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March 7, 2013
Tigers fall to Big Pasture in first round of State
By Tracy Steffenson Publisher On a day when schools from around the state where getting prepared for the three day tournament that would decide who would take home the title of State Champion, the Moyers Tigers were making history. For the first time in the school's history, the Tigers won a bid to State. Moyers had never before sent a team, boys or girls, but this year the boys broke through. The Tigers had a large crowd of fans in attendance at the Big House, well over the town's population, as they took the court at the State Fair Arena on Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013. Moyers hit the hardwood against Big Pasture in the Class B quarterfinals, and neither team was able to pull ahead enough to have a double-digit lead. Every point was answered, every momentum swing was nullified. Though the entire game kept your adrenaline up, the final minute of the game was edge-of-your seat exciting. Kyle Doty hit two free throws to give Big Pasture a three-point lead, then Caleb Armstrong, Moyers, hit a shot to cut the lead to one. Taran Knox hit two more free throws for Big Pasture, then Jake Dudley, Moyers, hit a three to tie the game.

Chase ends in gunfire
Suspect still alive
By Tracy Steffenson Publisher A man is still in critical condition a week after a pursuit ended in gunfire in Pushmataha County, last week. Investigators stayed at the scene of the shooting for six hours in Antlers. Witnesses said that they saw a white car cornering a little close to the corner of the EZ Go and McDonald's buildings, located on the Indian Nation Turnpike in Antlers. When they looked out, they saw a trooper hit the vehicle in the back. What happened next caught many by surprise, shots were fired. Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. Scott Hampton said that the gunshots ended the chase that started when a driver sped off on Highway 3, headed north on the turnpike around 12:30 Wednesday afternoon, February 27th. A truck driver from Broken Arrow woke from a nap at the truck stop just outside Antlers to see the shooting that took place after the car chase had came to an end. Terry Owen snapped these shots from the sleeper of his Blue Bell semi when he hear the commotion outside. "We were given a call of a stolen vehicle in the area. The troopers located that car inside the city limits of Antlers. A pursuit ensued and the troopers pursued them up to this point," he said.

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AT&T partners with AHS
Virtual Reality Driving Simulator at Event Teaching Young Drivers That `Texting and Driving: It Can Wait'



Western Lifestyle

Range Life
to Call Home! 20 Rural Counties


Through the Great Plains


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in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

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Pictured (L): Gary and Shyrl Hill of Finley.
Antlers students took turns experiencing the dangers of texting while driving in a virtual reality simulator.

AT&T* deployed its virtual reality driving simulator at Antlers High School to highlight the dangers of distracted driving for local students and allow them to experience the dangers of texting while driving first-hand. The AT&T "It Can Wait" program and the virtual reality driving was at the Antlers High School on

Monday, March 4, 2013, between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. The AT&T driving simulator is a computerized car that lets users virtually text and drive — providing a realistic but safe experience for drivers. Using the simulator, young drivers learn that no message is so urgent that it is worth diverting attention from the

road and risking human lives in the process. "Texting and driving is a real danger," said Senator Jerry Ellis. "We must work together to ensure that drivers of all ages understand that there is no text or email worth serious injury or death."

Shyrl spoke with the editor of American Cowboy about the feature.

Push. Co. featured in American Cowboy
"20 Rural Counties to Call Home"
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