Department of Education Announces Community Technology Center Grants The Department of Education announced today the award of Community

Technology Center grants totaling over $29 million to create or expand Community Technology Centers (CTCs). These centers will provide disadvantaged residents of economically distressed urban and rural communities with access to information technology and related training. This year’s competition specifically focused on the use of technology centers in improving the academic performance of low-achieving high school students, particularly in the areas of reading/language arts and math. A total of 78 awards have been made, including 21 awards to community-based organizations, faithbased organizations, and other entities that have not received Federal funds during the past five years. Improving the academic achievement of our nation’s secondary school students has become an urgent need. Current National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) data indicate that, despite some slow and steady progress in secondary student achievement over the past few decades, many of our secondary school students are still not achieving the academic skills and knowledge required for graduation, postsecondary education, and careers. This is particularly true among students who are entering secondary school, with two in ten scoring below basic proficiency levels in reading, and over three in ten scoring below basic levels in math. In keeping with the tenets of the No Child Left Behind Act that all students attain proficiency in challenging State academic achievement standards, the CTC program will focus program resources on providing effective supplemental instruction to lowachieving students who are entering or enrolled in grades 9 through 12 at high-poverty, low-performing secondary schools. The centers will serve as a valuable resource to struggling students as well as community members. The program is authorized under Title V, Part D, Subpart 11, Section 5511-13 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001. The following is a list of grantees, the size of the awards, and local contact information. Community Technology Centers General Competition ARIZONA Mayer Mayer Unified School District Contact: Bernie Kruse, (928) 632-5057 $339,287

ARKANSAS Forrest City

Forrest City School District Contact: Steve Murray, (870) 261-1859


CALIFORNIA Berkeley Colton Los Angeles Los Angeles Vallejo Visalia Oakland Menlo Park Richmond San Diego San Diego San Lorenzo CONNECTICUT Hartford

The Regents of California Berkeley Contact: Glynda Hull, (510) 301-3600 TCU California Community Partnership Inc. Contact: Luvina Beckley, (909) 890-2626

$434,178 $372,132

Urban Education Partnership $243,144 Contact: Susan Way-Smith, Ph.D., (213) 622-5237 Youth Policy Institute Contact: Dixon Slingerland, (213) 688-2802 Mare Island Technology Academy Contact: Rick Llewelyn, (707) 552-6482 Visalia Unified School District Contact: Scott Smith, (559) 730-7385 ARC Associates Contact: Jose A. Torralba, (510) 834-9455 Opportunities Industrialization Center West, Inc. Contact: Stephen Baiter, (650) 330-6453 City of Richmond Contact: Tamara L. Walker, (510) 965-9201 Pangea Foundation Contact: Kristin M. Berry, (858) 467-9982 San Diego Imperial Counties Labor Council Contact: Mark N. Hanson, (619) 584-5836 San Lorenzo Unified School District Contact: Georgeann E. Hardy, (510) 317-4751 Hartford Public Library Contact: Louise Blalock, (860) 695-6280 Capitol Region Education Council Contact: Scott Nierendorf, (860) 524-4042 $497,175 $342,426 $475,850 $273,262 $469,872 $355,390 $498,000 $466,483 $351,840





Hartford Public Schools Contact: Italia A. Negroni, (860) 695-8457 Southfield Village Resident Council, Inc. Contact: Lisa A. Mangum, (617) 698-6897 Delaware Technical & Community College Contact: Shelby J. Crawford, (302) 857-1410

$445,997 $303,009


Howard University Contact: Rodney D. Green, (202) 806-4433 HAWAII University of Hawaii Contact: Peter W. Dowrick, (808) 956-8741 ILLINOIS Chicago Chicago Franklin County Godfrey INDIANA Indianapolis Indianapolis LOUISIANA Lake Charles New Orleans Northwestern University Settlement Association Contact: Valery De Long, (773) 278-7471 Chicago State University Contact: Patricia A. George, (773) 995-3753



$435,390 $408,334

Franklin/Williamson Regional Office of Education $361,080 Contact: Marla R. Harp, (618) 437-9711 Lewis and Clark Community College Contact: (618) 468-4100 Indiana University Contact: David J. Bodenhamer, (317) 274-2455 Greater Educational Opportunities Foundation Contact: Corrie A. Conner, (317) 524-3779 Calcasieu Parish School System Contact: Sheryl R. Abshire, (337) 437-6150 St. John #5 Baptist Church Contact: Charlene J. Jackson, (504) 288-4388 $296,525

$321,893 $277,519

$351,656 $374,250

MASSACHUSETTS Boston Jewish Vocational Service Contact: Mark Gyurina, (617) 423-8660 MINNESOTA Minneapolis MISSOURI Kansas City NEBRASKA Omaha NEW YORK Long Beach New York New York OHIO Cincinnati OREGON Salem Cornelius PENNSYLVANIA Philadelphia Little Earth of United Tribes Housing Corp. Contact: Ellie C. Webster, (612) 721-2174 Public Television 19, Inc. Contact: Karen Mell, (816) 756-3580 Applied Information Management Institute Contact: Kandace R. Miller, (402) 345-5025 Long Beach City School District Contact: Maryann Norcott, (516) 897-2111 Dominican Women’s Development Center Contact: Hortensia Gonzalez, (212) 740-1929 K-12connect, Inc. Contact: Leslie A. Talbot, (212) 665-0445 Cincinnati Public Schools Contact: Michael Gaines, (513) 363-0188 Chemeketa Community College Contact: Harvey Franklin, (503) 316-3259 Centro Cultural of Washington County Contact: Luis Rodriguez, (503) 359-0446 Temple University of the Commonwealth System of Higher Education Contact: Trevor E. Sewell, (215) 204-3001 People for People, Inc. Contact: Jeremy Tinsley, (215) 235-2340





$263,644 $312,000 $273,800


$357,250 $327,788




Philadelphia PUERTO RICO San Juan

United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania Contact: Lorelei Narvaja, (215) 665-2569 Aspira Incorporated de Puerto Rico Contact: Francisco Feliciano (787) 620-4651



SOUTH CAROLINA Spartanburg Spartanburg Technical College Contact: Floyd V. Hower, (864) 591-3627 Columbia SOUTH DAKOTA Sturgis TENNESSEE Chattanooga Morristown TEXAS Dallas Irving VIRGINIA Fairfax Arlington VIRGIN ISLANDS St. Croix WASHINGTON Seattle United Way of the Midlands Contact: Dedria D. Albritton, (803) 254-2345 Black Hills Special Services Cooperative Contact: Ron Ronsenboom, (605) 347-4467 University of Tennessee Contact: Cynthia D. Wood, (423) 425-4475 Douglas-Cherokee Economic Authority Contact: Cathy W. Kitts, (423) 587-4500 City of Dallas Contact: Daryl D. Quarles, (214) 670-8418 Irving Independent School District Contact: Sheila A. Fernley, (972) 273-6956 Fairfax County Public Library Foundation, Inc. Contact: Ingrid Parris-Hicklin, (703) 324-5518 Urban Alternatives Foundation Contact: Benjamin C. Harris, (703) 228-7794 Virgin Islands Resource Center For the Disabled, Inc. Contact: Rebecca Dedmond, (340) 777-2253 Seattle Public Schools Contact: Jay Iman, (206) 252-0220

$306,007 $376,095


$296,679 $499,612

$328,009 $500,000

$333,747 $330,346



Spokane Yakima WISCONSIN Milwaukee

The Inland Northwest Community Access Group Contact: Karen L. Michaelson, (509) 744-0972


Northwest Learning & Achievements $287,464 Contact: Barbara L. Peterson, (509) 877-9906 Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee Contact: David L. Knutson, (414) 267-8147 $371,563

Community Technology Centers Novice Competition ARIZONA Lakeside Nogales ARKANSAS East Camden CALIFORNIA Los Angeles Modesto San Pedro IDAHO Driggs IOWA Marshalltown Blue Ridge Unified School District Contact: Greg Schalow, (928) 368-5570 Santa Cruz County Schools Consortium Contact: Kelt Cooper, (520) 287-0800 Southern Arkansas University Tech Contact: Robert J. White, (870) 574-4495 Korean American Community Resource Center Contact: Yim H. Chong, (213) 381-1190 Boyer Associates, Inc. Contact: Geni Boyer, (209) 545-2230 Boys and Girls Club of San Pedro Contact: Mike Lansing, (310) 833-1322 Teton County School District Contact: Jo Haddox, (208) 354-8994 Iowa Valley Community College District Contact: Bettie A. Bolar, (614) 752-4645 $277,233 $499,732


$377,000 $484,042 $498,880




Business Education Partnership, Inc. $398,350 Contact: Chuck Simpson, (270) 443-1746


LTC-Delta Ouachita Contact: Margie Mixon, (318) 397-6130


MASSACHUSETTS Boston TechMission, Inc. Contact: Andrew Sears, (617) 282-9798 Roxbury MICHIGAN Detroit MINNESOTA Minneapolis NEW YORK New York City OKLAHOMA Tulsa PENNSYLVANIA Pittsburgh SOUTH DAKOTA Rosebud TENNESSEE Morristown Dimock Community Foundation Contact: Robert Credle, (617) 442-8800 Communities In Schools of Detroit Contact: Janet Ray, (313) 571-3400 La Escuelita Contact: Jennifer Godinez, (612) 870-7057 Grand Street Settlement, Inc. Contact: Margarita Rosa, (646) 201-4212 Tulsa Dream Center, Inc. Contact: Dr. Dennis M. Demuth, (918) 491-7724

$495,000 $414,110





Faith Tech/St. James Episcopal Church $391,700 Contact: Rev. Dr. William J. Geisler, (412) 242-5722 Rosebud Sioux Tribe Education Contact: Cynthia A. Young, (605) 747-2833 Southern Appalachia Community Development Corporation Contact: Cathy W. Kitts, (423) 587-4500 $449,904


TEXAS Anthony

Electric Light Contact: Roman J. Villareal, (915) 886-4083


San Antonio

United Way of San Antonio & Bexar County$299,395 Contact: Mary E. Burns, (210) 352-7028