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English Translation Prof N.N. Krishna Rau (1905-1964) & V.B. Choudhary

Graha Samaya Cheshta

Prabhakara Daivagna)

Translators hope that the public will appreciate their usefulness and importance and therefore published on a web site. Graha Samaya Cheshta. Kerala Sutras. Sarwartha Chintamani and few other bound together into one volume (size of half the modern Dictionary) came into possession of the above mentioned translators from a practicing Sidhanti Astrologer of Andra Pradesh during the latter half of the 19th century. Udu Dasa Phala Padhati. Sarwajna Bhooshana. These books are: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) Gopala Ratnakara.Introduction The 11 books plus Acharya Vararuch’s Jataka Ashta Varga. Jataka Yogavali. Jataka Chandrika. Hora Anubhava Darpana. Bhaskara Bhava Deepika. Dasa Nirnaya. Note on Angaraka Dosha. This book contains full English Translation of Graha Samaya Cheshta out of the eleven small books under possession of translators. Bhava Chandrika. Graha Samaya Cheshta details the 27 cheshtas of planets and their application to Maha Dasas. .

3/27 or 3rd cheshta 3 x 16 = 48 divided by 6 = nil balance which means 6 or 6th subcheshta. it is multiplied by 16 Jupiter's Major Period Years. The status of Ascendant is taken-up by Moon as stated in that book. 16 x 10 = 160 divided by 27 = 5-25/27 OR 25th Cheshta is indicated.146 = 246 divided by 27 = 9 . -1- . the degree occupied by the Ascendant has to be deducted from the degree occupied by the planet. Broadly speaking. since 10 is not divisible by 27. 25 x 16 = 400 divided by 6 = 66-4/6 OR 4th sub-cheshta. Therefore. 360+32 = 392 . Method II Jupiter has traversed 32 degrees from Aries. Moon has traversed 146 degrees from Aries. Discarding the mirror is an act done only after one is fully satisfied with one's dressing.Method 1: Desired Planet : Jupiter Number of the sign in which the desired planet is standing = 2 Jupiter is standing in Taurus in Rasi Chakra. Planetary Number = 5 Number of years of Major Period for Jupiter = 16 2 sign in which planets is standing x 5 planetary number = 10. the cheshtas under both the methods indicate that the native will achieve all his ambitions and cherished desires during Jupiter's Major Period. Under Method I. we get 25th cheshta Sambhoga and under Method II the cheshta obtained was " Applying CasteMark on Forehead" and the sub-cheshta "discarding the mirror". In this method.

. with corresponding major period effects. The following tabulation gives the 27 main cheshtas. There's no doubt that this forms part of the Secrets of Hindu Astrology. Shudhi Samaya Mrithikasoucham Dhanta Dhavanam Mukha Prakshalanam Seethamba snanam Ushnodaka snanam Abhyanjana snanam 2. a student has been asked to use his intelligence on the Main and sub-Cheshta occurring and find out the effects of the Major Period.***45 years down the line. Yet. as also the names of the sub-cheshtas :Cheshta Sub-Cheshta 1. for many of whom. for the exact quantum/nature of major period have not been defined in precise terms. the famous author of this methodology. who do not have implicit faith in Astrology that the method enunciated above is but crude or antiquated way of deciding upon the goodness of a major period. in the last sloka to this chapter. we can look back at it and realise the truth ---Publisher It may look. Shri Prabhakara Daivagna asserts that this method has the full sanction of astrological giants like Narada. Further. Vastra Dharanam Vastra nayanam Vastra grahanam Vastra dharanam Pada prakshalanam Sudha Achamanam Kara prakshalanam Washing hands Meaning in English Major Period Effects Cleansing Time Cleaning with mud Cleaning the teeth Washing Face Bath in cold water Bath in hot water Oil Bath Dressing-up Bringing clothes Taking up the clothes Wearing clothes Washing feet Sipping water as enjoined in religion Courage Kingly status -2- .

Vishnu archanam Sitting Down Cleaning the floor Finding materials for Pooja Finding seat Doing pranayam .3. Upa Vesanam Bhoo shudhi Yantra Kalpanam Peetha sthapanam Pranayamam Mantra syapaha 5. Oupasanadikam Agniya nayanam Agniya avahanam Ahuti kshepanam Parishechanam Agni upasthanam Atmanga ropanam 7. Siva Pooja Mrithika nayanam Linga kriya Siva avahanam Siva archana Siva pradakshinam Udwasanam 6.breath control Reciting hymns Prayer for Lord Shiva Bringing clay Moulding clay into an idol Invoking Siva Worshipping Siva Going round the image Removing spirit from the image Worship of fire Bringing fire Invoking spirit in the fire Offering ghee to fire Encircling fire with water Shifting the container with fire Taking the spirit into one's soul Worshipping Lord Vishnu Success Failure & Sorrow Success Success -3- . Pundra Dharanam Tilaka nayanam Tilaka grahanam Pundra dharanam Darpana darshanam Applying Castemark on Forehead Bringing Castemark Holding Castemark on hand Applying Castemark on Forehead Looking into mirror Well being Amodhanam Darpanasya visarjanam Satisfying that decoration is okay Discarding mirror 4.

Adri Pradakshinam Udhyoga Nirgama Madhya margam Giri pravesha Seva Poverty -4- . towards place of action Circumnabulation around light Starting circumnabulation Circumnabulation without object In middle course Entering sacred place Worshipping Acquire Authority Success & Prosperity 10. Namaskara Sarva Namaskara Prachina namaskara Dakshina namaskara Pratichina namaskara Udichina namaskara Upasthana namaskara Cleaning vessels Pouring water over Offering water Worshipping Lord Vishnu Offering Naivedya/food to deity Meditation Worshipping Brahmins Washing Brahmins' feet Offering water Offering Castemark etc. Vipra aradhanam Pada prakshalanam Arghyam Alamkaranam Aradhana Pradakshinam Pranamaha 9. Worshipping Going round in circumnabulation Bowing before Brahmins Bowing in reverence Bowing in reverence to all Bowing in reverence towards East Bowing in reverence towards South Bowing in reverence towards West Bowing in reverence towards North Bowing in rev.Patra shudhi Abhisheka Arghyadikam Vishnu Pooja Naivedya arpanam Dhyana 8.

Vidya Parishrama Vidwat Sallapa Prasanga Ekanta chintana Grantha sravana Pravachana Kavitwa 15.Abhi veshtanam 11. Akrisha Bhrutye Kopa Enjoyments Efforts at study Taking up books Discussion Thinking one-pointedly Hearing others read a book Explanation Wisdom Anger Anger towards servants Higher Education Anger -5- . Atidhi Satkara Atidhi pratishta Atidhi sanmana Atidhi upavesha Anna dana Atidhi sruthi Going round and round Worshipping Vaisva Installing fire Decorating fire Feeding boiled food Pouring ghee Offering water Offering other items Welcoming Guests Getting guests seated Offering presents Requesting them to be seated Saluting them Offering food Praising guests Taking food Consuming rice Consuming rice with liquids Consuming sweets Consuming chosen/favourite food Consuming food with relatives Inauspicious Effects Enjoyments 13. Vaisva Devaha Agni pratishta Agni alamkara Havishyam Ghritabhi haranam Jala danam Bali haranam 12. Bhojana Sudha anna paka Soopa anna bhojana Mrishtanna bhojana Vyanjana bhojana Ishtanna bhojana Sabandhu bhojana 14.

Tamboola Tamboola nayana Kramukha bhakshana Tamboola charvana Gandha Dravya Swada Priya Sallapa Hasya 17. Nrupa Lapkya Prakrutya gamanam Nyaya vichara Mantri Yoga Karya alochana Raja karya Rajya vaibhava 18.Prayana kopa Alasya kopa Bhanga kopa Ajna bhanga Mana kheda 16. Prayana Sabhato gamana Yana nayanam Vahana rohanam Prayanam Ava rohanam Vihara 19. Jala Panam Teertha panam Paya panam Phala ahara Anger on journey Anger due to delay Anger due to obstacles Obstructing orders Sorrowful Consuming betel-leaf Taking Tamboola Consuming Tamboola Chewing Tamboola Consuming spices Fondling Humour Political thoughts Arrival of Ministry Enquiring what is right With Ministers Thinking what to do Working for King Regal splendour Travel Early morning journey Bringing vehicle Getting into conveyance Travel Getting down from conveyance Getting inside house Breakfast Drinking water Drinking liquids Consuming fruits Enjoyments with women Success Happiness & Prosperity Happiness & Prosperity -6- .

Vyanjana sevanam Bhakshya Khadanam Gandooshaha 20. Alamkaranam Gandha lepana Pushpa alamkriti Suvastra dharana Bhooshana dharana Consuming semi-liquids Consuming eatables Consuming finishing drinks Laziness Gambling Pleasing beggars Greeting Controlling senses Massaging parts of body Remaining steady Lying down Arranging bed Entering bedroom Thinking of incidents Lying down Listening to Gita Pleasantness Drinking Nectar Getting milk Getting out of bed Inspecting nectar Drinking nectar Enjoying attentively Enjoying Make-up Applying sandal Decorating with flowers Wearing good dress Wearing ornaments Great Fear Loss of Lustre Great Contentment Acquaintances with high personalities -7- . Amrita Pana Ksheero'dyoga Sayodhanam Amrita sodhana Amrita Pana Parijanotsavam Anand anubhava 23. Sayana Khatwadya alamkara Sayoopa vesha Karya vimarshanam Sayanam Gita sravanam Ullasa 22. Alasya Dhyootam Yachaka thoshanam Aseervada Jaamitani vartanam Anga mardhana Sthabda cheshta 21.

Stree Sallapa Rahasya Sallapa Prema lapa Vakrokti Alinganam Chumbana Vinoda vadyam 25. Nidra Ayasa Nidra Swapna Chintanam Gadha Nidra Alpa Nidra Unmeelanam 27. Parikshanam Sukha Dukha Pariksha Vishaya pariksha Dravya pariksha Yudhopakaranam Bahu Karya Vimarshanam Kartavya chintanam Satisfaction at make-up Removing excess Fondling/company of women Fondling secretly Fondling secretly in love Evasive talk Embracing Kissing Making noises that please Union with opposite sex Outer love Inner love Clasping Emission Lying together Separation Sleep Tired sleep Dreaming Thinking Deep sleep Nap or Short sleep Waking up Checking-up Checking pros/cons Checking things Checking cash/coins Getting ready for action Thinking of various objects Thinking of what to do next Enjoyments with women Marriage & Children Loss of Happiness Financial Gains -8- . Sambhoga Bahya Rati Antara Rati Bandhana Skandana Saha sayya Visarjanam 26.Soundarya cheshta Adhikanam visarjanam 24.

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