People Imagine that they are giving themselves up and that they are going to lose their identities. This idea is very common in the west, that they will lose our individuality. What is your individuality? Who sad you have any individuality? Just because you have a name and form, you think you are an individual. So is the grain of rice, if you could give a name to it or a number to it. There is nothing which distinguishes the human individual from an animal or from a grain of sand. In fact, there are millions more, many billions more, grains of sand than there ever will be human beings on this planet. So this is one aspect of the arrogance, the ego, the pride which says, “I am so-and so. How can I surrender and give up my existence?” It never was yours! It was a momentary aberration of your emotions, of your intellect, that you thought that you are something separate; you are always of God as a piece of property. Today you have to account for it, give it back. Whenever we die, this is what is going to happen to our bodies. We cannot carry it with us. Happily or regretfully, healthfully or sick, this body has to be surrendered to this planet. It belongs to this planet because it is constituted of five bhutas, as we call them and there it belongs. So whatever has come, from wherever it has come, to that it returns. That which is external goes back to that which is external, in whose custody it belongs, who created it, to whom it must inevitably return, whether we like it or not. So whenever we strive to express our own wishes, our own will, our own desire, and to manifest what we call our individuality, our independence, our right of action, we are going against the will of Nature and therefore we can never succeed. Therefore, such a man’s life is full of miseries, full of disaffections, full of troubles, illnesses, losses, calamities, and he says, “If God is merciful, why does He penalize me like this?” It is not God who is penalizing you. You have turned away your face from the sun and you see nothing but the shadows in front. You are afraid of your own shadow. Turn towards the sun and the shadow is left behind, the darkness is left behind. We see light and shade, light and darkness, because we are rotating. Sometimes we are facing the sun, sometimes we are against the sun. But what does the sun see? It sees the changing face of the planets around it. It doesn’t see light and darkness. One moment it is seeing Africa, then it is seeing Asia, then it is seeing Europe, and it goes on. So you see, it depends upon where you are looking from, you see different things. If you look from the aspects of the self, everything is a tragedy. If you look from the aspects of the higher ‘Self’, everything is growing, everything is going unto Him. It is a progressively evolutionary path. For Him there is no misery, He is ever smiling. And He says, “Yes, you are coming, whether you are falling a few feet or not. You are still rising to me because that is inevitable”. So in giving up our desires, in giving up our foolish wishes, prejudices and thing like that, we are only going up without impediments which we create ourselves.

- P Rajagopalachari