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Civil Engineering Dictionary Technical meaning of Civil Eng.



Civil Engineering Formulas Chapter 1: . Contains all the essential formulas and equations civil engineers need for a wide variety of design applications.Civil Engineering Formulas Updated! Add more formulas.

the SI units are much more widely used than those of the USCS.1 Commonly Used USCS and SI Units * USCS unit square foot cubic foot pound per square inch pound force foot pound torque kip foot gallon per minute kip per square inch SI unit square meter cubic meter kilopascal newton newton meter kilonewton meter liter per second megapascal SI symbol m2 m2 kPa Nu N-m kN-m L/s MPa Conversion factor ** 0.1 were obtained from Table 1. For a typical engineering practice. Hence. TABLE 1. 4.an actual tablewould be many times this length.3. Recognize -here and now. The SI unitsshown in Table 1.2 from Table 1.06309 6.89 * This table is abbreviated.such as Table 1. To permit even wider use of this text. Insert. 5.the unit from the othersystem.Conversion Factors for Civil Engineering Practice Conversion Factors Civil engineers throughout the world accept both the United States Customary System (USCS) and the System International (SI) units of measure for both applied and theoretical calculations. opposite each known unit. 2. Table 1.3.356 1. 3. For engineers unfamiliar with either system of units. both the USCS and the SI units are presented for essentially every formula in this book. Inserteach appropriate value in Table 1. Find.355 0. Prepare a list of measurementscommonly used in yourdaily work. this chapter contains the conversion factors needed to switch from one system to the other. Numerical conversion is simple. the value used to convert from USCS to SI units.3 by theengineer.1 shows such a list of USCS units withcorresponding SI units and symbols prepared by a civilengineer who normally uses the USCS. the user of the book can apply the formulas with confidence anywhere in the world.894 4.that the most difficultaspect of becoming familiar with a new system of meas-urement is becoming comfortable with the names andmagnitudes of the units. Thus. However.0929 0. from a table of conversion factors. ** multiply USCS unit by this factor to obtain SI unit . Apply the conversion valueswherever necessary for theformulas in this book. once you have set up your own conversion table.448 1.2831 6. we suggests the following steps for becoming acquainted with the unknown system: 1.

The International System of Units (SI). or National Bureau of Standards.309 E-02 6.046873 E+03 2. TABLE 1. For a positive exponent.when using formulas containing a numerical constant.to convert the constant to that for the system you are using.3 Factors for Conversion to SI Units of Measurement * To convert from acre foot.S. the factor to be used to convert square feet to square meters.806650 E+04 1. m pascal.831685 E-02 * This table contains only selected values. acre ft acre angstrom atmosphere.09290304. 9. for the square foot conversion factor. m meter. simply use the dimensional substitution. atm (technical =1 kgf/cm2) bar To cubic meter.3. use the formula for the USCS units (when the formula is given in those units) and then convert the final result to the SI equivalent using Table 1. TABLE 1.290304 E-02 3.013250 E+05 9. Pa .8. Pa pascal. Department of the Interior Metric Manual. followed by a positive or negative number. both available from the U.04687310004046.767990 E+04 6.894757 4.048 E-01 2. You can.046873 E+03 1.00001638706 m3 = 27.2 Typical Conversion Table * To convert from square foot foot per second squared cubic foot pound per square inch gallon per minute pound per square inch pound force kip per square foot acre foot per day acre cubic foot percubic meter persecond To square meter meter per second squared cubic meter kilogram per cubic meter liter per second kilopascal newton pascal cubic meter per second square meter cubic meter per second Multiply by ** 9. For the few formulas given in SI units. Thus.2903041/1000. representing the power of 10 by which the given conversion factor is to be multiplied before use.00001638706 m3.the reverse procedure should be used. m 3 2 Multiply by 1.680.448222 4.Be careful. Where a conversion factor cannot be found.S.4535924 kg and 1 in3= 0. Then. See the U.000000 E-10 1.01. 1 lb/in3 = 0.788026 E+04 1. for far more comprehensive listings of conversion factors. to convert pounds per cubic inch to kilograms per cubic meter. as in scientific notation. however.4535924 kg/0. or 2. Government Printing Office (GPO). atm (standard) atmosphere. Thus. find 1 lb = 0. Pa pascal.768 E+4.000000 E+05 square meter.427641 E-02 MPa 4.233489 E+03 4. multiply by 4. as in converting acres to square meters. ** The E indicates an exponent.

523907 E-02 4. K degree Celsius. Pa pascal.550003 E+03 1. Btu (International Table)/(h)(ft2) (oF) (C. thermal conductance) British thermal unit. m2 second.barrel (for petroleum 42 gal) board foot. m square meter. rad kelvin.186800 E+03 joule per cubic meter.8 . Btu (International Table)/ft3 bushel (U. W/(m2*K) 5.930711 E-01 watt per square meter kelvin.678263 E+00 joule per kilogram. Btu (International Table)/h British thermal unit. Btu.067075 E-10 8. Btu (International Table)*in/(h)(ft2) (oF) (k . heat capacity) British thermal unit.80638 E+01 2. m3 joule. J/kg 2. J 1. W 2.359737 E-03 1. cd/m2 pascal. m3 joule.15 tC = (tF .011684 E+01 5. s radian. cm. Btu (International Table)/lb British thermal unit. of mercury (0oC) centimeter. J/m3 cubic meter. C kelvin.326000 E+03 joule per kilogram kelvin. J candela per square meter. of water (4oC) chain circular mil day day (sidereal) degree (angle) degree Celsius degree Fahrenheit degree Fahrenheit cubic meter.67)/1.616409 E+04 1. Btu (International Table)/(lb) (oF) (c.640000 E+04 8.8 TK = (tF + 459.725895 E+04 3.33322 E+03 9.S. K o 3.442279 E-01 watt. cubic foot. board ft British thermal unit. m3 cubic meter. cm. s second. Pa meter. (mean) British thermal unit.05587 E+03 watt per meter kelvin.) calorie (mean) candela per square inch.19002 E+00 1.589873 E-01 2.745329 E-02 TK = tC+273. J/kg*K 4. cd/in2 centimeter. W/(m*K) 1.thermalconductivity) British thermal unit.32)/1.

076391 E+01 3.259697 E-02 1.S. m4 meter per second. ft. ft2 square foot per hour. m meter.719474 E-04 2.048000 E-01 1. m3/s meter to the fourth power.000000 E-05 1. J watt. ft3 (volume or section modulus) cubic foot per minute. ft foot. K*m2/W kelvin meter per watt.214011 E-02 . ft/s2 footcandle.828804 E+00 3.8 1. dyn fathom foot. m2 square meter per second. ft3/min cubic foot per second. cd/m2 joule.630975 E-03 5.355818 E+00 4.933471 E+00 1.290304 E-02 2. ft/min foot per second. m pascal. ft/s foot per second squared. ft (U. of water (39.761102 E-01 6. ft*lbf/min foot pound force per second.580640 E-05 9. m3/s cubic meter per second. thermal resistance) (oF)(h)(ft2)/(Btu (International Table)*in) (thermal resistivity) dyne. ft4 (area moment of inertia) foot per minute. ft2/s cubic foot.080000 E-03 3. m3 cubic meter per second.831685 E-02 8.degree Rankine ( F)(h)(ft2)/Btu (International Table) (R. survey) foot. m meter. m/s meter per second squared.290304 E-02 2. fc footlambert. lx candela per square meter. ft /h (thermal diffusivity) square foot per second. ft3/s foot to the fourth power.426259 E+00 1. Pa square meter. ft poundal 2 o kelvin. N meter.98898 E+03 9.831685 E-02 4. K kelvin square meter per watt. m/s meter per second. m/s2 lux. W watt.355818 E+00 2. W joule.048000 E-01 3.048006 E-01 2.2oF) (pressure) square foot. m2/s cubic meter. K*m/W newton. m2/s square meter per second. fL foot pound force. ft*lbf foot pound force per minute. ft*lbf/s foot poundal.048000 E-01 3. J TK = TR /1.

gal (U.590170 E+03 2. s meter.381264 E-08 6.456999 E+02 9. m pascal.479891 E-05 1. W watt. m2 cubic meter. liquid) per minute grad grad grain. W watt. Pa pascal.570796 E-02 6. gal (U.K. in2 cubic inch.309020 E-05 9.806650 E+00 4. hp (boiler) horsepower. m3 cubic meter.37685 E+03 2.785412 E-03 4.S. Pa square meter. W watt. in/s meter per second squared. gal (U. in Hg (60oF) (pressure) inch of water.546090 E-03 4.460000 E+02 7. gal (U. m 3 3 3 9. in3 (volume or section modulus) inch to the fourth power.S. h hour. gr gram.4570 E+02 3.80950 E+03 7. m cubic meter. m/s2 cubic meter. liquid) gallon. dry) gallon. W watt.540000 E-02 3. in Hg (32oF) (pressure) inch of mercury.540000 E-02 cubic meter per second.K. hp (550 ft*lbf/s) horsepower. hp (U. liquid) per day gallon. hp (water) horsepower.451600 E-04 1. gal (Canadian liquid) gallon. m2 watt. Pa pascal. in4 (area moment of inertia) inch per second. in inch of mercury. hp (electric) horsepower.404884 E-03 3.38638 E+03 3.S.S.000000 E-01 1. liquid) gallon. s second. m/s .600000 E+03 3.4884 E+02 6. kg square meter. m3/s degree (angular) radian. g hectare. ha horsepower.000000 E-03 1.) hour. m4 meter per second. rad kilogram. m3 meter to the fourth power.000000 E+04 7. kg kilogram.free fall. m3/s cubic meter per second.546092 E-03 4.162314 E-07 2. m cubic meter. h (sidereal) inch. W second. in H2O (60oF) (pressure) square inch. gal (U.46043 E+02 7.638706 E-05 4. standard g gallon.

cd/m cubic meter.540000 E-08 1. kip/in2ksi knot.000000 E-06 2.777778 E-01 3.589998 E+06 4. mi (international nautical) mile.589988 E+06 2. mi2 (U.000000 E-08 1.540000 E-05 1.S. Pa pascal. m meter.470400 E-01 . m meter. km/h kilowatt hour. kgf/mm2 kilometer per hour.S. Pa meter per second. N pascal. m meter. statute) mile. mi2(international) square mile. L liter maxwell mho microinch.852000 E+03 2. kg*m kilogram force second squared per meter.609344 E+03 1. mi (U. kg tc = TK .806650 E+00 pascal.806650 E+00 9.806650 E+00 9. m square meter. Pa meter per second.806650 E+00 9.600000 E+06 4.894757 E+06 5. m2 meter per second. m/s joule. kgf/m2 kilogram force per square millimeter. m2 square meter. m/s candela per square meter. oC newton. J newton. m meter. mi (U.806650 E+06 2. kn (international) lambert.609347 E+03 1.806650 E+04 9. kgf/cm2 kilogram force per square meter. mi (international) mile. nautical) square mile.273.15 9. Pa pascal. m meter.144444 E-01 3. statute) mile per hour. m3 weber. mi/h (international) degree Celsius. kgf*s2/m (mass) kilogram force per square centimeter. kWh kip (1000 lbf) kipper square inch.000000 E-03 1. mi mile.S. kgf kilogram force meter.183099 E+03 1. K kilogram force.852000 E+03 1.kelvin.000000 E+00 2. Wb siemens. µm mil. N*m kilogram. N newton meter. S meter. m/s 9.448222 E+03 6. µin micron. m meter.

390575 E-02 5.731765 E-04 1. m3 cubic meter.000000 E-01 4. p (absolute viscosity) pound. oz (U. lb (avoirdupois) pound.609344 E+00 1. s second.732417 E-01 2. N*m kilogram per square meter. oz (avoirdupois) ounce. Pa*s kilogram. ozf*in ounce per square foot. perm*in (0oC) perm inch. s kilogram. liquid) poise. m 3 3 1.45322 E-12 1. dry) pint.110348 E-02 2.780139 E-01 7.506105 E-04 4. kg/m2 kilogram per square meter.957353 E-05 2. km/h pascal.834952 E-02 3. oz (troy or apothecary) ounce.051517 E-01 3. fluid) ounce force. mmHg (0oC) minute (angle) minute. kg/(Pa*s*m) kilogram per pascal second meter. rad second. fluid) ounce. lb (troy or apothecary) pound square inch. m3 cubic meter.S.488164 E+00 pascal second. Pa*s . m newton. pt (U. perm*in (23oC) pint.S.mile per hour. kg kilogram square meter.33322 E+02 2. oz (U.841307 E-05 2. lb/ft*s kilometer per hour.K. lb*in2(moment of inertia) pound per foot*second. ozf ounce force*inch.908882 E-04 6. mi/h (international) millibar.535924 E-01 3. kg/(Pa*s*m) kilogram per pascal second meter.000000 E+01 5.72135 E-11 5. kg kilogram. kg/(Pa*s*m) cubic meter. kg/m2 kilogram per pascal second meter. min minute (sidereal) ounce.061552 E-03 3. oz (avoirdupois)/yd2 perm (0oC) perm (23oC) perm inch. kg cubic meter. kg/(Pa*s*m) kilogram per pascal second meter. kg kilogram.S.926397 E-04 1. mbar millimeter of mercury.000000 E+02 1.45929 E-12 5. Pa pascal. oz (avoirdupois)/ft2 ounce per square yard. Pa radian. pt (U. N newton meter.74525 E-11 1. kg*m2 pascal second.983617 E+01 2.

259979 E-04 2. kg watt. N newton. m radian.290304 E+00 2.K.463529 E-04 5.459390 E+01 4.977633 E+01 1. kg/m3 kilogram per second.601846 E-01 9. qt (U. rad second. lb/min pound per second.788026 E+01 1.pound per square foot.101221 E-03 9. lbf/ft2 pound force per inch. lb/ft3 pound per gallon. kg/s kilogram per cubic meter. kg/m3 kilogram per cubic meter.198264 E+02 1.932764 E-01 1. kg/m3 kilogram per cubic meter. Pa newton per meter. N/m pascal. kg/s kilogram per second. 2000 lb) 2 kilogram per square meter.S.S. liquid) pound per hour. qt (U. m meter. kg kilogram. kg/m3 newton. N/m pascal.S. lbf/ft pound force per square foot.848137 E-06 9. lb/yd3 poundal pound*force.535924 E-01 5. lbf/in pound force per square inch.016047 E+03 1. kg/m2 kilogram per cubic meter.516800 E+03 2.894757 E+03 1.382550 E-01 4. kg/s kilogram per cubic meter. 2240 lb) ton (metric) ton (refrigeration) ton (register) ton (short. dry) quart. N*m newton per meter.882428 E+00 1.448222 E+00 1. s square meter. lb/gal (U. Pa cubic meter. m kilogram.972696 E-01 9.071847 E+02 .000000 E+03 3. lb/ft2 pound per cubic foot. liquid) pound per gallon.355818 E+00 1.767990 E+04 7. kg/m3 kilogram per second.029210 E+00 4. m kilogram.916667 E-02 1. kg kilogram. m3 cubic meter. lb/h pound per cubic inch. N newton meter. lb/gal (U.751268 E+02 6. lbf*ft pound force per foot. W cubic meter. lbf pound force foot. liquid) rod second (angle) second (sidereal) square (100 ft ) ton (assay) ton (long. lbf/in2 (psi) quart. kg 3 2 3 4.831685 E+00 9. lb/s pound per cubic yard.559873 E-03 4. lb/in3 pound per minute.

896444 E+03 1. ton)/yd3 ton (short per cubic yard. yd square yard. ton)/yd3 ton force (2000 lbf) tonne. N kilogram.153600 E+07 3. m2 cubic meter.ton (long per cubic yard.000000 E+03 3. yd 3 kilogram per cubic meter. yd2 cubic yard.com :: CivilPark International :: All rights reserved . m second. kg joule.361274 E-01 7.144000 E-01 8. J meter.155815 E+07 year (365 days) year (sidereal) Last Update: 22 May 2006 Quick jump to: Conversion Factors Last Update: 16 February 2007 Back © 2005 :: CivilPark. s 3 1. Wh yard. m square meter.328939 E+03 1. s second.645549 E-01 3.600000 E+03 9. kg/m3 kilogram per cubic meter. kg/m3 newton. t watt hour.186553 E+03 8.

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