FRANCAIS 052 / été 2013 Intermediate Reading and Conversation II Suzanne Drolet Bureau : 505 Waterman Heures de permanence

: Téléphone : 656 – 8824 Courriel : TEXTES OBLIGATOIRES Anouihl, Jean. Antigone. Malle, Louis. Au revoir, les enfants. St. Onge. Interaction : Révision de la grammaire française. D’autres textes seront disponibles sur « Blackboard »

TEXTES RECOMMENDES Collins-Robert French College Dictionary Le Bescherelle : L’Art de conjuguer

OBJECTIFS DU COURS Français 052 est un cours au niveau intermédiaire dans lequel vous apprendrez à mieux comprendre, lire, écrire et parler le français. Le cours est orienté sur la lecture et la discussion de plusieurs textes courts du monde francophone ainsi que la révision et l’approfondissement de certains éléments de grammaire. PARTICIPATION Votre participation active et votre bonne volonté sont essentielles dans ce cours et compteront pour 20% de votre note finale. Il faut assister à tous les cours et vous préparer à l’avance : lisez les textes indiqués, faites les exercices et préparez quelques remarques et questions. DEVOIRS Vous ferez de divers devoirs quotidiens qui seront annoncés à la fin de chaque cours. Si vous manquez un cours, demandez les devoirs à un(e) camarade de classe. nom 1. 2. téléphone courriel

3. 4.

EXAMENS / COMPOSITIONS / PRESENTATIONS Il y aura quatre dictés / quizs, deux examens partiels, deux examens oraux et un examen final cumulatif au cours du semestre. Vous écrirez deux compositions sur des sujets annoncés en classes et ferez deux présentations (un sketch comique, un dialogue) que vous préparerez en groupes. Notez les dates au programme du semestre. NOTE DU COURS

Examens partiels (2) Examens oraux (2) Dictées /quizzes Présentations Examen final

20% 20% 10% 10% 20%

Class participation, absences, and late arrivals a. Participation (20%) In the FREN 052 classroom, active and constructive class participation is a requirement. Speaking a foreign language with proficiency is an acquired skill that entails consistent practice and self-discipline. In this class, active participation includes volunteering answers, answering questions accurately, staying on task in pair and group work, and respecting the classroom environment rules (see VI below). Study abroad programs always ask language professors to write about a student's maturity and openness to cultural differences in letters of recommendation; excellence in class performance translates into a convincing and positive letter of recommendation. b. Absences More than four (4) unexcused absences WILL lower your final grade by a third of a grade; for example, a final grade of "B+" will become a "B." Be sure to notify your instructor ahead of time in the event of an excused absence (e.g., for religious or medical reasons). N.B. If you participate in UVM-sponsored events which may prevent you from attending class from time to time, you must inform your instructor during the first two weeks of classes and submit a letter to him/her, written on UVM letterhead and signed by your supervisor or coach; the letter must include the entire semester's schedule of events and your responsibilities in it. c. Late arrivals Three (3) late arrivals equal one absence in this course. 4. Homework

You must respect your instructor’s homework guidelines. All assignments must follow the University of Vermont Code of Academic Integrity (see V below) and show an authentic commitment to language learning. Please use high-quality dictionaries, avoid automatic translators, and carefully review your work. N.B. Late homework WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. 5. Quizzes (10%) The missed quiz policy for this section of FREN 001 is the following: 6. Oral exams (20%) Oral exams are designed to evaluate speaking and listening skills. By mid-semester, you will receive more detailed information about these exams and its assessments. Please refer to the course schedule for the oral exam dates. N.B. There will be NO make-ups for the oral exam without a written medical, religious or other official excuse. Missed oral exams will automatically receive a zero. Grading scale used in all Romance Languages and Linguistics courses at UVM: A+ = 98-100% A = 94-97% A- = 90-93% B+ = 87-89% B = 84-86% B- = 80-83% C+ = 77-79% C = 74-76% C- = 70-73% D+ = 67-69% D = 64-66% D- = 60-63% F = 0-59% V. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT: It is plagiarism to present another's ideas or words as your own. In a foreign language classroom, this includes computer-based translations. If you have questions when preparing a composition or other graded assignment, please ask your instructor. Do not have someone else correct your writing for you before turning it in for a grade. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense, and can result in a failing grade or worse. The University of Vermont has a Code of Academic Integrity addressing not only plagiarism, but also fabrication, collusion, and cheating in exams (see: Any suspected violations of the code are taken very seriously and will be forwarded to the Center for Student Ethics & Standards for further investigation. VI. THE 052 CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT EXPECTATIONS: It is expected that students will be fully engaged in FREN 052 daily class activities. Leaving the classroom without permission or holding conversations during class discussion will not be tolerated. The use of electronic equipment (iPods, iPads, computers, or telephones) during class will significantly reduce your class participation

grade, whether your instructor speaks to you about it or not. Being courteous in class creates a good working and learning environment for everyone. STUDENT LEARNING ACCOMODATIONS: In keeping with University policy, any student with a documented disability interested in utilizing accommodations should contact ACCESS, the office of Disability Services on campus ( RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS: UVM's policy: "Students have the right to practice the religion of their choice. Each semester students should submit in writing to their instructors by the end of the second full week of classes their documented religious holiday schedule for the semester. Faculty must permit students who miss work for the purpose of religious observance to make up this work. Each student is held responsible for knowledge and observance of these rules and regulations, including those concerned with academic honesty." RESOURCES FOR LANGUAGE STUDENTS: A. The Language Resource Center at the University of Vermont: B. Free tutoring at the Learning Cooperative: C. Bailey & Howe Library Media Collections D. Scola: UVM has a subscription to SCOLA, the international television service: To access SCOLA, use the following information: User Id : VermontU10 Password: Catamounts E. Outside of class opportunities for oral practice and other study tips: Meeting times for the French language conversation group will be announced at the beginning of the semester.

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