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Industrial and Digital Revolution Planning By Phanit (Jojo) Asavanamuang 10B

Introduction: Thesis Statement: A revolution brings a fundamental change to world, which there are many revolutions that has happened in the past and which some are still happening. Support 1: The industrial revolution in the past has created a great change of the human life. It has shifted the human ways on relying human resources and skills into the use of mechanics Support 2: . The Digital revolution has changed the days of old technology into the modern day technology. Support 3: These revolutions were to make the human lives easier and which would improve the quality of their lifestyle. Transition Sentence: By not having these revolutions happening in the past and in the present, the lives of the st people in the 21 century would never be like what it seems like today. Body 1: Topic Sentence: The agriculture for humans has changed in many ways through the impacts of the industrial and digital revolution. Support 1: the two revolutions have different approaches but which it has made it easier for people to do agriculture. Support 2: In the industrial revolution, it has made the people easier to do agriculture by using machineries. Support 3: As for the digital revolution, it has helped made the people easier with agriculture by introducing knowledge and also connection with others. Transition: These are the impacts caused by the industrial and digital revolution towards the agriculture factor. Body 2: Topic sentence: The Transport system is another factor, which through the time has changed and developed in many ways through the two revolutions. Support 1: The industrial and digital revolution came in and developed and improved the transport system to become a better and a more successful transport system. Support 2: The impact has made developments on the transport system, making it easier for human to access places or travel more efficiently. Support 3: The turnpike road system was then firstly used in the region. This has caused a huge change in how the people use the transport system and also how goods and products are transported. Transition: Without these revolutions, travelling from one place to another would have been much harder and which no one knows what kind of new transportation lies ahead.

Body 3:

Topic sentence: By looking at the different impacts caused from the industrial and digital revolution, there are some questions that have been thought of. One of the most important questions would be; which revolution has caused the greatest impact? Support 1: There would be three factors used, which are nature, well-being and economics. Support 2: By having more industries, it has increased the pollution in the environment. As for the impact from digital revolution, it has caused e-waste. Support 3: As for the industrial revolution, it has changed the way products are manufactured, by changing from by order to mass production. This has made a person able to complete a job of many people, resulting unemployment. Transition: These factors will help to consider whether which revolution has caused the greatest impact. Conclusion: Topic sentence: In conclusion, there are many revolutions that have shaped the earth in order to become what it is like nowadays. Support 1: These revolutions have impacted many factors such as agriculture, transport system, the economy, and the well-being of people, nature and many more. Support 2: By asking which revolution has caused the most impact on earth between the industrial or digital revolution, the essay has proved an answer. Support 3: Therefore, it is up to the environment the people are living in, which would impact those most. If talking about the present, then the revolution that has caused the greatest impact on their lives would be the digital revolution. This is because we are living the digital revolution, which are exposed to it every day. Concluding Sentence: In the future, nobody knows what kind of revolution is up a head, but we could be certain that it would make the human civilization to have a better and easier life.