Gay Rights

Sandra Moua

Literacy 11 Ms. Dadly 16 May 2012

Defense of Marriage Act. And we’re winning. Gay Adoptions. was born out of the National Equality March last year and managed by Heather Cronk. but because of the recent activity of the movement gays and lesbians have gained more rights. It’s a complete and total turnoff to a huge segment of the voting population. and GOProud. lesbians. The left seems hell-bent on pulling defeat from the jaws of victory by focusing on this courts-only strategy. even though he got married to his boyfriend Shawn in Georgetown. GetEQUAL. But it’s a state issue. people against gays. DOMA is mainly fighting for Gay Marriages.Moua 1 Gay Liberation Movement Should gays. because gays and lesbians have the right to marry the same and opposite sex in and out of state. and also Gay Execution. . I support marriage equality. Gays in the Military. Christopher Barron states that he supports marriage equally. Look marriage is important to me . and states ought to be able to work through this process. . There are other groups involved in gay rights then just the Gay Liberation Movement like: DOMA. . bisexuals. used it to block further legal protections for gays and lesbians. and transsexuals be granted the same rights and protections as heterosexuals? The Gay Liberation Movement in the United States was formed because of the Stonewall riots in 1969 by many gays and lesbians fighting for their rights for being gay. managed by Chairman Christopher Barron. In the 1980s the onset of AIDS epidemic brought on difficult challenges to the movement because that was when opposing opponents. GetEQUAL and GOProud are both fighting for Gay Marriages.

There are sound reasoning’s. armed forces. because of this the Air Force charged him. with the “Don’t ask. Gays will drop this business about gay marriage and pushing pc rules on the military.Moua 2 GOProud has come up with 3 reasonable arguments to the government about gay rights. and unit cohesion that are the essence of military capability.” GOProud has made reasonable and unreasonable arguments about gay rights especially about Gays in the Military. The truth is that there is actually no “Don’t tell. don’t ask” law. after investigating. for the policy on gays in the military. don’t tell” law passed by Congress in 1993. Many people and states are against the Gay Liberation Movement because they think that ‘A gay lifestyle undermines traditional values and institutions in the country. by prohibiting gays. “Conservations will: 1) stop treating gay sex any differently from premarital sex. good order and disciple. and 3) agree to do something about their hair. The law that Congress really passed in 1993 (USC Section 654. lesbians. 2) stop blaming nice. title 10) states that: The presence in the armed forces of persons who demonstrate a propensity or intent to engage in homosexual acts would create an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale.” Gay rights are not that much welcomed in many states. . . this is often a common mistake. unbigoted ones. . Lieutenant Colonel Victor Fehrenback was dismissed from the Air Force. because he had been identified by someone as gay. of a decorated combat veteran. angry. and bisexuals from serving openly in the United States Military. conservative gays for the [actions of] hateful. leftist gays .

lesbians. bisexuals.Moua 3 “The Supreme Court’s ruling in Lawrence v.” Texas is one of the many states that doesn’t support or allow any gay rights. The people against the Gay Liberation Movement oppose that any gays shouldn’t have rights because they think that a gay lifestyle is unjust for the country. “That a gay lifestyle undermines traditional values and institutions in the country. and transgender people to the list of federal crimes. bisexuals.” Also President Barrack Obama wants to change the laws so gays have more rights. Texas invalidated a Texas law that made sodomy a crime and upheld the privacy rights of people in homosexual relationships.” Those who support gay rights say yes because they state that. lesbians. There are also many states and people that support gay rights. bisexuals. and ethic appeals on the Gay Liberation Movement. Should gays. and transsexuals be granted the same rights and protections as heterosexuals? . and transsexuals be granted the same rights and protections as heterosexuals? Those who oppose any gay rights say no because they state. lesbian. adding acts of violence against gay.” Obama is working hard in order to change many laws to help all kinds of people as well as they can also become an American civilian.” This paper will include logical. For example Massachusetts supports a gay lifestyle because “In 2009 Massachusetts became the first state to allow same-sex marriages. “President Obama signed the Matthew Sheppard Act into law in 2009. emotional. “All people regardless of sexual orientation deserve the same rights and protections. These arguments will change your mind if you say yes or no to the question: Should gays.

and Gays in the Military. then what harm could they do? . discipline. be if nobody knew about them. Texas struck down a Texas law that banned sex between homosexuals. The left has nothing better to offer than riding rough side over the opinions of the majority of servicemen – and repealing the law. bisexuals.S. – Tom Minnery. . and transsexuals being granted the same rights and protections as heterosexuals. and unit cohesion. The opposing side has many arguments against the movement like Tom Minnery: While it may feel good to some that a stigma is lifted from a particular group. lesbians.” Also President Clinton is against gay rights: Don’t ask. good order. Tom Minnery states that being a homosexual or transsexual is wrong because it will create “sexual chaos in our culture.Moua 4 The opposing side for the Gay Liberation Movement oppose against gays. Supreme Court in Lawrence v. They have arguments against gays having rights like Gay Marriage. something else has been lifted: the boundaries that prevent sexual chaos in our culture. homosexual acts might be a risk to the high standards or morale. President Clinton was prepared to agree. . don’t tell is a tribute to our national talent for hypocrisy. The same poll found that 10 percent of respondents would leave the service if gays were allowed openly to serve and another 14 percent would consider leaving. after the U. Yes. . Gay Adoptions. vice president of Focus on the Family.

Gay Adoptions. stoic. In other words. sailors. There are also assumptions that gay soldiers. which is by the testimony of soldiers throughout the ages of the essence of military service. If men aren’t strong they are not considered men. – and being heterosexual. etc. don’t tell policy. they wouldn’t know the difference between brotherly. “My parents are against gays because they think it’s against our religion. about the “repeal” of the “Don’t ask. mistakenly. this is what men think these days. sisterly. for most heterosexual mates. and Marines so often speak.Moua 5 We have to at least take seriously the possibility that this would be the price of treating military service as a human right.” Her parents’ opinion is that they dislike gays because it affects their religion. The non-gays in the military demand not to have gays in the army. shame attends a reputation as much for homosexuality as a weakness or cowardice. Includes the honor of being known for heterosexuality. “being a man” typically does mean for soldiers both being brave. . Gay Marriages. or erotic love. Many people in the military are against gays in the military. as if they’re water boarding and thinking of which side to choose from We also know that most heterosexual males’ ideas of masculinity are inextricably bound up with what we now call sexual orientation. and that. because. and Gays in the Military are very strong issues right now. Many people oppose these issues like parents. These days’ men only think about being stronger than the other. Another way to put this is to say that honor. airmen.

many people support gays. These groups all fight for any kind of gay right like marriage. . Another issue for gays is sexual relationships. that it is exactly the same as the erotic love between men and women. Andrew Sullivan explains. DOMA. and DOMA. Heterosexuals don’t want to be in a homosexual relationship because they might be against it or that they think it’s wrong to be a homosexual. bisexuals. The supporting sides for the Gay Liberation Movement agree that gays. lesbians. . will back off the friendship. and transsexuals as well.” When Andrew was a child he said. that is way they would rather be just friends then close friends with a homosexual. the robust heterosexual. and GOProud. if told that close friendship with another man or women is only a degree away from homosexual relations with him. .Moua 6 Those who are religious are usually going to believe in their religion first. and as the advocates for gay marriages imply. Those who are not homosexuals have always resisted any simple equivalence between sexual love and friendship . GetEQUAL. Like GOProud. adoption. GetEQUAL. Men and women argue that their friends may be gay and thus have closed off being very close friends. and transsexuals should be granted the same rights and protections as heterosexuals. bisexuals. lesbians. and in the military. The homosexual relationships is simple friendship carried to a higher power. “Why Gay Marriage is good for Straight America. These issues are why the opposing population is against the Gay Liberation Movement.

I didn’t learn how to drive. my pride forced me to embrace it. concerting some public veneer to hide in private shame. you simultaneously know that for you. Just like the American’s simple foundational promise: “the pursuit of happiness. lying or euphemizing.’ As Andrew states he knows how it feels to be different. I would be suddenly exiled from what I know: my family.’ I replied. In retrospect. He realized that he might be ‘one of them’ and he felt strange feelings of both the exhilaration or sexual desire and the simultaneous.” Andrew finally went to look for it after he turned twenty-one. playing with his male friends but as he got older he noticed that he was ‘different’ from everyone else.Moua 7 “When I thought about the future. I’m not. my friends. In the future. every household on television. no future home. It was one of those things that struck a chord of such pain. it was a sharp. . ‘No. I lost contact with those friends whose interest suddenly became girls. all I could see was black.” He knows the feelings of being different. It’s hard to convey what that feeling does to a child. there is no family.” Andrew was always a cheerful boy. ‘I like my freedom.’ she said. At the very moment you become aware of sex and emotion. displacing wound to the psyche. and somewhere I began to die. every end to every romantic movie I’d even seen. My grandmother crystallized it in classic and slightly cruel English fashion: ‘you’re not the marrying kind. because of what Andrew felt “I stayed from parties. soul-splintering panic that he was going to live alone his whole life.

and nearly all other rights to ‘life. . multiple divorcées. The U. It has ruled that no dimidiation may be put on it for anyone – deadbeat dads. citizen or even traveler. and to this category the right to home and marriage unquestionably belongs’ . liberty. ‘basic civil rights of man. like the right to vote.Moua 8 After he experienced his first time of what love is he started to think that being ‘different’ isn’t evil. bestowed by the Declaration of Independence itself.S. Even political rights. noncitizens.’ Barrack Obama is a historic American figure not because he is black. He married with his husband and also started to support the Gay Liberation Movement with helping them with arguments.’ In this quote it states that we the people have the right to pursuit “life. Hannah Arenelt wrote in 1959 that ‘the right to marry whoever one wishes is an elementary human right . it has decided that prisoners on death row have a right to marry. as a core. Supreme Court has upheld the right to marry for everyone. . inalienable right. felons. . The court has ruled that the right to marry precedes the Bill of Rights. liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence.” Everyone is born with this right. . so why is it so wrong to pursuit your own life and happiness? . fundamental to our very existence and survival. even if they can never consummate it. and happiness. but because he is the pursuit of happiness that marriage represented.

bisexual. Another issue is being gay itself. This quote states that some nations won’t rule gays any rights and they execute you for being gay. Many are treated with contempt and violence by their fellow citizens while authorities empowered to protect them look the other way or. lesbian. beaten. Saudi Arabia and Yemen South Sudan. Currently. and transsexuals as “not human” for not recognizing they are also “human”. while if religious extremists have their way. and transsexual people. bisexuals. They are denied opportunities to work and learn. Five nations still outlaw homosexuality and carry out executions of gay.S. Uganda my become the seventh. as a result of their hard effort. group Human Rights First.Moua 9 If the government agrees to the people’s rights to pursuit life. . They are arrested. even join with the abuse. may become the sixth nation to do so. terrorized. the Republic of Sudan. and even executed. too often. six states has approved gay marriages. Mauritania. the nations that prescribe capital punishment for homosexuality are Iran. the world’s newest country. driven from their homes and countries. according to a recent report by the U. liberty and happiness why won’t they agree to gay rights? Gays are born into this world with the same rights as anybody else but the government has labeled gays. gays have been fighting for their rights. because of these issues. and forced to suppress or deny who they are to protect themselves from harm. lesbians.

Well in reality. They’re more issues then just this one like: one issue is that some people have suggested that gay rights and human rights are separated and distinct. And that is why gay rights and human rights are gay rights. and therefore people outside the West have grounds to reject it. soldiers and athletes. all faiths.” Another issue is a question of whether homosexuality arises from a part of the world. and transgender people. Gays are working harder than anyone to gain rights for themselves. religious. human beings born free and given bestowed equality and dignity. being LGBT does not make you less human. bisexual. they are our family. like being a racial. and whether we know it. why they should pursuit life. or whether we acknowledge it. and why they shouldn’t be executed for just being a human being that’s just a little different from others. and bankers. they are doctors and teachers. which is now one of the remaining human rights challenges of our time. “Like being a woman. They are all ages. . they have many groups that go to government and states to state why they should have rights.Moua 10 I am talking about gay. lesbian. farmers. liberty and happiness. and our neighbors. Some seems to believe it is a Western phenomenon. who have a right to claim that. gay people are born into and belong to every society in the world with human rights. all races. our friends. but in fact they are one and the same. tribal. or ethnic minority.

. expelling them from their families and communities. this issue arises when people cite religious or cultural values as a reason to violate or not protect the human rights of LGBT citizens. On the morning of December 10. they revisited. “How would it feel if it were a crime to love the person I love? How would it feel to be discriminated against for something about myself that I cannot change?” This is how gays feel deep inside. delegates from six continents devoted themselves to drafting a declaration that would enshrine the fundamental rights and freedoms of people everywhere. . . 48 nations voted in favor. the people. 1948. they wrote. the people also celebrate Human Right’s Day to show out great accomplishments on the last century. do our part to bring the world to embrace human rights for all people including LGBT people? “At the Human Rights Council in March. rewrote. for thousands of hours. “Criminalizing their status or behavior. the UN General Assembly called for a vote on the final text. eight abstained. They discussed. Beginning in 1947.Moua 11 A third issue is perhaps the most challenging. and they incorporated suggestions and revisions from governments. how are we. or tacitly or explicitly accepting their killing” A fourth issue is what history teachers us gays about how they make progress towards rights for all. revised. organizations. none dissented.” We. A fifth and final issue is in a form of a question. 85 countries from all regions supported a statement calling for an end to criminalization and violence against gay people because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. and individuals around the world.

it is about being an American. I don’t agree with everybody on everything . Many people want this law changed but gays have fought long and hard for their rights and will break many rules to gain their more rights for gays. it’s a party. Just like how Barron and Sullivan said. we have to argue and fight for our own rules to come true.Moua 12 And the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted. This concludes this paper for the Gay Liberation Movement fighting for gay rights. . your friends. or transsexual. “Just like being gay is no longer necessarily about being an outsider. “This isn’t a policy event . It proclaims a simple yet powerful idea: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. or your neighbors could be gay. bisexual. . We don’t live in a world of absolutes.” – Barron. They both state that being gay is being part American and that we aren’t born without our own personal rules.” – Sullivan. lesbians. lesbian. your family. That is why if you support gays your should be helping out with their arguments. . . and transsexuals. . you should be doing anything in your own way to help out because for all you know you. bisexual. and form other groups. .

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