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Moorish National Republic Federal Government Societas Republicae Ea Al Maurikanos Northwest Amexem / Northwest Africa / North America The

North Gate
Aboriginal / Indigenous, Natural Peoples of the Land The True and De jure Al Moroccans / Americans

Fiduciary Request Reconveyance Exhibit: 000

April 15, 2011

Response to (The Representatives of ANY NAME BANK OR LOAN COMPANY) Re: The Banks Account Number [XXXX XXXXX] To: ANY NAME BANK REPRESENTATIVE OR ASSIGN Address: XXX ANY NAME STREET Name of City, Township, Borough, etc.; Name of Corporate State Attention: Name of Trustee, Feoffer, etc. Heir / Affiant / Responder: Your Free National Name - Bey, Natural Person, Ex Relatione: STRAW NAME, Aboriginal / Indigene; In Propria Persona (and not Pro Se); Sui Juris, Sui Heredes, Non-Domestic, Non-Resident, and Non-Subject. Nationality / Identity: Moor / Muur / Moorish American Aboriginal Natural Person of the Organic Land / The North Gate Status: Aboriginal / Indigenous; Descendant of the Ancient Ones / Moabites / Muurs / Moors Northwest Amexem / Northwest Africa / North America; Freehold by Birthright, Inheritance and Primogeniture Status. Jurisdiction / Venue: Societas Republicae Ea Al Maurikanos / Moorish National Republic Federal Government; United States Republic, (De Jure.) Constitution, Treaties, Article III, Section 2; Article VI; International Law; Rights of Indigenous Peoples General Assembly. Continent: Territorial Jurisdiction: Northwest Amexem / Northwest Africa / North America; Geographical Location the Organic Lands of the Western Hemisphere (Al Moroccan / Americana); And Not a subject, foreign, nor artificial, corporate - artifice, or fictional, U.S. Citizen (created on paper). ANY NAME BANK, MORTGAGE SERVICES, L.L.C. ADDRESS: XXX ANY NAME STREET P. O. BOX XXX CITY OF ANY - NAME STATE OF ANY - NAME ZIP CODE XXXXX Re: The Banks Account Number XXXX XXXXX This Notice Is Sent Certified Mail Via The United States Postal Service Attention: Dear Representative, Trustee, Feoffer, etc., Whomever the natural persons / agents Name ANY NAME BANK, MORTGAGE SERVICES, L.L.C. I received your correspondence / instrument through the United States Mail; coming from (NAME OF REPRESENTATIVE) or Bank / Mortgage Services, L.L.C., dated (April 15, 2011) referencing matters concerning a Debt, a Loan, a Mortgage, or a Sale of my Inherited or Private Property, etc. Apparently the threatening and misrepresented instrument was an unsigned, and unidentified NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND ELECTION TO SELL UNDER DEED OF TRUST. Nevertheless, be informed that the misrepresented Instrument, issued by the Representative / Profiteer, operating through and from your corporate entity, is accepted for value. However, I did not find your required check enclosed. I am sure that, as a Trustee or Feoffer for the 1

Account, you are aware that you should have included the check and other profits generated by my Estate or Property and placed the same in the mail along with that incomplete correspondence. You are hereby authorized to correct that failure or oversight immediately and notified to forward the missing check and profits to me as soon as possible. Any actions or changes initiated by the Trustees or Feoffers, involving or concerning my Estate or Property, requires my unfettered agreement and must be pre-sanctioned by my signature after my having been thoroughly informed in such matters. There is no dispute of the facts! I Request Settlement, and demand the immediate removal from the ANY NAME County Recorders records of any NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND ELECTION TO SELL UNDER DEED OF TRUST. I also Request immediate Adjustment of this Account; and the immediate Closure of Escrow. Since my records indicate that the Payoff Settlement amount provided by (the Representatives / Profiteers of ANY NAME BANK OR HOME MORTGAGE SERVICES) has been Redeemed, please provide the Original Documentary Draft Note that provided the Funds for the Loan in question. If you (the Representatives of the Bank, etc.,) are claiming a Debt still owing, then Disclose that documented information and evidence for the record, and provide the documented Assessment, pursuant to the Rules of discovery and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Otherwise, as the Fiduciary Holder of this Account, I am authorizing you, the Representatives / Trustees to pay it. Enclosed is a thank you letter on behalf of the Representatives for ANY NAME BANK OR HOME MORTGAGE CORP., with their Account Number XXXX XXXXX, for payment in full; the Accepted-for-Value Reconveyance, Paid-in-Full; the Accepted-for-Value Deed of Trust, Paid-in-Full, Accepted-for-Value Note for this Account, settled and closed. PLACE STRAW NAME HERE is the Beneficiary on this Account. If there remains any further veiled, hidden, or undisclosed Liens on the Documentary Draft (Note) or any outstanding FHLMC (Loan Number XXXX XXXXX) or any other derivatives therefrom, please Disclose and provide them for my required and informed approval. Your immediate and expedient cooperation and Response to this Request is necessary for my Remedy; and to provide the Closure of this Escrow. You have my authorization to file a Claim with the Representatives of ANY NAME ENTITY, a subsidiary of ANY - NAME TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY (Attorney-in-Fact) to clear the Title on the Estate / Property of all such Liens. In the event that you or your Representatives Dishonor my acceptance of your offer, then please show cause as to why a Tort Claim should not issue for the tactics you are using in threatening to take or to usurp the property of PLACE THE STRAW NAME HERE. If I do not hear from you or from you Representatives or Assigns within ten (10) days of receipt of this Fiduciarys Request, I will take this matter into a Federal forum of Diversity of Citizenship. A Failure to cease claim or collection activity until timely Disclosure and validation of the Debt, subjects the Collector to Suit for damages under the Fair Debt Collections Act and voids any legal proceedings, including Mortgage Foreclosures. Until then, I Am: _____________________________________
Your Name Here, Authorized Agent, In Propria Persona and Attorney-in-Fact for: Place STRAW Name Here

Copies to: (The following are examples. Keep or replace them with the names of Agencies and / or Entities related to your case. Some of them will remain, such as, THE COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY; THE SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY; THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE; THE FEDERAL HOME LOAN MORTGAGE CORPORATION; FREDDIE MAC POLICY; THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION; THE DEPARTMENT OF CORPORATIONS, etc. One should make the proper and corrected adjustments as needed, and then delete all unusable or unrelated texts or entities. cc. LONESTAR MORTGAGEE SERVICES, L.L.C


I, Your name here, the undersigned, duly affirmed, and in my proper person; and over the age of 18 years, do hereby certify and affirm that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge: I am not a party to the above entitled matter and, on the date stated below, I served this Notice by placing a true copy thereof in an envelope, which was addressed, as shown above, and then by sealing the said envelope and depositing it, with postage thereon fully prepaid, and placed it in the United States mail at Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Commonwealth, ( or whatever city or State jurisdiction applies) North America.

Date of mailing: April 15, 2011 I Am: _____________________________________.

Free National Name El or Bey, Authorized Representative
Natural Person, In Propria Persona, Sui Juris, Sui Heredes: Ex Relatione: STRAW NAME All Rights Reserved: U.C.C. 1-207 / U.C.C. 1-308; U.C.C. 1-103 C/o XXX Any Name Street Any Name City / Town / Borough Territory Any Name Corporate State Zip Exempt [XXXXX] Via United States Mail Non-Domestic / Non-Subject / Non-Resident / Non-Corporate Witness: _____________________________________________. Free National Name El or Bey, Authorized Representative Natural Person, In Propria Persona, Sui Juris, Sui Heredes Witness: ____________________________________________. Free National Name El or Bey, Authorized Representative Natural Person, In Propria Persona, Sui Juris, Sui Heredes