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Audiences General Public Aquatics Staff Health Professionals Travelers En Español Topics Healthy Swimming A-Z Index RWIs: Recreational Water Illnesses Frequently Asked Questions Health Promotion Materials Training and Education Disinfection and Operation Guidelines Outbreak Response Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers Prevention Materials Disease Tracking/Surveillance Resources by State References and Resources

Healthy Swimming A-Z
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Acanthamoeba Infection Adenovirus Infection Air Quality, Indoor Pools Algal Blooms, Harmful (HABs) Amebiasis (Entamoeba histolytica Infection) Aquatics Staff (General Information for) Aquatics Operators and RWIs Audio Podcasts To Top

Beaches Beaches, EPA Brochure
(PDF, 82 KB)

Contact information
E-mail: Healthy Swimming

Behavioral Science and RWIs (MMWR and EID Articles) Bilharzia (Schistosomiasis) Blood and Vomit Contamination of Pools Boating Safety Body Fluid Spills (Clean Up) Brochures Beaches, EPA Brochure Healthy Swimming
(PDF, 82 KB) (PDF, 1.9 MB)

(PDF, 1 MB)

Healthy Swimming, Spanish Version (En Español) Multi Media Brochure

To Top

Campylobacteriosis (Campylobacter Infection) Cercarial Dermatitis (Swimmer's Itch) Chemicals, Swimming Pool (MMWR and EID Articles) Chlorine and pH (Disinfection) Chlorine Disinfection: Time Table for Killing Common Germs Cholera (Vibrio cholerae Infection)

Cleaning Surfaces Around the Pool Contact Us CPI Training (Certified Pool-Spa Inspector) Cryptosporidiosis (Cryptosporidium Infection) Cryptosporidiosis Facts (For People With Compromised Immune Systems) Cryptosporidiosis Surveillance Cryptosporidium fact sheet
(PDF, 51 KB)

Cyclosporiasis (Cyclospora Infection) To Top

Diagnostic Assistance on Parasitic Diseases Diarrhea Diarrhea and Spreading Illness at the Pool Diarrhea, Chronic Diarrhea, MMWR and EID articles Diarrhea, RWI Fact Sheets Diarrhea, Travelers' Disease Tracking/ Surveillance Diarrhea: What To Do If You Are Ill Disinfection (Chlorine and pH) Disinfection and Operation Guidelines (Aquatics Operators) Dracunculiasis (Guinea Worm Infection) Drinking Water Drinking Water-Associated Outbreaks (Surveillance Summaries) Drowning (Fact Sheet) Drowning Prevention
(PDF, 40 KB)

To Top

E. coli 0157:H7 Electrocution Prevention EID (Emerging Infectious Disease) and MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report) Articles Entamoeba histolytica Infection (Amebiasis) Enteroviruses Environmental Health Services Information Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brochure- beaches En Español To Top
(PDF, 82 KB)

Fact Sheets Cryptosporidium
(PDF, 51 KB)

Crypto for immune compromised Giardia
(PDF, 50 KB) (PDF, 75 KB) (PDF, 43 KB) (PDF, 44 KB)

(PDF, 32 KB)

Hot Tub Rash Media Release Swimmer's Ear

Fasciolopsiasis (Fasciolopsis Infection) Fecal Accident Response Fecal Matter, presence of parasites Foodborne Outbreak Response Frequently Asked Questions To Top

Giardia Fact Sheet
(PDF, 50 KB)

Giardiasis (Giardia Infection) Giardiasis Surveillance Guinea Worm (Dracunculiasis) To Top

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) Head Lice and Swimming Health Professionals Healthy Swimming (General Information) Healthy Swimming Behaviors (6 PLEAs for Swimmers) Hepatitis A Hepatitis E Hot Tub Rash (Pseudomonas Dermatitis) Hot Tub Rash Fact Sheet Hot Tub Rash Outbreak Hydrotherapy Tank and Pool Operation To Top
(PDF, 75 KB)

Injuries (MMWR and EID Articles) Inspector Training (Certified Pool-Spa Inspector) Interactive Fountains, Wet Decks and Spray Pads International Recreational Water (MMWR and EID Articles) Investigation Survey, Environmental Health (For Use in Swimming Pool Outbreak)
(Word, 227 KB)

Irritants (Chloramines) and Indoor Pool Air Quality To Top

Laboratory Diagnostic Assistance on Parasitic Diseases Leptospirosis

Legionellosis (Legionnaire’s Disease and Pontiac Fever) Legionellosis Resources (For Health and Laboratory Professionals) Letters (Samples for Use in Outbreak Situation) To Top

Marine Toxins Media Release (
PDF document, 43 KB)

Meningitis, Aseptic (Viral Meningitis, Enterovirus Infection) MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report) and EID (Emerging Infectious Disease) Articles Molluscum (Molluscum Contagiosum) Mycobacterium avium Complex (MAC) To Top

Natural Bodies of Water (Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers) Naegleria Infection NEEAR Water Study Neurologic Infections (MMWR and EID Articles) Norovirus To Top

Otitis Externa (Swimmer’s Ear) Otitis Externa Fact Sheet (Swimmer’s Ear)
(PDF, 44 KB)

Operation and Disinfection, Swimming Pool (MMWR and EID Articles) Operator Tips (Pools) Operator Tips (Spas)
(PDF, 51 KB) (PDF, 60 KB)

Operator Training Courses Other Illnesses (MMWR and EID Articles) Outbreak Reporting Form Outbreak Response Toolkit Outbreak Response, helpful tips Outbreak Response, Environmental Health Investigation Survey Outbreak Response, Questionnaires (Examples) Outbreak Response, Sample Letters Outbreaks, Drinking Water (Surveillance Summaries) Outbreaks, RWIs (Surveillance Summaries) To Top
(Word, 227 KB) (PDF, 87 KB)

Pediatricians (Prevent RWIs) Pediatricians (talk to parents)
(PDF, 511 KB) (PDF, 148 KB)

pH and Chlorine (Disinfection) Pharyngoconjunctival Fever Physical Activity Pinworm and Swimming Podcasts Pool Operator Tips Pool User Tips
(PDF, 51 KB) (PDF, 64 KB)

Pool-Spa Inspector Training (CD) Posters Prevention, Aquatics Staff (12 steps) Prevention, Swimmers (Swimmer Protection) Prevention Week Pseudomonas Dermatitis (Hot Tub Rash) To Top

Questionnaires (Examples for Use in Outbreak Situation) To Top

Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs) What are they? Where are they found? How are they spread? Why doesn't chlorine eliminate RWI germs? Who is most likely to get ill from RWIs? How can we prevent RWIs? RWI Audio Interview RWI Outbreaks (Surveillance Summaries) RWI Prevention, Aquatics Staff (12 steps) RWI Prevention, Swimmers (Swimmer Protection) RWI Prevention Week RWIs and Aquatics Staff: Why Be Concerned? Reference Manuals References and Resources Respiratory Infections (MMWR and EID Articles) To Top

Salmonella Typhi Infection (Typhoid Fever) Salmonellosis (Salmonella Infection) Schistosomiasis (Bilharzia) Search CDC Shigellosis (Shigella Infection) Six PLEAs for Prevention Skin, Ear, and Eye Infections (MMWR and EID Articles)

Spa Operator Tips Spa User Tips

(PDF, 60 KB) (PDF, 388 KB)

Spanish Version of Healthy Swimming Information Splashpads (Interactive Fountains, Sprayparks, Wet Decks) Sprayparks (Interactive Fountains, Splashpads, Wet Decks) State Programs Sun Exposure, Sunburn, and Skin Cancer Prevention Surfaces and Cleaning Around the Pool Surveillance Summaries Swim Diapers and Swim Pants Swimmer Protection Swimmer's Ear (Otitis Externa) Swimmer's Ear Fact Sheet
(PDF, 44 KB)

Swimmer’s Itch (Cercarial Dermatitis) Swimming (all) To Top

Technical Information Test Strips ( Toxins, Marine Toxoplasmosis (Toxoplasma Infection) Training Courses, Pool Operator Training CD (for Environmental Health Pool Programs) Travelers Travelers' Diarrhea Travelers' Health Twelve Steps for Prevention Typhoid Fever (Salmonella Typhi Infection) To Top
(PDF document, 27 KB)

Viral gastroenteritis (Diarrhea) Vibrio cholerae Infection (Cholera) Vibrio parahaemolyticus Infection Vibrio vulnificus Infection Vomit and Blood Contamination of Pools To Top

Water-Associated Illnesses Waterborne Disease Outbreak Reporting Form
(PDF, 87 KB)

Wet Decks (Interactive Fountains, Splashpads, Sprayparks)

Where are RWIs found? Wound Infections (MMWR and EID Articles) To Top

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