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USCA Case #12-5286

Document #1424769

Filed: 03/12/2013

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United States Court of Appeals



No. 12-5286

September Term, 2012

1:11-mc-00678-RLW Filed On: March 12, 2013

Securities and Exchange Commission, Appellant v. Securities Investor Protection Corporation, Appellee


Henderson, Griffith, and Kavanaugh, Circuit Judges ORDER

Upon consideration of the corrected motion to participate as amici curiae, the response thereto, or in the alternative, motion to strike, and the replies, it is ORDERED that the motion to participate as amici curiae be granted. The Clerk is directed to file the lodged corrected amici brief. It is FURTHER ORDERED that the motion to strike be denied. See Stabilisierungsfonds Fur Wein v. Kaiser Stuhl Wine Distributors Pty. Ltd., 647 F.2d 200, 201 (D.C. Cir. 1981) ([M]otions to strike, as a general rule, are disfavored.). Appellee can respond in its brief to the issues raised by the amici curiae. Per Curiam