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How Does Energy Affect Our Health?

Some scientists believe that 95% of all disease is caused by stress, many others who are experienced in working with energy or other alternative fields of treatment are of the belief that underlying emotional issues or trauma which may have been experienced in childhood are the direct cause of all illness. Either way, what we are looking at here is some form of negative emotion which has a recurring effect within the body & the interesting thing is that it is not necessarily present within the conscious or subconscious mind. Rather the focus of energy medicine is on cellular memory & more specifically the destructive patterns which may be set into motion at cellular level as a result of some kind of traumatic or stressful experience. When we consider that our physical form, as indeed all matter, is ultimately comprised of energy & that our every thought is in fact energy, it makes sense that when we experience such an intense force of negative energy, be it in the form of trauma, despair, or a prolonged period of intense stress, that this energy may resonate within our cells for a long time following. This is likely to continue completely unbeknown to us, especially if we have managed to eliminate such memories from our conscious mind, or at least bury them deep under thoughts surrounding more recent goings on. Now, every cell in our body is affected in some way by our every thought & this make it possible to influence our health by breaking negative thought patterns & actually conditioning our minds into positive patterns of thinking. This, however, is a challenging process which takes much discipline & dedication & for someone who recently has recently discovered they have cancer, would likely prove too much for them to even think about. Then there is of course the unlikelihood of many people being open to such treatment suggestions, as most would dismiss this as rubbish or just find it too difficult. I think most people find it far easier to have confidence it some form of medicine or 'something' they can actually swallow, rather than relying on the power of their mind to see their health renewed; this is where this new form of medicine/ supplement comes in perfect! What Is Energy Enhanced Medicine? Once, energetic medicines were said to be the way forward for the future, once a method was discovered to make them a reality, now they are here & since 2008 have proved to be as effective as they were hoped to be... All bodily functioning is ultimately down to energetic frequencies which power all chemical sequences within the body. By manipulating these energetic frequencies we can promote health & healing, as well as cancer fighting capability within the body, at cellular level & beyond. Quantum physicists have played a big part in developing a range of products which actually hold within them vibrational frequencies which will influence the negative frequency at which we are vibrating during times of ill health in various ways. Basically these products work to perfect the vibrational frequencies at the heart of the human energy system & have an immense healing power & positive effect on the functioning of all cells within the body. In addition to this certain products have been further enhanced with some extra ingredients such as essential oils, which are extracted through a patented process, giving that extra kick to their cancer fighting ability! These vibrational frequencies are stored within h20 molecules in water by a process of cold quantum cavitation. Specific frequencies can actually be programed in to the h20 molecules, instructing the cells of the body to act or behave in certain ways which promote healing & various methods to combating cancer cells. Energetic Supplements For Beating Cancer

Below are listed some of the best of these frequency enhanced products we have tested, which are at the forefront of cancer fighting products. The following supplements are like nothing else on the market & I have direct experience in the usage of a variety of products from their supplier, they have never failed to amaze in their effectiveness. Produced by a patent pending process, they are unique & do the job! I have listed them below in order of their energetic testing score, highest first. Quzu & Creation Elixir, however are not as potent as a stand-alone product, but are listed under Vortexia as this is the most effective combination of products when taken together. The numbers in brackets indicate how many bottles should equal one month's supply, depending on the stage of cancer being treated, in the following order: (early stage / advanced / very advanced)

Vortexia (3 / 4 / 4)

Energetic testing on this product has shown it to be the current top stand-alone cancer-fighting & immune system strengthening product. Vortexia is further enhanced with essential oils giving an added kick to it's already powerful composition. Working directly on energy production & communication within each cell & stimulating healthwithin every cell of the body, thereby cells' increased ability to repair & heal themselves from all disease. Molecular, atomic, quantum & vibrational strings level of cellular chemistry show significant improvement from taking Vortexia. The health of already non-cancerous cells show significant improvement, protecting them from becoming cancerous, due to the improvement of cellular energy production brought about by the Vortexing Energies, while this proves fatal for cancerous cells. Cancerous cells are low emitters of energy & this increase in energy production proves to be too much for them to handle & they begin to malfunction & then die a natural death. The fact that the cancer cells die a 'natural death' means that no swelling occurs & so this product is safe to use on all types of cancer, including areas such as the brain, bones & even end-stage. Quzu (3/ 4 / 4) - an ideal product to use along side Vortexia, as they work synergistically together & when Creation Elixir is added on, the energetic power of Vortexia alone is more than doubled. Quzu has three specific roles; firstly to deliver an energetic message to the brain instructing the mass production of endorphins, on a continuous basis. Endorphins are inextricably linked with the immune system & such an increase in their production greatly enhances the ability of the immune system to fight back against the cancer cells. Secondly it massively increases 'life force energy' within the body by carrying a vibrational frequency into the body which directs the speeding up of the vibrations of cellular energy to a far increased rate, which is needed to be able to improve health when a disease such as cancer is present. This product will result in cellular vibrations being almost 4 times what is needed for health, as this method will cause dramatic improvement in health over disease. Lastly it carries an energetic frequency which tells the body to increase cellular glutathione levels, the master antioxident. Quzu actually directs the body to significantly increase cellular glutathione levels, a major breakthrough as getting glutathione into cells is almost impossible by any other method. The addition of Creation Elixir (3 / 4 / 4) to the above two products forms a top combo. in cancer-fighting, immune system strengthening & cellular regeneration. Creation Elixir interrupts the reciprocating pattern of disease & it's energies bring about cellular regeneration. Also, the anti-inflammatory effect means that it is safe to use on cancers where swelling must be avoided.

PrugX (3 / 4 / 6)

Works in a similar way to BLA, only the difference is that it is hydrogen peroxide which builds up inside the cancer cells & then kills them. Cancer cells are specifically targeted as they give out an amount of hydrogen peroxide, the energies in PrugX focus in on this & instruct these cells not to release it. Thereby the cell is overloaded with a fatal amount of hydrogen peroxide which destroys it.

BLA (3 / 4 / 6)

Contains Earth & Hexagonal Energies instilled in water. Acidic pH levels are ideal for the survival & spreading of cancer cells & cancer cells produce energy through fermentation & the break down of sugar which results in high levels of lactic acid being released into the body, affecting the cells around them. The frequencies instilled in BLA instruct cells which are pumping out high levels of lactic acid to

stop this process, meaning that the lactic acid is now contained within the cell which ultimately kills the cell off due to an overload of the lactic acid.

MC (2 / 2 / 3)

A common symptom found in cancer sufferers is severe cellular dehydration. The micro-structured, geometry guided energies of MC aim to micro cluster water in the body, hydrating cells & enabling nutrients to be better transported into cells, as well as toxins out. Hence MC stands for Micro Clustered. In addition to this it is the low hertz reading of MC which gives it further cancer killing ability. Testing showed it to have a hertz reading of just 46, low enough to distrupt all cancer cells & pathogens causing them to die a natural death. PrugX, BLA & MC form the next best combo. as these also work coactively together, found in the combo's section for a discount in purchasing all three. Should you be interested in purchasing or further investigating any of these products you can do so using the search facility on the Manufacturer's Website.