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Is Our Constitution Still Relevant?

The date was February 21, 1787. The young country of America was well on its way as an independent nation, the memory of the great Revolutionary War still fresh in the minds of the people. Everything was perfect, except for the government. The Articles of Confederation was not good enough for this young country. It gave too little power to the central government. That day, the Articles Convention called a meeting to revise the Articles. The delegations of the states met on May 24-25 and a conclusion was made to write the Constitution. Two committees worked together to make a Constitution outline, that satisfied both the large and small states. Three branches of government were established: judicial, executive, and legislative. Each branch balanced out the other to ensure that no one person controlled the entire government. Then on June 21, 1788, the Amendment to the Articles of Confederation were ratified and signed by all thirteen states. This new Constitution gave peace to the unstable and still very young America. But times have changed; many amendments have been added since that day. The question is, is this Constitution still relevant? I answer this question as of my own opinion and do not force my opinion on anybody else. My answer is, that this Constitution is not only relevant, but an essential component to the continued prosperity of the United States of America. This Constitution was based on Christian principles, principles of morality and judgment which are vital to America.

The USA that existed little more than two-hundred years ago has all but vanished. This is expected of the Melting Pot. As more people come from different countries, they bring with them their cultures and ways of life. When they move to America, they dont change. Our great freedoms give them the ability to live nearly the same life they lived in their home country and also give them more opportunities. But difficulties have erupted over the course of time. The Constitution has been revisited, and amended. State and local governments have even managed to twist the Constitution enough to make it sound atheistic. I would like to relate the Constitution to a paper on a bill-board. As time goes on, people come with their own papers that they want to put on the board. They just pin their paper on top of the Constitution. Over time, more and more papers are pinned, and pretty soon the Constitution is completely covered by these added papers. They have the ability to completely shroud the original document. If we look carefully at the Constitution, we will find things that could possibly bring us a better America. We must not forget the important guidelines that our Constitution has given us, things like the three branches of government, the way an election of the President runs, how long the Presidents term is, and the list goes on. It is true that amendments are needed over time, and they are most of the time beneficial. It was an amendment to the Constitution that brought us the Bill of Rights. It was also amendments that abolished slavery and gave black Americans equal rights as American citizens. In conclusion, the Constitution, though old and worn, is the outline of our great nation and is still relevant today.