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IF you can go to bed 15-30 minutes earlier however.10-20 reps . However.30-60 seconds Stomach stretch .Here is an exercise that is JUST a little harder than sleeping and it WILL wake you up by doing simple movements: I do a complete crunch cycle complete with the following: Regular Crunch .10-20 reps .Just lift shoulder blades off the floor Reverse Crunch . for those who are burning the candle at both ends it may not be that beneficial to wake up 15-20 minutes earlier to get a longer workout.they are doing too much .10 Only 15 Minutes to Exercise! No Problem! Stew . 1 .Take right/left elbow to left/right knee by bicycling the legs Plank pose . that may help with an earlier REVEILLE!! So regardless of the hours you keep.Take left elbow to right knee Bicycle Crunches .30 seconds . Often I tell people if they do not have time to workout .10-20 reps . Any tips? Here are some ideas for those of you who only have a few minutes a day to exercise.Wake up with Crunches .Lift hips off the floor Double Crunch .10-20 reps .I have only about 15 minutes in the Am to workout and I want to start mixing in more things into my workout .weights. here are some options for you to get in quick workouts that are both affective and will wake you up whether it is done in the AM or PM after dinner.Lift BOTH hips / shoulders off the floor simultaneously Left Crunches .10-20 reps . PT.Take right elbow to the left knee Right Crunches -10-20 reps .and that applies to a good majority of people. cardio.

walk. or row for 15-20 minutes or you can add in a quick burst of cardio for the remaining time you have. .11 THIS TAKES about 3-4 minutes 2 . military press.do 10-15 reps 3 .Multi-Joint Dumbbells Exercises .If you want to add in a leg workout try replacing pushups with squats above. military press. You can skip all the above and just run. 3 .CARDIO option.Do 10 jumping jacks / 10 pushups and repeat the non-stop cycle 5-10 times depending on your fitness level… THIS TAKES 3-5 minutes if you push all 10 sets. tricep extensions . bike. bicep curl.MJDBs .Bicep curl. tricep extension .Squats.do 10-15 reps 2 . bicep curl military press. tricep If you select one of these to do it only takes about 30 seconds per set. pushup x 5.with a set of dumbbells mix in a few exercises into one movement: 1 . 5 . 4 . Try to start your day with some sunrise workouts and eventually you will build up with a realistic progression of activity that will last several months. stand up. Mix in a few sets of each exercise and you have completed a challenging and effective fullbody workout cycle. Then as the days get shorter you can slowly start to shorten your workouts in order to recover from a more aggressive cycle of fitness. elliptical glide. With Spring on its way.Squat thrust.Jumping jacks / Pushups . the days will get longer and the mornings will become bright as early as 5am.

or local gym: The superset is a great way to workout if you have limited time. My goal is to prove that you do not need several hours to maintain a fitness program .just a few pushups and situps . Each cycle should take you two minutes. here is a list of 20-30 minute workouts you can do in your home. Though the transition time may add to the total time invested in your workout.I set out to prove how much you could do in such a little amount of time. lunch time.20 Lunges 10 / leg crunches .just minutes a day. If you can do ten cycles of this you will total 300 pushups and 400 crunches. What can I do in that amount of time? Not wanting to limit the answer to . Pushup/Crunch superset: Repeat 10 cycles of: regular pushup 10 crunches 10 wide pushup 10 crunches 10 tricep pushup 10 Left/Right crunches 10 / 10 Leg / ab superset: Repeat 5 cycles of: Squats 20 crunches . Not bad for 20 minutes! No resting in between sets! You basically rest by doing crunches. The two supersets you see below are great to alternate every other day.12 20-30 Minute Workouts The other day. I was emailed the following question: I only have about 20-30 minutes a day to exercise.20 Calf raise 20 crunches 20 . office.

1/8 mile Or you can mix the two types of exercise together and do what I call a Spartan Run. Spartan run run 1 mile 100 pushups 100 crunches run 1 mile 75 pushups 75 crunches run 1 mile 50 pushups 50 crunches Swimming? how much swimming can I do in 20-30 minutes? Some people can swim a mile in that time.1/4 mile Six sets of: Sprint-1/8 mile Jog .13 Running or walking! How much running or walking can you do in 20-30 minutes? Some people can run 3-6 miles or walk 2-3 miles in that time period. Here is a great workout though if you want to mix a little PT with swimming. Swim PT . Try this one if you want to run.1 mile in 7:00 Three sets of: Sprint-1/4 mile in Jog . Running 4 Mile Track Work Jog .

500 yards 500 yards without fins using the swim stroke of choice As you can see. . This is great for the legs and heart. especially if you have not exercised in several years. Swim with fins . These workouts are a little advanced and you should consult your doctor before starting an exercise program.20-30 Or you can swim with fins.14 Repeat 5-10 times swim 100-200 yards pushups 10-20 abs . you can do quite a bit in as little as 20-30 minutes.

your workout should get you into a fat burning zone by the time you are finished exercising for the day. I was recently asked a question by email that asked. I need to lose weight in other words. Basically. WHEN to eat. aqua-jogging. RD. CSCS of Fitness4 Pros and thought it was a brilliant way to discuss nutrition throughout the training cycle. but understanding After. You have to experiment with the types of exercise that will create a good caloric burn as well as find sources of lower calorie foods that work best for your energy level. Before. swimming. This can take about 15-20 minutes of intense workout . During (ABD’s) of Workout Nutrition will better help all groups (performance athletes. I saw the” ABD’s of Nutrition” at a recent Mid-Atlantic NSCA Regional conference given by Paul Moore. Try some non impact cardio options like biking. Here are some suggestions that will help you figure out WHAT to eat. weight losers. and after my workout? I am 40 years old and my goal is to look better and be healthier. MS. elliptical gliders. If you have significant weight (40+ lbs) to lose. “What should I eat/drink before. This understanding of what foods / drinks work best for fat loss and health gains requires a constant search for the individual. THE FAT BURNING WORKOUT: If your goal is to burn fat.” The answer will vary depending on your goal. rowing etc. Keep track of how you feel during workouts whether they are higher intensity resistance training or lower intensity cardio as these will typically measure if you are eating enough quality foods. go hard the first half of your workout and burn your blood sugar (anaerobic activity burns glycogen) as your prime energy source first.15 Fitness and Health (Fat Reduction Goals) Nutrition Tips When to eat and what to eat are constant questions that affect your fitness and health goals as well as your weight loss desires. For the Health / Fitness /Body Fat Reduction Goal: If you are trying to drop some unwanted pounds and get healthy. The arrangement of your workout should be calisthenics or weights first followed by steady. during. general health clients) reach their personal goals. proper nutrition and a well arranged workout plan are vital to you achieving that goal. as it all depends on your individual likes / dislikes and goals. aerobic cardio of your choice.

summer heat. depending on your workout intensity. you will need to eat good carbohydrates (fruits / veges) and a protein serving to recover from the workout. Once you are feeling burned out from that section of anaerobic activity. For a quick fix and in replacement of food in a pinch. BEST FAT BURNING TIME – immediately after waking before having any food. you are at your lowest in blood sugar for the day. If your goal is to get into fat burning mode. the fewer carbs you eat prior to workout will decrease the amount of time and effort required to get into that fat burning / low glycogen mode). Find what carbohydrates and proteins work best for you and your energy requirements for the day (work. BEFORE WORKOUT: If you are working out to lose weight and get healthier. kids. Supplements tend to come into play during the post workout nutrition game. you may not need to have a pre-workout meal. I am not personally into supplementing daily other than some omega 3 and 6 capsules and some multivitamins rich in all the B vitamins especially. After a while. Throughout the next several hours of the day your metabolism will be higher thus burning more calories than having NOT exercised that morning. If you like to work out immediately after you wake up. DURING WORKOUT: Unless you are working out for extended periods of time to get used to 8-10 hours of training at Special Operations School. . it is now time to go aerobic and get into fat burning mode. Just drink water to stay hydrated and if you are sweating profusely in the humid. If you delay eating carbs immediately after your workout for another 30-60 minutes you will be fine and actually still be using fat as your primary energy source. Now is the time to take a short burst of intense exercise then follow it with what I call conversational pace cardio. I will take some whey protein powder in milk. If you can talk and be a little winded you are in prime fat burning zone. etc). you should follow with a serving or two of electrolytes to replace what you lose while sweating.16 depending on the amount of food you have eaten before the workout of the day. home. food intake during normal hour long (or shorter) workouts is not needed. You still need to prepare for the next workout session by eating something even though you are trying to lose weight. AFTER WORKOUT: Here is where you can stay in fat burning mode a little longer. If sweating profusely. Limit the carbs in a day and try to eliminate sugar.

) Foods rich in many of these elements are essential to your recovery from significant water / electrolyte loss. fish. rice and any flour baked products. Sports drinks with sodium. beans. peanut butter. brown rice. cereals. strawberries. and bananas ) make great carbohydrates for energy. peanut butter). Stay away from white breads. Here are some ideas for hydration: • After Workouts . but I also supplement the omega 3 fatty acids most important to longevity / healthy recovery. protein as well. good carbs like vegetables (romaine lettuce. berries.One of my favorite post exercise snacks is a can of chicken noodle soup (Campbells Noodle O’s) as it is loaded with potassium. asparagus. eggs. there is little need for these sports drinks during exercise unless you are in a desert environment where you do not sweat as it evaporates immediately. calcium as well. but you also need to add electrolytes (sodium potassium. magnesium. milk. Protein Options: Meats. I will add more of these “salts” into my post exercise diet. omega 3 fortified products (milk. Sugar is your killer – eliminate sugar drinks / replace with water and unsweetened drinks if you can or seriously limit them. carbs. broccoli. I personally eat boiled eggs and salads in between meals during snack time. Sure you can add sports drinks but stay away from the extra sugar / electrolytes if you are not sweating. or have a few servings with a main course of meat or fish for a good balance of plant and animal protein. margarine. olive oils. apples. nuts. if I can wring out my shirt after a workout. potassium. BUT if you are not sweating profusely. I get most of these fats from nuts and fish. pastas. Personally. carbs. and fats are: Carbohydrate Options: Multi grain breads and pastas. carrots). and fruits. chicken. The ABD’s of HYDRATION: Any group who works out needs to hydrate during workouts to stay cool and avoid over-heating / dehydration especially during excessively sweaty workouts. In fact it has about 3-4 times . sodium. Bananas and water are also sufficient in most cases. Fat Options: Fish. carbohydrates (sugar) are a safe bet for hydration during hard sweaty exercise. milk shakes with additional whey protein powder (optional). grapes. nuts. Typically.17 Great ideas for protein. almonds. (tomatoes. oranges.

water will be enough to hydrate you. Very often it is the formula that works best for you and your fitness performance goals. fats. A ballpark equation for daily consumption of liquids for highly active person is: 50-75% body weight in lbs = oz per day of H2O Finding the right mix of carbohydrates. If you are not sweating much nor in arid environment. make a note of everything you did that day. activity level. . sip water or carbohydrate / electrolyte mix every 10-15 minutes to maintain high intensity performance training. Every day you have a killer good workout / test scores and feel great afterwards. Before workouts. electrolytes and water all depend on your age. do not drink too much if you are doing significant running as the bouncing will potentially cause cramping. sex. weight. During workouts. and goals. protein.18 • • • the potassium of a banana and about 5-6 times the potassium of Gatorade.

our body can lose its quick reaction time and forget how to catch us when we fall. we all can stand some balance in our life. The next time you do your dumbbell exercises like bicep curls. Such items are the following: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Balance boards like the IndoBoard Stability balls / bosu balls TRX . As we age. Then use the regular dumbbell exercises you normally do while standing to challenge . If you think it is too easy. one of the most important elements of training used is balance which will assist greatly with agility and prevention of injury in sports. Adding some simple balance exercises is all you need to do. He states: “One of the biggest culprits to injury as we age is falling or losing your balance. passing time standing in line can be enhanced by seeing if you can stand on one leg for one minute without catching yourself. then close your eyes while on one leg and you will feel the muscles in your legs work that keep you from falling. There are many items to assist with balance training used by athletes as well as the average person seeking better fitness.19 Add Balance to Your Life An email from a physical therapist in the Navy asked me about training people to have better balance.Suspension Trainer Wobble boards Agility ladders As well as simply jumping or standing on one leg Some advanced routines you can add to balance training is to place your knees / shins on the balance ball as in the picture. Do you have any plans for folks to gain balance or better stability?” Great question! When training athletes. But yes. Also. overhead press. triceps extensions and other exercises simply do it standing on ONE leg.

I have used the above training with hockey players and other athletes to better challenge them with the same type of balance skills they need when on the ice. You can also use the ball as a bench and do your bench press / flies on it as well with dumbbells or barbell. By simply adding one legged exercises and a variety of balance products listed above for 10-15 minutes during your workout will help you prevent the loss of balance that often occurs with becoming sedentary and aging.just supplement it. .20 your balance further. The best thing about this type of program is that is does not need to replace any training you are currently doing .

You have trouble falling or staying asleep at night. how you create your workouts. but kill you in the long run if not properly metabolized. . What you eat and drink.As we get busier.You feel unusually cranky.. eat more crap. all can affect how you handle stress. or frustrated. how you sleep. it's no surprise that this condition is so common. you'll have one less roadblock to deal with in your quest for physical perfection.. especially if your answers were mostly yes.Did you answer yes to any of these? These are the most common symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Take the test below and see how you do: The Test Answer yes or no to the following: .21 Adrenal Overload . . I am not sure who wrote this but read it with an open mind as some of the recommendations may or may not be possible for you. . how you work. . rest less. emotional.often a doctor will say nothing is wrong with you. .You're lethargic most of the day.Could be you? I received this from a friend via email the other day and thought it was something to consider in your recovery programming. and live in constant states of stress. The hormonal effects of stress are real and the production of adrenaline and cortisol can save life in a survival situation. but a very real condition that requires your attention. a controversial subject practically ignored by the medical community.When you get sick it takes a long time to recover. But if you can optimize your adrenal glands and fix this condition (or prevent it). . Defining Adrenal Fatigue Adrenal fatigue is a collection of symptoms that occur when your level of stress – . More than 80% of us will have these symptoms at some point in our lives .You spend every morning in a "fog" and just can't seem to wake up without excess caffeine. .You frequently feel overwhelmed.

There's a range they consider normal. so you have Addison's Disease (not enough cortisol). Now think of what stress is today: A strange number on your wife's caller ID. and cortisol. noradrenaline (norepinephrine). This is largely a result of the adrenals being overworked by chronic stress so that they literally start to wear out. emotional. there's no ICD code (International Classification of Disease). most doctors will stop there and call you "normal. who typically faced intense but brief stressful situations like warding off a hungry predator. And still the same stress hormones whether you are in combat or cannot pay a bill at the end of the month. If you're 61. and parasympathetic (calm you down) nervous system. the stress adds up. a condition where the adrenals fail to produce sufficient cortisol. The adrenal glands are two endocrine glands that sit on top of the kidneys. Asking your physician to check you out for adrenal fatigue can be frustrating. your boss warning you about irregularities in your expense report. you're low. Junior coming home smelling like Keith Richards' tour bus. no ICD code means that adrenal fatigue doesn't exist! The takehome message is. But if you're clearly low (around 21-25). It's chronic. If you are 19. This hormonal release is often called "fight or flight" and is designed to prepare you for immediate physical challenges. what you really have is adrenal fatigue. A worst-case scenario would lead to Addison's disease. Tests For Adrenal Fatigue . don't just assume your typical doc will be helpful if you think you suffer from adrenal fatigue. or a combination – overwhelms your body's ability to compensate for that stress. low-grade stress that never quite goes away that leads to physical problems. A Medical Perspective Adrenal fatigue is often described in the medical community as hypoadrenia or lowfunctioning adrenals. To most doctors. Your body is made to handle stress quite well when it's acute and short lived. but because there's no formal recognition of it.. let's say that's 20-60. When you encounter stress." According to some progressive doctors. as there are strong homeostatic mechanisms in place with our sympathetic (jack you up) nervous system. the adrenals produce adrenaline (epinephrine). mental.22 be it physical.. Your doctor will most likely use a test to look at your cortisol levels. The whole system is beautifully designed and worked well for our ancestors. although not quite into Addison's territory. and have Cushing's Syndrome (too much cortisol). you're high.

The bad news is that there are lifestyle changes that you may have to take on. Hair Mineral Testing: This is a method advocated by Dr. and even when it does start to dilate. Lawrence Wilson. He looks at various mineral levels in the hair such as sodium. Blood Testing: You can measure aldosterone and cortisol this way. Normally your blood pressure would rise or at minimum stay the same. Between 6 and 8 AM. Arroyo and is another easy test you can do at home. Improve your Diet When you eat is of utmost importance for those suffering from adrenal fatigue. Now get up and retest it. making it harder to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Shine a light across your eyes and have someone watch your pupil dilation carefully. it will alternately contract and dilate. What's especially important is to not skip breakfast. If it drops. where hormonal reactions take place. James Wilson advocates this. Most people with adrenal fatigue have hypoglycemia as well. it's a classic sign of adrenal fatigue. If you have adrenal fatigue. and that can be easier said than done. They're easy to do – spit in a vial and you're in business. The adrenal hormone cortisol helps keep your blood sugar at adequate levels to meet energy demands. your adrenals aren't making enough cortisol. but the knock is that you'll only see levels that are circulating in your blood. as saliva hormone levels are more reflective of hormone levels within cells. and magnesium. Going long periods without eating is a mistake because it results in a perpetual cycle of adrenal stress. Lie down for 3 to 5 minutes and then measure your blood pressure with a blood pressure gauge. Fixing Adrenal Fatigue The good news is that part of the issue is easy to fix through diet and sleep. your pupil will stay contracted. potassium. cortisol levels . not in your tissues or cells. Iris Contraction Test: This was discovered in 1924 by Dr.23 Here's a quick guideline to the most common tests: Saliva Testing: Adrenal expert Dr. Ragland Test: A simple test you can do at home. If you have adrenal fatigue.

" You'd be sucking all the nutrients out of your body to metabolize the crap you're eating. Eating all three of these at each meal lessens the strain on your adrenals. I'm not a believer in soy protein because of the anti-nutrients in it. balance is the key. which cause your body to cannibalize nutrients to metabolize them. but frequent. nourishing meals are the best if you have adrenal fatigue. Carbohydrates – Eat unrefined grains such as brown rice. buckwheat. There are many popular styles of eating in the bodybuilding world. Make sure you're getting adequate omega-3s by way of EPA and DHA from products l or from food sources such as wild Alaskan salmon. and cocoa butter to avoid eating rancid oil. as opposed to putting nutrients into the body. peaking around 8 AM for most. poultry. Note: Don't forget about salt! Overworked adrenals have a hard time producing adequate amounts of aldosterone. a healthy dinner. whole eggs. The value of placing these fats in each meal is not only for the nutritional benefit.) Cook in saturated fats like coconut oil. carbs. and proteins. a snack at 2 or 3 PM. but you must eat by 10 AM at the latest and begin to restore glycogen supply. What to Eat What you should eat is quite simple. Fats – Your adrenal glands love essential fatty acids. or high-quality protein shakes at every meal. Be sure to add Celtic sea salt to foods or even a few pinches to 2-3 glasses of water daily.24 usually rise. and will supply a steady supply of energy for a longer time. butter. and then another snack later. This can kill your morning appetite. Forget the low-carb or low-fat approaches to eating. For the guy or gal with adrenal fatigue. Drinks with low sodium and high potassium . (I don't care for flax seed oil because your body has a tough time converting the alpha linolenic acid to the usable form of DHA. oatmeal. and quinoa as opposed to refined carbs. and as aldosterone levels fall. Protein – Eat grass-fed beef. Have an early lunch. You want meals to be balanced with fats. small. but to slow down the digestion of the meal. and vegetarians do seem to have a harder time recovering from adrenal fatigue. Don't go into "nutritional bankruptcy. sodium is removed from the blood and excreted through the urine. and include monounsaturated fats like those found in olive oil. These foods are all converted into energy at different rates.

Drinking to relax inhibits the adrenals from performing that task on their own. What Not to Eat Alcohol. They're constantly negative. pears. Remember. Ditch the Life-Suckers Life-suckers are the people in your life that give you a sense of uneasiness. raisins. Avoid this stressful cycle to your adrenals. Trans fats – Healthy fats help to build cell membranes. opting for papaya. Those are great things to change. Not good. or frustration when you're around them. etc. and sugar – You have to let your adrenals fully recover from the stress that hammered them. always complaining. When you take in caffeine and sugar to get energized. apples. but you need to go deeper. I'm not suggesting to run away from your problems. kiwi. James Wilson recommends that you limit bananas. but trans fats use up enzymes that the good fats would be using to help make healthy cell membranes. Change Your Lifestyle The first thing that comes to mind when solving the riddle of adrenal fatigue is to sleep more and get more rest in general. and cherries instead. mango. oranges. You have to make it a point to limit these interactions as best you can (if it's not a spouse or family member). and grapefruit. nerves. it prevents the adrenals from producing the right level of energy naturally. as they're usually opportunities . and never see the bright side of things.25 are not the answer – this is the exact opposite of what someone with low cortisol and sodium depletion needs. dates. figs. The same is true with alcohol. too much potassium isn't good for someone who's already sodium depleted. grapes. Dr. anger. Certain fruits in the morning – Fruits that are high in potassium and fructose should not be eaten in the morning. coffee. Refined sugars – Remember the relationship between hypoglycemia and adrenal fatigue: the quick surge you get in blood sugar from eating these items will result in a massive insulin dump leaving you with low blood sugar. plums.

so can situations. Talk more to people that make you laugh. If you suspect you have adrenal fatigue and work an 8 to 5 shift.Don't even talk to the "life-suckers" for a while. You can't please everyone.Laugh. He'd changed positions. go to places that make you smile. Many times it's a job. Finally.Make tough decisions. set and stick to a time limit with them. When you're laughing and having a good time. at some point you can talk to them and tell them why their behavior is sucking the life out of you. . or walk away. those with adrenal fatigue won't have the rises and drops that a person with healthy adrenals would have. When I'm laughing and happy. try to sleep in until 9 AM on the weekends.Don't be afraid to say no. Don't get sucked into an exhaustive two-hour conversation. Maybe they'll go away. maybe even years. I have a five-minute rule. "Just quit. I said bluntly. free of stress and enjoying life.26 for growth. Happy-Go-Lucky. The lesson here is to do one of the following: accept and adapt. Not only can people suck the life out of you. . Your other two choices are to just stop worrying about the tedious bullshit or start looking for a new job. I sleep better. and I train harder. After whatever time limit you set is up. If it's someone you have to talk to. your adrenal glands are usually at rest and can repair. change the situation. please!" The next time I saw him he was Mr. The prevailing thought is that the sleep between 7 and 9 AM is extremely restorative. and if they don't. just let the person know you have to go. but if someone has been dragging you down for months. . my appetite is better. and just don't take life too seriously. Laughter increases the parasympathetic supply to the adrenals. When you consider that cortisol levels normally rise between 6 and 8 AM. There . I remember Mike Mentzer talking about how he didn't sleep because sleep was time he wasn't being productive. and always saying yes could lead to overextension or putting yourself in stressful situations you just don't need. I knew a guy who would continually talk about how much he hated his job. I've adopted some rules here that have definitely lowered my day-to-day levels of stress: . dude. and thanked me for giving him a kick in the ass. you may want to take a little "break" from that relationship. Or expect less from them in the future.Sleep more. If you subscribe to that philosophy. you may want to reconsider it. But just do one of those three things. .

I highly recommend it. Vitamin C: This should be your number-one supplement if you have adrenal fatigue. You won't regret it. You should also make sure to retire before 10 PM. Again. unrefined carbs. Magnesium (and other minerals) are best absorbed at night and with a digestive aid such as betaine HCL. free radicals are generated. or just outrageous health. Too much of the d-alpha form can do more harm than good. Magnesium: Magnesium is responsible for hundreds of enzymatic reactions in your body. drink the herbal version of tea. There's a direct relationship between how much cortisol is made and how much Vitamin C is used. the resulting cortisol will deplete Vitamin C levels. It'll wreck your best efforts in the gym. red palm oil has all the E tocopherols in an extremely usable form. Whether your goal is a mammoth squat. (When the body makes adrenal hormones. Don't eat the candy. Use Nutritional Supplements Supplements can be a great aid in your efforts to beat adrenal fatigue. and healthy fat right before bed. which may plummet so low at night you might awaken. If you're constantly under stress. lead to degenerative diseases such as diabetes. a strong relationship exists between adrenal fatigue and low blood sugar. .27 are other things you can do to improve sleep. Here are a few to try: Melatonin: Helps reestablish better sleep patterns. bodybuilding mastery.) I'd caution you against taking just any Vitamin E supplement. and then going to sleep can be very challenging. Look for a supplement with mixed tocopherols. Be sure your supplement of choice includes bioflavonoids in a 2:1 ratio of ascorbic acid to bioflavonoids. Licorice Root: This is the herb that's best known for helping to combat adrenal fatigue. as most people with adrenal fatigue have a pattern of "waking back up" at 11:30 PM or so. not daily chronic stress. Shoot for 800 mgs a day. respect your body and protect your adrenals. such as having a snack of highquality protein. It can also be used to decrease symptoms of hypoglycemia. Try 2 grams daily. Vitamin E: Vitamin E works closely with Vitamin C to neutralize free radicals. Small Stressors Add Up Your body is good at dealing with acute stress. or even worse. Food-wise. Try 2 mg nightly.

biceps. Too many people cannot do pull-ups mainly because they carry an extra 20-25 lbs of weight they could stand to lose. you may not need to alter your food intake that much. it is important to increase your water consumption to 2-4 quarts a day. For example. otherwise you need to create the foundation on which to build these follow-on goals. Quite simply. as well as start exercising ALL at the same time. you have to be already very active. These can require some to stop over-eating.28 Achieving Fitness Goals During and After Holidays Nearly on a daily basis. And. people young and old confide in me with their fitness goals. the common denominator between men and women who can perform pull-ups is “they practice pull-ups 2-3 times a week as part of their weekly workout routine. Depending on their current fitness level. This can be as simple as walking or biking for 10-15:00 everyday or an hour long workout in the gym with a combination of weights and cardio equipment. The opposite problem occurs when someone “wants to do pull-ups”. When you add exercise to your schedule 4-5 times a week.” There is a standard method of achieving your fitness and health goals. Too many of these goals are extremely broad and lack focus and many are too narrow in scope and require more elements to succeed. they are statistically destined to not be successful. If you add exercise to your world. drinking soda or other sugary products. Your body will also start to . it requires baby steps if you are a beginner and a foundation of several elements if you are currently active and seeking more advanced goals. smoking. Eating – Eating to lose weight or eating a healthful diet with balanced nutrition is a lifestyle that should be adopted over time. To beat last years scores. Anytime someone tries to do all of the above in the same week. you need to make your fitness part of your schedule. pushups. or run faster. broad goals are “getting healthy again” or “losing weight”. this could require that person to start using weights to strengthen grip. This is why military members who do not exercise but only 1-2 weeks prior to their bi-annual fitness test continually score worse than the year before. this will be a cause your body to adapt until you build habits and create that foundation of fitness needed for a lifestyle change. and back muscles as well as lose weight. If you see weight loss within the first week or two. Just add exercise and more water to your world the first month of your exercise schedule. To do more pull-ups. These elements are the following: Moving = EXERCISE.

Whatever you do. due to daily conflicts that can easily occur to make you delay or cancel your workout. See the Stretching Plan that I recommend people to do for a solid week prior to beginners adding fitness to their schedule Schedule – The final element of successful goal achievement is pacing fitness into your schedule.29 drive you toward eating more fruits. and protein sources if you have a steady exercise program too. making that after work workout is a bit easier. “If it is not in the schedule – IT does not exist. Flexibility – Stretching is highly important to increasing scores on fitness tests as well as overall conditioning. Prevention of injuries through a steady flexibility routine before and after each fitness session will enable you to continue exercise and not have to stop your program due to pulled muscles or stiff joints. . vegetables. a little daily exercise is a requirement.” An early AM workout is three times easier to accomplish versus a post work fitness session. But as the days get longer during these Spring and Summer months.

Type II diabetes usually occurs in older and/or obese people who do not have to have a family history of diabetes. 80% of type II diabetics are overweight. Of the millions of Americans with diabetes.A totaling over 70. since diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S.30 Avoid Diabetes This week I received a thought provoking email from a retired Army NCO who has developed diabetes (type II) since retiring from the service over fifteen years ago. juvenile diabetes is growing at alarming rates. it is amazing that the preventable form of Type II makes up an overwhelming majority of the cases. This is extremely serious. and as our children are increasingly sharing in America's overweight statistics. Eighteen million Americans have diabetes.000 people every year and costing over $132 billion annually in direct and indirect costs. The third type of diabetes is gestational diabetes which occurs in pregnant women. Diabetics should see their doctor several times a year and receive regular eye and feet examinations since blindness and amputations of the lower limbs are common effects of the disease. but did you know that over 90% of all diabetes cases can either be prevented or significantly delayed? And guess what can help you avoid diabetes? The amazing panacea of exercise and healthy diet is the answer. diabetes is defined in three categories: Type I diabetes is a very serious and non-preventable condition where the patient needs a daily dose of insulin since the pancreas does not produce it at all or in enough quantities. From the National Institute of Health webpage. . This is not uncommon. It seems the many medical studies published concerning American health all come back to an easy and basic fitness plan.

like junk foods. that you are more informed on the topic. . and eating less sugary foods. Eat less from the drive-thru and more from the garden. start moving more.Get up. Check out foods that are low on the Glycemic Index as well.31 Now. and drinking sodas and more fiber rich foods to help regulate insulin. There are many websites on diabetes / glycemic index you can find to help you more specifically. what can you do to avoid diabetes? The answer is quite simple .

32 High Blood Sugar and Diabetes I received several emails about helping the reader repair their diet. you should visit a registered dietician if you are severely overweight or pre-diabetic as many of these foods may not be the right choice for you. This type of diabetes can be prevented or significantly delayed by watching processed sugar intake. I also have a newer plan called the Food Plan. The fact that you stated your sentence in the past tense causes me to ask – Are you still fairly active and exercise regularly? Daily? And – Are you watching portions and types of foods you are eating? You can have high blood sugar because you are eating foods or soft drinks or juices with sugar in them. 80% of type II diabetics are overweight. . and am having trouble keeping my blood sugar and my weight down. It could be as simple as adding more fiber to your diet by eating fiber rich fruits / vegetables. but there are still two areas you need to focus on.” As you know I am not a doctor. Your insulin and/or exercise helps you regulate that blood sugar and if insulin does not work or you are not exercising regularly. “My doctor says my blood sugar is too high and I have tried exercise. It is made from glucose which is found in almost every food. But it can be fairly complicated as well as your body can make glycogen (blood sugar) just about anything. This week’s question is related to the above paragraphs. The former Army soldier writes. and regular daily exercise. Glycogen is your go-to fuel source and is sometimes referred to as blood sugar. you can continue to have high blood sugar issues. However. Pre-diabetic refers to Type II diabetes and usually occurs in older and/or obese people who do not have to have a family history of diabetes. a no carbohydrate diet. It is used by the body for major body functions and high intensity workouts. and is converted into energy. There is a diet plan link I refer people to at Diet Plan motivating and humorous picture as well as a free downloadable sample week of diet information. add fiber foods.

Physical activity will help you use the insulin you produce to convert the food you eat into energy. The two areas to focus on for at least 3-4 months faithfully are: 1) Food intake . High sugar sodas. Start exercising everyday by doing something! Along with weight loss. Your heart and lungs cannot keep up with the demand for oxygen your muscles are placing on them. meaning be able to talk. but carbohydrates in fruits. vegetables that are also high in fiber are good fuels sources for your body. and even weight training or high repetition calisthenics exercises (resistance training).It is always a good idea to follow a meal with a brisk walk. biking. More tips: .33 Properly timed eating and exercise will allow you to burn the blood sugar before it has a chance to turn to fat AND it will burn your stored fat as well. but it is not that easy to talk and breathe regularly. swimming. This will help keep your blood glucose lower. This is a great fat burning zone and requires you to keep your heart rate at 50-70% of max heart rate. Anaerobic means “without oxygen” and refers to exercise that causes the heart to race in the 70-90% of maximum heart rate and includes sprinting while running. Aerobic means ‘with oxygen” and refers to exercise that maintains a level of activity capable of moving oxygen through your lungs. A great example . thus causing a weight loss. See the Article Archive for more ideas of daily routines. so do not eliminate them from your diet.To control your high blood sugar you have to watch your intake of carbohydrates – TRUE – but you do not have to eliminate them as required by the Atkin’s Diet. if you are not exercising regularly now. fruit drinks. your goal will be to begin program of physical activity. which is theoretically (220-age). So – back to the Army soldier’s question. heart and to your muscles. so you will tire out fast BUT burn a significant amount of blood sugar (glycogen). blood. Keep it conversational pace. 2) Exercise – There are two types of exercise: Aerobic and Anaerobic. processed foods are bad.

you're 90 times as prone to develop type 2 diabetes as somebody who is not. But a global Obesity Task Force estimated in 2002 that 60 percent of diabetes cases all over the world were due to weight gain. try to focus on the above recommendations for at least three months. according to overview of medical literature published in 2003 by University of Kentucky along with other researchers. Many people with type 2 diabetes find that despite their best efforts. Eat at regular times If you can make sure your exercise combines aerobic and anaerobic activity every day. alcohol and caffeine. Choose heart healthy fats such as canola and olive oil. The bad news is this.34 • • • • • • • Choose a variety of foods from all food groups Limit sugar and sweets Reduce the amount of fat you eat Include foods high in fiber Limit salt. then you will have a better chance of lowering your blood sugar. such as genes and aging do be the cause in type 2 diabetes. exercise and diet aren't enough to keep their blood sugars in a healthy range. plus Western nations it absolutely was closer to 90 percent. and talk about the possibilities of diabetes treatment options. So. If you are obese or overweight. And you need make sure your refined sugar intake is limited. additional circumstances. One theory is that some people's insulin-producing cells are resistant to the effects of insulin. More on Diabetes from Diabetes Writer: Allow me to share 2 proved methods that really help people to lower type 2 diabetes risk Were you aware that excess fat is probably the number 1 risk factor for diabetes? Yes. Go to your doctor again. weight control. .

blood sugar levels accumulate in the bloodstream. insulin can't get the liver to react. Exercise also improves your cholesterol and lowers blood pressure level. Routine workout makes cells more sensitive to insulin. and exercising 150 minutes weekly when compared with those that didn't. Friedman Diabetes Institute at Beth Israel Hospital in Ny. Do not need to lose a lot of weight to learn. that is important to lower the blood sugar levels. One common goal is by using a pedometer and aim for walking a minimum of 10. But obviously any good relatively moderate quantity of fat loss and exercise can protect you from diabetes. Losing approximately 7 percent of the weight will prevent or delay diabetes. you've got added protection against the disease. As outlined by Nadine Uplinger.35 Based on Gerald Bernstein. RD. The 3 factors are essential. where it can damage organs all over your system. Those with either prediabetes or diabetes have a much greater risk of cardiac problems than other folks in the population and controlling all three can lower that risk. When the liver is submerged in fat tissue. So you? What you will be expecting? Start to eat healthy and exercise from today! . But if you undertake.000 steps every day. in order that they absorb more blood glucose levels. fat cells that go in and around your belly work to dam the act of insulin. In the 2002 study. eating better. individuals with prediabetes reduced their risk of diabetes by 58 percent after reducing weight. As a result. Insulin normally triggers the liver to take up extra blood glucose and store the energy for future use. a certified diabetes educator and director of the Gutman Diabetes Institute at the Albert Einstein Health-care Network in Philadelphia. director of the diabetes management program in the Gerald J. MD. Exercise helps even though you don't shed weight.

pushups. Lift both arms off the floor until your shoulder blades “pinch” and place them slowly in the down position.Lie on your stomach in the down pushup position. You can do pull-ups to help balance out your pushups as well as supplemental daily exercises like the following: Upper back exercise #1 . Do 20-30 reps Rear deltoids and rhomboids are the muscles used Upper back exercise #2 – (Birds) Lie on your stomach with your arms spread to the height of your shoulders.36 Balance Out Your Pushup Workouts People who exercise and those who do not. often neglect the upper back and rear shoulder muscles.(reverse pushups) . texting. . Life has a way of bowing your upper back and rolling your shoulders forward. In technical terms. carrying backpacks. sitting at a computer. Lift your hands off the floor 2-3 inches instead of pushing the floor. playing video games. we are basically “internally rotated” within the shoulder girdle. Repeat for 20-30 repetitions mimicking a bird flying. bench pressing. every “push” workout you do should be balanced out with a “pull” type of workout. Many things in life "internally rotate” us such as driving. Perfect Posture is possible by adding in a few daily exercises for only a few minutes. This will strengthen your upper back muscles that balance out the chest muscles. Basically. So posture is critical to performance and our confidence. situps and many more exercises and daily life events.

If you neglect these smaller muscles of the upper back and rear shoulder.37 This simple 3-4 minute program will help you keep your spine in proper alignment and fortify your delicate shoulder girdle. If you want to hear your doctor tell you that you need surgery. . neglect these muscles. baseball. all it will take is a fun toss of a football. or over head smash of a volleyball and your rotator cuff muscles will be talking to you immediately.

Over 90 million Americans enjoy drinking beer! Drinking moderately has been proven by many doctors. It seems that a former Navy Radioman has developed quite a gut since retiring.38 Beer and Fitness ??? This week I was asked an interesting question concerning drinking beer and exercising. you have to burn off these extra calories as well as the other calories that you ate for breakfast. Drinking one beer is equivalent to eating a chocolate chip cookie. Even the lightest of beers has the empty calories of alcohol. he also has quit exercising. some forms of cancer and even impotence. you cannot save up through the week and catch up on the weekend drinking 10-12 beers in an evening. The average can of beer has over 100 calories. Unfortunately. has been proven to reduce the effects of high cholesterol. The solution to lose your beer belly is . lunch and dinner. That is NOT moderation. Anything done in excess is naturally unhealthy. moderate consumption of alcohol. The radioman is not suffering from a beer belly but an INACTIVITY BELLY! Yes. and was curious about whether he should give up his beer to lose weight? Not only does the gentleman enjoy drinking about 2-4 beers daily.the BEER BELLY. And NO. as well as the New England Journal of Medicine. so I set out to define "moderate" as well as educate on the basics of caloric intake and caloric expenditure. which is the cause of poor health if done in excess and without a regular exercise routine. the inactivity belly. The "inactivity" belly is caused by excess calories in your diet AND lack of activity to burn the extra calories. you can still drink beer and be very fit. or as I call it. Drinking four is equal to eating a Big Mac Hamburger. In order to lose weight. too many Americans live under one of the worst stereotypes placed on a human being . to be a healthy component of longevity. including beer. Moderate beer consumption is actually healthy. "Moderation" is defined by most doctors as 1-2 beers a day. heart disease. In fact.

run or bike 5:00 Squats . If you simply enjoy drinking beer and are serious about your health. your daily consumption of alcohol (1-2 beers) will not have any additional impact on your gut. Once again. drink 2-4 quarts of water a day. . moderation in drinking alcohol and eating GOOD foods high in calories. THERE IS NO OTHER HEALTHY ANSWER! The exercise and workout ideas below can get you started on your calorie burning plan: --Workout #1: This is a great full body calorie burner: Repeat 3-5 times Walk.20 Workout #2: Swimming and elliptical gliding (cross country skiing) burn the most calories per hour (This workout can burn up to 1000 calories in one hour!) Swim 20-30 minutes non-stop Elliptical Glide 20-30 minutes There is no reason why you cannot have "six pack abs" and still drink a six pack a week. you REALLY have to watch your food and beverage intake. excessive beer drinking is not recommended by anyone in the health industry. Calories IN < Calories Out (burned) = Weight Loss If you can add exercise into your schedule for 20-30 minutes a day.20 Pushups .39 as simple as calories in must be less than calories out (or expended through exercise). combined with habitual daily exercise is your ticket to reaching your goals.10-20 Situps or Crunches . To lose your beer belly. AND fit fitness into your world.

and jump rope for about 23 minutes.com article." This philosophy can also be seen in the weight room with people lifting heavier weights than they should at first. free six week running plan. So many times I have seen people start off Day One with a 3-4 mile run because "that is what they used to do. but has not done anything in about five years other than an occasional weight lifting session at his gym. Warm up your body and joints with a fast walk. start stretching your arms. "How do I get back into working out again without killing myself after a five year hiatus?" What I recommend for situations like this is to start off easy.40 Fitness for the Sedentary This week the question comes from a gentleman who was once fairly active. Add water to your diet -. The question is. In fact. The oxygen comes from either the aerobic exercise of walking or running or anaerobic exercise of calisthenics and weight lifting. I would start off doing the following: Week 1: Add ONLY stretching to your fitness routine. This is a safe way to build up from not running in a while. Depending on your goals and your chosen method of exercise. I weigh 200 lbs roughly and I drink at least a gallon a day. Stretching should be done twice daily for about 10-15 minutes each session. This helps the body burn fat more efficiently. In fact it takes two things to burn fat as your energy source: WATER + OXYGEN = FAT BURNING.this week of hydrating will help you prepare for a week of additional caloric burning and keep you cooler during your first exercise day in Week 2. Once warm and just about to break a sweat. Week 2: If running is your ultimate goal try a safe running program as written in my StewSmith. former military. but do not run or lift weights during Week 1. it may even be wiser to run a few minutes and walk a few minutes until you get . legs. Walking and biking is fine too. For every 100 lbs of body weight drink ½ gallon of water a day. jumping jacks. lower back and abdominal region.

triceps extensions. lungs. lower back exercises. and legs. crunches. I would recommend using Week 2 as a calisthenics base week. Do pushups. . For your legs. If you choose weightlifting. and military press with repetitions up to 1015 times. do not do weight squats or ½ squats if your knees are previously injured. You can add lightweight dumbbells of bicep curls. These exercises are all pictured in the eBook and will help you go from zero to sixty in a easy pace that will more than likely keep you free from injury.41 accustomed to the demands on your heart. or try some pullups or assisted pullups. This easy-paced week will help alleviate the pain of working joints and large muscle groups for the first time in several years.

High blood pressure is considered to be 140 / 90 and above. Here is an email from such a person: I'm trying to get in the Army National Guard.this is called the systolic pressure reading. I passed the ASVAB and most of the physical. So if you are sporting these type of numbers here are some tips for you to help get it lower: WAYS TO HELP . if you have you are in good company as that is the standard for healthy blood pressure. To be honest it took me by surprise because I work out. What are my options I could do to help me in getting in to serve my country. jog everyday and do not have any type of substance abuse problem. So you measure blood flow OUT and blood flow IN to get a reading. More and more young people have elevated blood pressure or high blood pressure and this is affecting their ability to join the military. take any drugs and drink very casual. I don't smoke. There are two numbers given in blood pressure readings the first number is the when your heart is pushing out blood from the heart . The second number is referred as the diastolic pressure reading and is when the blood fills in the heart.42 Lower Your Blood Pressure Can You Without Medication? Here is an email that I receive with increasing regularity as of late. stroke. kidney damage. Help me Sir. and a variety of other cardio / pulmonary illnesses. ABOUT HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE High blood pressure or hypertension is basically a circulatory problem that is an increase in pressure in your veins and arteries. I said "most" because they found that I had high blood pressure. Have you ever heard of the term “120 over 80” (120/80)? Well. heart disease. The problem with having high blood pressure when you are young (or old) is it damages blood vessels and will affect circulation if untreated which will lead to heart attack.

- Some people have to resort to medications.lose weight Eliminate use of any tobacco products Limit caffeinated drinks to moderate amounts in a day (1-2 max) eliminate caffeine if possible Limit sodium in your diet .this can cure more than half our ailments if we follow #1. and here are some other important ones as well for reducing hypertension: If overweight .eat out less and avoid foods in cans Moderate consumption of alcohol only (1-2 drinks in a day) Relax in your day . . BUT I would only resort to medications after you have exhausted all the above for several months.43 What do you think the number one good thing we can do for our bodies to help with blood pressure and many other ailments: #1: Exercise and eat right (more fruits / vegetables in your day) and less fatty foods .a stressful day can elevate blood pressure so when you go in for readings relax and do the above and your numbers could be lower.

44 Breathing During Exercise This week. What is proper breathing while running? Many experts will say that to fully oxygenate the muscles and clear the body of carbon dioxide you should breathe a 3:2 inhale-to-exhale ratio. That is OK. he was able to perform better in the run -. but he had more energy to finish. You may notice that you naturally drop to a 2:1 ratio when you are really pushing it to the finish. Once he started breathing properly as well as exhaling fully. LEFT foot strikes and EXHALE fully on the RIGHT. This will increase your heart rate and lactic acid production. This means you INHALE on the LEFT. but I was able to run faster without getting tired or cramped at all!” Learning to breathe during exercise has benefits such as preventing dizziness during activity. pushing. and decrease your endurance in any cardiovascular event (running. RIGHT.such as lifting. swimming. and increasing fat burning. The CO2 in your body will increase if your breathing patterns are short and hurried. etc. But realize it is difficult to maintain a pace that requires you to breathe at a 2:1 ratio. biking. You will notice a lower heart rate as you are able to get more oxygen in and more importantly push all the carbon dioxide out of your body. I received an email from an Army Soldier who was having a difficult time running a few months ago. full inhales and full exhales. or pulling -. His breathing patterns were so erratic that he was basically hyperventilating while running his two mile PFT run. This pattern is not that hard to turn into a habit. improving athletic performance. LEFT foot strikes.not only did he run faster.is much easier to remember and control than .) What about breathing and do PT or lifting? Proper breathing during exercises where you exert yourself -. The Soldier stated… “It finally clicked! Not only was I able to breathe and finish while running. but it may require you to slow your pace down for a few runs to master the technique.

prompting almost immediate weight loss of retained water and toxins. Try the deep breathing rhythm during running and see for yourself how you will run at a lower heart rate and have more energy for a strong finish. To put it simply: always exhale on exertion. blood vessel strain. How does more oxygen help to burn more fat? Oxygen + Water = Fat burn. Adding water will rehydrate you and enable the body to burn more fat (as long as you increase your oxygen intake by doing some form of exercise). you exhale on the pulling up motion and inhale on the way down. your body will be able to use the retained water for excretion. Basically. and even yard work can help with working your cardiovascular system. This is not the same as sitting in a sauna and sweating which actually dehydrates you. Breathing during exertion is important in preventing internal injury such as hernia. calisthenics. and the increased oxygen consumption will assist with the other part of the equation. As you add more water and oxygen to your system.45 the 3:2 ratio during running long distance. the body needs water and increased oxygen to burn fat as an energy source.during workouts and in your daily activities. Because weight lifting and PT can be potentially harmful when done incorrectly. . For example. and high blood pressure. When you are doing a pullup. jogging. swimming. it is advised to get clearance from a doctor before performing too much . The water intake should be anywhere from a half gallon for women and up to one gallon a day for men. when you are pushing a bench press off your chest. To decrease that pressure. you exhale on the push and inhale as you bring it slowly to your chest. Walking. biking. focus on breathing deep all the time -.too soon.

After about 20-30 minutes of resistance training. I thought a mile run was long distance and every now and then I would run to the gym and try to lift only to be burned out and unable to hit many of my previous high weight reps.Overall Health .Which One First for Fat Loss? If you are like a majority of the people who exercise regularly. What combination is best for the following common exercise goals: . Did you eat a lot of carbs? If so. you should be ready to burn fat at a higher rate during your cardio workout providing you keep the heart rate in fat burning zone (use Karvonen Formula or just keep your runs at just able to converse with minor discomfort).Fat Metabolism .Fitness Test Training Fat Metabolism . lifting weights or doing high reps PT workouts is ideal for burning up the glycogen stores as resistance training is metabolizing your sugar stores. So.AKA Carbs). In fact.As a former power lifter.Cardio workouts (Running. your body needs to be primed with water (not dehydrated). and used up most of it glycogen stores (blood sugar energy . cardio machines at the gym) or Resistance training workouts (lift weights or PT) is discussed. You have to also consider what you ate prior to exercise. often the question of what do you do first . This article will further discuss that question on several different levels. biking. Resistance . you can burn up to 300-500 calories in half and hour if you are really pushing it. To burn fat at optimal levels. swimming. your glycogen stores can be lowered .Muscular Strength Gains . As well.46 Cardio Vs.For optimal burning of stored fat. Cardio activity burns a lot of calories fast. you need to take into consideration nutrition and understand how the body uses the foods we eat for energy. but you will have plenty of energy to lift weights! Muscular Strength Gains . it may take longer to get into fat burning mode.

pull-ups. pre-carb loading a few hours prior to the fitness test and a steady dose of carbohydrate replacement will help energy levels throughout your test. that is fine. Fitness Test Training .For my students and I who train to ace fitness tests regularly. hyperlipidemia.47 significantly and your body will try to make more glycogen out of fat. PS . So. In fact. You can see much of these health improvements by doing cardio or resistance ONLY. it is beat to train the way you test. hypertension. nutrition is vital to acing fitness tests. Resistance / PT first followed by cardio workouts. situps. This requires technique training which you can read about in Ace Any PT Test . In fact. but to OPTIMIZE your health performance and improve / prevent illnesses such as diabetes. and 1. For optimal health results. you should combine protein rich foods and carbs like fruit to give you the energy needed to get through the workouts. improved cholesterol blood counts can be gained by cardiovascular first and resistance second. You can get used to it. but it usually requires rest periods and some sort of sugar / electrolyte replacement drink to help you through the workout. If you like to do cardio first. you need to do both aerobic activity like walking or running and anaerobic activity like weight lifting and calisthenics. The Navy SEAL test is 500 yds swim.An overall health goal will consist of fat reduction. situps. Overall Health . muscle. Some tests are different and may have cardio at the front and back ends of the test. Proper nutrition prior to working out cardio first / resistance second is a must too. and lean muscle gains can be accomplished by lifting first then running.if you smoke.5 mile run. even biking. most fitness tests have a strength component first (pushups. In fact. you should mimic fat reduction method of resistance first / cardio second. pushups. you should stop. Like I needed to tell you that. and remaining sugar in the body. pullups) and then a cardio component like running.just lift first if you want to be strong and supplement your lifting with some cardio workouts for overall health and fat metabolizing. Smoking does not help at all with overall health gains. Once again. Many studies have shown that increased cardio function. and cardio vascular function. swimming. fat loss. lean muscle mass gains. is that you will be mostly anaerobic throughout the test and given a few minutes to recover for the next exercise. Better yet . and other illnesses. So. The difference in fitness test training and the above goals.

the number one killer in the US. The lower the HDL number the more likely your LDL and triglycerides are not getting metabolized properly. LDL.. Total Cholesterol – A score under 200 mg/dL is ideal and anything above 230-240 requires immediate efforts to decrease. waxy substance. but increased levels are detrimental to your health. Along with cholesterol. etc). Here is a list of what to do to lower LDL and raise HDL: . It is present in all parts of the body. skin. the body needs triglycerides for energy. It is important to know and understand your cholesterol scores as well as know the difference between HDL.48 Cholesterol . intestines. liver. High density lipoprotein (HDL) – This is the “GOOD” cholesterol that you want to be higher as it carries the LDL / cholesterol to the liver to be metabolized. Keep this number less than 150 mg/dL as triglycerides lead to the same issues as LDLs. Knowing he is not the healthiest eater and chooses to get his exercise by playing sports (basketball. Keep this level above 60 mg/dL. muscle. volleyball. bile acid. heart. he asked me what he should eat / not eat and do for better exercise. and vitamin D. It is made in sufficient quantity by the body for normal body function. and triglycerides as high cholesterol has long been proven to lead to heart disease. Triglycerides – This score is just fat that float around in your blood. As defined by the National Institute of Health (NIH).” Your SCORES Include: Low density lipoprotein (LDL) – These protein packages carry the “BAD” cholesterol that actually can build up within your arteries and lead to heart attack and stroke. etc. including the manufacture of hormones.. This week my brother-in-law got a check up as he nears his 40th birthday and was alarmed with elevated cholesterol scores. including the nervous system. cholesterol is “a soft. Keep this level under 100 mg/dL for an optimal score.get it lower.

However. NOTE – If you have a family history of high cholesterol – start working today to keep it low! What to Eat / Not Eat: According to the National Institute of Health. foods lower in cholesterol. Some will need a medication right away. saturated fat. but we all need to eat better and exercise. People are different and respond differently to methods of reducing cholesterol scores. find the one that works right for you. fitness. and loss in weight will help but in some cases medication is needed. in most people a healthy diet.49 Eat a healthy diet low in saturated fats and cholesterol Start to exercise more to burn fat Lose weight Take medication if needed I can help you with the first three ways to lower cholesterol but a doctor will have to give you recommendations on what medicines work the best for you. and higher in complex carbohydrates and fiber can help you better fight higher LDLs. so keep careful watch over any symptoms that may occur when on medication for high cholesterol.though it is not a complete list: . Here is a list of DO’s / DON’Ts . Warning – some of these medications can cause weight gain / water retention and other side effects. With your doctor.

biking at a steady pace to burn more stored fat.50 Fitness to Burn Fat / Lose Weight: Fitness has multiple benefits to include decreasing tryglicerides. Do your weights. and increasing HDL. or some other resistance training to build / firm muscles. calisthenics. A basic plan of walking more is the number one method of burning fat for most people. blood pressure. stretching. heart disease. I hope this helps you as well as my brother-in-law focus on good habits and getting rid or limiting bad habits. you can increase your fat burning metabolism further than cardio vascular activity alone. bodyweight exercises. For best results the order of your workout helps you burn more fat. chances of diabetes. Cholesterol is no joke! It is made in the body and needed in the body for vital functions. swimming. strengthening bones and muscles. jogging. If you can add in weights. fast running or cardio first to burn blood sugar (glycogen) for about 2030 minutes then do a lower intensity cardio of walking. . however if you add too much fatty foods into your body it upsets the natural balance and gets stored in our blood circulatory system – clogging it and causing fatal problems.

or alternative exercises you can do in the weight room that will also have a cardiovascular effect.Upper body only . ab / lower back. hotel weight rooms.usually gets a full body workout .Every exercise you do .I like to arrange in Push.Cardio / leg circuit .51 Circuit Training Ideas With the weather turning colder.pick 3-4 leg exercises like leg press. 4 . Good for beginners but should soon upgrade to less machines / more movements for "{real life" benefits. The object of this workout is not to rest in between exercises.Rest with abs / plank pose . 3 . Pull upper body. or your living room with or without equipment. many emails to me this week discussed running in the cold weather. leg exercises in that order. leg ext and follow with 4-5 minutes of cardio (easy or hard) Reps can vary at 10-20 reps OR time limit of 1 minute each exercise.alternating pushing / pulling exercises 2 . It is also an extremely efficient use of time as you tend to "rest" by doing another exercise. Circuit training is one of the best ways to make a resistance and strength training workout that is also challenging for your heart and lungs. squats. The Full-body Push .Pull Circuit: This workout is a 20-minute workout that will take you to your maximum physical effort as well as your maximum heart rate.Every machine in the studio option . leg curls. Below you will see several types of circuits that you can do in most weight rooms. Machines are great for beginners or people needed to isolate muscles / joints due to rehab to an injury. These are the ones I use the most: The way I set them up in my gym: 1 . You will see that one minute of a particular exercise will burn out the targeted muscle group as well as .have clients rest with 20 abs of choice or 30 second plank pose as an active rest.

biceps machines. and triceps as well as 2-3 pulling exercises like pull-downs. totaling 30-40 minutes of your time in the weight room. Simply do every machine in the weight room for 1 minute each. Then find 2-3 leg exercises or add in squats and lunges if you legs are strong enough. shoulder press. . Pick 2-3 upper-body pushing exercises like bench press.52 increase your heart rate to a fat and sugar burning zone. rows. Try the 20 minute workout below . 20 Minutes Circuit Workout (*choose light weights for max reps) Do every OTHER day Stretch 1:00 of whatever is tight and repeat 1-2 more times!! Every Exercise Machine Circuit: Many exercise rooms with machine weights for exercise equipment have 10-15 machines to create a circuit with.if it is not challenging enough for you try it for 3-4 cycles.

stabilizing muscles and isolate muscles groups.10-15 reps Lightweight Shoulder Workout . There are not many things in life that allows for you to isolate a muscle group.10-15 reps Pull-downs .53 For instance. here is an upper-body. core. . cardio circuit: Warm-up with 5 min of cardio option Continue warm-up with crunches 1-2 minutes Repeat 3 exercises 2-3 times Bench Press . lower-body. these machines are ideal for building a foundation of strength.10-15 reps Rows 10-15 reps Squats or leg extensions 10-15 reps MJDB#2 . But eventually.do only once Repeat 2-3 times Crunches 25 Reverse Crunches 25 Double Crunches 25 Plank pose 1 minute Stretch I have never been a fan of ONLY doing machine weights as the machines take away balance.10-15 reps Leg press . you should add in more exercises like calisthenics or dumbbells or free weights that will help you create more functional (real-life) workouts. If you are just getting started or nursing an injury.do only once Repeat 3 exercises 2-3 times Overhead press .

Studies have shown that mixing a resistance training regimen with a cardiovascular element will increase your metabolism. There is an unlimited number of ways to organize a circuit workout.Another great way to do a circuit is in between EVERY exercise machine . you will be able to rest your upper body muscles while you workout your lower body muscles. Move to the next exercise like pull-downs or pull-ups and do the same thing . therefore burning fat and building muscle. lower body and cardiovascular exercises."resting with crunches" in between each set of the exercises you choose. .Run. 1/2 squats. bike or elliptical glide for 5 minutes to warm up the legs and get the heart pumping. Repeat the 5 minute cardio and leg PT circuit 3-4 times for a challenging leg workout you will feel the next day. heel raises. Then stop and do a leg circuit of the following exercises for 1 minute each: Squats. and stretch. The above workouts are organized with upper body. The result is a decrease in body fat percentage. lunges. I like to do this two ways. row.54 Rest with Crunches Circuit .drop to the floor and do 20-30 abs of your choice. This is how you make the circuit workout challenging to your cardiovascular system as well as your major muscle groups. but you will never rest your heart. Pick one exercise like bench press and do bench press 10-15 reps / 20-30 crunches and repeat that cycle 2-3 times. Great Cardio / Leg workouts . By simply doing the above upper body and lower body exercises in such a way.

or in the middle? I have found that I do two types of abs that work very well for me as well as many of the people I train .. or just about any other exercise you can think of…Give it a try! It works great! .. after cardio. intervals of running.It can be used as a recovery exercise.I REST WITH CRUNCHES and WARMUP WITH CRUNCHES! Many will say that crunches are in no way a resting exercise. If you think of the position you are in during a crunch – it really is just a little tougher than sleeping! Also. if you do something tough like sprint a 1/2 mile and as your "rest" you catch your breath with a few crucnches. I do the following exercises in between sets of pull-ups or bench press as my rest exercise AND I also get the body warmed up in my early morning workouts with a cycle of the following crunches: Regular Crunches – 25 Reverse Crunches – 25 Double Crunches – 25 Left Crunches – 25 Right Crunches – 25 Stretch and complete one minute of lower back exercises as pictured below and you have warmed up or rest in between big sets of pull-ups. A simple lift your head and shoulder blades off the floor and lie back on the floor and you have completed a crunch. but I disagree.55 Resting with Crunches? This week an email prompted me to write about one of my favorite and most frequently done exercises in my workouts – the CRUNCH! The question asked was concerning when in your workouts do I like to do abs – in the beginning..

(Do not do if you have previous lower back injury) Double Crunch – Add the regular and reverse crunch together in one motion…You will feel this one twice as fast…Hips and shoulders off the floor. Leave your head and upper body flat on the ground. Only move your legs and butt. lift your knees and butt toward your elbows. Keep your legs straight up in the air for the advanced crunches.In the same position as the regular crunch.56 Sample abdominal exercises are the following: Advanced Crunch .Regular Crunch) Reverse Crunch . .Lie on your back with your feet straight in the air. Cross your hands over your chest and bring your elbows to your knees by flexing your stomach.(Legs up) . (Do not lift legs if you have previous lower back injury – place feet on the floor .

57 Right Elbow to Left Knee . Flex your stomach and twist to bring your right elbow to your left knee.Cross your left leg over your right leg. .

Switch arms/legs and repeat.Lie on your stomach with your arms extended over your head. . Lift your right arm and your left leg off the ground at the same time and repeat for specified number of repetitions. *note – Anytime you work your abs. you should also exercise your lower back to build balance in your torso. Cross your right leg over your leg. Flex your stomach and twist to bring your left elbow to your right knee.58 Left Elbow to Right Knee – Same as above just switch sides. Lower Back Exercise .

we eat out of habit. I am not a dietitian but one of my co-authors is. Whether we are hungry or not. fruit. especially dinner. Eat snacks whenever you "need" to .this makes it less appealing to eat more (especially before bedtime). then we must eat at noon or go without food. yogurt or a tuna sandwich are great mid-day snacks that will help your body stay in fat-burning mode. dieting recommendations. and this week's article is almost entirely Lauri Cutlipe's RN. floss. vegetables.59 Helpful Hints for Dieting It appears that most people are concerned about eating properly. * Do not ever skip breakfast. that is four or more hours that your body is burning calories at a lower rate. Eat something: a piece of toast. * Fight cavities too .Because most of us work.Right after eating a meal. Try to chew your food at least 40 times per mouthful. If you wait until lunch to eat. In the book Maximum Fitness: The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Cross-training. if the office lunch hour is noon. etc. * Eat very S-L-O-W-L-Y and enjoy the flavors. LD. So. Well. not because we need to eat. Eat something soon after you get out of bed and your body will burn calories at a higher rate until lunch. go straight to the bathroom to brush. This is a great time for exercise too. In other words. we eat when we are told to eat. but many need a few tips. Many of us eat because it is "time" to eat.snacks like fruit. by the way! * Eat nothing after 8:00pm . . Your body's metabolism rate slows down at night and does not speed up again until you eat something. Lauri wrote the nutrition chapter. It causes you to eat more at meal time and decreases your metabolism. I have received several emails about proper dieting habits and what foods are good to eat during the day. don't go more than five hours during the day without eating. and mouthwash so that your mouth is feeling nice and clean .

as stated by the National Institute of Health is ½ to 1 gallon a day.except when you are sleeping of course. you will enjoy your meal more and will take a little longer to eat the meal. If you burn these excess calories during the day through exercise. Good luck! . 1000 calories = 2 lbs per week. Fat. Keep a daily diary of calorie intake. If you just drink a glass of water. This will help the metabolism stay high.try to eat something every 3-4 hours . * Your weight in pounds multiplied by 15 will equal the number of calories per day to maintain that weight. * Personally. carbohydrates and protein will automatically adjust themselves to stay within allotted calories per day. And eat more OFTEN not more portions! .60 * If you get hungry you should chew gum AND/OR drink water. 500 calories less per day will result in approx 1 lb weight loss per week. it is the same effect as dieting. Most people confuse hunger with dehydration. Optimal levels of water per day. that will usually take care of the food yearning. 750 calories = 1 1/2 lbs per week. I would rather exercise more than decrease what I eat. Add one extra glass of water per every 10 lbs over weight too! * If you eat your meals away from the TV and other distracting places.

There are many diets out there that play around with these critical components of our nutrition. Only eat multi-grain bread. For the rest of the morning. I will skip the banana and wait to eat after the workout. This is anything with cane sugar in it. or fat from your diet.never eliminate the macro-nutrients your body needs such as protein. maybe even some strawberries to . swimming. The salad is filled with high fiber carbs like broccoli. (Typical results!!!) For instance. sweet tea / coffee. carbs. Some days if I do just cardio workout. I eat a banana and go do a variety of exercises that include running. almonds. once you have eliminated sugar. Of course you would want to accompany your eating plan with an exercise routine that had cardio-vascular and resistance training. and even white bread. you will see that final extra 5-10 lbs of fat / water retention around off your belly button area if you are a man and off your hips if you are a women. For a short list it means soda. HOWEVER. I am trying to lose weight and thought I’d try something that would eliminate carbohydrates from my diet for a while? What do you think of that as a weight loss idea? Just as a rule . onions. cake. If you are having trouble losing that final 5-10 lbs.For a challenging test. BUT . a fiber rich nutrition bar (no sugar) but only a few carbs and more water. try to ELIMINATE sugar. I like to workout first thing in the morning when I wake up. you can definitely LIMIT them in order to see outstanding results. cookies. almonds. I snack on peanuts. You can consume your carbs from fruits and vegetables either before or after a workout. I eat a high protein breakfast with fruits to replace lost carbs and drink water as well. For lunch I eat a big salad with a large protein source again like tuna or chicken. green leafy lettuce like romaine. police and their families in fitness and health. weights. and calisthenics.61 Eliminating Macro-Nutrients? Hello Stew -thanks for your service and your continued support of the military. After workout.

During dinner. At this point. So good luck with the last few pounds and remember to mix in any weight loss plan with a solid fitness routine as many people find that by just adding fitness into their world on a daily basis. I drink more water and have some peanuts. you may want to add a few pieces of fruit or vegetables prior to exercise longer than 30 minutes. almonds or left over chicken to fill any late evening hunger needs. almonds. By dropping sugar you will save money. Squirt some lemon juice or a balsamic vinegar type dressing for some added flavor and good fats. if you workout in the evening. lose extra weight. And. and make your dentist happy. After lunch. I have a small salad with large source of protein again. I do not eat any more carbs during the day except those that come in peanuts. This has worked for me to get rid of that last few extra pounds being carried around the mid-section. After that it is really easy to skip the sweets and white breads.62 top it off. if I get hungry during the after dinner hours. . they do not have to alter much of their diet. and other nuts for snacks. However. however dropping sugar is difficult for 2-3 days. my body will still have enough carbs to function properly for the rest of the day.

there are those few letters I receive that strike a deep emotional cord in me that I feel a need to share with others.now 80 lbs lighter!!!! Before After The Erin O’Neill Testimonial / Life Story As a fitness writer.The Erin O'Neill Program Meet Erin! Mom of three and Military spouse . I often get testimonials from people using fitness programs that I have developed and they ALL motivate me to continue writing. However. The following testimonial is from a former military spouse and mother of three young children.those who had a constant battle with weight all their lives. Her achievement as you will read has motivated her to help others like her .63 Reclaim Your Life . Erin’s story has motivated me to hire her as my “poster child” for my beginner fitness line of .

Finding my true love didn’t help. Not only will you read Erin’s motivational story. It even prevented me from doing things I wanted to do. embarrassed and often sad. I thought to be a good mom I was supposed to give up myself and put all my time into my . I believed that taking time for me was selfish. Here is her story: Hi. I would have made the honor roll. I was accused of always wearing the “hide the butt” jacket. but I achieved it quickly. I then found out I was pregnant with our first child and I really took the saying “eating for 2” literally – it was my ticket to eat guilt free!! My husband’s 2nd deployment was 3 weeks after our son was born. I was not born fat. which did help and I lost some weight. which was true – that’s exactly what I was trying to do. I am Erin. If I could have been graded on weight gain/loss. but you can email her for more tips and suggestions on how she managed her time. Each morning the same thoughts dominated --. I ate my way across the country to his new duty station. for we discovered how much we enjoyed Hooters wings and beer – 100 wings and 6 pitchers of beer for two people is a little much!! What made me think that I should eat as much as a man? After we married. San Diego. got over personal obstacles. where I “blossomed” even more.I was fat! I was hurt from years of people saying.what was that? I had none. This was the beginning of my yo-yo life’s struggle. and fueled herself for daily exercise / weight loss routines.Rhode Island. I slowly died inside. but it was short lived. I was determined to do something about my weight – once again. My husband returned from deployment. I was already over weight. I weighed more than I did when he left. “Wow. All through school. From dateless weekends to the varsity volleyball coach commenting that I had gained too much weight over the summer and would then be relegated to the B team. I joined a weight loss program. my bad habits re-ignited and I ate my way back to the next duty station . By the time he left for his first deployment. By the age of eight.64 products. Self-esteem --. This time I found peace not in the gym but in Hershey Kisses!!!! By the time he returned. weight controlled my thoughts and activities. you have such a pretty face. At this point I gave in and the weight battle was lost. In college.” That is a death sentence to a heavy girl.

Last year when my brother was getting married I was determined not to be known as “Joe’s fat sister”.you did it not me!” I was so sore sometimes that the baby couldn’t even sit on my lap. but I was determined and it became addicting. sit ups – whatever was on my workout sheet. I did it. I remember what I weighed. do squats. more than that. I got my first workout sheet – WOW – I looked at it and seriously cried. . It was now my job. I was tired of counting months or weeks in my head before vacation or special events and thinking how much weight I could lose to make myself feel better. My workout sheet became my daily bible – I carried it everywhere with me. what I wore. by the time of the wedding I had lost 25 pounds! I felt amazing. anything to keep them occupied for an hour. After twelve years of marriage and three children – I’d had it! I needed something completely different. no. So. We went to the track 5 – 6 times per week to walk. and the size of my outfit. I love that my children have seen me accomplish something that I never knew I could conquer. snacks.65 children. I thought “no way. If I could not get to the track I would jump rope in my kitchen.” but I had to do it. Little did I know! Every major event in my life.so good job. It was during the summer so I had the three kids home with me. I knew I needed something fast and heavy duty – the wedding was only 44 days away! I did the 45 days beginner workout. balls. I personally love the weight loss but I love how strong and healthy I feel even more. drinks. tennis racquets. even if it was 10:30 at night when the kids were in bed. I emailed Stew Smith. I know that I have taught them to work hard and to never give up.I never did more than one hour. jump ropes. My son had his best year in football as he would often workout with me and we would motivate each other. it was the start of my new life! I achieved my goal. By working out daily and drinking more water than I imagined along with eating better. He had asked me to read in his wedding and all I could think about was when I got up everyone was going to see my butt. We brought scooters. Sometimes after I worked out I felt like I was going to puke it was so hard or as Stew says “you just TRIED hard ..

and from people that I did not even think they knew I existed. I have now started educating myself on fitness and will be getting certified in personal training and group exercise class in order to best help people who are like me. Now I want others to feel this way. I have now lost 55 pounds and I am not done!! With Stew’s help I got my life back. my husband. Email Stew for any answers to your fitness questions. Stew tells me that it was me. and you can make it happen! I have been commended from people big and little. you will it. and my children and hopefully one day I can help someone else get their life back too. This adds to my feeling of accomplishment and I am proud of myself. He answers his own emails and offers ideas to "fit fitness into your schedule. Everyone wants to know the secret. I never thought you would lose those hips. But. created a whole new life for myself. young and old. not him getting him to do the workouts every day. O’Neill has really lost weight!!” My own Grandfather said.” One of my dear friends said I inspired her to lose her weight and get healthy again and now she has lost 35 pounds. I truly believe that it is Stew’s workouts. There have been an over whelming amount of compliments. “Wow Mrs.66 When you want it. “You lost a whole person. A few comments that stick in my mind are a 9 year old boy said to his Mom." .

Here is a way to get the daily exercise you need for your health and the daily bonding your kids need. but almost entirely incurable. Researches have stated that childhood obesity is completely preventable. as parents. the less likely our children will grow to be part of the 60 percent (and growing . All you need is a playground and a little imagination. Here are some imaginative ways to exercise while watching your kids without spending a dime! This workout is the easiest and least time consuming way to combine family and exercise.literally) of America that is obese. 1) Pushups . The earlier we introduce our children to a lifestyle of health and fitness. must be the catalyst that motivates our children to exercise .. Rest with 25-50 crunches (next exercise) and repeat pushups.plus it is not bad for us to exercise either.stewsmith. then resort to knee pushups until exhaustion.67 Family Fitness www. place your palms on the ground. Try to do as many pushup as you can on your toes. Push your body up until your arms are straight.com Today's generation has more computerized and physically inactive forms of entertainment than ever before. Now . keeping your feet together and back straight. It does not take a bench press and a stair machine to get fit. Let them see how important it is to get away from the television set and go outside to exercise / play. Here's how you do it . . Touch your chest to the ground each repetition.get outside and set the example for your children. The first two exercises are standard exercises that can be done in the living room right before you go to the playground with your kids.with your hands shoulder width apart.. We.

Pull your knees as high as you can. 5) Squat/Shoulder press . grandchildren.push your child in a stroller or let him/her ride in a bike with you as you walk or run. 6) Swing set Squats . Realize this: You are doing your kids a dual service by creating a time and place for fitness. Now.68 2) Crunches .Hang on a pullup bar. you know the better shape you are in will lead to a healthier and longer life. with your back straight. forming a 90 degree angle with your knees. Pick up your child and lift him over your head.While pushing your child in the swing. 3) Bench Dips . Sign up to run / walk a race . lower and raise yourself by bending the legs. legs extended in front of you while sitting.With hands at shoulder width. With your feet at shoulder width apart and back straight. forming a 90 degree angle with your knees. Grab your child and lift him/her to the monkey bars or another elevated position. You will be able to enjoy your children. straighten your arms and lift yourself back to your seat and repeat. Lower yourself as close to the floor as possible. grab the bar and pull yourself up so your chin is lifted above the bar. as if you were performing a pullup. Bring your elbows to your knees.Place your hands on the edge of your seat.Lay on your back with your legs in the air and bent at the knees. Hold yourself above the bar for a second and let yourself down slowly.maybe a 5k or a 10k. 4) Monkey-bar Pullups .. trying to roll your knees into your chest. and maybe even great-grandchildren IF you start taking better care of yourself .Bend at the knees. 8) *Running/walking . 7) Hanging Knee-ups . Of course. squat in between each push of your child.

calisthenics. you will be passing down a legacy of fitness and nutrition to your children. Good luck with getting creative with your programs. consult a doctor before starting any program. Of course. These are sports related skills that will help with athletics. who are being exposed to more physically inactive forms of entertainment than any time in history.69 and start exercising . Aside from being around to see your grandchildren grow.NOW. . The rule is not to lift heavy weights until well into your teenage years (16-19). swimming. I am offering a free downloadable guide with pictures and more ideas for parents with children who are ages 8-18. Children can exercise with running. as well as adding fun events to burn calories for you and your kids. and lift very light weights at any age. especially with your kids.

it is easier to maintain fitness that to try and get into shape. You are way ahead of the power curve.How to Maintain Bravo to all of you who are above 50-years-old and already in shape. Fortunately. build muscle. and strengthen bones while protecting the joints from unnecessary pounding. For Those in Shape Now -. Do you have some general advice for us older folks to stay in great shape going into our 60s. rowing. Here is his story and question about longevity: I'm a 55-year-old former Marine 1969 to 1973. and 80s? Sir.m. My question is simple. biking. 70s. that you maintain a fitness level that enables you to move around without effort. I know in reality though that it's only a matter of time until the old body won't be able to keep up with what my mind wants it to do. I train every morning from 4a. .70 Fitness as We Age This week's article was inspired by a former Marine who asked about staying active through his 60s. to 5a. but it is important to train smart as you age in order to decrease the chances of nagging injuries that could sideline you for weeks or months. obtaining a higher fitness level is possible at any age. 70s. These activities will help you burn calories and fat. Non-impact aerobic activities like swimming. Once you are in your mid-fifties or sixties. and elliptical gliding are great forms of cardiovascular exercise. roller-blading.m. and 80s. as you age. The key to longevity is to focus on more flexibility training as well as start adding some non-impact aerobic activity. I've been in the Martial Arts since I was 15. using the methodologies I am accustomed to. I highly recommend. I'm a Tae Kwon Do instructor and have maintained my conditioning all of my life. you are exactly right. Flexibility programs like yoga or even a daily stretching plan as recommended in my recent stretching article will get you well on your way to building more flexible joints.

In only minutes a day. The zerogravity effects of swimming and yoga make them ideal ways to maintain cardiovascular health and joint fitness.there is hope as long as you can fit fitness into your schedule.How to Get Started For those of you who are trying to get started with a fitness routine -. and running. For Those Out of Shape -. but being more flexible will make you less susceptible to injuries that could sideline you for several weeks. .whether its your first time ever or if you've taken a few decades of vacation from a fitness routine -. you can go from being sedentary to a higher fitness level. I plan on making swimming and yoga a near-daily routine. PT. Your fitness program can still involve lifting.71 As I age.

What do you suggest? You can get fit and lose weight with little or no money at all – just a time investment. Water is FREE! . you can add to your calories expenditure with very little effort. I am 25 years old. . Drinking water instead of soda makes a huge difference on your calorie intake at the end of the day. How do you loose weight and build muscle on a very strict budget? I am looking to loose a significant amount of weight and know that I have to start small.Gym memberships and food included. For a reasonable price of time. To burn MORE fat faster and an optimal levels. this is the fat burning method that is easy on the wallet. However. here is how I mix in fitness for pennies. you can achieve your goals if you can follow these suggestions: Cardio-vascular fitness – First and foremost. Here is the question: There are some great ideas on the StewSmith. I have seen people replace soda with water and lose 25 lbs. we all are trying to pinch a few pennies. Walk it off! By walking further and more often through your day.com Articles Section on getting fit and loosing weight and such.Water is the magic solution to weight loss. a session of walking 20-30 minutes at a faster than normal pace is recommended on a daily basis. do your PT / weights first then add in the cardio at the end. I am single and live from paycheck to paycheck.72 Fitness on a Budget There was a great question this week that focuses on getting fit and loosing weight on a budget. However. If you are a beginner. Be prepared to do something daily and lose 15-20 lbs. Many things that people suggest doing are quite frankly too expensive . I do not recommend starting off running in the first 4-6 weeks. but you can spend a majority of your time on this depending on your current fitness level. In times like these. especially if you have significant weight to lose (+30 pounds).

sodium. I would recommend a pair of 3. Sure these cost something too but if you are going to eat anything eat this brand of food for energy.8 lb dumbbells for the type of arm and leg workouts in these programs. and weight loss. etc. See the link about the best shoulder workout ever! Pyramids and Supersets of pushups and crunches . Usually if you look for the fruits and vegetables that are in season.00 meal deals that are cheap but loaded with fat. These workouts work with your own body weight. steak.Now as far as food. you can actually use milk jugs filled with water or even large soup cans.As seen above if you eliminate sugar from your world you will see a huge difference in your waist size as well as your wallet. you are right. No need to get weights at a gym. Try the light weight shoulder workout – 3-5 lbs is all you need. which will not help you in your weight loss / fitness program.These are quick and challenging workouts that you can do anywhere. health. But. This can save your time budget as well. cakes all cost money! Get your “sugar” or carbs from fruits and vegetables. cookies. snacks. They grow with your fitness level as you get in better shape. They did not have to do anything else – just replace soda. Usually they cost about 50 cents a pound. You can buy regular meats like ham. Same goes for your lean meats. food is more expensive in restaurants. Water is the KEY!!! DROP SUGAR . Buy your produce such as fruits and vegetables as sales come and go. The Best 20-30 minute workouts . Sugary drinks.These workouts are quick and simple and will progress as you get more fit. BUT you do not have to buy dumbbells. take-out / delivery. food does cost money. Food is Money . you can get them at a cheaper price. and fast food chains have $1. Dumbbells and calisthenics – You can get a few pairs of dumbbells for a few dollars. and chicken and .5.73 in one year.

No need to buy meat with the fat already cut off . snack on foods like peanuts. You can save money by not eating as much AND lose weight obviously.74 cut off the fat yourself and have lean meat. as mentioned above. almonds which have good fats that your body needs and are high in calories and great for energy. Instead. water is the key. BUT. make sure you are limiting ONLY foods that are bad for you (high sugar / high calories from fat). but do not neglect your nutrition and not eat. You should be eating 1800-2000 calories a day. And of course. .cut it off yourself!. Drink more water for a natural hunger suppressant.

In fact. with a pound for pound muscle strength and endurance that is . The rings are gymnasts rings and if you are overweight / not in shape using them can be painful or potentially injurious. rings. I have had many readers say that they were able to able to reduce the dose or completely get off prescription blood pressure medications (with Doctor's approval . sledge hammer. help reducing their blood pressure. If you like body weight / calisthenics exercises. ropes. I would not lift a tire. but ask your doctor to see if he agrees. climb ropes. I have no restrictions from my docs but I would rather not lift free weights. ripped. Treadmills! If your doctor recommends not lifting weights. pull a sled. I like them in TRX form but I would still avoid any position where your head is lower than your heart while exercising.bodyweight exercises can help tremendously and not temporarily spike blood pressure like weight lifting can. (Bodyweight at my age (52) I feel is better for me. and overall just get healthier.I do appreciate your time and your website it has been a huge help to me personally. or even swing a sledgehammer until your blood pressure is really under control without medications.they are usually lightweight. It is a journey that can lead to many enjoyable future years if you can catch up with Mother Nature and Father Time before they catch you! Here are a few questions posed by a gentleman in his early fifties: Stew . I do have a few questions for you. Just take a look at the average gymnast . Both will help you with weight loss (fat loss) and blood pressure reduction. you came to the right place as I like to focus on physical fitness testing methods and most of them are calisthenics and some form of cardio vascular exercise.75 A Few Questions Concerning Fitness Over 50 Years Old Here is an email that is often received from men and women seeking to lose the "spare tire" or weight around their hips. tires. and a huge high school pool. 1) I need to shed belly fat! I am on blood pressure medications and I hate it.of course) after a few months of starting the programs I am recommending to you below: 2) Equipment wise I have the following: Sleds. The rings are another issue.) I understand and agree .

76 highly uncommon and requires years of practice to build. I am up at 5:00 AM and in bed by 9:45PM. You need to eat and drink through the day. (See video on TRX page for more info) 3) A suggestion on how to eat to lose body fat. fruits.just eat protein rich foods in the PM like lean meat. but you need to learn a few basic exercises with the rings or TRX that are great options to bodyweight exercises. Usually this is the "last stand" in the battle of the bulge as your torso is the last part of the body to lose the weight . In a few short days. Replace with nuts. then dinner. but a good addition to your diet requires a snack about every 2-3 hours after a regular meal. Any help you can give me is so very appreciated. soda. and nuts for snacks. . chicken. Not just when you wake up eat breakfast. you will be amazed at how quickly the weight around the waist and hips recedes. white breads. I would recommend this: Eat carbohydrates ONLY in the morning (fruits / vegetables) after lunch limit carbs to only a salad . Now the hard part .so be patient and give this no sugar challenge 1-2 months for optimal results. your cravings for sugar will dissipate and it will not be that difficult to do. fish. lunch. vegetables that contain fiber to help with the insulin response that causes the sugar stored as fat in your torso area. My kids are having kids and I want to enjoy them.Eliminate sugar -If you can take out sweets. The rings CAN BE for beginners or those overweight. This healthy snacking will help you with eating too much at meals and will keep your metabolism higher throughout the day. and other processed foods.

Exercises like pushups. you need to consume fewer calories. Month 5 .Month 8: Now you can pick up the physical fitness training a bit by lifting weights or starting a more rigorous calisthenics program. This does not mean starve yourself . and dieting all in the same week can be extremely challenging.. starting an exercise program. If you are a true beginner to exercise or have not exercised in decades. Tackling any ONE of the above is challenging enough. and /or swimming for 20-30 minutes 4-5 times a week. you can lose up to 25-50 pounds this year! The type of exercise you need to start doing is walking. starting a health and fitness program is a daunting task. If your fitness program is not working for you at this time. crunches. biking. you may want to try one step at a time rather than trying "cold turkey . If you are not losing weight by walking 4-5 times a week and drinking nearly a gallon of water a day. Month 1 – Month 4: Start exercising and drinking water NOW! You may find that you do not have to alter your diet at all as long as you are burning calories by exercise.. try not to change too much in your life too quickly. If you have any of the above vices or others.and all at once!" Here is a plan that will get you started on the right track for the long term. Month 9 – Month 12: . and squats mixed with more walking or occasional running can boost your fitness level to new heights. in their search for health make broad resolutions that require several different life style changes. some basic calisthenics. More nutrients like fruits. vegetables. By drinking anywhere from two quarts to a gallon of water a day and cutting back on soft drinks. and lean meats cooked by methods other than frying would be a good start to changing your diet. pull-ups. you need to take a look at your diet and what you are consuming daily. Quitting smoking.77 How to Get Started on a Road to a Healthy Life. During your quest for longevity. Many people.it simply means eating foods with fewer calories.

now is the time to try either the "cold turkey" method or some type of patch method. you should feel great about your physical progress and have more energy than you have had in years. however. If you have not quit smoking cigarettes by now or at least tapered off.78 By this time. But if you have not quit. Try to taper the smoking when you get into the groove of the exercising regularly .do not try all three at once! . Usually. biking and swimming several times a week should be habit by now and feel refreshing and stress relieving after each workout. if you have maintained a fitness program this long. quitting smoking has already occurred. it is time to start trying a little more aggressively. Running. So in summary .start exercising now! Do not change your diet too much but with the addition of water and decrease of sugar calories.

She also adds. Why? Because WE are! Two-thirds (66%) of Americans are overweight according to the Centers for Disease Control/Prevention. We are setting a horrible example for our children. chief scientist for Weight Watchers." says Miller-Kovach. check out Rolly Pollies®. only 30 percent of the problem is due to overeating or choosing the wrong types of foods. These extra pounds are more than just a passing phase. and high cholesterol. "Obesity among children is increasing at an alarming rate. This is an example of kid's fitness at its finest. So. Rolly Pollies® is a children's gym franchise featuring fitness and fun. with 15-30% of the children either overweight or dangerously close to being overweight." confirms Karen Miller-Kovach. 25% of American children are now officially overweight. and the youngest are especially at risk. What makes Rolly Pollies® a great . What's behind the growing number of children who are now overweight? "Lack of exercise accounts for more than 50 percent of the problem. According to a study conducted by Weight Watchers International Inc. which was developed by two former military officers. That means that nearly 200 million Americans fall into the overweight category.79 Fitness For Kids America's children are overweight. If you are lucky to have indoor playgrounds in your area or want to build one for yourself. and the American Health Foundation. another ADA study suggests that half of obese children will become fat adults. and the health consequences are very severe. art and birthday parties. music. let's resolve to better ourselves. set the example. hypertension. and get our children moving again. Many people who are dedicated to making a difference are opening up children's fitness franchises all over the United States. RD. Billions of dollars every year are spent on medical bills by overweight/obese patients due to (preventable) obesity related illnesses like diabetes.

Children love these places and learn from a very early age that physical activity needs to be a part of a daily routine. but making a great living in the process certainly adds to the reward.80 franchise opportunity is that owners make money while making a difference. Seeing a child gain the confidence to climb a cargo net or do a flip into a foam pit for the first time will always bring a smile. .

That is where I come in! Starting a fitness plan HAS to eventually become a habit that you enjoy or even moderately enjoy in order to maintain with any consistency. 3) Do not forget number three which includes: Stretching. The problem that many people face with seasonal "hobbies" is that a good part of the year little or no physical activity gets accomplished. walking. Circuit training can burn the same amount of calories in 15 minutes and weight training alone can accomplish it in 20 minutes. OR rake leaves for nearly 60 minutes. I have found that the caloric expenditure in many of these outdoor activities is comparable to running. All of these must become habits for a lifestyle of health to be effective. 2) Resistance Training: Weights or body weight calisthenics are great examples of muscles building and bone strengthening resistance training exercises. swimming. Many people try to lose weight by only dieting and . rowing a boat. climbing steps all increase the heart rate and helps improve heart and circulatory functions. Many questions were about yard work compared to exercise and other rigorous activities common to the Spring Season. Lifting heavy items such as plants and bags of leaves can substitute as resistance training exercises as well burn the above cookie in about 40 minutes. Your exercise / health plan has to incorporate the following components. drinking water and eating properly. To give you an idea of what it takes to burn 100 calories (that's one cookie by the way) you have to walk 30 minutes. 1) Cardio vascular exercise: Activities such as walking. and even calisthenics /weight training. biking. jogging. OR jog 17 minutes.81 Make Fitness a Fun Hobby This week several emails had to do with exercising outside now that the weather is starting to get nicer around the nation. Burning calories is also a byproduct of these activities. Many of the ideas below are adapted from the Stew Smith's eBooks and book workout plans and used to create functional fitness or "hobby fitness" routines you can use anywhere and anytime.

82 dropping the calorie intake to under 1000 calories a day with little or no exercise. and increase the metabolic rate. lose weight. . which will burn that 100 calorie cookie faster even when resting. become more fit and healthy. The problem with "eating to lose weight" is that your metabolism drops with your weight which causes the body to quickly add weight when the dieting stops. you will feel better. By combining all three of the above components.

he was telling me that because I typically did too much working out or sports when I was a kid in my teens. Well. I also have a pedometer and try to do 10. you will recall me discussing “moderation”. eating high calories meals. the Stud Bar for pullups as well as other products that make my workout harder and more efficient.we all have to have our limits. plus you need to give it more time . pedometers. I had this new GPS device and was fascinated by it. you name it. or other less than healthful habits for folks seeking fitness / health advice. I have made no progress with my weight loss goals. I am using the phrase. I-phone applications. how far left/right we were off course by a matter of feet. music during workouts. But . As you know I love to use the TRX. Once in my twenties. I recall the same phrase used when going out with my friends and having a good time partying. My only problem is after a few weeks. In the mid 90’s. "Everything in Moderation" when it comes to Fitness Technology. I have used this phrase in my writing often when it comes to drinking alcohol. We launched from a submarine in a Zodiac boat and headed to shore some 15 miles away. gadgets. I now have a fitness app on my phone/mp3 player and use a heart rate monitor to keep me in fat burning mode when exercising. I have been doing a few fitness videos to lose weight and it has been a big help to get me moving. the Perfect Pushup.Here is a quick story about me getting distracted by technology. “Everything in moderation” my Dad would tell me. We were right on course and heading into the beach.000 steps a day on my non-workout days. we would just use a compass heading and known speed of the boat to calculate where we were on our course / charts. BUT . Usually. I get to test much of this new fitness technology out and will either decline to write about it or give it a plug.a few more weeks should yield results. Here is an email I recently received: Stew. fitness videos. hand held GPS devices just came out and we used them for the first time in the SEAL teams on some training missions. I could see our speed. GPS devices. Any advice? I think you might be distracted by technology. but instead of scouting out a landing zone and . Today. Usually.83 Help I am a Techno-Fitness Geek! I often get emails and questions from people about certain programs. If you have followed my decade of articles on fitness. heart rate monitors.

you certainly do have plenty of fitness tools to use and if you are doing something active everyday that should be enough to see results. I am sure there is an “APP for that”. However. lower body. but every now and then. You can work out hard every day and NOT LOSE any weight IF you are eating higher caloric foods and drinks each day. Remember – “everything in moderation” even technology. but typically this general equation works. I lost my night vision from staring at this glowing device and had to resort to evacuating the mission area. and nutrition by the multitude of options we have today. but do you really need it? Not all the time. . try to go back to the basics of just walking. you do have to take a look at the other side of the calorie equation. we landed right in an ambush on the beach. health. but do some “old school” methods like take your pulse for 10 seconds and multiply by SIX to get your beats per minute pulse. Some days when you workout. Sure take some music if that keeps you moving. weight loss. and abs/lower back exercises together in a way to create your own full body workout. I am just saying. It has enabled me to train people all over the world and changed my business significantly in the past ten years. There are other factors as well. you will find that you will be able to realize (self awareness) when you are aerobic or anaerobic. I am not trying to knock technology here. or swimming for your cardio activity. I did not need the GPS on that mission. At the end of the day / week. Do some basic calisthenics or weight circuit for resistance training and mix in upper body. your weight loss results will generally be a function of how many calories you burned versus how many calories you ate. I am a big fan of technology. it is fine. After a while of practicing with and without a heart rate monitor. it is easy to become overwhelmed and not realize it. I think you are missing this. Sometimes the answer to better health or in this case. biking. athletic performance. But back to the question .84 focusing on whether it was a friendly beach or not. running. I think we often get distracted from the basics of fitness. This was my fault. is adding more water to your diet or just saying no to the after meal dessert or alcoholic beverage. In the end.

Below are some simple ideas to do at home if you cannot make it to the gym. Read my Five Psychological Phase of Fitness for more information. maybe you were: • • • • • Bored with the same old routine Stricken with an illness Injured due to over-use or improper technique Subject to a schedule change Starting to doubt yourself and your abilities (Phase 2). Break up your workout week into two types of workouts Cardio and Resistance/Calisthenics Training. Keep your heart rate at . In a nutshell. as well as a fun circuit program that will get you through a full body workout in the shortest amount of time. biking. If you even made it to March. many things can happen. you have beaten the odds of New Years resolutionmakers succeeding in their fitness goals.I am here to help you not waste the gym membership payment that you locked in for all year. after a few months of exuberance about your fitness plan (Phase 1). For instance. jogging. Cardio Ideas: You can do cardio workouts such as walking. Regardless of the reason. But do not fear -. rowing on any day.85 Back on the Fitness Wagon March is the month that most people who were hell-bent on starting a fitness routine at the start of the year typically fall off the wagon. After January the word “resolution” seems to have dropped from our lips and is all but forgotten. The thing is. you are no longer exercising and that has to change. and it only takes 20-30 minutes to receive a good cardio-vascular benefit. swimming. this is completely natural.

or make those the 1-2 days of rest you should give yourself every week. or at to the gym if you choose.25 Left Crunches -. So on days when time is short.25 Right Crunches -. Calisthenics and Weight Machines: The abdominal routines and lower back exercises are the easiest to do and take the least amount of time -. The best thing about this part of your workout is that you can do your cardio exercise around your neighborhood. you will burn enough calories to lose weight (and inches) as long as you are not getting too carried away with your eating habits.25 Reverse Crunches -.25 Bicycle Crunches -. A good way to determine maximum heart rate is the theoretical formula of: 220 – age = max heart rate If you do this 3-4 days a week. See my Lean Down Plan for more ideas on what to eat and when.86 about 50-65% of your maximum.usually five to ten minutes. Here is a Full-Body Weight Circuit Routine that can be used to get you back in the gym again: (Use machines or dumbbell/free weights) .25 Double Crunches -. get your cardio done. Here is a quick abdominal/lower back routine you can at your home or in between sets at the gym: Crunches -. on a treadmill at home.25 See the Rest with Crunches article for pictures and more information on fitting abs workouts into your program.

20 Triceps Extension -.15.15.10-15 reps Leg Curls -.10-20 Rev crunches -.20 Bench dips -.do 50 reps of the crunch exercises above Military press (shoulder press) -.20 Military Press -.15.pick a machine and do two sets of 15 reps on it Repeat above again if you have time/energy (*Complete this set with heavier weight on the first set.20 Wide Pushups -.10-15 reps Rest with abs -.10-20 Double Crunches -.87 Do this weight routine 2-3 times a week: Bench press -.10-20 Crunches -.10* reps Squats or leg press -. give this superset a shot. immediately drop the weight a few pounds and perform the second number of reps without rest) On days you cannot get to the gym to lift weights.15.10 Triceps Extensions -.20 Lunges -.20 Squats -. Add dumbbell investment of $20-30 to fully supplement your home workout: Pushups -.10* Bicep Curls -.20 .10-20 / leg Bicep curls -.10* reps Pulldowns -.10-15 reps Plus an exercise of choice -.

you will likely lose the energy to PT / do cardio.88 Food is Fuel – Good Food is Good Fuel Questions from all levels of fitness are received at StewSmith. Stew. good proteins for muscle recovery and growth. . Think of it this way. I never was committed to it until recently and started with the 45 Day Plan you offer for FREE on your site. Now that it is the end of July I have about 45 pounds to lose. calisthenics first. Good carbs for energy and glycogen stores.up to a gallon a day. I've got to say your website has helped in a number of ways. then add in rucking (some jogging without weight but not much until you get below 250lbs) to complete your workout. you need fuel in the tank. I decided to finally get serious about joining the Army. Start walking at a minimum of 4 miles per hour or 15 minute mile pace.. When you weigh 220lbs. Here is a great story about a young man getting motivated to serve our country – BUT has to lose over 80 lbs to make the height / weight standards. I can say now that even in the 270s I feel great. you are still heavy to do much running.. but I would not restrict diet to 1200 calories a day. and good fats for overall health as well as a high calorie energy tool. you will likely be carrying 50+ lbs in a backpack and walking everywhere with it – especially if you go to Ranger School.com and I answer them all. So do your weights. Over the last 2 weeks I cut down to 1200 calories and started doing pt everyday which has been a big boost. and it has helped miraculously. But I would start walking more. BUT if you restrict too many calories. Rucking is a great fat burning exercise and works even better if you place it at the end of your workout for the day. When you are working out for performance driven goals. You've put together a great source for all fitness and military related questions and problems.But the biggest thing I want to congratulate you on is the placement of food in the FUEL category. I had about 85 pounds to lose. At least get 1800 .as a man you will burn 1800 calories a day just living. GREAT JOB! Keep it up add more water to your day . In early May. My goal is to be able to become part of the 75th Ranger Regiment. At 270 lbs. The biggest achievement so far is me cutting my association with food being anything but fuel. Food is Fuel . Adding in the workout will burn more calories so you lose weight AND get into better shape at the same time.

Fat Metabolism . To burn fat at optimal levels. So.89 Limiting calories too much is a delicate balancing act that usually leads to some sort of mal-nutrition.AKA Carbs). and used up most of it glycogen stores (blood sugar energy . workout. You have to also consider what you ate prior to exercise. your body needs to be primed with water (not dehydrated).For optimal burning of stored fat. make you less hungry.Take a 10 Day Challenge . lifting weights or doing high reps PT workouts is ideal for burning up the glycogen stores as resistance training is metabolizing your sugar stores. and best of all help you release water that is retained in your body's cells . it is a rule of thumb in the nutrition industry to consult a nutritionist / dietician if considering under 1500 calories a day.Below is a chart that will take you through a ten day extra water consuming process to show you that a few quarts of water a day will make you feel better. you need to take into consideration nutrition and understand how the body uses the foods we eat for energy. In other words. it is difficult to get everything you need to live. it may take longer to get into fat burning mode. make skin look better.you should lose some weight as well: . you should be ready to burn fat at a higher rate during your cardio workout providing you keep the heart rate in fat burning zone (use Karvonen Formula or just keep your runs / rucks at just able to talk with minor discomfort). but you will have plenty of energy to lift weights and PT! Water Consumption to help lose weight . etc when limiting to 1200 calories a day. In fact. Did you eat a lot of carbs? If so. After about 20-30 minutes of resistance training. work.

90 Weigh yourself in the morning after using the bathroom and in the evening after dinner. . Try adding 3-4 quarts a day for men and 2-3 quarts a day for women and see what happens!!! NOTE .if you are already consuming the above amounts there is no need to try this 10 Day Challenge or add more water to your diet.

but recent evidence and studies have urged the USDA to make changes to the Food Pyramid. A quick and easy solution to the Food Guide Pyramid would be to switch the place of Fruits and Vegetables with the Breads. Cereals. Also. Rice and Pasta group. Has it worked for us to be a healthier nation? Are we not following the Pyramid as a guide? Or is the Food Pyramid all wrong? Researchers will be debating this for years to come. cereal group in my opinion. Many could argue about the number of servings each group should have. but leaving the serving sizes as they appear on the pyramid makes dietary sense.91 The Food Pyramid . rice. the altered Food Pyramid (below) is the guide to Healthy eating: .Discussing the Options This week a few emails prompted me to look into the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food Pyramid used for the last decade by Americans. there are too many servings of refined sugars. According to the Harvard School of Public Health. simple carbohydrates in the bread.

which takes the current Pyramid and nearly reverses it as shown below: The Food Diamond separates the fatty animal meats from more leaner healthier meats and well as adds junk food/poor cooking choices as a group. for me. as a very active person and fitness trainer/writer. I recommend adoption of the Food Guide Diamond. The addition of one of the most important elements to our .92 Personally.

93 lives .mypyramid. but you do not need to be one in order to know how to feed yourself and your family. I usually recommend people to drink 3-4 quarts of water a day . If you need any information on the Food Guide that are many articles supporting both sides of the argument found by typing the Food Pyramid into a search engine.www. and limit (not eliminate) breads. rice. In a nutshell.especially if you are an active person. Harvard has the best pyramid since it is the only one that introduces daily exercise as part of the caloric process and separates fatty foods from leaner foods within the same food groups. I am not a dietician. and cereal. Good luck and eat right! See new Food Pyramid as of 2005 . Personally. eat leaner meats.gov . buy more produce in the form of fruits and vegetables.Water and Daily Exercise should also be addressed.

now desk jockey” writes: I started working out using your 45 Day Plan for Beginners last week and already am feeling better than I have in a decade. Do you have a simple list that could break down the foods I should be eating and not eating or at least try to limit? PS – love the water consumption. who needed to get back moving again. . Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts.94 Food Plan List for Assistance with Dieting & Limiting Bad Foods! This week. I received an email from a former naval officer. The good news is that he started just before Thanksgiving. I did NO activity other than work behind a desk after getting out of the Navy in the 90’s. Here is what I would recommend to eat MORE of and LESS of in order to have energy to exercise and build lean muscle. and several other big meals during the Holidays. It all adds up to our caloric intake. But. imbibing spirits. I need some assistance with the Food Plan you have. help with health issues such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. and assist with weight loss of fat. The “former pilot . which will help him avoid a few extra pounds we gain at parties. Of course. big sports weekend snacks. I have updated the plan a bit but will add the following chart in a few days as requested.

but sometimes we need a good / bad comparison with healthful alternatives. Nothing above is NEWS to anyone.95 The list of foods above are general foods we tend to eat regularly and many are omitted due to space of the article. but these should help you take control of your food intake yourself. Eating well does not mean your food has to taste like cardboard and you will starve yourself trying to eat healthy. So keep it up during the Holidays and see if you can actually lose weight during this end of the year time where parties and family / friend visits can tend to cause our healthful eating habits to stray. .

Email me at stew@stewsmith. Common sense should tell you NOT to do that. Now I am not overweight. 2) Food intake – For a system to help increase your metabolism. In my 20's and 30's I worked out at the gym faithfully. and help you lose weight. So my question to you is at this stage of the game what really will work? Oh yes -.do not start off where you left off 10-20 years ago. help you recover from exercise.Then start moving for 1 month -. even if you are over 200 pounds. and next things you know they are injured or are so sore they cannot function. Where do you begin? First of all -. This will help you get the body in habit of fitness. The third is JUST to get moving again. I am 46 year old. I would increase water up to a gallon. After a month of light to moderate movements and stretching. 3) Stretch daily for one week -. But. somewhere along the way I stopped going to the gym. and slowly build a foundation of fitness over the course of one month's time. 1) Water consumption of 2-3 liters a day -. see the Summer Lean Down Plan.com and I will send you an updated version with over 30 more food options to help you eat to lose weight…not diet. but I exercise a few hours a day too. you'll be ready to go! Too often people jump right into lifting heavy weights or running three miles a day.add something simple to your routine like walking.96 Getting Started Again Mr Smith.the first two require little effort but will help you gain energy to exercise. I drink at least a gallon of water a day. I would focus on three things -. The metabolism has slowed down. You can avoid all soreness IF you stretch daily.the transition from having not exercised in 10+ years to getting started. But.Depending on your weight. not comfortable with the weight that I have gained. . Try mixing in jogging (not too far) and continue daily stretching.

I will email it to you with your order receipt. Just today I had a gentleman email to say that he is about to go onto the 45 Day Intermediate plan and has lost over 20 lbs.97 The 45 Day Beginner's plan does just that. It does occur BUT only in extreme heat and extremely prolonged exercise/work where you sweat your electrolytes out and replace them with just water. . For the month of Feb-March 2006. Most of this weight loss is water retention the body was storing due to actually NOT drinking enough water. Once you give your body 2-3 liters of water a day. I have seen bloated clients lose up to 20 lbs in 1 week by just adding water. If you have heard rumors about getting ill or dying from drinking too much water -. your body will release retained water. buy any 45 Day plan and get the next level for free. He also increased his pushups from 5 to 35 in under 40 days.see the article I wrote about it last year.

98 Healthy Start for Beginners Helping People FIT FITNESS into Their Life During your New Year's quest for longevity.it simply means eating foods with fewer calories. This does not mean starve yourself . biking or swimming for 20-30 minutes 4-5 times a week. try not to change too much in your life too quickly. You can lose up to 25-50 pounds this year! . By drinking anywhere from two quarts to a gallon of water a day and cutting back on soft drinks. crunches. and lean meats cooked by methods other than frying would be a good start to changing your diet. pull-ups.and all at once!" Here is a plan that will get you started on the right track. you need to take a look at your diet and what you are consuming daily. January . and squats mixed with more walking or occasional running can boost your fitness level to new heights. you need to consume fewer calories.April : Start exercising and drinking water NOW! You may find that you do not have to alter your diet at all as long as you are burning calories by exercise. you may want to try one step at a time rather than trying "cold turkey . Many people. Quitting smoking. Exercises like pushups. in their annual search for health make broad resolutions that require several different life style changes. If you have any of the above vices or others. Tackling any ONE of the above is challenging enough.September 2001: Now you can pick up the physical fitness training a bit by lifting weights or starting a good calisthenics program. starting an exercise program and dieting all in the same week can be extremely challenging.I have proof and living examples The type of exercise you need to start doing is either walking. More nutrients like fruits. May . . vegetables. If your fitness program is not working for you at this time. If you are not losing weight by walking 4-5 times a week and drinking nearly a gallon of water a day.

Try to taper the smoking when you get into the groove of the exercising regularly . If you have not quit smoking cigarettes by now or at least tapered off. quitting has already occurred. now is the time to try either the "cold turkey" method or some type of patch method. you should feel great about your physical progress and have more energy than you have had in years.99 October . it is time to start trying a little more aggressively.do not try all three at once! . however. Usually. if you have maintained a fitness program this long. But if you have not quit. Running. So in summary .start exercising now! Do not change your diet too much but with the addition of water and decrease of soda. biking and swimming several times a week should be habit by now and feel refreshing and stress relieving after each workout.December : By this time.

2.100 Fight Holiday Weight Gain A recent study by National Institute of Health shows that most Americans only gain 2 pounds at the most during the six-week period between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. Typically. It takes the brain about 20 minutes to let you know you are full. end of school year projects. The problem is that most of us do not lose that extra pound or two in the year that follows. However. I have developed an annual habit of a harder than average workout on the big eating days of the holidays. This is prime weight gain time for your body. and other factors can also cause weight gain. Do not skip meals prior to the Big Meal. shopping. 4. Skipping breakfast to eat a huge lunch plays on one-two punch on your metabolism.To avoid that slower metabolism during the holidays.Water is naturally going to help you not eat as much if you drink a large 15-20 minutes prior to having a large Christmas Dinner. Maybe by the 2007 Holiday Season you will be fifty or more pounds lighter and highly active with a fitness program. Plus water will keep you hydrated and help you burn fat more efficiently. 1.full" response from your brain to tell you are satisfied. It works and will allow the "hungry . but throughout the year. Workout in the morning . Drink Water . Eat Slowly . the medical researchers concluded that the two main factors that influence weight gain are hunger and activity level. 3. Try to chew your food at least 30-40 times per mouthful. So what can you do to help yourself maintain or even lose weight over the holiday season? If you are really motivated to lose weight over the holidays. The added stress of holiday travel. go for a 45-60 minute walk or jog or bike to . Skipping a meal will keep your metabolism low and eating until you are rolling away from the dinner table will definitely make you feel like sleeping in front of the television. the following tips may help you to not only lose weight over the holidays.Eat very S-L-O-W-L-Y and enjoy the flavors.

For added caloric burn.or 10# DBs for 10.101 get the metabolism going in the morning. add in some weight training or calisthenics for 20-30 minutes like the following routine: *Repeat five times Warmup with crunches Run/PT Run 5:00 Pushups . it is best to just start a walking program. 15 Typical Cardio/PT Option Warmup 5:00 walk / jog / stretch (see Stretching Article) Walk. 15 Military .max (if possible) DBs and (Heavy. swim or elliptical glide 30:00 *If you area beginner. Eat nothing after 8:00 pm . not because we need to eat.snacks like fruit.10.20 Pushups .Try to eat dinner before 7:00 pm and not snack after 8:00 pm (unless you are on night shift or plan on being awake for six more hours). 15 reps) Biceps curls -10.max in 1:00 . In other words.2:00 (or crunches) Rest 2:00 Pullups . so do not over do it. don't go more than five hours during .max in 1:00 . 5. So. lightweight like 20#. 15 Tricep ext -10.10-20 Crunches . Many of us eat because it is "time" to eat. bike. Any NEW activity will be harder than normal for you. we eat out of habit. Run. vegetables. Eat snacks whenever you "need" to .15#. A family or neighborhood basketball game or tough football game is always a good way to work off the Holiday meals too. 15 Hammer curl-10.2:00 (Do knee pushups if you have to) Rest 2:00 Situps . yogurt or a tuna sandwich are great mid-day snacks that will help your body stay in fat-burning mode.

especially dinner. Add one extra glass (8 oz. Brush your teeth after meals . Try to work off many of the stressors by giving yourself a present of 30 minutes to exercise or walk. This is not skipping a meal . It causes you to eat more at mealtime and decreases your metabolism. An optimal level of water per day as stated by the National Institute of Health is ½ to 1 gallon a day.this makes it less appealing to eat more (especially before bedtime). 6. Drinking a glass of water will usually take care of the food yearning.Right after eating a meal. Most people confuse hunger with dehydration. and mouthwash so that your mouth is feeling nice and clean . Ever try to eat or drink something after brushing your teeth? Not tasty! 7.just a way to work through temptation. floss.) of water per every 10 pounds overweight too! Good luck with the holiday season. You will feel better for it.102 the day without eating.Chew sugarless gum and/or drink water. Confuse hunger with thirst . go straight to the bathroom to brush. .

103 The Importance of Breathing Breathing – of course it is important in everything we do. as well as maintain performance as needed for the job you have to do: Relaxing Breath – Has anyone ever come up to you and said. We breathe more than 20. so it makes sense to become good at breathing. But did you know that you can speed up and slow down your central nervous system by learning some breathing techniques? Did you know you can fail a running test one day and by learning to breathe properly you can pass it the next day? I never really thought about how important breathing is until I compared it with two other things we need to do in order to stay alive. run by the Magis Group. Over the past five weeks. we get to a point where we just react and not control our words or actions. We have all heard that “you can live for weeks without food and only days without water”. By simply breathing FULL inhales and exhales for a few minutes you can slow down your nervous system and this will allow for you to think clearly. and relaxing. One of the many tools the soldiers take away from the training is the different types of breathing skills. From athletic performance. But did anyone ever add “and only minutes without air”? It is true. or nervous about something. This program. The types of breathing that we teach are skills used by professional athletes. NASA astronauts. It is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do when we die. shooting. as well as avid runners or swimmers. anxious. we all have had to control our breathing in some fashion. is all about performance optimization and helps military and law enforcement personnel deal with the stresses of their job and gives them tools to integrate back into society. skilled marksmen. pep yourself up.000 times a day. “Relax – take a breath”? Often when we get spun up. The following skills will help you relax. I had the honor to work on a contract with the 4th Infantry Division training soldiers to be better performers both as soldiers and as citizens. . or calm your nerves from a stressful day. fall asleep.

. This enables your body to get the needed oxygen to your brain and muscles as well as the carbon dioxide out of your system which will help you regulate your heart rate and perform better. Breathing is a tool I would recommend mastering. Your body needs the ability to recover after any tough workout or stressful day / event. It should resemble a young child about to have a temper tantrum. Running Breath – Ever see people running across a finish line of a PFT huffing and puffing uncontrollably? When you learn to breathe. regulate your central nervous system or just relax from a stressful day. good breathers use a pattern of 2-3 steps per inhale and 2-3 steps per exhale. you will learn to run better. Breathe in and out of your nose as fast as you can but very shallowly for about 15-30 seconds using only the top of your lungs. Try this before you go to sleep for a few minutes and you will find yourself falling to sleep faster. This type of breathing can be used tactically and in emergency situations at home or abroad where your ability to help someone and think how to respond to the situation is required. Make sure you get the bottom part of your lungs full of air then slowly exhale through your mouth for 6-8 seconds. Basically you are spinning up your speed up side of your central nervous system. Your heart rate should increase and a slight sweat should start to form as you feel the blood increasing its flow to your brain. Measure your pulse and you will see a difference in your beats per minute. Your breath ratio is 1:2 inhale to exhale. This type of 1:1 ratio of inhales to exhales will allow for you to not only perform better physically. but also engage the thinking part of your brain at the same time. Wake Up Breath – Have you ever sat through a long presentation or class struggling to stay awake or had long hours of the night shift or guard duty? Here is a way to stimulate your nervous system without having to use caffeine or nicotine. Inhale through your nose for 3-4 seconds opening up your entire lungs. Typically.104 Here is how you do it. Breathing is just one of many skills that can be used to increase your performance.

or whatever keeps you inside. Hey Stew. elastic bands. You can do all of these with little or no equipment using calisthenics and isometrics with just your bodyweight. If you have any great stomach / lower back workouts. These components together make a complete workout and the added cardio work will get the heart pumping faster and help maintain cardiovascular health. but one thing I try to stress is complete balance in your workouts. but do a split routine where you do . or my favorite – the TRX. as well as. you can multiply your exercises tenfold. That means not to do a full body workout a few times a week. You will also want to focus on your torso – meaning abdominal exercises as well as lower back and upper back movements. I have no equipment and I am looking for a quick calisthenics and/or isometric upper body and lower body workout.105 Indoor Workout Options No matter what your situation is. and pep it up a little with jumping jacks and jump rope. That means you want to do some form of resistance training that will work your arms and legs. I need some help with a quick indoor routine as I am currently stuck inside due to baby. If you add in some dumbbells. Now you do not have to do all of these to get a good workout. weather. that would be a great addition as well. around the house. Here is a great routine that you can do in your bedroom. up and down steps. hotel room. some days you just cannot get outside or to the gym to exercise. The remaining element is cardio-vascular exercise. There are a few components of a workout program to make it complete. a higher fat burning metabolism. and monetary reasons. I highly recommend doing something every day. Without any equipment you can walk in place. chest and shoulders.

You can mix in the abdominal and lower back elements as “rest” exercises as well as do short intervals of cardio options in between sets to recover muscle groups.Pushups – 10 (use knee pushups or do wide.Birds – 20 (lift arms up and down like you were flying like a bird) d) Chair dips – 10-20 a) b) c) flex of lower back) (lift feet / thigh off of floor for isometric .106 upper body one and followed by the lower body the next. Upper body Option Repeat 5-10 times recommended Jumping Jacks or jump rope 30 seconds a.Reverse pushups – 20 (life your hands off the floor . close. regular hand placement) b. Here are some sample workouts along with picture descriptions to help burn calories when you are “stuck inside”.flexing upper back) c .

Rest with Crunches / Plank Pose: (The Crunch Cycle) a) Regular Crunch – 20 (just lift shoulder blades off of floor) b) Reverse Crunch – 20 (just lift hips off of floor) c) Double Crunch – 20 (Lift both hips and shoulder blades off of floor) d) Left Crunch – 20 (Right elbow to the left knee) e) Right Crunch – 20 (Left elbow to the right knee) f) Bicycle crunch – 20 (10 to the left and 10 to the right alternating Left/Right crunches) g) Plank pose hold for 30-60 seconds – build up for 3-5 minutes .107 d) (See next page) Add crunch cycle to the end of this workout.

108 a) b) c) d) e) f) f) g) .

Lower body workout Repeat 5-10 times Jumping jacks or jump rope . .109 This is a great super cycle that will work the abs / lower back but also allow you to “rest” your arms from all of the pushups.1 minute squats – 20 Lunges – 10/leg Calf Raise / stretch – 20 / leg a) b) c) down off floor) (stretch legs and lift heels up and Add crunch cycle to the end of this workout.

Another great addition to any calisthenics workout is the pullup. Pick three exercises you like. crunch. Simply step up and step down repeatedly. Go through the deck of cards one at a time and perform (for instance) a pushup. Other ideas: 1 – Get a deck of cards. Get creative with this workout and change it up regularly. . I hope this helps you make use of indoor time for the better. then try it as a flexed arm hang or full pullup. If you have a bar of some type in the house. A joker will equal 25-50 reps depending on your fitness level. and stomach exercise. Or even better run a flight of stairs and walk down for some cardio benefit. but all face cards equal 15 reps.110 The exercises above are designed into quick workouts that you can progressively make harder and harder simply by adding more sets or cycles to your workout. Do the number of the card if 2-10. Add pull-ups to your pushup routine perhaps every other set. 2 – Mix in step ups onto chairs or a low table for a hard leg and cardio mix workout. lower body. and a squat for each of the cards. One upper body. Aces equal 20 reps.

We used to do this when I was on the wrestling team. When this occurs the liver assists the body in excretion waste products (if it can) and it stops with its primary mission of metabolizing fat as an energy source. This weight will come back as soon as you drink or eat again. once you stop sweating.111 Losing Weight or Water Weight? This week. This actually can cause the opposite desired affect – your body now is retaining water and fat just to survive. Here is what happens when you start sweating out all the water in your body. Dehydration in your body results in several ways – sweating profusely. These compounds help regulate nerve and muscular function. So in a nutshell. there is no mechanism in your body to regulate body temperature and you could overheat and die from heat stroke. Without them entire systems start to break down and this can be fatal. BUT I would never recommend anyone to do this type of desperate weight loss. and it worked for a few pounds to cut to competing weight. I was wondering if taking a diuretic and laxative and working out in a plastic suit will help me lose this last ten pounds?” You must have been talking to a wrestler from the 1970-80’s. He writes. Also. excessive excretion from diuretics and laxatives are the few you named. I received an email from a future military enlistee who is preparing to serve his country in the Marine Corps. . but it is ONLY water weight. but salt and electrolytes. Your body is over 75% water and needs this percentage to remain close to that amount in order to function properly. Depleting your body of water will create a loss of weight. Sweat is not only water. “I need to lose ten more pounds before I can join the military. you shut down your entire metabolism and your body tries desperately to cling onto any remaining water and fat. Removing additional water from your digestive system by diuretics and laxatives causes the kidneys to overwork and eventually stop functioning.

I did a lot of what you said.112 This process is a vicious cycle.. The true way to burn fat and lose weight for the long term is to actually drink water plus exercise... The equation looks like this: Fat loss = water + oxygen (from cardio vascular exercise) Typical and safe weight loss amounts range from 2-3 pounds per week from using this formula. . I first emailed you when i was 350 as of now I'm 240.. I usually drink over a gallon of water a day but I exercise for more than two hours a day usually.. Any weight loss more than that and you are losing water weight – which will come back as quickly as it left.I just want to let you know and to also thank you I will be taking the asvab and joining in Feburary 2009. Here is a great email from a 100+lb weight loss story!!! I'm not sure you remember me I emailed you last year about losing over a 100 lbs! I wanted to join the army but the only way to do that was to lose 100 lbs.... I would recommend 2-3 quarts for women and 3-4 quarts for men per day of water to see huge results in weight loss..

As you add more water to your system. Creating a calorie deficiency at the end of a day does not mean you have to starve yourself. The water intake should be anywhere from ½ gallon for women and up to 1 gallon a day for men. Walking. If you exercise more calories than you eat at the end of the day. Adding water will REHYDRATE you and enable the body to burn more fat (as long as you increase your oxygen intake by doing some form of exercise). you will not lose weight. The human body is built for survival and when we receive too few calories and not enough water. jogging. the body needs water and increased oxygen to burn fat as an energy source. you should be able to lose weight in a healthy manner and better yet. but you could gain weight by the increased water retention. there are a few factors that you must consider for any weight loss program to be effective. prompting almost immediate weight loss that is healthy. swimming.113 Want to Lose Weight? To lose weight. your body will be able to use the retained water for excretion. This is where Formula #2 comes into play: Water + Oxygen = Fat burning Basically. In fact. . calisthenics. and even yard work can help with working your cardiovascular system. This is not the same as sitting in a sauna and sweating which actually DEHYDRATES you. So. biking. KEEP IT OFF! Formula #1: Calories OUT > Calories IN = Weight Loss This formula is as basic as weight loss gets. you will lose weight. decreasing your calories too much can have an opposite effect on the body and cause what I refer to as CAMEL MODE. we can actually shut down our metabolism to a point where you will not burn fat and store water. If you remember the following formulas.

In fact. standing) burns calories -. Activity Aerobics Basketball Game Pt – Pushups Child Care Gardening Jogging Pushing Stroller Jumping Jacks / Rope Swimming Tennis Walking 4 mph 130 lbs 300 Calories Per Hour 475 Calories Per Hour 480 Calories Per Hour 210 Calories Per Hour 290 Calories Per Hour 410 Calories Per Hour 150 Calories Per Hour 450 Calories Per Hour 550 Calories Per Hour 400 Calories Per Hour 250 Calories Per Hour 190 lbs 500 Calories Per Hour 675 Calories Per Hour 690 Calories Per Hour 300 Calories Per Hour 400 Calories Per Hour 600 Calories Per Hour 210 Calories Per Hour 650 Calories Per Hour 890 Calories Per Hour 600 Calories Per Hour 350 Calories Per Hour These are but a few of the ways to burn calories. everything you do (breathing. If you weigh more that 190 lbs you will actually burn slightly more calories than a lighter person.even sleeping! But as you can see from the above list. .114 Here are some sample calorie expenditures for a variety of activities for people who weigh 130 – 190 lbs. sitting. activities that burn the most are rigorous or can be done for several hours.

Remember. you should consult a nutritionist or dietician for a plan if you plan to go under 1800 calories. But it is never a good idea to limit your calories under 1800 calories per day. This will produce the caloric deficiency needed to lose weight. The main reason is that you can lose weight but become unhealthy due to lack of vitamins. In fact. minerals and other nutrients from a lower calorie diet. the key to any weight control program is adding water to your diet and developing a fitness plan that will help you add oxygen and burn calories and fat.115 Take a look at my Summer Lean Down Plan article for more information on the “CALORIES IN” part of the equation. .

• 75% of America is overweight or obese = 250 million people! • More than half of the overweight people are obese = 140 million people! • These numbers have doubled since the 1970's.116 Help -. as well as teenaged youth are overweight. • 70% of diabetes cases are preventable • 300.com for more information/statistics First of all.overweightteen. eye sight. before I can join the Army.000 Americas die EACH year due to complications caused by improper diet and fitness habits • 50% of teen's exercise consists of nothing or just walking See www. women. felony crimes.I Need to Lose 40 lbs! Some Recruits Need Even More Weight Loss! I typically receive an email like this week's article subject several times a week. At 40 lbs. . I am proud of anyone who wishes to serve in the Armed Forces in any capacity. For the first 1-2 months. and other medical disqualification among recruits seeking military professions. overweight. I also need help with running and I cannot do any pushups. In fact more than HALF of the emails I receive are of this nature!!! “Help! I need to lose 40 lbs. it is not recommended to start a running plan. Recent alarming statistics conclude the following: • Not meeting Height / weight standards is biggest issue the military deals with versus high school education. The goal for the young future soldier is to start moving TODAY. How do I get fit and fit into a uniform?” It is a fact that many (too many) of America's men.

our pool of fit youth to serve in the military is decreasing in size every year. walk for a minute or find a certain number of telephone poles or drive ways to run and walk to catch your breath. I recommend that you run for a minute. and run. try to start running. and not start smoking for many reasons.not a “girl” pushup. Consider it a lighter weighted bench press -. because a fitness beginner – no matter the age – can be easily injured if you start off too fast. Depending upon your height. Run a little and walk a little for the same amount of time that you were walking before. and other joints. start doing pushups on your knees. Today. See the free running plan once you are able to run 1-2 miles non-stop. eating better and drinking water (up to a gallon a day). Just like doing knee pushups. and even vanity to name a few. strength. eventually you will be able to do pushups. If you cannot do pushups. For starters see the 45 Day Plan for Beginners And once you have a few weeks or month under your belt of stretching. including energy level. you will be able to perform pushups and sit-ups. Soon. so they are NOT girl pushups any longer – just “assisted pushups. Focus on losing weight first by moving more. weight. But you have to do it properly. and sex.117 you should stretch daily. and lots of walking or biking. confidence. As far as adding strength at the same time as losing weight. walk 30-60 minutes a day and watch what you eat. health. The good news is that a program works!! . lower back. As a nation.” See the articles on Pushups and PFT Testing in the Archive for more info and workouts on pushups and situps. some weight loss. women in the military do regular pushups all the time. We have to encourage our kids to exercise. eat right. It is the same with running non-stop – walk/run workouts work best for beginner runners. the good news is that you can do both at the same time. running when significantly overweight can damage your knees.

One of the most interesting studies I have heard was the three treatments of 1) Electrical stimulation and massage. Usually. all had about the same full recovery period. According to Dr.118 Lower Back Injuries www. and lower back muscle strength. or the spine itself. Each of these injuries seems to manifest themselves in the form of the back spasm. electrical stimulation. legs. 2) Bed Rest and pain killers. which is the body’s way of immobilizing the injury to prevent further injury. disc inflammation. but have neglected to exercise the lower back. law enforcement. all occur due to lack in flexibility and balance of hip. or in some cases. Strangely. The back injuries seen most in doctor’s offices and chiropractic clinics world wide involve the lower back / hip region and can occur from a variety of different causes. most of the injuries in the region are lower back muscle pulls or tears. ultra-sound. abdominals and lower back. These three types of lower back injuries can occur from falling. These three muscles groups often oppose each other and must be equally flexible and strong in order to prevent injury in one or the other. usually causing spasms. lifting. This can cause the lower back stress since abdominals will flex while the lower back stretches.com We all are susceptible to lower back injuries– military. or sedentary person – we all get back injuries of some sort. Here is a quote from a former Marine now Doctor of Chiropractic medicine. Steve Erle D. Some studies have experimented with BOTOX to relax the spasm so the patient can function better and will less pain.stewsmith. The lower back plan discusses and illustrates preventative exercises and stretches to strengthen the torso and create balance between the hips. from heat. pain killers. no noticeable reason at all. 3) nothing but stretching. anti-inflammatory. sleeping in an awkward position. stretching. IF the lower back. and muscle relaxers. and hips are not flexible or strong. Many forms of treatment can be given to these injuries. the lower back will pull involuntarily. abdominal.C. ice. "I have been in practice for over 10 years and have seen my fair share of Lower back injuries and I would . beginning exerciser. advanced athlete. and physical therapist of the Maryland Disc Institute. Many advanced athletes may have super abdominals.

119 safely say that Chiropractic care along with some of your other treatments (stretching in particular) will increase healing time and allow a patient much better flexibility and Range of Motion. Each and every Airman that comes into my office wishes they could have some kind of Chiropractic treatment for them on bases around the world. " . Motion is Life and without it we are all headed for disease. I see many Military personnel in my office as I am very close to a large Air force Base.

Here is a list of recommended healthy ways to help you lose a few inches: Drink at least three liters of water per day (100 oz) Eat five servings of vegetables and fruits per day Eliminate fried foods Eliminate processed sugar (for example: sodas. These are: 1) Healthy Diet.There are no isolation exercise that will spot reduce fat from your body. I like to work my "obliques" on days I work my legs. you need to concentrate on three areas to help firm your mid-section. As with any abdominal exercise. "LOVE-HANDLES!! Help me lose them. and water consumption together. 2) Cardio-vascular and resistance training. The number one item if you will notice is food intake. cardiovascular activity. Here is how I would break it down to get rid of those "love handles": *note . buying a new diet book every year.120 Help Me Lose the Lovehandles!! This week I received an email titled. and (arrangement of workouts too will help burn fat) 3) Abdominal exercises to firm muscles UNDER the fat. The abdominal routines / resistance workouts below will help you firm the muscles under fat #1 Healthy Diet The most important factor in acquiring abs is eating a healthy diet. cookies. As with any fitness and health goal . Personally." I have been working on a routine that incorporates exercises that will help you work your love handles (the oblique region of the torso). Fat comes off the body through healthy diet. candy) . so I created the Legs and Love Handles workout seen below. Neither can be missing or you will not have the energy to exercise or you will be part of the yo-yo diet crowd.nutrition and exercise are always the main ingredients to success.

For your health as well as a fat burner! Losing love handles and increasing the metabolism so you can lose weight more effectively are all tied into a consistent cardiovascular / resistance training program. but to get rid of that last 10-15 pounds. it is recommended to lower calories to a range of 15002000 calories a day BUT you must make exercise a habit .max reps Hanging Knee up Stretch abs/lowerback Cardio option 20-30:00 Run. pull-ups.both with abdominal exercises and cardio work. #2) Cardio-vascular exercise .10-20 Regular Crunches .20 Pullups . overall mental alertness when exercising daily. swim etc . It takes a few weeks before you start to see the physical benefits or your diet and exercise program. or swimming daily 4-5 times per week.121 Eliminate fatty red meat .only lean red meats (1-2 times weekly) Diets like the Atkins and other high protein diets may help at first. walk. but also mix in 2-3 times a week of basic calisthenics like pushups. bench dips. biking. bike.10-20 Reverse Crunches . You should do 30-45 minutes of activities like walking. You will see almost immediate results in your energy level.20 Bench dips . running. squats and lunges. The sample routine below will help you better organize exercise into your week: Monday & Thursday Upperbody Program Warmup 5:00 / stretch Repeat 5-10 times Pushups .

bike or jog 5:00 Stretch legs Squats . swimming.25 Right crunches .122 Tuesday & Friday Legs and Love Handles Repeat 4-5 times Walk.Legs up) . elliptical gliding machines #3) Ab Workouts .10/side Stretch abs / lowerback Cooldown walk or bike 5:00 / stretch Wednesday LONG Cardio Day 45-60 minutes of walking.(Bicycles .20 Lunges 10 / leg Left crunches .Sample abdominal exercises are the following: Advanced Crunches .25 Hip rollers . alternate bending your knees as you were riding a bicycle and touch opposite elbows to your knees. (Do not do if you have previous lower back injury .place feet on the floor.) . running or combination of the two Or biking.Lie on your back with your feet 6" off the ground.

In the same position as the regular crunch.123 Reverse Crunch .Cross your left leg over your right leg. Same as below pic just opposite: Right Elbow to Left Knee . lift your knees and butt toward your elbows.Same as above just switch sides. (Do not do if you have previous lower back injury) Left Elbow to Right Knee . Only move your legs and butt. Flex your stomach and twist to bring your right elbow to your left knee. Leave your head and upper body flat on the ground. Cross your right leg .

.. you should also exercise your lower back to build balance in your torso.124 over your leg. *note .Anytime you work your abs. There are many other ab exercises to add variety in the eBooks and books. see Lower Back Plan . Flex your stomach and twist to bring your left elbow to your right knee.

by simply adding a gallon of water a day to your diet and eating fewer salty foods. Limiting unhealthy carbs (sugars) is always a good idea. However. If you are running fast to score a competitive time on your PFT. much less try to run. So the short answer to a long explanation -.Working Out? This week. performing calisthenics. I have seen many under-hydrated people simply add water to their diet and have the same results of 20 pounds weight loss. It is never a good idea to completely eliminate such an essential element of good health. your body will lose the excess water being retained.yes -. or doing calisthenics for maximum scores. The low-carb diet eliminates foods such as fruits and vegetables loaded with fiber. Some experts say that lifting weights. "will a lowcarb diet hurt my PFT scores?" He went onto state that his unit was being called for active duty and he had to lose some weight to get into "fighting shape" so he went on one of the high protein and low carbohydrate diets and lost over 20 lbs very quickly. These diets allowed them to lose more than 20 pounds of fat and retained water in a few weeks by eliminating carbs and going into ketosis. and nutrients vital to excretion and fighting illnesses. you WILL fatigue more quickly. If you do not have this quick burning fuel in your body. but not eating key nutrients will definitely affect your workout.125 Low Carb Diet . and running at a fast pace could increase the risk of muscular injury IF your glycogen level (stored carbs) is low. the body needs carbohydrates for fuel. However. I have recommended people who are extremely overweight to start a low-carb diet like Atkins or the South Beach Diet but only temporarily since they were too heavy and bloated to really move. minerals.having low levels of carbohydrates in your diet will affect your PFT test taking and your everyday . lifting weights and calisthenics were not that impressive and he is not seeing the results he needs. his workouts such as running. a former Army Officer and Reservist emailed me to ask.

full of ideas on water intake. Also check out my free diet plan . and exercise tips. If you want to lose weight. food varieties. .126 workouts. do it by reducing calories in and increase calories burned by more cardiovascular and strength training or calisthenics.

The priest. Father Hoog could walk a mile. Father Hoog had to lose over eighty pounds. Most of us all say to ourselves. I personally know first hand because I am Stew Smith. I was stationed at the Naval Academy and in charge of the remedial physical fitness program at the time. we took a benchmark test to see where he should begin. so I was accustomed to talking to people about fitness.From Overweight to Health Changing your life and deciding to do something different because you yearn to is something you read about. the Navy SEAL lieutenant. a 52 year old Catholic priest and the other a 28 year old Navy SEAL Lieutenant. I knew this was not going to be easy to accomplish and I figured I would put as much into his program as Father Hoog did. He was always willing to answer my basic questions about Catholicism and faith. But never had I undertaken such a project. I'd like to do that. be able to do over 40 pushups. The two could never have foreseen the effect they would have on each others lives. was spent getting to know each other and I soon found myself talking about my choice to convert to Catholicism. "One day. We decided that we would meet weekly to exercise and my job was to alter his weekly fitness program to meet the goals specified by the Navy." One day two men meet for the first time.127 Motivation To Change Your Life . Pushups on his toes. The first week. were nonexistent and his weak lower back was preventing him from being able to do situps. Father Hoog's goal was to become a Navy Chaplain after almost 25 years as a civilian Catholic priest. Our first visit. The first meeting went well as we discovered we both could contribute to each other's lives. One. but I am here to tell you it can happen to you at any time in your life. who was from St. Father Hoog. His high blood pressure was an issue as well and he was on medication for it. waited at his table at the Naval Academy Restaurant. which was the requirement. 60 situps and run a mile and a half under 13:00. Mary's in Annapolis. but not run at all. . In turn Father Hoog helped me find faith in the Catholic Church and God.

I would see Father Hoog walking around the Naval Academy Campus. we decided to start monitoring food intake. Within a few weeks. so I started to have as much faith as he had determination. But the water helped flush his system. oranges and other fruits. So we were making progress. you can't expect to get back into shape overnight either. This proved to be the area where he needed the most help and the documentation of every piece of candy in between meals helped him realize that. It was good to see he was determined to start. He was drinking nearly a gallon a day and barely able to make it through an entire mass without rushing to the rest room. This was the month that his doctor reduced the high blood pressure medicine as well. for most people confuse hunger with dehydration. a few knee pushups and crunches. father Hoog showed no signs of weight loss and was getting frustrated. A quart of water during the late morning and afternoon helped curb his appetite for lunch and afternoon snacking. but he did notice by the tape measure and the tighter notch on his belt. enabled the body to burn fat as an energy source more efficiently. he shifted into long term mode. Soon he had given up M&Ms. but changing dietary habits that are 50 years old is as challenging as beginning an exercise program. Father Hoog did not notice the change in body composition by the scale. cookies and other sugary snacks for apples. stretching. Everyday. so we decided to wait a month or so before we added a strict diet program. and kept his body cool during exercise. . I did not want to add to the stress." I told him. Exercise to a sedentary person is stressful enough. The water consumption helped out in this area as well. But Father Hoog was well on his way physically. which took off the stress on weigh in days.128 Week one for Father Hoog was a week of walking. but decided not to start a rigorous diet the same week as an exercise routine. for if there is such thing as a magic solution to losing weight it is WATER. but we still had 75 pounds to go. So with that. We tripled his water intake. This was pleasing to both of us. Two months into the fitness program. He was building muscle in areas that were inactive before. but would he keep up the vigor? We also realized that he had to watch the sweets. I made him write down everything he put into his mouth. but he was losing fat at the same time. "You do not get out of shape overnight. It all made sense to him as I mentioned these tips.

I was amazed! He was still determined to keep on pressing. especially since I surprised her one day almost a year earlier with the announcement I wanted to become Catholic. most people in the Northeast gain weight since it is colder outside and fewer activities available. It was good for both of us. I was able to do my first Confession with Father Hoog during the Easter week services and I soon was Catholic. My wife and I took the RCIA classes together. Hundreds of repetitions of pushups. but we had no idea how hard the next thirty pounds would be. Father Hoog started running by just completing 50 yards at a time then walking 50 yards to catch his breath. more running. This appealed to the Navy SEAL in me naturally. It is not easy losing fifty pounds during the winter months.129 At the sixth month. crunches. but he wanted to ace the standards and receive the highest score possible for his age group. Our calisthenics program had paid off. It was about Easter time now. helped Father Hoog add the strength he needed to pass the Navy Physical Fitness Standards for a fifty year old man. It was the third month in a row on little or no weight loss. Father Hoog was stuck on a plateau. The ninth month was depressing. eight months into Father Hoog's mission of becoming a Navy Chaplain and my mission of becoming Catholic. swimming and biking. All along. so I pushed him off with a course of weight training. The workouts were not easier. This was the boost Father Hoog needed. Father Hoog's own battle not to just pass the standards with the minimums. But Father Hoog was now weighing just 230 pounds. . we had to change something to stimulate more weight loss. We repeated this several time during the run / walk. This workout seemed to help rejuvenate the metabolism and melted nearly fifty pounds of Father Hoog away by Spring. Accomplishing the physical fitness testing goals were a big relief for us both. could run the mile and a half in the prescribed time and pass the pushup and situps test. but she was born Catholic. squats and even pullups and dips. Now it was a battle with just thirty pounds. Father Hoog only lost five pounds in three months. then walking a bit in between. it changed to tone of the workouts as well. I always disregarded the minimum scores and only saw the maximums as goals. With twenty five pounds to go. Not only did these add challenges to his physical fitness program. And of course. we had seen much progress. Father Hoog helped straighten out the Catholics churches views on many controversial topics as well as explain the basics. Father Hoog was now running with me for a few miles.

in fact it has changed my life in many ways.130 just different. we hugged. The Navy needed a man like Father Hoog and now has him.addicted to that feeling of helping people reach their personal goals. my most recent book was dedicated to Father Hoog . This was an especially happy month for me. Father Hoog well surpassed the maximum scores for his age group. we cried and thanked God. nutritional chapter as well as hundreds of pictures to show beginners how to do the exercises properly. preaching machine" of 200 pounds. Mary's in Annapolis. He was now chasing the age group of Navy men ten years younger than him. Then the day came! The day we stepped on the scales and he had lost all the weight he needed to lose. I am now out of the Navy and started a fitness consultant business as well as freelance writing.StewSmith. mean. We jumped. The scales tipped at a "lean. I was addicted .com . The change in pace seemed to work. I now have four fitness books published in the past three years. Only fifteen more pounds to go. My wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.com and have my own website www. I also write a weekly fitness column for Military. It features a 52 week workout program. Father Hoog impressed upon me that faith and love were as much a part of his life as hard nose determination. Two months later. All using the same principles that I used with Father Hoog. Now Father Hoog's running had skyrocketed to as many as ten miles nonstop. we were back on the road to losing weight steadily. After another two months. Father Hoog was one of the first guests we had that day and Mary received her first blessing. the Navy came to St.Maximum Fitness. . It was a moment I will never forget. In fact. Mary Elizabeth. Once again. The church held a ceremony for Father Hoog and I was the Naval Officer who got to swear Father Hoog into the Naval Chaplain Corp. He could do ten pullups. over 60 pushups and 75 situps. which is dedicated to helping people reach their fitness goals.

I was pretty pumped. or other unhealthy habits . I am afraid I am locked in an infinite cycle of Phase 1. in the end it is really YOU who accomplishes the task at hand. without the need of being influenced to do so by another person. am 5’8”. “Well. if we see you back here in six months. it does work. What do you say to people who need that kind of no-nonsense push? There is very little difference between getting motivated to exercise and lose weight / get healthy and having the self-motivation to do the same. Working in a careful and consistent manner without giving up. I can’t seem to get out of this phase! I need some tough words to motivate me.” Needless to say this shocked me. who took control of your eating habits. it would make me mad enough to prove them wrong. Here is a story that explains how it works: When I was 18 years old after spending two and a half years of my high school days trying to qualify for the Naval Academy.not ME. we’ll know you didn’t make it. BUT. Maybe if someone told me I can’t do it.that sure I wrote a workout that worked for you.Motivation is defined by WikiPedia as the ability to motivate yourself. Before I left. but I will say from personal experience. sometimes people need a kick in the butt and need to stop feeling sorry for themselves and could use some “self-motivation”. but when . Self . with no option of failure. I actually had an adult teacher actually say to me. Even if it requires one outside voice to motivate you to do something. Not everyone needs this type of motivation. said with a smile. I’ve been reading your articles and you have some great tips on how to lose weight. to find a reason and the necessary strength to do something. So. and have been fighting an extra 30-40 lb for the past two years. It seems that everything I try ends up in failure. I tell people when I receive a success story . I am sick of the “you can do it” mentality. So in the end you have to be self-motivated.131 Tough Love Stew. I got accepted. but it was YOU who did the workouts daily. I am a 34 year old mother of two.

DON'T TELL ME. we all may have 1-2 that we could do better on. I always thought of that jack@## and it did help me stay motivated. yet you cannot even take care of yourself. (Just get them the toy in the Kids Meal .I learned this one from Erin O'Neill .DON'T TELL ME you want to be an example to your kids and you eat at fast food restaurants when most convenient.BUT get back up and succeed. . or fire fighter..that is all they really want. but you do not know what it means to push yourself physically / mentally and still fail .132 the days got long and difficult during the next four years.DON'T TELL ME . . drink to excess. (you could also use the phrase “stuffing your pie hole with…”) . watching TV…(_________fill in the blank with any lazy activity) ..DON'T TELL ME you want to get healthy and still smoke. How are you supposed to have the ability to save your partner or a victim needing help? . So I tell people .DON'T TELL ME you want to lose weight yet you eat extra large portions / extra calorie snacks / desserts. I usually start out with . Sorry about the tough love.. law enforcement. Here are some examples to try on yourself if you need a little kick in the butt: Even though these will not apply to everyone..DON'T TELL ME you want to be in Special Forces one day.) . but the email I got MOTIVATED me to share..See her story .THEN tell me you DID it. Thanks and good luck staying motivated.DON'T TELL ME you want to lose weight yet you spend all day playing video games.Just DO it.. or have a high fat diet.DON'T TELL ME you want to serve your country in the military.

swimming. Here is the email to give you a better idea of the issues involved with this topic: “I noticed that no matter how light or heavy my workout is for the day I always experience some nausea.” However. . I receive an email concerning that nauseated feeling you can get when exercising. After any anaerobic activity like – faster running. We used to joke in my younger days in the SEAL Teams that “if you are not puking .. I have seen many people (including myself) who are above average athletes toss their cookies during workouts. This occurs when your eyes are either closed while exercising or your eyes scan the ceiling freely. there are ways to help you avoid this feeling altogether. If you sip Gatorade or another electrolyte /sugar replacement drink during your workout. This can also occur in evening workouts if you skip lunch or after noon pre-workout meals.133 Nauseated During Workouts Often. There are a few issues that can cause this uncomfortable feeling as well as many ways to prevent it. In other words.. since you have not eaten in probably 10-12 hours. If you have any advice. please share!” In my experience.you are not trying.. could there be something causing this? I have the understanding that when you push your body to a certain point vomiting will happen. Dizziness soon follows and next thing you know you are nauseated. that nauseated feeling has nothing to do with how good of shape you are in... high repetition calisthenics or weight lifting. Here are some of the things that can cause and prevent this unpleasant feeling: 1) Early Morning Workouts – Pre-breakfast workouts start your body exercising with minimal fuel in the tank. Many people who like to begin their workouts with crunches or other abdominal exercises can actually get motion sick while performing abdominal exercises. I usually eat a piece of fruit or oatmeal prior to any workout and working out in the morning. you will hit a wall and feel completely drained. this will help you as well. 2) Motion Sickness – This is probably what caused your nausea. but I experience this on the lightest of days. your blood sugars levels are lower than normal. Even on the days I do very light cardio and just weightlift.

. lock your eyes on a fixed point on the ceiling of your workout area.134 The answer to this is to simply do the old Navy trick I learned when first on a ship in the North Atlantic . the causes for exercise induced nausea are motion sickness or lower blood sugar levels.look at the horizon to prevent motion sickness. You will no longer feel sick by doing this as long as you are properly fueled. So. A majority of the time. when doing situps.

Here is one of several emails from people who stuck with the plan for the month of January AND have built a habit of fitness and motivation to carry to the next level..Thanks so much.I think the most important thing is to feel better and look better... stretching. Water Retention: A gentleman -..!!!! The plan has made a huge improvement in my everyday life....... Give yourself a few weeks and you too can feel like this gentleman: I just completed Day 35 of the 45 Day Beginner Plan..and I know the weight is coming off as well. I feel better....!! This week is not about tooting my own horn..who weighed more than 320 pounds and could not wear his watch.. "Daddy it looks like your "bulk" is going down. I know this year will be a better year for him...135 New Year Resolutions That Worked In the first week of January I give out my 45 Day Beginner Plan free to readers.. he lost 25 lbs by ONLY adding water and subtracting sodas.they say. but I would say I have lost somewhere between 12 and 15 lbs... but I’m hoping to help readers realize that if you follow a plan (ANY PLAN) of walking more...... rings... and watching what you eat (limiting excess sugar/fat calories). and my kids notice as well... have more energy.".... stronger..that's what they called my rather large middle. or shoes that he wore the . Other stories: Quit Drinking Soda: My own father. Now..and all I can say is WOW.... he feels better and has added a fitness component to his life – walking and stretching 20 minutes a day... you can be well on your way to improving your energy level and getting in shape. drinking more water.. Over the course of the year..... so this is always a gratifying week for me.. decided to quit drinking sodas and switch to water instead. not a particularly fit person..I haven't really been watching my weight that close.

he actually added water to his current diet (which was dehydrating him). pull-ups. he could wear his watch. Want to lose weight? Just add water! Swim Workout Progress: On another level of fitness. He did not sweat it off in a sauna -. ring. If you have fallen off the wagon from previous resolutions. After consulting a doctor upon this weight loss. and shoes. since he was not as tired after the swim. his scores on the remaining exercises of the BUDS PST improved as well (1. He started drinking water throughout the day – up to 3-4 quarts of water and basically urinated all of the retained water and toxins from his body.which is dangerous. time to get back up and try again . Now he is on a path of basic fitness losing about 2 lbs a week and currently at 285 in two months. pushups. he had a clean bill of health and the reason for his water retention was high sodium / low water diet.5 mile run. Subsequently.136 year before -. a young aspiring SEAL purchased the Combat Swimmer Stroke DVD in January and dropped his effort in swimming the 500yd swim for the Navy SEAL entrance exam by 50% (went from 12 to 6 stroke per 25yds) and decreased his time from 10:30 to 8:30. In one week. His body went into camel mode and stored water and quit metabolizing fat at a normal rate. situps).loses 20 lbs of retained water in one week.

but fortunately losing weight can be faster if you follow a strict nutritional and exercise plan. when people stop exercising and no longer care about what they eat. Foods high in protein mixed with a natural carbohydrate are great energy meals.The Fundamentals of Eating Right for More Energy On average. the scheduled 5:00pm workout can easily get bumped! Make thirty minutes of exercise fit into your mornings and do some type of workout. bananas for natural sources of energy. Both take only minutes a day. That is why in five short years. Try a lean turkey or chicken sandwich with vegetables like lettuce and tomato. people step on a scale and cannot believe they are nearly FIFTY pounds overweight. Here are a few eating tips TO LOSE FAT and some ideas on quick exercises routines to try when time is limited: 1) Lay off the fast food – Before you go on a trip or a long day at work. oranges.137 Nutrition . Try apples. or running for 30 minutes . . try to eat before you leave and pack a lunch. Weight has a way of sneaking up on you over time. You do not get overweight overnight and you do not lose the weight overnight either.Try biking. Both take time. Fruits are great quick snacks too. Wake up and burn some calories – As busy days pile up with more and more obligations. Try mustard and limit mayo for reduced calories. they can gain five to ten pounds a year.Go to your gym of TV video for a quick circuit routine 2) . walking.

milk. Healthy snacks and meals will carry you through your stressful days much better than skipping meals or binge eating. See chart on next page for better ideas on what to eat during the day and before and after exercise sessions. you should try to eat at regularly scheduled times during the day. Add exercise to the plan and you will also get fit and feel better than you have in years. You will find that if you keep a good schedule. . 1230 – lunch iv. 0630 – breakfast ii. fruits. you will lose weight and inches. boiled eggs and others. Other snacks during the day can be salads. 1530 – afternoon snack v. 0930 – morning snack iii. 1830 – dinner If your days are longer than 15-18 hours you should try another light snack at 2100 of foods like yogurt. Try an eating schedule of the following recommended times: i.138 Try calisthenics like jumping jacks / pushups / crunch routine and jumping jacks / squats / lunges / crunches Try using dumbbells for arms and shoulders Another Tip – if you do not schedule a workout – it does not exist!! - 3) Don’t wait – Start NOW! – Why wait? When you can. grapes. lean meats. small sandwiches.

139 4) Walk more for fat burn– When safety is not an issue. and fats. These tips can help you prevent unneeded weight gain. When you do these exercises for just 5-10 minutes daily. Just twenty minutes of brisk walking can burn over 100-150 calories. See Fundamentals of Nutrition Chart below and on the next page: 5) . Keep working the abdominal region – Not with food but with exercises like crunches. situps. protein. try to walk farther than normal when going about your normal day. Burning a few more calories by walking is one of the easiest ways to walk off that extra weight. Love-handles link Overall. it is easier to remember to watch your food intake and stop Washboard Abs link yourself from gorging. If you limit too much of a macro-nutrient you will see decrease in athletic performances so keep up with carbs. and lower back stretches. it is important to keep up the habit of moving more and eating better foods for you.

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this chart applies to active teens as well but as a growing adolescent athlete you should be focused on eating to grow stronger not on the aesthetics side of fitness which can dehydrate you and potentially stunt growth. .142 Note .

So find . 2) Hire a personal trainer. Fitting fitness into your schedule is the hardest part of starting a plan. like myself. recumbent bikes.143 Overwhelmed in Fitness Centers . treadmills.Here are Some Tips Ever walk into a weight room and feel completely overwhelmed? Are you intimidated because you think everybody is in great shape and you are not? Many folks who are entertaining the idea of getting back into shape get turned off immediately by those feelings. . 1) Go with a friend. stair steppers. Most personal trainers range from $30 to $50. Personal trainers. . are your workout buddies. Many people are also threatened by the number of foreign weight machines. How do you work these things? What are all these buttons? If you have asked yourself these questions. Most are flexible enough to exercise with you at your time schedule and will help you set a time for fitness. elliptical gliders and free weights. stationery bikes.here are some tips for you that may make your fitness journey a little easier: The bench press.00 an hour. They can help push you properly and keep you from injuring yourself. Having a buddy to exercise with really helps motivate you to do more than you would than if by yourself.

Now there are bicycling classes called "Spinning.if you are counting your pennies. 3) Take a group class . and. which uses free weights. believe it or not. Leg press.144 one that will exercise with you once a week and provide a plan of the week for you to do on your own . .Group classes are not just aerobics. All of which will get you back to your lighter days. people even pay for Bootcamp style classes. Lat pulldowns." body Sculpting classes.

All I need to workout is a set of monkey bars at a playground. pullups. situps.145 4) There are even options for those who do not want to go to a gym or fitness center. I still feel that getting up and walking is the best. lunges. running and swimming . Pick it up a bit and jog or bike if you want something more intense.remember to drink lots of water everyday especially if you add exercise to your world. Once again go with a friend to keep it interesting and fun. And always . 5) Out of all the ways there is to exercise. You can also do these exercises inside your home as well. videos. Fitness can be fun and does not have to be intimidating as long as you are willing to try and learn new things from fitness professionals. the military favorite of pushups.com . and of course fitness related articles such as this one at StewSmith. Calisthenics .can get you in the best shape of your life. books. This exercise is free and easy to do. Walk inside the local mall if you battle weather in your area during the winter. a place to run and swim. but you may have to go to a local YMCA or swim club in order to add swimming to your list of activities.yes. squats.

Swimming: This is a great form of exercise since it uses many different muscle groups and puts less gravitational strain on your joints. if you aren't in a high-risk pregnancy group. unless you perform some upper body resistance workouts with dumbbells too. but I had one from a woman about exercising while pregnant. I verified the following little known facts to the commonly asked questions: I'm newly pregnant and could be in better shape. the water supports your weight. Low-impact aerobic classes: These classes have about the same benefits as walking. and it is the perfect way to get started if you didn't exercise before pregnancy. Furthermore. giving your lower back a temporary reprieve from the strain from your new stomach. for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. you can pursue an exercise program at a mild to moderate level. we had several emails. . exercise three days a week. However. Pregnancy isn't the time to try to start a rigorous routine. Is it safe to start an exercise program now? It's important to review your exercise plan with your doctor before you begin. Consulting with the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. For beginners.146 Exercise and Pregnancy Last week. Walking: This exercise is the best. These are some of the recommended exercises that you can do if you are pregnant. preferably with a day between workouts.

Be particularly careful to eat properly. Don't exercise to exhaustion: A good rule of thumb: slow down if you can't comfortably carry on a conversation. Jogging does present a greater risk for falling down. Keep your fitness regimen fun and safe while pregnancy by utilizing the following tips:. Some other forms of exercise also need to be modified. . After the first trimester. Weight lifting or any other exercise where you might be tempted to stand motionless for long periods can also decrease blood flow to the torso and head and cause blackout very quickly. For instance. such as horseback riding or even bike riding are strictly off-limits to pregnant women. ride a stationary bike instead of a real bike. Being pregnant means you need an additional 300 calories a day. so take care. There are exercises you should avoid: High-risk sports and activities with a potential for hard falls. or step back and forth. avoid sit-ups and other exercises done while flat on your back--this can decrease the blood flow to the uterus. When is doubt.147 Jogging: Heading out for a run is fine in moderation and if you did it regularly before your pregnancy. ask your doctor. Keep moving: change positions.

and a resistance training component mixed with functional tasks. a cardiovascular component like walking or swimming. a pre-hab program consists of warming-up. But. Generally speaking. To be specific. many physical therapists and athletic trainers are using pre-hab as part of a daily program to help prevent the nagging injuries as well as the ones that require surgery. doctors use pre-hab to prepare a patient for the inactivity associated with post surgical procedures. .148 Injury Prevention: Start PREhabilitation to Avoid Rehabilitation People get injured all the time – some are activity related others freak accidents like a friend of mine who shut his trunk of his car and dislocated his shoulder. Defined by the National Institute of Health. Many injuries are sports related or environmental injuries such as heat stress. Chest and Upper back / Rear Shoulder – Many young athletes try to bench press a truck but neglect their upper back and rear deltoids which can lead to shoulder injuries to a sloping of the upper back. a Pre-hab program to prevent injuries focuses on a person’s or athlete’s imbalances in the body. The addition of functional exercises prior will help a patient rebound more quickly. Stuff happens! But there are ways to avoid many of these common injuries that occur daily in life and in sporting activities – the method I prefer is called – PREHABILITATION. Most imbalances occur in the following regions of the body: Abdominal region / lower back – Many people work their stomach muscles but neglect their lower back causing an imbalance that can lead to injury in both sports and daily life. stretching to full range of motion.

149 Thighs and Hamstrings – A very delicate combination of exercises needs to be configured so the back of the legs (hamstrings) do not get under worked. Usually the upper side of the hamstring receives the injury so a smart stretching plan that incorporates the top and bottom of the hamstring connections is critical. any movement your body makes there are two or more groups of muscles or joints that is stretching or flexing to make or oppose that motion. Basically. Understanding this and following some of the ideas in the articles in this book will help you further. A hamstring injury usually occurs when running sprints or jumping. Injuries occur all the time but can be easily avoided by training smarter – not necessarily harder! . There are many other natural imbalances in the body.

People will be amazed by your new work ethic at work and play. My advice is to start doubting yourself as quickly as possible and get over it. Realize self doubt is part of the process. but once you do. This phase takes 2-3 seconds.I am a firm believer that exercising your body will give you the stamina and energy to exercise your mind spirit and achieve those life long dreams you have.150 The Five Psychological Phases of Fitness I have often used the five phases to describe to people how they are going to feel in the near future about starting a fitness program whether as a beginner or as an advanced athlete preparing for Navy SEALs or Special Forces training. You now associate yourself with fit and healthy people. Phase Four is the total identity change and self-confidence realization period for most people. conquer their doubt as well. Eating healthy is now a habit for you too. Phase Three is one of the most exciting phases when you realize you have conquered your doubt. Be a role model to another heavy person or aspiring Special Operations soldier. Hang in there at least that long and BUILD GOOD HABITS.. relationships.. Even SEAL trainees doubt themselves. You may have to redo this phase continually throughout your quest for fitness or Special Forces status. but those who become SEALs conquer their doubt. but it actually takes about 2-3 weeks to make habits that will fuel your desire to obtain your goals. This is where the mind and body connect. In . school. In the second phase. Now you are fit in mind and body. It is absolutely natural to have doubts about what you are undertaking. I have found that both the out of shape beginner and the advanced Special Operations candidate develop into their goals through the process described below: The first phase of fitness requires a person to make a decision to get healthy or become a Special Operations candidate. This phase is filled with motivation and a general excitement about fitness and exercise. Use the workouts to be a catalyst in all areas of your life: work.you can do anything you set your mind to. etc. Your example will inspire others. doubt enters and can either crush your progress or make you stronger. Those who lose 60-80 pounds in a year.

Set and conquer goals for yourself. Phase Five is the next step. do a triathlon.. weight lift. lift 400 lbs.151 fact eating fast food or unhealthy snacks makes you feel slightly ill.Challenge yourself to run a 10k. but the journey never ends. Whatever you like . bike. ..run. swim. Fitness is a journey – not a destination.

add calisthenics into your workout to maximize burnout immediately after lifts such as: Wednesday Cardio Option Day Leg ext Usually bike or treadmill for 30-40 minutes Pullups Leg press Leg curls Pulldowns Rows curls Thursday Repeat Monday Friday Leg Day Squats Saturday Back and Biceps: . If you are a lifter. Monday Chest and tri’s Bench press Military press Triceps Tuesday Back/Biceps and legs: Pullups Pulldowns. The most common weight lifting plan is a split routine where lifters will complete the following chart week after week. here are a few examples of how to change the most common exercise routines. Squats Leg extension Leg curls Bicep curls This plan is fine for a few weeks. or cardio exercise? Many people get into a rut by repeating the same old plan week after week. Your body needs change in order to best stimulate muscle growth and caloric expenditure. circuit routine. but repeating the same exercises over and over without change can actually slow down growth no matter how hard you exercise. So if you are not sure how to change things.152 Refresh Your Workouts Is your workout program getting old? Tired of the same weight training cycle.

shoulder. The goal is to get as much completed in a short period of time so you completely work all your major muscle groups. However. the same exercises in the same order week after week can limit the positive affects of building lean muscle mass and increasing your metabolic rate. hop on a treadmill. After a set of military press – try a Lightweight Shoulder workout as mentioned in the Shoulder Article On leg day. These are very effective in building lean muscle mass and creating a cardio vascular component to your lifting routine.153 After each set of bench press – try a max set of pushups. Simply change the order of your routine or try lighter weight with more repetitions. Legs can be done mixed with cardio on the other days like this: Sprint 100m followed by squats. Doing your repetitions super-slow is a great option to do weekly. Each repetition will take 20 seconds – 10 seconds up – 10 seconds down. This can bet boring and your body can get used to the similar exertion level and actually not burn calories as . bike or elliptical glider for 45:00 a day several days a week – week after week. The Same Old Cardio Routine: Many people will go to the gym. See the Circuit Article for more tips. This is tough to do. Repeat that several times for a cardio and leg workout like no other. try a short (3-5:00) cardio routine of biking at high levels of resistance in between sets of squats and leg press exercises. Also add crunches in between each exercise or jumping jacks to spice up the circuit. Triceps. Circuit training refers to a group of machines or calisthenics exercises repeated back to back with very little rest time in between exercises. Another great way to change the routine is mix days together like: Do all upper body one day – Chest. lunges and heel raises. The Same Old Circuit Routine Many circuit programs are popular in gyms these days. back and biceps.

. or treadmill for 20:00 each – resting with an abdominal routine in between each 20:00 set. See Rest with Crunches article for better ideas to mix abs with cardio workouts. Spice it up with some intervals – where you speed up the pace for 1-2 minutes and slow it back down to an easy pace to catch your breath for a 1-2 minute period. Elliptical. See Interval Workout article for more ideas.154 efficiently after several weeks of the same routine. Instead of just one machine for an hour – try all three – Bike.

com and StewSmith. If you have had any of these injuries in the past or you want to help prevent shoulder injuries in the future. try the Light Weight Shoulder Workout below. For those healthy StewSmith. down. the exercises discussed in the next three weeks will also help you PREVENT hurting yourself with these most common of injuries.com readers. There is no other joint that can lift up. rotate left and right. But these are the muscles that no one exercises. Start by using no weights at all and only lift "the air". By exercise all of the muscles in the shoulder as with the Light Weight Shoulder Workout. This week my focus is on the number one most injured joint in our bodies the Shoulder. forward. tone . Most people will lift too heavy amounts of weight over their head and cause an injury mainly due to lack of stabilization of the shoulder joint.Knees . or throw.Shoulders . According to Navy Bureau of Medicine. backward. You will find that the air gets heavy on these small muscles of the shoulder. you will build the balance needed in the shoulder to help prevent injuries and build nice. bursitis. The only joint in our body built similarly is the hip.Lower Back For the next three weeks I will focus on exercises to help strengthen these areas in case you are suffering from previous injuries.155 Shoulder Injury Prevention by I have received many emails this week concerning past injuries of Military. The shoulder is our most versatile joint. the top three sport injury surgeries done on its members are: . separations.in fact no heavier than FIVE pound dumbbells is recommended. ligament pulls. But with the shoulder's versatility comes its weakness. dislocations.com readers. It is commonly injured due to tendonitis. This workout is actually one used by many physical therapists and requires ONLY light weights . and rotator cuff injuries.

Continue with side lateral raises.10 (thumbs up) Cross overs . keep your palms facing the ground.10 (see pics below) LATERAL RAISE .A safe and effective shoulder exercise with light weights. Keep your knees slightly bent. THUMBS UP .10 (thumbs up) Lateral Raises . shoulder back.10 (thumbs down) Front Raises . . Follow the next 5 exercises without stopping.156 shoulders and arms. and your chest high. keep your thumbs down.10 (palms down) Lateral Raises . As you lift your arms upward. Lift weights parallel to ground in a smooth controlled motion. Over 5 pound dumbbells is not recommended for this exercise. THUMBS DOWN . Try it below and see for yourself: The Light Weight Shoulder Workout (with dumbbells) Do the following sequence of exercises non-stop for ten reps each: Lateral Raises .After performing 10 regular lateral raises.10 (palms facing away from you) Military press . Repeat for 10 times. always leading in the up and down direction with your thumbs. touching your hips with your palms facing away from you and raising your arms no higher than shoulder height. do 10 lateral raises with your thumbs up.

Exhale as you push the weights over your head for 10 final repetitions in the mega-shoulder . time to work your front deltoids. for 10 more repetitions. bring your arms up and over your head as if you were doing a jumping jack (without jumping).Place one foot ahead of the other as shown and knees slightly bent to reduce strain on your lower back. Cross your arms IN FRONT of your head and bring them back to your hips for 10 repetitions. MILITARY PRESS . Lift the dumbbells from your waist to shoulder height keeping your thumbs up.Now.With your palms facing away from you and arms relaxed in front of your hips. CROSS OVERS .157 FRONT RAISE (THUMBS UP) .

Muscles used are shoulders and triceps (back of arm). .158 pump workout. Do this routine during any upper-body day workout. Slowly lower them to shoulder height and repeat..

Most people bite off more than they can chew on New Year’s Eve and start a drastic change of life all in a short period of time. January . Special Forces. you may want to try one step at a time rather than trying "cold turkey . My wife. Quitting smoking.and all at once!" Here is a plan that will get you started on the right track. email me at stew@stewsmith. in their annual search for health make broad resolutions that require several different life style changes. A triathlon. 10k walk or run.com. It is a fun goal to be fit enough to be in the Armed Forces. Using the first 6-9 months to train for the event will get you in shape for the event AND help you lose weight.April Start exercising and drinking water NOW! You may find that you do not have to alter your . who is perfectly healthy. This year – SET A GOAL! But. a ½ marathon.159 Don’t start a Resolution this New Year – Set a Goal!! It seems to me. figures if cancer sufferers and survivors can run the race. Goal Setting – This year I have several people who have set a goal of doing some form of race later in the year. If you need help to find a goal. and dieting all in the same week can be extremely challenging. Many of the people who run the race either have cancer OR have beaten cancer in recent years. etc. she can too. try not to change too much in your life too quickly. Many men seem to like to ace one of the many physical fitness tests for the military or FBI. Tackling any ONE of the above vices is challenging enough. but needs some form of cardio exercise. This is a great cause for cancer research. Here are some more tips to starting slowly and preventing failure of your goals within the first month of the New Year. Many people. If you have any of the above vices or others. starting an exercise program. 5k. of FBI at the age of 50 or above. marathon. most New Year’s resolutions are forgotten by February.

quitting has already occurred. you should feel great about your physical progress and have more energy than you have had in years. biking or swimming for 20-30 minutes 4-5 times a week. October . crunches. If your fitness program is not working for you at this time. now is the time to try either the "cold turkey" method or some type of patch method. Running. Exercises like pushups. If you are not losing weight by walking 4-5 times a week and drinking nearly a gallon of water a day. if you have maintained a fitness program this long. pull-ups. biking and swimming several times a week should be habit by now and feel refreshing and stress relieving after each workout. You can lose up to 25 pounds this year! The type of exercise you need to start doing is walking. you need to consume fewer calories.December By this time. however. But if you have not quit. you need to take a look at your diet and what you are consuming daily. More nutrients like fruits. If you have not quit smoking cigarettes by now or at least tapered off. vegetables. May . Some ideas can be found in any of the 45-Day Programs for Beginners or Intermediate Workouts. . Usually. it is time to start trying a little more aggressively. and squats mixed with more walking or occasional running can boost your fitness level to new heights.160 diet at all as long as you are burning calories by exercise. and lean meats cooked by methods other than frying would be a good start to changing your diet. It simply means eating foods with fewer calories.September Now you can pick up the physical fitness training a bit by lifting weights or starting a good calisthenics program. This does not mean you have to starve yourself. By drinking anywhere from two quarts to a gallon of water a day and cutting back on soft drinks.

The best training plans will not work if sleep and nutrition are neglected. . In fact. Now. growth hormone is produced and protein synthesis in the muscles occurs IF you eat foods with protein during the day. Over sleeping (10+ hours) can change the body’s patterns and make it more difficult to fall asleep the following night. For adolescents especially. there is not enough rest for muscle cell growth and repair. so there is plenty of research on the importance of sleep in our daily lives. but several days in a row or a few weeks of interrupted sleep combined can lead to similar symptoms of over-training syndrome. Without adequate sleep (eight hours a night). sleep may not occur at regular intervals and the quality may be lacking. Lack of sleep can also affect your mood and increase hormonal stress levels which will have a negative impact on performance. In the military or law enforcement professions. I guess the old saying – “Well Rested – Well Tested” also applies to taking Physical Fitness Tests. when you sleep. The following list can assist in getting a good night sleep and help achieve some of the many benefits sleep produce: Never Oversleep: You cannot catch up on lost sleep. Sleep also affects performance in between workouts during high intensity training programs like military and law enforcement training.161 The Importance of Sleep when Training Hard Sleep – How important is it to those who exercise often as well as to those who do not? Scientists have been studying sleep patterns for decades. sleep is critical as growth can be impaired if quality and quantity of sleep is lacking. one night of missed sleep is not going to have many negative affects on your performance.

and balance your workouts with periodization. Sleeping area should be calm: Calming music. Avoid Active Evenings: If possible do not exercise 2-3 hours prior to sleep or be highly active prior to sleeping. maintenance. . and stronger. cool climate with a humming fan or dehumidifier (seasonal) to drown out exterior noises will make the place you sleep more conducive to quality sleep. Recovery and growth will take a backward step in your training program if you do not prioritize sleep. Reverse the trend and think relaxing thoughts of a favorite place. There are many sleep technology CDs on the market that have been proven to help with quality of sleep. and recovery are critical to your long term health and longevity. RECOVERY . write down your to-do list / what bothers and get it out of your head and you will sleep better.In order to get stronger you have to rest. so get to sleep if you want to grow bigger. event and revisit that.162 Exercise or hard physical work: Those who work hard during the day or exercise will have an easier time falling asleep compared to those who do not. Clear your mind of intrusive thoughts . eat properly (good food). time. Avoid watching television in bed. faster. Your body will react to your brain imagining negative thoughts and keep you awake. Relaxing a few hours prior to sleep works well for naturally preparing the body for quality sleep. Thoroughly understanding cycles of peak performance. If that does not work for long.One trick is to go to a "happy place" when you are bombarded by stressful thoughts that may or may not occur or have occurred in the past.

if you hold each crunch for ten seconds. you can get 100 in 2:00. if you are in the military or law enforcement and need to score higher on your physical fitness tests in situps or curl-ups. Do this 2-3 times in a workout and you have a great abdominal routine. it makes sense to practice more abs exercises at a faster pace with the exertion only occurring during the UP portion of the exercise.. So.com website viewer who asked. you can drop the number of reps you need to do by a factor of ten. If you are simply trying to lose weight and inches. We also got in 400 pushups. Just doing ten crunches and holding them for ten seconds each is safer and more effective than doing 100 crunches fast. meaning you stay flexed and control the ascent and descent of your body. By increasing the pace to 25 in 30 seconds. No rest on this one. .BUT it depends who you are and what your goals are. but you will get a great pump and feel it in your belly tomorrow. Here is a quick little workout I developed the other day with a client who thought he could not do 1000 abs in one session with me. “What is better – more abdominal exercises faster or fewer stomach exercises slower?” My answer to this question is both . This one is for 250-400 pushups below. We could have done 1500 probably. Relax and let gravity take you back to the starting position (floor) thus saving the abdominal energy for the ascent and a better score.. In fact. then you need to practice doing the exercises faster. but to a pace. However. This would give you 80 situps in a two minutes time period. IT is not really as hard as it looks. doing fewer stomach exercises slower and more deliberately is very effective and safe.163 Upper body / Abdominal Training Programs – Fast or Slow? This week I received an email from a StewSmith. For this type of exercise you want to exert yourself on the UP and DOWN portion of the exercise. A pace that produces a good score is 20 situps in 30 seconds.

164 Set #1) 100 crunches your choice 25-40 pushups (regular) Set #2) 50 regular crunches 50 reverse crunches 25-40 pushups Set #3) 50 Left crunches 50 Right crunches 25-40 pushups Set #4) 100 L/R Crunches with bicycle of legs 25-40 pushups Set #5) 50 Double Crunches (Reg/Reverse mixed) at same time 25-40 pushups Set #6) 100 Flutterkicks (or regular crunches for those with back problems) 25-40 pushups Set #7) 100 Leg levers (or 50 left crunches / 50 right crunches .back problems) 25-40 pushups Set #8) 100 scissors (or 50 reg / 50 rev at same time) 25-40 pushups Set #9) 100 situps in 2-3 minutes (or 50 left / 50 right crunches with bicycle of legs) 25-40 pushups Set #10) 100 abs of your choice 25-40 pushups .

we stopped at a hotel that did not have a fitness room and the pool was closed for the season. Give this one a try. simply do five to ten pushups then roll over and rest your pushup muscles by doing ten crunches and continue on with the two different versions of pushups and crunches.165 That will equal 1000 abs exercise and 250-400 pushups. Drop the pushups to 10 each set and still get 100 pushups in a workout. After driving about eight hours the first day. The benefits of exercising and stretching after sitting idle for hours are numerous and include the following: Loosen up tight joints and muscles Increased blood flow to extremities Increased attention span Better nights sleep This is the program I did for only twenty minutes right in the privacy of my very own hotel room. . This one is for those who are just beginning: Get creative with your fitness program! That is what it takes when you are traveling on business or on vacation. No equipment necessary! The super set is a series of exercises to be repeated with no rest. I was tired but knew I would feel better if I did a few exercises. Recently. For the upper body superset. my family and I took a trip back home to Florida to see my parents and we decided to drive from Maryland. It is fun and very quick.

With minimal equipment and time sacrifice. there is really no excuse why you cannot exercise any day of the week whether you are traveling. Repeat 5-10 times Pushups – 5-10 reps Crunches – 5-10 super slow 10-second reps Wide pushups = 5-10 Reverse crunches – 5-10 reps Close / triceps pushups – 5-10 reps Double crunches – 5-10 slow 10-second reps (*try the pushups slow too at 5 seconds up/5 seconds down) As you can see. Good luck. working long hours or staying at home with the kids.166 Superset. we can all fit exercise in our lives and stay healthy for many years to come. . Make fitness as much a part of your day as taking a shower and brushing your teeth.

increase blood sugar. By not dealing with stress. *Note – your cortisol levels will actually be lower in a few hours IF you exercise than if you decide to skip working out. and so many other “stressors” to name. increase body fat. then you will come back less stressed and ready to focus on the task at hand. when in an emergency usually you are able to physically exert yourself to help relieve the stress hormones that are rushing into your bloodstream that some say is equivalent to 5-6 Red Bulls! In a nutshell. stay away from caffeine and sugar for a few hours. What Can You Do Now? To reduce stress our body is wired to burn it off. Don’t get me wrong. Adrenaline Cortisol are some of the stress hormones that affect our response to a stressful situation. When at a home office or cubical during work. home. This is a great way to burn off the stress even if it is as simple as a 20 minute walk before or after dinner. Physiologically.167 Stress and Fitness: Work IT Out! In a fast paced world where the fine line of work and relaxation has been blurred with wireless technology and the development of the home office. However. financial pains. workers as well as families have become more and more susceptible to stress-related illnesses. So. Stress is a natural element of our behavior and our body handles stress by injecting “stress hormones” into our bloodstream when we are feeling the burden of work. it is difficult to exert yourself physically in order to reduce these stress hormones. you are susceptible to a damaged immune system. or dealing loved ones who are ill. Stress Busters – A Three Side Attack: If your day is typically stressful at work. you need a full broad-side attack on stress OR you will feel the burn that stress can leave. arrange it that you will have 3-4 hours before you are trying to fall asleep for a more restful sleep. stress wreaks havoc on the body today. These can help you perform better. cardio-respiratory distress. if you exercise in the evening. but can also affect our health long term if not dealt with properly. . The same thing happens to your body when you are stressed at work or family issue as it does when you are in an emergent fight or flight situation. Many like to exercise after work. this is the best remedy to fighting a stressful day. However. exercise also causes a temporary increase in cortisol which can leave you a bit jittery if you are trying to go to sleep with an hour or two of exercising. and even acne. Here are the best ways to handle stress: 1) Exercise Reduces Stress – By far. If you can go for a quick walk. there are good things that come out of stress hormones like getting pumped up for a presentation or competition or the rush of adrenaline before a fitness test. and take some deep breaths. spousal military deployments.

you will not handle stress very well and succumb to the side effects of a stressed out life. Limit foods high in sugar and drinks high in caffeine in order to have a more relaxing evening prior to sleeping.” Well it helps with stress too! Foods rich in anti-oxidants like many fruits and vegetables are your best bet for snack foods and should make up a larger percentage of your overall meal preparation. Sleep: People who exercise actually sleep better than those who do not. But regardless of diet and exercise. if you are not getting enough sleep / rest. Some people with insomnia also have high levels of cortisol in their blood stream when trying to fall asleep. See the Importance of Sleep article for more tips on successful sleep and napping. 3) .168 2) Diet – Where have you heard this before – “proper exercise and diet.

“I have heard about people dieing of drinking too much water. Those who does not exercise at all or that rigorously. resistance training etc. These people die or are seriously injured internally from over-hydration with insufficient replacement of sodium. shutting down your major organs and die. An easy equation with the elements of weight loss is: Water + Oxygen = Weight loss Drinking water plus physical activity where you breathe at a higher heart rate (ie aerobic activity like walking. but your metabolism will burn fat at a higher rate than before you started adding . swimming. However. If the body does not receive adequate amounts (1-2 quarts a day). hot and humid days of rigorous outdoor work. The documented cases are from participants in long distance running or ultra endurance events lasting longer than four hours of continuous.169 Can Too Much Water be Bad for You? This week.) will ultimately lead to weight loss. Now there have been recent cases where people had drinking contests of water and actually drank more than two gallons in AN HOUR. the regular person in America. Not only will you release retained water – ending the bloated and puffy feeling. Is this possible?” This is a great question because so many times this issue is taken out of context causing people to stop drinking water altogether. does not drink ENOUGH water per day. jogging. need water to lose weight. biking. I drink a lot of water in a day . Basically. activity. The other half of the story is often overlooked. When you read about people who die or get kidney damage “from drinking too much water” you are only hearing half of the story. a concerned Army Reservist asks.maybe a gallon. which is called dilutional hyponatremia. BUT when done in ONE HOUR you can cause the same reaction as above and dissolve all of your electrolytes. you will actually start to retain water causing a net gain in weight and the liver to cease metabolizing fat at a normal rate. Sports replacement drinks mixed with water are the best source of electrolytes and can be of significant help in avoiding hyponatremia in long distance athletic events or long. your metabolism will slow to a point where fat and water is now being retained in your cells UNTIL you receive the proper amounts of water. sweaty.

If you are significantly overweight (50-100lbs). These drinks should not count as your 1-2 quarts a day of daily water consumption. try adding up to a 3-4 quarts of water a day and you could lose about five to ten pounds of retained water in a few short days. and nicotine are diuretics meaning they actually will dehydrate you.NEVER all at once. you need to add more water to your diet than the minimum recommended daily amount. tea. I have seen people lose up to twenty in a week by ONLY adding water to their diet. diet drinks. For people who are above / below average weight see equation for how much water you should drink in a day: 1/2 to 2/3 of your body weight (lbs) is how many ounces of water you should drink at a minimum in a 24 hour period . alcohol.170 sufficient water intake to your diet. If you think you maybe retaining water. Basically they urinated their retained water out of themselves along with the extra intake as well. The bad news is that coffee. . of water for every 10-20 lbs overweight. Some experts agree that the intake should be another 6-8 oz.

A concerned reader wrote: Perhaps you might consider updating your excellent article about drinking water in light of the death today of a young mother of three who induced hyponatremia by drinking water for a radio station contest. potassium) in the body is pushed outside of safe limits by a very rapid intake of water. You will notice that you must use the restroom every 1-2 hours. What the mother of three died from on the radio show was a condition called hyponatremia (meaning -. I thought there should be clarity on what happened. including the following: Three Steps to Weight Loss -. She drank nearly two gallons of water in a VERY short period of time. but there are ways that you can die from drinking too much water. in which a radio show contestant died from water intoxication after taking part in a contest to see how much water one could drink without going to the bathroom. It is safe to sip water throughout the day and drink water with every meal.171 Drinking Too Much Water In light of a recent incident. This too keep the balance (water and salts) in check. Burning fat requires water and oxygen. Drinking water is essential to living. and alack of sodium/potassium replacement.Discusses how an athlete can die from profuse water intake. but you must add food that contains a healthy amount of salt and potassium.a potentially fatal disturbance in brain function that results when the normal balance of electrolytes (salt. I have written several articles about the importance of drinking water. Having ONE banana or kiwi can make a difference in your electrolyte balances. a long period exertion.Discusses the importance of adding water to your diet for weight loss. Can you Die from Drinking Too Much Water? -. . a hot sweaty environment.

I can share the medical studies I referenced when discussing conditions such as these. drinks ONLY ½ a gallon (1.Everything in Moderation: Food. A easy formula to remember is (1/2 body weight in pounds = ____ oz of water that you should drink in a day). Water.8 liters) in one sitting without using the restroom. is that you stretch that amount of water over the course of 24 hours. even Exercise… I hope this clears up any confusion from the importance of water and the danger for us all to abuse water and hurt ourselves without even knowing. that person could die from hyponatremia – water intoxication. The Safe thing to do when it comes to water consumption is to drink just before you are thirsty – do not try to fit universally recommend amounts of water into a short period of time. feel free to email me. Typical Water intake for active people should be vary according to weight. Remember -. . and use the restroom when you need to. So 200 lb person should get at least 100oz.172 The difference in a healthy amount of water intake and doing the above. but the limit increases to more than three liters of water in a SINGLE sitting. 4-5 meals (containing some potassium and sodium). Alcohol etc. the same holds true for a normal diet of sodium intake. However. Water consumption should be done throughout the day – not in a chugging effort to play catch-up because you missed the daily recommended amount. Important Note: If a person who is on a restricted sodium diet. If you have any questions about any of the articles. in a day.

Total beverages mean water and other drinks as well. I realized he has been observing his mother use one of the 45 Day Plans to lose weight / get fit and this program requires the user to drink more water than they normally would . nose and throat tissues. "Water is your body's principal chemical component.2 quarts (about 9 cups) of total beverages a day. Now. a condition that occurs when you don't have enough water in your body to carry out normal functions. As with most things in health / nutrition and exercise. there is always some study that disproves another study.eight times a day (2 quarts) has no scientific backing.. Many doctors agree that eight ounces of water . Every system in your body depends on water. I will gain two lbs in the next 90 minutes. 60 percent of your body weight. you will have a series of weight gains throughout the day as a quart (32 oz) of water weighs two pounds. The explanation of this question has a few levels of details. so it is broken up in the following sections: Daily Weight Gain . as I write this article and sip from my 32 oz glass. carries nutrients to your cells and provides a moist environment for ear. Lack of water can lead to dehydration. This is true! Water intake does not and probably should not have a universal standard as water intake depends on the individual / environment / activity level. I will likely be interrupted by Mother Nature and lose 1-2 lbs from the previous 32 oz glass of . The Mayo Clinic states. making up. So. The Institute of Medicine advises that men consume roughly 3 quarts (about 13 cups) of total beverages a day and women consume 2. etc. Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired. "Does water affect weight?" After some digging. on average.By drinking more water per day.up to 3-4 quarts a day!! Most people do not drink enough water in a day PERIOD.173 Does Water Affect Weight? This week a young man asked me. For example. water flushes toxins out of vital organs..

These fluids should be replaced and depending on your activity level and environment. your replacement maybe significantly different that someone with a different lifestyle."Want to Lose weight? . But it is also easily removed by adding water if you are just bloated due to dehydration or high sodium diet. everyone needs water.Just Add Water!" Adding more water to your diet will help you lose weight a few ways. it will allow you to release retained waters from your cells through digestion. you can actually survive and have enough water in your body to excrete toxins. Replacement of water lost . This could also be a symptom of a variety of medical issues so alerting your doctor is never a bad idea when bloated for long periods of time with no relief. . You can also lose significant weight through sweating (like wrestlers cutting weight). I am 200lbs so I typically get 100 oz of water a day .drinking water does affect weight significantly enough to be seen on a scale immediately.well this is your body holding onto water. This is not healthy as you are also losing vital electrolytes that is not replaced will negatively affect performance and could cause death.Here is where I came up with the saying . and socks would indent his lower legs when he removed them. in a 24 hour period. his rings did not fit him.when your body realizes it is getting enough water. The amazing thing about the human body is that it is capable of pulling water out of every piece of food we eat. A common formula is to take 1/2 to 2/3 of your bodyweight in pounds and replace that many ounces of water in a 24 hour period. So by eating.Humans sweat. Have you ever felt bloated. digest. overheating.hunger suppressant . and breathe. For instance. hands and feet puffy. ONE . However. sweat (some).especially after exercise. Regardless. Usually. All three are processes that help our bodies to expel water. and breathe. belly extended .174 water I drank after my early workout. what performance fitness experts agree on is that additional water will help us perform better by staving off dehydration. He was so bloated. The easy answer is yes . you will cycle through this process of gaining water weight and losing water weight and have either a net loss or stable weight for the day. TWO . and even heat stroke.you will not be as hungry when drinking water through the day as your stomach will constantly have something flowing through it. I had a client who lost 20 pounds in one week after adding JUST water to his diet. stomach was large. What About Weight Loss? .

let's see for ourselves. This caused her body to shut down causing kidney failure as well as electrolyte imbalances that affect all organ function.perhaps you will lose some weight: . potassium. etc) so that does not happen.it can happen in humid or arid environments. you should consider foods or supplements with electrolytes (sodium.much more than sports drinks. The chicken noodle soup (especially kids double noodle style) can offer several hundred milligrams of sodium and potassium . you can see significant weight loss by adding water to your daily intake. however they sweat profusely and re-hydrated with ONLY water and had the same electrolyte imbalances that caused death. make you less hungry.How much is too much? I tackled this one a few years ago when a water drinking contest on the radio actually caused someone to die from water intoxication. When drinking water after sweating profusely. That person had downed nearly two gallons within a short period of time (less than 2 hours). I like to eat a can of chicken noodle soup after a workout where I lose 5-7 lbs of water through sweating . Another question to ask is "HOW does water affect weight loss?" Over the course of a 10 day period.175 Too much water . make skin look better.Below is a chart that will take you through a ten day extra water consuming process to show you that a few quarts of water a day will make you feel better. and best of all help you release water that is retained in your body's cells . (try at own risk) Take a 10 Day Challenge . So. Many endurance athletes have died from the same issues.

176 Weigh yourself in the morning after using the bathroom and in the evening after dinner Try adding 2-3 quarts a day for men and 1-2 quarts a day for women and let's see what happens!!! NOTE . .if you are already consuming the above amounts there is no need to try this 10 Day Challenge or add more water to your diet.

the metabolic rate will be reduced and you will burn fewer calories than before your diet. Weight loss pills and diets for that matter are both ineffective and potentially harmful. the lower metabolic rate will result in rapid weight gain. Here is an email from a couple who are interested in losing some weight and getting more fit.177 Need to Lose Weight Fast! What About Magic Weight Loss Pills! Many emails ask about the “magic weight loss pills” and diets. What about Diet Pills and special supplements? Do they work? If diet pills and “special” weight loss supplements worked. However. anything to produce resistance on major muscle groups will help keep your metabolism high. Notice on any supplement the statement next to the asterisk: “*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Fatigue is a bi-product of people looking for an easy way to lose weight that delivers quick results. treat. rubber bands. long-term healthoriented programs should replace them. Have you ever heard of the YO-YO diet? You need to exercise the muscles to best burn calories. calisthenics. cure. Muscle determines the overall metabolic rate of the body. When you return to a normal pattern of eating again. The weight loss pills contain ingredients that are not regulated by any scientific research or government department like the Food and Drug Administration. No such HEALTHY . or prevent any disease. Weights. The other problem with having a low level of lean muscle tissue is the feeling of fatigue. so if muscle is lost. is you lose too much muscle also in the weight loss process. I do not see an issue taking macronutrients like protein and carbohydrates for post workout recovery drinks. The problem with skipping meals and doing low calorie diets. This product is not intended to diagnose.” Those labels have always scared me from taking them personally. there would be fewer overweight people in America.

and remove skin from poultry. Of course. People know what foods are healthy and unhealthy. Follow the inner voice! The average male requires 2. . but it is unhealthy and will not deliver those results long term unless a lifestyle change occurs. yet the “nutrition / fitness” supplement industry continues to misguide people into believing that fast weight loss can be achieved with minimum effort. The sample meal plans here are examples of good nutrition. Italian etc. Preparation of Food Do not fry foods if possible. Remember. your body will eventually adapt to it. Trim fat from meat.000 calories per day and females 1500 calories per day.. but if you are addicted to sodas and fast food. Microwaving foods is often a good alternative. Try mustard and light dressing like vinegarettes. It can. Avoid real mayonnaise and heavy dressing. The program will help you naturally lose weight. you will have to break those habits if the program is going to work properly. The single most useful piece of wisdom is this: COMMON SENSE. A lifestyle change includes regular exercise. if you lower your caloric intake below the minimum recommended levels. and you will cease to lose weight. Frying adds significant amounts of fat (now you understand why fast foods are so bad for you). provided you don’t overeat. a sensible approach to healthy eating and the right mental attitude. You don’t have to be a chef to follow a sensible diet. This should be your target even if you are significantly overweight. steam or bake. and the food table that’s included is a valuable guide. Broil. These methods allow fat to drain while cooking.178 approach exists. you are totally free to invent your meal plans. grill.

etc. but note: iceberg is not a good source of vitamins/minerals Onions Peppers (green. jalapeno. • Eggs (boiled is preferred method) Some Non-starchy vegetables: • • • • • • • • • • • • Asparagus Green beans Carrots Cauliflower Celery Cucumbers Lettuce (all varieties). round. honeydew) . red.) Spinach String beans Squash (summer varieties only) Some Fresh fruits (not dried or canned) and easy for on the road snacks • • Apples Melons (cantaloupe. Over cooking vegetables destroys vitamins.179 Eat vegetables raw or steamed (I understand that many folks cannot digest raw vegetables). Steaming allows you to control the crispness or “crunchiness” of the vegetables. Proteins Lean meats: • Chicken breast • Fish • Turkey breast • Lean beef (sirloin. flank).

that’s nearly 7. Severe dehydration is dangerous. It helps! . or 3. or in hot conditions.66 x body weight. Often people confuse hunger with dehydration. Lack of water lowers energy level. drink a few glasses of water.180 • • • • • • • • Cherries Grapes Nectarines Oranges Peaches Plums Raspberries Strawberries Starchy carbohydrates: • • • • • • Brown rice Potatoes (with skins) Yams and sweet potatoes Oatmeal (rolled oats) Cream of Rice Beans (lima and kidney) Water and Beverages Drink plenty of water daily. you should be drinking at least 0. drink more water than what is recommended above. if you’re a 180 lb male. So.4 liters. in ounces per day. so when exercising.5 lb of water. Next time you think you are hungry in between meals. As a guide.


Running Plans - From Start to Finish!
With the weather getting nicer around the country, people are seeking to start a running program and getting motivated to do so. But motivation can quickly turn painful if you do TOO much TOO soon. Below are a few charts for you to build up to a 5K run/walk to a Marathon over the course of several weeks depending on your present ability. My personal rule for clients who request training plans for running for long races is to take your time and build up to nearly 25-30 miles a week before you really start concerning yourself with improving your performance in the long run like a half marathon or marathon. This alone can take anywhere from 10-15 weeks depending upon your present running level. The standard rule of ramping up your running is adding 10-15% of distance per week.
For Intermediate / Advanced PFT runners: 1.5 mile, 2 mile, and 3-5 mile timed runs

The first TEN weeks are designed for a beginning runner or one who is recovering from an injury as seen in the chart below: Running Plan I - Build up to a 5K run!
Beginner Running Chart for people seeking to start an exercise plan and need to lose 20+ lbs: (always start run workout with a quick 5:00 walk / light leg stretch). I highly recommend the RUN / WALK method as you are learning to run. Each Run Workout is to be done THREE times a week
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Walk 20-30 minutes / stretching entire body daily (monitor weight loss*) Run 1:00 / Walk 1-2:00 for 20-30 minutes Run 1:00 / Walk 1:00 for 30 minutes (listen body as injuries occur this

week**) Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week10 3 Sets of Run 1:30 / Walk 1:30 | 3 Sets of Run 2:00 / Walk 1:00 3 Sets of Run 2:30 / Walk 1:00 | 3 Sets of Run 2:00 / Walk 30 seconds 4 Sets of Run 3:00 / Walk 1:30 Run 1 mile / try non-stop / walk 1 mile fast Run / walk combo 2.5 miles (from weeks 8-10 – try to run as much as you can) Run / walk combo 2.75 miles Run / walk combo 3 miles

Running Plan II - Intermediate Runners - Build up to a 10K run: After starting a running plan, often people get injured after continuing past the 3 mile run point. Add some non impact aerobic options in the plan of the week to help alleviate future pains.
Wk Mon 1 1-2 mile Tues Bike or swim Weds Thurs Friay 1-2 mile 2-3 miles 3 miles off off 5 miles Bike or swim Bike or swim Bike or swim 4 miles 4-5 miles off 1-2 miles 2-3 miles 3 miles 4 miles Off off Saturday 1-2 mile


Bike 2-3 or miles swim

2-3 miles

Bike 3 3* or miles swim 4 5 6 2 3 miles miles 2-3 6 miles miles 3 4 miles miles

3 miles

5 miles 6 miles 10 k


The following nine weeks will take you to a level where you can seriously start to train for a 10 miler, half marathon or marathon without risk of serious injury. Just climbing to this level of running could cause tendonitis and other joint pains due to the harshness of running on the body. (FACT 30-60% of all runners get injured every year - Runner's World). It is NOT recommended to start Running Plan III until you can perform week six from the Running Plan II. Running Plan III - Intermediate / Advanced Runners - Build up to 10 13 miles

Wk 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Monday 4 miles 5 miles 5 miles 6 miles 7 miles 8 miles 8 miles 8 miles 9 miles

Tuesday 5 miles 4 miles 4 miles 4 miles 4 miles 4 miles 4 miles 4 miles 4 miles

Wednesday Thursday Friday off off off off off off off off off 3 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 7 miles 8 miles 8 miles 4 miles 4 miles 4 miles 4 miles 4 miles 4 miles off off off

Saturday Sunday 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 7 miles 8 miles 9 miles 10 - 11 miles off off off off off off off off

10-13 miles EVENT

*Work on speed and goal pace during above workout (minutes/mile). ** ON Tuesday and Friday add in leg workouts with short runs to total a 4 mile workout:

Option #1 Run 1 mile warmup Repeat 8 times Run ¼ at goal pace rest with 10 squats and 10 lunges / leg Run 1 mile cooldown / stretch Option #2 Run 1 mile at goal pace Repeat 4 times Run ½ mile at goal pace rest with 20 squats 10 / lunges per leg Run 1 mile cooldown Option #3 Run or bike 5 minutes Repeat 4-6 times Run or bike 5 minutes Leg press - 10-20 reps Wood chopper Squats 20 ½ squats - 20 WC Lunges 10/leg side step squats - 20

Once you have the foundation of running thirty miles per week under your belt, you are now ready to train at your goal mile time and distance for a faster marathon. Usually Saturday and Sunday make the best days for your longer run so Monday and Friday will be off days in order to recover and prepare. The chart below is a 12 week plan for a Marathon: 12 Week Running Plan for Better Marathon Performance - Very Advanced Runners

Wk 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Monday off off off off off off off off off

Tuesday 8 miles 8 miles 9 miles 9 miles 10 miles 11 miles 12 miles 12 miles 12 miles

Wednesday Thursday Friday 5 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles off off off off off off off off off

Saturday Sunday 6 miles 7 miles 8 miles 10 miles 12 miles 14 miles 16 miles 18 miles 19 miles 6 miles 7 miles 8 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles

10 11 12 off off off 10 miles 8 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles off off off off 20 miles 10 miles 2 miles 6 miles 6 miles marathon

Goal paces 10:00 / mile = approx. 4.5 hours 9:00 / mile = approx. 4 hours 8:00 / mile = approx. 3.5 hours 7:00 / mile = approx. 3 hours 6:00 / mile = approx. 2.5 hours These workouts are recommended running programs that have worked in the past for many people, but they may not be right for you. Check with your doctor prior to starting any exercise routine (especially running) or you may find yourself reading the articles in the StewSmith.com Archives about Lower Back or Knee Injuries.


Avoiding Stomach Cramps
This week, a Marine asked about running during the USMC three mile run. Here is his question: “Every time I run hard to get a good score on the three 3 mile PFT, or when I’m training for the test, I get a stomach cramp or side stitch about half way in the three mile timed run. My question is -what can I do to prevent it and what can I do to stop the pain or lessen it?” Running with stomach cramps is never fun, but there are ways to lessen or work through the pain -- or even prevent the cramps altogether. First, it is still a big mystery to many physiologists and doctors as to what is the real cause of stomach cramps. The experts have theorized that the common side stitch is caused by the exertion that running and bouncing forces inside the abdominal walls. Basically, your stomach and other organs -- like the spleen and liver -- bump into each other as your feet jar the ground causing connective tissue to stretch on the nerves and cause pain. This connective tissue is also attached to your diaphragm which helps with breathing. This pain is usually on the right side and just under the ribs. Exercise like horseback riding, running, and sit-ups are common causes of the side stitch. Here are some ways to prevent or lessen the pain of the common side stitch: 1) Do not run on a full stomach. You shouldn’t drink large amounts of water or eat 2-4 hours before exercise. Sip small amounts (1-2 swallows) before and during exercise and wait to fully re-hydrate until after the workout. Dehydration can cause cramping as well, so do not ignore water/Gatorade during running. Always sip a few swallows at regular intervals if running for more than 30 minutes and in hot temperatures. 2) Decrease fast pace for a few minutes and continue deep breathing techniques during running. A common running sequence is a three step inhale and two step exhale pattern. Slowing down your pace will allow for


you to keep up with that pattern. As you increase to near maximum speed, your breathing will become more labored. However, you can push through the pain and keep your pace if you concentrate on breathing deep by pushing your stomach out when you inhale and relaxing it as you exhale. 3) Pre-stretch before running by doing side torso twists. One of the best ways to pre-stretch the area is to lift your arms over your head and lean to the left and right at the waist. 4) Do more lower back and abdominal exercises. Having a strong core will help you prevent the side stitch. I hope these ideas can help you during your timed runs and training for faster paced running.


The Evolution of Learning How to Run Distance (Learn to Walk First?)

When remembering all the different coaches (distance and speed) I had during my life as well as some of the forms and styles I picked up along the way on my fitness journey, I realize that we have come a long way in the way we teach running today. Now with super slow motion cameras that can be bought at any local Best Buy, we can dissect a stride, arm swing, and foot strike with more accuracy than we could in the 1980’s. What this article will discuss and show in video the many different styles out there and let the reader decide what works best for them.

One thing I have learned in more than 30 years of running is that different body types, load bearing situations, and ground conditions create the need to learn different running styles. For the purposes of this article, the focus is on distance running not short distance sprints. I started off this article by asking over 100 people – How do they run? What form do they use? Here is what I found from avid runners who use running as entertainment / fitness conditioning. Many even race 10km and marathon distances.


63% - Did not know what form they ran – they just ran. 22% - Used POSE Method 10% - Used Chi Method 5% - Used Barefoot Running or minimalist shoes The funny thing is that everyone swore by their method. Even the 63% stated that this is how they naturally run. Using the styles of above, we will break them down and discuss the differences and similarities of each. Heel – Toe Contact: What does this mean? I remember my first coach teaching to run with heel – toe contact in the early 80’s when I was in my early teens. In fact, I have taught this method but now realize that I was never running on my heels – it just looked like it to the naked eye. The actual impact point was more mid-foot and directly under me as in the videos below. But my heels grazed the ground. Many runners took that literally as landing on the heel and rolling across the foot and pushing off the toe. Some took the heel toe contact as the heel / toe landing on the ground at the same time. My first coach in running did teach teach two important skills that helped limit running injuries however: they were the Audible Test and limited vertical bouncing while running. I think these are valuable no matter what method you use to run. Audible Test - The one thing I still use from my coach from the 80’s is the Audible Test – IF you can hear your foot slapping the floor on impact you likely are running wrong if jogging. It could be because of heel strike – foot slap, or calve and shin muscles overworking and unable to extend / flex the foot during the foot contact. Limited Bounce – If you notice some of the best runners in the world, they have very little bounce from the waist up. In the military,

The mid-foot strike means that the heel and the toes touch the ground at the same time at full weight impact. but on the front side of the heel closer to the mid-foot. The other forms may or may not work for you but may work for others. Different Running Forms? The goal of this section is not to be critical of any form. then keep it up. We know that hard heel strikes are a result of over-striding and can lead to many foot. ”You cannot argue with results.190 we call this marching from the waist down to prevent head bobs when marching. but the discussion is meant to look at the differences and similarities of what people swear by is the ONLY way to run.” So if one of these is your form and it works for you and makes you a faster / injury free runner. knee. In fact. BUT it is not the point of impact. I experimented with both methods. he is mainly using the mid-foot landing at greatest impact. Looking at this pro-runner running form. the foot will hit the ground under the center of gravity for apparently a world class running posture. So in the 80’s.toe method in teaching with lack of further explanation and have since explained it differently as more of a mid-foot strike and roll of the foot. the midpoint actually is taking the impact of running when the foot is directly under the runner. The one difference the coaches I had in the 80’s taught that the heel strike was not a hard strike on the back of the heel with the toes pointing up. Also the heel strike in front of the body can limit your momentum and slow you down significantly. I apologize for any confusion. many people prefer their methods and I tell them. There is a roll of the entire foot and with a slightly bent knee. I have in the past used this heel . and shin injuries. This is just applied to running. The heel may touch first. As you will see below there are MANY ways to run – which one works best for you! .

you learn to lean while running and have more internal awareness of HOW you are running.191 There are running forms that people now use as slang. teaches methods of certain body positions. The mix of T'ai Chi may or may not be your thing but it never hurts to learn internal focus / awareness and listen to your body when you are creating pain for yourself. POSE Running .Emphasis on a level pelvis (Chi) . or Barefoot or Evolution runner. Basically.Foot landing (full-foot or mid-foot vs. two time Olympic Running coach for the former USSR. One physiologist I spoke with who works for a government agency stated many injuries are caused by weak posterior tibialis muscles that are quickly developed once you run barefoot or use a foot strike other than a hard heel strike. Physiological differences may be minimal but you need to test it out to see if it saves you from any nagging injuries. “I’m a POSE runner or I’m a Chi runner. Chi Running – Chi Running was created by Danny Dreyer. This video may help you further understand. fore-foot) . or poses.Cadence (constant vs. What does this mean? Here are some of the similarities and differences between the forms.Dr. but on a basic level Chi is very similar to POSE running with added Chi components. active) .Calf/lower leg usage (disengaged vs. to assist the runner with the mechanics of running.Leg motion (knees low vs. The POSE / CHI methods are similar with the use of the forward lean but there are some differences: . Impact on the mid foot or fore foot will at first challenge your calve region of the leg but will soon strengthen you for more distance and load bearing marches. knees lifted via heel 'pull' and use of hamstring momentum) . variable) . Romanov. an American Ultra-marathon runner and T’ai Chi practitioner.

An exercise science researcher in animal movement and an athletic trainer who shares what he has learned from Mother Nature’s top athletes. the difference in heart rate should be significant. its sometimes deemed to be a "harder" . you should be able to get a pretty good unbiased viewpoint to energy expenditure per step. church. Since your heart rate is passive. its one tool I use with clients to prove myself regardless to what they perceive as exertion. taking them off the machine and teaching them the Kenyan running technique. Robert gave some good advice when testing out different methods of running: The following is an email exchange with Robert At a given speed and incline (1. about the only time I wore shoes was to school. It makes sense to me as I grew up running around barefoot. coordination. If you can get to the point of running completely silent on the treadmill deck. or athletics when I was an elementary school kid. their heart rates averaged 20% lower with only an 1-2 hours of teaching [upon returning to the machine at same speed and incline levels]. Robert Vervloet is a certified US Track and Field running coach and a recognized pioneer in cutting edge science specializing in teaching barefoot running. Taking runners at 6MPH and measuring their heart rate for their traditional technique. Robert has been teaching barefoot sports training since 1997. Way ahead of the curve. or endurance. given that I'm teaching the use of muscles that previously had no strength.Emphasis on arm swing (Chi) Barefoot Running – This is the “latest and greatest” of all the running trends I have seen in the past 25 years. In fact.Pelvic rotation (Chi) . Its the test I did with Nike.5% incline). Sometimes.192 .

193 perceived way to run. As a side note. is because they don't walk like we do. Describing the connection between these women and their distance champion sons was tested and validated under the supervision of Nike's Sports Research Lab. The heart rate monitor doesn't lie. Its funny. What few know is of their mothers. And the added benefit is that you can also learn the skills of carrying a 45 lb pack with the same energy expenditure of carrying a feather. because the worlds best walkers give birth to the world's best runners. . The joke of great African runners. My world was to study the world's best walkers. they consume 20% less energy per step than we do. is that the reason they dominate distance running. In fact. I'd be honored if you share these skills with your fellow soldiers. in about ten minutes. I'm starting you with the basics of distance running." That relationship is what I'm sharing with you. I don't recall any technique book recommending to wear a heart rate monitor to prove its a "better" way to run. They're documented to be of the most efficient load bearing cultures. We all know that Kenyan and Ethiopian are great distance runners. so if you give it a try. First you have to learn how to walk as efficiently as possible: I call it the masking tape exercise. you should notice a significant difference in how you walk. nor do they run like we do. as the story states.

194 Once you become comfortable with it on level ground.. Barefoot training will help you tremendously with your goal. let your hips drop to the floor (I call it the "sitting posture") to the point that your back leg knee can roll itself behind your . you can transition it to the treadmill. What you’ll find is that you’re highly unstable. Set your second foot heel to touch your second toe of the planted foot and place the second foot in direct mimicry of your first foot in heel and second toe position with your heel and toes touching on the tape line. Place the middle of your second toe (called your index toe) outward from your big toe on the middle of the tape for positioning. I usually use an incline treadmill to teach it. To find your natural body posture for your body. First recommendation is to start by walking barefoot. so you can practice from there and build the strength. Begin with the middle of your heel directly over the middle of the tape at one end.. and balance skills necessary to exercise the muscles that you're seeking to improve. You’ll need to develop the strength in your feet to comfortably carry your bodyweight and learn the balance skills necessary to train your feet in optimum movement. Start with your bare feet using a six foot length of masking tape on the floor. coordination.

and currently don’t have. You’ll easily feel your body wobble. Rather than lifting your thigh to move your leg into its next step placement. Instead of leaning forward and pushing back. That instability is merely demonstrating the muscle control you’ll need. Instead. that the same line will pass through the middle of your knees and through the midline from your second toe out and the middle of your ankle at the heel of your feet. In a mirror you should be able to see that if you draw an imaginary line from the middle of your nose through the middle of your upper body. If you pull your weight to the lead foot on the tape. Your ultimate goal is to focus on rotating your knee inward into a neutral position. and let the movement of your feet start the leg movement.195 front leg and remain upright and balanced. This won't be easy. On a treadmill. so its a very graceful step. That difference will make every step much more fluid in motion. while you're . Your leg motion isn't to lift your knee and swing your lower leg forward. the natural human walking technique is to lean forward and push backwards with your feet. and a surface moving underneath you. with no momentum. Just take the time to become comfortable with this posture. Its also important to keep your torso leaning backward and remaining as upright as possible. I recommend you practice this perspective in front of a mirror so that you can see how perfectly aligned your body posture truly is. relax a little. The walking technique I'm introducing you to in the end looks highly similar to how a professional model walks. you'll be swinging your feet from in back of you and in a circular motion to place your foot in its proper place. you'll have to become comfortable with leaning backwards and pulling your weight forward on the tape. What you're learning in this posture is a perfectly centered balance position. Walking begins with learning to pull your weight forward. you have to think differently to master it. which is the secret to how you'll be walking. but it demonstrates how out of balance we have all become. which will be the foundation to everything I'm sharing with you.

The trick to pulling your weight forward is to lead in step with your feet. and to walk faster. you'll notice that to increase your stride length. slowly begin walking a little faster and lengthening the distance between your feet.196 pulling yourself onto your lead step you'll be swinging and rotating your now weightless leg forward to put it in front of your weight bearing leg. . If you walk inline and pull your weight. you'll notice that you'll be walking with a very flat. all while keeping your body in that neutral balance position. This will help you with your posture. not your upper leg as with traditional walking and running. the greater balance control you'll have on the ground as you run. What you'll discover is that your legs have to rotate inward to keep the knees in alignment with your body's natural centerline. If you do it right. The more equal your legs work. Your goal is to use the tape to teach your body what it actually feels like for both legs to walk with completely equal motion and in a perfectly straight line. you can reach around and feel in your butt how walking this way utilizes the gluteus maximus compared with walking naturally. easy walking motion. and when you're comfortable. Take a few steps. The golden rule is to relax. you'll find your hips dropping towards the ground rather than leaning forward and pushing yourself up. fluid.

if your knee injury involves ligaments or cartilage. It is also important to rule out other knee problems when knee pain occurs and not assume every pain as "runner's knee" for you could be suffering from a knee injury that requires surgery. compression tissue of the cartilage. Usually.html) and Iliotibial Band (ITB) (link http://www. PFPS can occur in avid runners as well as people who decide to go running for the first time in several months or even years without proper training prior to running again.com/sports/spknees. The most common of knee injuries is Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) or commonly called “runner’s knee. Check out the Stew Smith Archives for previous articles specifically discussing injury prevention and rehab of the lower back and shoulder.”(link http://www. the knee joint is susceptible to injuries of the connecting tissues of ligaments and tendons.drpribut. In fact. . Like the shoulder and the lower back.html) For most people these injuries are classified in the “over-use injury” category.drpribut. surgery is required and can be relatively quick with a speedy recovery thanks to the latest in arthroscopic surgery techniques. and muscular strength and flexibility imbalances. or using poor technique. the nick name for ITB at SEAL training is “I Tried BUDS” due to so many students failing out of training with this over-use injury.com/sports/spitb. wearing improper footwear. Often running can cause these issues especially if the runner is overweight.197 Knee Injuries This article on the knee is the third of three segments on the most injured body parts in military / athletic training.

6) My rule: If it hurts to walk – DON’T RUN! If it hurts to run – just walk. and other injuries (not including sudden impact damage) there are a few rules of thumb to go by: 1) Do not run too much. Hamstring / Lower back Stretch . ice and only do non-impact aerobics such as swimming. too soon – start a running program gradually even if you were on the cross-country team ten years ago. 2) Replace old shoes every 300-400 miles of at least every 6 months and try not to use your running shoes as your everyday shoes.drpribut. Here are some pictures and descriptions of some of the few stretches and exercises that are part of any of my books and eBooks. calves.198 To help prevent injuries such as runner’s knee. visit www. We walk differently than we run. 5) Always rest. Also.com for more information on injuries of the knee and other running related issues. ITB. 4) Strengthen thigh and hamstring muscles so you do not create imbalances in strength and flexibility. and lower back.From the standing or sitting position bend over and touch your toes . 3) Stretch daily and become flexible especially in the hamstrings. biking or rowing if your knees hurt when you run.

199 Thigh Stretch Standing – Pull heel to rear. . If you cannot do this stretch as shown. Calf Stretch – Lean against a wall and push your heel to the floor with most of your weight on your back leg. just bend your knee in the same fashion – that will stretch your thigh muscles.

Pull your knee to your chest and hold for ten seconds – Switch and repeat with other leg.200 Hip / outer thigh stretch – ITB Stretch – Sit and cross your legs. Straight Leg Lifts strengthens the quadriceps. The stretches above and the minimum recommended stretches you should do for at least 30 seconds each after a brisk5:00 warm up jog. The exercises below will also help strengthen your knee joint through exercise of the connecting muscle groups. . Lie on the floor. Lift one leg about 6-12 inches off the floor and hold for 10 seconds flexing the thigh muscles. Lower and repeat 10 times. Always stretch after you have warmed up the muscles and gotten the blood flowing to the muscles and connective tissues being used.

While standing.201 Switch legs. hold the pose and push yourself up and down within a 8-12” range of motion.just like riding a horse. ... You can do this anywhere – even while watching TV. These are just some of the exercises and stretches you can use to prevent injuries. The 1/2 squat .. Do about 5 sets of 10-20 in a workout. repeat 5 times and work up to 10 sets of 10 repetitions.

too soon. Dr. Typically. even if you used to run this far in the fall of last year. over 50 percent of all runners get injured every year.4-5 times a week). In fact. chances are when you start again you will start "where you left off. I receive emails from people who are starting to ache after only a few days of running. Basically. according to Runner's World. Pribut has to say about running and injury prevention. I have had many of these injuries BUT since I am not a doctor. prevent. It takes time to build up to a rigorous amount of running (4-6 miles day -.com. The types of injures that are most common to new runners and the ones that I receive questions on are the following: • Shin Splints • Heel Injuries (Plantar Fasciitis) • ITB Syndrome • Runner's Knee (PFS) • Achilles Tendonitis If you are an avid runner. Click the links below to see what Dr.drpribut. I like for people to be better informed through the likes of www. and self-treat the most common running injuries." and actually over-train. you are running too far. chances are you have experienced at least one of these injuries. There is a link I refer many people to who complain of leg injuries.202 Prevent Running Injuries Every year. if you take off for more than 2-3 months from a regular running routine. after a few months of decreased running due to winter weather. . Steven Pribut is a doctor who enjoys running and has a site designed to help describe.

5. elliptical gliding. You do get what you pay for too. however. Choose non-impact aerobic activity like biking. then stretch once you are warm and the muscles and joints are more pliable.From Army Soldier / runner . There are a number of types of shoes out there that range from $80$120 for the better brands. after only 2 months of running virtually barefoot I’m up to 5 miles 4 times a week with a high of over 8.com . 2. This got me thinking and I bought a pair of Vibram Five Fingers to try and transition into and let me tell you what a world of difference it has made on my life. Previously running." 1. Never stretch "cold. I am actually loving running again. Stretch for a week first to loosen up stiff joints and connective tissue. 4. rowing or swimming to do when injuries are first felt. Replace running shoes often."recently in an Air Force Times article they previewed a Soldier and Marine that had had all the injuries you mention in your article and had given up on running until they discovered BAREFOOT running." See stretches in the 6 week Running Program. I would recommend the following "step up program. I actually have a goal for the summer to run a half . Run nice and easy for about 5-10 minutes. It is never a bad idea to cross-train in any of these activities every other day in place a running. I could only muster 4 miles as my all time longest run and that was in Iraq. you can save $20-30 by going online at retailers such as: http://www.203 Now.this site also has information of gait analysis and the importance of orthotics (shoe insets) to help prevent injuries. Update on running barefoot . OR if you are wishing to start running for the first time.bodynsolesports. Warm up properly and then stretch. in the spring. Do not walk in your running shoes since you walk differently than you run. I go through shoes about every 2-3 months and ONLY run in my running shoes. 3. after a winter layoff.

DO NOT run and go to a doctor.stop running" and "If it hurts to walk -." . Two of the running rules I use are: "If it hurts to run -." Hey .204 marathon here in North Pole Alaska and my next assignment trying to do a full marathon.there are other options out there! I hope the information / links can help you prevent some of the common injuries. it is always recommended to see a doctor if you are in pain. However.

Keep your feet shoulder width apart. you can actually kick start your metabolism and burn more calories with the following quick. that does not mean you have to neglect the pillars of our bodies' foundation. Drop your butt back as though sitting in a chair. Keep your chest up straight and your stomach tight. You will find that leg workouts also have a cardiovascular element to them. Grab some dumbbells to make it more challenging and only do a half squat to place less strain on your knees. Alternate exercise for lunges is the leg curl machine. Make it easier on your knees by only going down half way. this is because these muscles require so much more blood. hamstrings. Alternate exercise for squats is the leg extension machine. Since your lower body has the biggest muscles in your body.do not over extend. Take a long step forward and drop your back knee toward the ground but keep the front shin vertical . Once again. . Make certain you use a full range of motion. lower back and glutes (rump). Want to make it more of a challenge? Grab some dumbbells. Concentrate on squeezing your glutes in your upward motion. The exercises: Squats .The lunge is a great leg exercise to develop shape and flexibility. but challenging leg workouts. Many people simply cannot and should not perform some of the more basic leg exercises like squats and lunges due to knee and lower back injuries. Lunge . calves. But. Single Leg Calf Raise Hook one foot behind the other and raise up on your toes. Doing leg workouts not only make your legs stronger and able to support your body better. but you will actually burn more calories in your workouts by incorporating a leg routine. so the heart will beat more to supply new blood to the lower body. It won't take long to make this burn. Keep your heels solid on the ground. by exercising the thighs.205 Run and Leg PT Exercising your legs is very often overlooked by even the most avid weight lifters and exercisers.

Do not neglect your post-exercise stretch routine and you will be much less sore. running test in a physical fitness program. or for sports too. This is a great way to build up leg endurance if you are training to pass a rucking test.10 -15 reps each leg Calves .10 / Squats .10 . Do legs 2-3 times a week maximum and give yourself 2-3 days before another leg workout.30 (regular.10 (repeat 5-10 times) Stretch Workout #1: Repeat the following three times: (in circuit order with no rest) squats. toes out) bike or jog .30 reps each leg Stretch You will find leg workouts to be challenging and you maybe quite sore the following day.20 reps Lunges .206 The workout: Warmup by jumping jacks and squats mixed: Jumping Jacks . 1/2) calves .5:00 Workout #2: Mix jogging or biking with leg exercises with this time saving workout: Jog 1/4 mile or bike 2:00-3:00 / stretch Repeat the following four times: Jog 1/4 mile on a treadmill or outside (or bike 2:00-3:00) Squats . toes in.20 reps lunges 10/leg reps (regular. .

But the 10:00 to 8:00 pace can actually be done in less than a few months as long as you are not new to running. For more experienced but slower runners.207 Drop 2:00 off your Mile Pace This week an Army Officer emailed me with a goal of dropping two minutes off his mile run pace. going from 10 – 8:00 mile pace is best done with the following recommendations: .Beginner Runners Running Plan II . as you can imagine. you should always ramp up distance. This is not a tough goal to achieve IF you are presently running a 10:00 mile and have a goal of 8:00 mile pace. pace. However. it gets much tougher going from 8:00 mile pace to 6:00 mile pace or faster. and intensity over a six to eight week period as described in the chart below: Running Plan I .Intermediate Runners Wk Mon 1 2 1-2 mile 2-3 miles Tues Weds Thurs Fri Bike or swim 1-2 mile Bike or swim 2-3 miles Bike or swim 1-2 mile Bike or swim 2-3 miles 3* Bike or swim Bike or swim Bike or swim Bike or swim Bike or swim 4 5 6 3 miles 2 miles 2-3 miles Bike or swim 3 miles 3 miles 3-4 miles off off Bike or swim 3 miles 4 miles 4-5 miles 2 miles 2-3 miles *Do not run during Week 3--bike or swim everyday for 20-30:00. There is a high risk of injury to beginners who run this week. Any other NONimpact aerobics is a good replacement exercise for swimming or biking. If you are a beginner.

. The chart below will help you figure out your goal pace at the intervals recommended in this running plan: Intervals Goal mile pace 8:00 mile ½ mile intervals ¼ mile intervals 1/8 mile intervals 4:00 2:00 1:00 Goal mile pace 7:00 mile 3:30 1:45 52 seconds Goal mile pace 6:00 mile 3:00 1:30 45 seconds To ace the running portion of any PFT. miles jog bike PACE DAY Long run: – 4 miles of 4-6 miles intervals at easy pace goal pace 5-8 2 miles ½ mile at goal pace 4-5x’s Chart explained: On Mondays. run two miles but try for as long as you can to run at your goal pace – chart progress each week on how far you were able to maintain goal pace. foot strikes and create muscle memory of exactly how you should feel when you are running at your goal pace. swim. leg stride. As you get into better shape. arm swing.208 Wk Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Saturday 1-4 2 miles ¼ mile at goal pace 6–8x’s PACE DAY Long run: 2 mile No Running – 3 miles of 4-6 miles timed & 2 – rest or PT intervals at easy pace miles jog goal pace No Running 2 miles – rest or timed & 2 PT. it is most important to learn your pace. you should feel better throughout the running event. Recognize breathing.

2 mile timed run / 2 mile jog.209 NOTE . Once you fall off your pace. After each interval run. Sunday . 2 mile. On Fridays. intervals will help you build your VO2 max and foot speed to better learn your goal pace.5 miles or 3 miles (USN.Long run Saturday . learn your PACE. Shoot for ½ mile intervals at goal pace. run that distance required for your services PFT followed by a jog of the same distance. If your PFT distance is 1. or USMC respectively).swim or rest. 3 miles. During the second month.you should push the speed limit and do a series of faster than pace runs: On Tuesdays. This routine is aggressive but doable and should only take 20-40 minutes on most weekdays. increase your distance but keep the pace the same. the best way to get better or faster at running is to PRACTICE running. Saturday . USAF. Do your PT exercises today as well as every other day as recommended in any of the PT articles in the Article Archive and PFT eBooks. Test yourself on Thursday. ½ miles etc are to be done at your goal pace. Wednesday . All runs no matter what the distance – 1 mile. Work up to three miles of running for as long as you can at your goal pace. stop.DAY OFF . . walk and recover for two minutes and continue running shorter intervals until you reach a total distance of three miles. walk or slow jog for a recovery for 1-2:00.one day a week . USCG.Day off As you can see.4-6 miles easy pace. Have a nice leisurely run at slow moderate pace and stretch well after each running session. Thursday . try to run 1-2 at a faster than goal pace just to push your limit. On a few of the interval runs. ¼. after a day off of running.

short distance .8:00 Three sets of: Sprint-1/4 mile as fast as you can Jog . faster pace . The only rest you will receive is during your slower jogging pace.1/8 mile 1:00 Do this workout without walking to rest. The Four mile track workout has worked for many military and short distance runners for years. The workout goes as follows: 4 Mile Track Work Jog . Have fun with this one it is tough. . This workout is basically interval training. A few requested workouts for their two or three mile PFT runs (Army / Marine Corps respectively) and several were runners who compete 5K and 10K races on the weekends.210 Run Faster I received several e-mails last week about running faster. Since all these distances use relatively the same training philosophy .1/4 mile in 1:45-2:00 Six sets of: Sprint-1/8 mile Jog . The Four mile track workout is broken into 1/4 mile sprints and jogs and 1/8 mile sprints and jogs for a total of four miles. Try to catch your breath while you jog.1 mile in 7:00 .I decided to answer them all with the following track workouts. Interval training means you run at a certain pace for a particular distance then increase the pace for a certain distance.

Simply run a certain distance as fast as you can a specified number of times. you can try mixing shorter jogs and sprints together for a longer period of time. This type of training is great for building the speed and endurance needed for any of the PFTs or 5 or 10K races. 20 .1 mile x 3-4 (walk 1/2 mile in between) = 3-4 miles 1/2 MILE REPEATS . 30 minutes All of these workouts fantastic ways to get faster but build the needed endurance which most sprinters lack.1/4 mile repeats x 12 (walk 1/8 mile in between) = 3 miles 1/8 MILE REPEATS .1/8 mile repeat x 16 (walk 100 yds in between) = 2 miles Finally.211 Another good speed workout is called REPEATS. This time you get to walk to recover and catch your breath before the next sprint. I call them SPRINT / JOGS. if you have not had enough. Sprint / Jogs 50 yd sprint / 50 yd jog for 10.1/2 mile x 6 (walk 1/4 mile in between) = 3 miles 1/4 MILE REPEATS . You can try one of the following distances for a challenging workout: MILE REPEATS . Simply run about 50 yards as fast as you can then jog 50 yards fairly slow in order to catch your breath. I like doing this one where telephone poles line the road so I can just sprint form one telephone pole then jog to the next. .

There are many articles in the archive about the PFT for all services and events so check those out. build your VO2 Max. and makes your PFT distance running at faster paces more comfortable – meaning you are getting in better shape.212 Running Even Faster Most of the time. and 5km events. It seems from my trial and error and recent research that the way to tackle this speedy goal is twofold: 1) Be an avid runner before building your speed. These are the runner who are trying to break 5:006:00 mile pace and are usually Marines who want to run faster than 18:00 on the three mile run or Army Rangers or SF guys who want to hit 11-12:00 in the 2 mile run. Building a foundation of 20-25 miles a week of running is considered to be foundation enough to start pushing your own envelope of speed. Here are some intense intervals to help you with your training for crushing the PFT run or 5k and 10 k contests: Workout #1: Run 1 mile easy / stretch . See Interval training ideas on how to implement speed training with your running schedule. I have been working on some training regimens for speed building and have discussed many different ways to accomplish this goal with collegiate and Olympic runners in the 800m. 1500m. 2) Interval Training – It seems that interval training will help you increase your foot speed. I get emails from people who are training to run even faster than they already are. I receive emails from people who are seeking to pass their PFT and just as many who wish to max out their PFT scores for their age group. Every now and then.

5 mile run = 6:00 mile pace = 90 seconds ¼ mile run. Jog slow or walk 1:00 • Say you are running a 9:00 1.213 Repeat 8-10 times Run ¼ mile at 10-20 seconds under current mile pace. and build VO2 Max. • Benefits – increase foot speed. Workout #2 Run 1 mile easy / stretch Repeat 5 times Run ½ miles at 10 seconds under current mile pace Jog slow or walk 2:00 Workout #3 Run 1 mile easy / stretch Run 1 mile at 10 seconds above current mile pace Jog 2:00 slow Run 1 mile at current mile pace Jog 2:00 slow Run 1 mile at 10 seconds faster than current mile pace Cool down jog 5:00 Stretch . • Try to hit these ¼ mile intervals at 70-80 seconds.

I am testing these out at the Naval Academy over the summer with some SEAL wanna-be’s and myself. You will see your timed runs drop significantly. Pick your distance and go after your personal best. Let me know if you have any success and I will post the before and after scores if you wish. .214 Workout #4 Run 5:00 / warmup / stretch Run for 30:00 total BUT Run 1:00 sprint / followed by 1:00 slow jog for 30:00 Try these workouts during the next month using 2-3 of the above workouts each week mixed with your normal pace jogging on other running days.

For one. soft tissues. . To make a long story short. after a month of self-rehab and not noticeable changes. So for nearly a full year of NO RUNNING.drpribut.215 Getting Back into Running After Injury Getting into a running program after an injury or just starting running for the first time ever or many years is very tough. I hit a wall and thought my leg was going to fall off. the joints. Pribut says about the most common running injuries and how to recover from them at www. I went to the doctor for both an MRI and Bone Scan. PAINFUL! I just had to take a year off of running and could only swim without fins.com Last year after a heavy running program through the winter and sprint (30-40 miles a week) and some uncommon yard work (moving dead trees). and bones can all be injured by common “overuse” injuries such as: Shin Splints Very Common Knee tendonitis Runner's Knee (PFS) ITB Syndrome Heel Injuries (Plantar Fasciitis) Stress Fractures For more detailed information click the links above to see what Dr. The bone scan showed stress fracture in my femur on the very base of the femur within the knee socket itself. I knew I had to be smart about it. Biking even hurt it. when I was ready to get back on the running plan.

216 I got the idea that I would start on Spring Solstice (as the days start to get longer) and would gradually ramp it up by getting up earlier with the sun as the mornings with daylight got earlier. It started off at 0630 in late March – run for 15 minutes for two weeks and then swim at 0645 to finish off the workout. By April, I started my run at 0615 and ran longer and further. By May, the daylight started by 0600 and I ran longer and longer until I peaked in June 21 – the longest day of the year with a hour long run. Now, it is early August and the days are getting shorter and so are my runs, but my swims are still 30-45 minutes long which I will continue throughout the winter months and taper the running accordingly. Too much running, too soon, too fast, and too long can in any combination put you in the hurt locker and unable to run – even walk if you are not careful. Listen to the body. This is how I got back into running gently for about 2 months: Week 1 - 4 days a week only run 1 mile - then swim, bike etc... Week 2 - 3 days a week only run 1.5 miles .... Week 3 - took off as injuries usually occur week 3 of running again...non-impact only. Week 4 - 4 days a week run 2 miles... Week 5 - 4 days a week run 2.5 miles week 6 - 5 days a week run 2.5 miles week 7 - 3 days a week run 3 miles / 2 days a week run 4 miles week 8 - 3 days a week run 4 miles / 2 days a week run 5 miles now I can run 5 miles no sweat... *NOTE - this is NOT a beginner running plan - if you have more than 20 lbs to lose, I do not recommend starting so aggressively. In fact non-impact and walking should be your cardio of choice if overweight as the human knee is not designed to take the impact of a an overweight body. Here are some extra tips to avoid injury when running or starting to run again:


1. Warm up properly and then stretch. Run nice and easy for about 5-10 minutes, then stretch once you are warm and the muscles and joints are more pliable. Never stretch "cold." See stretches in the 6 week Running Program. Read Dr Pribut’s information of stretching too. 2. Replace running shoes often. I go through shoes about every 2-3 months and ONLY run in my running shoes. Do not walk in your running shoes since you walk differently than you run. You do get what you pay for too. There are a number of types of shoes out there that range from $80-$120 for the better brands, however, you can save $20-30 by going online at retailers such as: http://www.bodynsolesports.com - this site also has information of gait analysis and the importance of orthotics (shoe insets) to help prevent injuries. 3. Or check out the Running Shoe List Dr Pribut put together: Running Shoe List I hope these links can help you prevent some of the common injuries. However, it is always recommended to see a doctor if you are in pain. Three running rules I use are: "If it hurts to run -- stop running" and "If it hurts to walk -- DO NOT run, and if it hurts when doing nothing - go to a doctor immediately."


Interval Workouts - Running Training for Speed
Last week, I received an email asking if interval training was a good way to improve speed in your military PFT run. The answer is absolutely. “But what exactly is interval training and how do I determine what speed I should train?” the question continued. There are some general formulas that can help you determine where you should be, but I personally like to use the following method of determining interval workout components that include: Distance, Run and Rest Interval, Repetitions, and Time. Each of these components of interval training effect the other as noted below. I do not use a general calculating formula but a more specific running approach, since we all are different types of runners. For example, a runner runs the USMC 3 mile in a 21:00 – that is a 7:00 mile pace. To get a perfect score on the USMC run, one has to run an 18:00 time – that is a 6:00 mile pace. How do you get to be a better runner so you can drop three minutes off your run time? Follow the steps outlined below and you will have an idea of how to integrate interval training into your regime: 1) Time yourself in your PFT run. • • • Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force use the 1.5-mile distance. Army uses the 2-mile distance. Marines use the 3-mile distance

2) Determine a reasonable goal for your PFT run. 3) Find your GOAL time for the PFT run. Divide your goal to figure out the mile pace 4) Divide your mile goal pace into 1/8-mile, 1/4-mile, 1/2-mile distances


The following distances are great for any of the military PFT run interval training and the times listed below will help our sample runner decrease his run time to a 6:00 mile. For instance the USMC runner should train at: • • • 1/2-mile times should be run in 3:00 1/4-mile times should be run 90 seconds, and 1/8-mile times should be run 45 seconds

It is recommended to either walk or slowly jog as a recovery method in between the timed runs above. The interval of rest depends on your fitness level. Walk to rest if you are a beginner or average runner and jog to catch your breath if you are more advanced. Usually the walking distance is equal to or 1/2 the distance you just ran. So, if you ran a 3:00 1/2-mile, walk or slow jog a 1/4-mile. NOW you know your pace at each distance...time for the workout! Putting all the components of interval training together creates a challenging workout that will help you decrease your PFT run time:

• • •

Repeat 3-4 times Run 1/2-mile at goal pace Walk or jog 1/4-mile Repeat 4-6 times Run 1/4-mile at goal pace Walk or jog 1/8 of a mile Repeat 4-6 times Run 1/8-mile at goal pace Walk or jog 100 yds

• • • • •

Do this workout two times a week combined with two longer runs of three to five miles during the week. In a few weeks, you will see your running pace increase and your mile times begin to drop while making

your pace easier to maintain. Here are a few more tips to help you pick up your pace and stay injury free: 1) Breathing - Take big, deep inhalations and exhalations similar to the way you yawn. This will help you receive the oxygen your body needs. Slow down the running pace if you need to, but concentrate on your breathing. 2) Stride and Heel / Toe Contact - Open your stride to a point where you will land on foot close to your ball of your foot - NOT the heel) and roll across your foot, pushing off the ground with your toes. You can eliminate this by following the simple Audio Test. If you can hear your feet hitting the ground when you run, then you are running wrong. It should sound like your shoes are rolling on the ground quietly. Comfortable running shoes will also aid in prevention of injuries. 3) Arm Swing - You should have a relaxed arm swing but very pronounced. Swing your hands from about chest high to just past your hips in a straight line. The term "hip to lip" is a good way to remember this when you are running. Your arms should be slightly bent but not flexed. 4) Relaxed Upper body - You should relax your fists, arms, shoulders, and face. This causes the oxygenated blood that you need to go to your legs to also go to your upper body. The only things that need to be working when you are running are your "lungs and your legs." 5) Start slowly and warm up - Do not stretch your legs until you have warmed up your body by jogging or biking slowly for about 5-10 minutes. Run every other day if you are just beginning and only add mileage to your run as you feel comfortable. Good luck with your running program and I hope you see improvement soon.


Run Properly
Everyday you can usually spot someone who chooses running as their source of daily exercise. So many times I cringe as several "runners" pass by, running in pain and obviously not enjoying the popular cardiovascular activity. Improper technique is the main culprit for less enjoyment and injury among runners. Maybe the "runners" would enjoy running a little more if they knew the proper techniques. Here are a few tips to help you pick up your pace and stay injury free: 1) Breathing - Take big, deep inhalations and exhalations similar to the way you yawn. This will help you receive the oxygen your body needs. Too many people breathe too shallow when they run, causing a hyperventilation effect. Slow down the running pace if you need to, but concentrate on your breathing. 2) Stride and FOOT Contact - When jogging, open your stride but lean slightly forward to a point where you will land NEAR your heel (closer to the middle of your foot - not the back of your heel but the middle of your foot) and roll across your foot, pushing off the ground with your toes. But not FLAT footed!!! Many people run flat footed, back of heel strike, or on their toes causing stress on their feet, lower back, hips, knees and ankles. You can eliminate this by following the simple Audio Test. If you can hear your feet hitting the ground when you run, then you are running wrong. It should sound like your shoes are rolling on the ground quietly. Comfortable running shoes will also aid in prevention of injuries. Other options - see POSE Running techniques. Truly - it depends on if you are sprinting or jogging. If you are sprinting you will run more on your toes and when jogging you want a roll of the foot off the mid foot / top of heel (not bottom of heel). 3) Arm Swing - You should have a relaxed arm swing but very pronounced. Swing your hands from about chest high to just past your hips. The term "hip to lip" is a good way to remember this when you are running. Your arms should be slightly bent but not flexed. Run limp wristed. It is impossible to flex your arms with a limp wrist. 4) Relaxed Upper body - You should relax your fists, arms, shoulders, and face. Too many people clinch their fists and grit their teeth when they run. This causes the oxygenated blood that you need

to go to your legs to also go to your upper body. The only things that need to be working when you are running are your "Lungs and your Legs." 5) Start slowly and warm up - Do not stretch your legs until you have warmed up your body by jogging or biking slowly for about 5-10 minutes. Run every other day if you are just beginning and only add mileage to your run as you feel comfortable. Running is statistically one of the most potentially dangerous exercises you can do, but it does not have to be as long as you remember to do everything in moderation and follow these running tips. So, do not be one of 50% of runners nationwide who injure themselves this year by running too often and incorrectly. Good luck and enjoy probably one of the best weight loss plans known to man. Especially if you are overweight by 20-30+ lbs - running can be downright dangerous for long distances / even sprints. So pick a non impact aerobic activity as you lose weight to avoid the extra impact on your hips, knees, shins, feet, lower back. All of which are susceptible to impact injuries even if not over weight.


When To Run - Beginner Plan
StewSmith.com Running injury free requires near perfect technique, great shoes, possibly the addition of orthotics / insoles, and a gradual build-up after long periods of no running or beginning a running plan. Last week’s article concerning women’s running and training plan caused me to re-think my advice as the intensity of the article was not perfectly directed toward a novice exerciser. In fact, thanks to some feedback from readers, it inspired me to reach back into my archives of how I used to personally train beginners as opposed to how I personally re-started a running program after a year of not running in the past. It now is clear that the words “beginner running program” is relative. For me, the plan I placed on last week’s article was what I used to get back into running after taking a year off due to a serious injury to my femur. To avoid or deal with running injuries: One of my sayings is, “If it hurts to run, stop running. If it hurts to walk, do not run. If it hurts doing nothing/walking, go to a doctor.” For more information on running injuries see www.drpribut.com or www.runnersrescue.com for some great ideas and explanations on the long list of training plans and injuries occurring from them. Beginner Running Chart for people seeking to start an exercise plan and need to lose 20+ lbs: (always start run workout with a quick 5:00 walk / light leg stretch). I highly recommend the RUN / WALK method as you are learning to run.

Each Run Workout is to be done THREE times a week Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week10 • Walk 20-30 minutes / stretching entire body daily (monitor weight loss*) Run 1:00 / Walk 1-2:00 for 20-30 minutes Run 1:00 / Walk 1:00 for 30 minutes (listen body as injuries occur this week**) 3 Sets of Run 1:30 / Walk 1:30 | 3 Sets of Run 2:00 / Walk 1:00 3 Sets of Run 2:30 / Walk 1:00 | 3 Sets of Run 2:00 / Walk 30 seconds 4 Sets of Run 3:00 / Walk 1:30 Run 1 mile / try non-stop / walk 1 mile fast Run / walk combo 2.5 miles (from weeks 8-10 – try to run as much as you can) Run / walk combo 2.75 miles Run / walk combo 3 miles * - if you are losing 2-3 lbs this week by simply adding walking / stretching and more water to your life – keep it up until weight loss slows to under 1 lb per week. ** - Typically injuries occur during running programs the 3rd week IF too aggressive with initial training

Running When Overweight – The human body is built for survival and is quite resilient to most of the stresses we can throw at it; however, the knee is not designed to take too much excess weight even through a pain free running program. Usually meniscus and articular cartilage will wear away exposing bone on bone and premature arthritis. This takes years though. So, if you are over 40 lbs overweight replace walking/running everyday with some days of non impact aerobics like biking, swimming, rowing or elliptical gliding. Beginning running programs for folks who do not exercise are not the same as beginning running programs for recently injured or young athletes. In hindsight, I realize I made that mistake in the previous Women’s Fitness article and wanted to differentiate the two programs.

stretching upper body and legs. get the blood back to your legs by warming up the legs by jogging. What gives? I thought I was in shape? You know I get this often from people in sports – athletic shape also. Check out this email: Stew – I run all the time 4-5 days a week and usually get 25-30 miles a week. prior to running / after calisthenics. (transition training) Practice. you need to practice taking fitness tests. pull-ups type exercises. I just tried out for the FBI fitness test for Special Agents and thought that the calisthenics and the run would be a joke. Otherwise. Running a Timed Run Fitness Test Sometimes we think we are in shape because a “test looks easy” or “you were in shape in high school”. It is not any harder just different. Prepare muscles by stretching prior to pushups. so I have a runner’s body. Most importantly. Well. Training for a fitness test is just a different way to train.5 mile runs and did fail the sit-ups. I almost failed the 300m and the 1. But. 23- 4- . Here is something to consider. but many people fail to prepare for a fitness test and wind up realizing they need to change their training AND their thinking.225 Running Distance vs. practice – you should take the test once a week to mark progress and see where you need to focus your next week workouts. you are filled with unnecessary PFT anxiety prior to the test and you do not know how to prepare for the transitions of the PFT. Good goals for men and men are 7-8 minute mile pace respectively. basically to get better at taking fitness test. practice. sit-ups. The fundamentals of taking a fitness test are the following: 1Add speed / pace workouts to your running so you are prepared for a timed run at a faster pace than a jog. This will help you with the anxiety of the unknown of the test and the only butterflies you will be feeling is good competition adrenaline that will enhance your performance on test day. I was wrong.

and then miles for 2-3 sets. But for both groups. The GOAL pace is to teach you the pace to train and to get comfortable at that pace for whatever distance you are being tested. here is where you need to start: Beginner Running Chart for people seeking to start an exercise plan and/or need to lose 20+ lbs: (always start run workout with a quick 5:00 walk / light leg stretch).8 sets of this it will challenge most of this body type. . This is an adjustment as well. Also building up to 3-5 miles runs over a few months is going to be helpful to transition from football / power athlete to military endurance tactical athlete. here is a great running plan that has helped many in the past to prepare for 1.5 -2 mile run tests: 6 Week Running Plan For those of you who are just beginning to run after a long period of time of no activity due to injury or lack of motivation. you are hitting sub 6-7 minute mile pace no problem. I highly recommend the RUN / WALK method as you are learning to run. Not only do you need a foundation of some distance running. build up to half miles for 3-4 sets.226 Runner’s Body – You have a great foundation of distance but if you have not pushed your limits of speed just jogging several miles a week is not going to prepare you for timed runs where 6-7 minute mile paces are likely the competitive zone. Add speed work like this: Repeat 6-10 times ¼ mile run at GOAL pace (not a sprint) rest 1 minute The goal here is to learn the pace you need for the run event.5 – 2 miles runs are long distance runs. After you can do quarter miles. The next thing you know. Football Players – Many football players and other athletes think 1. This is easy at first but after 6. The same workout above works well but you typically have to slow down to reach 1:45 quarter mile runs for a 7 minute mile pace. but you need to slow down your 100m running pace to a slower pace suitable for standard timed runs.

and most of all just get healthier.com – they are a great shoes store (great prices) but you will learn about good running shoes. Each Run Workout is to be done THREE times a week Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week10 • Walk 20-30 minutes / stretching entire body daily (monitor weight loss*) Run 1:00 / Walk 1-2:00 for 20-30 minutes Run 1:00 / Walk 1:00 for 30 minutes (listen body as injuries occur this week**) 3 Sets of Run 1:30 / Walk 1:30 | 3 Sets of Run 2:00 / Walk 1:00 3 Sets of Run 2:30 / Walk 1:00 | 3 Sets of Run 2:00 / Walk 30 seconds 4 Sets of Run 3:00 / Walk 1:30 Run 1 mile / try non-stop / walk 1 mile fast Run / walk combo 2. Check out www.5 miles (from weeks 8-10 – try to run as much as you can) Run / walk combo 2. faster timed runs. .75 miles Run / walk combo 3 miles ** Typically injuries occur during running programs the 3 week IF too aggressive with initial training rd I hope this helps you with your running fitness testing but also help you learn how to build up to running longer distances.bodynsolesports. not some old shoes you find in the back of your closet.227 IMPORTANT – get running shoes.

or other exercise plan. For instance. I have been starting the run part of the workout about 20-30 minutes before sunrise time which in March is about 6:50am.228 Run with the Sun!! Stew Smith's Solstice Running Plan For the past few years. biking. So. If on a treadmill. Did you know we are about 65% more likely to accomplish a workout if done in the morning hours before your day truly begins? As you know. If you are beginning a running plan. each day gets longer in daylight by 1-2 . I like to swim at 6:45 am (when the pool opens) nearly on a daily basis during the week. Here is how the Solstice Exercise Plan works: Three-to-four days a week you wake up and start warming up and running about 20-30 minutes before the sun rises. start out by walking for a few weeks and then start adding some running using the logical progression of the sun. running. work or other commitments on time. I have started an outdoor running program as the weather breaks from Winter to Spring. This running plan works as the sun rises in the morning prior to work or school. Or check out the Beginning Running Plan and walk a little / run a little using driveways or telephone poles as intervals. I have been running most of the winter so I am not starting out running this week. This plan is great for any level of fitness and the goal is to progress as the days get longer with your walking. This gives me a starting running plan run workout of 15-20 minutes where we usually get in at least 2 miles done before it is time to swim. Since it is after the Winter Solstice (Dec 20). It is the time in the day and night when the sun has set (or not risen) but there is still light for about 20-30 minutes. The only thing you have to do is set a stop time to the workout that is suitable for your fitness level and keep that standard through the 24 week cycle in order to get to school. just run for 30 seconds / walk 30 seconds until you build up to fully running for 15 minutes. Usually you have about 20-30 minutes of what in the Navy we called Nautical Twilight or Nautical Dawn. life gets in the way in the early evenings and workouts can get replaced with extended meetings and precious family time.

2009:. Usually our total workout (run. weights or calisthenics lasts 2-3 hours).229 minutes everyday until the longest day of the year June 20-21 (Summer Solstice . or something challenging. (Spring or Vernal Equinox) Weeks 1 -24 1 24 2 23 3 22 4 21 5 20 6 19 7 18 8 17 9 16 10 15 11 14 12 *13 Start Time 6:30am 6:30am 6:20am 6:20am 6:10am 6:10am 6:00am 6:00am 5:45am 5:30am 5:30am 5:15am Stop Time 6:45am 6:45am 6:45am 6:45am 6:45am 6:45am 6:45am 6:45am 6:45am 6:45am 6:45am 6:45am Another way to look at the intensity / time curve is the picture on the below the time chart: . We build up each week until we peak during the Summer Solstice and have a big event like a triathlon. See Sleep Article Here is my workout chart you can use as a sample guide for the Solstice Running plan that my workout group start the week of March 20. But you can always jump into the plan especially during the mid summer time when the daylight starts as early as 5:00am. The plan does require you to go to bed a bit earlier every other week if you want to be able to receive the recovery benefits of sleeping a full night’s sleep. From this point. or half marathon. we repeat in reverse order as now the days are getting shorter everyday until it is winter Dec 20 again. swim.our PEAK week). I am sure this workout will not apply to many as the time constraints of work or school or family will cause early morning workouts to be challenging.

you repeat in reverse order until you end where you started off. . At week 24. intervals. but the other two – three running days add in some sprints. • * At 6:45 I continue exercise with additional PT and Swim workouts see ideas Break up the workouts too as you have more time to play with. We usually start lifting weight more and swimming more as a way to break up the training plan and recover from all the miles of impact we placed on our bodies. you need to decide what exercise routine is next as the days are shorter.230 • • * Once you reach week 12. Once a week go for a longer distance run. goal pace runs. and even some leg PT at regular time intervals to break up the monotony of just running long slow distance runs.

I am ready for a few months of non-impact aerobics of indoor swimming and biking for cardiovascular workout options.ukgear. over the course of 4-6 weeks. after 8-9 months of challenging running and calisthenics based workouts (see Solstice Plan). I was shocked that a pair of shoes could be inside a box that is so light. So. As with anything. On Ibex Wear (Ibexwear. Hands and Head .If you are going to run year round.did I mention the winter running shoe is also water proof! That helped sell me on getting them as there is nothing worse than starting out a cold run with cold / wet feet. In fact. this year. For instance. Pace Yourself . you might have gotten used to 30-40 degree weather. In th fact you should be on your 3-4 pair of shoes in 12 months of running regularly. You need a good pair of shoes.231 Running IN the Cold? Gear Needed! Usually. I found a large variety on NavySEALs.You have to keep both your hands and head warm if you want to stay warm. During the Holiday seasons of festive foods. pace yourself and do not expect to go from 70 degrees one day and enjoy a 30 degree workout the next.com) I found some great gloves as well as a hood to wear to cover my head and face if needed. It is always colder in the Am / Pm so try to get some cardio at the “heat” of the day in the early afternoon if it fits your schedule. These are built for injury prone runners with decades of research on British Military members. I have tested out some gear during the 30 degrees days of the past month and feel like pushing it a little during the winter months. Here are some tips to continue pushing yourself through the winter “hibernation” days. I have found a winter running shoe made by UK Gear (www. if you continued to exercise outside. When I received these in the mail. It is more difficult to do any cardiovascular activity when you are used to 60-70 degrees one day and try to run or walk in 20-30 degrees the next. ALSO .com at good prices and free shipping. and huge meals even the most avid exerciser can pick up a few pounds.com) called PT-03. Shoes . However. starting in October / November you were probably seeing colder weather of 40-50 degrees depending on your location. By December / January. I am not even wearing my orthodic inserts as they are designed to help a variety of overuse injuries caused by over-pronation or supination for example. endless football. Another option for those . do workouts outside as the weather changes.Build up to exercising in the cold temperatures.

know when to go indoors and warm up. Avoid numbness in hands and feet. Too many injuries occur just from carelessness in the ice and snow. I have not tried these but a few of my running buddies swear by them for being able to better handle the cold air in / out nose / mouth / throat. Pay attention to wind chill warnings and double check to have no exposed skin. be careful with ice and snow if walking fast or running. . slurred speech. uncontrollable shaking or shivering.232 who have a tough time breathing in the cold is to try a mask using BreathXchange technology. This could be the start of frostbite or hypothermia which is deadly if not observed properly. Other Cold Weather Tips . Lastly.If you choose to workout outdoors in below freezing weather.

233 Running in the Summer . Atlanta. Humid Cities In the hot and humid cities like Washington DC. more pollutants are trapped in the wet air that we breathe and will lead to many health issues such as: . there are more daylight hours in which to exercise. Humid City With the long days of summer. In a separate email I was also asked the same question about running near the cities of the South East Coast of the United States when the summer days are hazy. In an email this week. I was asked about running during the summer. hot and humid.Polluted Air? Desert Dust Storm Hazy. Hot. and even worse Beijing. though. Many people focus on running and outdoor activities. These days. Both humid and dry summer environments are not the most enjoyable places to run because if dehydration does not slow you down the fine particulate matter that can lodge in your lungs will. it may be best to stay indoors and do another type of workout instead of breathing polluted air during strenuous cardio activity. specifically during sand / dust storms of Iraq.

weights. you should consider a TRX. I would seriously consider opting out of the long hard run until the air clears. Many complain of a persistent cough after running in a polluted area.234 1 – Reducing lung capability / function 2 – Damaging the lining of the lungs 3 – Causing asthma flare ups 4 – other chronic irreparable lung diseases Tip to avoid: Do not run in the hottest part of the day and watch for Weather Ozone alerts in your city as the local weather channels / websites will discuss the fine particulate. chemicals. or PT workout for the day.sand. “In the desert (specifically Iraq). but due to the dry air . you do not have the humidity issues of many regions. . but consider the near and long term health goals as well.” The same lung issues can occur as the above because the fine pollutants fly through the air and can get into your lungs and be an irritant at best. If reduced lung capability is the best you can hope for when running in pollutants and permanent lung damage / cancer is the worst. In either environment. which can last for months. I know it is tough to skip a cardio workout when seeking a fitness goal of some sort. and even animal / human feces microbes can get lodged into your lungs especially if you try to run during or shortly after a wind storm in the desert. Arid Environments: I asked an Army SF Group Surgeon attached to a USA Special Forces Group and he said. dust.

It is not designed for beginners. slower pace is actually faster than before… Run #1 – Fast paced run – usually 1-4 miles Run #2 – Interval runs -.235 Twelve Mile Run Plan Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Run #1 1 mile 2 miles 3 miles 4 miles 2 miles 3 miles 4 miles 1 mile 2 miles 3 miles 3 miles 1 mile Run #2 1 mile INT 2 miles INT 3 miles INT 2 miles INT 3 miles INT 2 miles INT 3 miles INT 3 miles INT 2 miles INT 3 miles INT 4 miles INT 4 miles INT Run #3 1 mile 2 miles 3 miles 3 miles 4 miles 4 miles 5 miles 5 miles 5 miles 4 miles 4 miles 3 miles Run #4 1 mile 2 miles 3 miles 4 miles 3 miles 3 miles 2 miles 2 miles 2 miles 3 miles 3 miles 3 miles Run #5 1 mile 2 miles 3 miles 4 miles 5 miles 6 miles 7 miles 8 miles 9 miles 10 miles 11 miles 12 miles The above chart is a twelve week plan to build up to a half-marathon. but rather intermediate runners who run 10-15 miles a week already.break up the distance into ¼ mile. The focus is to run shorter and faster runs in the week and a long slower run at a comfortable pace on the weekend. ½ mile and 1 mile repeats – your choice on pace and distance – mix in some leg PT on any runs that you do that are ¼ and ½ mile repeats: For instance: Repeat 3-4 times Run ½ mile or ¼ mile at goal pace Squats – 20 Lunges – 10/leg Run # 3 – Fast paced run – usually 1-5 miles . Eventually the two methods should meet and your longer.

500m = 1500m Option #2 – Hypoxic pyramid • 1200m – 2.8.4. 400m.4.6. .236 Run #4 .7.8.4. 300.10.Optional non-impact day or run the distance listed – regular pace Option #1 – Swim 1000-1500m -.3.10…until failure…repeat in reverse order holding each level for 1:00 Run #5 – Is the long pace run – usually done on the weekend.any stroke • Try 100m. 200m. x 100m Option #3 – LifeCycle Bike Pyramid Manual mode / levels

. Sometimes people preparing for a fitness test will forego the proper amount of time to build a foundation and the extreme increase in activity level will cause Compartment Syndrome. it is time to see a doctor.237 Compartment Syndrome and Shin Splints Hi Stew . .especially on hard surfaces in boots / poor shoe inserts Repetitive stress from running.com (the Running Doctor website) does not help you. impact to shin area . Usually the following will help treat your symptoms: .drpribut. rucking. It does not matter if I lay off running for a period of time or if I start out running shorter distances. but fairly common in runners of all ages. in the military and law enforcement training running programs people do too much / too soon / too fast. It could be a something different. What can I do to get myself back in to long distance running? If the typical treatment of shins splints does not work for you.a week of over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication and/ or ice .proper stretch / flex of shins prior to and after running. Chronic compartment syndrome results from repetitive trauma and overuse. The following are possible causes: Running . if doing the above and going to www. Typically.I am now suffering from shin splints every time I run.some time off from running (1-2 weeks).new running shoes.physical therapy However. . It is time to see a doctor in person.

I asked the doctor.. and the onset of the pain was directly proportional to how much faster than 9 min/mile I ran. (ie. The seized muscles would release and the acute pain / swelling would cease within an hour after I finished running. He then instructed me to STOP RUNNING until after surgery. the muscles would seize and I'd be unable to flex my foot. It only induced if I ran faster than a 9 min/mile. pain. If I kept running after the onset of the pain. After being diagnosed. The residual pain would go away within 24 hours. numbness and can result in permanent nerve damage.. (If I'd had shin splints before.. Here is the reader's digest version of the symptoms / treatment from another reader who had Compartment Syndrome and thought he had shins splints: I had pain in the lower legs when running. I'd have known that shin splint pain doesn't just go away). "what if I just run 9 min/miles for the rest of my life?" The doc said that the symptoms would induce at a slower and slower threshold and eventually it WOULD NOT RELEASE and I could lose portions of the muscle or the lower leg.creates a "slapping" sound when the foot strikes the ground. With nowhere to expand. This is a big indicator that it is NOT shins splints. Compartment Syndrome is basically the fascia surrounding the muscles in question no longer expands to allow the muscle to expand during exercise. thus I was running every other day. . the blood flooding the exercised muscle puts pressure on the blood vessels and nerves causing the above symptoms.238 Some of the symptoms of Compartment Syndrome are swelling in the lower legs. tried to run through it).

and quads to prevent any other types of injuries. BUT there is more than one way to treat ECS . but then again it could be something that requires time and healing or even surgery. I just don't want people who are able to run think that a surgery with a long post-op is the only option with CS. it's important to note that it is not as reliable as one believes.239 There's no known reason for ECS. but it is a realistic approach toward treating CS. Over a month of careful stretching and soft tissue work I can now ace the PFA and I'm preparing for the PAST in a few months. The test for CS was actually more painful than the surgery.. you should consider not running and seeing a doctor. That is why when people ask about running through the pain and sucking up shin splints.how about Physical Therapy with NO SURGERY . calves. they slit my lower legs and cut the fascia around the lower compartments then went under the skin and cut the fascia around the upper compartments. I couldn't run for 3 years because of my CS and now I can run until I puke. . hamstrings. How about physical therapy? It takes time. First of all. 45 but my surgeon does work with the Ohio State football team and says that he does about 3 surgeries on Buckeye football players every year and their late teens/early 20's).. Then one also has to deal with the long recovery time. I make it a priority to stretch everyday and use a foam roller to massage my shins. the recovery takes a long time before one can run again.at any pace. I personally had CS with pressures up into the 60s (standard is below 25) and I couldn't run for a mile. If you are having some of the CS symptoms above. (I thought it might be a function of my age. While it isn't a major surgery. The surgery was fairly simple. it is always best to think before you run again.here is an addition from another reader: While surgery is a viable option. it only has a 80% success rate at best. It could be something an easy warm up stretch will help.

PFS.com. and too fast. and pool running can all be used to maintain fitness. if you can take a few days off of running and the pain is not evident while walking. On his shin splint page he states. but could be Compartment Syndrome or a stress fracture. This diagnosis will require a doctor's opinion and is much more serious than shin splints. The foot is more likely to pronate excessively on mushy grass or sand.240 Shin Splints! I Think I Have Them? Many people email me each week and complain about pain below the knee. I get all my information about shins splints and other running injuries at www. too soon. If any pain persists more than a few weeks it is advised to see a doctor as you could be doing further damage to your shins which will take several months to heal. "Decrease training immediately. But. plantar fasciitis. Ice applications following running may offer some relief. Gentle posterior stretching exercises may help. Non-weight bearing exercise may be necessary. . This is usually accompanied by starting a running program or running too much. biking." "While running on soft surfaces has been recommended for this problem. Pribut . Do not run if pain occurs during or following your run. but control of pronation is more directly related to the cause of this syndrome.drpribut. that is not likely to help a pure shin splint. Swimming. and many other running issues that occur see Dr. In many cases shoes that are rated high for control of pronation may be helpful.inadequate shock protection Overtraining DO NOT RUN ON CONCRETE For more information on shin splints. ITB. but are not curative. stress fractures. Packed dirt is ideal." The key factors to correct will be: • • • • • • Tight posterior muscles Imbalance between the posterior and anterior muscles Running on concrete or other hard surfaces Improper Shoes . If symptoms persist it is important to seek professional medical attention. These pains are more than likely shin splints.The Running Doctor. and avoidance of concrete is also helpful. it is likely shin splints.

biking. Start easy with a beginner running plan even if you can handle more intense workouts. the last thing you need to do is go for a 5 mile run after a few weeks of not running. . rowing. do NOT start off where you left off. I recommend supplementing non impact aerobics like swimming.241 When starting to run again. elliptical gliding with your shorter runs for the first few weeks of running again.

a young Navy airman requested information on working on swimming while not having access to a pool. High rep endurance is needed for long ocean swims. but lack swimming abilities or facilities. triceps for upper body workouts that will build endurance with strength is what is needed for swimming primarily.. biceps. I want to go to BUD/S when I get back.242 Swimming Without Water?? This week. So. What should I do about swimming? 6-8 months in the desert. If you have access to a weight room: . Here is what he writes: I am deploying in June to Afghanistan. Swimming on deployment is always a tough one for active duty Navy preparing for BUDS. You do not need power or strength so lay off the heavy weights. A good workout that mixes in both is the following: I would focus on pullups and resting with 4 count flutter kicks workouts for endurance: Repeat 5 times Max reps pullups rest with 50 flutterkicks rest with 40-50 pushups (shoot for a goal of 100 pullups in 5 sets eventually) Do a few lightweight shoulder routines as well within the five supersets. do not forget the legs especially at BUDS where 99% of your swims will be done with fins. I get this one often as many people like to do the running and PT sections of my workouts. hips and legs for flutter kick endurance. I don't think I will be getting in a pool during that.. Thanks. shoulders. How do I train without losing a significant amount of time on my swim? Any guidance would be appreciated.I would focus on the muscle endurance needed for swimming: Back muscles. However.

Dive school. It again should be done with moderate weight and high reps (15-20+ reps per set) and will also help you with your pull-ups. bike on stationary bikes. Air Force PJ. USMC RECON. . If you get any time of R & R find a beach. pulldowns. Multiple rep (15+) circuits of bicep curls. even use elliptical glide machines if you need a break from the impact of running in order to get more cardio endurance conditioning. triceps pushdowns. Most importantly . row on rowing machines. lake. So if possible run. or any type of safe water to swim in as swimming and being comfortable in the water is critical for any type of Special Ops training like Navy SEALs. Other forms of cardio: Of course cardio-vascular endurance is the number one issue when swimming besides technique and knowing how to swim. pool. etc. the best way to get better at swimming without a pool is to perform the swimming movements as much as you can perhaps using rubber bands secured to a tree or door knob.243 Bent over rows are a great exercise for working on swimming muscles of the back and biceps. But.hunt for a pool. abdominals. lowerback and other isolation exercises needed too.

Here are several workouts that I love to do to stay cool and workout during the day either in an indoor/outdoor pool or beach: My number one favorite cardio exercise that I do year round is the Hypoxic Swim Pyramid.when I try to run outside it about kills me. Even then." The goal of this workout is you decrease your breaths per stroke as you increase the distance causing the heart to race into the anaerobic zone. Do you have other options besides the standard run on a treadmill in the AC? You took away my number one answer but not MY number one choice for getting cardiovascular exercise during the dog-days of summer. Here is my answer to this week's cardio fitness question: It is so hot here in Texas . Stretch your arms and legs for a few seconds and begin the workout. Now that is in shape! Here is how the Hypoxic Pyramid works: Warm up: Swim 50-100m freestyle breathing every 2 strokes. This gives you a great cardio workout that will drop your resting heart rate close to that of Lance Armstrong (32 beats per minute!). so two strokes is a left and a right arm pull and you take a breath after every 2 strokes. Swim 50-100m freestyle breathing every 4 strokes and build up to 10-12 strokes . A stroke is each arm pull.244 Too Hot to Run? Or need a Non-impact Aerobic Alternative Is it hazy. hot and humid in your area this summer? During the hottest months of the year. the humidity still soaks you like you were in a sauna and in most urban areas the air quality can be actually harmful to your lungs.not only to drink it but to get in it and swim. Hypoxic means "low oxygen. Summer time is a great time for water . it is difficult to find the time to run or walk outside unless you exercise as the sun rises or sets.

then turn back to where you entered the water and swim back to shore. get out of the pool and do 10-20 pushups and 20 abs of choice. One workout I would never recommend to try is underwater swimming due to "Shallow Water Blackout." Many great swimmers have drowned due to "pushing the envelope" of how far they can swim underwater. This totals 1000m of swimming 100-200 pushups and 200 abs of choice. Stay safe! Never swim alone! Another great swim and PT mix is what I call the Swim/PT Workout: Swim any stroke you wish for 100m. cooler air. . You can do this as many times as you can making a great 30-40 minute workout that will smoke you if trying to run and swim fast for these short distances.stop -.245 per breath for 50-100m each and work your way back down the pyramid.SWIM RUN: Usually at the beach you have a nice breeze.12 . This is one great workout for the arms and lungs. Once you have reached the shore. For more fun.and turn towards the water and start swimming just past the breakers which is usually about 100m.2 using the even numbers as your step will only take about 20-30 minutes but will challenge your lungs to the maximum. if you go from 2 . It is not recommended to try this workout alone or without a life guard for obvious reasons. though I have never heard of anyone holding their breath while surface swimming and passing out. This workout. make the swim a hypoxic pyramid adding the PT at every 100m. and of course. I hope that helps you with some ideas of how to stay cool and really keep working out hard this summer. cool water. continue the run for another ½ mile and repeat the swim. Mix it all in and create your own mini-adventure race of sorts: Run down the beach about ½ mile -. WHEW!!! The final favorite water sport I love to do if at the beach is the RUN . In the SEAL Teams we did these and called the workout a RUN-SWIM-RUN-SWIM-RUNSWIM-RUN and made it a race around buoys in the water and mile markers on the beach. Get back in the water and repeat above ten times.

I have found some good workouts to do that will spice things up on the treadmill.?” Yes. Is treadmill running going to hurt me running ability I am trying to build up for training. Run as fast as you can for 20-30 seconds. followed by a walk for 60-90 seconds. I know all about the dreadmill and do not like it compared to running on the ground as I have always felt that the machine did a bit of the work for me. slightly increase the incline 1-2% to make it similar to running on the ground. after experimenting with the treadmill during recent bad weather myself and some research. If doing a long . Here are three workouts to add to your running plan during the week if stuck inside and cannot run on a track or trail. “During the winter time it is nearly impossible to run any timed event due to the 2-3 ft of snow on the ground or ice on the roads. Try these workouts to increase speed in your mile pace. Then add the pace of your goal mile pace. To get more out of the run on a treadmill. Shoot for that pace on the treadmill (which is 10 miles per hour) for as long as you can. but fast enough that many use the handrails for safety at this level on the fast runs. so add speed to the workout using interval and tempo training. But the LSD run does not spice up things on the treadmill. the treadmill can get a bit boring.Any Ideas?? An email from a military recruit in Wisconsin requested information on how to spice up running on the “dreadmill. However. Sprint – Jog Tempo Run .Pump that one up a bit and jog at standard run pace for you for five minutes. Say you are trying to run a 6 minute mile.slow . SPRINT INTERVAL . Now if you really want to push the caloric burn and work the legs and lungs.distance (LSD) run. then drop down to regular running pace for . take it up to 5% and you will actually burn two times the amount of calories that on a flat treadmill.246 Treadmill Training .” He states. but so can running around a track or even in some environments for that matter.Most treadmills can only go up to 10-2 miles per hour (5-6 minute per mile pace) so it is not a FULL sprint but about 80-90% full pace. Repeat 8-10 times for a challenging routine.

then hop back on and run. For instance do 20 squats. 20 lunges at each change in pace.Run 10-15 minute warmup. run faster but comfortable run for 20 minutes. Repeat this cycle for as long as you can perhaps 5-6 times. then a 10-15 minute cooldown to build leg endurance and running tolerance. Add some leg PT at every transition for adding workout. TEMPO Training . These workouts should help you keep your running pace as good as or perhaps even better than it was when you had to stop running outside. I think it is fun and smart to mix in a little bit of everything into your training plan as doing ONLY one thing for too long tends to neglect certain elements of fitness. Hang in there and keep working and trying new things to spice up your routine.247 twice as long as you ran at goal pace. .

the more likely you are better able to handle stress. indoctrination. perform a task to precision. Or the out of shape recruit is likely to become injured on normal daily activity PT / runs because he/she is not conditioned for even the most basic of activities. understand a tactical concept. But. but typically it refers to how well you mentally push yourself through pain. shooting.When preparing for a training program that you know is going to be physical (military basic." This concise statement is what I have been trying to say for years when explaining rigorous training programs. basic. graduating. Too often recruits show up reaching the minimum standards of fitness for boot camp. Striving for minimum standards (plus) . From here the de-conditioned recruit will miss valuable training and will likely be rolled to a different class.248 It is 10% Physical / 90% Mental? Have you ever heard of this statement? Often it refers to challenging military / law enforcement training programs. Personal experience has shown that the better condition you are physically. special ops training. or be dismissed from the training program altogether. That is what happens when you show up not prepared.the mental is twice as hard. etc and all too often fail at something like land navigation. a former college football player said his coach taught him that "if you show up out of shape . It does not refer to 90% mental being academic studies at SEAL Training. and other job related skills. I promise you this. The first time I heard the saying was at SEAL training and I never quite understood what it meant at the time because it felt like 100% physical at the time. There is academic studying you must do. Typically a minimum standard recruits has a very low percentage of completing. Rule of Thumb for Preparedness: . police academy etc) take the minimum standards for acceptance into those programs and increase the standards for yourself. today. and be better able to master other job related duties. quit. or excelling in any part of the program.

the minimum standards for SEAL training pullups is 6. If you show up in shape the mental part of training is much easier. but if you can get 1-2 minutes under the minimum standards on a run or swim. Typically pushups / situps minimum standards for many of the branches of service and police range from 20-40 repetitions to pass. if the minimum standard for a 1. physically. Recommendations range from 50-100% increase in the minimum standards .249 For calisthenics type testing . and yes even mentally! . It is true. law enforcement or the special operations community. you should ask yourself.5 mile run is 12:30.you will see a minimum standard for acceptance into the program. educational. I am a firm believer that through tough physical fitness training you will sharpen the mind and allow it to build tolerance to pain when most people will quit from exhaustion / fatigue. For cardiovascular testing . situps .running. this is where mental toughness comes into play and enables you to push through the pain and discomfort of long days / nights. professionally. This will affect everything else you do in the future and create a higher standard for you personally. Whether you are seeking to serve in the military. then it is recommended to be able to run a 10-11:30 to create a cushion for yourself. I would recommend striving for 50-100% increase in those numbers from the minimum standards. For example. In advanced training programs. then you should re-think your training plan and give yourself some more time to reach far and above past the minimum standards. pushups. There will be a time when you "feel" you cannot run another step. “Am I using the minimum standards as my capstone goal for training?” If the answer is yes. or when you "feel" like you cannot do another pushup. it is recommended to be able to do 20 before attending BUD/S.sometimes more! For instance. then you are setting yourself up for better performance / conditioning throughout your training. etc: This one is more difficult to gauge generally. and you will look back at it with confidence. swimming.pullups. If you do this. training will be fun. Now there is a mental side to training that is being able to mentally will yourself not to quit.

(ex.This is an exercise you need to pace. thus eliminating most anxiety.4. look straight up at the sky in order to use your back muscles more for pullups.2. Most people burn out in the first 30 seconds with 30 curl-ups accomplished. only able to perform another 20 or so curlups within the next 1:30.2. Though each service differs in testing exercises and measuring criteria.3. By setting a pace at. Recommended workout . close or high. Start off with just one pullup for the first set.. 20 situps every 30 seconds. 1. When you can no longer continue. setting your .4.6. Recommended workout . for instance. most military personnel labor over this event for several weeks prior. you want to perform these as fast as possible while adhering to the proper form and technique.The anxiety felt by most service members is largely due to performing within a time limit. two pullups for the second set and continue up the pyramid by adding one pullupfor every set possible.3.Basic Tips to Create a Strategy Every six months military personnel line up to take their physical fitness tests (PFT). The more your workouts are timed the better you are at "pacing" yourself. shoulders and triceps to be equally taxed. Recommended workout . Keep hands at shoulder height when in the up position. Curl-ups (situps) . A perfect location for your hands is just outside shoulder width. repeat in reverse order until you are back to just one pullup. you can turn your score of 50-60 to 80 with very little effort.250 Ace the PFT . But for those who properly prepare themselves. wide.During the pullup and pushup test.1) Pushups . Pullups .Try timing yourself with 5 sets of 30 seconds.5. Your pushups will be weakened if your hands are too low. the PFT can be just another workout.Try 5 sets of maximum pushups in five 1:00 periods.Placing your hands in the wrong position can seriously effect your maximum score.5. Here are the exercises of all the service's PFTs and helpful tips to increase your overall score on test day: Test yourself . This position enables the chest.pyramid workout. Also.

short distance. I receive many requests everyday from military members who are seeking workouts for their 1.totaling 80 in two minutes. Interval training means you run at a certain pace for a particular distance then increase the pace for the same distance. faster pace . if your goal is to run the 2 mile run in 14:00. For instance. A good pace is 20 situps in 30 seconds . Simply run a certain distance at your goal 1.1 mile in 7:00 .251 pace to your goal. . The workout goes as follows: 4 Mile Track Work Jog . The only rest you will receive is during your slower jogging pace. regardless of service.1/4 mile.PACE .here are a few options to help all Armed Forces members.5 mile. Another good speed / PACE workout is called REPEATS.1/4 mile in 1:45-2:00 Six sets of: Sprint-1/8 mile Jog .The most important thing is to not start off too fast. Since all these distances use relatively the same training philosophy . two or three mile PFT runs (Navy/ Army / Marine Corps respectively). Learn your pace and set your goal by pacing yourself to the finish.8:00 Three sets of: Sprint-1/4 mile at goal pace Jog . The Four Mile Track Workout is broken into 1/4 mile sprints and jogs and 1/8 mile sprints and jogs for a total of four miles. you must run a 7:00 mile or a 1:45 .The Four Mile Track Workout has worked for many military and short distance runners for years. This workout is basically interval training. Try to catch your breath while you jog. get a little faster on their runs. Have fun with this one it is tough. For most people the most challenging event of any PFT is by far the run.1/8 mile 1:00 Do this workout without walking to rest.. Timed run . Recommended workout and techniques .5 mile. 2 mile or 3 mile pace a specified number of times.

you can try mixing shorter jogs and sprints together for a longer period of time.1/8 mile repeat x 16 (walk 100 yds in between) = 2 miles Finally.1/2 mile x 6 (walk 1/4 mile in between) = 3 miles 1/4 MILE REPEATS . Sprint / Jogs 100 yd sprint / 100 yd jog for 10.1/4 mile repeats x 12 (walk 1/8 mile in between) = 3 miles 1/8 MILE REPEATS . I like doing this one where telephone poles line the road so I can just sprint form one telephone pole then jog to the next. This type of training is great for building the speed and endurance needed for any of the PFTs or 5 or 10K races.1 mile x 3-4 (walk 1/4 mile in between) = 3-4 miles 1/2 MILE REPEATS . 20 . . I call them SPRINT / JOGS. Remember to take big deep breaths. Do not run flat footed. if you have not had enough. relax your upperbody and slightly bend your arms. You can try one of the following distances for a challenging workout: MILE REPEATS . Simply run about 50 yards as fast as you can then jog 50 yards fairly slow in order to catch your breath.252 This time you get to walk to recover and catch your breath before the next goal pace. 30 minutes All of these workouts are fantastic ways to get faster but build the needed endurance which most sprinters lack.

situps." . and other high-repetition calisthenics testing exercises. You'll reach failure no matter who you are. Such workouts are circuits. you will have done 150 pushups and abdominal exercises in less than 15 minutes! Now that's a good foundation-building workout." Some people get it and understand that to improve with pushups. you have to "push the envelope" at least one workout a week. and crunches respectively. you have to push yourself until you can't do any more reps. you can try a few more of the easier versions like knee pushups. When you reach failure and your goal is to reach five sets. I always remind people not to give up and that they will "succeed by failing.10 Wide pushups . The remaining workouts of the week need to be foundation-building workouts that enable your body to do many repetitions in several sets.10 Reverse Crunches . Once you get to that burning sensation.10 Close or Tricep pushups . you are reaching the peak of the muscle stamina in your body. or supersets as listed below: Supersets for Pushups and Situps Repeat this cycle of exercises non-stop 5-10 times Regular pushups . In order to gain more stamina and muscular endurance. pull-ups. In my closing. only if you continue this workout for 10-15 times.10 If you do this five times. Then. That is what I mean when I say.10 Regular situps . go to your knees for pushups if you have to.253 How to Ace the PFT? Succeed by Failing? This week. assisted pull-ups or negatives. "succeed by failing.10 Double crunches . I sent several emails to people seeking to ace their ARMY physical fitness tests for both bootcamp and OCS. pyramids.

Everyone fails at this workout -.300 The repetition goal above is to be done in as few sets as possible . By breaking it up into little sets nearly anyone can do the above workout. you still succeed and will be stronger the next time you try it. If you are not on that level of endurance. the SEAL trainees I work with will do the following workout to test themselves and fail each set: Pullups . Even if you can't. You have to be able to disengage that thinking process and push yourself until you truly fail. Try it -. Testing workouts should be goal-oriented and pushed to maximum repetitions during a certain a period of time. and a testing workout once a week.even the most fit people I know. and by adding the supersets and pyramid two times a week. There is a mental aspect to this type of "failure" training.alternating from one exercise to the next. For instance. I have trained many people who were unable to increase their PFT scores for years. Your mind will tell you that you are ready to quit before your body will usually. . set your goals for half of that or even a tenth. The only rest you receive is when you workout the other muscle groups and moving from exercise to exercise.200 Situps .100 Pushups . You want to not only fail at pushups.254 You have to be able to tell yourself that you can do these workouts even when you have never done over 100 pushups in your life.you will get stronger by pushing yourself to failure once in a while. they were able to gain in all areas. but fail at knee pushups too! The same goes for pullups and pull-downs and situps and crunches too.

the answers needs to break down your question into several different workouts as well as circuit training tips to combine the entire PFT. situps. I will not attend basic until next year because I am still in school (Age 17. Touch your chest to your counter’s fist. There are several articles in the Article Archive that will help you with running speed. Navy.255 How to Prepare for Bootcamp This week. Placement of the hands should be just greater than shoulder width directly under your shoulder when in the UP pushup position. try to do your pushups non-stop without rest and always practice them fast to get used to multiple reps of pushups workouts. Wider hand placement works more chest while close placement works the triceps and shoulders more. which is usually about 2 inches off the floor. To score higher on this test. the physical fitness test will consists of Pushups – Proper pushups are the key to more pushups. along with upper body strength to better my PFT score? To properly answer this broad question. Air Force. Here is the question: I am currently planning on enlisting with the Army National Guard here in a matter of weeks.) Do you have any tips that I can use to increase my run endurance. and pullups but here is a comprehensive answer to the age-old question – “What do I need to do to prepare for Bootcamp?” This article will be a one-stop shop for people to find links on training and techniques on many of the physical events that occur during Bootcamp. endurance. Junior. For the Army. chest. etc. time. a typical email crossed my desk and I realized that I have not devoted an article to answering this question fully. Situps – Situps or curl-ups will be tested with someone holding your feet with your knees bent. Mastering the PFT is really the first step to getting prepared for Bootcamp. and shoulders. and Coast Guard. Sit up by flexing your stomach muscles with your hands crossed over your chest and . This will better distribute the muscular involvement between the arms (triceps). pushups.

See the Article on proper running techniques: (Above left of this page) If you are entering the Army or Marine Corps. for instance. practicing running in boots is also a good idea about two months from Bootcamp. only able to perform another 20 or so curl-ups within the next 1:30. you can turn your score of 50-60 to 80 with very little effort. Wear two pair of socks to prevent blisters. Do not waste your energy letting yourself down slowly. To pass the PFT runs on an average score. 1. heel-toe rolling strike. By setting a pace at. This is an exercise you need to pace. So for the Marine Corps you need to be able to master the following: Pullups – This is the ultimate exercise to test upper body strength. cotton sock on the outside. Only practice about 1-2 times a week in boot prior to Bootcamp. Most people burn out in the first 30 seconds with 30 curl-ups accomplished. One thin polyester pair against the skin and one. The best way to get better at situps is to practice situps with timed sets of the above and a goal pace for 1:00 or 2:00 test periods.5 or 2 mile timed run (Army) – Running is another pacing exercise that requires practice up to five or six days a week in order to become an above average runner. you still need to train at least three days a week. Drop your torso to the floor by relaxing your abs and let gravity take you down. The Marine Corps adds pullups to the PFT list. but does not test in pushups and adds an extra mile to the Army’s two-mile run. Some ways to train can be found in the article below: Interval Training for Faster Run Times Proper Tips for running should include deep inhales and exhales (no shallow breathing). The proper pull-up requires your palms to be facing away from you and your . thick. It requires grip strength from your hand and forearms and pulling power from your biceps and back muscles.256 touch your elbows to your knees. and a straight arm swings. 20 sit-ups every 30 seconds.

If you show up prepared physically.5 mile timed runners of the Navy. Air Force and Coast Guard. rope climb. Run Even Faster Depending on your service Bootcamp. and use the pushup as a “punishment exercise”. So prepare yourself properly for your service’s standards at least 4-6 months prior to departing for the military. The article below will help you train for the longer timed run. you will better learn your job and that might save your life or your buddies one day. If properly prepared. you can complete this run on the same pace of the 1. the training programs have an obstacle course. swimming. Pull you chin over the bar and simply drop back to the starting position with your arms straight and biceps relaxed. More Pullups 3 mile timed run – This run is twice as long as most Bootcamp tests and requires more endurance training. .257 hands just greater than shoulder width. ruck marches. It is not uncommon for Marines to run the 3 mile run in 18:00.

it is difficult to add the strength. and a 1:45 ¼ mile running pace. Recently. One of my favorite (more advanced) cardio / core / leg workout mixes is the Run/Leg PT: Repeat 6-8 times (2-3 times per week) Run or ruck ¼ mile at goal pace* **Squat – 20 Lunges – 10/leg Flutter kicks – 25 *goal pace = pace you want for 2-3 mile run – ie a 14 min 2 mile run = a 7 min mile. in an AP article that was featured at Today Online. speed. situps. if you are pre-training to join the military. dips and some form of cardiovascular fitness like running. agility drills and core exercises to build a better equipped combat soldier. Basic Foundation of Fitness – Your basic PT / run will cover this one. 3:30 ½ mile. You still want to do your pushups. swimming.258 CORE Strength and Agility Training for the Military Soldiers often contact me to update me on what they are doing for physical training. etc. Shorts bursts of sprinting carrying combat loads of 50-75 lbs or more is often the daily requirement when on combat patrols. For ruck always keep the pace between 12-15 min per mile with 50+ lbs in back pack . here are some ideas for you to try to build a solid base of core strength and speed / agility prior to joining the military. If you neglect these. rucking. Preparing for that eventuality can be as simple as setting up some cones to run through with your gear or as complex as obstacle courses like the USMC Combat Fitness Test. and agility required in a combat setting. Their fitness training cycles usually vary a great deal from basic training to maintenance training while overseas or preparing to go overseas. The USMC Combat Fitness Test is the Marine Corps answer to this growing need of combat ready fighters. pull-ups. But. many combat veterans are adding sprints. Active duty personnel seeking to create their own programs should consider adding these types of workouts into their regular PT programs as well.

Hold dumbbell or medicine ball with both hands and step forward to a down lunge position. one of the best CORE training devices I have ever used is the TRX. Wood Chopper Lunges with Dumbbell . If that does not . See Wood Chopper Squats and Lunges pictured: Wood Chopper Squat with Dumbbell . Use your legs to get the dumbbell over your head by returning to the standing position forcefully. head up.259 ** add weight using a back pack or dumbbells / kettlebell and swing the weight like chopping wood while you squat and lunge.Hold the dumbbell with both hands over your head in the standing position. Drop to a squat position and at the same time swing your arms down like you were using an ax. Keep your back straight. Additional Core Workouts – As the wood choppers will work the core as well as your legs. Swing dumbbell to the outside of the leg the stepped forward as if you were chopping wood with an ax.

5 ft. . Place four cones 10 feet apart at the 7. but you also want to develop the torso through lifting and movement weights like you will be doing with 50-75lb back packs. you will help to build proper posture and alignment that will better carry you when running / patrolling with weight.260 interest you. adding some sudden stop / starts into the running workout will help you build the speed / agility you need for your future training. The course is 30 feet long and 15 feet wide. and move the body from a laying position to a running stride as quickly as possible. change directions. See Lower Back Plan . A picture is worth a 1000 words. a) Illinois Agility Test – This is one of the most common in law enforcement circles and requires the students to run fast.it works well to build a foundation on which to add more dynamic exercises like the above woodchopper squats and lunges and some of the Olympic lifts. lower back. chest/shoulders). You want to build the core of the body both horizontally and vertically – meaning it is fine to do leg lifts and situps for abs. stop quickly. By working your core (abs. line and the first and fourth cone at the zero and 30 ft line. I would consider working the lower back and upper back with standard calisthenics exercise. Agility Drills – Besides doing 40-60m sprints. upper back.

261 .

or any other place to find cover / concealment. always looking in one direction as well as starting and stopping the test while in the prone position (on the ground). around corners of buildings.Drill – This one is straight out of the NFL combine that measures agility and takes only a few seconds to accomplish. back step 10yds to start position. You can run this forward. backward.262 b) M drills – This is a simple use of cones 10-20yds apart in the shape of an “M”. left side step 5yds to center. c) T. Always looking in the same direction you can start on your back – get up and run forward 10yds. These additional exercises / routines can be easily added to any workout to help build a faster soldier who is capable of moving with weight in and out of vehicles. left side step 5yds. . right side step 10yds.

you are required to swim. The reason is that Creatine. amino acids. situps. The requirements of several hours of endurance activities and . protein. Creatine supplementation hit the scene and gyms. So. vitamins. I have been following the routines and can do a rather large amount of situps and pushups! The question I would like to ask is. in my mind. that goes against all that I have taught with respect to moderation – whether you are trying to lose weight or gain weight. and supplement companies jumped on the creatine explosion. Creatine has been and still is being promoted as a way to enhance muscular performance in just about every athletic activity there is. the military person is a cross between an endurance athlete and a gymnast. Taking a daily recommended supplemented dose of creatine is equivalent to eating more than ten steaks. why not supplement to perform better in military physical fitness training right? WRONG? If you take a look at just the testing procedures of military or special operations troops. Then almost immediately. or ruck march for miles. So. the long-term effects of creatine supplementation have yet to be fully determined. Your training programs are effective. you are required to perform for several minutes at a high intensity output at pushups. So. run. Besides. nutrition stores. Creatine is found in the meat we eat. and pullups. are all naturally occurring in our food and are NOT drugs.263 Creatine and Military / Law Enforcement Training This week I decided to answer a question I have been receiving from people using my workouts to prepare for the military and special forces training for over ten years. would this program be more affective if I took creatine while doing these workouts? And would you see a difference in a short period of time? During the early 90’s. Creatine like all other supplements sold online or in nutrition store are unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

These were typical athletes in football. In fact.I . It was always entertaining to see the look on these athletes faces when three to five mile runs were next on the agenda. track sprinters. Creatine can help the body grow muscle mass that is only able to do short bursts of 6-10 seconds of fullexertion movements. Will it help you increase your PFT scores? Possibly. the military members taking creatine were “locked up” experiencing deep muscle cramping in the major muscle groups of the body (thighs. it is good to have muscle fiber capable of short bursts of speed and strength in the military. and a cardio event after a few minutes rest . Their muscles did not allow them to finish. power lifters. Creatine Can Be of Some Use . and lowerback). glutes. you must couple that with higher repetition training and longer distance running. However. Once you step into the aerobic or cardio zone with longer. sprinting. Training with weights is NOT the enemy. explosive exercises like power-lifting. In a nutshell.. slower runs. If you want to be a bodybuilder or bench press a truck – go for it – creatine can help you then. basically creatine is best used by the muscles when performing short.to GET BIGGER! Creatine will get you bigger while you are doing doses regularly with lifting weights. creatine offers little assistance. Even the 1. situps. pullups.. Physiology of creatine in exercise – Without getting too technical. In fact just doing one set of pushups. and other anaerobic sports. hamstrings.264 short explosive body weight movements make taking creatine detrimental to the military person – if you want to be able to perform a wartime mission. they did not make the cut and were released from the program. and people who liked to lift weights to look good. it is not for the reason most seek to use creatine . Even though studies have produced positive results on the use of creatine in endurance athletes.. In fact. while training people for SEAL Training with long 24-36 hour days of constant activity. high-intensity.Even in PFTs BUT.5 mile run is considered long distance to an athlete training with creatine when in fact it is a sprint..

You can do both types of exercises. Can creatine give you an extra 5-10% increase in scores? I do not know for sure as I have not tested it in that manner. and what their long-term effect might be. “ Creatine. MD at Rice University states. I have power lifted and bench pressed more than twice my bodyweight and run a sub 18:00 three-mile run. This is my opinion through years of experience of seeing the negative performance effects of creatine supplemented athletes in challenging military training. I am still cautious in recommending this supplement to anyone in the military and will still say I am not 100% sold on this product for military / law enforcement use.5 miles to 3 mile runs. The bottom line is that no one can confidently state that prolonged creatine supplementation is safe. My philosophy has always been “everything in moderation” when it comes to weight gain.5 mile. No published investigation has been conducted on creatine to determine what impurities might be present in creatine supplements.you still have to PT. and training. ALSO . Is it worth the risk? Remember. I do not believe it will make you faster in a PFT run of 1. I have not taken any supplements other than vitamins for the more than twenty years of training .it is not a substitute for hard work .265 could see creatine working in that situation. and other such supplements. rest properly in order to score well anyway. I am merely stating and trying to prove that creatine supplementation does not allow you to do both very well. an uncontrolled toxicity study and might yield harmful results. Jenkins. eat right. Prolonged administration is. I found one and his statement confirms my ten year reservation on the supplementation of creatine. weight loss. and its use would best be avoided until more data can be compiled. “Challenging” includes the standard military PFT as well (1. it's your body!” I am sure to receive many people disagreeing with me on this one. 2 or 3 mile runs . in essence. Mark A.other than protein bars / carb replacement drinks. are not regulated by the FDA. Since I am not a doctor. run.

I was honored and excited to attend some real fire fighting training.266 Group PT Workout Done with Mississippi Fire Academy Class 111 and 112 Recently. The instructors are veteran fire fighters and teachers who train every fire fighter in the state of Mississippi as well as many from around the nation. I was also asked to help the instructors develop / fine tune a fitness curriculum for their recruits as well as assist in developing a program for the Fire Fighters to teach other Fire Fighters how to create in-house fitness programs. as I have always revered a person who could run into a burning building and save a life and fight a fire. . So. In fact. I was invited to take part in some recruit fire fighting training down at the Mississippi Fire Academy. When I met Class 111 and 112 in the morning. This facility is only one of a few in the nation that has training programs for state recruits to advanced fire fighters and other Homeland Security hazardous materials training. part of my job was to show how to workout with a large group of varying ages / fitness levels and not hurt the lower level and not be too easy on the advanced levels of fitness. the ages ranged from early 20’s to 56 years old. it was clear to see that these folks varied in age as well as in fitness levels.

We focused on techniques of running. and pacing ourselves for the 60-70 minute workout.10 Reverse squat thrust to standing Running Tips .Focus on Breathing .267 Here is the workout that we did. See the links for pictures and details of most of the exercises.10 Toe touch / down dog into pushups position .hold 10 seconds Pushups . Jog ½ mile easy Stretch legs / arms Repeat 5 times Jumping Jacks . breathing.

20 Double crunches .10 / leg Stretch legs well….20 Reverse crunches .268 PT Cycle#1 Max pull-ups Pushups .20 Half Squats .20 Right crunches 20 Flutterkicks .20 Left crunches .20 Reverse crunches 20 Double crunches -20 Pushups .20 Left crunches .20 Crunches .30 seconds (on elbows / toes) Squats .max reps Reverse Pushups .30 seconds Plank pose .20 Lunges .20 Arm Haulers .10 Reverse crunches .30 seconds Stretch / Arms / Legs .30 seconds (on elbows / toes) PT Cycle #3 Max Pullups Crunches .30 seconds Plank pose .30 seconds (on elbows / toes) Squats .20 Leg levers .20 Lunges .10 Double crunches .20 Pushups .10 Pushups .20 Birds . PT Cycle#2 Max pull-ups Crunches .stretch Plank pose .20 Pushups .20 UP pushups position .10 Right crunches 10 Stomach stretch UP pushups position .20 Half Squats .10 / leg .20 UP pushups position .

10/leg Run 1/4 mile fast pace Do PT cycle #3 Run ¼ mile fast pace and continue up 6 flights of stairs Cooldown jog ¼ mile easy pace and stretch… .269 Run ¼ mile easy pace Lunges .10/leg while walking Run ¼ mile fast pace (near sprint pace) Do PT Cycle #2: Running with leg workouts Run ¼ mile fast pace (winning group loop back to slow runners and push to run faster Lunges .

running. I make my son go up to anyone we see and shake their hand and say “Thanks for protecting us. played sports in hot and humid weather BUT NEVER have I been so hot as I was in these burn buildings. These workouts will help you with the strength. but HOT is a whole new animal and I could not hang with the instructors for 30-40 minutes at a time in those burn buildings. One thing I personally took away from the training is that the Fire Fighter gets his / her body conditioned to the gear and the heat. moving hose. grew up in the South on a farm. In fact. weights. stamina. I have always respected Fire Fighters. It was simply amazing. swimming. As I have always said . The reason I focused on leg pt as well as core workouts is because a recruit firefighter has to get used to lugging around 45-50 lbs of gear plus pulling hoses while on your hands and knees. and any manual or white collar labor your body will adapt to your environment and survive it better the next time. and ability to quickly recover after moments of exertion. Hot. feeling 1000 degree heat of a house. endurance.” But I never truly knew how much I needed to say that until I was in their gear. cold. A great example of that is I know what cold is as seen on Nat Geo Fight Science Show.270 This workout was pretty challenging and I am sure made a few of them sore in the legs.the human body is an incredible adaptable machine and it will adapt to anything you throw at it. I have been in desert training. .

271 In a matter of 20 minutes I lost about 8 lbs of sweat. I know after 100 degree workout days. Top it off with some bananas for extra carb replacement and potassium and it will help you recover for the next day of profuse sweating.heart attacks! And a special thanks to the classes of 111 and 112 for choosing to serve our communities as Fire Fighters. Thanks and stay fit!! . That is just a supplement to recover from heat exposure and hard work. but after it is all over it is crucial to hydrate with water as well as an electrolyte mixture. There is no job more rewarding than saving a life. I find comfort after pounding some water and eating some chicken noodle soup as it is loaded with sodium and potassium. This will help me create better maintenance programs for active Fire Fighters and hopefully prevent the number one cause of death to a Fire Fighter . the body adapts to that kind of heat and will help you conserve your water to some degree. After time. Do not forget to eat your normal meal too. Thanks to the Mississippi instructor staff for the opportunity to learn what a Fire Fighter does when actually fighting fires.

People are seeking new employment and coping with stress more than ever: Stew . You do not necessarily need to skip the above stages of loss. Stress. I know there are a few million of you out there now seeking employment as well as young high school and college graduates in the same market. and Acceptance. Here is a free plan to help with weight loss and building good habits if you have not done anything in a while 45 Day Plan .272 Job Loss.This is the easy way to reduce stress . Where do I start? Sorry to hear about the job loss. EMT). It is stressful losing and finding a job and dealing with that stress is not much different than going through a grieving / loss process. I am no longer working. thanks to the economy. You know . but speeding the process is helpful. Sadness. Economy.Shock. Well. Resistance.stretch / work it out lightly! . Anger. and now at 30 starting to think more about joining the military or police force. My recommendation is to get over the job loss quickly and start exercising to relieve the stress hormones coursing through your body. fire fighter. Denial. and Fitness!!! Here is a great email that is getting more and more common these days.I have been in the financial business since I got out of college and always regretted that I never served in some capacity (military. police.A great plan for weight loss and basic fitness and health habits! And a stretching / core strength / lower back and stomach plan that will help with stiff joints of the torso and lower extremities: Lower Back Plan .

think of it as a new beginning.some even more. or use the GI bill if you have it. I have never joined a gym. find a pull-up bar or build your own. pullups as they are commonly tested. Other than exercise and relaxation you need a healthy diet and sleep too: . Get some education . loans. so see what is in your city. I use playgrounds for pull-ups. No need for a gym . and Federal Law Enforcement agencies are still hiring at above average pace. These days. and floor space for some dumbbell weights and calisthenics. life is stressful no matter if you are in the civilian sector or serving your country in any capacity. In fact. Get some training in a field of your choosing AND more than likely you can use the school’s gym / pool facilities while a student for free! Regardless. and a disrupted life. Find something you like to do.273 Back to the job loss and new search: Do not be embarrassed by getting laid off. Dealing with that stress requires effort otherwise you will pay for it in the long run with more illness. county. or have always dreamed about doing and chase it down and communicate with your family and friends your situation and future options. the average person will work at 4-5 different jobs before retiring . National Guard. and state that is available. high school tracks. Reserves. No need to spend the extra money when you can run outdoors. but they always need replacements for retiring public servants.This maybe the time to get to college if you can find scholarships. lower energy levels.Since I have been out of the military (nearly ten years now). All of these require some form of fitness training so get started running and doing calisthenics like pushups. Having support from people closest to you is helpful as well. Military. community center pools. sit-ups. Some local and metropolitan fire and police forces are slowing down academy classes due to budget shortfalls.

if you are not getting enough sleep / rest. Limit foods high in sugar and drinks high in caffeine in order to have a more relaxing evening prior to sleeping. you will not handle stress very well and succumb to the side effects of a stressed out life. Some people with insomnia also have high levels of stress hormones in their blood stream when trying to fall asleep.274 Diet – Where have you heard this before – “proper exercise and diet.” Well it helps with stress too! Foods rich in anti-oxidants like many fruits and vegetables are your best bet for snack foods and should make up a larger percentage of your overall meal preparation. Sleep: People who exercise actually sleep better than those who do not. But regardless of diet and exercise. .

stress. who it seemed neither ever had a bad day.meaning we will physically adapt to get in better shape and our muscles will fail later and later and later until you can surpass perceived limitations. heat. Much of mental toughness is simply attitude and self esteem. I got used to colder water as seen in the Fight Science TV show. After years of training in cold water before. stories of remarkable physical performances to brave acts of heroism overcoming insurmountable odds and fear. that through tough workouts you will build mental toughness. I believe that in athletics especially. If you do a search online on the subject. The truth is the human body is built for survival and will adapt to better handle cold. as if I had some magic solution for people to acquire it. during and after my seven years in the SEAL Teams. It works for me and many others who have attended physically challenging events / training programs.How Do You Get It? Are You Born With It? Or Does LIFE Give it to you? After the National Geographic Channel’s Fight Science television show on Special Ops. Mental Toughness has many definitions and is not limited to athletic performance and pain tolerance. my way is NOT the only way. However. Physiologically your body will start to buffer lactate better IF given the stimulus to do so . you will see a variety of mental toughness techniques. articles. just the catalyst I have used in the past to develop what I call mental and physical toughness that enabled me to graduate SEAL training more than fifteen years ago. There are thousands of ways to get “mentally tough” and physical fitness is just one of many ways. this method has been known to work. From an 85 year old gardener to a high school wrestling friend. environment.275 Mental Toughness . I guess the only . Though like I stated. Personally. sports. if you take a look online. BUT adding training under stress. or attitude that makes us a little bit tougher. I have known many men and women throughout my life who I would define as “mentally tough”. pain and just about anything you can throw at it. my philosophy has always been quite simple when it comes to mental toughness as well as increasing your body’s ability to withstand pain. you will see that we all have something in life. In a military environment. hunger. and fatigue will only enhance performance on the battlefield. a majority of the emails received this week discussed mental toughness.

There have been many people who do not exercise at all who bring themselves out of horrible childhoods of poverty. enormously high reps of pushups. the five time Tour de France winner. he came back mentally tougher and has been at the top of his game ever since. and when the pain of a nagging injury can be ignored. self-motivation and confidence. but if you push too hard through pain you will be setting up for injury. and presidents. That takes mental toughness in MY book. of course. This takes hundreds of reps of exercises (both physical and military ops). BUT once again PAIN is not injury. Mental Toughness! How do you get it? Are you born with it? Can you acquire it? Arguments to this question have occurred long before there was Navy SEAL training. which is perhaps the first step to gaining mental toughness for some. millionaires. but there is a fine line between pain and injury. mentors. After his battle with cancer. Persistence and determination are all factors as well.276 saying. I guess in the end to define such an intangible quality is almost impossible. Mental Toughness requires tough conditioning. How do you get that? Take for example. the less you bleed in war” applies to this philosophy. THAT too is mental toughness. And then the next day when you feel like crap and you have to WILL yourself to workout again. proper mindset. Maybe he had it all . so knowing your training limits is necessary as well. or for example minutes of non stop punching in a boxer's case. This toughness is what propels you through several long days of no sleep. increased ability to buffer lactate. neglect. situps. In my case. running for miles and swimming for miles will create increased energy levels. dips. But. days of ruck marches without food. and an increased pain tolerance through training in the pain zone. “The more you bleed in training. You really have to get the body to know what pain is before you can endure it longer. Lance Armstrong who endured one of the toughest diseases by beating cancer. pullups. and illness to become heroes. Other terms used to describe mental toughness is inspiration. One thing I do know though is that physical training programs will help your self-esteem and confidence. and a high level of maturity that mental toughness is born. I am of the personal belief that through tough physical training.

“I am on my BIKE . football. This is the biggest difference in those who graduate any special forces training and those who do not. pushups. The key is to . one common denominator between most of the graduates who have this mental toughness is they were also in great shape and did not mind being yelled at by the instructors.Arrive ready to compete not to merely survive. The few who graduate had a common trait of being able to “play with pain” and a mental determination never to quit on themselves or most importantly their BUD/S classmates. Team sports in high school probably helped with that a bit and men who played sports that require playing with pain such as wrestling. who knows? Mental toughness is not measurable and is completely internal.busting my ass for 6-8 hours a day!!” So the question is do you get mental toughness by attending Special Operations training schools. many Navy SEAL students with maximum scores have quit. . and situps) on the respective PFTs – you will be in the top ten percent of your class and surprised when you get there to how many students can barely pass the PFT.277 along. You should be in the type of shape that will allow you to win or be in the top 10% of the class in every event. It does not mean you will graduate if you can ace the standards. Whether you physically ace the PFT or barely pass it. I have seen many great athletes not graduate BUD/S and a few men not in that great of shape graduate through shear determination and daily gut checks. How much pain can you play with? That is an un-measurable element of the Navy SEAL student. The answer is a combination of both. Lance stated. and the Q Course. However. But I believe hard work will get you there. in fact. PJ Indoc. These are proven standards of a majority of the graduates when they arrive at any SF school. such as Ranger School. If you can easily surpass the minimum standards (if not double them in pullups. finding humor in what happens to you daily is one of the best ways to get through the daily grind. IN fact. or by the training done before hand. BUDS. I feel I was mentally tough due to my training prior to attending SEAL Training. When Lance Armstrong was asked recently by reporters “What are you on?” referring to performance enhancing drugs. it ALL depends on your mental toughness that will help you graduate. lacrosse and others usually did quite well. but further developed my mental toughness to emerge truly feeling I was capable of anything and would not quit – EVER.

Rehab is a long and slow process that will delay your efforts significantly. but usually even he has to suck one of the events and push himself harder to win. In your journey to find mental toughness remember to train smart and not push yourself to injury that will require medical attention. Every now and then you will find one person who is great at all the events. . For those with great upperbody strength they are usually not so great at running.278 Everyone at Navy SEAL training will have their nemesis or weakness. Big guys over 200 pounds usually have a difficult time with running and the obstacle course. For those who are great swimmers – they are usually poor runners. whereas little guys who wrestled in the past do not. but they typically are not great swimmers with fins or carry heavy ruck sacks easily.

you can be stupid and ruin your chances of graduation or permanently disable yourself by pushing through . For training programs the line is pain versus injury. I am training hard and pushing myself like no one around me. Personally. I want to spend the next four years training and preparing for BUDS and beyond. police. I have found them extremely helpful. My question is: What is the difference between mental toughness and stupidity? Ha – good question. I have been interested in the Navy SEALs for several years and I am now looking to join the Navy in four years. I have found that mental toughness can border on or cross over to stupidity very easily at times. when playing sports or going through training programs for military.What am I? I just found your website and I love reading through all of the articles that you have posted. you will find yourself in pain from the daily grind very often.279 Mentally Tough or Stupid . I am actually pausing as I write the answer to your question as I am trying hard to differentiate the two. For getting out of life or death situations. there is no stupid way – only the way that yields success. I tend to place mental toughness on two different standards. For instance. In a life or death situation. and fire fighting. Yes. There is a fine line between sucking up pain and pushing into a more debilitating injury. after I graduate from college. Some of these pains will border on injury. you may have to be severely injured and required to keep moving in order to live. This requires a mental toughness that is ingrained in us all as a basic survival skill.

it only brings it out. It is wise to understand the difference between pain and injury while pre-training as well as during your choice of training. You are now gambling with your luck to not become injured further. it is the repetition of our training that enables our body to perform in order to survive or help others to survive. One thing the military. Your body is ten times stronger than the untrained mind will let it be. police. When you suck up pain. Sometimes it is just luck that gets you out of injury.280 injury – that would be stupid. Your training helps you tap into this mindset. The training does not make you mentally tough. fire fighters and other type training will give you is an ability to think in that high stress situation when most people shut down. being mentally tough helps you to keep competing when your mind wants you to quit. But even then. One thing I learned during Hellweek at BUDS was that we have a section in our brain that tells us to stop in order to prevent us from hurting ourselves. that is when the border of mentally tough and stupid becomes fuzzy. but often your life experiences as well can build a mental toughness and resilience that no one can beat. When you push through pain and into injury just to avoid stopping or quitting. We are built to survive as humans. Basically. Being mentally tough can take us into another level of competition or into a survival mode with success. . You will find when sh*t hits the fan and you are worried more about living than anything else that your body will do all the work for you and not want to quit or die. There are times you have to shut that part of your brain off. it requires mental toughness.

mentally tough people are not stupid and are those people you look to be around when there is danger or an impossible task in front of you. We all do stupid things from time to time because we are human. or jumping out of a perfectly good airplane into enemy territory. but it is the “stupid” people who keep us safe from terrorists. . Some may think all of these things are stupid. I would strive to be a little bit of both. running across a street when bullets are flying. criminals. But take a look at the jobs the proven mentally tough perform like running into a burning building to save others.281 So. and other natural / man-made disasters. burning houses. It all depends on your point of view. what is the difference between mentally tough and stupidity? Simply put.

I was moving fast -. The only way to reach numbers like that is to practice situps several times a week with timed intervals and pacing yourself. Once I saw people hitting 100 situps in 2:00.60 situps in two minutes. you needed to be able to do 80-100 in 2:00.BUT nothing prepares you for pushup and pull-up tests quite like doing pushups and pullups to failure or near failure during your workouts. The only bad thing about the plan and the way I prepared for USNA is that it was the wrong way to train for the military style fitness. bicep curls. Sure pulldowns.282 No Weights at Boot Camp . Anyone can do situps and run right? Sure most young people can do 50 . I soon realized when I took my first physical fitness test (PFT) that one maximum set of pushups was not the same as bench press and no matter what weight machines you use there is no substitute for pullups. When it was time to run. I was a bit worried when half the guys in my group all ran track and cross-country. Being a former weightlifting football player myself. I tried to hang with them on the first . but I realized to be competitive with other scores and to make a high grade in the situps test. bent over rows all work the same muscles groups as the pullups.felt strong until about 40 seconds into the two minutes test where the lack of training caught up with me and I was only able to do another 30 situps in the remaining 1:30 for a total of only 60 situps. I barely passed the minimum standard.Learn to PT and Run This week I received an email from a young man who says he is a former high school athlete who wanted me to critique his weight lifting routine as he prepares for Boot camp. Situps and running: The two other events of many physical fitness tests seemed easy enough. Check out my articles on pushups and pullups for workout ideas. just as bench press is the same motion as the pushup -. I increased my pace (situps per second) and reached 30 situps in 30 seconds. I stepped back into time some eighteen years and saw many of the same things I did to prepare for Plebe Summer at the Naval Academy.

50 reps non15-20 stop Not tested Not tested Not tested Not tested 80100+ 80100+ 80100+ 80100+ 80100+ 1. I could not hang at a 5:20 mile pace and was spent for the remaining five laps struggling to breathe and run at my comfortable 7:00 mile pace. How could this be? I was a very fit guy who lifted weights for three hours a day prior to coming to the Naval Academy's version of Boot camp. The moral of this story is "There are no weights at Bootcamp -.start doing the events you will be tested in immediately!" If you want to be in the following branches of the service. I just passed the run with only seconds remaining. I can nearly double my PT scores at my age of 18 and run sub-6:00 miles for a few miles. See interval training article for more info on workouts to run faster.5 Miles (9-11:00) Men 80-100 Women 40-60 Army 2 Miles (12-14:00) Same as above Air Force 1. After the first lap. even 20 years later.5 Miles (9-11:00) Same as above .5 Miles (9-11:00) Same as above Coast Guard 1. here is what you need to be able to do to be competitive and remove the added stresses of physical discomfort and failure: Service Run (Men Women) Pushups Pullups Situps Marine Corps Navy 3 Miles (18-22:00) Not tested .283 lap of a quarter mile track as they ran it in 80 seconds. Now.

Airman. and enable you to focus on your job at hand -. however. reduce the pain of muscle soreness. My recommendation is to get in the competitive range PRIOR to attending these military programs. The good news is that at the age of 18-20. Sailor. and Hero of Tomorrow. I promise you it will save you from becoming discouraged. Marine.becoming a Soldier.284 *Note .these are not minimum standards but above average competitive standards recommended by Stew Smith The hardest thing about failing a physical fitness test or not performing as well as your fellow soldiers is you have to play catch up. it is tough to do while in the middle of Boot camp or other military training. it is easy to get into shape and become competitive with your comrades. .

often they have the world’s strongest men hang from a bar the longest as a part of the event. Keep doing those in a regular program in your PT workouts. but would really like to be able to train on one. on the strong man competitions.Continue with upperbody strength / endurance workouts .285 Prepare for Obstacle Courses without One!! Many pre. If you are not doing these exercises here is a sample plan: Repeat 5-10 times Run 100m fast Pushups . Here is how I recommend training for such a test: 1 . and dip.10-20 reps Pullups or flexed arm hang .Balance . up a rope. 2 .GRIP . pushup.climbing a rope or jumping over a wall will require significant upperbody strength but it will also require you to be able to grip a rope or wall edge as well. and over a fence.You need the muscles that enable you to perform a pullup. Any ideas? Thanks very much. All obstacle courses have high and low obstacles and usually some distance to run in between them. In fact.military and law enforcement recruits who are training for their future training programs often are hit with this problem of not having an obstacle course to train with before departing. Here is an email from a trainee seeking advice on how to pre-train for this issue: I do not have access to an o-course. A . That is one of the best grip workouts ever. This addition will help you cover ground quickly and make up valuable time if you are struggling with any obstacles. flexed arm hangs and pull-ups will help to a degree.find a curb or long beam you are walk across / run across to practice balance on a log as many obstacle courses have a balance portion. Notice the short fast 100m sprint in this workout. 3 . but I like to add a piece of rope or rolled towel over a pullup bar and practice hanging on the two ends or even doing pull-ups with it.15-20 seconds worth Dips or bench dips .10-20 reps This type of quick circuit will ensure you are working the right muscles that will help you get over a wall. Once again. or at least train a workout that has some carryover to something like the bud/s o-course or the USMC confidence course.

However. Another option is go to 10 and repeat in reverse order if you are failing at pullups soon.do 1 pullup.Many people ask me what they should use to prepare for military or law enforcement training programs. Put it this way.do 2 pullups. I do like to supplement the workouts with some weights IF you must lift weights. Weights or Calisthenics . Do not look straight down as that can interfere with your ability to stay on the balance log. biking to increase your endurance and muscle stamina. As a former power lifter. swimming.run 30m to a pullup bar . but do yourself a favor and while you are pre-training just PT and run with some weights to balance your training. no 400 lb bench press is going to get you over a wall or up a rope! . This is mainly a logistical issue as large recruit classes are difficult to run through “real” weight lifting programs in a gym. Continue up the pyramid to 20 if you really want to challenge yourself.286 trick I always use is to look at the end of the balance beam and run to it. I understand the urge to lift. This mimics pulling over a wall and pushing off the ground / crawling mixed with a short run to another "obstacle".Mix Pullups with Full body Exercise .run back to pullup bar . but any of these programs will not have significant weight lifting in them.The NEW 8 count bodybuilder Pushup / Pullup Pyramid: This one can be done at the beach if you have a pullup bar or run down to a local play ground or park and find some monkey bars. Run back to 8 count area and do TWO 8 counts . Great Idea . I always recommend to do a calisthenics based program complete with plenty of cardio activity like running. Here is how the Pullup / 8 count body builder pyramid workout works: Do ONE 8 count bodybuilder pushup .

Running will get easier as long as you practice running 4-5 times a week and ruck march with 25-50 lbs on your back 1-2 times a week. This will help you break up the lactic acid that builds in your muscles. His email reads: “I am in my late 30's and will be going to the Marine Corp Basic Recon Course (BRC) in a few months. Is it possible to get better at running? Do you have any plans for running USMC distances? First of all. many former military members have asked me about re-joining active units or challenging themselves to try for Special Operations positions after several years out of the military or in reserve units. This will also help you get oxygen to the muscles adding an increased effect to lactic acid release. try these workouts: . I am pretty solid on my PT. One tip -.hold each stretch you do for 4-5 deep inhales and exhales.287 Military. This week's email comes from a Marine Reservist. anyone seeking this type of rigorous activity -. Whether you are a 40-year-old military person. you need to start a flexibility routine. Your inhales should be 3 or more seconds long -. Your increased flexibility will be the result of a daily stretching program that will help you better recover from the daily grind of challenging workouts.followed by a full exhale. a law enforcement officer. You can get a great plan for free if you follow this 3-5 Mile Running Plan.should be in excellent condition and very flexible. but running and rucking is getting more difficult to improve on.especially near 40 years old -. or a person who likes to do marathons or triathlons. For those who maybe having issues with the PT portion of getting back into Active Duty training and are contemplating pushing the envelope with more specialized training. I do have a running plan that I have made for people seeking better performance in the 3-5 mile timed runs you will see in the USMC and other advanced military training schools. who is taking that challenge to go active duty again AND push for Marine RECON units. Law Enforcement and Defense Contractors All need to PT! Since 9-11.

5-10 pushups -.Max Pullups / Fewest Sets Possible -.10 wide pushups -.every other day – read this article for more details. Many people get stuck at 10-15 pullups.This workout is one of my favorite for building from 15 pullups to 25-30 reps.time limit on each exercise is 2:00 per set.288 Build up to be able to do at least 100 pullups in every pullup workout.. Do so for three days a week .10 tri pushups -. This workout will get you over that hump.Supersets -.that is 100 pullups.10 double crunches -. After you have completed the entire pyramid -.10 3 . 2 -.10 situps -. 1 . 300 situps or other abs of choice. shoot for: 100 pullups 200 pushups 300 situps Alternate from one max rep set exercise to another until you reach the above numbers.. I recommend trying this workout only once a week in conjunction with the two above PT workouts during the week. .This workout will push your pushups and situps to 300 reps each and keep your pullups between 50-100 reps.10 reverse crunches -. 200 pushups.Pyramid Pullups / pushups / situps combo build up to level 10 pullups / 20 pushups / 30 situps on peak of pyramid. Repeat 10 times: pullups -.

then rest for 3 days of no pushups and test on day 15 of this routine.5 mile run. pace is more important and you may need to slow it down to 20 situps per 30 seconds to score in the high 70 / low 80's.see Pullup Push Proper Situps Technique . I would not do this option unless you are pretty fit now and seeking to improve your PFT scores to near maxing the test. If your test is a 2 minute test. Knowing that this test is the most common fitness test in the military and law enforcement. pushups. If your test is a 1 minute test. You could also use this routine to help you hit the maximum standards if you are hitting a plateau in your testing for the Most Common PFT.Supplemental Plan . but for those who just need an extra push to surpass the minimums.Great for Passing and Reaching the Maximum Score This 15 day plan was written for a military member who had two weeks to pass his fitness test of 1. you can do the same for that exercise . You will be doing pushups for the first 11 days of this workout.Learn your pace when it comes to situps. and situps. Find a goal and pace yourself to the goal. . If your test requires pullups.You can use this plan below in addition to your current workout if you wish. but it is a pretty challenging plan. then you should strive for a pace of nearly 1 situp per second so you score in the high 40-50s for your situp test.Add 50-100% to your Pushups in two weeks. Here is an explanation of the chart below: 1 . It is not designed for those members who have not exercised in months.289 15 days from the PFT . I thought I would post the routine online as it is a combination of three routines: The Pushup Push Workout .

. Typically. This will help you understand not to start out too fast on your timed run and a teach you a strategy to PACE the run. and a 90 second 1/4 mile *(400m) run.If you are an intermediate / beginner level (not complete beginner) I would recommend to just follow the plan for the next two weeks.that means you need a 6 minute mile.You can also replace this distance with a 300m run distance especially if you are seeking to ace the 300m sprint used by many law enforcement departments around the United States as well as the FBI Academy. Try this routine if you wish.5. Just divide your timed run distance / goal into 1/4 mile distances and strive to learn the pace at 1/4 mile. Lower Back Plan . BUT instead of running at goal 1. I like to teach at a 400m track so students will learn the distance and muscle memory the time to do that distance. I recommend resting 48 hours after hard pushups / ab workouts before challenging that muscle group again. If you are not used to running 1-2 miles then I would not attempt this program as this is NOT a program for beginners.. 2. For instance. then 1/2 mile and so on.Learning to pace your runs will help you score better on 1. Typically.Stand-alone Plan . Goal Pace Runs .290 2 . 3 minute 1/2 mile. and 3 mile timed run tests. Your pushups / situps muscles need rest like all other muscle groups. .Add this into the daily routine at the end of the day. if you want to score a 12 minute 2 mile run . This is not something I would repeat several times in a row but only once in a while (every 6 months). This will challenge your pushups and situps and push you in the running category as well.Great for Strength / Flexibility . 400m runs . It does work and let me know how you do after the 15 Day PFT Challenge.5 mile pace you should run it at goal 300m sprint pace.

291 .

bananas. or baby . On the morning of the test. It is the stopwatch that causes most of your anxiety. Take the PFT once a week. Eat more fruits and vegetables than fast foods. drink more water. Pasta is a pre-race favorite among runners and swimmers also. The adrenaline flows through your body prior to any of these events and can adversely affect your performance. Do not start "studying" (exercising) for the PFT a week or two before the test. and lean forms of protein like fish and chicken. The PFT anxietyremoving techniques are as follows: Be well prepared for the test. and exercise 4-6 times per week. On the evening prior to the PFT. social situations.. situps. work. (See article archive for ideas) 1. In regards to the physical fitness test. I felt the same when I took the Navy SEAL PFT. Those symptoms were: headaches. Fitness is a daily habit that needs to be developed 4-6 times a week. nausea. feeling too hot or too cold. so train with the stopwatch when doing pushups. Academic testing anxiety is very similar to physical test-taking anxiety. eat more fruits and vegetables as in salad. I know before taking a chemistry test at the Naval Academy. drink water. 2. and test-taking. sleep regular hours. etc. 3. running etc. PFT taking meals. It occurs at home. Test yourself. playing sports. the ways to combat anxiety are similar to those of academic testing-taking anxiety. eat fruits like apples.292 PFT Anxiety: Channel the Nervous Energy Prior to Physical Fitness Tests Anxiety is prevalent in our world.. Maintain healthy lifestyle.

Do not do something for the first time on test taking day like eat a protein bar or energy drink. 5. Give yourself a reward IF you reach your training goals. Test the way you train. Relax. 4. Find out what works for you during your practice tests. Take deep breaths before the stop watch starts and think positively. Treat yourself. This healthy dose is similar to competing in a 10K race. . Once you arrive to your test well prepared. 6.all high on the glycemic index and provide blood sugar for immediate energy. the PFT becomes "just another workout" and the only anxiety you will get is a healthy dose of adrenaline that enables you to compete with your counterparts.293 carrots .

First of all. chest. I can only get 10 minutes on the 1. (link that article from your server). pushups. you have to train the way you test: If your PFT requires you to perform weights or PT exercises first. Here is an email I received that I think we all can relate to: Hey Stew . so I am sure getting in better shape helped with my PFT stamina.294 PFT Fatigue . then. . What gives? This is very common. For example. In a nutshell.5 mile run. Of course. if you can loosen up your upper body by stretching the arms. and sit-ups testing portion. weight training first.I normally run a 9 minute zone 1. I was doing more PFTs in order of the test I was about to take. you should do your PT. follow it with the running portion of your workout. By arranging the workouts this way you will get the body used to running when the upper body is pumped up with blood.5 mile. then your workouts should mimic the order of the test as best you can. shoulders.Strategy to Ace the PFT How many of you have taken a physical fitness test (PFT) and did not score as well as you have in the past during your own workouts? Often by the end of a PFT. but after pull-ups. Once I realized you need to have a strategy for taking the PFT. for your test. that will help with your more natural running state. This transition takes about 4-5 minutes and usually you get about 10 minutes to prepare for the last event of the PFT. my scores started improving. and back muscles prior to running. During the test you need to understand about PFT Transition. you will be fatigued and the last cardio test will be slower than normal workouts scores. Also loosen up your legs by doing a short run so you get the blood from your upper body down to your legs.

If doing pushups. hold onto cold water bottles (even ice filled) to keep the colder blood circulating to your core. people score 30 sit-ups in 30 seconds. a half mile in 3:30. These require a steady pace and not a fast starting pace. so do not waste energy by slowly lowering yourself to the bottom of the exercise.gravity.5 mile run. In between all events. . you have one advantage to half the exercise . Be well-hydrated days prior to the event and sip water or a sports drink during the test in order to stay cool. Learn the pace by practice! PT Tips: Exert on the UP: When doing any of the PT exercises. relax the chest and triceps and fall to the counter. Same goes for pull-ups. Same for the running. You never sprint the first quarter mile of a 1. So the things to remember is going into the PFT well prepared. but you must semi-control your decent here as it can produce swinging which will throw you off your best scores. By doing this you will have energy to push yourself on the last event of the PFT. Learn How to Pace Yourself: The pacing exercises in this test are the situps and the running portion. For example. The sports drink or fruit will help you keep blood sugar levels high during the test. if your goal is to run a 10:30 1. Gravity will take you down faster with no effort. and stretch well before running (both upper and lower body). let gravity take your back to the floor by relaxing the abdominal muscles. Do not forget to learn your pace and pace yourself during the test. but cannot get another 30 in the next 1:30 in a 2 minute test. Find your goal pace and stick to it by training at that pace at every distance you run. You will be amazed at how well this works.295 Stay hydrated and cool: If you can keep your heat down. Many times in sit-ups.5 mile run then you have to run a quarter mile in 1:45. and a mile in 7 minutes. you can easier score 80 situps in 2 minutes without a single workout. Make sure you are hydrated and stay hydrated. By simply dropping your initial pace to 20 in 30 seconds. your performance will improve. stay cool. If doing sit-ups.

5. The schools are not so much devoted to teaching subjects. oxygenate the blood repetitively. When blood is “stuck” in the upper body as it is after a maximum repetition PT test. your heart pumps harder than normal. Running like this can be difficult because the heart has to now pump the blood from your arms and torso down to your legs and. The Physical Fitness Test in any branch of service is the same. and your legs are burning for oxygenated blood. or pullups) then run for 1. “I felt OK after the first two laps. which can throw off your known pace that you have trained to maintain for your run. situps. 2. You need a strategy. shoulders. you have to do a series of upper body exercises first (usually pushups. This will leave many to say at the end of the run. Your breathing is more rapid.296 PFT: Train for the Transition This week I received an email from a soldier who writes: Every time I take the PFT. your heartbeat is therefore more rapid. and torso leaving you very “pumped up”. your arms swing is more stiff than fluid and relaxed. After you perform maximum repetition sets with your upper body muscles. or 3 miles depending on the service branch. you have to learn how to take tests to score better. but the first half mile about killed me. of course. Does the PT take that much out of me that I cannot run my normal pace had I not done the PT first? As with any test. but showing students HOW to score higher on the tests using strategy and techniques. I ace the PT part but my run is much worse than if I ran first. For most PFTs.” Here is the answer to the problem: . There are entire schools and curricula devoted to helping students pass the SAT. your heart has forced blood to the arms. ACT and even the ASVAB.

Finally. take about 3-5 minutes to stretch your legs. Keep shaking the arms. This will help you feel better at the start of your timed run and you will avoid feelings of breathlessness at your target pace.297 After you perform the PT test. take the time in between the upper body exercises to stretch the arms. . shoulders. Then run for about 2-3 minutes at an easy pace to get the blood down toward your legs. throughout the time in between the PT and run. stomach and lower back. to loosen up. chest.

I like to run Monday.com 1) Should I lift the weights as fast as possible? Of course. I had some great emails from you. Rest Wednesday.298 The Top Ten Questions This week. Tuesday. but what about the pushups/ab superset? I don't want to stunt my muscle growth. Saturday. I would consider taking lessons or watch a swim team practice. Give that a try on your workouts once a week. I know to lower them slower. Rest Sunday. it’s bi-annual PFT consists of a 1. 2) How can I pass the Navy PFT swim portion with a better score? In the Navy. I like to lift slow on the down (should take about 2-3 seconds) and explode on the up to build explosive power. Go to www. Some times a picture is worth 1000 words and you can pick up the techniques you need by watching swimmers swim. I know that I can do the ab routine daily. Thursday Friday. by doing pushups too often.net to learn the Total Immersion technique for swimming. . As far as abs back to back they are muscles so they need rest too but they can function on less rest than major muscle groups. Feel free to email if you have some questions at stew@stewsmith.totalimmersion. form etc. They range in subject but are relevant to fitness and health. Here are the ones I considered my Top Ten. Otherwise. I am unsure.5 mile run or 500m swim usually the swim is a great running substitute for people with bad knees or lower back. but on the positive portion of the exercise. There are some workouts I like to do occasionally where you do a 20 second rep 10 seconds down and 10 seconds up. If you are lifting weights to prepare for the PFT or Bootcamp then you can stop lifting as much. 3) Also. Do abs the same way you can run. Is it okay to do pushups daily? I would not do pushups daily give yourself a day off in between big pushup workouts (over 100-200 pushups in a workout). It is amazing how they teach you balance in the water. You should see the article in the archive called There are No Weights at Bootcamp.

retention. 5) Can you further explain the double crunch? As pictured in the crunches articles in the archive and eBooks it is a mix of a reverse crunch and regular crunch at the same time so you lift your shoulders and hips off the floor simultaneously the only thing touching the floor is your middle back. You must drink lots of water. how much weight should I expect to lose? I am 5'9'' 175lbs. Drinking water is a major factor to your weight loss too. 8) Can or should I add anything to the supplemental Weightlifting routine? I am concerned about muscle gain. I would lift first. if I do everything correctly. 6) With the reverse pushups. and definition? You can do what ever you like the supplemental weight program in the 45 Day workouts are just that. but then I go for my run or swim or bike for 30-40 minutes after lifting. and ab routines. I find that if I lift after running or other cardio I do not have the power I had than if I lifted first. and out of shape. up to ½ to a gallon a day. I have seen people just add more water to their diet and lose a lot of retained water weight fast – .299 4) What do you consider a rest day? Is it a day without weights? cardio? or both? I consider rest nothing more physically exerting than chores around the house or walking. It is really up to you though. am I literally raising my arms/hands off of the ground? Yes from the down pushup position lift the hands off the floor and pinch your shoulder blades together. to the letter. ideas for you to push yourself a little more than in the 45 Day plan. 9) Also. weight routine. To burn more calories. 7) Is it better to do Cardio before or after lifting weights? I like to warmup with cardio for about 10 minutes / stretch then lift weights. This is a great upper back exercise helps with posture and stretches the chest. run second. and also do the supplemental PT. It is different with everyone.

or joining the military too. Thanks for the opportunity to serve .Stew . Usually expect to lose 23 lbs a week. with a day of rest in between. 10) Should I do the weights and pt exercises on different days. or on the same day? I like to do them on the same day if I have a choice. Good luck with your fitness program – if you need any help deciding what you should do please send me an email with your situation and I will help direct you some ideas for getting started. consecutive days. pushing harder. It is OK to do one but you do not want to do the other involving the same muscle the next day (ie pushups on Monday and Bench press on Tuesday) Think about the muscle you are using when lifting and give them a rest for 48 hours before seriously challenging them again.300 up to 20 lbs in one week – but they were seriously bloated.

For instance. the goal is to start slower at a pace that will help you attain your goal. Resting may help you catch your breath. Usually people will get 30-35 situps in 30 seconds but they will not be able to match the 30-35 reps in the next 1:30. "What is it that you recommend to do one week out from your PFT? Is it similar to preparing for a running race like a marathon and tapering a few weeks before it?" A week before the physical fitness test is an easier week than your normal workouts should be. Just as with running. 2:00 of situps should be paced.Practice the way you test. an Army soldier asked me about the week prior to taking the PFT. if your goal is 80 situps in 2:00. 2:00 of pushups is challenging. Do not try anything you have not done before the week of or the day of the test that you have not done over the time of your workouts. but it will reduce your pushups when resting in the "up" position. you will waste energy and reduce your pushup score. When you move slow in the down position. This happens because you burn out too fast.301 PFT Training and Test Week Taper This week. It is best to take the last week prior to the PFT and rest the following methods: 1. Situps. Only use your muscles to push in the up position. Take the Army PFT for instance: Pushups. PFT Strategy . Try to let gravity push you in the down position so you do not waste muscle stamina by controlling the movement in the down position. The PFT should be accomplished by dividing the events into smaller sub-goals. Many people err in testing by starting off too fast. your pace should be 20 situps in 30 seconds. This is a sprinting style exercise. You will have a much easier time reaching your goal if you pace . It is recommended to do the pushups as fast as possible while adhering to proper form of course.

Take a light walk. The run is a pacing drill as well. 5. green leafy lettuce. 4. One day prior to the PFT should be a day off. Pushups and situps should be performed at goal pace for 1-2 sets of 30-60 seconds. Personally. 2.302 the situps. For instance. if your goal is to run a 14:00 two mile run. Of course. Do knee pushups or crunches just to keep the joints lose and stretch well to remain limber. green leafy salad or spinach with lean chicken or tuna fish are great examples of the types of food to help you have more energy. pushups and situps should be limited to 30-60 seconds of timed events so you do not hit muscle failure. Drinking water to stay super-hydrated will help you regulate your body temperature during the PFT as well as other muscular-skeletal benefits. Three days away from the PFT should be a day off of exercise. run or bike for 15-20 minutes with an equal amount of time spent of stretching. Knowing your pace will help you get rid of the anxiety prior to PFT. Eat foods that are low in fat. Four days away from the PFT. This means you should take it easy and do not push yourself to failure. Learn your pace and know it for the test. The night prior to the test should be spent relaxing and eating foods high in protein and carbohydrates such as pastas. This should be followed by twenty minutes of stretching from head to toe. Easier runs at 7-8:00 mile pace if your goal is 14:00 run. Two mile run. 3. Consult my diet plan at for more ideas. and high in complex carbohydrates. During your daily workouts you should know what your pace is to run a 2 mile run. This will insure a 7:00 mile pace. your workouts should start tapering. higher in protein. these foods should be part of your normal weekly diet anyway for best physical results. . Two days from the PFT should be a light 1-2 mile run. you should pace your ¼ mile at 1:45 or your ½ mile at 3:30.

fruit. Have a breakfast of normal foods such as water. Foods higher in carbohydrates like apples. Lay off high fat foods. You will be better off however if you were unable to prepare for the PFT if you follow the above tips. and carrots are great snacks to add glycogen to your muscles and give you that extra kick in the PFT. cereals. so make sure you eat these one hour prior to the PFT. and juice. When you push yourself to muscle failure and maximum effort you will expend the glucose you consumed. chicken. bananas. 6. Good luck in your next PFT! . lean meats.303 spinach. yogurt. fish. These tips will help you but they will not be fully beneficial if you do not practice these pre-workout methods during the weeks prior to your PFT. Drink water all day long.


Pre-Boot Camp or Service Academy Training PFTs
Every year, I have the honor of exercising with America's Heroes of Tomorrow bright and early at the Naval Academy during a one week course called Summer Seminar. At 0530, Tuesday morning I exercised with over 700 motivated High School seniors who are more than likely to become Midshipmen in the Class of 2009! The goal of the workout is to show the future Midshipmen that PT can be a stress reliever NOT a stress increaser IF they arrive prepared for the daily grind of military/boot camp style of physical training. Military PT is the one stress you can control simply by being prepared. The daily military indoctrination, being away from home your first time (for many), and the constant verbal challenging by your trainers is stress enough - WHY SHOW UP OUT OF SHAPE? Every year too many young men and women attend boot camp, military service academies, and police academies across the United States ill-prepared for the physical training. When this occurs, the course is adapted to unfortunately have many of these young men and women who defend our freedom and safety striving for the minimum standards. This ALL can easily be avoided if there were a bigger effort to help recruits learn how to train properly prior to attending a military / law enforcement training course. For most of the students, it was a great workout. For some, they soon realized the need to work a little harder prior to arriving next year. That is why I am dedicated to teaching the way to ace the PFT and get into fighting shape. This is the program we did at the USNA this week which helps the students learn whether or not they are in shape or not. Anyone can get into shape - all it takes is practice.

Warm up - 5:00 with slow run / stretch arms and legs Repeat 10 times: Jumping jacks 10


Pushups - 10 (rotate thru each type: Regular Pushups, Wide Pushups, Close Tricep Pushups, 8 Count Body Builder Pushups) (Total pushups = 100) Ever warmed up with 100 pushups before? This is a great way to get the body started in just 5:00!

Repeat 3 times: Sit ups - 1:00 (Rest one minute while you hold your partners feet) Pushups 50 straight non-stop When it come to sit ups - you can pace yourself and score higher - too many times people start off too fast and burn out within the first minute. Try to set your pace at 20 reps in 30 seconds which will equal 80 in 2:00. This is 15 reps above the minimum standard.

Super Set for pushups/sit ups Repeat 2-3 times in 2:30 each set: Pushups - 10 Crunches - 20 Wide pushups- 10 Reverse crunches - 20 Close Pushups - 10 Double crunches - 20 The above superset is a great way to build a foundation in respect to adding pushups to your PFT score. Mixing in maximum rep sets is another great way to increase your scores.

Stretch 5:00 Run 1-2 miles


The PT Pyramid

The PT Pyramid is a no rest (rest while doing other exercises) workout complete with a warmup, max out, and a cool down all rolled into one workout. It is a great foundation builder to increase endurance and muscle stamina. I recommend this workout 1-2 times a week in conjunction with a superset or max rep workout for the other 1-2 upper body workouts in a week. If you take a look at one of the pyramids, you will notice that it is numbered on both sides. It goes from 1-5 on one side, with the number 6 on the top, and then 5-1 on the other side. Each number represents a step in the pyramid. Your goal is to climb the pyramid all the way up, and all the way back down. So you can consider each step a "set" of your workout. At the bottom, you will find "pullups x 1, pushups x 2, situps x 3". What this means is that at each "set" or step of the pyramid, you perform 1 pullup for every step you are on, 2 pushups for each step, and 3 situps for each step. You start at the bottom of the pyramid, at number one. For each set, you times that set number by 1 and that tells you how many pullups to do. You multiply it by 2 to get your pushups, and multiply by 3 for situps. So you keep progressing until you get to the top of the pyramid, or your MAX At step ten you perform 10 pullups/ 20 pushups/30 situps. Now you start working your way back down the other side. So the next set you do will be at step 9 on the way back down. So, you'll do 9 pullups/18 pushups/27 situps. Keep going until you worked all the way

back down to one. So here is a number summary of the pyramid: Go up the pyramid: (or half pyramid workout) Set/Step 1: 1 pullups/2 pushups/3 situps Set/Step 2: 2 pullups/4 pushups/6 situps Set/Step 3: 3 pullups/6 pushups/9 situps Set/Step 4: 4 pullups/8 pushups/12 situps Set/Step 5: 5 pullups/10 pushups/15 situps (Your first set sets are basically a warmup) Set/Step 6: 6 pullups/12 pushups/18 situps Set/Step 7: 7 pullups/14 pushups/21 situps Set/Step 8: 8 pullups/16 pushups/24 situps Set/Step 9: 9 pullups/18 pushups/27 situps Set/Step 10: 10 pullups/20 pushups/30 situps (Here is where you should fail / max out) Go down the pyramid: (or reverse order pyramid = toughest to easiest number of reps) Set/Step 9: 9 pullups/18 pushups/27 situps Set/Step 8: 8 pullups/16 pushups/24 situps Set/Step 7: 7 pullups/14 pushups/21 situps Set/Step 6: 6 pullups/12 pushups/18 situps Set/Step 5: 5 pullups/10 pushups/15 situps (Still tough until this point reaching failure at every level) Set/Step 4: 4 pullups/8 pushups/12 situps Set/Step 3: 3 pullups/6 pushups/9 situps Set/Step 2: 2 pullups/4 pushups/6 situps Set/Step 1: 1 pullups/2 pushups/3 situps (Finish cool down) In conclusion - the pyramid has a warmup. max out, and cooldown all built in AND will definitely help you with your PT scores. Other creative ideas: ADD: dips to the exercises for additional tricep /shoulder burn. I usually do the same number of dips as I do pushups. ADD: Running 100 sprints to add some killer cardio. These will hurt you and you will lose your juice quickly so bring gaotroade for blood sugar / electrolyte replacement and water to drink...


Foundation Building to Improve Pull-ups
The Pull-up is the great equalizer when it comes to hard exercises to master. Questions from how to do more, how to do any, how to ace pull-up fitness tests come in all the time. Over the years, we have created and used many workouts (like the ones below) to improve pull-ups, but one of the first elements you should consider before doing pull-ups is: How much do you weigh? I had an email the other day from a 30 year old man who is 270 lbs and can do 910 pull-ups. Naturally, I am impressed because when I put on a 60-70lb vest or back pack and try to do pull-ups (I weigh 200lbs), I cannot perform but 1-2 pullups and I can do 25+ NO KIP pull-ups on my best day. But, he is not happy with that performance and asks, “Stew, I can do 9-10 pull-ups, but the second set drops to 4-5, and the third set drops to 2-3. Do you have any recommendations to build up my overall numbers as well as my workout sets?” First of all, most people who weigh 270lbs cannot do any pull-ups. If you think about it the pull-up (and the dip) is the heavy weight lifting exercise of the calisthenics category. To complete a rep, you have to move your entire bodyweight with your arms / back muscles up and down over a bar. In my experience, there are three steps to building more pull-ups: Build a Foundation: The more you weigh, the harder this exercise is. If any of your present bodyweight is fat that you would like to lose anyway, then start on a path of weight loss through moderate eating and cardio training to lose some of that extra weight. Also work the muscles of the pull-up: grip of the hand / forearm, biceps, rear deltoids, and lats (latissimus dorsi) after you have burned out from your pull-up workouts. This will help you fully develop all the muscles in primary and supplemental workouts to better your ability to do pull-ups. If you cannot do ANY pull-ups, then start off with pull-downs on a lat machine, try assisted pull-ups on a Gravitron machine, or have your workout partner spot you

309 and lift you over the bar. Once over the bar, hold the flexed arm hang for 5-10 seconds then slowly let yourself down to a 5 second count. The more you control your weight on the DOWN, the quicker you will be able to perform an UP pull-up on your own. Sample Workout for Foundation Building: Repeat 3-4 times (every other day) Pull-ups – max or pull-downs 10-15 reps (moderate / heavy weight) Bicep curls – 10-20 reps Dumbbells Rows – 10-20 reps rest with cardio or abs of choice for 2 minutes

Build Upon the Foundation: Once you can get to the level of strength that you can perform a pull-up and your goal is to get more reps (20+), it is now time to turn the pull-up workout into an endurance and muscle stamina workout by doing multiple sets and build up to a failure point. One of the best ways to do this is to do a pyramid workout. This is a simple workout to create but difficult as you will be able to get a warm-up, max out, and a cool-down all rolled into a great workout: Each level gets more difficult that the previous set. Start off with 1 pullup. I like to add in other exercises to balance out the workout and provide a good opposite muscle group rest. Pushups, dips, and/or sit-ups make a great addition to the pyramid set. So the first set would look like this: 1 pull-up, 2 pushups, 3 sit-ups. With NO rest, go to level 2 of the pyramid and do: 2 pull-ups, 4 pushups, 6 sit-ups. Continue to level 3: 3 pull-ups, 6 pushups, 9 sit-ups or abs of choice. The goal is to go until you fail at pullups, THEN repeat in reverse order until you get back to level 1.


Keep going if 6 is easy...See if you can get 10 and back down! The pyramid does a nice job of getting you to the next level of pull-ups – usually in the 15-20 range. Next Level of Pull-ups: If your goal is to get well above the 15 rep mark, then you need to change up the workouts a little more and start hitting failure zones more often in your workouts. For this I like to fail on multiple sets of sub-max reps. This means I do a super set of several exercises in circuit form but do 8-10 sets of all sub-max effort reps. For instance, If I can do 15 pull-ups, 60 pushups, 60 sit-ups, I recommend trying the following super set workout: Repeat 8-10 times (try this workout 1-2 times a week) Pull-ups 10 reps Pushups – 25 reps Sit-ups – 25 reps Run or bike for 1-2 minutes for an active recovery Another harder type of workout is to fail at every set. This one requires max effort every set, but I only recommend doing this one 1 time a week in conjunction with a pyramid or super set workout for the other two upper-body workouts of the week: Max OUT Workout: Repeat in circuit fashion until you reach the following

311 numbers: 100 pull-up, 200 pushups- 300 abs of choice: So set 1 would be pull-ups until failure, drop to do pushups until failure for 1-2 minutes, then roll over and do situps for 1-2 minutes (depending on your timed PT test). For additional challenge add in a ¼ mile run at your goal 1.5 or 2, or 3 mile run timed run pace to help with muscle memory of the timed run pace required to get your goal time. *Note – most special ops candidates I work with can do this workout in 4-5 sets. Some have even done the 100,200,300 in 3 sets! Another one of my favorite pull-up workouts I like to do is the 8 count bodybuilder pushup and pull-up pyramid. This is a great way to simulate an obstacle course when you do not have one to train on: Start 20-30m away from a pull-up bar. Drop and one 8 count bodybuilder pushup or pushup burpee – then get up and run to the pull-up bar and do 1 pullup. Run back to starting area and do TWO 8 count pushups/burpees, get up and run to pull-up bar and do 2 pull-ups. Continue up the pyramid until you fail at pull-ups, then repeat in reverse order. This one is hardcore even for people who can do 20+ pull-ups, but it is a great way to work the entire body with a workout designed to make your pull-ups better. As you can see at first it takes strength to be able to do a pull-up. Once you have the initial strength to do one pull-up, it becomes an endurance exercise to be able to perform multiple reps and multiple sets without fail. I hope you grow to enjoy pull-ups as they are an essential part of staying in great shape.


Tips to Improve your Pullups (or do them!)

Of all the exercises, the one with the largest mind game attached to it is the PULLUP. One thing I have learned is that women AND men CANNOT do pull-ups IF they do not PRACTICE pull-ups. On the flip side, the common denominator among those men AND women who can do dead-hang pull-ups, are those who practice pull-ups. Personally, one of the worst things we ever developed in physical fitness classes were the "girl pullup" or flexed arm hang. At an early age, we have been telling young girls, that they cannot do regular pull-ups because they will never be as strong as boys. Well, part of that statement is true -- the strongest woman will NEVER be stronger than the strongest man -- but I have seen 40-50 year old mothers of three do 10 pullups. How is that? They practice pull-ups as well as the auxiliary exercises that work the muscles of the back, biceps, and forearms - the PULLUP muscles! Anybody can do pull-ups, but it helps to not be 40-50 lbs. overweight and to follow a program that places pull-ups and the following exercises in your workouts at least 3 times a week. The Proper Pull-up (regular grip) - Grab the pull-up bar with your hands placed about shoulder width apart and your palms facing away from you. Pull yourself upward until your chin is over the bar and complete the exercise by slowly moving to the hanging position.


Pull-ups (negatives) - If you cannot do any pull-ups, you should try "negatives". Negatives are half pull-ups. All you have to do is get your chin over the bar by standing on something or having spotter push you over the bar. Then, you slowly lower yourself all the way down - let your arms hang grasping the bar fully stretched. Keep your feet up and fight gravity for a count of 5 seconds. This will get your


arms used to supporting your weight. Assisted Pull-ups - This is the first step to being able to perform pullups. Using the bar that is 3-4 feet off the ground, sit under it and grab with the regular grip. Straighten your back, hips, and slightly bend your knees while your feet remain on the floor and pull yourself to the bar so that your chest touches the bar. Repeat as required. This is a great way to start out if you cannot do any pullups at all. You can also do this on a pair of parallel bars that are used for dips. These are also great to do after you can no longer perform anymore dead-hang pullups. This is a good replacement for the Lat Pulldown machine as well.

Pulldowns -Using a pulldown machine, grab the bar, sit down and pull the bar to your collar bones. Keep the bar in front of you. Behind the neck pulldowns are potentially dangerous to your neck and shoulders.

Dumbbell rows - Bend over and support your lower back by placing your hand and knee on the bench as shown. Pull the dumbbell to your chest area as if you were starting a lawn mower. Muscles worked: Back, forearm grip, Bicep muscles


Biceps Curls - Place dumbbells or bar in hands with your palms facing upward. Use a complete range of motion to take the weight from your shoulders to your hips by bending and straightening the elbows. Keep it smooth. Do not swing the weights.

You can build up your strength and within a few months of this workout, you will have your first pullup in years maybe ever! If weight loss is needed, naturally find a plan that incorporates cardio vascular exercise, diet and nutrition tips and weights and calisthenics if your next goal is to do a pullup one day! Good luck and always remember to consult with your doctor before starting any fitness program. Going from 10-15 pullups to a goal of 25-30? Try this workout - 100 pullups in as few sets as possible. Rest with 100 abs of choice and 50-100 pushups then repeat pullups for the next set until you reach 100 pullups.


Pull-up Alternatives
I often receive questions from people who are trying to substitute pull-ups with other similar exercises that work the same muscle groups. This gentleman asks: I am always trying to add muscle and do not have access to a pull up bar or lat pull down machine. I work out at home and have dumbbells. What is an alternative exercise to pull-ups in your opinion. First of all, one thing I always do no matter whether I am traveling or at home is to go for a jog near a school district and search for any playground that is open to the public. There you will find monkey bars and maybe even pull-up bars where you can do pull-up workouts such as the PT Pyramid. When discussing alternative exercises for a challenging calisthenics exercise such as pull-ups, simply break down the pull-up into muscle groups used. They are... Biceps – These are your pulling muscles that enable your arms to bend and lift your weight over the pull-up bar. The exercise recommended to develop biceps is, of course, bicep curls. A good workout for this muscle is what I call a superset where you select three dumbbell weights (For instance 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs). This is a non-stop workout where you only rest to change the weights after each series of repetitions. Do the 15lbs for 20 reps, the 20 lbs for 10 reps, and the 25 lbs for 5 reps. Select the weight for you that will make it challenging to do a set of 20,15,10 reps nonstop.


Back and Grip Muscles - Another great exercise that can work the same muscle groups as pull-ups is the Bent over Dumbbell Row and Assisted Pullups. Concentrate on pulling the dumbbell as if you were starting a pullstart lawnmower. Let the heavy dumbbell hang and stretch your back and shoulder connection and then pull the dumbbell to the outside of your chest – hold for 1-2 seconds at the top of the lift. Stomach and lower back – It never hurts to workout your torso, as pull-ups cause you to flex your abs and back during the lift and hang. TRX Workouts - This is a great device to use if you are failing at pullups. The TRX rows will help you build your bicep / back muscles like a set of weights, but also work the core at the same time.

There you will find your increase to be as high as 50-100% from your previous max pull-ups. Since the unbelievable success from the Pushup – Push Workout where people doubled their pushups in two weeks. You never want to have an extended period of repeating the same exercises day after day. This workout works best on folks you can do 3-10 pull-ups.Try the Pull-up PUSH Workout! This week. Where can I find your pull-up routines outlined? I am stuck at about 7 pull-ups and would like to get to 10-12.318 Double your Pull-ups . I did the same test with students young and old with similar success on pull-ups. Here is what you need to try for a two-week period: Do your regular workout program. but you can do this workout for ten days. Many raised their pull-ups to 10-20 in two weeks.max . but for 10 straight days do an additional 25-75 pull-ups If you can do less than 5 pull-ups – do 25 pull-ups for your daily plan below: If you can do more than 5 pull-ups – do 50 pull-ups for your daily plan below: If you can do more than 10 pullups – do 75 pullups for your daily plan below: ODD DAYS: Supersets OR pyramids: 10 supersets: repeat 10 times pullups . getting better at pull-ups is the subject of many people’s concern. but it works. rest for three or four days of no pull-ups – then test on day 14 or 15. Here is the question from a Marine Reservist wanting to max his PFT of 20 pullups. As with the Pushup-Push Workout (linked below). this idea makes little sense physiologically.

30 pyramids: . Do small repetition sets until you reach 25.5.see PT Pyramid article above pullups .3.8..7.15.5 alternating with NO rest from one exercise to the next EVEN DAYS: 25.2. If you want to try the same but applied to the FAH.319 pushups ..6.20.2. Good luck with the Pullup-Push Workout.4..10..2 abs of choice Rotate for the next ten days from odd day workout options and even day pull-up supplement. Test on day 14-15 and let me know your results.20 dips .4.50 pull-ups.rest with pushups . then take three-four days off from doing ANY pull-ups. here is what you do: Do 25 or 50 or 75 seconds of FAH in as few sets as possible on ODD Days and add supersets of FAH for TEN sets of 15-30 seconds.50-75 pull-ups anyway you can throughout the day or in a single workout.5-10 abs of choice ...5.2. .30. You can fit this type of program into your present workout plan by just adding 25-50 pullups on your rest days so you do a ten-day routine of pull-ups.25. Push yourself and you can quickly perform better on your pull-up test.1.6.1 .12.6.3. I am trying this for some female Marines at this time with the Flexed Arm Hang (FAH).14.

.320 Stuck on Pushups? Try the Pushup Push Workout! Ever since I wrote The Grinder PT – Key to Mental Toughness eBook. This went against all the physiology I had studied in the past. This eBook is modeled after the first month of SEAL training. I noticed people were typically stronger in pushups by the end of training. That is why many workout routines offer upper body exercises on Monday-Wednesday. you give the body 48 hours of rest before doing similar resistance exercises or weight training. Some workouts even give up to 72 hours of rest before repeating the same exercises. turned out to build muscle and increase pushup maximum scores. The program is a ten-day pushup plan that requires pushups daily. What was meant to give SEAL candidates a taste of SEAL training on paper. So. But Bootcamp in every branch has used pushups as a daily exercise either in organized PT or punishment for not conforming to regulations usually with improving results.Friday and lower body exercises Tuesday – Thursday. so the body has time to recover and grow stronger. Below is the program that has helped people go from 50 pushups to 80 pushups in two weeks. I started experimenting mostly with younger people from 18-30 years of age with similar goals of increasing their pushups scores on the PFT. I have noticed that the majority of people who attempt one of my toughest workouts I have ever created do quite well on pushups tests upon finishing. where pushups are done five days a week in the magnitude of several hundred a day. Improving surprised me – I assumed the workout would border on over-training. Throughout the years of experiencing military training either as a student or instructor. but still has some sound physiological rules that incorporate “some” rest but not much. Typically.

This can be little sets of ten done every half hour or fifty pushups done four times throughout the day.321 If your max in under 50 reps. You can still do upper body workouts on these days if you are on a program already. This is a supplemental 200 pushups using maximum repetition sets (4 x 50. take your current max and multiply by FOUR: This will equal what you should do daily for 10 days of the Pushup-Push Workout On ODD days: do 200 pushups (or your max X4) in as few sets as possible in addition to your regularly scheduled workout of cardio exercises. Regular pushups distribute your body weight proportionately between your chest. Whereas. and tricep pushups to breakup the monotony of 10 days of straight pushups. Try regular pushups. The only difference in these three pushups is the placement of the hands. Repeat the ODD / EVEN routine for a total of 10 days. I would not recommend this workout more than once every six months. and shoulders. Then take three days off and do NO upper body pushing exercises that work the chest. the wide pushups will work the chest more and the Triceps or Close Pushups will work the triceps and shoulders more. wide pushups. since it rather challenging on the same muscle groups repeatedly. . triceps. RULE: If your maximum is under 50 pushups – do no more than 200 pushups a day. If your maximum is 60-75. Then on day 14 – give yourself the pushup test (1or 2 minutes depending on your PFT). On EVEN days: do 200 pushups (or your max x4) throughout the day. shoulders and triceps. 8 x 25…your choice how you get to 200). do 250-300 pushups a day.

10 • Push-ups. I have several men and women clients who started out doing push-ups on their knees but now can easily do 40 to 50 regular push-ups without stopping to rest. she wants some advice on improving her performance of push-ups. Here are some simple tips and workouts to help you get above-average scores on the PFT. I received an e-mail from a young lady who aspires to join the military in the next year. Proper Full-Body Warm-Up Get the heart pumping and the arms warmed up by doing the following warm-up (repeat three to five times. She says she has never practiced push-ups the "traditional way. First of all.Ace Any Military PT Test This week.322 The Perfect Pushups . 10 After warming up. stretch the triceps and chest and shoulders: • Triceps/shoulders stretch: . All it takes is practice." which is what I call the regular push-up as opposed to the knee push-up. Knowing she has a lot of physical fitness tests in her future. it only takes 2 or 3 minutes): • Jumping jacks. there is no reason why women cannot do the regular push-up.

Hold for 15 seconds. Lean into the pull to also stretch your back/oblique muscles.323 Place both arms over and behind your head. Switch arms and repeat. Chest/shoulders stretch: • Pull your shoulders/arms back and grab onto a wall / bar and stick your chest out. Techniques and Workouts . Switch arms and repeat. Grab your right elbow with your left hand and pull your elbow toward your opposite shoulder.

Lie on the floor with your hands even with your shoulders. the more gravity will affect your strength. Adhere to proper form however. For maximum points on the PFT.Arms 90 degree bend at elbows / chest about fist high from ground (3-4 inchs) . Up Position . Down position . The slower you go. Your hands should be about shoulder width apart. Too many people place their hands too high or too low.324 Go fast. do the push-ups as quickly as you can. which will weaken your push-ups tremendously.arms straight Proper stance.

10 • Wide push-ups. 10 • Triceps push-ups. you can also increase your sit-ups. 10 • Reverse crunches. The following workouts are taken from the eBooks found at the StewSmith. 10 each side The timed workout is another way to increase your push-ups and situps that also helps prepare you for training with the clock -. 10 • Left/right crunches. Timed Workout Repeat twice: • 1 minute of push-ups • 1 minute of sit-ups Repeat three times: .good practice for the PFT. Once you burn out. it is OK to go to your knees in order to finish the workout. 10 • Regular crunches. Push-Up/Crunch Super Set Do five to 10 cycles of: • Regular push-ups. Not only is the super set one of the best ways to increase your push-ups.325 • Stay on your toes. but while you "rest" your push-up muscles. Being timed is what leads to most people's PFT anxiety.com Fitness eBook Store .

. These workouts are challenging and only take a few minutes to do.326 • 30 seconds of push-ups • 30 seconds of sit-ups Repeat four times: • 15 seconds of push-ups • 15 seconds of sit-ups Try these workouts only resting while you do your crunches or sit-ups. I recommend that you try to incorporate push-ups and crunches into your workout three times a week and every other day. if you are not following a detailed program.

your partner. I am in the process of applying to the military and was wondering how much should I workout before attending boot camp? I mean. the remedial programs and added physical stress distract you from learning your profession to the best of your ability. 2.327 The Ten Commandments of Preparation to Serve Here is a common misconception concerning military as well as law enforcement training programs. Anytime you make changes in your life.strategy on how you are going to succeed with your new goals. More often than not. Not to mention. Often people show up to day one of the basic training or academy not in any kind of shape to start off on a group run. and even . Upper Body Strength – Make sure you can do pushups. This occurs for ONLY one reason. situps. Your job before you start training is to get in shape and well within height and weight standards. Here is an email I recently received: Hi Stew. or a victim you are attempting to save. you have to have a plan . joining the military or law enforcement is very similar. the extra stress of remedial PT / running programs eat any of your spare time you might have to relax. don’t they get you in shape? Ouch!!! It is this type of thinking that causes so many people each year to leave their training programs either injured or unable to pass minimum fitness standards. You did not have a good enough preparation strategy. In this case. Many are overweight with de-conditioned muscles and joints to handle any physical activity for long periods of time. You have to be motivated and understand that your fitness level could be the difference between life and death for you. Be motivated: It is not my job to motivate you to serve your country. Here is a list of what I call the Ten Commandments of Preparation to Serve: 1.

sprints. walls. There is a saying in many . If you want to join the Army. 7. Do not assume that you can accomplish these skills without practice. and fences. stress fractures. the better you are at completing the course of instruction well. its famous people and its heroes. Minimum standards never helped anyone excel in training. Know the Specialty Tests – Each unit has certain tests you will have to pass – it is your job to do the research and find out what is expected of you during and after training. do community action groups. but a minimum of 15-20 miles a week is a great base to handle your training programs without over-use injuries like shin splints. it is likely you will pay the price in pushups and other extra physically demanding duties. dragging a body. Statistics show the better you score on the entrance fitness test. if you are planning on joining the Navy. but if you do not know the ranking system as well as other historical information about your unit. so practice running stairs. and others. 4. Be a Team Player – When you are going through training. Following orders as well as developing ideas and sharing them with your team are critical skills that you should be able to perform without thinking. Minimum standards are like getting a “D” on academic work. Practice with weights. join the band. Be able to run – You do not have to have marathon experience. and handle an opponent if needed. ropes. play team sports. you will be assessed on how well you work with others. If you are in high school. climbing walls. It is passing but getting through to the next level or training is going require much more work.328 pull-ups of some form as these exercises will help you climb fences or rope. 6. NO MINIMUM STANDARDS . run and put a back pack on and walk fast (ruck march). joint tendonitis. Do something that will help you learn these skills now. Many law enforcement agencies require some form of obstacle course or job related standards test. For instance.It is your job to use or create a plan that will prepare you well within the minimum physical standards of the unit you choose to serve. 5. 3. practice swimming. jump walls. Learn the ranks – This is a little less physically demanding as it sounds.

Did I mention run? Make sure you can run. Thanks for your decision or contemplation of serving your country whether it is in the military. 10. doing obstacle courses. veges. Eat Right for energy (not drink) – Eating good carbohydrates and protein rich foods like fruits. . You will run from one place to another usually carrying your gear for that event. 9. Too many people rely on energy drinks which are really just caffeine and sugar to spike your central nervous system.329 training programs. not provide proper sustainable fuel for workouts. law enforcement. Being strong on day one will better ensure that you will be trained to protect the weak. Now.” 8. Show up within weight standards – Being heavy or overweight will likely challenge you to work harder when running. your strength / power will come in handy. you just have to work at it prior to your training. but signing up for service is not just a signature. or fire fighter professions. but do not let it hamper your cardiovascular endurance. If you are one of those bigger muscle guys. spec ops units. “If you are going to be stupid. you better be strong. who is lean but big. Big guys can run 6-7 minute mile pace too. Running injuries are typically the number one issue for people attending boot camps. it is a commitment to train to be your best and protect the weak. there is a lot to consume here. as well as police academies. lean meats is the best tool for energy to exercise and prepare physically for training. and staying up with the class physically.

The sit-up or curl-up is also the easiest exercise to score maximum points for. in the ARMY. It is best to start out with the heels of your feet about 12-18 inches from your rump. and drop your shoulders blades to the floor in the “down” position. all the way up until the neck surpasses base of the spine (beyond vertical torso). To get good at Army Situps . fingers interlocked behind the head. Air Force. someone will be counting and holding your feet for you. During the PFT.330 The Proper Technique for Curl Ups This week’s article deals with a portion of the physical fitness test found in every branch of service.but the workouts and pace still apply. keeping your knees slightly bent. Here is a question from an Army Recruit getting ready for Basic. Place your feet flat on the floor and raise your knees. I have a question about situps. but you must practice this exercise several times a week to reach that achievement. Raise your upper body off the floor by flexing your abdominal muscles. Touch your elbows to your thighs and repeat.you have to do Army Situps. BUT. place your legs at 45 degree angle.Lie on your back with your arms crossed over your chest.. . Marines. Situps or curlups .. This is one element of the test that many people either barely pass or just fail. Coast Guard you have to cross your arms over your chest and touch your elbows to your knees when in the “up” position. Can you explain the proper technique that will produce the most efficient results? In the Navy. You can only rest while in the “up” position.

This will create a different angle between your stomach muscles and legs and you should be able to crank out a 5-10 more situps in your last 20-30 seconds.331 The most important thing is to pace your situps. That tells me that you started out too fast. The way I do this is train with the clock when doing abs in my workout. Of course. Then try 4-5 sets of 30 seconds timed situps. slide your rump about 4-6 inches away from your feet. Many times people keep their abs flexed while descending and waste too much energy. . If your goal is 80-100 in a 2:00 period. Try 2-3 sets of timed situps at 1:00 . you should pace yourself at 20-25 in 30 seconds and 40-50 in 1:00.find the pace that matches your goal score. lack a proper training 4-5 times a week will prevent you from doing as well as you could in the physical fitness test as well. To conserve abdominal stamina in the situps test. This error and lack of pace are the two biggest culprits from performing well on the curl-ups or sit-ups test. Too many times people start out too fast and do about 30-40 in the first 30 seconds and not being able to get 30-40 in the next 1:30 in a 2:00 test. only exert yourself on the “up” portion of the exercise and let gravity take you down so your shoulder blades touch the floor. Try to maintain pace each time. As you start to fatigue and think you cannot do any more situps.

Four to six months of daily fitness at your age will help your ability to survive whatever training you are seeking. commitment. do you really want to serve your country enough that you are willing to suck up the pain of preparation in order to achieve the goal of proudly wearing that uniform? Another thing you will develop when you start to train hard is the confidence in yourself. This is a problem. However. Here is an email from a young man seeking to join either the military or police force: Hello . ask yourself is this an attempt at "job hunting" or are you really motivated to serve your country in the military or police force. These are honorable professions that require personal drive. Any suggestions? The good news is that you are young enough to get in shape relatively quickly. every now and then I receive emails from those who say they want to be in the military but have been unmotivated for a year or more to physically prepare for a profession in the military or law enforcement.I am a recent college graduate and used to be an athlete in high school.332 Self Motivation . If that does not motivate you to workout then I am not going to be able to do it by holding your hand and telling you that you can do it if you try. However. I am not sure which one and I just cannot get motivated to go and workout. your fitness may mean the difference of life and death of yourself or your buddy. . I am honored to help. One day while performing your duties. I know I need to lose weight for my health but I also want to get a job in the military or police. From the unfit seeking to getting healthy and lose weight to the athlete seeking to change from a sport workout routine to a military workout routine to better prepare for the different challenges that the military provides.The Difference Between Wanna-Be and Gonna-Be Most people who email me are pretty motivated but need guidance on how to get to a new level of fitness and health. recruiter's offices are full of young and older recruits looking for a job. You have to ask yourself. You will sharpen your mental toughness by pushing your fitness levels each week. but have not worked out in more than two years with any consistency. With the present recession of the economy and many job losses. and motivation to succeed not just a place to pick up a check every two weeks.

It will be YOU who gets through the training and it is you who will have to prepare properly to succeed. When you are truly motivated to serve.YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU WILL BE CALLED TO HAVE TO PHYSICALLY PERFORM AND IT BE A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH.let me know and I can help you get the the level of fitness you need. you will do whatever in your power to prepare yourself.333 One thing I have learned by being in the military / law enforcement fitness and fitness writing business for the past ten years is you can set the example for people to follow but you cannot make them follow.ABOUT 60% OF THE PEOPLE WHO EMAIL ME HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT TO MEET MILITARY HT/WT STANDARDS.it is a noble profession that you will always treasure having served in and you will never forget those who served and the new generation that still serves after you. OR SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE. IF YOU LOOK AT IT . YOUR BUDDIES LIFE. SEE FREE WORKOUTS BELOW FOR TIPS. Here is a related email from someone who is overweight but wants to be in the military. It is not just a job . I do not motivate people to workout ..IT IS THE LEAST YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY. You have to understand that we are at war with people who want to shoot you for your ideals and beliefs.YOU have to do that and when you are motivated to workout . NOT ALL PEOPLE CAN SERVE DUE TO MEDICAL OR LEGAL REASONS .. SO YOU ARE NOT ALONE . IT IS JUST A COMMON ISSUE NOW DAYS.. . YOU JUST HAVE TO WANT TO SERVE BAD ENOUGH TO WORK OUT AND EAT RIGHT ON A DAILY BASIS.A PROFESSION THAT IS HONORABLE AND REQUIRES FITNESS TO PERHAPS SAVE YOUR LIFE. YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU TO BE FIT. You think it's possible to overcome being *that* out of shape? YES ABSOLUTELY . Whether it is your belief of freedom for all or justice to those who break the law. you will one day embody that belief in the uniform you choose to wear. Or is this dream just one of those things that I should probably let go of? NO NEVER LET GO OF A DREAM.THAT SHOULD MAKE YOU FEEL A BIT BETTER.BUT BEING OVERWEIGHT IS NOT SOMETHING THAT WILL DISQUALIFY YOU FROM SERVICE. How do you keep yourself from losing motivation when trying to work out and lose weight? BY REMINDING MYSELF WHAT I AM WORKING OUT FOR .. MY ANSWERS IN CAPS.IN FACT . Now get to work! It is not my job to motivate you to serve your country! It is YOURS.

and crunches respectively.10 Regular situps ." Some people get it and understand that to improve with pushups. only if you continue this workout for 10-15 times.10 Close or Tricep pushups . I always remind people not to give up and that they will "succeed by failing. you will have done 150 pushups and abdominal exercises in less than 15 minutes! Now that's a good foundation-building workout. you can try a few more of the easier versions like knee pushups. The remaining workouts of the week need to be foundation-building workouts that enable your body to do many repetitions in several sets.10 If you do this five times. In my closing. you are reaching the peak of the muscle stamina in your body. When you reach failure and your goal is to . I sent several emails to people seeking to ace their military physical fitness tests. you have to push yourself until you can't do any more reps. you have to "push the envelope" at least one workout a week. Such workouts are circuits.10 Double crunches . You'll reach failure no matter who you are. or supersets as listed below: Supersets for Pushups and Situps Repeat this cycle of exercises non-stop 5-10 times Regular pushups . pyramids. Then. pull-ups. In order to gain more stamina and muscular endurance. Once you get to that burning sensation. assisted pull-ups or negatives. situps.10 Wide pushups . and other high-repetition calisthenics testing exercises.334 How to get Stronger? Succeed by Failing? This week.10 Reverse Crunches .

300 The repetition goal above is to be done in as few sets as possible alternating from one exercise to the next. The only rest you receive is when you workout the other muscle groups and moving from exercise to exercise.even the most fit people I know. That is what I mean when I say. set your goals for half of that or even a tenth.you will get stronger by pushing yourself to failure once in a while. You have to be able to disengage that thinking process and push yourself until you truly fail." You have to be able to tell yourself that you can do these workouts even when you have never done over 100 pushups in your life.100 Pushups . Everyone fails at this workout -.335 reach five sets. For instance. Testing workouts should be goal-oriented and pushed to maximum repetitions during a certain a period of time. There is a mental aspect to this type of "failure" training. If you are not on that level of endurance. Even if you can't. go to your knees for pushups if you have to. they were able to gain in all areas. and a testing workout once a week. I have trained many people who were unable to increase their PFT scores for years. "succeed by failing. Try it -. . By breaking it up into little sets nearly anyone can do the above workout. the SEAL trainees I work with will do the following workout to test themselves and fail each set: Pullups . Your mind will tell you that you are ready to quit before your body will usually. and by adding the supersets and pyramid two times a week.200 Situps . but fail at knee pushups too! The same goes for pullups and pull-downs and situps and crunches too. you still succeed and will be stronger the next time you try it. You want to not only fail at pushups.

and rucking will build stamina and endurance you need for any type of Army or land navigation training. For example here is a Ranger / SF hopeful: I'm currently a civilian and about to join the Army and go Ranger. water in the canteens? Sorry. what do I wear? Shoes or boots? PT clothes or fatigues? And is it with or without the LBE? If so. never done it before! Also known as “forced marches” or “humps”. Sure your upper body (shoulders and arms) comes into play carrying the backpack and weapon. you need to train the major muscle groups of the body -.legs and back. but you will get most of your exhaustion from the legs and lower back. Many civilians training to join the Army ask more specific questions concerning how the Ruck Marches are performed. these events are basically walking at a fast pace over rough terrain with a backpack at least 45 lbs in weight. BDU (Battle Dress Uniform -. training your legs in running. then HOPEFULLY to SF. for beginner/first timer's. leg PT.336 Training for Ruck Marches I often get emails from soldiers and civilians who are training for Ranger or Special Forces courses on how to prepare for the Ruck Marches. in my backpack? Is that at a "normal marching" speed or borderline jogging or should I just be walking "briskly"? Finally. and a helmet. do I start with about 25 lbs. LBE (Load Bearing Equipment -shoulder harness with canteens with water).“fatigues” pants/blouse). When you take the ruck march test. The Run and Leg PT Workout: Repeat 4-5 times Run 1 mile at your goal pace (6-8:00/mile) (no ruck sack) Squats -. If you break it down. Stew. There are many ways to develop the legs and torso for the Ruck March. So. you will also carry a weapon. So.30 . wear boots.

The best way to train for these to move out with a rucksack for 1-4 hours at a time combined with smart foot care. One way to break in your boots is to take a shower with your new boots and walk around in them for about two hours. Typically. This will . Once at the top. Both are tough to get to the top of the pyramid levels. people will do this workout for 20-30 minutes depending on the bike they have. The most important part of training (running or rucking) in boots is proper fit and blister control. there are long distance ruck marches for 10-20 miles with at least 45 lbs in a rucksack you must train for prior to some of the advanced Army courses.good for non impact aerobic / leg conditioning (Life Cycle Pyramid) . And.20 / leg Calves -. of course. Some bike will max out at level 12 and some will go to at least 20 levels. there is a puddle under you and your legs will be exhausted. increase resistance level by 1 level each minute until you can no longer pedal in between the 80-90 RPM zone. Here are some tips to deal with training in boots and treating / preventing blisters: • Break in your boots to your feet.30 per leg Bike and Leg PT: Repeat 4-5 times Bike 5:00 at increasing levels per minute on a Life Cycle type stationary bike Squats -.30 per leg Long Distance Bike / Leg Workout .337 Lunges -. repeat all levels in reverse order and work yourself down the other side of the pyramid. Usually by the end of the pyramid.20 / leg Calves (heel raises) -.30 Lunges -.On a stationary bike with manual mode and levels of resistance: Start at level 1 for 1 minute.

lower back) IF done over long periods of time.100% of your bodyweight will damage the lower extremities (shins. This will enable your foot to have a protective layer on it and prevent blisters. bend your knees when going downhill to absorb the shock of each step. knees. When walking. Polish them well with show polish to protect them from further water damage. This is best performed after you have built up a base of running for at least a 5 mile run with little or no effort and absolutely NO PAIN. Walk straight. fast steps and straighten the knee each step to relax the leg muscles briefly. • Place insoles into your boots -. Dig in the heels with each step. stride with short.good arch supporting and heel cushioning inserts are thick and may require you to purchase boots that are one size larger.you can power walk at a fast pace but running with weight 50% . Conversely. walking flat-footed. zig-zag to avoid tiring the leg muscles. see the Army SF Guidelines (USAREC Pam 601-25). I never had a blister at SEAL training doing this and we were wet and sandy all day long. do not go straight up. When going uphill. Wear a tight fitting polyester pair of socks that cling to your feet underneath the thicker pair of regulation socks. with the weight of the body kept directly over the feet. It is a free download you can get at SFAS Here is a run and ruck marching program that I use during the winter months when do drop the running mileage and add in more rucks for training. which is what will cause a blister – even in perfect fitting boots. It will also keep sand and dirt from rubbing your feet inside your thick sock. • DO NOT RUN with too much weight -. (from USAREC Pam 601-25) For more information on preparing for the Special Forces Assessment Course or any course with long ruck marches and land navigation. • Wear two pairs of socks.338 mold them to your feet. .

So by week 9 you should be in the 60-80lb zone Have fun with this type of workout.339 Wk Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Friday Saturday 1 mile 3 mile RUCK 2 miles 4 mile RUCK 2 miles 4 mile RUCK 2 miles 5 mile RUCK 5 mile RUCK Sunday off off off off off off off 3 miles 3 miles off 3 miles 3 miles off 3 miles 3 miles off 3 miles 3 miles off 3 miles 4 miles off 3 miles 4 miles off 3 miles 4 miles off 3 miles 4 miles off 3 miles 4 miles off 2 miles 2 miles 2 miles 2 miles 2 mile RUCK off 3 mile RUCK off 4 mile RUCK off 5 mile RUCK off 6 mile RUCK off 5 mile RUCK 6 mile RUCK 6 mile RUCK off 6 mile RUCK for time * add weight as you wish but start out with 25lbs in a back pack or weight vest. If you are training for military rucks I would recommend a back pack as you need to get familiar with the load / how to carry weight in it and what works best for your body type. Typical weight gain is 5-10 lbs a week. It is different and challenging and will prepare you for most Army schools .

as caffeine is a diuretic and a blood vessel constrictor. you have two issues to deal with: lack of time and lack of space (unless you are on a huge ship. at a minimum. and what we did to stay fit -. I know some people come back a few pounds heavier. The Sailor is right about food onboard ship. I'm wondering if you have any general suggestions on what I can do to minimize weight gain while I'm on deployment.or to at least maintain an advanced level of fitness.At a Minimum Even when you have just minutes in your day to exercise. up a few ladders. found in my StewSmith. This week a Navy Sailor emailed me and got me thinking back to the underway deployments I was on. This provides a temporary boost in alertness. Too many sailors drink down 8-10 or more cups of coffee a day and drink very little water. I really won't have any control over the food I'm served. and then stretch. but you can watch your portions and look to eat more .com Fitness Article Archive.340 Working Out Underway When on a Navy war ship (or submarine).but you still have the issue of time). I'm going to do pushups and crunches daily. Stay Hydrated Staying hydrated and not getting too dependent to coffee and soda (caffeine) to stay awake will make you feel better too. then you will have access to moderate scaled weight rooms -. This Stretching Plan. will provide you with a minimum recommended amount of exercise on your busiest of days (18-20 hours long). you should always do a quick walk around the ship. You do not have much control over what the ship is dining on. He wrote: I'm currently in a deployable billet. Stretch . but leaves them very dehydrated. See this article on the correlation between drinking water and weight loss:Want to Lose Weight? Food Intake Calories IN = Calories OUT to maintain your weight.

and lean meats. Theses will provide you with the essential nutrients and fiber that will help fill you without adding on the extra calories. Pushup/Crunch Superset: Repeat 5-10 cycles of: Regular Pushup -. . Not bad for 20 minutes! No resting in between sets. Here are some examples: The superset is a great way to workout if you have limited time. vegetables. Place the pole in between two upper rafters and you have a pull-up bar. Exercise 20-30 Minutes a Day Time is usually the issue that keeps many sailors from exercising while underway.10 Left/Right Crunches -. but if you do it for 1-2 weeks you will create the habit of eating light and right. The two supersets you see below are great to alternate every other day.10 Crunches -. But you can get a great workout with little or no equipment.10 Tricep Pushup -.20 Lunges 10/Leg Crunches -.10 Wide Pushup -. Try to avoid fried foods and always have a salad with as many vegetables as you can fit on your plate.20 Crunches -.10 Crunches -.10/10 Pull-ups – Max Reps Leg/Ab Superset: Repeat 5 cycles of: Squats -. Each cycle should take you two minutes.20 We would also bring a metal pole and dumbbells with us on ship to use during the workouts.20 Crunches -. If you can do ten cycles of this you will total 300 pushups and 400 crunches.341 fruits.20 Calve raise -. This is not easy. By eating right. you will have the energy to exercise when given the time. You basically rest by doing crunches.

hamstring. Each minute. I hope this gives you a few ideas for fitting fitness into you busy day underway. arm haulers. Swimming Alternatives Many future SEALs. Walking.342 Adding a cardio routine is absolutely necessary for fat burning. and cool down routine all rolled into one 20-30 minute workout. and rescue swimmers ask me about trying to keep up swimming muscles while not being able to swim while underway. divers. and scissors will help you keep the muscles associated with swimming with fins and kicking strong and ready for the beach when you arrive in port. increase the resistance by 1-2 levels. Start off at level 1 resistance for 1:00. max out. lower back muscles and back of the legs with a mix of isometrics and non-weight exercises. lower back. abs and shoulders. jogging. and reverse pushups will help you with the upper back muscles. and upper back muscles with a few exercises like: Hips/abs . elliptical gliding. birds. This is a great warm-up. These exercise also help you balance out the front torso muscles of the chest. I recommend focusing on hip flexor. . leg levers. Lowerback/Upperback/Hamstrings – Swimmers. and rowing machines are sometimes found onboard ship. Continue up the pyramid until you can no longer peddle. row. biking. If you are so lucky. rear shoulders. or run and then repeat in reverse order back to where you started at level 1. try the Manual Mode Resistance Pyramid on any cardio machine.Flutterkicks.

Run back to the area where you do the 8 counts and then do two 8 counts. then repeat in reverse order. Keep cycle of 8 counts. Most obstacles had either a pulling exercise or a pushing exercise or a combo of both. So we added an 8 count bodybuilder to the exercise and a pullup and set the workout to a pyramid cycle. So it looks like this: Preparation for Obstacle Courses: Use the 8 Count Body Builder Pushup / Pullup Pyramid – This is one hardcore workout.8 movements of a mix of pushup / burpee: . Do one 8 count BB pushup. short runs. pull-ups until you fail at pull-ups.343 8 Count Body Builder Pushup / Pullup Pyramid This new workout is one we developed with the Naval Academy Spec Ops Team when we were thinking how to simulate an obstacle course without one to train with. run 20m to a pullup bar and do 1 pullup. So we figured there was a 20-30 yard run in between most obstacles. The 8 count body builder pushup . run back to pullup bar and do 2 pullups.

This can start off as a sprint but likely change to a jog after several sets. .344 Run to Pullup bar .

Grab the pull-up bar with your hands placed about shoulder width apart and your palms facing away from you. .345 The Proper Pull-up (regular grip) . Pull yourself upward until your chin is over the bar and complete the exercise by slowly moving to the hanging position.

If you cannot. Pull-ups (negatives) . then repeat the pyramid in reverse order.resort to negatives for a few sets if you can limit them to 1-2 per set. Then. Keep your feet up and . Negatives are half pull-ups.If you cannot do any pull-ups.346 Continue up the pyramid until you fail at pullups .let your arms hang grasping the bar fully stretched. All you have to do is get your chin over the bar by standing on something or having spotter push you over the bar. you should try "negatives". you slowly lower yourself all the way down .

100 pullups in as few sets as possible. .347 fight gravity for a count of 5 seconds. Going from 10-15 pullups to a goal of 25-30? Try this workout . This will get your arms used to supporting your weight. Rest with 100 abs of choice and 50-100 pushups then repeat pullups for the next set until you reach 100 pullups.

Set #1) 100 crunches 25-40 pushups (regular) Set #2) 50 regular crunches 50 reverse crunches 25-40 pushups Set #3) 50 Left crunches 50 Right crunches 25-40 pushups . No rest on this one. IT is not really as hard as it looks. We could have done 1500 probably.. but you will get a great pump and feel it in your belly tomorrow.. We also got in 400 pushups. This one is for 250400 pushups below.348 Killer Upperbody / Ab Training Programs Here is a little workout I developed the other day with a client who thought he could not do 1000 abs in one session with me.

349 Set #4) 100 L/R Crunches with bicycle of legs 25-40 pushups .

350 Set #5) 50 Double (Reg/Reverse mixed) at same time 25-40 pushups Set #6) 100 Flutterkicks (or regular crunches for those with back problems) 25-40 pushups .

351 Set #7) 100 Leg levers (or 50 left crunches / 50 right crunches .back problems) 25-40 pushups Set #8) 100 morning darlings (scissors) (or 50 reg / 50 rev at same time) 25-40 pushups Set #9) 100 situps in 2-3 minutes (or 50 left / 50 right crunches with bicylce of legs) 25-40 pushups Set #10) 100 abs of your choice 25-40 pushups .

simply do five to ten pushups then roll over and rest your pushup muscles by doing ten crunches and continue on with the two different versions of pushups and crunches. 5-10 Super sets . After driving about eight hours the first day. One super set can be accomplished in as little as two minutes. Recently. No equipment necessary! The super set is a series of exercises to be repeated with no rest. I was tired but knew I would feel better if I did a few exercises. The benefits of exercising and stretching after sitting idle for hours are numerous and include the following: Loosen up tight joints and muscles Increased blood flow to extremities Increased attention span Better nights sleep This is the program I did for only twenty minutes right in the privacy of my very own hotel room. If you repeat this particular workout five times you will have 150 pushups and 200 crunches in a ten minute period. For the upper body superset.352 This one is for those who are just beginning: Get creative with your fitness program! That is what it takes when you are traveling on business or on vacation. my family and I took a trip back home to Florida to see my parents and we decided to drive from Maryland. we stopped at a hotel that did not have a fitness room and the pool was closed for the season.

Good luck.20 2) Crunches . .10/leg 4) Left/Right crunches . triceps. Make fitness as much a part of your day as taking a shower and brushing your teeth. working long hours or staying at home with the kids. there is really no excuse why you cannot exercise any day of the week whether you are traveling. Repeat the leg superset five to ten times as well depending on your fitness level. we can all fit exercise in our lives and stay healthy for many years to come. 1) Squats .10/10 5) Heel Raises . and abdominal workout.10 3) Lunges . As you can see. With minimal equipment and time sacrifice. You can do the same for legs as well if you follow the super set below. Some people have commented that the hardest part of this workout is the transition from one exercise to the other.10 The leg workout super set is a little more challenging due to the fact that you stand up and lie down repeatedly.20 6) Reverse crunch .10-20 minutes Listed above is a great chest.353 1) Pushups 10 2) Crunches 10 3) Wide pushups 10 4) Reverse Crunches 10 5) Triceps pushups 10 6) Left/Right crunches 10/10 total time .

during. CSCS of Fitness4 Pros and thought it was a brilliant way to discuss nutrition throughout the training cycle. weight loss / gain goals.” The answer will vary depending on your goal. For the Performance Fitness Goal: If you are preparing to ace a fitness test. juices. Before. Repeating those optimal performance days is obviously your goal to make it through tough training programs and fitness entrance testing. This understanding of what foods / drinks work best for performance gains requires a constant search for the individual. You have to experiment with immediate energy of carbohydrates of fruits. The fitness performance group needs to immediately focus on carbohydrate . or another athletic event. but understanding After. WHEN to eat. During (ABD’s) of Workout Nutrition will better help all groups reach their fitness goals. as it all depends on your individual likes / dislikes and goals. I saw the” ABD’s of Recovery Nutrition” at a recent Mid-Atlantic NSCA Regional conference given by Paul Moore. protein and fat sources to find what works best for you. For instance: AFTER WORKOUT: This could be a few of your regularly scheduled meals depending upon the time of day you choose to work out. sports drinks. as well as overall health. you really need to eat / hydrate well and usually larger quantities of quality food will help you recover from the multiple workouts per day. You may even be exercising for more than one session per day and for several hours a day. and after my workout? My goal is to perform better in my running. I was recently challenged with a question by email that asked. compete in a race. RD. Here are some suggestions that will help you figure out WHAT to eat. Keep track of what and how much you ate and drank. PT test and following spec ops training. If so.354 Fitness Performance Nutrition Tips When to eat and what to eat are constant questions that affect your fitness performance. and how you slept that night on your best performance days. sports nutrition is vital to your performance. swimming. Often these in combination will set you on an optimal performance path. MS. “What should I eat/drink before.

You need to be able to sustain high repetitions of body weight movements.355 replacement as well as protein consumption for both glycogen stores and muscle repair / growth for the next workout respectively. food intake during normal 1-2 hour workouts is not needed. tough training programs coupled with a high intensity effort for testing your maximums in calisthenics. The carbs are there to fuel you through the rest of the workout day and the protein comes in to assist with added calories but to also help you recover when the day/long workout is complete. and apples for performance testing pre-workout snacks. you should be eating a higher carbohydrate diet but mixed with some light protein snacks as well. Find what carbohydrates and proteins work best for you but I would make sure that these meals are not only a post workout meal but also a PRE-workout meal for the next workout later in the day or early the following day. some strength /power for moving . I am not personally into supplementing daily other than some omega 3 and 6 capsules and some multi-vitamins rich in all the B vitamins especially. many of my weekly 4 mile timed beach runs and 2 mile ocean swims at SEAL training were preceded with these fruits / vegetables. I often joke that baby carrots and apples helped me get through SEAL training. I will take some whey protein powder with some chocolate milk. you need to eat a majority of carbohydrates no less than 45-60 minutes prior to exercise sessions. low/medium on the glycemic index for immediate and sustainable carbohydrate energy. Choose low fiber. For a quick fix and in replacement of food in a pinch. BEFORE WORKOUT: If you are training for long. miles of running. during high intensity training off and on throughout the day. See list below of quality carbs / protein sources that work great as post workout meal ideas. However. DURING WORKOUT: Unless you are working out for extended periods of time to get used to 8-10 hours of training at Special Operations School. and hundreds of yards of swimming. Supplements tend to come into play during the post workout nutrition game. In fact. Consider this an endurance athlete approach to training. low fat. bananas. I personally like baby carrots.

chicken. but I also supplement the omega 3 fatty acids most important to longevity / healthy recovery. if I can wring out my shirt after a workout. milk shakes with additional whey protein powder (optional). nuts. margarine. apples. fish. carrots). (tomatoes. I personally eat brown rice and lima beans in between workouts during snack time. strawberries. eggs. broccoli. asparagus. Personally. carbohydrates (sugar) are your best bet for hydration during and after hard sweaty exercise. grapes. and bananas ) make great carbohydrates for energy. Fat Options: Fish. magnesium. Sure you can add sports drinks but stay away from the “energy” drinks that are loaded with caffeine as these are not what you need. I will add more of these “salts” into my post exercise diet. and endurance as well as the calories to handle many miles of running. So foods / drinks rich in many of these elements are essential to your recovery from significant water / electrolyte loss. peanut butter. Typically. The ABD’s of HYDRATION: Not only does the performance group need to super hydrate due to hard workouts especially during excessively sweaty workouts. add in a limited amount of post meal milk shakes. fruits. if you need to add some calories for either weight gain or weight maintenance due to high calorie burn rates. However. calcium as well. or a great mix of both carbs / protein is chocolate milk. rucking. Protein Options: Meats. potassium. olive oils. but you need to add electrolytes (sodium potassium. or have a few servings with a main course of meat or fish for a good balance of plant and animal protein. milk. or swimming. But bananas and water are also sufficient in most cases. Great ideas are: Carbohydrate Options: Multi grain breads and pastas.356 heavier team building objects. Here are some ideas for hydration: . nuts. Sports drinks with sodium. I get most of these fats from nuts and fish. vegetables (romaine lettuce. omega 3 fortified products (milk. beans. berries. cereals. oranges. peanut butter). almonds.

Very often it is the formula that works best for you and your fitness performance goals. and goals. activity level. fats. sodium.One of my favorite post exercise snacks is a can of chicken noodle soup (Campbells Noodle O’s) as it is loaded with potassium. water will be enough to hydrate you. electrolytes and water all depend on your age. sip water or carbohydrate / electrolyte mix every 10-15 minutes to maintain high intensity performance training. A ballpark equation for daily consumption of liquids for highly active person is: 50-75% body weight in lbs = oz per day of H2O Finding the right mix of carbohydrates. sex. . In fact it has about 3-4 times the potassium of a banana and about 5-6 times the potassium of Gatorade. If you are not sweating much nor in arid environment. During workouts. protein as well. carbs. do not drink too much if you are doing significant running as the bouncing will potentially cause cramping. Before workouts. make a note of everything you did that day.357 • • • • After Workouts . protein. weight. Every day you have a killer good workout / test scores and feel great afterwards.

However. Run Run – Swim . this article is for a few young people preparing to join the military special forces like Navy SEALs or SWCC. Swim.turn around come back to shore. Run another 1/2 mile down the beach .BY GETTING IN SURF EVERY 5 SETS OR SO. You can do this one either bare foot or with . The 8 Count Pushup / Pullup Pyramid Workout – This one can be done at the beach if you have a pullup bar or run down to a local play ground or park and find some monkey bars. I love the articles you pump out each week.358 Beach PT Ideas If you like going to the beach during the summer.Swim. Air Force PJs.do same swim . Run.swim run back to starting position – end.FOR ADDED PLEASURE DO THIS ONE WET AND SANDY.run back to pullup bar .do 2 pullups. After you get pumped up on pull-ups and pushups.Run Workouts . Continue up the pyramid to 20 if you really want to challenge yourself.. Many like to just walk the beach which is a great form of exercise. the Run.that one should not be too tough for a future frogman. Here is the question from a future military man: Stew. I am getting ready to go to boot camp then to BUDS and will have access to a beach for the next six weeks. Marine RECON. it is time to hit some cardio. Here is how the Pullup / 8 count body builder pyramid workout works: Do ONE 8 count bodybuilder pushup . Swim. Another option is go to 10 and repeat in reverse order .turn around run back 1/2 mile . Any ideas for me? I have some great beach PT ideas for you .run 30m to a pullup bar . Run.usually 100-150m . as well as Search and Rescue Swimmers as well. .do you have a pullup bar on the beach? If not make one because this is one of those workouts that you can do once a week and see huge results..do 1 pullup.Run 1/2 mile down beach – stop and swim passed the breakers . Run back to 8 count area and do TWO 8 counts . Try one of the all-time beach favorites. I look around your archive and did not see anything about beach PT. you may already have a routine you like to do.

Go 2 miles one way and 2 miles back to your starting position. You may be able to workout with the beach patrol as many form teams and compete in life guard competitions during the summer. PT – You know what to do here. surfing. pull-ups. and carry your fins. Do some dune runs as well. Get the kind of fins that you can slide over boots like Rocket Fins and hit it! This one is lots of fun and you are bound to get some attention if the beach is crowded. scissors. 2 MILE OCEAN SWIM – Swim with a buddy and let life guard know what you are doing. skating. Going surfing this summer? Thinking about starting? Practice with the Indo Board! It is an amazing balance tool for any athletic activity including biking. Usually you are about 10yd from the breakers and have to look up every 5-6 strokes to make sure you are going straight.. flutterkicks.. situps. building etc. trees. cammie pants.. This is how you will do it at BUDS. etc.. Ask around. dips should also be done either one the beach or at a local pullup bar area. Swim parallel to shore for up to a mile and swim back to starting position. Standard Workouts on the Beach . . Usually the beach patrol / life guards will have a clue where the local PT areas are located.Of course hit some 4 mile runs.YES swim this one with fins. Do this by either gauging distance from shore or if beach curves and you can focus on buoy. Pushups. For a more hardcore workout. leg levers. do it with boots. Run closer to the water as the sand is more packed there.359 SCUBA booties. BUT make some of your runs a little tougher and in the soft sand as well. At BUDS you will do a 4 mile timed run every week on the beach.

vegetables. In fact. The rule is: If your chest is congested. Plus -. . you can significantly decrease your chances of even catching a cold or flu.360 Working Out With a Cold This week a National Guard soldier who is preparing for his PFT asked a common question that many people get wrong. DO NOT WORKOUT. “Since I have a cold (head stuffed. Lifting weights can naturally increase blood pressure. Be careful not to overdo your activity with high-intensity workouts.especially a gym. etc. There is no evidence that you can “run off” or “sweat out” a cold. Aerobic or anaerobic activity can overwork your heart and can cause your chest cold to develop into a bronchitis or pneumonia. it is fine to workout as long as you have a normal energy level and are not feeling sluggish and no fever. You need to drop your intensity level a bit because your body is using energy to fight whatever is that's making you feel ill. Catching colds from your kids who attend school. Combined with over working your heart. if you have a head cold with minor sinus pain. Chest congestion and any type of exercise do not mix well. chills. But back to the question. sneezing. However. from living in barracks. Studies have proven that you cannot decrease the duration of the cold or flu symptoms by exercising. sniffles. you can really cause damage if not careful when exercising while ill. you have a fever.. sore throat. you can actually get more sick. and lean meats.you don't want to bring your germs to the gym either. dehydrated. or from cafeterias is all too common during the flu season. if you workout too hard. anytime you go into a public facility consider it germ infested during the flu season -. sinus pain) is it OK to PT or run?” First of all. This will enable your body to fight off the “bug” causing your symptoms. or any other cold ailment from the neck down. Keep hydrated by drinking 3-4 quarts of water a day and eat healthy foods like fruits. By simply washing your hands and using hand cleaner throughout your day.

then when you travel to sea level to compete you should have a higher level of endurance. For higher elevations . The theory behind High Altitude Training (HAT) is that if you can adjust your body to perform at competitive levels with less oxygen in your blood and muscles. . Basically. There is NO better way to train for altitude than to be at altitude so your body can "get used to" or acclimate itself to the lower levels of O2. Many elite athletes “live high and compete low” meaning they live at 5. That is why for expeditions who climb mountains like Mt. I received a question concerning endurance training at higher altitudes. When I played rugby for Navy and we went to the Air Force Academy to play them.361 High Altitude Training (options) This week. “How do you train to prepare for higher altitude when at sea-level?” This may sound tough to do but it is easier than you think. Everest will set a base camp that is still significantly higher than sea-level in order to allow the body to work with less O2 for several days before climbing further. it got us in better shape to deal with the decreased O2 levels. The question received this week was. The “extra” oxygen will prevent the early build-up of lactic acid and keep your heart rate lower even though you are pushing yourself harder than at altitude.000-7. we picked up are training 2-3 weeks prior to the game to prepare for the lower oxygen levels.you should train with hypobaric training facilities where you can reduce the level of O2 in the room you are working to acclimate yourself better over time.000 feet above sea level and travel to compete in races. Many adventure races today involve a section of higher altitude events. This is an interesting training method and has been studied for years by Olympic and other elite athletes. which requires people to train their bodies to prepare for the lower oxygen levels.

.3:00 Every other day we would mix some leg PT into the recovery to really burnout the legs with such exercises as: Squats – 30-40 reps Lunges .20-30 reps per leg Heel Raises – 30 reps But one of the best ways to prepare for higher altitudes is to try the hypoxic swim workout."low oxygen swimming".. we would train in the morning as well doing sprints to failure. Hypoxic swims mean . but prior to traveling to high altitudes. One of the workouts I remember was: Repeat this 8-10 times Run ¼ sprint in between 70-90 seconds Jog ¼ recovery between 2:00 . practice consisted of long sprints. This is tough training and should be done with a buddy or lifeguard just in case you push yourself too hard and black out. The best way to build your endurance is to pyramid up the following way: Swim freestyle 2 stroke then breathe for 100m. then increase the strokes / decrease the breath in the following manner: .362 Our workout consisted of the following running and swimming plan: Normally. Basically you are asking your body to work harder with less oxygen by not breathing as often as you normally would. and 4-5 mile runs in the afternoons.I have never seen it happen but it could happen. I like to do hypoxic swim 2-3 times a week of a distance of 1000-1500m. I do not think I need to discuss the dangers of blacking out in the water.

This workout will total 1100m of swimming 11 sets of 100m. 8 strokes. 10 strokes. . lower your resting heart rate. Once again – this is a tough workout and should not be done alone. and help you when you are hiking in the mountains or competing in Mile High Stadium in Denver. I do this workouts 2-3 times a week regularly and it will increase your endurance. in fact you should never swim alone or without a lifeguard. 6 strokes. and even 12 strokes per breath for 100m each then repeat in reverse order.363 4 strokes per breath for 100m. But.

and Humid Summer Workouts / Practices: How to Recover Fast Any person or team who exercises in the heat needs to hydrate during workouts to stay cool and avoid over-heating and even potential death from heat stroke. You will see salt stains on your clothes and that means you need water AND salts in your recovery meals. magnesium. Once the day is done. two or three a day practices preparing for Fall sports. you will dehydrate without sweating and all you will see will be salt stains and chapped lips as the air is evaporating the moisture right off your skin.) Foods rich in many of these elements are essential to your recovery from significant water / electrolyte loss. salts. protein. potassium. Hot. you need to think of the meal in between your working hours as not only a post workout meal but also a PRE workout meal. there is little need for these sports drinks during exercise unless you are in a desert environment where you do not sweat as it evaporates immediately. Sports drinks with sodium. Adding more water. Sure. If you are not sweating profusely during your workouts the need for these salts are less and you will likely get the required salts from your regular diet. . long days working outside. Dehydration can occur during excessively sweaty workouts no matter how well you hydrate prior to your workout. if I can wring out my shirt after a workout. you can add sports drinks but stay away from the extra sugar / electrolytes if you are not sweating. carbs. will help you feel better and have more energy for training or working.364 Hazy. If you are doing multiple hours in the heat with long races. I will add more of these “salts” into my post exercise diet.) Personally. But you also need to add electrolytes (sodium. carbohydrates (sugar) are a safe bet for hydration during hard sweaty exercise. that is when it is even more essential to prepare for the following day of hot / humid environments. potassium. (NOTE _ same applies to dry arid environments but you will not be able to wring the sweat out of your clothes – your sweat evaporates too quickly. if you are in an arid environment like the desert. BUT if you are not sweating profusely. calcium as well. However.

365 Bananas. weather. protein. water will be enough to hydrate you. But I would rather deal with cramping than dehydration so think about your effort level when sweating profusely and what will work for your level of exertion in the heat. sodium. sip water or carbohydrate / electrolyte mix every 10-15 minutes to maintain high intensity performance training. but if you are still feeling sluggish from the workout it is likely lack of fluids and salts in your post workout meal. activity level. weight. . A ballpark equation for daily consumption of liquids for highly active person is: 50-75% body weight in lbs = oz per day of H2O Finding the right mix of carbohydrates. protein as well. Do not drink too much 1 hour prior to hard workouts if you are doing significant running as the bouncing will potentially cause cramping. Very often it is the formula that works best for you and your fitness performance goals. you have a huge selection of post workout meals / drinks that will help you recover. sex. If you are not sweating much nor in arid environment. Here are some ideas for hydration: • • • • After Workouts – If hot sweaty or covered in salt stains. In fact. During workouts. kiwi. and goals. Before workouts. fats. Every day you have a challenging workout with above average times / test scores and feel great afterwards. You need to consider protein and carb replacement first. make a note of everything you did that day. coconut juice and water are also sufficient in re-hydrating and replacing electrolytes. • One of my favorite post exercise quick snacks is a can of chicken noodle soup (Campbells Noodle O’s) as it is loaded with potassium. electrolytes and water all depends on your age. carbs. it has about 3-4 times the potassium of a banana and about 5-6 times the potassium of Gatorade.

and Pullups. Do you have any lower body workouts in the pyramid form? I would like to put together a program using your "The Best Twenty-Minute Workout" and the pyramid program from the "USMC . abdominal exercises. Pushups 10. Abs of choice 10 Abs of choice 20 Abs of choice 30 Abs of choice 40 . In fact. with the right mix of exercises you can create a perfect workout that balances the entire body.Basic School Six Week OCS/TBS Program".366 Upper and Lower Body Workouts Using Super-Set / Pyramid Methods Many people like to do calisthenics based workouts using pyramids and super set routines. swimming and biking for distance and speed. they are a great foundation builder as well as a proven maintenance method for calisthenics based programs. stretching. For instance: Here is Set #1: Pullups 2. In fact. Here is a question that prompted the following article: Stew. Four days a week. As you know. I love to do pyramids and super set workouts. Pushups 5. 20 min workout on odd days and the USMC workout on even days. Pushups 20. Arrange them in a way that you can perform an “active rest” by doing another exercise to “rest” the previous worked muscles from the exercise before. With the wide range of movements and exercises. running. Some workouts. and overall health. Set #3: Pullups 6. I recommend focusing only on the calisthenics or weights and do a cardio option later in the workout. Pushups15. my workouts are primarily calisthenics based and supplemented by weights. For instance: A Sample Upper Body and Lower Body Workout Upper Body – Pick exercises that work well together like Pushups or dips. athleticism. Set #4: Pullups 8. Set #2: Pullups 4. you can work the entire body inside and out and create programs to improve fitness performance.

5 mile goal = 90 seconds 1/4 mile) (repeat cycle until you reach your goal in pull-ups in the 50 -100 range. Abs of choice 50 …continue on until failure or just before and repeat in reverse order Some days I recommend mixing in some sprinting exercises into your workouts. . 16. 12. For Lower Body Workouts using a Pyramid and Super Set: Here is how I recommend creating a Pyramid mixed with fast paced cardio: Run / LEG PT: Repeat 5-6 times run 1/4 mile at goal PFT pace Squats – 10. 16. 18.(increase reps each cycle for 5-6 cycles) Lunges 10. This helps with training for the PFT transitions that must occur when doing upper body PFT and then running afterwards. Pushups 25. 20 You could make each set harder if you like the pyramid version or keep each set the same and basically make it a Super Set. 20…. You can also mix in the same exercises in one of my favorite workouts that will help you reach max repetition in these exercises during fitness tests: Repeat until you reach these numbers using max repetition effort each set: Pullups – in as few sets as possible get 50-100 pullups by resting with: Pushups – max reps in one minute Situps – max reps in one minute And Running 1/4 mile in goal PFT running pace (ie 9:00 1. 14. 12. 14.367 Set #5: Pullups 10. 18 .

This usually takes 20-30 minutes depending on your fitness level and creates the perfect workout: a warm-up.368 Two more leg workouts I recommend that are non-impact aerobics: Life Cycle Pyramid Workout Get on a Life Cycle stationary bike. dips. swim across the pool until your feet / ankles start to feel the cramping sensation of first wearing fins. But. . try adding in a mix of leg PT / weights and pull-ups. You may need to take some time to build up to 500-1500m of swimming with fins as it is stressful on the ankles and feet for the first few weeks. Perform a Bike / Leg Pyramid by going on manual mode and start off at level 1 for 1 minute. Of course this requires having a pullup / dip bar on the pool deck but our PT group donated this one to the pool we frequent and it packs a punch to a regular swimming workout. That is one advantage to the pyramid: its simplicity and completeness. max out. though the side stroke or combat swimmer stroke works best. and abs in between 200-300m of swimming with fins. Swim Workout with Fins: Another involves swimming with fins. and cool down. if you want to really pump up your swimming workouts. Then repeat in reverse order. pushups. Using any stroke. Each minute add a level of resistance until you cannot peddle anymore.

pull-ups. dips.369 Usually. . and pushups – then swim for 4-5 minutes and repeat several times. we spend about 45 seconds rotating from exercise to exercise: Wood chopper squats. abs of choice.

isolation exercises have their place as they are safe. . after a normal day of picking up groceries in/out of the car and into the house and some moderate yard work.370 Multi-Joint Dumbbell Exercises (complexes / good starter program for olympic lifting) Many people like to go to the weight room and start performing the standard isolation exercises either using a machine weight system or even free weights. this injury involves the lower back. Now. check out how you can turn a bicep curl. They are also a great way to build a foundation of training that should inevitably lead to tougher movement exercises. Since a picture is worth a thousand words. they find themselves injured. I have found after a few decades of training that the body really performs best when it is accustomed to movements not joint isolation exercises. Then. do not get me wrong. effective ways to train muscles that need rehabilitating. triceps extension into one steady movement involving several joints and balance if you try in standing on one leg. Afterwards. military press. Usually. they do a 20-30 minute cycle of cardio vascular exercise. There are training programs out there that focus on Core Development yet really perform standard isolation exercises like crunches or sit-ups and some back extensions.

371 I call this one Multi-Joint Dumbbell #1 or MJDB#1: Now add in a squat to the exercise and a real life movement of picking up something off the floor and lifting it over your head is developing into MJDB#2: Even more challenging is the MJDB#3 where you add in a squat thrust and some pushups: .

yoga.not a destination so visit a variety of programs. As you progress with your program. Remember fitness is a journey . .372 It may take some time to build up to MJDB#3. add Olympic weight lifting. but as you can see all it took was some imagination and you turned a tired old set of dumbbells into a harder exercise full body movement program. and any martial arts movements and you will see a difference in your entire body.

your blood sugars levels are lower than normal. Dizziness soon follows and next thing you know you are nauseated. Even on the days I do very light cardio and just weightlift. swimming.373 Nauseated During Workouts Often. I receive an email concerning that nauseated feeling you can get when exercising.. I usually eat a piece of fruit or oatmeal prior to any workout and working out in the morning. If you have any advice..” However.. I have seen many people (including myself) who are above average athletes toss their cookies during workouts.. 2) Motion Sickness – This is probably what caused your nausea. Many people who like to begin their workouts with crunches or other abdominal exercises can actually get motion sick while performing abdominal exercises. This can also occur in evening workouts if you skip lunch or after noon pre-workout meals. since you have not eaten in probably 10-12 hours. Here are some of the things that can cause and prevent this unpleasant feeling: 1) Early Morning Workouts – Pre-breakfast workouts start your body exercising with minimal fuel in the tank. that nauseated feeling has nothing to do with how good of shape you are in. Here is the email to give you a better idea of the issues involved with this topic: “I noticed that no matter how light or heavy my workout is for the day I always experience some nausea. We used to joke in my younger days in the SEAL Teams that “if you are not puking . There are a few issues that can cause this uncomfortable feeling as well as many ways to prevent it. . This occurs when your eyes are either closed while exercising or your eyes scan the ceiling freely. After any anaerobic activity like – faster running.. you will hit a wall and feel completely drained. high repetition calisthenics or weight lifting. this will help you as well. but I experience this on the lightest of days. could there be something causing this? I have the understanding that when you push your body to a certain point vomiting will happen.you are not trying. please share!” In my experience. In other words. If you sip Gatorade or another electrolyte /sugar replacement drink during your workout. there are ways to help you avoid this feeling altogether.

the causes for exercise induced nausea are motion sickness or lower blood sugar levels . So. You will no longer feel sick by doing this as long as you are properly fueled.look at the horizon to prevent motion sickness. lock your eyes on a fixed point on the ceiling of your workout area.374 The answer to this is to simply do the old Navy trick I learned when first on a ship in the North Atlantic . A majority of the time. when doing situps.

I cannot make people workout -. congrats and thanks for crediting me for your success. I took 4 days off from doing any pushups and actually DOUBLED my pushup score.com .I can just show them how to do it to get stronger or faster. Both did free workouts offered through my Article Archive page at StewSmith. I pushed my self "gently". here it is 12 weeks later and I ran a 13:10 . I wanted to let you know I did your Pushup Push workout and I did 150 pushups everyday for ten days.5:00 / stretch Repeat the following 4-6 times: . For instance. smart approach to physical training.2 mile. I started this run workout in January 06. one workout asks you to do the following: Warmup jog -. but increase your mile pace slightly when running quarter miles. By training smarter and taking a slow. The answers to your questions: To keep increasing your pace in the two mile run. I increased my PT score from 244 to 320 in only 3 months. half miles. Here are their emails: Before starting the workout my APFT 2 mile run was 17:38. good job for being motivated to complete the workouts. I just about exploded.. I found the workout VERY EASY to do. Can I get even faster? and. but YOU are the ones who took a method and applied it to your workout programs. and low and behold. I went from 45 to 93 in 15 days! Wow! How do I maintain this? First of all. So.375 The Next Level of Fitness I received two great emails this week from an Army Soldier and an Army recruit. it works. all you have to do it apply the same workouts you have been doing.. and mile repeats. but I did it. gentle.The Pushup Push Workout and the Free Six Week Running Plan.

make that goal only 100 reps of pushups in as few sets as possible. Now. I only use that workout once in a while (6-8 months) to kick start growth. and timed pushup test for 2:00 periods.you do not want to keep doing pushups everyday. If you are in the 50 or less pushup zone -. See rest with crunches for a fun “rest” routine. focus on more pyramid workouts. Also see: Max set workout -. your two mile run will be very close to 12:00. supersets.write down when you start to slip off the pace. Rest for a few minutes by doing abs like sit-ups or crunches or pull-ups and stretching. As for pushups -. Learn to maintain that pace while being able to repeat it with little rest for 8-10 times. If you do three workouts a week of pushups try to do one of each of the above.376 Run 1/4 mile at goal pace Jog or walk 1/8 mile Rest / stretch 5:00 Run 2 miles at goal pace -. Once you are there. . then you need to work on a 6:00 mile pace or a 90 second quarter mile run. If your goal pace is to next run the two mile run in 12:00.one of my favorite workouts is to pick a number like 300 or 400 and see how few sets it takes me to get that many pushups.

And the cycle continues. During the Fall / Winter months. Now. So arranged like this my running peak for both distance / speed is in June . frequency. I tend to taper a bit slowly from running and find more non-impact aerobics and add weight to my calisthenics program some heavy . when the New Year arrives and each day is getting longer. especially my running workouts. too fast. Also. in my “solstice plan” the workout cycle will bell curve to a maximum during the longest day of the year June 20 and will decrease slowly until the shortest day of the year Dec 20. and lifting peak is late . so do the workouts until they peak in June. overuse injuries tend to occur if a never changing exercise routine is done for too long or if you start something new and do too much. As you can see below in the 15 month periodization cycle. I use the sun as my indicator of tougher workouts seasons. This form of periodization enables me to keep the gains from hard seasons of workouts well into the shorter days / shorter workout cycles. Whether it is high mileage running. you have a high chance of getting injured or just burned out. swimming peak for both speed and distance is Dec-Jan. if we do not change the routine frequently. heavy weight lifting. Here is what I have done now for more than 10 years and it has enabled me to be without serious injury from training and keeps me in a condition where I can train with the younger generation in their teens and early 20’s. For instance.July. intensity. Usually the lifting cycle is 12-16 weeks. too soon. my running/high rep PT cycles peak in Jun-Jul and my swimming drops to about 50% of what I do in the winter swim peak. Also during the winter there is a peak in lifting that begins late fall / early winter. high repetition calisthenics. time doing workouts can play an equal part in both properly training you as well as over-training you. If the days are longer like in the spring and summer then my workouts are longer.377 Periodization Training = Longevity As we age. and anything else for that matter.some moderate.

My book Maximum Fitness is a 52 week workout that demonstrates the cycle into 4 x 13 week periods that include: . Winter workouts do not mean you do NOTHING . ability to stay active without injury for the past ten years. the easier running part of the workout comes in the middle of winter and the toughest part is in the summer. and repetition than the summer season. fitness. This cycle has proved invaluable to my health. Red Line = Running / PT Blue Line = Swimming Black Line = Lift As you see.378 March.they are just easier in time involvement. mileage.

but add weights incrementally each week to build up your strength. 30s.Some Calisthenics / Some Weights / Cardio Workouts .Calisthenics / Cardio Workout (more advanced) . 2nd Quarter . but to also burn off some of the bulk you created during the winter weight lifting cycle. 4th Quarter . you will be ready for a change. you need to create a break from all the elements of the above routine. When you push your fitness to extremes the way I have throughout my teens. Progressing the running each week is critical to this cycle as well and will help prevent over-use running injuries when starting back up again. I was back to old max weight (1RM) in several exercises to include bench press. Periodization is required to achieve that and that is what this is a sample model of a periodized program.Calisthenics / Cardio Workouts . and dead lifts. Usually weight gain will accompany this cycle and typical results are 10-15 lbs especially if you like to watch football and eat! The legs will feel good on occasional runs after a few weeks of tapering down to more non-impact cardio. You can create your own to fit your fitness goals.The goal of this cycle is to build a foundation of moderate to high reps of calisthenics or bodyweight exercises to improve fitness testing scores. 20s. you change your routine a bit.Near 100% weights / less running more non impact cardio -As a former football player and power lifter.So. At this point. 3rd Quarter . power clean. and now 40s. I have always enjoyed this cycle and found that within 4-8 weeks. . Cardio options grow by adding more non-impact to your running routine as you taper a bit to prepare for the weight cycle.379 1st Quarter . Typically at the end of this cycle you will reach a peak in cardiovascular and bodyweight performance.This phase takes the last cycle and builds upon it further with more maximum effort (high rep / high mileage cardio) workouts. Decrease reps of calisthenics.

. we bulked up over the winter in order to handle the colder water temperatures.380 When I was in the SEAL teams. we actually did this type of program as winter diving always was tough without extra bulk. So this style of training does perform a very useful purpose tactically as well as physiologically. So.

let me warn you . Now try to do the same amount of weight on a lat pull-down machine. Here is what I recommend: Hi Stew . pushups. Right now I'm at 96 pushups in 2 minutes. you are pulling your entire body weight over a bar. Thanks for the email access. but only 13 solid pull-ups. shoulders.These exercises are a bit different as a pushup is about 50-60% of your body weight placed on your chest. but if your volume of repetitions is significant (greater than 200-300 reps) in a pushup workout. but calisthenics should also be considered "weight training" as it still provides significant resistance to your bones. I love lifting weights. Either they ask to do pull-ups. and triceps. If you have never tried body weight pull-downs. I have no issues with lifting weights. joints. Same with pushups . biceps. you will need at least 48 hours to recover from high repetition workouts.I really enjoy weightlifting three times a week. This is like a 200 lb man doing a bench press with 100-120 lbs. Your lats. if you do a pullup. Pushups .I would not do these daily for extended periods . dips. For instance.THEY ARE HEAVY! So consider pull-ups a heavy weight lifting exercise as far as recovery is concerned. As a former power lifting football player. I was wondering if I can do a pullup / pushup workout the day after weightlifting and not overwork myself.381 Lifting Weights and Mixing In Calisthenics? Here is an email I get often from people seeking to improve calisthenics scores in PT tests. muscles. Your PT scores are pretty good and I would keep up the calisthenics workouts especially if you are seeking employment into the military or law enforcement careers. etc every day or how to mix them into a weight lifting program. Now you can occasionally push it and see big results but daily pullups is NOT recommended for extended periods of time. This is not that tough. grip muscles will require up to 48 hours rest to fully recover.

and lower back. So if you like to lift weights. . Usually I recommend to not go down where your shoulders are lower than your elbows as it will stress our most versatile joints to potential injury.a lot! So build up your running accordingly over a reasonable period of time. dips to warm up prior to lifting weights. If you are just starting out on running. Don't forget your cardio! Especially if you are seeking a military or law enforcement profession and training for indoctrination / academy programs you will be running . shins. swimming. chest. Once again. recovery is needed after a pt workout that involves parallel bar dips as well. heels.especially mixed with bench press or other "push muscle weights".382 of time either . pushups. strength. How about dips? Dips are tougher on the shoulders. If you are overweight and need to lose 30-40+ lbs. elliptical gliding or just walking as the impact of running heavy can be a burden on your knees. only add 10% of time and distance per week (starting at 1 mile of running a day) as long as you are not experiencing any pain while or after running. rowing. Both types of resistance training will pump you up and develop muscle growth. triceps than pushups as you are placing your full bodyweight on that joint so proper form is recommended. consider a non-impact aerobic activity like biking. as well as stamina if you use a moderate high repetition workout program. Do not just start out one day and hit a 5 mile run out of nowhere. add the calisthenics exercises to the end of your workout to fully burn them out OR start off with bodyweight exercises like pullups.

Now that I have come this far.383 The Next Step On Upper body PT Maximums After the Foundation is Built Here is an email from a military man seeking to get better at his pull-ups and pushups for an upcoming PFT for Special Ops Selection. what else can I do to get up to 25+ solid pull ups and 100+ push ups in 2 minutes? I would not recommend the Pull-up / Pushup Push workout if you are already getting more than 15 pull-ups and 75 pushups as you already have a solid foundation to build upon. I went from 19 solid pull ups to 22 solid pull ups. doing on average of a 130 pull ups and 300+ pushups per work out. Thank you for the 14 day Pull up and the Push up routine. and 76 pushups to 86 in 2 minutes. the advice on what is the next step is still the same. However. The next step after the Pushup Push and the Pull-up Push Workout is to get back into a normal split routine doing pull-ups and pushups three times a week maximum. The maintenance plan is three workouts during the week: 1 – Pyramid Routine 2 – Super Set or Circuit 3 – Max Rep Workout . I did it to the letter. Here is what I do not only to maintain 25-30 pull-ups and 100+ pushups but to also help folks like you to achieve those goal scores on a fitness test.

not all ) Repeat above until you hit 100 pull-ups.384 **NOTE: Always balance out your workout with a good upper and lower back routine as you do get many reps with these workouts that focus on the chest... Max pull-ups Max pushups 1:00 Max sit-ups 1:00 (pace out 50-55 reps) Optional run 1/4 mile 90 seconds (I do this some days . sit-ups. Workout #1 – Do a Pyramid type workout with pull-ups. then shoot for 150 pull-ups in a total workout. pushups. flutter-kicks or a variety of all). and an abdominal exercise of choice (usually crunches.40-50 reps Sit-ups 40-50 reps (or abs of choice) Repeat above for 5-10 sets depending on your fitness level (Goal – do not go to muscle failure) Workout #3: Max out workout. Check this one out. dips. **NOTE – Try not to rest during any of these workouts as the “rest” is built into the circuit by working another .for example: PT PYRAMIDS Workout #2 . Once you can reach 100 pull-ups in 4-5 sets.but sub maximum repetitions: Run 1/4 mile in 90-100 seconds pull-ups 5-15 reps Pushups .. shoulders and stomach muscles..Super Set . The goal is to build up to a maximum repetition set of all the exercises in the workout. It is OK to fail this workout and push your max every set.

Usually people stuck at 15 pull-ups will be able to do 20-25 pull-ups in 4-6 weeks with this type of Physical Training System.that one should not be too tough for a future frogman. Continue up the pyramid to 20 if you really want to challenge yourself. There are many way to get better at pull-ups. . Send in some other ideas that have helped you in the past reach the 20+ pull-up mark. Run back to 8 count area and do TWO 8 counts .run back to pullup bar . This is a proven method. Another option is go to 10 and repeat in reverse order .BY GETTING IN SURF EVERY 5 SETS OR SO. Workout #4 .run 30m to a pullup bar .do 1 pullup.one of new favorites!!! The 8 Count Pushup / Pullup Pyramid Workout – This one can be done at the beach if you have a pullup bar or run down to a local play ground or park and find some monkey bars.385 This process will take a few weeks.. Here is how the Pullup / 8 count body builder pyramid workout works: Do ONE 8 count bodybuilder pushup . . I have been using for more than 10 years with future Special Ops members. muscle group.FOR ADDED PLEASURE DO THIS ONE WET AND SANDY.. Try to take some time to stretch and have some water in between sets but no longer than 1520 seconds.do 2 pullups.

One thing you can try is to mix in another push exercise like pushups into the workout and you might find that the numbers are closer to even. Typically. the ability to do non-assisted pullups and dips will be created. However.” The assist machines like a Gravitron are great for getting in reps of pull-ups or dips when you cannot do them with 100% of your body weight. Dips are likely just easier for you than pull-ups. Depending on your athletic history your push muscles could be stronger than your pull muscles. I have a question on how I should be progressing with opposing muscle group exercises. he could not bench press his bodyweight for 1 rep. dip max rep sets will double pull-up max rep sets. He continues. So he had the opposite imbalance of the push / pull muscles. but it is something to consider on how you tackle the next few months of your workout. But you should still balance out the workout with a few more pulling exercise reps like dumbbell rows or machine pull-downs. but see no difference. “Also are there inherent problems with assist machines? Is there something else I should be doing? I have tried changing up the set order pullups first. I know people who are just the opposite. Here is a question from an officer seeking to improve his performance keeping balance in mind. at 230lbs he could still do 30 pullups. Should I be getting “even/equal” increases in strength and development of these "opposing" muscle groups and should I worry if I’m not?” In a nutshell.386 Push / Pull Balance in Training Having a muscular – skeletal strength imbalance can cause injury and other complications in your performance athletically or on the job. In fact. no. dips first. If you think about the muscle groups you are using . The last 3 set Dip/ Pull-up workout on the “assist” machine. my Dips increased to 8-10 per set and my Pull-ups are (stuck) at 6 per set and struggling. a buddy SEAL of mine who was a heavy weight crew captain could do pull-ups all day. I would not worry about it too much. “Stew. But over time as you lose body weight and you get stronger. alternating. In fact.

biceps. leg press. For pulling exercises like pull-ups and pull-downs it is mainly back. try a 3rd round of above for a balanced workout.387 for both exercises you actually use your chest. If you are advanced. . dumbbell rows. abs of choice Rest with 3-4 minutes of cardio Set #2 – pull-ups. pushups). squats. For instance. weighted abs of choice Rest with 3-4 minutes of cardio Set #4 – Lightweight Shoulder Workout and MJDB#2 If you are a beginner. wood chopper squats. Some ideas on working push – pull muscles together in balance is to create your workout so you complete sets or circuits that equal each other. bench press. These have the ability to be super strong. triceps. you likely will not be able to do them – especially if you are overweight. and shoulders mainly for your pushing exercises (dips. and some smaller rear shoulder muscles. I like to do a push – pull – leg – ab exercise circuit with different exercises. repeat Sets #1-4 a second time. If you are intermediate level. use an assist machine for the pull-ups and dips set and light weights for all the other exercises. abs of choice Rest with 3-4 minutes of cardio Set #3 – Dumbbell bench press. but are usually not due to lack of work or athletic history of use. For instance: 1 minute of each exercise: Set #1 – pull-downs. This simple truth is – If you do not practice pull-ups. dips.

to top off the upper body.only 2 days a week. I work opposing muscle groups with weight/PT mix so I can rest one group of muscles while working the other. Personally.20-30 Lunges -. I have been lifting less with the Warning Order workout -. My second question is about pull-ups. I lay off weighted legs as that will slow me down while running.then. My recommendation for your profession is to lift lighter weights with more repetitions.10-20 per leg Repeat above 5-8 times . Thanks for your time. I have been stuck at around 20 -22 for quite some time now. PT. I like to do bench press a max rep set of 75-100% of your bodyweight. but never getting a true rest. This will help you increase your muscle stamina. and Pullups I am a 2ndLt in the Marine Corps and I'm about to start the third week of the BUD/S Warning Order. and to add in calisthenics so that you totally burn out in the gym. add 50-75% bodyweight pull-downs followed by max reps of pushups until you fail. See the Running PT article for methods of performing the exercises correctly: Run --1/4 or 1/2 mile Squats -. but I do leg PT with running. followed by max reps of pull-ups -.388 Weights. I do not lift much weight but I do lift lighter weights with PT. and I'm wondering what you would recommend in regard to lifting while doing the Warning Order workouts. and am looking for something new to help me break through. See the Periodization Article for some ideas on how to organize your routine.

Add in 1-2 negatives to completely fail. Once you get good at the pull-ups burnouts and failing on the other exercises. 100-150 pull-ups in as few sets as possible -.no real rest in this workout.to make the workout harder. and running.rest with: Max sets of pushups 2:00 Max sets of abs of choice in 2:00 Option run --1/4 mile in 90 seconds (some days this is a great one) In a nutshell. .389 To Get to 30 Pull-ups: To break through to 30 pull-ups. Try this for one month and you will be in the 30 pull-up range. sit-ups. The run is optional as it adds time to your workout. the Pullup-Push Workout for some ideas -. Then rest with pushups.but the best way I think is to try the following workout: Do this workout 1-2 times a week and another regular pull-up workout for a 3rd or 4th pull-up workout in 7-8 days. before mounting the bar again for pull-ups -. you will see that you can get that hard workout done in under 20 minutes. you can refer to last week's article. do max reps of pull-ups until you fail. That is why I like to add the 1/4 mile at 90 seconds in -.

The effects of a few of these hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) create immediate survival mode energy. strength. While recently. hard workouts. nutrition. Here is a sample email from a Marine who asks a familiar question. maintenance. “Any advice for what should be staple supplements in addition to a healthy diet when looking to gain size. living organism. and stressful professions involved in life and death situations create a rush of stress hormones that the body has to deal with in order to create a healthy. Life in general.390 Recovery and Maintenance Planning “Recovery and Maintenance. and regulate heart rate. Typically. and faster AND have energy to live another day. It does not matter if you are worrying about not being able to pay a bill to having bullets shot at you. most people in the military / law enforcement fitness and health genre ask about how to get stronger for Fitness Tests while working long and stressful hours. stronger. but true recovery comes in several critical areas and if one is lacking. performance training plan and overall health can be in jeopardy of yielding less than optimal results. but these hormones can also be detrimental to your recovery and wellbeing if not dealt with properly. your fitness. and aid in recovery?” Yes. many military members and police officers ask about recovery and maintenance plans to better perform at their job in combat situations. many of us want to get bigger. Part of the answer to the question above is in the question. the same stress hormones create alertness and energy to deal with the problems. For instance stress / stress hormones: • • • • Suppress the digestive system Alters immune system Weakens reproductive system Decreases muscle growth .” We hear these terms often in just about every area of our lives: from improving your fitness and athletic performance and handling stressful professions to maintaining your health with a strong immune system.

banana. I like to drink chocolate milk after a long and hard workout as it replenishes sugar. anti-oxidants.watch for MSG Salmon / Tuna / Chicken .391 • And Controls mood. a daily SEAL Multi Vitamin and omega-3 caplets and just good eating are the BEST thing for recovery from stress and workouts as well. proteins. Foods rich in protein/good fats (amino acids. vegetables.carrots.also source of protein What about Supplements? I am not a big fan of supplements BUT take them occasionally. Lack of eating regularly increases cortisol as it puts a physical stress on the body. apple. green leafy items. I would not eat an MRE if I had a restaurant / cafeteria available. What you put into your body matters for mind and body performance. omega 3 fatty acids). Multigrain breads / pastas . However. Some Great samples of Protein / Good Fats: Boiled eggs Nuts . multi-grains) all are required for you to healthfully deal with balancing out the stress hormones in our bodies. grapes. carbohydrates (fruits. Diet or whatever you wish to call it. orange.Peanuts. but would when it is the only thing .source of good fats too Peanut butter packages Some Ideas For carbs: Any fruit . the following areas are recommended for TRUE Recovery and Maintenance from stress that WILL affect your physical and mental performance: Food – aka Meal Plan.Ready to Eat (MREs). as well as your ability to recover. motivation and fear. fat quickly and easily. almonds etc _ source of GOOD fats too Beef Jerky . Every now and then when I cannot get REAL food I will drink a Muscle Milk / whey protein shake. etc Vegetables . For me personally. I basically treat supplements the same way I do Meals .

and alcohol all negatively affect your hydration levels as well as increase stress hormone levels. Hydration – Being dehydrated increases cortisol levels and stresses the body. Water is the best source of hydration but the body will pull water from nearly everything that enters it. Now. Eating more calories per day (good calories of carbs. After sweaty workouts .392 I can eat for a meal / snack when in the military. . there is not enough rest for muscle cell growth and repair. In fact. one night of missed sleep is not going to have many negative effects on your performance. when you sleep. protein) along with workouts will increase weight. Lack of sleep can also affect your mood and increase hormonal stress levels which will have a negative impact on performance. Sleep . sleep is critical as growth can be impaired if quality and quantity of sleep is lacking. fat.(ring sweat out of / salt stains on clothes type of sweat) I like to eat a can of chicken noodle soup (Noodle O's personally) as it is loaded with potassium (3-4 times that of a banana plus protein / carbs). Those are my only supplement I use regularly. I will grab a Military Strength Intensity Nutrition supplement drink if I cannot get a real meal for recovery. growth hormone is produced and protein synthesis in the muscles occurs IF you eat foods with protein during the day. Those who have difficulty gaining strength / size typically need to add both carbs and protein to their diets and focus on sleep / proper recovery in between workouts. A general rule of thumb for active people is 50-75% body weight in pounds = ounces per day of H2O. For adolescents especially. Without adequate sleep (eight hours a night). foods / drinks high in caffeine. Also electrolyte imbalances will create fatigue and an inability to properly function mentally or physically. but several days in a row or a few weeks of interrupted sleep combined can lead to similar symptoms of a stressed out / over-training syndrome.The best training plans will not work if sleep and rest between workouts are neglected. nicotine. However.

Your body will react to your brain imagining negative thoughts and keep stress hormones racing through your body. write down your todo list / what bothers and get it out of your head and you will be less stressed. But those who work hard during the day or exercise will have an easier time falling asleep compared to those who do not. event and revisit that. Workouts also produce stress hormones in order for the body to react and survive hard / long workouts. If you do not physically RELEASE these stress hormones by post workout meal planning. . and balance your workouts with periodization programming. eat properly (good food). If that does not work for long.One trick is to go to a "happy place" and breathe deep / slow breaths when you are bombarded by stressful thoughts that may or may not occur or have occurred in the past. and recovery are critical to your long term health and longevity.393 In the military or law enforcement professions. Clear your mind of intrusive thoughts . The body produces the fun hormones also during exercise called endorphins which relieve pain / stress and make us overall relaxed. time. maintenance. Exercise or hard physical work: Exercise and physical work are great OUTLETS for stress to be released from the body. Reverse the trend and think relaxing thoughts of a favorite place. RECOVERY . Thoroughly understanding cycles of peak performance. they will interrupt your sleep and long term health.In order to maintain health / fitness levels or build upon current levels you have to rest. sleep may not occur at regular intervals and the quality may be lacking.

IT is not really as hard as it looks. This one is for 250-400 pushups below. No rest on this one... but you will get a great pump and feel it in your belly tomorrow.Tough Workout Ideas Here is a quick little workout I developed the other day with a client who thought he could not do 1000 abs in one session with me.394 Stew Smith Training Programs . Set #1) 100 crunches 25-40 pushups (regular) Set #2) 50 regular crunches 50 reverse crunches 25-40 pushups Set #3) 50 Left crunches 50 Right crunches 25-40 pushups Set #4) 100 L/R Crunches with bicycle of legs 25-40 pushups Set #5) 50 Regular / 50 Reverse at same time 25-40 pushups Set #6) 100 Flutterkicks (or regular crunches for those with back problems) 25-40 pushups Set #7) 100 Leg levers (or 50 left crunches / 50 right crunches . We could have done 1500 probably. We also got in 400 pushups.back problems) 25-40 pushups .

my family and I took a trip back home to Florida to see my parents and we decided to drive from Maryland. The benefits of exercising and stretching after sitting idle for hours are numerous and include the following: Loosen up tight joints and muscles Increased attention span Increased blood flow to extremities Better nights sleep This is the program I did for only twenty minutes right in the privacy of my very own hotel room. we stopped at a hotel that did not have a fitness room and the pool was closed for the season. simply do five to ten pushups then roll over and rest your pushup muscles by doing ten crunches and continue on with the two different versions of pushups and crunches. 5 Super sets . One super set can be accomplished in as little as two minutes. After driving about eight hours the first day. If you repeat this particular workout five times you will have 150 pushups and 200 crunches in a ten minute period. For the upper body superset. No equipment necessary! The super set is a series of exercises to be repeated with no rest.395 Set #8) 100 morning darlings (scissors) (or 50 reg / 50 rev at same time) 25-40 pushups Set #9) 100 situps in 2-3 minutes (or 50 left / 50 right crunches with bicylce of legs) 25-40 pushups Set #10) 100 abs of your choice 25-40 pushups This one is for those who are just beginning: Get creative with your fitness program! That is what it takes when you are traveling on business or on vacation. I was tired but knew I would feel better if I did a few exercises. Recently.

there is really no excuse why you cannot exercise any day of the week whether you are traveling.in Iraq. As you can see. 1) Squats . Check out this response from trainers / soldiers in Iraq I am presently working as an army contractor (MWR Coordinator). Repeat the leg superset five times as well depending on your fitness level.396 1) Pushups 10 2) Crunches 10 3) Wide pushups 10 4) Reverse Crunches 10 5) Triceps pushups 10 6) Left/Right crunches 10/10 total time . You can do the same for legs as well if you follow the super set below. Some people have commented that the hardest part of this workout is the transition from one exercise to the other. I set up workout programs and nutritional programs for the soldiers here at our MWR Recreational Facility.The main reason I picked this . My reason for my email is to let you know the success we are having with your KillerUpperbody Ab Training program. With minimal equipment and time sacrifice..10/10 5) Heel Raises . Make fitness as much a part of your day as taking a shower and brushing your teeth.10/leg 4) Left/Right crunches . working long hours or staying at home with the kids. triceps.20 6) Reverse crunch . we can all fit exercise in our lives and stay healthy for many years to come. and abdominal workout.10-20 minutes Listed above is a great chest.10 3) Lunges .20 2) Crunches . Good luck.10 The leg workout super set is a little more challenging due to the fact that you stand up and lie down repeatedly.

just by the decrease in measurements in the mid-section. Warmest Regards.. 25 pushups. then he is dropping between 10 & 15 millimeters total in the 3 mid-section readings. so that is why I picked it.. I have been able to track the results of this program because I have the soldiers come back every two weeks for an evaluation. RS . They have been coming to me and are thanking me for giving them the program and I tell them it is your ab program.... could do when not in the Gym. and if only the crunches are being done(no pushups) the drop is 3 to 5 millimeters.So a sincere thank you from myself and all the soldiers..... little did I know that this was going to prove to be the best ab program I have ever seen. coaching. If a soldier is doing the 10 sets of crunches with 40 pushups in each....397 program was because the soldiers were always asking for an ab workout they. I have been involved in the fitness business for quiet sometime (playing.( there are 3 that we use) I can tell if the soldier I am measuring is doing the 10 sets of crunches with 40 pushups . and training) and have never seen a program that has achieved these kind of results. or just doing the crunches.. This program has gotten such results that I am now able to tell what the soldiers are actually doing.. These drops are taking place in a two week period...My results have been holding true for the last 3 months and are continuing to do so presently. if he is doing the 10 sets with 25 pushups in each. I just wanted you to know about these results and I wanted to personally thank you for making that workout available to the soldiers in Iraq. the drop is 6 to 9 millimeters.

Usually a fast paced circuit or superset workout will do the trick and you can use weights or just focus on calisthenics such as pushups. Yes . too fast? I would only recommend a two-a-day fitness routine to someone who ALREADY has a one-a-day fitness routine going for several months. here are some ideas for you to get off the training plateau EVEN with a busy schedule: One of the split programs I like to do when my days are 12-18 hours long is to break my cardio and calisthenics / weights into two workouts: Workout #1 . Then again if you do not want to think the first thing after waking up .Wake up with cardio.good ole two a days! They worked back in high school preparing for sports. dips. You can break it up with shorter interval workouts of fast bursts for 2-3 minutes followed by an equal or double rest of easy pace or walking. it is possible to break a workout into two parts to better fit your schedule as most of us have a difficult time fitting in a continuous 90 minutes of training into a day. or a challenging swim is a great wake call and will prepare you for your job or shift work. can you fit two workouts into your day and will it hurt you to do too much. you can over do this type of training if you continue this for months and if you try to double your current fitness routine overnight.After work or during a lunch or dinner break. . it maybe time to pump up your workout by adding something new maybe even another workout in a day.just go for a steady 30-45 minutes of exercise -even if that exercise is just a walk. So. too soon. But. pull-ups.398 Getting Ready for the Summer? Can You Hang with Two-a-Days? If you have been dedicated to your exercise routine and results have started to taper. However. bike ride. (See running and interval training articles for more options) Workout #2 . I would do this type of workout for 30-45 minutes before you go to work. Yes. get another quick workout in. Usually a steady run.

20 . I do not recommend getting a workout and trying to go to sleep shortly after as it will interfere with the quality of sleep you have that night. calf raises to work the legs. AND if you are busting out two workouts a day for a few or more days a week . followed by a Multi-Joint Dumbbell set that mixes in several exercises into one movement.you will need quality sleep.10 Pushups . This will get the metabolism going again and help you stay awake for another 4-5 hours.5 -2 mile pace (usually 90-100 seconds) Squats .399 variety of abs. See the Run and Leg PT article for a killer leg and cardio workout mixed. lunges. (see 10-20 min workouts / Importance of Sleep article) Some quick routines: Repeat 10 times Jumping Jacks .20 Lunges .10/leg Heel raises . hit a circuit: Mix in pull-ups or pull downs on a lat machine. pushups or bench press with weights or dumbbells. After your warm up.10 (on leg days do squats in place of pushups) Abs of choice . Resting in between any set during a workout with a 20-30 reps set of stomach exercises is a great way to fit more into a short period of time. Here is one example: Run ¼ mile at goal 1. you can actually mix into your bike or run workout a few sets of body weight squats.in fact just rest with your abs.20 This “warmup” routine takes about 10 minutes if you move through it will little resting . One leg days.

. See the training articles for more details and options written in the past year. These are just some of the many ideas you can try when mixing in multiple disciplines into a workout day.400 Repeat above 4-5 times for a 20-30 minutes workout plan that gets both cardio and legs pumped up.

401 Working Out while on Travel or Just Busy This week I received a few emails asking about a good workout you can do in your hotel room while on travel or in your living room when too busy to go to the weight room. If you repeat this particular workout five times you will have 150 pushups and 200 crunches in a ten minute period. One super set can be accomplished in as little as two minutes. If that is the case. simply do five to ten pushups then roll over and rest your pushup muscles by doing ten crunches and continue on with the two different versions of pushups and crunches. so this answer is geared for future military or active duty military members. or on bikes or treadmills. “I was trying to figure out how I would be able to work out in Germany. get your cardio in the pool. Two weeks is a long time without a work out. So I was wondering if you had any good workout ideas for some kind of work out I could do in my room in Germany? Thanks. The goal is to create a maintenance program that will challenge your cardiovascular system as well as your muscle endurance. as well as those who prefer a calisthenics workout. Otherwise. .” This email is from a civilian high school student who aspires to become a member of the Armed Services. For the upper body superset. Some hotels may have weight rooms with cardio equipment or even pools. these workouts can be done with little or no equipment as demonstrated below: The super set is a series of exercises to be repeated with no rest.

10/leg 4) Left/Right crunches .402 5-10 Super sets 1) Pushups 10 2) Crunches 10 3) Wide pushups 10 4) Reverse Crunches 10 5) Triceps pushups 10 6) Left/Right crunches 10/10 • • Add 10-20 jumping jacks after before every pushup set and get some cardio benefit out of it.20 • Add jumping jacks to this one and you will get winded. As you can see.20/20 5) Heel Raises . Repeat the leg superset five to ten times depending on your fitness level.10-20 minutes On other days you can work your legs and abs again or combine them for a full body workout.20 6) Reverse crunch . The leg workout superset below is a little more challenging due to the fact that you stand up and lie down repeatedly.20 3) Lunges . working long hours or staying at home with the . Some people have commented that the hardest part of this workout is the transition from one exercise to the other. 1) Squats . there is really no excuse why you cannot exercise any day of the week whether you are traveling.20 2) Crunches . total time .

Good luck.10 -15 reps each leg Calves . we can all fit exercise in our lives and stay healthy for many years to come.5:00 Mix jogging or biking with leg exercises with this time saving workout: Jog 1/4 mile or bike 2:00-3:00 / stretch Repeat the following four times: Jog 1/4 mile on a treadmill or outside (or bike 2:00-3:00) Squats .10 / Squats . Mix a little cardio with PT for an all in one workout with both cardio and muscular benefits: Jumping Jacks . .20 reps lunges 10/leg reps (regular. 1/2) calves .20 reps Lunges .30 (regular. as well as how you can start a fitness plan with little or no equipment.10 . With minimal equipment and time sacrifice.403 kids. toes out) bike or jog .30 reps each leg Stretch Hope that gives you a few ideas of how you can maintain your fitness level while on travel. toes in.10 (repeat 5-10 times) And / or jog or walk or bike 5:00 Stretch Repeat the following 4-5 times: squats.

I assume this is as a result of the relative lack of impact versus nonelliptical running.. Do you have an opinion on the Elliptical machine? I LIKE THEM AND BIKE BUT WILL ONLY USE HIGH LEVEL OF RESISTANCE (IE LEVEL 15 OUT OF 20) AS A MINIMUM STANDARD FOR THE WORKOUT I have personally seen running improvement after suffering a minor injury (shin splint / knee tendonitis) as the non impact of biking actually rested my legs somewhat during what was probably an overuse injury (after running 30-40 miles per week). biking pyramids. biking. I have found if you are trying to lose weight (20+ lbs) a non impact aerobic activity like elliptical gliders.ELLIPTICALS ARE EASIER THAN RUNNING IF THE ARMS ARE NOT MOVING. and others very quickly. Should I focus more on traditional running techniques? I WOULD MIX IN SOME RUNNING IF YOU ARE TRYING TO IMPROVE RUNNING SPEED / TIMED RUN EVENTS. . Here is an email from a reader who is comparing the benefits of machine cardio or hitting the pavement: (my answers are in CAPS) I have a question regarding running on a street or treadmill vs using an elliptical machine.404 Variety of Cardio . Am I deluding myself into thinking that by using only an elliptical machine that I am helping myself to be better at cardio and running? YOUR CARDIO WILL IMPROVE BUT YOUR RUNNING ABILITY IS NOT LIKELY TO IMPROVE THAT MUCH IF YOU ARE NOT RUNNING. . ELLIPTICAL GLIDERS. and swimming. swimming make great options for a fat burning workout. ROWING MACHINES HELP MAINTAIN RUNNING PERFORMANCE WHILE NOT RUNNING BUT MARKED IMPROVEMENTS ARE NOT LIKELY. BUT IF YOU USE THE FULL BODY ELLIPTICALS (MIMIC CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING) YOU WILL BURN MORE CALORIES THAN WALKING / EVEN RUNNING AT SOME SPEEDS. my run times in a 5km actually got better. foot pain.. After about 34 weeks of no running and SPIN classes. elliptical gliders. RUNNING IS DIFFERENT AND JUST REQUIRES MORE PRACTICE. knee tendonitis. I find that I can "run" for longer on an elliptical machine vs a treadmill or street running. Starting a running plan when overweight can lead to overuse injuries such as shin splints. BUT I DO KNOW MANY WHO ARE NOT THAT GOOD AT ELLIPTICAL (BOTH HANDS / FEET MACHINES) COMPARED TO RUNNING. DURING MINOR INJURY OFTEN BIKE. rowing.Plenty of Options to Burn Fat Many people like to mix in a variety of cardio vascular exercise into their routine.

I like to increase the level of resistance by 1-2 levels each minute until I can no longer handle the resistance.405 Here are some of my favorite non impact workouts: Bike . If your knees are injured do not try swimming with fins as it will place too much pressure on knee tendons.Swimming laps with or without rest in between is a great way to get a new form of challenging cardio exercise. Rowing .SPIN class . try it at a local gym / fitness club. This usually takes 20-30 minutes. Pyramid Workouts . and the last few minutes are an easy cooldown. the middle minutes are pushing maximum limits.If you have access to an ergometer. I like to do the following swimming options: 20 x 25m sprints 10 x 50m sprints and 1000m Pyramid: May need to alter times… Swim 100m keep pace between 1:20-1:40 for all Rest 30 secs Swim 100m Rest 30 secs Swim 100m Rest 30 secs Swim 100m Rest 30 secs Swim 100m Rest 40 secs Sprint 100m rest 20 seconds rest 30 seconds in between each in between each . The first few minutes of the workout are easy (great warmup). give a 1500-2000m race a try. Swimming / Aqua jogging . The pyramid makes for a complete workout. I find the rhythmic breathing patterns of swimming translate well into running breathing patterns. Then repeat in reverse order back to where you started.when on ellipticals or stationary bikes. You will work harder in a group than by yourself.if you have never done one of these. These are hard and will push the aerobic / anaerobic levels depending on your effort and fitness level.

406 Repeat in reverse order but rest with 50m slow swim / breaststroke / back stroke etc… Remember in order to see the best fat loss in your workout . then follow it with a steady conversational paced cardio workout for 20-30 minutes. however. just do it! Something is better than nothing. . no matter what cardio apparatus you decide to use.arrange your workout so you do your PT / weight or fast cardio first. In summary. it is very difficult to improve at one cardio event by doing something else. Typically it does not work that way unless you just need to recover from over doing it.

#1 Healthy Diet The most important factor in acquiring washboard abs is eating a healthy diet.407 Washboard Abs. You should do 30-45 minutes of activities like walking. running. . Of course. #2) Cardiovascular exercise Washboard abs. Here is a list of recommended healthy ways to help you lose a few inches: (low carbs = no sugar) • • • • • Drink at least three liters of water per day (100 oz) Eat vegetables and fruits each day for workout energy Eliminate fried foods and cheese Eliminate processed sugar (for example: sodas. overall mental alertness when exercising daily. cookies. it is recommended to lower calories to a range of 15002000 calories a day BUT you must exercise rigorously both with core or abdominal exercises and cardio work. cardiovascular training. The key components are healthy diet. You will see almost immediate results in your energy level. not how many situps you do in a day. candy) Eliminate fatty red meat . Six Pack Abs Are They Possible Having a flat stomach or more commonly. If a movie star stomach is your goal. getting lean.is not just accomplished by working out daily. it has to become an all-encompassing lifestyle. or swimming daily 4-5 times per week. and abdominal exercises. as with any fitness and health goal nutrition and exercise are always the main ingredient. and losing weight are all tied into a consistent cardiovascular workout program.washboard abs . Start off slowly if you have not trained with much .only lean meats (1-2 times weekly) Diets like the Atkins and other high protein diets may help at first but to get rid of that last 10-15 pounds. It takes about four weeks before you start to see the physical benefits or your diet and exercise program. you must realize that to achieve your goal you have to first concentrate on what you eat. biking.

Week #1 . #3) The One Simple Exercise . However.Walk/run 1. Advanced Crunch . a variety of abdominal exercises will help build the muscles under the fat. Also.Walk/run 2. (Do .(Legs up) . A good way to get started is to walk or run with the following six weeks program if you have been running / walking regularly.start now! The Ten-second Crunch is probably one of the best beginning exercises for firming up the belly.5-2 miles a day for 5 days a week Week #5 .Non-impact week bike or swim for 20-30 minutes a day Week #4 .www. Try repeating the 10 seconds crunch for 10 repetitions morning and night for starters.Lie on your back with your feet straight in the air. Now lose the fat by watching your diet and cardio vascular exercise and you will soon see the muscles! Sample ab exercises are the following: For pics see .stewsmithptclub. hips) during the third week of beginning a walking or running program.pdf Hanging knee-ups Bring your knees as high as you can as you hang from a pullup bar.Walk/run 1 mile a day for 5 days a week Week #2 . Keep your legs straight up in the air for the advanced crunches.5 miles a day for 5 days a week Week #3 . Simply lie on your back and lift your shoulder blades off the floor and hold for ten seconds.Walk/run 3 miles a day for 3-4 days a week • • • • • • NOTE: week #3 is non-impact due to high number of injuries that occur to legs (knees. stretch and flex your lower back for a few minutes after each set in order to balance the muscles that support your torso.com/lowerbackplan. shins. feet.Walk/run 1.You have to build ab muscles to see them! Even if under fat . Repeat this at least for ten repetitions.408 intensity in the past several years.5 miles a day for 4-5 days a week Week #6 . Cross your hands over your chest and bring your elbows to your knees by flexing your stomach.

lift your knees and butt toward your elbows. (Do not do if you have previous lower back injury) Double Crunch Add the regular and reverse crunch together in one motion. you should also exercise your lower back to build balance in your torso. Lower Back Exercise . keeping your .409 not do if you have previous lower back injury place feet on the floor instead) Reverse Crunch . You will feel this one twice as fast Right Elbow to Left Knee . back and hips to help with long ocean swims and balance out the hip flexors exercises.In the same position as the regular crunch. Lift your right arm and your left leg off the ground at the same time and repeat for specified number of repetitions. Only move your legs and butt.Lie on your back with your arms crossed over your chest.Lie on your stomach and lift your feet and knees off the floor by flutter kicking repeatedly as if you were swimming freestyle. Flex your stomach and twist to bring your left elbow to your right knee. Advanced Abdominal Exercises: Do not do if you are a beginner! These exercises are not healthy for weak or injured backs. Twist to both sides keeping your shoulders on the floor and stay in the bent knee position when rotating left and right.Swimmers . Left Elbow to Right Knee Same as above just switch sides. NOTE: Anytime you work your abs. Leave your head and upper body flat on the ground. If you cannot do the above swimmer exercises for 1:00 do not attempt these exercises. Cross your right leg over your leg. Situps . Flex your stomach and twist to bring your right elbow to your left knee.Cross your left leg over your right leg. Lower Back Exercise .Lie on your stomach with your arms extended over your head. Switch arms/legs and repeat. Hip rollers This exercise will help you build your abs.

Lift your feet 6 inches off the floor as if you were doing a leg lever. keep your legs straight and off the floor until specified number of repetitions are complete. This is a four count exercise. Open and close both legs approximately 36 inches apart. Lift your legs 6 inches off the floor and begin walking. Atomic situps .With your hands on your hips. Scissors Lay on your back. Half Situps. lift your torso off the ground higher than a crunch but not as high as a full situp. Leg levers . This is a mix between the situp and the leg lever. Lift your feet 6 inches off the floor. Flutterkicks . Your middle/lower back will be on the floor still at the up position. Raising both legs approximately 36 inches off the ground.Place your hands under your hips. raising each leg approximately 36 inches off the ground. Touch your elbows to your thighs and repeat. keep your legs straight and off the floor until specified number of repetitions are complete. Raise your upper body off the floor by contracting your abdominal muscles. Pull your knees toward your chest while simultaneously lifting your upper body off the floor.410 knees slightly bent. .Lift your feet 6 inches off the floor. Keep your legs straight and moving.

To get big. pretend that the day you counted calories you counted 2000 as your baseline. but it can be done with a proper diet and resistance training program. gaining weight was difficult. This is your new motto! A lot of people think weightlifting is the key to gaining weight. Also. It is an extremely important part.it is the lack of refueling your muscles AFTER you workout. you would now eat 2500 calories a day. The key to weight gain is to do everything BIG. this number is your baseline caloric intake with exercise. in order to get big. you have to eat big! Remember that. Eat one meal every 2 and a half to 3 hours. . Instead of eating 3 big meals a day or eating all day all the time. just eat like you normally would and count how many calories you consumed. In fact. So. So it is not the cardio that kills you muscle . You have to eat big.411 How do I Gain Weight? I receive this question often from young men and women in their teens and early twenty's. This is extremely important. If you are not gaining weight or losing weight. eat 500 calories MORE than you normally do. For the rest of the week. spread those calories out over 5-6 smaller meals. so try to be as exact as possible. there are 5 simple steps to how to gain weight: 1) Count how many calories you eat in a normal day. BUT. almonds. Adding more peanuts. lift big. Don't change anything. which makes gaining so hard. I remember when I was in my teens. So. 2) Starting the day after you counted calories. This requires you to eat both larger portions of protein and complex carbohydrate rich foods. People who cannot gain weight usually have a high metabolism. Weight gain is something that isn't easy to do and you probably know this already. weigh yourself. the other thing that is just as important is your food intake. to put it as simply as possible. I have seen people gain weight by eating more calories and only doing calisthenics. I have also experienced weight gain and weight maintenance while training for marathons by adding MANY more calories and a basic weight training routine.

That will take up space in your stomach. So look for 1 or 2 pound gains at the end of the week. Yes. 3) Weightlifting! Get in the gym and lift! This is another important step to how to gain weight. 4) At the end of the week. Stick to high protein and high carb / low fat foods like tuna fish (and other seafood). go with a TRX. Just make sure you sip it through the day and not consume quarts during meals. Get rid of the chips and candy. turkey. that is a lot of water. NOW. Work out to get big too!!! More tips for how to gain weight (extremely important!) Stay away from too much fat! Even though weight gain is your goal. So. No more fast food. you don't want to be getting all your calories from fatty foods. At some point. But if you do not have weights. Every time you see you haven't gained weight for at least 2 weeks. You'll notice you are gaining just after one week! Now. Below is a list of foods you want to eat to gain weight: . thus gaining fat. lean meats. UNTIL you have reached your goal. fruits and fresh vegetables. but it is water that will allow you to gain weight. when you stop gaining for at least 2 weeks. You can be gaining 5-8 pounds a month! So be patient.412 even milkshakes will help you add great protein and healthy fats (in the nuts) and many calories with little effort. pullups. ham. nothing fried. you will have to eat even more. chicken breast. Adding bodyweight squats or holding dumbbells in your hands while squatting / lunging is an easy way to add weight to your resistance muscle building routine. weigh yourself. 5) Here is an important one. At this point. so make sure you are doing it correctly. dips as they are together the HEAVY exercises in the calisthenics world. don't expect to see a 10lb increase. even more important KEEP WORKING OUT! Do not just eat to get big. it means it is time to start eating an extra 250 calories a day. WATER! Drink water! Drink around a gallon a day. add an extra 250 calories. Gaining anymore than 1 or 2 pounds a week is unhealthy and means you are putting on way too much fat or water weight. you will stop seeing weight gain. more if you can.

even more if you are very active with your workouts.413 Foods that will assist with weight gain: Whole or 2% milk Milkshakes Salad dressing Mayonnaise Cheese Burgers Raisin Bran Cereal Oatmeal Crackers Croissant Peanut butter and jelly Club sandwiches Bagel Cream based soup Prime rib Steak Ice Cream Chicken Ham Steak Fish Peanuts / Almonds etc Beans. . Peas Potatoes Carrots Bananas Protein drinks Eat these and add additional helpings if you are trying to boost your caloric intake to 2500-3000 cals per day in order to gain weight .

During Vietnam. Their mission was clearing obstacles from beaches chosen for amphibious landings. the SEALs compiled an impressive record of combat success. the ever-changing world situation and increased operational tasking have prompted the . Wonsan. counter. Iwon. History Sea-Air-Land (SEAL) Teams trace their history back to the first group of volunteers selected from the Naval Construction Battalions in the Spring of 1943. The NCDUs distinguished themselves at Utah and Omaha beaches in Normandy and in Southern France. There is some very valuable information in this Warning Order on subjects such as a course description on all three phases of BUD/S. Since the close of the Vietnam conflict. the first formal training of the Naval Combat Demolition Units (NCDUs) began. The newly formed UDTs saw action in every corner of the Pacific during World War II. the UDTs participated in the Korean War at Inchon. In the Pacific. and helpful hints on nutrition. for the toughest military training in the world. and clandestine operations in maritime and riverine environments. the NCDUs were consolidated into Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs). These Teams were SEAL Team ONE on the West coast and SEAL Team TWO on the East coast.guerrilla warfare. and Chinnampo. Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training. In January 1962. workouts to get you prepared for the physical stresses of BUD/S. In September 1950. regardless of athletic history. The BUD/S Warning Order is designed to prepare any highly motivated individual.414 BUD/S WARNING ORDER Introduction This Warning Order is a course description of BUD/S. Thus. The redeployment of the United Nations Forces featured the UDTs conducting delaying operations using guerrilla warfare. the first SEAL Teams were commissioned to conduct unconventional warfare.

unconventional warfare. 110% is required of you every day. The workout schedules in this booklet are designed to prepare you physically for BUD/S. both physically and mentally. BUD/S is a . These units are organized. you will participate in challenging training and encounter opportunities to develop and test your stamina and leadership. Underwater Demolition Teams have been redesignated SEAL or SEAL Delivery Vehicle Teams. traveling by small rubber boat for 100 miles. Naval Special warfare extends a personal challenge to those interested individuals like yourself. You are the one who has to prepare to give all you have every day. again and again. and clandestine operations in maritime and riverine environments. trained. eat. At BUD/S it is essential to live. and ready for the adventure of a lifetime in the SEAL Teams. but through adequate preparation and a positive attitude. conducting a mission.415 expansion of SEAL Teams in number. To effectively respond to this evolutionary process. size. the navy has just the training to test your mettle. and capabilities. and sleep BUD/S. the newly designated SEAL Teams acquired the SEAL mission and retained the amphibious support mission inherited from their UDT forefathers. BE SOMEONE SPECIAL! As a BUD/S student. then traveling 30 miles out to sea to rendezvous with a submarine is a typical mission for the SEALS and is an adventure most people can experience only by reading a book. and equipped to conduct special operations. These highly trained specialists are deployed worldwide in support of fleet and national operations. So. if you are ready for both a challenge and an adventure. foreign internal defense. BUD/S training is extremely thorough both physically and mentally. The wide range of tasks performed by Naval Special warfare and their outstanding combat records have earned an enduring and highly respected reputation. until you are hard and strong. Freefall parachuting at 10. This program will push you to your physical and mental limits.000 feet into the ocean at night. SEAL and SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) Teams and Special Boat Units comprise the elite combat units of Naval Special warfare. Thus. you can meet its challenges with confidence.

The goal of the category I student is to work up to 16 miles per week of running. 2: 2 miles/day. Swimming. Good Luck! SUGGESTED STUDENT PREPARATION The following workouts are designed for two categories of people: Category I are those future BUD/S students that have never or have not recently been on a routine PT program. WORKOUT FOR CATEGORY I RUNNING: The majority of the physical activities you will be required to perform during your six months of training at BUD/S will involve running. 8:30 pace. Usually athletes in sports that require a high level of cardiovascular activity are in Category II. The intense amount of running can lead to overstress injuries of the lower extremities in trainees who arrive not physically prepared to handle the activities. High risk of stress fractures. then and only then should you continue on to the category II goal of 30 miles per week. . RUNNING SCHEDULE I WEEKS #1. M/W/F (6 miles/week) WEEK #3: No running. bicycling. but if you meet it head-on with determination not to fail or quit. Let me remind you that category I is a nine week buildup program. You should also run in boots to prepare your legs for the everyday running in boots at BUD/S. Swimming. it will be the most rewarding time of your life. Follow the workout as best you can and you will be amazed at the progress you will make. running. and wrestling are good examples of such sports. After you have achieved that goal. but ONLY running can prepare your lower extremities for the majority of the activities. and lifting weights will prepare you for some of the activities at BUD/S.416 challenge. Category II is designed for high school and college athletes that have had a routine PT program.

M/Tu/Th/F (11 miles/wk) WEEKS #7. followed by a set of pullups. immediately with no rest.&4: 5 X 25 PUSHUPS WEEK #9: 6 X 30 PUSHUPS 5 X 25 SITUPS 6 X 30 SITUPS 3 X 4 PULLUPS 3 X 10 PULLUPS * Note: For best results. Do a set of pushups. 6: 2/3/4/2 miles. M/Tu/Th/F (16 miles/wk) WEEK #9: same as #7. 8: 3/4/5/2 miles. then a set of situps. 8 (16 miles/wk) PHYSICAL TRAINING SCHEDULE I (Mon/Wed/Fri) SETS OF REPETITIONS SETS OF REPETITIONS WEEK #1: 4 X15 PUSHUPS WEEKS #5& 6: 6 X 25 PUSHUPS 4 X 20 SITUPS 6 X 25 SITUPS 3 X 3 PULLUPS 2 X 8 PULLUPS WEEK #2: 5 X 20 PUSHUPS WEEKS #7&8: 6 X 30 PUSHUPS 5 X 20 SITUPS 6 X 30 SITUPS 3 X 3 PULLUPS 2 X 10 PULLUPS WEEK #3.417 WEEK #4: 3 miles/day. alternate exercises. SWIMMING SCHEDULE I . M/W/F (9 miles/wk) WEEKS #5.

* Note: If you have access to a pool. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WORKOUT SCHEDULE UNLESS YOU CAN COMPLETE THE WEEK #9 LEVEL OF CATEGORY I WORKOUTS. Also. WEEK #9: Swim continuously for 35 min. Try to swim 50 meters in one minute or less. WEEKS #5. 6: Swim continuously for 25 min. swim every day available. 2: (3/5/4/5/2) miles 19 miles/week WEEKS #3. WORKOUT FOR CATEGORY II Category II is a more intense workout designed for those who have been involved with a routine PT schedule or those who have completed the requirements of category I. Four to five days a week and 200 meters in one session is your initial workup goal. WEEKS #3. 4: Swim continuously for 20 min. 8: Swim continuously for 30 min. RUNNING SCHEDULE II (M/Tu/Th/F/Sa) TOTAL WEEKS #1. WEEKS #7. 4: (4/5/6/4/3) miles 22 miles/week WEEK #5: (5/5/6/4/4) miles 24 miles/week WEEK #6: (5/6/6/6/4) miles 27 miles/week . 2: Swim continuously for 15 min. you want to develop your sidestroke on both the left and the right side.418 (sidestroke with no fins 4-5 days a week) WEEKS #1.

2 : 6 X 30 PUSHUPS 6 X 35 SITUPS 3 X 10 PULLUPS 3 X 20 DIPS WEEK #3.419 WEEK #7: (6/6/6/6/6) miles 30 miles/week *Note: For weeks #8-9 and beyond. do it gradually: no more than one mile per day increase for every week beyond week #9. If you wish to increase the distance of your runs. it is not necessary to increase the distance of the runs. PT SCHEDULE II (Mon/Wed/Fri) SETS OF REPETITIONS WEEK #1. work on the speed of your. 4 : 10 X 20 PUSHUPS 10 X 25 SITUPS 4 X 10 PULLUPS 10 X 15 DIPS WEEK #5: 15 X 20 PUSHUPS 15 X 25 SITUPS 4 X 12 PULLUPS .6-mile runs and try to get them down to 7:30 per mile or lower.

5.3.2 (2x #pullups) SITUPS: 3.3. The object is to slowly build up to a goal. The above exercises can get a bit boring after a while. For best results. alternate exercises each set. Work your way up and down the pyramid. # Of REPETITIONS PULLUPS: 1. Each number counts as a set.6.6.15. pullups.8.12. For instance. PYRAMID WORKOUTS You can do this with any exercise. Here are some more workouts you can use to break up the monotony. then build back down to the beginning of the workout.2. pushups and dips can be alternated as in the above workouts.8. Muscle fatigue will gradually take a longer and longer time to develop doing high repetition workouts.420 15 X 15 DIPS WEEK #6: 20 X 20 PUSHUPS 20 X 25 SITUPS 5 X 12 PULLUPS 20 X 15 DIPS These workouts are designed for long-distance muscle endurance.3 (3x #pullups) DIPS: same as pushups . situps. in order to rest that muscle group for a short time.10.1 PUSHUPS: 2.9. For example. but this time choose a number to be your goal and build up to that number. say your goal is "5".

4: Swim continuously for 45 min. WEEKS #5: Swim continuously for 60 min. STRETCH PT Since Mon/Wed/Fri are devoted to PT. You should always stretch for at least 15 minutes before any workout. 2: Swim continuously for 35 min. however. not to pain. with fins. to reduce initial stress on your foot muscles when starting with fins. A good way to start stretching is to start at the top and go to the bottom. just stretching the previously worked muscles will make you more flexible and less likely to get injured. It also promote growth and repair of tissue and regulates the body processes. WEEKS #3. with fins. Stretch to tightness.421 SWIMMING WORKOUTS II (4-5 days/week) WEEKS #1. chest. with fins. *Note: At first. DO NOT BOUNCE. concentrating on your thighs. hamstrings. alternate swimming 1000 meters with fins and 1000 meters without them. You must make sure you receive the necessary nutrients to obtain maximum performance output during exercise and to promote muscle/tissue growth and repair. Your goal should be to swim 50 meters in 45 seconds or less. The proper diet provides all the nutrients for the body's needs and supplies energy for exercise. The best . Stretch every muscle in your body from the neck to the calves. it is wise to devote at least 20 minutes on Tue/Thu/Sat to stretching. NUTRITION Proper nutrition is extremely important now and especially when you arrive at BUD/S. WEEKS #6: Swim continuously for 75 min. back and shoulders. hold for 10-15 seconds.

and other whole grain or enriched grain products. like you will experience at BUD/s. fruits. If you are eating a well balanced diet. protein. provided 600 grams of carbohydrates are consumed per day. The majority of carbohydrates should come from complex carbohydrate foods that include bread. Carbohydrates. It is very easy to become dehydrated at BUD/S. crackers. cereal. You should be consuming up to four quarts of water daily. caffeine. Supplemental intake of vitamins. . starchy vegetables. During training. Fruits are also loaded with carbohydrates. but carbohydrate is the preferred source of energy for physical activity. Water is the most important nutrient you can put in your body. peas. do so in moderation! Too much of these substances will definitely harm your body and hinder your performance. This is a situation in which a high carbohydrate diet can help maintain your energy. and fat are the three energy nutrients. rice. pasta. The best source of complex carbohydrates are potatoes. beans. energy stores prior to each training session become progressively lower. there is no need to take vitamins. more than four servings of these food groups should be consumed daily. During successive days of heavy training.422 source of energy for the BUD/S student is carbohydrates. and vegetables. Drink water before you get thirsty!!! Substances such as alcohol. These types of foods are your best sources of energy. so. so it is extremely important to hydrate yourself. All three can provide energy. It takes at least 20 hours after exhaustive exercise to completely restore muscle energy. if you are going to drink. has not been proven to be beneficial. as well. and tobacco increase your body's need for water.

The test consists of first tying your hands behind your back and your feet together at the ankles. I am lean and not overweight so I do not understand why I cannot sink.Help! The Navy SEAL and Air Force PJ Drown-Proofing Test is a tough one and will either instill water confidence or terrify a student out of the program. please do not EVER tie yourself with hands behind your back and feet together and jump in a pool prior to joining the military.I am currently training in preparation to become an USAF PJ. Thank you for your insightful articles. Then you jump into a 9 ft pool. I will be purchasing your Air Force PJ / CCT Workout Guide soon and look forward to it.do not do this for real and especially NEVER alone.these are: . Once in the water you have to perform a variety of skills .we all have an issue with at least one of the events of the Spec Ops Drown Proofing Test. You can practice simulating this test and if you have a tough time keeping your feet together you can use a rubber band to remind you your feet cannot separate during the test. Here is the question with a little background: STEW . When attempting the bobbing exercise. BUT . it seems that I stay afloat midway and can only touch my feet on the floor when I use my hands. Any suggestions? Am I just positive in the water even when simulating my hands/feet being restrained? PS. Before I even mention the question. It never fails .423 Can't Bottom Bounce for Drown Proof Test .

Doing a dead man float is not that tough BUT it is if you are negatively buoyant and have your hands / feet tied. Sounds easy but if you are positively buoyant you have to add in a few skills like exhaling as you descend. This will build up momentum and make it easier to come back down. stick your head up.immediately after bouncing off the bottom. and do a dolphin kick to insure that you have time to fully inhale.add a few extra whip kicks . You have to stay straight . Your back should just break the surface.If you are lean this drill is easy (or should be). when you need to breathe arch your back. Try to get your chest out of the water every time and gravity will do the rest for you. Whip kick from the knees down to propel yourself through the water for 100m. Get back into the 90 degree angle bend at the waist and do little whip kicks from the knees down to stay close to the surface every so often. you have to do a few bottom bounces to catch your breath and build up some momentum off the bottom to do a front flip. What I recommend is try to hold your breath for 15-20 seconds each breath and bend at the waist so your lungs bring you to the surface. lean back like you were doing a gainer off a diving board .After traveling. Float .424 Bottom Bounce . Same thing . . Travel . Bounce or kick to the surface to breathe.and flip on over. I like to bounce from the bottom again then come up to breathe but it is up to you how you get your next breath.The only way to swim with hands and feet tied is by doing a dolphin kick.add a few whip kicks while back is arched . Another trick is to really propel yourself off the bottom as if you were trying to slam a basketball . I recommend immediately after you bounce off the bottom. Just kick and breathe.so jump hard. Do not touch the bottom in the shallow end if you have to swim past a 34 ft section. You just sink to the bottom and bounce off enough so you can breathe (head out of the water) and repeat. Then do it in reverse. Front / Back Flip .and flip on over.one little bend of your legs / back and it will mess up the momentum going down. bend over at the waist .

425 Mask Retrieval . Then bend over and grab a mask with your teeth and swim up to the surface.you cannot use a mask / goggles with this drill.but also train smart! . Remember train hard . your mask is sitting on the bottom and you have to dive down and get it. Do this the same way you do a bottom bounce. In fact.By the way . but drop to your knees once your feet touch the bottom. You are done! There is nothing wrong practicing this test. but do not do it alone or with tied hands / feet.

Craig Heller and Dr. It maybe a year or so before a usable model is on the market.426 Dealing with Hyper / Hypothermia & Physical Performance Using Science / Technology On several dates in 2008-09 on the National Geographic Channel Fight Science – Special Ops Episode.avacore.com) that can get this heat out of the body as efficiently as possible has been researched and developed by physiologists from Stanford University. Hypothermia results in a rapid degradation of operational ability both cognitively and physically Not only are these heat conditions potentially deadly. Hypothermia. It can be due to exposure to extreme temperatures. the increase of heat in the body also affects physical performance. and heavy work loads. Dr. Heat related injuries are more common than ever now due to high levels of exertion in desert combat areas with heavy insulation of protective gear. or abnormally low body temperature. you will see the effects of body core temperature in both extremes (high and low body core temperatures) and how science is able to manage them both. . Dennis Grahn. resulting from excessive heat loss due to cold exposure. In the extreme. Here is the workout I did on the show to induce hyperthermia: . By definition: Hyperthermia is abnormally high body temperature. but you will see on Fight Science that the current stationary model works and works quickly! I was the guinea pig testing this device after cold water exposure and during maximal performance workouts where I produced excessive bodily heat that would have affected my performance had I not had the benefit of accelerated cooling during brief rest periods. A device called Core Control (www. high humidity. Probably the most significant factor in limiting muscular performance during prolonged. high level work is the build up of heat in the muscles and the body core. hyperthermia can result in heat stroke which can lead to death if not treated properly.

Usually. which I have NEVER done. “It is amazingly simple. If you can remove that heat efficiently. I never thought of it as being an alternative to steroids. without the cooling. The simple conclusion is that muscle performance during conditioning is limited by the generation and accumulation of heat in the muscle. when we ate inside we all would get warm water and wrap our hands around it and it seemed to help . Can you re-warm using cups of hot water in hands . Here are a few questions I asked Dr. you can get much more work out of the muscle.427 Maximum Pullups – I did 29 until I failed and then with no rest Max pushups in 1 min (70+).the reason I ask. and then with no rest Max abs in 1 min ( 50+) and then with no rest Ran on a treadmill for 90 secs (¼ mile) Then I rested THREE minutes with the AvaCore device on my hands cooling my body through my hands. Pure and simple – Core Control is an alternative to steroids!!!” Hmmm. is I remember during Hellweek at SEAL training. (This workout is a great workout to help push your maximum Pt scores – many folks who do this one can go from 10-15 pullups to 25-30 pullups in a few months if done ONLY once a week) The developer of the CoreControl device. you get a conditioning effect. but I was still able to total 120 pullups in FIVE sets. . Dr. I repeated this cycle FIVE times with some decreases in performance. If you up the intensity of workouts. Heller on how we can utilize this science during regular training and PFT sessions: Question #1: Doc. but he is right! The reason people take steroids is to get more out of the muscle with less rest and recovery. Craig Heller of Stanford states. I get 100 pullups on a good day in FIVE sets without adding the run portion. yet goes against dogma.

and the palms are about 10 times other surfaces per area. after 60+minutes in 45 degree water. he would have gotten more benefit from the cold bottle by drinking it as then none of the cold would have been wasted on the hot environment. However. the answer is yes. the vacuum dramatically increase the heat flow. drinking too much during a marathon can be dangerous. it will cause a reflex vasodilation and therefore heat will be transferred. I was amazed at how quickly I quit shivering and my body temperature increased back to normal. What the vacuum of the Core Control does is to facilitate the vasodilation.” On the another segment of the Fight Science show. if the surface is too cold. but once the vessels are dilated. Can the same approach be used in the reverse? Say using ice water bottles in your hands during rest periods OR would the constriction be so much that it would be useless? Are there some results using cold ice water bottles?? "Most of what we currently do with Core Control is enhance heat loss and cool people down. Contact with a cold surface will facilitate that. so the warm/hot stimulus is necessary. it is best to drink it and get all of the heat inside. Once the contents of the cup is cool enough to drink.428 “Stew. When you are cold. there will be a reflex vasoconstriction which will stop effective heat exchange. but it’s effectiveness is limited. The vacuum seems to lower the threshold for vasoconstriction so that the vessels remain open to lower temperatures and amplifies the blood flow through these vessels thus enhancing heat loss. If the cup is hot enough. We have recently completed a study in which we have compared the maximum heat loss capacity of different skin surfaces. Do you think holding the cold bottles helped? “Yes. The vacuum in itself cannot induce the vasodilation. however. . Of course. for sure it would help. you are tightly vasoconstricted. " Question #3: The reason I ask is that I tried this a few times and last summer one of my guys successfully ran the Chicago marathon using cold bottles on his hands while running when many runners were suffering from heat illness and even heat stroke. Someone who is overheated because of working in the heat is already vasodilated and losing heat from the hands. Question #2: Doc.

Without thinking we exploit the special heat loss blood vessels in the palms of our hands. Or. . the soles of our feet. In the heat. as you have discovered. tea. you have to see it for yourself. and the face. but aren’t there common experiences in which we use these special avenues of body warming or cooling? “Sure. as you mentioned.” Folks. remember how good it feels to dangle your feet in water or taking Grandma's advice to run cool tap water over your wrists. special blood vessels in the palms. you might rub them together vigorously to produce heat by friction. there are many common experiences that illustrate the effectiveness of our natural radiators. what do you do? You hold out your hands. and the face are the body’s natural heat exchangers. You can also put a cool towel on your face.429 You need to replace water loss. you grasp a very hot cup of hot chocolate. When you are cold and approach an open fire. but this is not easy to do by massive drinking as the rate of absorption from the gut is limited. all of a sudden there is massive absorption of the water that is in their stomachs. If you don’t have a fire. This science works and on the Fight Science show you will learn how to properly heat and cool someone if hyperthermia or hypothermia occurs. The Core Control device optimizes these natural heat exchange adaptations. the soles. When you are exercising hard. This can dilute the blood to the extent that they pass out and even die. the blood flow to the gut is diminished. There are frequent cases in which people have consumed lots of water during marathons and when they stop.” Question #4: I am trying to show people that. or coffee between your palms.

situps. my PT is OK but I do not have any endurance to do multiple sets of high rep calisthenics exercises. Having the ability to repeatedly (several sets) move your body with power and agility requires similar movements as many contact sports provide. and websites helping people prepare. As a former power-lifting football player. pull-ups. but the endurance to continue for miles or hours requires the training of intermediate and long distance sports in running and swimming. books. SEAL training requires you to be a master of your bodyweight in obstacle courses as well as in operational skills. He asks. your body can take up to two years to change from a power athlete to an intermediate endurance / strength athlete. I soon learned after arrival at the Naval Academy at age 18 that I was out of military shape. With literally millions of dollars of training spent on each individual special operations member.430 Making the Change . This type of athlete is now known as the Tactical Athlete and the military is now taking interest in preserving these highly trained “multi-sport” teams of individuals. a leader in the science of athletic . Here is an email from a young man seeking to become a Navy SEAL but is a college football and power lifter. all branches of the military now hire physiology specialists to create programs that will enhance the performance and lengthen operational lifespan.Powerlifting / Football Player to Navy SEAL People often ask me how I personally trained for SEAL training before there were movies. How do you go from thinking long distance is anything over 100 yards to running and swimming for miles and doing hundreds of reps of pushups. etc. etc?” To truly make this transition. “Right now my run and swim times are not good. The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).was not. what I thought was in shape for military training . The email below brought back memories of my transition.

431 performance created the Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC) program as an answer to this growing trend in human performance. CSCS. The jury is out on whether or not we are capable of changing Type 2b fibers to Type 2a. There is no need for him to concentrate on his strength development when he is done with football. I went from power-lifting football player to SEAL shape in about two years by not lifting weights and focusing on high rep calisthenics and miles of running and swimming. there is a division in Type 2 fibers which enable the muscles to have endurance as well as strength and power. Both endurance exercises and strength / power exercises should be balanced through the year to maximize gains in both strength and endurance. This is Type 2a muscle fiber. situps) on days you work those muscle groups as a compromise. the football player has a foundation of strength and power and should focus on the endurance and muscle stamina training. who is the director of the NSCA’s Human Performance Center and the TSAC.Ed. I would drop the weights to truly make the transition .” He also stated. but I will tell you. offered this when asked about transitioning from one type of athlete to another.” Here is a basic overview of the physiology that is taking place in your body. On average. Whether it is genetics or adaptation to training routines Olympic endurance athletes can have up to 80% Type 1 fibers and Olympic sprinters can have up to 80% Type 2 fibers. periodization is the key to long term success as high rep calisthenics and long distance running and swimming takes it toll on the body as does heavy weight lifting. MSCC. So to answer the question. “For the average guy. “In your case. which is a happy medium between fast and slow twitch muscle.and if that is not possible yet then simply add the calisthenics (pullups. Robb Rogers M. humans have about 50% slow twitch (Type 1) muscle fibers and about 50% fast twitch fibers (Type 2). The “traditional Type 2” is actually Type 2b. Running 1-2 miles is tough at your weight so when you are . pushups. However.

432 done with football you need to increase your mileage in swimming and gradually increase running mileage in order to lose weight and you will find running. distance or minutes trained) 10% from week to week and every 3rd or 4th week plateau for a week to allow the body to compensate for the increase. body weight exercises are much easier. . Also remember the 10% rule: The “10% rule” applies for increasing volume from week to week. What you will find is that your muscle strength is large but your muscle endurance is weak and that gets better the more reps you do. This tends to prevent injury in gung ho type A’s that know more is better. 10% rule – only increase your volume (sets/reps.perhaps intermediate military PT mode. But I do not think you would be in beginner mode . Thanks to Robb Rogers of the NSCA for his assistance with this article.

433 Hypothermia Can you Train For Cold Water / Weather? Many will argue about whether or not you are genetically wired to handle colder temperatures or can you build your stamina in lower temperatures by training in colder environment (water or land). This would take hours at that temperature. you would hit a thermo-cline and water temperature was in the low 40’s. I do not recommend placing ice in a bath tub and dropping the water temperature Artic levels. water temperatures at best were 69 degrees during the warmest of the summer and dropped in the low 50’s in the winter. when immersed in 90 degrees water your core temperature will very slowly start to drop from its comfortable level of 98. People often ask me. Typically. Then in dive phase. Do not let yourself get to a point where you are shaking uncontrollably or especially not shaking at all. cold showers. but as the water temperature drops so does the amount of time you can safely train in that water. That was when BUD/S got cold. Even if the water is 90 degrees.6 degrees. the water off San Diego was brutal to new recruits. but the . When I was attending SEAL Training. at about 15 feet underwater. Once the body core temperature is in the 95-96 range – it no longer is fun and can be very dangerous in a matter of minutes from here. I believe it is a little bit of both. Physical training such as swimming / surfing / playing in water temperature near those of San Diego is what I would recommend for short periods of time. especially during a winter Dive Phase. what I think helped me was hours of surfing / body surfing a few years prior to BUD/S. It does not take long for your core temperature to drop when in colder water. as you can die if you play around with your core temperature. sit in a pool for hours?” For me. Therefore. “What is the best way to train for the cold water at BUDS? Do I take ice baths. Colder showers are OK if you like mild torture.

Besides. and thermal imagery professionals and is not meant to be duplicated by viewers on their own. then rehab yourself by using ice on your joints. getting used to cold water is NOT recommended for pre-SEAL candidates without supervision. However. Even the doctors did not know if the SEAL training or my genetic makeup enabled me to last longer in the colder water. and PT on a daily basis than being cold anyway. . as it will be shown on National Geographic Channel on the Fight Science http://channel.nationalgeographic. So focus on preparing hard physically. along with underwater swimming. it was painful. you will have a harder time keeping up with the runs. swims. EMTs. but I did abnormally well and surprised myself. The following combat obstacle course went well too. this test was done with doctors. In fact. obstacles courses. Recently.434 best way to train for colder water is to NOT take on such a dangerous challenge yourself. Train smart or you can kill yourself when not properly trained or have trained supervisors protecting you. the physiologists monitoring my temperature and other vitals actually called me a “freak”. I was tested on the Special Operations segment to conduct a combat obstacle course after having been immersed in 45 degree water until my body temperature dropped to near hypothermic levels. Needless to say for this 38 year old fitness writer. and other potentially dangerous SEAL training events. reinforcing the theme of the show – Special Ops are special with intangible skills that are difficult to verbalize.com/channel/fightscience. So. The physiologists even scientifically re-warmed me using a new device that gently re-warms the core through the hands and feet. physiologists. swimming by yourself.

But in the end. Here is a sampling of emails I receive on a near weekly basis and this will hopefully help you clear the self-doubt you are having about attending SEAL training. In the SEAL Teams. This is one of the first “doubts” you will have about yourself on whether or not you are tough enough to make it through SEAL training. To me that is an advantage in many situations. sizes.some guys go to BUDS and are lean . In fact it is the muscle shaking that produces body heat so do not be scared of shaking . You will be cold.it warms you up . he was actually one of a few BUDS graduates who actually gained weight by the time BUDS was over.Special Ops and SEAL Teams I often receive emails concerning guys who are “too lean”.it is when you stop shaking that is dangerous.meaning sub 5% body fat. but you will have to eat more fat and protein as well in order to maintain your weight. True .435 Strength in Diversity . My answers to the varied questions are in the italics below: Too Lean: I've heard that guys at BUD/S without enough body fat have a really tough time -that they have to carbo load even more than the normal person. your muscles will keep you warm like fat will. and colors. Not only will you want to eat more carbohydrates. “too short”.BUT the good news is the SEALs need men of all shapes. “too tall”. “too big” to attend SEAL training.sometimes waking up in the middle of the night to eat some pizza or protein shakes to keep weight on. There is not much you can do about what God gave you physically . backgrounds. you will be able to get into places others cannot and perhaps be a cardio-vascular stud and outlast many others. We had one really skinny kid in my BUDS Class who was tough as nails and was cold all the time and he had to eat extra meals . Too Tall / Long Arms: . but we all are.

Everyone has a nemesis at BUDS whether it is cold. upper body strength / endurance. . you will be able to reach areas others cannot without assistance so that is an advantage as well in many situations. swimming. You have to get stronger by doing more pull-ups and pushups no matter if you arms are long. You can spread your arms wider to create a natural 90 degree elbow bend during your pushups as well as with pull-ups. As far as your head . SCUBA. I like the Perfect Pullup and Pushup for that reason . BUT it takes practice and many. I am limited to about 50% of those with both devices meaning I can reach failure faster.instead of doing sets of 50 pushups. First of all we all look bigger on TV than we really are in life. This is always guys usually 6’4” and above so I do not see that being an issue.436 I am 6ft 7” tall and have long arms . or just shear pain tolerance .ie the Dirty Name). Therefore I grow and understand the pain involved with hard work and become more mentally tough.all heads get banged up but you will be placed in Boat Crew #1 which is for the tallest guys in your BUDS class. running. But secondly your height is fine. In the SEAL Teams. But pound for pound shorter / lighter guys do well at BUDS and usually have above average PT scores and even obstacle course scores (if they can get over the obstacles . You will no doubt be in the “smurf boat crew” meaning all the shortest guys in the class will have their own boat to carry. Too Short: I am only 5’2” am I too short for BUDS? Most guys I see are huge on TV. We had tall guys in BUDS who made it through no problem .pushups and pull-ups are tough but I imagine carrying that boat on my head will crush me! How do I get around that if I get to BUDS? Sounds like an excuse already.find the weakness and make it a strength. many reps of both.or should I say with just as many problems as everyone else.

you obviously have “something special” to share with your teammates and add to the strength of the team. in fact 1. but at the same time your strength and even teamwork ability will keep you in good stead with your peers. Too big . Also I am over 230 lbs . That is a plus! Now.5 miles is considered long distance to me. In a matter of 4 months he was down to 200 lbs and could PT. I remember one guy at the SEAL Team that was 6’2” and 230 lbs and could do 30 pullups and run 3 miles in 18 minutes! So your size really has nothing to do with it. you will be one of the bigger guys so you have to work hard not to slow the group down. . We recruited a stud football player who weighed 280lbs. It worked and when I started lifting again I was only about 6 weeks away from my previous maxes when I went on a weight gain cycle to prepare for cold water SDV diving in the winter.437 In the SEAL Teams you will be able to go places many others cannot so your size will be an advantage is many situations. had just passing PT scores but assured us that he could lose the weight and perform on a BUDS student level.in fact embrace it and work hard to be a better performer. I did not lift weights for nearly 2 years prior to going to BUDS and just ran. run and swim with the best of his classmates at BUDS. swam and PT’ed my butt off. It is all a function of how hard to work to become a good runner and muscle endurance athlete. I always tell people that there is Strength in Diversity . Physiologically it is easier to go from power lifting muscle fiber to endurance/strength muscle fiber than in reverse order. In the SEAL Teams. I did it and so can you. He was a great leader. or the experience of life that all come together to create a platoon of well rounded SEALs in a TEAM. mental.former Football Player / weight lifter: I am a former football player and power lifter and not much of an endurance athlete.how can someone like me become a SEAL? SEAL Teams is all about being a TEAM Player so you already have the skills developed to be a TEAM player from your sports experiences. He even later went to DEVGRU! So you cannot be discouraged about your size . If you make it through SEAL Training.we all carry unique skill sets whether they are physical.

What are the requirements for becoming one? I have read some of your articles and wanted some advice on some tips towards training. It is always nice to see someone in their teens thinking of their future and service in the same thought. If I wanted to become a Navy SEAL when should I start training? I am 15 years old and have wanted this since I was 10. . I truly feel that my training for these sports enabled me to understand what it means to work hard toward a goal and be a better leader and follower.438 How to Become a SEAL When Starting to Prepare as a Teenager Here is an email I receive quite often from young teenagers who know they want to serve their country. class president. or head of a community service group . Step 1: Learn to be a team player. I cannot emphasize this enough as it requires experience and an understanding of being part of a team. Being a good leader is important but being a good listener and able to follow rules and other leaders is just as important. and towards getting though the course? Do I have the right mentality etc? First. Knowing how to work toward a goal whether that goal is to drive a ball down the field or to train for an event with other team members is important to your future.Whether you are a team captain.taking you from your present age in high school and to and through BUDS. Step 2: Get Some Leadership Skills . When I was young I played five sports and was never exceptional at them all but good enough to be a team captain when I became a senior in high school. Hi Stew. What I am about to share with you is the LONG answer as I get this question often and feel it deserves the full answer . thanks for your decision to want to serve your country. but are curious how to start preparing themselves for the military training especially SEAL and other Special Ops programs.all of these skills will help you understand what it means to lead and to follow orders.

.There are many opportunities for the enlisted SEAL or Special Ops soldier. Make sure you graduate high school. perhaps get some college (good but not necessary). Arabic.If You Choose to Enlist . when you meet the recruiter you will be assigned a SEAL mentor once you have signed in.Dummies usually get weeded out just as those who fail a PT test in the military. Presently. This will also give you four more years to REALLY train hard as well. You can enlist as young as 17 years old with the signature of a parent or guardian or you could decide to attend college for a few years or graduate. *NOTE .. join as an officer by attending OCS . Step#5 . But. Russian. So after college you can either enlist. as you will see this math and physics in Dive Training when you apply Laws of Physics to the body while diving. and study a foreign language. but you can also earn thousands of dollars in bonuses. You have to have a high school diploma to enlist. Naval Academy.439 Step 3: Study Hard . SEAL Mentors are former SEALs / Special Ops who help you properly prepare for the training you have signed to do. Any foreign language is fine at this level in high school as it is more understanding how languages and other cultures work that will help you with more important languages later (Chinese. Also understand Algebra and Science.Officer Candidate School OR you could get a military scholarship and attend college for free by joining an ROTC college or the U. All sources can lead to attending BUDS as an officer.000 for successfully completing the training and earning the SEAL designation. You have to sign up with the Delayed Entry Program to meet .Now at 17-18 years old is where your options start to open up. Step #4 Graduate High School / GED / College . the Navy is paying BUDS graduates $40. Not only will you receive some of the best training in the world.Do I even need to say stay away from drugs and alcohol as it has no purpose in this training. Many SEAL enlisted are college graduates with advanced degrees even. etc).S. Recently they have started to accept a GED certificate but depending upon your choice of service you may need a semester of college level classes to join the military.

If you can get into above average shape prior to Boot Camp and use that time as a taper. then you will be in perfect shape to start ramping up for BUDS again after . This is because there are 80% more enlisted than officers.5 mile run in 9-10 minutes officers)* ( sub 8:00 for (100+ for officers)* (100+ for officers)* (20+ for officers)* (sub 9:00 for * Officer billets are much more competitive and require higher scores to be accepted generally. This means you have to pick another Navy designation when you join. For the enlisted. There you get to workout and get back into shape after losing some of it due to Boot Camp schedule. Step #6 . the good news is that you get some pre-training after Boot Camp which is run by SEAL instructors in Great Lakes. You will not sign up at first as a SO Special Operator .440 with the SEAL Mentor and do the workouts. breast or CSS stroke) in under 9:00 officers)* 80-100 pushups in 2:00 80-100 situps in 2:00 15-20 pullups 1. You need that foundation NOW and hopefully after a lifetime of fitness and athletics you will have the ability to build on that foundation. Do not think the Navy is going to get you in SEAL shape during Boot Camp. This means you need the following scores on the PST to have about an 80% chance of graduating BUDS. but that goes away after to pass the PST.Acing the PST .You want to go to Boot Camp in the best shape of your life. Swim 500yds (side.you have to pass the BUDS Physical Screening Test (PST) first before you can be part of the SEAL Challenge Program. Just reaching the minimum standards will give you a 6% chance of graduating BUDS. What you need is a fitness program to achieve these scores. This program is designed to better prepare you for SEAL training and it is tough.

However. daily life events should have created a disciplined and motivated person ready to NOT only survive training BUT compete to win events in the training programs. I know it may seem like forever until you get there. Those who go to Special ops training programs to compete never think about quitting (usually) as compared to those seeking to merely survive the training. The best thing about this method of preparation is that if you should change your mind you have set yourself up for success in ANYTHING you select. .Attend SEAL or other Special Ops Training . Years of training in sports. Step # 7 . Good luck with your challenge. I recommend within at least 4-6 months of attending Boot Camp you should be running in boots and swimming in fins.Here is where a lifetime of training all come to the ultimate test.441 Boot Camp. school. Same for officer candidates. but time will fly and you will wish you had more time to train if you do not start now.

My BUD/S class (182) had over 120 people start in the first week and lost over 40 prior to Hellweek and about 20 in Hellweek. dip bars and the instructors. It is surrounded by pullup bars. This is not a workout that I would recommend to do often. training officer.com PT Club as well as readers of the Complete Guide to Navy SEAL fitness have stated that they felt like they were in great shape when they arrived to BUD/s. but some were not prepared for the verbal harassment and mind games of the instructors. and cheer your class through the workout or you will wind up doing the workout "wet and sandy" or spend an hour in the leaning rest! The Grinder PT Workout has been developed out of a concern for those future BUD/S candidates who may not be as prepared for SEAL training as they thought they were. In fact. This program is designed around those first 3-4 weeks with many events of mental and physical challenges. So.Graduation Week The definition of "grinder' is the concrete-asphalt area at BUD/S where the students do their calisthenics workouts. Many members of the StewSmith.S. . put out hard. count loud.End of Third Phase . and commanding officer's offices. Statistics kept since the beginning of SEAL training say that most of the people who quit BUD/S do so in the first 3-4 weeks. Navy SEALs Grinder PT The Key to Mental Toughness BUD/S 182 . it is so challenging that is may be best done only once and kept as a reminder and reference guide to the certain mental challenges you will face prior to Hell Week. You have the constant feeling of always being watched while you are on the "grinder".442 U.

-.Max sit-ups. Minimum number is 52 in 2 minutes. if you are not ready for such a challenge.1. -.but to be competitive. If your peak is the bare minimum that mentality will wear on you quickly and you will most likely quit or become injured from overuse injuries. but you should shoot for at least 100 for an average score. the maximum time allowed for this one is 11 minutes. 30 seconds -. Too many people quit BUD/s by achieving the minimum scores listed on the BUD/s Physical Fitness Test criteria. utilizing only the side or breast stroke. To give you an idea of what type of mindset you should have prior to arriving at BUD/S is the goal of this program. The minimums and the recommended scores are below: -. you should swim the distance in at least 8 to 9 minutes. You should be able to do 15 to 20 to be competitive. there is a Phase 1 Navy SEAL workout.GrinderPT . In fact. I have always stated that you should go to BUD/s with the mentality of competing to win every event such as the runs. swims. but you should strive for at least 90 to 100 in 2 minutes for an average score.Max pull-ups. Wearing boots and pants.Swim 500 yards. The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness is a good program to complete prior to Phase 4 . In fact. o-courses. you only have a 6% chance of graduating with these PT scores.you are destined to go to BUDS and just TRY to survive each event of the day.5-mile run. Minimum is eight with no time limit.443 In fact. If you shoot for these minimums . You should not go to BUD/s with the mentality of just surviving and striving for the minimum standards. . -. as well as a Navy SEAL Phase 2 and 3 prior to doing this Phase 4 Grinder PT workout. but at the same time be a cheerleader to those behind you and cheer them onto finishing.The Key to Mental / Physical Toughness ebook. Minimum number is 42 in 2 minutes. but you should be able to cover the distance in 9 minutes to be competitive. For instance. -. 30 seconds. but you cannot touch the ground or let go of the bar.Max push-ups. Maximum time allowed is 12 minutes.

and maintaining the competitive edge will be addressed in this downloadable E-book The Grinder PT! . The next portion is internal drive and determination coupled with the understanding that you know you will be talked to negatively by instructors at times and driven to discomfort most of the time. self-fueling energy. You should think that nothing anyone will say will make you doubt yourself or your abilities. If you can do the above recommended standards you are more than half way to graduating. swimming underwater.you should go to BUD/S with high standards for yourself and COMPETE for the best scores of the class in several events. The Grinder PT program places you at BUD/S so to speak with the added annoyances of 100-1200 pushups or doing workouts soak and wet due to no real reason other than that is what you will do at BUD/S. Do not go to BUD/S thinking you are just wanting to survive the training!! You have to be more aggressive than that AND NOT let the mind games and verbal harassment of the instructors affect you negatively. You can only succeed by channeling any negative feedback from the instructors and turn it into a positive. preventing injuries. the Combat Swimmer Stroke.444 Once again . tips to running in sand. Also.

Navy SEALS and other Special Forces groups in the military. known as BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEALs). Minimum number is 42 in 2 minutes.S. scuba diving. PACE yourself! Try doing 20 to 30 sit-ups in 30 seconds.Physical Screening Test • Does the thought of jumping out of planes. (Rest 2 minutes. Try five to 10 sets of 100-yard swims.Max push-ups. but you should shoot for at least 100 for an average score. Maximum time allowed is 12 minutes. Try five sets of 30 seconds worth of maximum push-ups. (Rest 10 minutes before moving on to the next exercise. some of you are intrigued by such prospects. shooting for your goal pace. working on a pace that will get you below the competitive times. Getting accepted into these groups requires a motivated person -.Swim 500 yards.Max sit-ups.445 About the Navy SEAL PST . then move on to the next step. utilizing only the side or breast stroke. Push as many push-ups out as fast as you can. Here is the physical fitness test for the Navy SEALS' training program. 30 seconds .) .) -. but also mentally tough and quick thinking. and backpacking for miles excite you? Judging from the number of e-mails I've received asking about the training of the U.not only physically fit. Recommended workout and training tips: Get technique training and learn to pace yourself. Try five sets of 30 seconds each. Work your way up to five sets of 1 minute of maximum push-ups. but you should strive for at least 90 to 100 in 2 minutes for an average score. Shoot for five sets of 1 minute at your goal pace. you should swim the distance in at least 8 to 9 minutes. (Rest 2 minutes. Minimum number is 52 in 2 minutes.) -.but to be competitive. Are you up to it? -. that will put you within the 80-to-100-sit-ups range for 2 minutes. but do not neglect proper form or the SEAL instructor will not count them. Do not pace yourself.

6. As with any workout. Marine RECON.3.1). 30 seconds.5-mile run. then return down the pyramid repeating in reverse order (1.5.1. Wearing boots and pants. Repeat this pace for six to 10 sets until you no longer have to rest in between quarter-miles. don't try it.446 -. and they always push themselves to their maximum physical effort. (Rest 10 minutes before plunging into the last exercise.) -.5. Try a pyramid of pull-ups: work your way up from one pull-up the first set until you can no longer do any more sets.4.2. There is very little difference in the type of person who joins the Army Green Berets. or Navy SEALs. There is one main thing that all of the Special Forces units have in common: Minimum standards are ignored. but you cannot touch the ground or let go of the bar. Air Force Pararescue Jumpers. if you know you're not up to it. the BUD/s PFT is a tough workout. the maximum time allowed for this one is 11 minutes. . Shoot for a 90seconds quarter-mile run time around a standard high school track. Remember. Minimum is eight with no time limit.2. Pace yourself: do not start off too fast on the first lap. You should be able to do 15 to 20 to be competitive.Max pull-ups.4. but you should be able to cover the distance in 9 to 10 minutes to be competitive.3. consult your physician. if you have doubts.

447 Getting Fit for SEAL Training This week a young man about to go to college emailed me with some specific questions about preparing for SEAL training as well as other special forces in our military. played several sports in high school so I thought that the active outdoor lifestyle of being a SEAL appealed to me the most. For you and others like you. then you might be right for SEALs / EOD and other Special Forces like Army SF. And most Navy bases are very close to a nice beach! That was a big draw too. Seems he is trying to figure out his future and what service is right for him. I always have loved the ocean. but if done with some self-realization you can make a wise choice for your personality. SCUBA dive. The option to choose SEAL Teams was really a no-brainer too. river. wrestling. lake. I grew up in or near the water (swamp. and back-packing in the woods and mountains? 3 – Did I play sports and understand what it means to be a part of a team? 4 – Were sports like football. .Did I workout nearly everyday and feel like you cheated yourself when you skip a workout? If you can answer yes to these types of introspective questions. and soccer challenging physically and mentally? 5 – Did I learn to play with pain and understand the difference between being hurt and being injured? 6. lacrosse. swimming. That is a tough decision. For me. you should look at the last ten years of your life and ask yourself: 1 – Did I swim. or Marine RECON. surf and become comfortable in the water – even at night? 2 – Did I enjoy running. track. I guess growing up in Florida helped me realize that. And continuing to be apart of a team was a must for me. so Navy made a lot of sense to me. ocean) hunting and fishing.

3. Can weight lifting help with my training? Not really necessary . But. 2. What sports should I partake in to keep up my level of fitness before I attend BUD/s? I would recommend Swimming.time to run and swim and PT.Or towel pullups. and pt several times a week.. I do recommend adding some weights to break up the monotony of training. You are getting ahead of yourself. then again any contact sport will do. wrestling. I'd like to be a SEAL sniper.otherwise do not sweat it until you have graduated from special forces training.. running track. The instructors are busy during this time of war. Get through training first. One is not better than the other. Will Mini-BUD/s help me to prepare for BUD/s? Yes .it may help you to lift weights. BUT if you are a power lifting football player type . SEALs come from all types of backgrounds.. No matter what you do.. Right now there is no mini-buds for ROTC students due to the seal training command ramping up to increase the number of seals in the navy. Rope climbing is better for grip though . It is operated by former SEAL Don Shipley. But it really depends ..if you are an endurance athlete . swim.There are no weights at Buds. you should always run.448 or Air Force PJ. check out Extreme SEAL Experience for another option that many ROTC / USNA mids are doing this year..it will make you find out if you want to do it that is for sure. However if you insist. It is a good test.no need to lift . Below are the young man's questions concerning his future choices: 1. is there thing I could do to prepare myself for that? Practice shooting or take a shooting course. 4. . but it helps to understand teamwork and playing with pain / discomfort. weights can help balance out your training with shoulder workouts and other upper body gripping exercises.

most of my emails are from young sailors and civilians who wish to become SEALs one day.under 9:00 Pushups .100 in 2:00 Situps . Run in boots and swim with fins! At least 3-4 months prior to arriving at BUD/s get the legs used to swimming with fins and running in boots. Officers at BUD/s: Go there ready to lead and get to know your men. 3. 2. 4.5 mile run .9:00 in boots and pants If you need letters of recommendation from SEALs. You can't do everything by yourself.SEAL Training.20+ 1. Start the team building necessary to complete BUD/s. Always lead from the front. Enlisted at BUD/S: Be motivated and ready to work as a team. I thought it was time to answer the several emails with my top ten things you need to know before going to BUD/S .100 in 2:00 Pullups .449 Top Ten Things You Should Know Before Attempting BUDS Every week. so learn to delegate but do not be too good to scrub the floors either. Arrive fit! Not just able to do the minimum scores but the above average recommended PFT scores: 500 yds swim . 1. Sometimes it takes a solid year of training before you are physically capable of reaching these scores. Never be late! . The fins are difficult to find. so any stiff fin that requires you to wear booties will do. Be motivated and push the guys to succeed. most SEALs will not endorse you unless you can achieve the above numbers. You WILL have to take this PFT before going to BUD/S and on the first day at BUD/S. Follow orders but provide feedback so your team can be better at overcoming obstacles that you will face. Though I try to focus more on fitness. They issue Bates 924s and UDT or Rocket Fins at BUD/S.

BUD/S is six months long! Prepare for the long term. In a couple of days you will be on "auto-pilot" and it will be all down hill from there. Weekly physical tests: The four mile timed runs are weekly and occur on the beach ." 6. but not bad if you prepare properly. Flutterkicks: This seems to be a tough exercise for many.every six hours! The trick to making it through Hellweek is just make it to the next meal. It would be similar to training for a 10K race and running a Marathon by accident. The obstacle course will get you too if you are not used to climbing ropes and doing pullups. Break up the week into several six hour blocks of time. Eating at BUD/S: You get three great meals a day at BUD/S. Upperbody strength is tested to the max with this test.hard packed sand next to the water line. You have to be mentally focused on running the Marathon . you get four meals a day . Practice 4 count flutterkicks with your abdominal workouts and shoot for sets of at least 100. usually more than you can eat. Too many people lose focus early on their training and quit. There maybe a day you have to do 1000 flutterkicks. During Hellweek. They are tough. The 2 mile ocean swims are not bad either if you are used to swimming with fins when you arrive. 8. 7.in this case a six month "marathon.that takes 45 minutes! . not the short term. By the way .450 5.

so you just have to prepare yourself for getting wet and sandy everyday at BUD/S. On days that you do not get wet and sandy.451 9. It is cold and not comfortable. Wet and Sandy: Jumping into the ocean then rolling around in the sand is a standard form of punishment / motivation for the class at BUD/S. it will be the same feeling as getting off early at work on a three day weekend! .

.452 My BUDS Class .Graduation Week .Wet and Sandy in the Surf 10. If not. The goon squad is to motivate you never to be last again or fail a run again. If you fail three of anything . Did I mention running? You should be able to run at least 4 miles in 28 minutes in boots with ease. You only get three chances to with most events. you will so learn to hate the "goonsquad".you will be back in the Fleet.

then chances are it is wrong. BUD/S has not been able to do this summer training since after 2003. Here are a few of the rumors that I recall and I often get asked from recruits about the recruiting process. I can say that the Navy does NOT make these events .You have to learn to how to hold your breath for 4-5 minutes at BUDS. They attended three weeks of the training in the summer at BUD/S. The key is relaxing when underwater when performing work / tasks. I heard many rumors that made SEAL training seem like this impossible mountain to climb.Keep them Coming!!! During my years of training to become a SEAL. I did this training in 1990. For now learn how to swim efficiently and get from one of the pool to the other in as few strokes as possible. FALSE Mini-BUD/S was an officer course that pre-trained about 100 officer candidates from ROTC and USNA each year. Due to the needs of the Navy to produce more SEALs. underwater knot tying. There is not need to try to hold your breath for long periods of time. FALSE NO . During the 50m swim. the Navy wants SEAL recruits to go to SEAL Training camps before they go to Boot Camp.you do not have to hold your breath for long periods of time.453 Rumor Control . and Pool Competency in 2nd phase is limited to maybe one minute of holding your breath. Here is a list of some serious misinformation about SEAL Training: RUMOR CONTROL . you will find that your breath hold time is under a minute for that distance. People die each year practicing for these events so do not do them. Even the drown-proofing. As a guest instructor at a few of these camps. BUD/S itself.Since they got rid of Mini-BUD/S. I have heard in the past few months that some Navy SEAL recruits think that it is mandatory to attend a Navy SEAL style training camp complete with 24 hour Hell week simulation. The Navy will teach you how to do these skills when you get there. RUMOR CONTROL . as well as life as a SEAL. if you can learn how to swim efficiently. My rule of thumb is if you hear something about SEAL training from someone who has NEVER been a SEAL.

that is your business.. you can join the Navy and go to SEAL training.454 a mandatory part of your pre-training. if you want to kick yourself in the nuts and see how you do . In fact. As far as paying for a training program. The Army / USMC will keep who they have until your enlistment is done.You have to drown and they bring you back to life before you can graduate.with the addition of Navy SEAL / EOD mentors in each recruiting district and the pre-BUDS training after boot camp in Great Lakes to help prepare the students physically for the training. RUMOR CONTROL . the Navy does not recommend it. then will be allowed to go back to the Coast Guard if they wish and be a Spec Ops asset in the Coast Guard DOG program. RUMOR CONTROL . FALSE You can do what is called an inter-service transfer from the Army or USMC and become a Navy Sailor but they are very difficult to do . the Navy does not want to see a recruit get injured prior to enlisting.now FALSE The Navy and Coast Guard started a program (that has recently ended in 2011) now that the Coast Guard is doing more Specialized Operations in defense of our ports against terrorists. WAS TRUE. but when they graduate they have to be a SEAL at a SEAL Team for four years.there is one way .You should enlist in the Army or USMC to get some experience first in combat arms before enlisting into SEALs.see next RUMOR CONTROL RUMOR CONTROL .You can be in the Coast Guard and go to BUDS. the training does offer the candidate a taste of SEAL training and the pre-training will either 100% motivate or 100% de-motivate the person toward / away from the SEAL program. FALSE . Well . Coast Guardsmen who qualify can go to SEAL training. Now after you have served your contract in the Army / USMC.. In my opinion. But the ONLY way to get to BUDS is by being in the Navy.especially during wartime. However. the Navy has gone out of its way to make the pre-training cycle better for recruits .

I feel wrong even giving this one a slot in my rumor list. died from drowning in the past 50 years. Not sure where this one came from. There are a series of skills to perform for the 30 minutes test to include bobbing.I hear they give you a puppy and you have to kill it before you graduate. flipping.455 Come on! This one is ridiculous. BUT they do tie your feet together and hands behind your back but you do this in a pool. swimming.I hear they drop you 10 miles out to sea and you have to swim back to Coronado. this one is ridiculous and never happens.I want to sign up for SO rating but the recruiter says I cannot and have to choose a regular Navy rating when I do the delayed entry program.you have to sign up with the Delayed Entry Program as another rating besides SO . but it is not a requirement for graduation. RUMOR CONTROL .I hear they tie you up and throw you in the ocean. RUMOR CONTROL . There have been people who were saved from drowning. FALSE You do have to swim a six mile ocean swim but it is about 100yds from shore and parallel to shore the whole time. I have heard this at least a dozen times by people who are not SEALs.maybe this is where the idea you have to drown to graduate came from.but depends . Once again. RUMOR CONTROL . RUMOR CONTROL . TRUE This one is true .after you successfully pass the Navy SEAL PST then you can become an SO rate. floating.Special Operator . I cannot join the military. and diving underwater. I do not even know how to answer this one when I get asked it without using profanity. FALSE Come on! This is another one that is tough to answer without calling someone stupid. FALSE There is a test called Drown-proofing . RUMOR CONTROL . But.I have flat feet. FALSE .

It takes a very independent woman to be a Navy SEAL wife. The job is tough with regular deployments into war zones which is stressful on families. RUMOR CONTROL . flat footers may get an 'at first disqualification' at MEPS because of "flat feet". There are many divorced and single Navy SEALs too.I hear you cannot be married and become a Navy SEAL. but many families endure and grow stronger from the experience.The Navy SEAL program does not allow age waivers to get to BUD/S. FALSE No . FALSE but depends The age waiver is very selective and reviewed on a case by case basis by the Commanding Officer at BUDS and SEAL Community Manager. Yes. FALSE There are many married Navy SEALs. RUMOR CONTROL .not true at all. The Lone Survivor did not have a kill pill did he? . waivers can be obtained by most but some do require a consult before a waiver will be considered and not all of those are granted.456 The military allows those with flat feet to join the military. but it can be done. However. RUMOR CONTROL .I heard I have to have a suicide pill with me on missions in case I get captured.

Which exercises form the best foundation for fitness? In my opinion. you are then ready to . running.so thanks.com What is the key to Endurance both mental and physical? Creating a body and mind with endurance can take a lifetime of hard knocks but equally as important is hard work and succeeding in your quests. team building. Adding in some form of cardio-vascular exercises like swimming. This combo of consistent hard work and succeeding (even after many failures) builds mental and physical endurance or raw toughness as well as develops confidence in yourself so that you know when you “put it on the line” you will be able to succeed in your endeavors.457 Answers to many questions about Special Ops Fitness (Stew Smith) Instant Insight Q and A: Here is a list of questions I was recently asked about fitness. This applies to academic schooling. I personally have what I call performance cues .I remember winning something.stew@stewsmith. calisthenics are a great foundation to core and over all body strength and endurance. and other aspects of military / special operations fitness. Once you build this foundation. I then recall that moment and this triggers a physiological response in my body and I am ready to perform physically as well as mentally. Feel free to send me your own and I will answer them. graduating from a challenging training program or performing at my best in the past. Your emails inspire training / writing ideas everyday . Stew . mental toughness. physical challenges. or biking will only enhance your fitness foundation. as well as daily lifetime events that require “never giving up!” How do you control emotional responses to enhance physical performance? This requires some practice in being out to “think about something else” or compartmentalize your emotions.

and some floor space for the basics. pull-up bar or playground with monkey bars. dumbbells. The answer to that one is nothing is precise when dealing with human performance. However. When we fail to adapt is when you usually injure ourselves. Is there a precise science to progression? Any physiologist or trainer will tell you that we all progress differently. longer distance on cardio events. . If you are getting into the intermediate and advanced levels of training it is best to add in a barbell / weights. swimming pool or lake / ocean. The body is an amazing adaptable machine and will strive to survive and get stronger as much as it can. It is a combination of genetics. I am not saying they are wrong as you cannot argue with results. How do Special Ops define Fitness & which training disciplines best achieve this? This is where the community differs a bit. nutrition. Logical progressions are typically 5-10 percent a week on cardio events (time / distance) and can be the same or higher with weight and repetition progressions. training level. and any other sports or athletic event. there is a segment of the Spec Ops training population that would recommend reversing that combination. full-body exercises like Olympic lifts and athletic movements. longer running. but I have been doing my method for nearly 25 years (now 40 years old) without major injury and will continue my method for decades to come. I am more “old school” and believe in doing a calisthenics. and goals. What equipment is required in a tactical approach to fitness? The only equipment I use is the following: Running trail or 400m track. swimming base program supplemented with weights. and a TRX for suspension training.458 supplement with weights. I typically like to progress over a 12-13 week period. Periodization is my method of progression and it helps with maintenance and injury prevention too.

The expending of extra water and calories to stay warm or cool off is the biggest culprit in decreased human performance. baby carrots. This question can take many scenarios but for human performance purposes stay fed and hydrated. stay hydrated and fed well in these conditions and your performance will not suffer as much. etc. your attitude can easily be altered to a negative state if you are not aware of your internal state. But even more important. Of course. My advice is if possible. In a pinch. The basics in surviving the elements are to use your surroundings to get cooler or warmer. sodium. electrolytes! If sweating profusely or in arid environment naturally you need to hydrate often with water but you also need a variety of potassium. one of my favorites is chicken noodle soup as it is loaded with sodium and potassium as well as needed carbs and protein. kiwis. but if a woman can do pull-ups. protein is an absolute for repair and recovery especially for multiple day events. As your hydration and energy levels deplete your core temperature will either rise or cool to uncomfortable and dangerous levels. I like lean meats.459 How does heat and cold effect performance? What is your advice in surviving extreme temperatures? Both hot and cold can seriously and quickly deteriorate physical and mental endurance. Which foods make your preferred fitness fuel list? I like to stay “carbed” up when days are long as your brain works better when you have plenty of glycogen stores. I need to eat good carbs like bananas. When I sweat more than 5-8 lbs in an afternoon. nuts. they are more capable in certain upper-body strength situations such as climbing and pulling their . Are there any specific exercises that women should include to improve performance? Most women in the advanced level of fitness can hang or beat most men in endurance. apples. potatoes. and eggs for that source of nutrient. calcium. Then.

I decide my route and stick to it but also remain flexible to change course if I see a short cut to save time and effort.460 weight. Whether it is mowing the grass or changing a flat tire.especially with kids.some are strong and some are weaker. When you finish together. you create a team dynamic .basic REM vivid dream sleep. But with future Spec Ops soldiers. pulldowns with weights. . So add pull-ups to your life. This can usually build the weak or cause them to quit. Time motivates me to finish strong. What is the best strategy for recuperation during bouts of sleep deprivation (do you use sleep cycles)? Yes mini sleep cycles is a way to semi-recover your mind and your body to a small degree. Same goes for writing assignments. I always tell them you are as fast as your slowest person. As a writer I work best when I set a deadline. I am not trying to motivate anyone. So I guess it is all about TIME. Start off with flexed arm hangs. How do you approach a challenge / obstacle to avoid or indecision? No matter what I do I like to time myself. But the true method of full recovery and recuperation is a good night’s deep sleep. In fact. If a physical challenge. You have to make them realize that this future profession they are seeking is bigger than any individual and that service to their country is the number one reason why they are putting themselves through misery. That is how we recover so if you can mimic that to any degree you will be better off than skipping it. I want to test their drive and motivation to make them realize that they can actually live and die by their team work skills. What is the best way to foster team spirit and cooperation? When I am working with my sports teams or a group of future Spec Ops soldiers. In sports I try not to create that environment where people fail and doubt themselves and their abilities . It is what we call “combat sleep” . or assisted pull-ups and build up to a full pull-up. I like to beat my previous time.

But when you stop moving or thinking . Finally . but I take others to see how they work.that is when fatigue turns into sleep or grumpiness. Eventually pain subsides into numbness or a dull ache and you are able to better focus on the task at hand. Staying fueled with good carbs helps with the mental attitude and fatigue as well as physical energy. But I have always eaten well and maintained a high good carbs / good protein / good fats eating plan. Chocolate milk provides an excellent post exercise recovery drink as well and I typically use this after hard weight / calisthenics workouts. . Mainly I try to focus on something other than the pain using the same compartmentalization and simulation techniques as earlier discussed to get my mind off the pain I am tolerating. Now I take a recovery drink which is basically protein. Do SEALs need supplements and if so which do you recommend? I never took any supplements until I turned 40.how do you break through the pain barrier? I wish I could put this to words better. Both make my Friday / Saturday workouts feel like they are Monday workouts after a day off of training when I am eating well and adding in recovery drinks. I am a big fan of un-sweet iced tea and bubble gum.especially your mind. I tend to treat supplements the same way I did an MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) in the military.461 How do you stay focused during fatigue? Staying focused during fatigue requires keeping yourself busy . amino acids. Every now and then a low sugar caffeine drink can help with alertness. The ones I like are Intensity Nutrition Recovery and EAS Muscle Armour. carbs. If I have a cafeteria / restaurant / home to eat at I will eat a good meal – if not I will have an MRE.

during and after the day. and stretching? Thanks for the email question. As we age we lose the ability to quickly recover from stress . if not years. ice. on top of running and PT.462 BUD/S Training and Daily Grind Recovery Stew . Try to limit your late nights and when away from the BUD/S chow hall.mentally or physically.What specifically did you do to help you physically recover and deal with the pain/soreness at BUD/S? Was it just a combination of motrin. Both physically and mentally at that age I was mature enough to handle the stress as well as had a natural ability of a late-teen / early twenty year old to recover quickly. some weights as well is first and foremost how you can prepare yourself for the long days and nights of SEAL training. (like in my case) of preparation.take it. getting ready for BUD/S requires months. working out year round with running. calisthenics. This is a great one that I talk about often but I realized I never wrote about it. . When given the opportunity to get six or more hours of sleep . swimming. Weekends are yours to continue to rest and recover. Take a few naps during the weekend after big meals. Third. wearing wet suits. There are many elements to recovery that are crucial to your ability to compete and survive the long months of SEAL training. Fourth. When you do not have a night training op. being 22 years old helped tremendously. you have to rest and lick your wounds. Here is a list of what I did to prepare as well as actively aid in my recovery: First of all. If you spent the day sweating. you need to be hydrated before. eat well . Second. you have to stay hydrated and keep the electrolytes flowing. Most days are quite normal and they start at 0600 and end after evening chow at 1800. breathing hard.not junk or fast food. Playing team sports. get to sleep! Sleep is our number one recovery mechanism. I always made sure I drank a gallon of water a day.

Or eat tuna and nuts since supplements / vitamins are not allowed at BUD/S. add in sodium. torso twists for a few minutes. Most guys at BUD/S actually lose weight even though they eat 5000-6000 + calories a day. butt kickers. Now. hips. calcium. Sure motrin and other anti-inflammatories are OK if you have a problem with an injury but try not to use those too much or too often. Sixth. high kicks. The foam roller is a God-send to my training. I used to make beans and rice snacks and peanut butter and banana sandwiches for extra calories and salts as well as carbs and proteins. You can actually have some mild tendonitis stay mild and gradually dissipate and not have to stop running using the foam roller.463 Fifth. and back. do some dynamic stretching to warm-up like jumping jacks. that takes me into nutrition. I found that a 15 minute static stretch after a long day at BUD/S helped break up some soreness. as far as the pain of the day goes. But when in doubt . yes you have to stretch afterwards. magnesium rich foods. BUD/S chow is not that bad actually. . Then in the next morning before your day gets started. potassium. Using some omega 3 fish oils or flax seed oil caplets will also help with inflammation.go to sleep. if I were at BUD/S as a student I would buy a foam roller and roll out my legs. To aid in the above electrolyte issues. You will eat there three times a day and I recommend eating as much as you can each time you are there. There are many things I did to aid in recovery and many things I wish I had known twenty years ago that would have helped.

do more similar exercises in the evening that same day for 2030 minutes. swim. So on Monday you do some upper body PT and a run in the morning. . running. The thing to remember is not do any upper body workouts the following day. Any ideas on what I should do? Sure . if you did a lot of pushups in the morning. What I run into when I try to start my own training is an overlap in what my unit does and what I do. and some plank poses for abs / lower back. For example I will plan a long run for Thursday afternoon and we'll end up doing a 5 miler that morning. I'm pretty weak at PT and so I feel that I need to do extra on my own.what I would do is this: Set up a similar workout later in the day after your group Army PT workout. your body will get more than 24 hours of recovery before working the same muscle groups even though you did a two-a-day workout. rucking or some other form of cardio activity. elliptical glide to work the heart and lungs without over-working your legs / shins. Add weights of the same muscle group for variety if needed. I am a soldier in the US Army and as you know. could I get a 5 or 6 day plan that incorporates your pyramid/supersets/test failure workout? I'm a little foggy on what that looks like. Also add in some foam rolling. add in some bench press. I'm afraid of over training ever since my shin splints a couple of years back. Hi Stew. This is such a smart question because too many will wind up working the same muscle groups 3-4 days in a row which can slow growth and recovery significantly – especially as we age. Then do a non impact aerobic activity like bike.464 Military PT and Your Own training Plan in the Same Day Here is a great question from soldier who wants to add in some extra PT with his command group PT and does not want to overdo it / get injured or over-train. Also Stew. chest flies. we do PT every day. Focus on leg PT. See article on how to use a foam roller to give you some quick recovery from workouts / daily grind of being a soldier. This way. shoulder exercises. For example. Later in the day or evening.

Max effort PT Workout: Pick a number to do like 50-100 pullups.try adding in a recovery run of 1/4 mile before repeating the above three exercises in a circuit fashion with no rest in between .stewsmith.15 day PFT Starter Plan .Super set workout .465 Have you seen this one: www.htm or seen this link 15 Day starter plan . I would also do this to be more specific: Monday . For instance a first set may look like this: pullups .20 pushups . Your goal is to get to these number as quickly as you can in as few sets as possible.all SUB MAX effort: For example: Repeat 5. and 150300 situps (1 minute limit per set). situps .10 times (depending on your fitness level) pullups . BUT.dips options) Tuesday – Run / Leg PT Workout Wednesday .These are routines that work well for those seeking to better their PFT scores.50% of your max reps pushups 50% of max reps situps work on your pace of 20-25 situps in 30 seconds run 3-4 minutes at goal pace for your 2 mile run Thursday – Day off or easy non impact cardio option Friday – Run or ruck mixed with some Leg PT or weight workout Saturday .com/linkpages/pulluppushupnext. pushups.OPTIONAL .60 situps 60 Run . 100-200 pushups (1 min limit per set).pyramid workout to failure and repeat in reverse order (pullups.

my Heroes of Tomorrow PT group typically does this in 4-6 sets. 200 pushups.continue this routine until you hit your goal reps per workout.run.... situps 50. Do one 8 count body builder pushup . I have been enjoying learning new things developing challenging workouts for more than 20 years now and I am not done. 40.run to pullup bar and do 2 pullups. so keep going up until you fail at pull-ups.466 Set two may look like this: pullups 15.run 30-40m to a pullup bar and do 1 pullup . Every now and then we have a guy who can do 100 pullups. Keep going if you can and shoot for a goal of reaching 20! That is 210 pullups and 210 BBpushups in a workout. pushups. This one is tough. then repeat in reverse order IF you did not make it over 10. One of my latest and new favorite is the 8 count bodybuilder pushup and pullup pyramid. 300 situps in THREE sets!!! (time limit on situps is 2 minutes for this workout) There are many ways to create workouts with the classic calisthenics exercises. Enjoy and keep things a changing! . I’m still learning everyday. Just to give you an idea of how far you can take this.. One thing to remember – Fitness is not a Destination – It is a Journey. I think you get where this is going.run back 30-40m and do two 8 count BB pushups .

Air Force PJ. though they can jointly work together.467 Spec Ops: Who's Toughest? A future Special Ops Soldier asks: "I am not sure which branch of service I would like to join. Navy SEALs." Physically. they are all a bit different and equally as challenging as the other. This is where you need to look and find out which one you want to do that suits your likes / desires: Muscle Exhaustion . Each Special Ops unit (Army SF. Rangers.otherwise pick one that best suits your strengths and interests. we are all on the same team in the end. the training programs are all tough and build mental toughness through testing the limits of the students through a variety of methods. who can answer which training programs are the best or toughest are those who have done them all. in my opinion. Besides. SEALs. USMC RECON) focus on different missions. There have been many times in conflict that each of these units saved each others skins by assisting to wipe out an overwhelming opposing force. I know a few guys who have done SEALs. We all have opinions on which are the hardest and they are usually the ones we selected so any answer you get is going to be biased. Which one is the toughest and best trained?" This is the question I normally do not answer as the only people. These guys all say the same thing. but I do know I want to do something in the Special Ops. and Army SF. and Army Special Forces and some who have done USMC RECON. Now. So my answer to that question is "Do them all if you want to know which is the toughest or best trained .

humid. damp. but most of all it builds the "iron will" to never quit no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. is demanding and does not allow your body to heal and rest properly after extreme physical exertion. these training locales wreak havoc on your body and decrease performance. That is why many former athletes do well if they understand what it means to "play with pain. dry locations including high altitudes and jungles. Of course. In the Army world.which is challenging for many hours of your days and nights.Personally. pushups. Swimming. situps. BUT the training will require miles of swimming to succeed as well. dirty environments as well as hot. The only way to prepare for these types of training is to do them for hours prior to attending the courses. physically and mentally. you will spend most of your days and night walking with back packs.468 Each of these training programs will max you out physically in every exercise you attempt from pull-ups.lots of swimming and rucking. especially after months of this training. THE USMC RECON side is a good mix of the two . This alone.. . Physiologically. you will do that too." Lack of Sleep / Mental Exhaustion Each of the training programs also have long days and longer nights which amount to little or no sleep for long periods of time. Miles of Running. you will be doing miles of something . wet. So you are going strictly on "iron will" to make it through the day. Miserable Water and Air Temperatures No matter which school you select. In the Navy.. etc. this is the key to mental toughness as you can become tougher by working out harder to get the body an increased ability to build its pain tolerances without getting yourself injured. you will be subject to cold. regular running is required for miles and miles for all units. or Rucking Daily Depending on the training you select. when over-training syndrome starts to attack the body.

469 Minimal Food Eaten Daily Some training programs (Army Rangers) add another area to challenge the will to keep moving . There will be days in training and especially "real life" where you do not have time to eat. Regardless which unit you select to be a part of. each branch offers a Special Operations unit full of special people who work hard. In the end.one meal a day or less. This challenges the body to conserve energy during long days and nights and teaches the soldier to eat well (for energy) when given the opportunity. we all are on the same team! . and are some of the toughest fighters on the planet. So as you can see. but you still have to keep moving and shooting. train hard. White and Blue. you cannot go wrong as you will be joining an elite group of fighters who proudly fight for the Red.

I want to be able to perform at that level. etc. The answer will be different for each of these groups of people. Stew I'm going to guess you've already answered this question somewhere. obstacle courses. The truth is people have been graduating tough special operations programs long before there were specific books. I'm looking for the best workout to prepare me for the rigors of Spec OPs. rope climbs. I often get former football players. websites. The best answer must contain a foundation of fitness and construct a peak on it so you perform at your absolute best without overuse injury. power lifters.” Here is his question and my lengthy answer that takes many of the body types and foundation of fitness issues that arise when people start a training plan for Spec Ops. and rucking. runners and some kids who have no athletic history at all. Creating a high muscle endurance / strength to bodyweight ratio is also vital for maneuvering through obstacles and combat conditioning courses. DVDs. what fitness regimen will best help me prepare? Good question – and the answer is “It depends.Not only on the training you seek. high rep calisthenics. but your athletic history / background.470 How do I Prepare for Special Ops Training? It DEPENDS! Here is a question I get often concerning the way a person prepares for Special Ops type training programs for both military and law enforcement SWAT teams. body-builders. Even if I don't go into those fields. so forgive my redundancy. “It depends . This can be done in a relatively short period of time if you have that foundation. All of these . My answer is usually. wrestlers. swimming. I'm 27 and looking to get into the Navy--possibly going for Diver or SEAL. For instance.” It depends on your athletic history and where your foundation of fitness is focused. and pre-Spec Ops training programs. I steer towards programs with weights like Crossfit and Sealfit. but it requires perfect balance between weights. My question is. swimmers. long distance running.

they were in the front of the class.with and without fins. you have to be better at longer running. Ruck marching was a piece of cake to them as well. One thing for sure is that the better in shape you are the easier the mental challenges become. This takes time. These are great assets to have but you do not need to cultivate them further in your quest to join a Special Ops unit. These Special Ops training programs will push you to your physical limit. but when they put on fins for the 2-4 mile ocean swims. and high rep calisthenics PT. Many must drop some weight to be able to do more pull-ups and run faster. obstacle courses. The question is will you have the mental toughness to keep moving and not quit. The good news is that the powerful legs / hips of these athletes make swimming with fins much easier. .5 mile timed run is long distance running. If you are young and in your late teens / early 20’s it can take you 6-9 months – maybe a year to fully transition to top shape ready for the endurance challenges of training. That mindset must change so that run becomes short distance and your speed to ace those runs increase.471 depend on where your present strengths lie. This is absolutely the most difficult element to measure in a person. Many programs will have you run 4-5 miles timed so you need to pump up your running and endurance training more than lifting weights. So if you are in the power athlete foundation group. longer swims . It is a challenge to drop the weights for up to a year – maybe longer – but it does take some time to change over to more endurance type athlete. For cardio. Many football players / power lifters at first think that a 1. What is your foundation of fitness built upon? Another factor is mental toughness. Even log PT was not that bad for them. What got them the most to have to dig in and suck up the pain were longer runs. power. But here is the difference in the way you must prepare for long and intense Special Ops programs: Football / Power-lifting Background – This body type has a fitness foundation of speed. I remember a few college football players who could barely pass the swim without fins at SEAL training. strength. I would focus more on higher rep calisthenics – maybe balance it out with some light weights – not much is needed though.

Typically.472 This group ideally does the best using the high rep calisthenics / fast paced longer runs and swimming workouts found in the Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness Book / DVD. but it is wise to build from the core using dynamic movements as seen in Olympic Lifting. but runners do not. If you are a true lifting novice. In this case. The running group is however typically weaker in upper body strength and leg power. and requires nothing but some floor space and dumbbells. Typically. Wrestlers actually make great Special Operators as long as they can swim. building your arms / legs is essential. longer distance runners make up the majority of this group and have little or no problems with running. The same goes for wrestlers as running is never an issue nor is high rep calisthenics.The opposite athlete is in the endurance foundation group. Olympic Power lifting is a great source for building the power relays needed to move with more strength and there are many programs out there that can help you learn these as you mentioned. in the end. If you do not have the ability / time to learn those lifts you should practice the movements that involve multiple joints like the Multi-Joint Dumbbells or Kettlebell training even. you will be susceptible to shins splints. If seeking Special Ops training programs. Usually even the high rep calisthenics are quickly increased with some basic supersets and pyramids. rucking and moving on the ground. but GRAVITY is going to be your biggest killer. Muscle endurance is different from cardio-vascular endurance – wrestlers typically have both. Endurance Athletes . Swimmers – The endurance is not going to be an issue to you. adding higher rep calisthenics for testing purposes and muscle endurance is the goal. But the goal here is to get used to the real world where gravity exists. easy to follow. . However. if you have no solid foundation of running. tendonitis flare ups – all of which will take you out of training for some time or for good. You have to get your legs used to running and rucking. you need to focus on lifting that involves full-body movements not isolations of muscle groups. the Prehabit Fitness DVD is a way to start that foundation of full-body movements that are safe to do. so doing some foundational lifting is recommended. This book has been turning football players into SEALs for more than a decade. stress fractures.

I have been working with this type for several years now and it does take some time. weights. and how many pushups can you do it two minutes versus how much body fat you have around your mid-section. rucking. many of the bigger muscle guys at Spec Ops training programs are the first to fall due to lack of endurance – both cardio-vascular and muscle stamina. Get away from the aesthetics of fitness and change over to performance fitness.473 Body Builders – For many. You should be having conversations of how fast you run. So. Building up to higher mileage of running and swimming over time is what you need to focus on. Adding higher rep calisthenics will help you quickly build the endurance you need to sustain a long training day. this was your first introduction to fitness. and swimming. running. Build big muscles and look better was the goal. you need to change quickly as this is not a functional way to build a foundation. Typically. No longer should you be worried about how big your biceps are but how many pull-ups you can do. It is an all day thing and often an all night thing as well. calisthenics. swimming. If your foundation of fitness is doing a muscle or body part each day of the week. non-impact cardio options. So it can be done but you really have to look at it long term and it is not something you can do in a few months time. This group needs it all: Good nutritional tips. However. I will say that I personally get more reward / satisfaction from taking a kid who is overweight and de-conditioned and getting them into top shape. than I do with an advanced athlete who drops his swim time by 1 minute. The one thing to remember is that Special Operations Training is not 45-60 minutes in a gym each day. and calisthenics each week in a long term periodized program that will allow for you to withstand hours of working and miles of moving – Special Ops style! . walking. training a few muscle groups in the gym is not going to cut it. You need a healthy mix of running. a beginner fitness plan then some time to build a solid foundation balanced with weights. . For those who have no athletic history whatsoever. how fast you swim. a year of building a foundation and an additional 6-12 months of peaking to a level of Special Ops capability is the going rate of time for the Nintendo generation. rucking.

ruck marches spanning over 15-20 miles in a day will cause you to lose significant amounts of weight in both muscle and fat. you have to add more calories -. The workouts you are doing in the Ranger/SF Fitness guide are designed to build muscle. -. “I am pretty lean now with about 5% body fat. You just have to do it smart and NOT let the added weight affect your PT and running scores.at the end of the week. it takes an additional 2000 calories a week. and you only need to eat an additional 300 calories a day to gain a pound a week. I cannot afford to lose much weight as it is and I know people lose 20-30 pounds during Ranger School sometimes. How to gain weight! You probably know this already. It is up to you whether you gain or lose weight. To gain 1 pound a week. This is your new motto! A lot of people think . I think I need to gain few pounds before I go to Ft. In Ranger School.YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT. To accomplish weight gain while still on a rigorous cardiovascular training cycle.plain and simple. You have to eat big and lift big in order to get big. Benning. you can use this program to either lose weight or gain weight. Break it up into days. The bad news. speed and endurance. Depending on your overall caloric intake.474 Weight Gain for Ranger School From a soldier who is attending Army Ranger training in two months. you will lose muscle. The same goes for food calories and exercise. People who cannot gain weight usually have a fast metabolism which makes gaining hard. you will lose it at Ranger School. If you have an additional 2000 calories at the end of the week that you did NOT expend -. food intake is seriously limited (1-2 meals a day). In addition. but weight gain is something that isn't easy to achieve. so bulking up to 10-12% body fat will not hurt you. Think of weight gain as saving money -. if you are lean. if you do not spend more than you make then you have a surplus on money. The key to weight gain is to do everything BIG.help!” If you have the weight to lose.

but your diet is just as important. spread those calories out over 5-6 smaller meals. Gaining anymore than 1 or 2 pounds a week is unhealthy and means you are putting on way too much fat. there are 5 simple steps to how to gain weight: 1) Count how many calories you eat in a normal day. you have to eat big! Remember that. Eat one meal every 2 and a half to 3 hours. So. 4) At the end of the week. and lower back. Doesn't sound like much? You can be gaining 5-8 pounds a month! A 10 pounds weight gain will help as long as it does not impact your running and pull-ups and other PT tests. . Instead of eating 3 big meals a day or eating all day all the time. you have to keep working out harder in order to carry this extra weight. In fact.as long as you eat BIG. weigh yourself. eat 500 calories MORE than you normally do. This is an extremely important step. weigh yourself. I am not a big fan of supplements other than some protein drinks after workouts and vitamins. just eat like you normally would and count how many calories you consumed.this is where you should see your greatest increase in weight. Pretend that you counted calories at 2000 for one day. butt. don't expect to see a 10 lb. to put it as simply as possible. Don't change anything. So look for 1 or 2 pound gains at the end of the week. It is an extremely important part. Otherwise it will weigh you down. 2) Starting the day after you counted calories.475 weightlifting is the key to gaining weight. so make sure you are doing it correctly. This will spur growth to those muscles as well -. 3) Weightlifting! Get in the gym and lift or PT using all your major muscles groups to promote growth. Also rucking utilizes the bigger muscles groups of the body like legs. Do not take Creatine to prepare for ANY military training. you would now eat 2500 calories a day. so try to be as exact as possible. So. To get big. you can still do your calisthenics (PT) workouts and run and still gain weight too -. increase. This is another important step to how to gain weight. Also. You'll notice you are gaining just after one week! Now. For the rest of the week.

Peas -. Get rid of the chips and candy.Burgers -. No more fast food. Lift and PT to get big!!! More tips for how to gain weight (extremely important!) Stay away from fat! Even though weight gain is your goal. chicken breast.Croissants -.Salad Dressing -.Ice Cream -. turkey. it means it is time to start eating an extra 250 calories a day.Beans. Every time you see you haven't gained weight for at least 2 weeks.Peanuts -.Mayonnaise Cheese -.just try to limit the amount of fat calories to protein calories you ingest. add an extra 250 calories . nothing fried. At this point. even more important -.Do not just eat to get big. WATER! Drink water! Drink around a gallon a day.Oatmeal Crackers -. you will have to eat even more.UNTIL you have reached your goal.Peanut Butter and Jelly Club Sandwiches -.KEEP WORKING OUT…. that's a lot of water.Chicken -.Milkshakes -.Raisin Bran Cereal -. ham.Cream Based Soup -. Do not eliminate fat -. lean meats.Ham Steak Fish -. Yes. So. when you stop gaining for at least 2 weeks.Potatoes --Carrots Eat these in moderation if you are trying to lose weight. more if you can. but it's water that will give you the energy you need to gain weight! Below is a list of foods you want to eat to gain weight: Foods that will assist with weight gain: Whole or 2% Milk -. you will stop seeing weight gain. At some point.476 5) Here's an important one.Prime Rib Steak Porterhouse Steak -.Bagels -. you don't want to be gaining fat. NOW. fruits and vegetables. Stick to high protein / low fat foods like tuna fish (and other seafood). but add additional helpings if you are trying to boost your caloric intake to 2500-3000 cals per day in order to .

The Ranger Course produces a mentally hardened soldier. and sea.477 gain weight. . he is authorized to wear the Ranger tab. Fatigue and hunger are challenging issues you will have to handle at Ranger School. air. If you want to lose weight you have to drop your calories to 1500-1800 calories a day in addition to exercise. But making sound decisions and remaining calm while tired and hungry adds to the true test of leadership. After the 61-day course. who possesses abilities to operate on land.

Typically. but the obstacle courses and daily PT will challenge even the strong.. and situps. Please answer me ASAP! Thanks. Runners are typically lighter in weight and upper body muscle strength. However. Very rarely are there people who are above average in running. should I focus more on calisthenics or running before I go to BUDS? Or a mix of both?" First of all. But they tend to be a . swimming and upper body calisthenics. and shin splints or other overuse injuries tend to occur. swimmers are not great runners due to years of training in "zerogravity" conditions. pushups." The College Question "I am trying for an OCS BUDS billet after I graduate college. They can handle the running at BUDS. I am on the swim team now. everybody has their nemesis when they attempt BUDS. The legs have a hard time taking the abuse of running in boots on asphalt.478 Everyone Has a Weakness at SEAL Training BUDS This week I received similar emails from two young men who aspire to become SEALs one day. People who are above average in calisthenics are lean and able to handle multiple repetitions of pullups. Have there been BUD/S graduates from USNA who have learned how to swim AFTER they came to the Academy? I'm really not sure what to do and the deadline for sign-up is approaching. They both are athletic and involved with sports and asked the following question: The High School Question "I'm very uncertain about whether to do winter track or swimming and diving. so swimming is not an issue..

Do a sport because you like the sport. you cannot go wrong with whatever you choose for your sport. In closing. Upper body and lower body calisthenics: Complete with squats. Swimming 1000m-2000m: (3-4 times a week) Technique training with the Combat Swimmer Stroke and one long swim with fins of 1-2 miles. I would PT at least 4-5 times a week focusing on upperbody three days and lowerbody on two days of the week. pushups. Squeeze in the missing parts from the above list in your spare time to become better trained for BUDS. pullups. and other abdominal exercises.479 bit more muscular and not the best runners. Running short distances at fast pace: (3 times a week) This means running for 2-4 miles at a 6-7 minute pace accompanied by a long run of 5-7 miles once a week. It took me over a year while at the Naval Academy to change my body from football/power lifter to high repetition calisthenics and muscle endurance athlete. High repetition calisthenics and endurance workouts are much different from power lifting and body building. My story: I was a typical high school athlete who played sports and lifted weights year round. Weightlifters rarely make it. 3. 2. lunges. Remember have fun while in school! . situps. I focused on three things: 1.

480 .

Special Forces. FBI. and SWAT Fitness. The Special Ops Workouts. Maximum Fitness.481 Stew Smith is a graduate of the U. and author of several fitness and self defense books such as The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness. Stew has trained thousands of students for Navy SEAL. SWAT. . Naval Academy.S. a former Navy SEAL Lieutenant. ERT and many other law enforcement professions. Certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and as military fitness trainer.

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