The Matrix assignment The Matrix is a very complicated film about two different worlds one world being

the real world which has been taken over by machines, and the other is called the Matrix which is a computer program which is made to look like nothing has happened in the world. nearly Every human being in the world is plugged into a machine organised power plant where they are the power source. There are only few of the worlds people whom are not plugged into the matrix and almost all of those people are in a hidden city called Zion. The few people who are not in Zion are on a journey to find the chosen one (Neo) and destroy the matrix and the machines. Morpheus who is the captain of the ship (Nebuchadnezzar) with his crew- Trinity, Tank, Dozer, Mouse, Appoc, switch and cipher. They eventually find Neo (the chosen one) and give him the option of taking a red pill or a blue pill. If he takes the blue pill he will wake up at home and not remember anything although if he takes the red pill he will leave the matrix and enter the real world. In the matrix there are programs called agents. There is agent Smith, agent Brown and agent Jones and those programs are programmed to prevent people from seeing the real world. Agent smith is a slowly mutating program who is different to the other agents as if he is more human than AI. Thomas A Anderson is living a secret life as a computer hacker under the name of ‘Neo’. Strange cryptic messages keep appearing on his computer monitor, so he is on a mission to find out what the matrix is. He meets the strange man Morpheus and his journey begins . During the time whilst they are in the matrix the main viewed colour is a green colour, likewise during the time when they are in the real world the main viewed colour is a blue colour. Roughly half way through the film Neo is taken to see a physic legend known as the ‘oracle’, his purpose of that visit is to truly find out if he is the chosen one (the prophecy who will save the world from machines). Sadly according to the oracle Neo is not the chosen one, so his visit was apparently a waist of time. But there is one problem with the oracles reading, and that problem is she contradicted herself because she had told Trinity that the one she loves will be the chosen one and she is deeply in love with Neo. Although the oracle knows that Neo is truly the chosen one she just told him he’s not so he would go back into the matrix to save Morpheus from the three agents. Agent smith and the other two agents capture Morpheus and take him hostage and play with his mind to find out the access code to the Zion mainframe and if they have the code they will be able to get into Zion and send the machines in to wipe out the last remaining population of human life.

The matrix refers to Christianity and holiness in many parts of the film eg- the name of the hover craft Nebuchadnezzar is also a holy prophet from the old testament, the name of the hidden city (Zion) is also a holy city of promise in the old testament, and in the film Neo is known as the prophet who is saving Zion. The camera work in the matrix is very advanced but it is easier then you think. During the specific point of the film known as bullet time , it is done by a number of still cameras taking shots simultaneously which makes it look like they are happening at different times whilst they are happening at the same time. On the Nebuchadnezzar the computers and the equipment look rather old fashion to put it bluntly. Also the clothes they were in the real world are similar to rags, when on the other hand in the matrix the computers and technology look modern and the clothes look modern as well.

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