Torrington Public Schools 2013-2014 Proposed Budget

Cheryl F. Kloczko, Superintendent March 13, 2013

Basis behind the budget
• Continue to invest in Torrington’s natural resource, its children, and the growth and development of their human capacity; • Provide a learning environment that will prepare all Torrington’s children to be college and career ready and be able to assume civic responsibility; • Achieve Board of Education Goals; • Meet requirements of Federal and State education mandates; • Maintain and expand upon 2012-2013 improvements to district programming; • Meet contractual obligations including increased costs due to salaries, utilities, insurance and transportation.

Return on Investments for 2012-2013 (Is anyone better off?)
$112,000 for Assistant Principal for THS $30,000 for Grade 9 Learning Center • Design and implement the THS 9th grade academy which: provides a smoother transition for students from TMS to THS; allows teachers and counselors a greater opportunity to develop a positive relationship with students; diminishes the number of incidences of misbehavior that result in suspension or expulsion, and makes available a better process to monitor student academic progress and provide intervention where and when needed; • Results: Fewer students failing courses, fewer over-aged, under credited students with potential to drop out of school which leads to increased costs for social services since the potential for dropouts for future success is very limited.

Return on Investments
Special Education
$240,000 for 4 Special Education Teachers • Full time Voices Program for grades 3-5 • Academic Transition Program at TMS • Expansion of Links (Life Skills Program) at THS • Early Childhood Program (district wide) • Results: savings of $1.275m in out of district tuition and transportation $28,000 for a new van for Special Education Program • Result: decrease one van run at $43,000, savings of $15,000 $45,000 for Wilson Reading Program including professional development for certification and instructional resources • Result: Provide specialized literacy instruction by Torrington teachers, greater academic achievement in reading, Tier 2 intervention for RTI reducing the number of referrals to special education

Return on Investments Facilities
$982,055 Cost for Lighting and Chillers For TMS • Replaced cooling tower and chillers to increase cooling capacity of the chilled water system at TMS • Replaced all exterior lighting with LED fixtures • Replaced all interior ballasts and lighting with lower wattage and more energy efficient equipment

Results: $435,622 CL&P Incentive Reimbursement 40,000 Reduction in Electrical Cost at TMS per year

Return on Investments
General Education
$70,000 On Line Learning Program which includes the following: • Odyssey Ware license • Counselor to oversee OLP • Tutors for OLP Results: Priceless • 185 students enrolled over the course of 1 year • 114.5 courses were completed for high school credit • 28 students graduated in 2012 who otherwise would have quit school or dropped out, with predictions of another 28 projected to graduate this year $306,000 Upgrade technology to provide equal opportunity to access across the district Results: 28 Smart Boards, 28 access points, 600 computers replaced, upgrade to infrastructure with servers, blades, and storage unit. This provided equitable access to technology for all students and kept pace with the scheduled replacement cycle for online testing in 2015.

Cost of Educating the Children of Torrington

2012-2013 Millions of Dollars 2011-2012







State/Federal Mandates/Law General Operations of Facilities Contractual Obligation Flexible Spending

2011-2012 $24,959,375 $3,658,555 $34,923,264 $961,237

2012-2013 $25,554,223 $3,864,688 $36,133,633 $891,766

2013-2014 $27,547,595 $4,519,972 $38,521,788 $1,032,903

$27,547,595 $4,519,972 $38,521,788 $1,032,903 $71,622,258



Contractual Obligations


State/Federal Mandates/Law $27,547,595

Flexible Spending


$377,179 Salaries $36,005,581

Translation, Adult Ed, Audit, Physician


$52,700 $24,100 Contracted Benefits Legal Substitutes Tech Licensing and repair $1,518,226 $120,000 $590,000 $287,981 $38,521,788 Mandated Benefits Tutors, Salaries Security and Safety Nurse, Sped Supplies $14,973,502 $212,390 $300,000 $42,749

Supplies, Property, Dues & Fees for Schools and central office Professional Development and Professional Resources Summer Custodial Help Meteorologist & volunteers
SRO for expulsions Grant Match for building Bridges and reg Summer School C.N.A. Program Late Bus Dues & Fees Sped General Enrichment Field Paint, Non-Inst. Supplies Music Repairs/Replacement Tech Service and Licensing Athletics


$44,276 $10,000 $6,000 $10,000

$33,000 $485,000 $965,047 $249,575 $545,000 $11,100 $126,800 $362,796 $1,027,906 $4,519,972

Transportation Liability Insurance Postage Advertising, Printing Fuel

$3,894,510 $179,823 $66,471 $13,200 $398,464

$12,500 $70,000 $36,408 $28,738 $52,325

Summer School Special Ed, ESL, Hospital Tutors Contracted and Purchased Services and Equipment Sped Tuition Testing Materials Property for Sped Cleaning Supplies CCCS Materials & Curriculum Writing Tech Equipment



$326,089 $6,239,289 $15,400 $10,500 $151,500 $87,500 $180,500 $27,547,595

$50,612 $345,362 $1,032,903

Increased legislation on education (mandates)
• Power to establish and manage schools traditionally locally based • CT districting legislation in early 1900’s gave authority to towns and cities • Federal involvement escalated in 1960’s with civil rights and poverty legislation • Expansion of federal involvement in 2002 with No Child Left Behind – Standards movement institutionalized – School accountability implemented (AYP/AMAO/DPI) – External, state-level exams (CMT/CAPT/SB)

Requirements of Education Reform
 SRBI – Scientifically Researched Based Interventions
 Common Core State Standards/Smarter Balanced Assessments

• PA 10-111 – Secondary school reform (college and career ready) – Changes in graduation requirements (22-25 credits) • PA 11-135 – Student Success Plans • PA 12-116 – Educator evaluation – Public school choice

Impact of mandates to TPS
• Due to strong local autonomy of Boards of Education, implementation of mandates left up to districts • Funding rarely attached since response to mandates can
vary dramatically • Virtually all mandates require time, resources, and staffing to implement but exact plans vary from district to district

– Can be done with existing staff at low cost but require time – Can be done with “off-the-shelf” products but at a higher cost

Budget Development 2013-2014 “All In” Requests by administrators to move city schools to 21st Century Learning Environments Superintendent’s Recommended Budget Maintain status of current school programs that support the overall success of students, K-12. Reorganize the general structure of the high schools, and develop an options program at the secondary level.

Funding Amounts $73,991,674.00

Percent Increase 11.4% (not considered)

Increase/Decrease in $ $7,547,364.00


2.05% +5.75% (to maintain) 7.80%

$1,355,707.00 $3,822,241.00 $5,177,605.00

“Maintenance Budget” meets increase of costs due to contractual obligations, federal and state mandates, general operations of facilities




“Zero Increase” in any funding to city schools over the existing 2012-2013 budget






Cost of Item

Superintendent’s Recommended

               

Investments Recommendation of an additional team for grade 8 at TMS Implement recommended safety measures (personnel and resources) at all schools 2 RTI teachers for the secondary level .4 Teacher for Options Program at THS Add a Director of Guidance 6-12 .5 Psychologist at Torringford Behaviorist K-5 Increase to Capital Budget Technology infrastructure and hardware Administrative Support at TMS Increase secretarial suport at THS, TF and SW ESL tutor for SW Implement CNA Program at THS PreK Teachers (additional program) 3 Paraprofessionals for new PreK program Extended Day for Non-Title I Elementary Schools Losses Eliminate 1 Guidance Counselor at THS Reduction of 2 THS teachers Redesign TAG program Decrease supplies at THS Eliminate Freshman and JV Sports at THS Eliminate TMS Athletics

Percent Increase/Loss Total Cost of Increase/Loss 2.0% / $1,355,707.00

Total Cost of Budget


• • • • • •



Cost of Item

Percent Increase/Loss Total Cost of Increase/Loss 5.75%/$3,822,241.00

Total Cost of Budget

Maintain Budget

Investments Maintain current school programs as they now exist and absorb increase costs for the existing operation which includes the following: • Contractual obligations including salary increments and benefits • Federal and state mandates • General operations and maintenance of facilities




Cost of Item

Losses Zero          Eliminate 1 secretary in the Central Office; 51,007 Reduce the allocation for certified substitutes; 74,000 Eliminate Strings Program K-12 75,000 Eliminate additional SW ELL Tutor 15,000 Eliminate additional Pre-K teacher 67,418 Eliminate additional paraeducators for Pre-K 66,000 Eliminate CNA Program 70,000 Reduction of additional administrative support at TMS 117,000 Eliminate all remaining sports programs district wide 349,778 which would also eliminate the athletic director position Eliminate Media Specialist at TMS 80,000 Reduce Custodial Staff by 6 positions district wide 285,229 Reduce technology both hardware, equipment and 80,000 software packages Reduce Administrative support at Torringford School 104,000 Reduce 11 additional positions at the secondary level 440,000 Reduce 20 positions at the elementary level 806,000 Reduction of Safety and Security 300,000 Eliminate 2 Tech Education Teachers 132,600 Eliminate World Languages at TMS 140,726 Eliminate all Instrumental Music K-12 (except at THS) 100,000 Eliminate 3 Literacy Teachers at the Elementary level 119,136 Union Concessions 1,705,054

Percent Increase/Loss Total Cost of Increase/Loss -5.6% / $3,822,241

Total Cost of Budget


           

Three Year Projection

Mission of public schools
• Provide an educational program in alignment with state and federal regulations that provides a core instructional program in literacy, numeracy, writing, and values that serve a democratic society. • Accept and retain all students who are bona fide residents of the municipality, no matter their race, religion, previous educational attainment, social class, family income, special needs, or personal characteristics

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