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Paper Business Policy & Strategy Project Planning & Evaluation Entrepreneurship Development International Business Management Project Report and Viva-Voce Environmental Science Total

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10 w.e.f. Academic Session 2010-2011

Major Strategy options – Stability. Strategic Management Process: Formulation Phase – Vision.GURU GOBIND SINGH INDRAPRASTHA UNIVERSITY. Reference Books 1. Kazmi. Scope and Importance of Business Policy. K. Strategic Advantage Profile. Forecasting. Diversification. Implementation phase – Strategic Activities.e. Strategic Management and Business Policy. DELHI BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (BBA) BBA 302: Business Policy & Strategy L-4 T-0 Credits-4 Objectives: The course aims to acquaint the students with the nature. Course Contents Unit I Lectures:-14 Introduction: Nature. ETOP a Diagnosis Tool. 8th Edition. (2005). Strategic Planning and Strategic Management. Growth and Expansion. Approaches to the Environmental Scanning Process – Structural Analysis of Competitive Environment. Sultan Chand & Sons. scope and dimensions of Business Policy and Strategy Management Process. Ghosh. McGraw Hill Education. Leadership and Resource Allocation. (2008). Characteristics and Categorization of Environmental Factors. Retrenchment. Unit IV Lectures:-14 Formulation of Strategy: Approaches to Strategy formation. Text Books 1. Evaluation and Control. Mission. Azhar. Mixed Strategy. P. Strategic Planning and Management. Long-Range Planning. 3rd Edition. 59 w. Walker. Environmental Scanning. Unit II Lectures:-12 Environmental Analysis: Need. Objectives and Strategy. Methods of Analysis and Diagnosing Corporate Capabilities – Functional Area Profile and Resource Deployment Matrix. Stop-Light Strategy Model. 1st Edition. Directional Policy Matrix (DPM) Model. Product/Market Evolution – Matrix and Profit Impact of Market Strategy (PIMS) Model. Unit III Lectures:-12 Analysis of Internal Resources: Strengths and Weakness. Gordon. SWOT analysis. Strategic Advantage Analysis. Resource Audit.f. Choice of Strategy – BCG Model. Evolution. 2. New Delhi. (2006). Major Issues involved in the Implementation of strategy: Organization Structure. Academic Session 2010-2011 . Value-Chain Approach to Internal Analysis.. Modern Competitive Strategy. McGraw Hill Education.

Weelen. (2008). 3. Excel Book. Strategic Management : Concepts and Cases . (2009).f.2. (2008). David. 60 w. Strategy Management and Business Policy. Prentice hall of India 4. 12th Edition.e. Academic Session 2010-2011 . Fred. 12th edition. Appar Rao C. Pearson Education. Concepts in Strategic Management and Business Policy.

Raising Venture Capital. Project Control. Human Aspects of Project Management. Academic Session 2010-2011 . Cost of Production. Objectives of Capital Budgeting. Characterization of Market. 1st Edition. financing. Determination of the Critical Path. Equity Capital.Progress Projects. Projected Cash Flow Statement. Decision and Other Techniques Text Books 1. Plant Capacity. Levels of Decision Making. Term Loans.f. Uncertainties in Demand Forecasting. Simulation. Network Techniques: Development of Project Network. Projected Balance Sheet UNIT-II Lectures:-12 Market and Demand Analysis: Conduct of Market Survey. Unit IV Lectures:-6 Risk and Analysis Uncertainty: Using Sensitivity. Project Review and Administrative Aspects: Control of In. Cost of Project. DELHI BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (BBA) BBA-304 PROJECT PLANNING AND EVALUATION L-4 T-0 Credits –4 Objectives: The basic objective of this course is to familiarize the students with the various aspects of Projects and key guidelines relevant to project planning. feasibility Study. Network Cost System. Scheduling when Resources are limited.GURU GOBIND SINGH INDRAPRASTHA UNIVERSITY. Demand Forecasting. Profitability Projections. CPM Model (Simple Practical Problem of Crashing). analysis. . Working Capital Requirement and its Financing. UNIT-III Lectures:-16 Project Management: Forms of Project Organization. 61 w.e. Techniques of Capital Budgeting. Technical Arrangements. (2009). selection. Phases of Capital Budgeting. Types of Capital Investments. Pinto. Capital Allocation Framework: Financing of Projects: Capital Structure. Raising Capital In International Markets. LFT. Product Mix. Total Float). Project Management. Preference Capital. Estimates of Sales and Production. Miscellaneous Sources. Facets of Project Analysis. Course Contents UNIT I Lectures:-18 Project Planning Overview: Capital Investments: Importance and Difficulties. Mean of Financing. PERT Model. LST. EFT. Project Planning. Debentures. Market Planning Technical Analysis: Manufacturing Process/ Technology. Internal Accruals. Location and Site. implementation and review. Post Completion Audits. Time Estimation (Simple Practical Problem with EST. Pearson Education.

Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Project Management. Tata Mc Graw Hill Publishing Company. Prentice Hall of India. Management Accounting & Financial Control. 7th edition. 4 Panneerselvam. Projects: Planning. Reference Books 1 Chandra.. S. (2009). McGraw Hill Education. Analysis. Prasanna. and Senthilkumar. Implementation and Review. R. Project Management: Strategic Financial Planning Evaluation and Control. Sultan Chand & Sons. Financing. Academic Session 2010-2011 . Project Management.N. Patel (2009). M.e.. 1st Edition. Ltd. P.2. 3 Bhavesh. 62 w. 14th edition. S. 2 Choudhury. (2007). Maheshwari. (2007). (2009)..f.

Reference Books: 1. External Environmental Analysis Economic. Delhi. Otes. Text Books: 1. McGraw Hill Education. Robert and Peters. Michael.f. 2. Chandra. Generation of Employment Opportunities. Venture Capital Sources and Documentation Required. Entrepreneurship Development: An Analytical Study. Competitive factors. Theduri. Emergence of Entrepreneurial Class. David. 1st edition. Relevance and Achievements. Social responsibility. Unit III Lectures:-14 Entrepreneurial Behaviour: Innovation and Entrepreneur. Their Role. Jaico Books Publishing House. Course Contents Unit I Lectures:-12 Introduction: The Entrepreneur: Definition. Social and Technological. 3. (2002). Charantimani. Pearson Education. 4. Bringing about Social Stability and Balanced Regional Development of Industries: Role in Export Promotion and Import Substitution.. Forex Earnings. Complimenting and Supplementing Economic Growth. New Delhi. Theories of Entrepreneurship. (2003). 5th Edition. Legal requirements of establishment of a new unit and Raising of Funds. New Delhi. A Guide to Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship. DELHI BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (BBA) BBA-306 Entrepreneurship Development L-4 T-0 Credits –4 Objectives: It provides exposure to the students to the entrepreneurial cultural and industrial growth so as to prepare them to set up and manage their own small units. Unit II Lectures:-12 Promotion of a Venture: Opportunity Analysis. Ravi. Role of Government in Organizing EDP’s Critical Evaluation. Vikas Publishing House. Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Psychotheories. 2. Entrepreneurship Development and Small Business Enterprise. Entrepreneurial Success: A Psychological Study. Kaulgud. 63 w. (2004). Unit IV Lectures :-14 Role of Entrepreneur: Role of an Entrepreneur in Economic Growth as an Innovator. Akansha Publishing House. Academic Session 2010-2011 .e. (2003). Sterling Publication Pvt.GURU GOBIND SINGH INDRAPRASTHA UNIVERSITY. Hisrich. Aruna. Entrepreneurial Development Programmes (EDP): EDP. Balaraju. Entrepreneurship Management. (2006). (2004). Delhi. Ltd.

Rationale for Globalization. IBRD. Multidimensional view of Competitiveness. Recent development in corporate social responsibility and policy implications. Development. Motivating employees in the global context and managing groups across cultures. World Bank. 2. Challenges and Opportunities. Definition. Text Books 1. DELHI BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (BBA) BBA-308 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT L-4 T-0 Credits-4 Objectives: The basis objective of this course is to provide understanding to the students with the global dimensions of management. (2010). Trade Barriers. International Business Management. Multicultural management. Sharan. Gary.K.f. Globalization with social responsibility. Course Contents UNIT I Lectures:-14 Overview: International Business. Globalization and Foreign Investment. International Business Theories.GURU GOBIND SINGH INDRAPRASTHA UNIVERSITY. Impact of Globalization. 2nd edition. Tamer. Diffusion. Meaning. Technology Transfer. Liberalization and Unification of World Economics. Knight. Performance Appraisal and compensation. IMF. 1st Edition. IDA. Meaning and Importance of International Competitive Advantage. Macro Environmental Risk Assessment.Selection. (2010). UNIT II Lectures:-12 Globalization: Technology and its Impact. Nature. Need for Risk Evaluation. Social responsibility of TNC. International Business: Strategy. Concept.Managing Diversity within and across Cultures. Technology Generation. Cross border Merger and Acquisitions. Types of Strategies used in Strategic Planning for achieving Global Competitive Advantage. Country Risk analysis. Global Human Resource Management. 64 w.Introduction.Introduction. Academic Session 2010-2011 . (2008). Dissemination and Spill Over. International Business. IFC. Pearson Education. national FDI Policy Framework. Enhancing Technological Capabilities.Tariff and Non Tariff Barriers. Corporate governance. Reference Books 1. Excel Books. Financial Integration.Introduction FDI. Existing International Arrangements. Scope. Cavusgil. Trends. Pearson Education. Management and the New Realities.Financial Perspectives: International Monetary Systems and Financial Markets. Sinha P.e. FPI. UNIT III Lectures:-12 Strategy making and International Business: Structure of Global Organizations. UNIT IV Lectures:-14 Socio Cultural Environment. Concept and scope of Distinctive Competitive Advantage.

Strategy and Behaviour. R. Luthans. McGraw Hill Education. F. International Management: Managing Across Borders and Culture. Doh.f.. Pearson Education. (2008). Deresky. Hodgetts. International Management: Culture. K. 65 w. Pearson Education. Aswathappa.2.e. 3.. 4. (2008).. Jonathan. Academic Session 2010-2011 . (2010). International Business.

66 w. DELHI BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (BBA) BBA-310 PROJECT REPORT AND VIVA VOCE L-0 T-0 Credits-6 During the sixth semester each student shall undertake a project to be pursued by him / her under the supervision of an Internal Supervisor to be appointed by the Director / Principal. The Project Report in duplicate along with one soft copy in a floppy will be submitted at least four weeks prior to the commencement of the End Term Examination of the Sixth Semester. Project Report shall carry 100 marks. These shall be evaluated by an External Examiner appointed by the University for 50 marks and for the rest of the 50 marks by an Internal Board of Examiners to be appointed by the Director / Principal of the Institution. This internal Board of Examiners shall comprise of a minimum of two Internal Faculty Members.f. Academic Session 2010-2011 .GURU GOBIND SINGH INDRAPRASTHA UNIVERSITY. Both the subject and the name of the Supervisor will be approved by the Director / Principal of the Institution.e.

f. Geosphere – Biosphere and Hydrosphere introduction. Global Warming and Climate Change. its Impact. Composting. 4. River Action Plan. Role of Judiciary in Environmental Protection. 1972 and Agenda 21. Introduction to Indian Environmental laws: Legal framework: . Notification of MOEF. 1981. Academic Session 2010-2011 . Kyoto Protocol. Introduction to ISO 9000 and 14000 Standards. Air Pollution: Air Pollution and Air Pollutants. 6.16 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management System (EMS): Introduction to EIA. Delhi Environment Law. Major issues of Biodiversity. Emergence of Environmental Issues. Waste Water Management. 1974. Green House Effect. 1972. To gain an understanding of the concepts fundamental to environmental science 2. To understand the complexity of ecosystems and possibly how to sustain them 3. WTO. International Protocols. the Indian Penal Code. International Agreement on Environmental Management. DELHI BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (BBA) BBA-312 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE L-4 T-0 Credits-4 Objectives 1. To understand current and controversial environmental issues and possible solutions to environmental problems and their pros and cons. To understand major environmental problems including their causes and consequences. COURSE CONTENTS Unit I Lectures. Sources of Air Pollution and its Effect on Human Health and Vegetations. To understand the relationships between humans and the environment. Stockholm Conference on Environment. Unit II Lectures. Ground and Surface Water Pollution. Hazardous Waste Management. Unit III Lectures. Hydrological Cycle. Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act. Environment (Protection) Act. . Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution ) Act. To understand how social issues and politics impact the environment.GURU GOBIND SINGH INDRAPRASTHA UNIVERSITY. Conservation of Bio-Diversity Concept of sustainability and international efforts for environmental protection: Concept of Sustainable Development. 5. Biomedical Waste Management. 1986. Wild Life (Protection) Act.14 Ecosystems and how they work: Types of Eco-Systems. Land Fill Sites etc. 67 w.e.16 Pollution and Public Policy Water Pollution: Water Resources of India. Solid Waste: Management – and Various Method Used. Methods of Water Conservation and Management.

Manju.UNIT IV Hours 6 Field work / Case Studies: Visit to a related site – river / urban / rural or industrial and demonstration project including water bodies. A. Social Auditing of Environmental Law in India. (2008). Pearson Education. Infrastructure and Biodiversity Conservation. Prickett. Don. Armin.e. and Glenn T. materials and statutes. Nath. (2007).The Competitive Advantage of Environmental Management. 2. Divan. ************ 68 w.C. Ian A. Oxford University Press. Gupta N. Text Books 1. Environmental Law and Policy in India.f. (2008). Florida 2. Sayre. 3. edited book. Shyam and Rosen Ceranz. Environment Studies. Inside ISO 14000. (2006). Cases. St Lucie Press Delray Beach. Environment Studies. Pearson Education. Academic Session 2010-2011 . Bowles.. New Century Publications. 4. Basat.. Reference Books 1. Oxford University Press.. Footprints in the Jungle: Natural Resource Industries.(2001).

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