March 17-23

This week we continue to learn about How Church Works with the topic—”How to Be.” We were challenged to make a commitment and to say, “I want to be used by God in my family, my community, and the world.

Opening Prayer
Father, we want to be used by you. Give us strength and wisdom to take the next steps to make an impact both locally and globally. Help us to encourage each other and to move forward as a home group committed to your mission.

Family Time
A) Easter is coming up soon! What are three ways that God wants our Home Group to use the Easter Door Hanger and Invitation Cards in our community? Is this something that we want to do together? Spend some time praying for the outreach initiative. B) This past Sunday we talked about Bible Translation and heard about the project that our church is participating in. What did you learn about Bible Translation? What are your thoughts about our church project? We are going to watch a video produced by the people who developed the Jesus Film. This video shows how a church supported the Jesus Film in the Gamo language of Ethiopia. [Watch the video]. What emotions came to mind as you witnessed the Gamo people seeing the film for the first time? How does this affect your view on the importance of Bible Translation?

Kids Time
A) Leader: Kids, how many of you have a Bible? How many Bibles do you think you have in your home? Is it important to have a Bible? Why is it important [help the kids understand that we would not know about who God is and how much he loves us if we didn’t have our Bibles]? There are many places in the world today where people speak languages that do not have any Bibles translated for them. How does this make you feel? Our church is doing a project to help translate the Bible into one of these languages for people in Ethiopia. [If you printed out the Fun Facts activity page, have the children find Ethiopia on the map]. B) Print out enough copies of the Fun Facts Activity page so that each child has a copy. There are different activities on the sheet that will be appropriate for children of different ages. The younger children might enjoy just coloring the sheets.

Adult Time
A) We filled out commitment cards during the worship service on Sunday as a response to the message. In which area do you feel God is leading you this year? Which of the four quadrants do you find the most difficult? Why? How can we, as a Home Group, encourage each other with the commitments we made? B) Our church supports several missionaries who are involved in Bible Translation. Let’s take some time and pray for them this evening. [Additional information about some of these missionaries may be found on the PBC web site]. Let’s pray for: -The Seed Company, - Mike and Colleen Ahland, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Global/ Consultants - Bob and Florine Hawkins, Crossworld (UFM), USA - Dave and Christy Johnson, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Africa - Glenn and Linda Smith, Wycliffe Bible Translators, North Carolina - Tracy and Brandi Welterlen, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Central Asia

Prayer Time
Lord, we want our entire lives to be holy sacrifices that are pleasing to you. Conform us into the image of your Son—who was sent to us— and send us into the world. Guide us to be your hands and your feet. Help us to live as your ambassadors at home, at school, in our neighborhood, and in your world. Give us courage to live in radical obedience and live lives on mission.

Community Calendar
Easter door hanger distribution is Sunday, March 24! This is a great way to invite the community around our campus to join us for Easter Weekend at Pantego. Teams will distribute Easter door hangers to neighborhoods nearby. Join us at 12:15pm in TC 130. Lunch will be provided. Contact Laurie Gilbert ext 169,

Church Calendar
Our annual Family Easter Festival is Saturday, March 30. This outreach event is from 10:00 am-2:00 pm and includes a kid-inspired celebration in The Connection building, free lunch, a 40,000 egg hunt and many other outdoor, family-friendly activities. Contact: Chelsea Poulos ext 166,