomas Ring and cofounder of the ‘Thomas-Ring-Stiftung’. 'Grundformen der Angst'. 4. Book: 'Handbuch der Combin. Books: 'Lebenshilfe Astrologie'. 1892. Fritz: 15. In 1988 she established a practice for psychological astrology.Painter (expressionist). Advocate of a spiritual. Stuttgart/D.Bookseller. 1943. Brigitte: 8. astrologer. Chemnitz/D. . Ingrid: 3. Karlsruhe/D. 9. 1956. author. via personal statement) 93 94 RIESER. Bender). Uranian Astrology ('Hamburger Schule'). chakra-therapist.Popular professional psychoanalysist. Psychological orientated astrology. collaborator of an esoteric bookshop. meditation practitioner. 1957. Nuremberg/D. 8. (TAE via pers.and radio-shows. horary astrology.Social scientist. 12° E 55' 50° N 50' (death data unknown) . esoteric. active and certified member of the 'Deutscher Astrologen Verband/DAV'.German-swiss remedial educator. 12h 45m MET. humanistic. Mona: 28.

She mainly took care for propagating and publishing the work of the astrologer Walter Koch (GOH-Houses). Advocate of an experimental and creative astrology. yoga instructor.. 2. 6° E 59' 51° N 02' . 8h 20m MET. 6° E 53’ 49° N 59’ Alternative healing practitioner. (TAE via personal statement (d) via book of family and via mother) 98 RUDOLPH. 1955. body language. 2h 30m MET. Father of the astrologer Udo Rudolph. Uelzen/D. Advocate of a spiritual.. psychodrama. Wittlich/D. author. professional astrologer. 11h 30m MET. (TAE via pesonal statement) 99 RUDOLPH. Witte. rituals. 10° E 15' 51° N 44' . ‘Vom Sternenkult zur Astrologie’ (1993). coauthor of 'Handbuch zur Astrologie der Hamburger Schule'. (TAE via personal statement) 100 SCHAECK. industrial manager. 5.Publisher.Bookseller. 9. 12. 10° E 34' 52° N 58' (died: 14. Elisabeth: 19. Collaborator of A. 1956). Mueller via BC (d)) 97 ROGGENBRUCK. professional astrologer. ritualist. 1. (TAE via A.Publisher ('Schaeck Verlag'). ‘Astrologie. In 1978 he took over the 'Witte-Verlag' and since 1980 he worked as chief editor of the Uranian magazine 'Hamburger Hefte'. 13h 21m MET. 11° E 34’ 48° N . Bildersprache Astrologie’ (1991). dance. astro-theatre. Munich/D. Gestalt. 1912. Imagination und Traumdeutung’ (1995). Vera: 31. 7. Osterode/Harz/D. ‘Spirituelle Maerchen’ (1994).Musician. author. esoteric and psychological orientated astrology. Hamburg/D) . 1921. Since 1961 he edited and published the uranian magazine 'Hamburger Hefte'. 1959. Witte). Ludwig: 9. 23h 51m MET. ‘Spirituelles Leben’ (1990).the full spectrum of creative and nonverbal methods to get a deeper understanding of the the basic astrological energies. Books: 'The Hamburg School of Astrology' (1973). Udo: 14. author. 0h 30m MET/S. publisher. A humanistic and positive thinker. Friedel: 2. Neunkirchen/D. 'Astrologische Menschenkunde' (4 vol. professional astrologer (son of Ludwig Rudolph). 1960. (TAE via DAV-Databank) 101 SCHAEFER. astrologer. 1982. music. 8° E 06' 50° N 32' . (TAE via personal statement (d) and BC (d)/-his own rectification is 2h 32m MET) 102 SCHEFTHALLER. physiognomist. Advocate of Uranian astrology (A. meditation . ‘Es war einmal ein Stern . Thomas: 29.'Das Lebewesen im Rhythmus des Weltraums' (1939).and imagination therapist. author. In 1925 he founded together with Witte and Sieggruen the astrological association 'Hamburger Schule'. Books: ‘Astrologische Charakterskizzen’ (1988). 1893. He worked also as a co-author and co-editor of Wittes fundamental book 'Regelwerk der Planeten'. astrologer. ‘Gesichtsdeutung und Astrologie’ (1994). Leverkusen/D. Since 1976 president of the 'Hamburger Schule' (-now: 'Astrologische Studiengesellschaft Hamburg').Der Tierkreis im Maerchen’ (1991). Committed advocate of the Uranian astrology ('Hamburger Schule').. dream. 1h 30m LMT. body therapist. As a teacher (astroentertainer) he works with astro-drama. 9.

76).Architect. 7° E 26' 51° N 21' (death data unknown) . author. 4. astrological software developer (together with her husband). 1. Email: . Berlin/D. Haspe/Hagen/D. Nuremberg/D) . astrologer (student of Th. Organizer of workshops and holiday courses. Certified member of ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’ (1987). 8. Jahrhunderts’. 8° E 40’ 52° N 07’): Mythologist. astrologer. Herford/D. Christel: 1.Schefthaller/index.Germanist. 2h 45m MET. 1547.08’ . Advocate of a humanistic Bamberg/D.Witte) and collaborator of the astrological magazine 'Hamburger Hefte'.G. author.professional astrologer. Dethlefsen). 10° E 53’ 49° N 53’ .: TAE via pers. mathematician. 1967.netsurf. Wife of Herbert SCHOEDER (* 18. (Both data: TAE via personal statements (d) and BC (d)) 108 SCHOENER. astrologer. 13° E 23’ 52° N 30’ Psychologist (self hypnosis).70). astrologer (-since 1952). 1932) 107 SCHOEDER. Book: 'Der Geist der Astrologie'. 1965. Claudia von: 30. geographer. (TAE via S. physicist and software developer Klaus von SCHIERSTEDT(* 8. depth psychologist (C. author. Prominent propagator of Uranian astrology (A. 9° E 45' 49° N 57 (died: 16. 9. 21h 00m MET. Oskar H. 0h 20m MET. professional research astrologer. Co-author (with his wife) of ‘Gnosis im Mythos des 20. high-frequency engineer. 1935. Since 1991 director of a DAV-training centre (DAVAusbildungszentrum) in Bamberg/D. 1873. After studies of Cosmobiology ( . 11° E 34’ 48° N 08’ . 1477. Rudolph) 105 SCHMIDT. http://homepages. 1938.. (TAE via personal statement (d) via mother and hospital/-Klaus Sch. 12. 1. 14h 43m MET. Hof/D). 12h 00m LMT. Munich/D. writer. Interests in children horoscopes. 8° E 37' 50° N 13' (died: 18. 1931) .. electional and financial astrology. Heinz: 23. 4.munich. (TAE via her own rectification (d) and via BC: 23h 55m MET (d)) Website: . 4. 1. http://http://www. esoteric (student of Th.: 16. Married with the engineer.. data specialist of the magazine ‘Meridian’. theatre director (1956 . (TAE via personal rectification (d)/-0h 30m via BC) 106 SCHMITZ. Jung). theologist . Otto Johannes: 9.Musician. data collector. author. remedial educator.htm 103 SCHIERSTEDT. dramaturge. Belscak/-there is also a rectified time of 12h 04m LMT via ‘Zenit’. 9h 10m MET. Bad Homburg/D. 1925. Johann: 16. publicist.Astronomer. 1896. 6h 05m MET. 7. statement (d) via mother) Website: .com 104 SCHLAGHECKE. Ebertin) and traditional astrology she became an enthusiastic follower of Uranian astrology (‘Hamburger Schule’) . professional astrologer. esoteric. Karlstadt/D.Qualified bank clerk. feature writer (1971 . psychologer. Dethlefsen). philosopher of comparative religion. Co-author of the popular software ‘Hermes’ and author of the book ‘Astrologische Terminwahl’ (1997). horary. 23h 22m LMT. (TAE via U. Main interests: traditional. Articles in ‘Hamburger Hefte’ and ‘Meridian’.

German-american dietician. Mandala-Energy-Analysis (MEA). 1956. occultist. tension rulers. Committed student and collaborator of Alfred Witte. professional astrologer. author. 1991 via personal Statement) 110 SIEGFRIED. Elisabeth: 28. research astrologer. Nr. businessman).ie . theosophist. 6. Kaiserslauter/D: nurse). Books: 'Die astrologische Geburtszeitkorrektur' (1989). Certified Astroenergetic Adviser. Walter Siegfried (* 21. Coeditor of the the data book series ‘Internationales Horoskope Lexikon’ (1992-97) and the ‘Taeger-Archives on CD-ROM’ (1998). Taeger (-first contact 11. (TAE via Meridian. esoteric. no. science and Buddhism). 8h 41m LMT. Director of the Munich ‘Mazdaznan’ society. 14h 15m MET. alchemy. Since 1939 in New York. 2h 15m MET. light and sound. Kaiserslautern/D. Dharamsala/IND). Schwerin/D.. 1883. esoteric astrology. 7° E 46' 49° N 27' . Luebeck/D.& . tantra and vegetarism). Engaged propagator of the Uranian Astrology. 22h 15m IST. 11° E 25’ 53° N 38’ (death data unknown) . 5. philosopher.. Co-director of the 'Institute for Astroenergetic Studies/IAS' and coeditor of the Taeger-Archives.. . celestial maps and a book about the fundamental principles of astrology (1545). 1955. Special interests: rectifications. author. Thomas: 29. massage-therapist. Student of K. Admetos. 1925. Brother of Michael Siegfried (* 24. 4. gnosis. 1951. astrologer (scientific astrology). astro-medicine.iol. Life partner and collaborator of Hans-H. Editor of ephemeris. author. alternative healing practicioner. Muenster/D. Rudolph (d) via personal statement) 111 SIEVERS.Eine Annaeherung der Christen' (1993). 3. 1927. a theosophical group (studies of Zarathustra-teachings. 10° E 41' 53° N 52' (died: 4. 22h 30m LMT. Special interests: data research.(Webmaster) . 3. Kaiserlautern/D: lawyer). a quick way to enlightment. 6h 00m MET. humanist.Nautical scientist. 1982. 2.ias@iol. Data of parents: Trudel Siegfried (* 4. 'Astrologie .ie 111 SIEGGRUEN. Christoph: 20. Chiron. Doengal. He postulated the 4 additional hypothetical planets Apollon. 475/-other sources: 23h 30m LMT) 109 SCHUBERT-WELLER. Since 19. 20h 30m MET. Vulcanus and Poseidon. Advocate of Astroenergetics (synthesis of western astrology. Hamburg/D) . Brandler-Pracht and Max Grimm.http://www. Christian esoteric. 12. Buddhist (Tibetan Buddhism). research on Vesta. 5. 1877. Stoeffler and Melanchthon. Co. breathing therapist. author. (TAE via Holden/Hughes: Astrological Pioneers of America via AFA) . effects of colour. Co-editor of the book 'Die Hamburger Astrologenschule' (1925). (TAE via midwife (d)/-parents and brother: via personal statement via BC) Website: . connections between Christianity and astrology. tantric mysticism. 1984 he lives as a permanent resident in Ireland and runs the 'Institute for Physical Therapy' in Portsalon.. esoteric. 5. 5. Friedrich: 20. astrologer. Creator of the term 'Hamburger Schule'.German-Irish physiotherapist. 14h 30m MET. Student of J. linguist. 16h 30m MET.Educator. 1950. Kaiserslautern/D: teacher. professional astrologer. colour therapist. Email: . (TAE via Leo.(protestant). (TAE via U. 7° E 37' 51° N 58' . publisher.taeger@iol.

Nuremberg/D. esoteric. Student of E. Munich/D. 11h 21m MET. geography). Ring). 14h 45m MET.112 SLOOTEN. teacher for Dutch and philosophy (Munich). Hermann: 24. astrologer (scientific astrology).resp. eine astrologische Untersuchung'. professional astrologer. Witte). 1953. art historian. 1958. 11° E 04’ 49° N 27’ .chironverlag.Cultural scientist (studies of subculture). author. astrosomatic illnesses. Ott and certified member of ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’. Koch and F. 7. Chironfan (-he has an exact conjunction of Chiron-Sun in aquarius). Backnang/D. 'Das Nuremberger Hochgericht'. music critic (pop and rock). alternative healer. Heinz: 12. 2. 21h 30m MET. Interests: mundane and political astrology. 2. 1942. 9° E 44' 48° N 17' . 9° E 12’ 48° N 47’ . Brigitte: 21. astrotherapist. 9° E 25' 48° N 56' Merchant. 1925. . Special research interests: addiction (alcoholism) and psycho. Lilly. Enthusiastic propagator of Uranian Astrology (A. Articles: 'Mussolini. Advocate of a traditional and humanistic astrology (-influenced by Th. Advocate of psychological astrology. Rudolph via personal statement) 115 STAHL. Collaborator of the astrological magazine 'Hamburger Hefte'. Zanzinger with whom he developed the formulas of the GOH-Houses (‘Koch-Felder’/Koch-houses). Reinhardt: 6. Stuttgart/D. (TAE via personal statement (d) via BC) 114 SPORNER. since 1983). 'Einfuehrung in die Technik der Hamburger Schule' (1979). Book: ‘Lehrbuch der Stundenastrologie’ (1994). Active and certified member (second chairman) of ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’.. editor and translator of several books about Chiron. Ehingen-Daechingen/D. (TAE via personal statement via BC) Website: . 1934. 5° E 28’ 51° N 26’ . (TAE via U. 19h 10m MET/S. 2.Dutch-German linguist.Professional astrologer. Author of the datacollection 'Astro-Digest' (1987). esoteric. Erik van: 28. teacher (biology. 1915. His father was also an astrologer. philosopher. 21h 50m MET.Educationalist. data programmer of astrological software. primary directions according to Kuehr). member of honor of 'Deutscher Astrologen Verband/DAV'. 11° E 34' 48° N 08' (died 1991) . (TAE via personal statement (d) via BC/-also personal rectification: 21h 48m MET) 117 STIEHLE. professional astrologer (-since 1995). 2. 15h 45m MET. astrologer. Cohn). C. Eindhoven/NL. chironverlag@compuserve. psycho-therapist (student of R. http://http://www. Kuehr and committed propagator of his methods (e. publisher of ambitious astrology books ('Chiron Verlag'. Advocate of traditional astrology in the manner of W. 11. Claus: 8. Student of E. (TAE via personal statement (d)/-also 18h 15m MET/S via BC and 18h 10m via father) 113 SPECHT. Collaborator of W.. Other interests: mundane astrology. Email: . 'Kuenstlerhoroskope im Spiegel der Transneptunier'.g. (TAE via personal statement (d)) 116 STIEBER. 10. 1945). research astrologer. soldier (seriously injured: 12. Specialised in horary astrology.

Initiator of Astroenergetics. distance values. tension rulers (Meier-Parm). data collector ('Taeger-Archives'). a vital combination of western astrology. Famous astrological adviser of the nobility of his time.Astronomer. 1944. 17° E 39’ 47° N 41’ (pseudonym: Dr. Between 1979-81 he made a 2-year meditation retreat under guidance of Lama Tenga Tulku (* 8. ‘Buch der Runen’. materialized and scientific aspects of astrology. Pluto. Also interests in mundane and horary astrology. psychoanalyst (C. esoteric. Advocate of the equal house system and a holistic understanding of spiritual. 6h 30m LMT. capricorn (Apex or flight direction of our Solar system towards 2° capricorn) and sagittarius (Galactic Centre/GC on 28° sagittarius). *15. Hans-Hinrich: 15. heliocentric astrology. Nanchen/Tibet). 1932. Gyoer/H. author. Buddhist (Tibetan Buddhism/-student of Lama Yeshe. 10.g. 12th house. (TAE via personal statement (d) via mother) 120 TAEGER. Astroenergetic Adviser (1982) and authorized Buddhist teacher (-since 1977). science and Buddhism. Töling/Dechen/Tibet. sociologist. Portsalon / IRL. Moon-Neptune connections. Saladin) German professional astrologer (-since 1980) of Hungarian origin. Student of R. journalist (tv. Ebertin (1968-72) and Meier-Parm.118 STOEFFLER. Certified astrologer of ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’ (1978). cyclic astrology (galactic centre. secondary progressions. 0h 00m WET. ‘Astrologie des Schwans’. co-director: Thomas Siegfried.German-Irish psychologist. art historian (universities of Berlin & Muenster). Lewis). 6. astrocartography (J. 1945. astrologer. 1452. (TAE via DAV-Datenbank) 119 SZABO. rhythomgrams (house progressions of various rhythm in a graphical printout). media scientist. 1988. 1935. Goerlitz/D. philosophical. mathematician. Mandala Energy Analysis / MEA (extensive and basic analysis of a chart). Psychologist. 6h 35m MET. 7. Research interests (amongst others): Vesta. supergalactic centre). 5h 00m LMT. 6h 00m LMT. Active participant of the psychedelic movement of the midsixties and early seventies :). apex. Taeger understands this age (Zeitgeist) as dominated by a mixture of libra (Super-Galactic Centre/SGC or 'Great Attractor' on 2° libra). financial astrology. author. 14° E 59' 51° N 09' . humanist. psychological. who is also his life partner). Johannes: 10. 5. marketing. Zoltan: 21. ‘professional hobby astrologer’ (-since 1970). philosopher (Marxism). brain-activities caused by planetary transits (REM-research). . midpoints. Astrological studies since 1964. Jung). psychoanalyst. Friends of New Age Buddhism' (October 1975) and the 'Institute for Astroenergetic Studies/IAS' (reorganization as a research centre: 1. esoteric. Founder of the Buddhist group 'Manjushri-Mandala. 5h 55m MET/S. Editor and publisher of a popular yearly ephemeris-almanac (1499-1531). film). Editor of the ‘Astro-Brain’ Computer Software (1982). protestant. Books: ‘Astrologie der Wandlung’. Advocate of an experimental and empirical reasearch orientated astrology. Chiron (whom he gives the alternative name 'Hypnos'). Critic of primary directions. 9° E 47' 48° N 24' (died 1531) . Between 1970-80 he developed the methods of holograms (computation of total midpoints of all natal factors). 1. 12. house progressions (6 year rhythm per house in clockwise and anti-clockwise parallelism). Geshe Rabten. Tenga Tulku. the siderial theory of an aquarian age and the drifting of astrology downwards to pure materialism (e. Blaubeuren/D. Member of various astrological associations. publisher. Main teacher of the astrologer Johann Schoener. Kalu Rimpotsche and others).G.

1994-97). Berlin/D: building engineer). 1961. weight and heart problems (heart attack: January 1982). 2 ed. 4 vol. Ebertin). -Health weaknesses: thyroid insufficiency. Advocate of Astroenergetics (synthesis of western astrology. Books: 'Astroenergetik’ (7 ed. -being part of a self-entertaining magical universe. 1h 00m MET. no. Since 19. research astrologer. 1921. Norbert: 4.. occasional kidney stones. author. 1988-98).. Certified Astroenergetic Adviser. 3h 55m MET. caused by cancer of the throat (* 6. 11. .ie 121 TEUPERT. http://www. medical astrology. 1. This happens during an endless trip from rebirth to rebirth. 6h 50m MET.. Advocate of a traditional and scientific astrology. Former student of Hans-H. Author of 'Die Raetsel des Lebens' (1994. 7. . 12. 10° E 55’ 50° N 55’ (died: 5. 11h 15m MET. 22h WET. 11° E 28' 50° N 05' . 3. (TAE via ‘Astrologischer Auskunftsbogen’. 'Internationales Horoskope Lexikon' (data collection series. Kulmbach/Bavaria/D. .Astrology he predominantly understands as an esoteric way of self-initiation to develop wisdom and unity with the inner and outer 5 elements or forms of light (-including the ether-element). Email: . experimental (psychedelic) music. astrologer.Other interests: Buddhist art. graphologist. Co-author (together with Hildegard Schwarz) of 'Das Bilderbuch der Traeume' (1992). taeger@iol. effects of colour and light. author. 13h 00m LMT. 1951. Data of parents: Helga Taeger (* . 1921. -His brother Nicolaus died very young. Kanitzken/East Prussia/D. under the laws of cause and effect and the illusion of time and space.Educator. Ernst: 2.or . journalist. 1984. Donegal. Heidelberg/D) . between early childhood and the late 80th). allergies (esp. Berlin/D . Special interests: nature healing.iol. 'Spiritualitaet und Drogen’ (dissertation on psychedelics and mystical experiences. 14h 15m MET. social worker. 23h 45m MET. 18° E 48' 53° N 41' (death data unknown) . 1863. since 1982). 7. Goerlitz/D: ballet master). -programmed by Tobias Ferber). fractal art. 7h 00m MET. 'Astro-Trips’ (collection of essays. 1992-97). 1995.Site engineer. a comprehensive book series about the 12 zodiac archetypes. 1957. Active member of the ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’. nondualistic understanding and reunite.Alternative healing practitioner. cosmobiologist (R. garden design. dream-analysis. dream-therapist.26. 1986). . Werner: . He also edited an astrological encyclopedia: 'Astrologisches Lexikon'. Berlin/D). having a complete. professional astrologer (-since 1983). science and Buddhism). (TAE via BC (d)) 122 TIEDE. their influence on the dreamlife and on hidden energetic processes (12 vol. the Irish way of life. Heinz Paul Taeger (* 30. 3. (TAE via BC (d): 6h 30m MET/-both parents corrected to 6h 35m MET) More detailed biographical notes (-in different languages): Website: . Main interests: connections between dream-life and astrology. on astrology and dreamlife). ias@iol.. As a councellor he is more interested in metapersonal and spiritual growth problems (Uranus-Pluto). 12. 1970) 123 THIEL.Aims of this evolution: loosing all 'Taeger-Archives on CDROM' (1998. Neudietendorf/D. author. 4. Taeger. Portsalon/IRL Taeger lives as a permanent resident in Co. 1914. 12. Wrote books about celticgerman astrology with some racist tendencies. Ireland.

13h 35m MET. ASC world atlas. Meiningen/D. dance. Advocate of an experimental and scientific orientated astrology. 1950. Advocate of a progressive. 7. unorthodox. author. 1923. professional astrologer. and 30.Psychologist.) . Wolfgang: 27. data collector. 10° E 08’ 54° N 20’ (died: 20. Astrology as creative self-experience (group dynamics).Professional astrologer. 5h 36m MET/S. die volkommene Direktionslehre'. http://http://www. prognosis. Books: 'Das Horoskop des Atomzeitalters'.Lyricist. Albert: 10. Heidi: 14. Renown for his articles in the astrological magazine ‘Meridian’. 3. His specialities were tertiary directions. Ebertin (Comobiology) and worked on a physical theory to explain the influence of astrology. professional astrologer. 12. 3. Preetz/Ploen/D) . Stuttgart/D. 10° E 25’ 50° N 34’ Group therapist. 'Tertiaer-Direktionen. Married witheconomist and financeastrologer Ralph TREIER . 1950. 1966) . (TAE via DAV-Databank/-also 13h 40m rectified via Wassilko) 125 THOMASSEN. psychological and experimental astrology. (TAE via BC and family bible (d)/Ralph: pers. 128 TROINSKI. Stuttgart). Astrological lecturer since 1975. mundane astrology. lunar directions. 1943. 1917. 2. 1895. (TAE via personal statement (d) via BC) Website: . data collection). research astrologer. 11. time zones etc. (TAE via personal statement (d)/-death data via ‘Kieler Nachrichten’ via H. Robert Hand. 0h 57m MET. Certified member of ‘Deutscher . Boer) 124 TOMASCHEK. He was an eccentric amongst German astrologers. 8. Regensburg/D. Among others he predicted a 3rd world war for 1960. art.partnership astrology. author.astro. parapsychologist. Founder and director of the company 'Astrodienst Zuerich' (astrological calculation and interpretation service). 13° E 22' 52° N 30' (died: between 25. Well known for his popular and informative Website (e.g.(* 30. 'Astrale Einfluesse' (1958). alois@astro. Berlin/D) . Mona Riegger. active member of ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’ (-since 1974). 7. 1910. author. 14h 35m MET. publisher. Member of ‘Astrologiekreis Wassermannzeitalter’. Schmiedle) 126 TREIER. Edmund Herbert: 18. 12° E 06' 49° N 01' German-Swiss . Budweis/D-now Budejovice/CS. astrologer. Berlin/D. programer of astrological software. 1982. Kiel/D. 12. statement (d)) Website: . 14° E 28' 48° N 59' (died: 8. 9° E 11’ 48° N 47’ . '1001 weltpolitische Horoskope' (1955. 3h 20m MET/S.p-forum. (TAE via OEAG via personal statement/-also 24h 00m MET via DAV) 129 UMGELTER. April 1996 via W.Professional research astrologer. Alois: 7. Email: . 23h 45m MET. He was a collaborator and friend of R. author. but created some interesting theories beyond bondages of traditional astrology. entrepreneur. (TAE via ‘Meridian’. Research in the field of artificial intelligence (*Astro*Intelligence*) in connection with astrological text interpretations of Liz Greene. 14h 00m MET. Author of 'Kosmische Kraftfelder'. Rudolf: 23.htm 127 TREINDL. Integration of music. 1995. 9h 15m MET.

She was a personal student of R. 18h 30m LMT. Kuehr) and primary directions. data collector. 11.Professional astrologer. Berlin/D) . 18h 12m LMT. Jung). Muenster/Westphalia/D. Active and certified member of ‘Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV’ (1980). 8° E 46’ 59° N 10’ Psychologist. editor of an astrological calendar and a seven-part course of 'Wissenschaftliche Geburtsastrologie'. 5. author. a critical anthroposophist (Steiner). Dethlefsen and data correspondent of the ‘Taeger-Archives’. 1958. http://home. 12. Pluto research. Horn) 132 VEHNS. taxi driver.Financial expert. part time astrologer. Special interests: karmic astrology. Munich/D. 1951. Propagator of the equal house system. Intensive studies of eastern philosophy and depth psychology (C. Steiner and H. humanistic. Student of Th.. 'Die innerseelische Erfahrungswelt am Bilde der Astrologie' (1928). astrologer. founder of an astrology school. mythologist (Greek mythology).sesam@t-online.scientist. author. 7° E 37’ 51° N 58’ . professional astrologer. 6° E 09' 51° N 48' (death data unknown) . Advocate and pioneer of a scientific orientated astrology. BerlinLichterfelde/ Email: . acupuncturist. 8. Books: 'Die Sternenschrift im Gralsgeschehen'. entrepreneur. 11° E 34' 48° N 08' Professional astrologer. publisher. 1890. Special interests: mundane and epistemological astrology. Pioneer in the field of high class astrological software ('Sesam-Software'). esoteric.t-online. 1. (TAE via personal statement: ‘around 14h 00m MET’/-others rectified her time to 13h 56m MET) 131 VEHLOW. Johannes: 21. 9. Member of the academic astrological circle 'Deutsche Kulturgemeinschaft zur Pflege der Astrologie' (mid-twenties). programmer. His new Windows edition ‘SESAM Professional Gold Tools’ is in progress.Astrologenverband/DAV’ (1962). Ruegenwalde/D. Advocate of a modern NewAge astrology. and psychological orientated astrology. 13° E 18' 52° N 26' . 3. G. 'Grundlagen kosmischen Ichbewusstseins' (1977). 8h 45 MET/S. Book: ‘Das grosse Kreuz im . homoeopath. (TAE via personal statement (d)/-possibly rectified via BC) 135 VIETH. 14h 00m MET.: 11. Odenheim/D. advocate of a serious and scientific orientated astrology. A popular lecturer with a good sence of humour and intuition. Jung). Advocate of a of spiritual. (TAE via BC (d)) Website: . C.Physician. (TAE via G. 8h 45m MET. 16° E 25' 54° N 25' (died: 6. author. mythological. psychoanalysist (C. esoteric. astrologer. Till/Kleve/D. Ira Gertrud: 11. great squares in horoscopes. Advocate of a traditional astrology. J. 2h 12m MET. Book: ‘Lebendige Astrologie’ (1989). 1958. Richard: 133 VERWEYEN. Gerhard: 18.G. author. (TAE via Kloeckler via ‘Astrologie als Erfahrungswissenschaft’) 134 VETTER. (TAE via personal statement (d)) 130 UNGERN-STERNBERG. 1895. Keyserling. Special interests: rectifications (via E. 1883. Olga von: 24. 1942.

clairvoyant.Professional astrologer. (TAE via ‘Meridian’. 16h 46m MET. Johann: 13. 18h 19m MET. 1903. professional research astrologer. psychologist. 10.htm 139 WANGEMANN. 1994) and brother of the film-producer Joachim von Vietinghoff (* 8. 5. author. (TAE via G. Student of Friedrich Schwickert ('Sindbad'). Son of the Swiss artist and author Egon von Vietinghoff (* 6. Ulrike: 9. www.statement(d)) Email: . 1899. After the death of her husband she took over the presidency of the 'Kosmobiosophische Gesellschaft'. 1860. 6° E 59' 49° N 14' . -suicide by shooting himself) . Munich/D. Editor of the magazine 'Sein und Werden'.Psychic.Horoskop’ (1995). 1941. Advocate of a psychological and esoteric orientated astrology. Interest in medical astrology. Advocate of a scientific. active and certified member of the 'Deutscher Astrologen Verband/DAV'. 8° E 32' 47° N 22' . Co-founder of the 'Kosmobiosophische Gesellschaft'. 0h 24m LMT. Kindler: 12h 24m LMT via ‘Tiedes Astrologisches Lexikon’) 138 VOLTMER. 8. Helmuth: 2. 12h 00m MET. 8. For a while she acted as president of the DAV (election: 24. Saarbruecken/D. ‘Lebendige Astrologie . philosopher. Books: ‘Gestaltastrologie .com 137 VOGT. 2. Special interests: research on twins. Engaged in social and political aspects of Buddhism (‘Buddha-Net’).dav-astrologie. Augsburg/D.1995). 4° E 18’ 52° N 06’ . publisher. professional astrologer (Berlin). User of Koch houses (GOH) and author of an analysis of Bert Brecht. author. 23h 40m Amsterdam Time.14. professional astrologer. Advocate of a 2. 15h 37m MET. Alexander von: 28. (TAE via personal statement (d)) 136 VIETINGHOFF. Dresden/D.and concertsinger. Advocate of a scientific. 17h 00m MET/S. 8. As this failed he shot himself. Den Haag/NL. the . Husband of the astrologer Edith Wangemann. friend of the astrologer Frank Glahn.-15h 40m via BC/Egon: via mother. yoga practitioner. (TAE via DAV-Databank/TAE via B. member of the Green-Party. feminist and more traditional astrology. 1952. 3. psychological and esoteric orientated astrology. data collector (correspondent of ‘Taeger-Archives’). Munich/D). As a councellor: existential analysis. May 1991 via personal statement) Website: . Bensheim/D . (TAE via his own rectification (d). musicologist. 1813. 10° E 54' 48° N 22' (died: 4. historian. 11° E 38' 52° N 08' . For himself he calculated a big lottery win.German-Swiss archaeologist.rectified/Joachim: via p.Esoteric. 21h 54m MET/S. 1917. esoteric and humanistic orientated astrology. astrologer. Horn/-also 11h 50m rectified) 140 WANGEMANN. 1948. 13° E 44' 51° N 03' (death data unknown) . conflict clarifications. Specialized in rectifications via H. Edith: 29. He predicted the fall of Sebastopol and the downfall of Napoleon 3. educational advise.Raum und Umwelt in den 12 Horoskopfeldern’ . Alxvieti@aol. Magdeburg/D. 2. Kuendig and some methods of the HuberSchool. 5.Opera.Die 12 Tierkreisprinzipien der Natur’. 1991. Zuerich/CH.

(TAE via personal statement (rectified)/-22h 00m MET/S via BC) 141 WASCHWIL. Between 1978 - . Student of Th. 1941. He also developed the midpoint method and the graphical planetary structures. statistician. 1941. 4. data collector. musician (guitar). Recklinghausen/D. Frankfurt/M.Depth psychologist. 3h 30m MET. author. instructor with Siemens-Nixdorf (teleprocessing). 10° E 00' 53° N 33' Businessman. (TAE via personal statement (d) and via BC (d)) 145 WITTE. astrologer. Ebertin (-an early student of Witte) integrated into Cosmobiology. data collector. 15h 30m MET. Hades. Hamburg/D. Colaborator of the magazine ‘Astrologische Rundschau’ (1919-23). Fritz: 1. 3. Co-editor of the magazine 'Kosmobiologie'. Student of E. esoteric. 21h 12m LMT. (TAE via personal statement (d)) 143 WERLE. humanistic and psychological orientated astrology. educator. Hamburg/D. Edenkoben/D. professional astrologer. Kuehr. 7h 08m MET. Advocate of an esoteric and experimental astrology.Mathematician. Fritz: 5. 1878. suicide) . Advocate of a spiritual. author. 6. Karl: 16. 12. Active and certified member of the 'Deutscher Astrologen Verband/DAV'. Rudolph via personal statement (rectified)/-21h 00m via BC) 146 WITULSKI. Zeus and Kronos.Telecommunication engineer. 3h 30m MET/S. author. research with the 90° and 45° circle and mundane astrology. esoteric. Books: 'Kosmos und Psyche'. Research with primary and secondary directions as well as solar returns. 8. Initiator of Uranian astrology. psychic./D.midpoint ephemeris (since 1977). Advocate of traditional and mundane astrology. 1928. (TAE via U. 4. Pforzheim/D. Sieggruen he discovered by intuition the four hypothetical planets Cupido. 21° E 48' 54° N 36' (died: 29. no. 'Seelenwelt und Himmelsraum'. Insterburg/Koenigsberg/D. author. Englert. early in the morning. Author of 'Regelwerk der Planeten' (1925). 8° E 42' 48° N 53' (died: summer 1979) . programmer of astrological software and owner of the software company 'Sterndaten'. Gerd: 20. Student and collaborator of R. 1899. 4h 01m MET/S. Alfred: 2. Dethlefsen. Friend and collaborator of W. -stomach cancer) Professional astrologer. occultist. In 1986 she received for her life work the Marc-Edmund-Jones prize in San Diego/USA. 1907.Das 45°-System' (1989). 'Schicksal und Erdraum'.hypothetical planet Transpluto (-whom she gave the name Isis). Ebertin and committed advocate of Cosmobiology (experimental and scientific astrology). Author of 'Präzise Astrologie . 24) 144 WILHELMI. C. 1987. Special interests: rectifications. Together with his friend and collaborator F. part time astrologer. the basic reference book of the Uranian School ('Hamburger Schule'). 8° E 07’ 49° N 17’ . which R. author. 5. (TAE via personal statement) 142 WEBER. Rainer: 18. 1948. Editor of a yearly 22° 30' . (TAE via ‘Astrologie Heute’. research astrologer. GOH (Koch) houses. Hamburg/D. 6h 55m MET/S. A profound and deep thinker and analysist. 8. professional astrologer.Land surveyor. 10° E 00' 53° N 33' (died: 4. 7° E 12' 51° N 37' . esoteric.

which later became popular under the name 'Koch-Houses'. (TAE via DAV-Databank via personal statement) 148 147 XYLANDER. Studies of western and eastern philosophy. 10h 00m MET.Physicist. 12. 11. bodozinser@compuserve. Berlin-Tempelhof/D. 22h 26m MET. 0h 11m MET.Economist. psychological and humanistic astrology. esoteric. 8° E 24’ 49° N 03’ Alternative healing practitioner. Book: ‘Paranormale Chirurgie auf den Philippinen’ (1982). 11. Ernst von: 26. 18h 18m MET. Friedrich: 10. ‘Astro-Text’.. He designed and calculated the geographical projections of the GOH-House-System of H. Specht via personal statement) 149 ZEKUL. In the 70th she had intensive psychedelic experiences and Kundalini-awakenings. Specht. Influenced by the work of Th. W. October 1992. 'CosmoData’. Taeger the pioneering 'Astro-Brain' software which includes all basic techniques of Astroenergetics. 13° E 23’ 52° N 28’ .and meditation instructor. Zanzinger. Member of the study group H. meditation instructor. 1947. imagination. astrologer. 11° E 34' 48° N 08' . (TAE via personal statement via BC) Email: . Koch. 'SolaNova'. Karlsruhe/D. Author of the astrological course 'Lehrgang der Astrologie' and of 'Psychologie und Kosmobiologie'. Munich/ . astrological software developer (-since 1982). 1922. (TAE via ‘Meridian’. ‘SunWorld’. throat cancer) . mathematician. Ring and E. reincarnation therapist. (TAE via H. 'SunLight’. research astrologer.Professional astrologer. parapsychologist. 12. entrepreneur. As a councellor she works in the field of education and careers guidance. rwitulski@t-online.82 he developed in collaboration with Hans-H. via personal statement) Email: . 1947. Astrid: 23. Bodo: 8. Satteldorf/D. professional astrologer (-since 1983). 1913. 10° E 05' 49° N 11' (died 1967. (TAE via personal statement (d) via BC/-also 9h 48m MET via rectification) 150 ZINSER. Distributor of software products like ‘Cosmo-World’. Specht. parapsychologist. F. Advocate of a psychological and traditional orientated astrology. Advovate of a spiritual. von Xylander.