Fiscal Year 2000
CFDA 84.022

WORLD AREA Received 63 Africa 97 Western Hemisphere 76 Central/Eastern Europe/Eurasia 85 East Asia 46 Near East 29 South Asia 21 Southeast Asia 0 Western Europe TOTALS 417 FUNDING REQUESTS / ALLOCATION Dollars Total Funds Requested $12,511,266 Total Program Funds Allocated $2,143,891 ADMINISTERING INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER EDUCATION Public Institutions 17 Fellows 48 Funds Obligated $1,104,132 Private/Non Profit Institutions Fellows Funds Obligated GENDER Female Male 16 40 $1,039,759 Number 45 43

Funded 15 15 14 13 12 10 9 N/A 88

World Area $24,723 $19,482 $21,567 $31,562 $24,916 $23,237 $26,359 N/A $24,549

Percent 51% 49%

FY 00 GRANTS AND FELLOWSHIPS BY STATE Arizona California Colorado Connecticut District of Columbia Georgia Illinois Indiana Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Missouri New Jersey New York North Carolina Pennsylvania Texas Virginia Washington Wisconsin TOTALS FY 64-00 FELLOWSHIPS AWARDED Africa Western Hemisphere Central/Eastern Europe and Eurasia East Asia Near East South Asia Southeast Asia Western Europe Multi-Country TOTALS 508 622 630 580 425 439 374 70 186 3834 1 4 1 1 1 2 3 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 6 1 1 1 1 1 1 33 1 14 1 2 2 4 17 6 2 2 1 12 2 1 7 1 3 3 1 4 2 88 $23,982 $419,341 $18,407 $55,636 $41,629 $102,369 $436,586 $138,893 $24,670 $47,361 $24,062 $244,310 $49,272 $19,123 $160,221 $35,509 $62,703 $55,028 $29,785 $110,139 $44,865 $2,143,891

Note: Multi-Country designation is obsolete. Now, principal country of research is designated.


FY00 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program University Discipline Country Language(s) Topic Africa Cooke, U North Ecology Tanzania Swahili Agricultural Development Amy Carolina and Wildlife Conservation within Wildlife Corridors in Northern Tanzania DeLuca, U Colorado Anthropology Tanzania Swahili Herding Cattle, Hoeing Laura Crops, or Haggling with Tourists?: Pastoral People's Livelihood in Tanzania Hanretta, U Wisconsin History Mali, Cote French, Arabic, The Yacoubiste Sufi Order Sean d'Ivoire Soninke Until 1960 Ivaska, U Michigan History Tanzania, UK Swahili Urban Popular Cultures, the Andrew Tanzanian State, and the Politics of "National Culture," 1955-1973 Michigan St U History Senegal Wolof, French French Citizen or Imperial Jones, Hilary Agent? The Metis and Civil Society in Senegal Uganda Luganda, The Dilemma of Lambright, Michigan St U Political Gina Science English Decentralization: A Study of Local Politics of Uganda Lesorogol, Washington U Anthropology Kenya Swahili, Cutting Up the Commons: Caroline Samburu Changing Property Rights among the Samburu of Kenya Manelski, Emory U History Ghana Twi, Fante The Atlantic World in West Rebecca Africa: Transformations in Fante Society in the 18th Century McDow, Yale U History Tanzania, Swahili, Arabic, The Omani Diaspora and the Thomas Oman German Africanization of the al-Harthi Clan McGovern, Emory U Anthropology Guinea French, Producing Peace in the Midst Michael Lomagui, of Conflict: Loma Women in English Multiethnic Communities Moseley, U Georgia Geography Mali French, Food Security, Livelihood William Bambara Adaptation, and Environmental Change in the Malian Sudano-Sahel Perullo, Ian Indiana U Ethnomusicol Tanzania Swahili Protecting the Music: Music ogy Piracy, Copyright Law, and the Music Industry of Tanzania Rall, Ann U Michigan Anthropology Rwanda Kinyarwanda, Discourses of Distress in French Post-Genocide Rwanda Vance, Michigan St U History Senegal, Mali French, Wolof, The Power of Movement: Shannon Arabic Migration and Changing Cultural Identities in the


Topic Trading Community of SaintLouis, Senegal Ware, U History Senegal Wolof, French Knowledge, Faith, and Rudolph Pennsylvania Power: Lived Histories of Islamic Education and the State in Postcolonial Senegal, 1955-present Western Hemisphere Anderson, Tulane U Anthropology Peru Spanish Cut Marks as Evidence of Laurel Precolumbian Human Sacrifice and Postmortem Bone Modification on the North Coast of Peru Berg, New School U Economics Chile Spanish Industrial Restructuring and Janine Labor Demand in Chile Castellanos U Michigan Anthropology Mexico Spanish, Rethinking Community: , Maria Yucatec Maya Resource Allocations among Yucatec Maya Migrants Diethrich, U Illinois Ethnomusicol Trinidad & Hindi, English "Living in Both Sides of the Gregory ogy Tobago World": Music and Nation in the Indian Diaspora of Trinidad Durston, U Chicago Anthropology Peru Quechua, Language and Performance Alan Spanish in Quechua Missionization Highland Peru, 1550-1650 Johnson, Johns History Brazil, Portugal Portuguese Workers of the Black Robes: Elizabeth Hopkins U Continuity and Identity in Late-Colonial Sao Paulo Syracuse U Anthropology Brazil Portuguese, Modern-day Phoenicians and Karam, John Arabic Enterprising Arabs of the Brazilian "Colony:" Ethnicity, Transnationalism, and Entrepreneurship among Middle Eastern Businessmen in Sao Paulo, Brazil MoranArizona St U Anthropology Guatemala Spanish Transnationalism and its Taylor, Consequences in the Michelle Homeland: Return Migration in a Maya and a Ladino Sending Municipio Mortensen, Indiana U Anthropology Honduras Spanish An Ethnography of the Past Lena in the Present: Archaeotourism at Copan, Honduras Noveck, U Chicago Anthropology Mexico Spanish Musical Models of Ethnic Daniel Space: Raramuri Indian Fiddling in Chihuahua, Mexico Ososki, CUNY Biology Dominican Spanish Medicinal Plants and





Name University Andreana Sherman, U Michigan Robert Shirey, Heather Smale, Robert Indiana U


Country Republic


Archaeology Mexico


Art History



U Texas



Spanish, Quechua

Wibbelsma U Illinois n, Michelle

Anthropology Ecuador

Spanish, Quichua

Topic Women's Health Care in the Dominican Republic La Cienaga and the Ancient Zapotec State in the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico Divine Spaces: Candomble Art and State Sponsorship in Brazil Mining the Pachamam: Labor, Identity, and Environment in Andean Bolivia Ritual, Style and Identity: A Study of Northern Ecuadorian Indigenous Festivals

Central Eastern Europe and Eurasia History Russia Russian, Hitler's Russian Connection: German White Émigré Influence on the Genesis of Nazi Ideology, 1917-1923 U Michigan Literature Czech Czech The Everyday Self: Czech Bolton, Jonathan Republic Literary Autobiography of the 1970s and 1980s Poland Polish Liberalism and the Crisis of Carpenter, U C Berkeley Political Michael Science the Public Interest in PostCommunist Poland Chu, U C Berkeley History Poland German, PolishGerman Political Winson Organizations and Regional Particularisms in Interwar Poland History Uzbekistan Persian, Gardner, U Michigan The Transmission of Victoria Russian, Religious Knowledge in Uzbek Central Eurasia: Makdum-I A'zam within the Naqshbandiyya Sufi Order Harris, U Chicago History Russia Russian Recreating Everyday Life Stephen Through the Separate Apartment: Housing Reform in Soviet Russia, 1955-1970 Hartwig, Indiana U Folklore Czech Czech Manipulating Character Kurt Republic Himmelber Northern History Russia Russian Portrait of a Generation: The ger, Mary Illinois U Narodniki and the Development of Civil Society Martin, U Washington History Czech Czech, Picturing Protest: Print Melissa Republic, German, Culture and Popular Protest Austria, English in Late Imperial Prague and Germany, UK Vienna Kellogg, Michael UCLA

Name Rogers, Douglas

University U Michigan

Discipline Country Anthropology Russia

Language(s) Russian

Sawicki, Nicholas

U Art History Pennsylvania

Czech Republic


Viise, Michelle Wilson, Tracie

U C Berkeley Languages and Literature Indiana U Folklore





Wood, Nathaniel

Indiana U




Topic Conversion to Old Belief: Anti-modernity and Antiindividualism in Postsocialist Russia Centers on the European Periphery: Art Exhibitions and the Search for a Modern Identity in Twentieth-Century Prague Establishing Textual Authority in 17th Century Poland-Lithuania Motivations and Strategies of Polish Environmental Activists: An Ethnographic Approach The Popular Press and the Petite Bourgeoisie in Krakow, 1900-1914 Repaying Kindness: Buddhism, Filial Piety and Image Making in Medieval China Education and ReStratification Following the Chinese Revolution Reshaping Seoul: Late 20th Century Neighborhood Redevelopment and Local Citizenship Buddha Nature in Prince Shotoku's Shomangyo-gisho: Harmonization of the Sacred and Profane Landscape and Self in the Works of Abe, Oe and Murakami Representations of Illness and Medicine and the Birth of Modern Chinese Literature, 1770-1913 Pastoral Nomadic Complexity: A Sub-Regional Spatial Analysis The Japanese Revolution Betrayed: RussianJapanese Cultural Relations in Meiji Japan

Kyan, Winston

U Chicago

Art History

East Asia China Chinese

Andreas, Joel



China, Sweden Chinese

Davis, Lisa Johns Hopkins U


South Korea


Dennis, Mark

U Wisconsin Buddhist Studies



Gibeau, Mark Heinrich, Larissa

Stanford U




U C Berkeley Literature



Honeychur U Michigan ch, William Konishi, Shoji U Chicago

Anthropology Mongolia



Japan, Russia Japanese, Russian, English

Name University McPherson U C Berkeley , Sean Robson, Stanford U James Swartz, UCLA Wendy Wilson, Columbia U James Yoo, Jun U Chicago

Discipline Country Architecture Japan Religious Japan Studies Comparative Taiwan Literature Ethnomusicol China ogy History Korea

Language(s) Japanese Japanese Chinese Chinese

Japanese, Korean

Topic Dashimatsuri: Shifting Traditions Excavating the Strata of Mt. Nanyue's Religious History The Literacy Reputation of Tao Yuanming Dalang Yinyue She: Ritual Performance in the Transnational Context The Politics of Gender in Colonial Korea: Education, Work, and Health (18801945)

Allen, Lori U Chicago

The Uncertain State of Palestine: "Pain and Suffering" in Nationalism and State Building Belli, Georgetown UHistory Egypt Arabic, French, Remembrance of Nasserian Meriam English Things Past: An Approach to Egyptian History through the Memory of the 1967 War Bier, Laura New York U History Egypt Arabic Making Women into Citizens: Gender, Citizenship and State Building in Egypt During the Nasser Period: 1952-1970 Cory, U C Santa History Morocco, Arabic, French, Chosen by God to Rule: Stephen Barbara Spain Spanish Messianic Islam and Political Legitimacy in Early Modern Morocco U C Santa Ethnomusicol Syria Arabic Music, the Making of Syria, Currey, Nancy Barbara ogy and Manifestations of a Collective Identity Goknar, U Washington Literature Turkey Turkish From Empire to Republic: Erdag The Occupation of Istanbul as Reflected through the Social Space of the Turkish Novel Hansen, U Chicago Near Eastern Egypt Arabic Continuity and Change of Nicole Languages Reproductive Beliefs and and Practices in Egypt from Civilizations Ancient to Modern Times Joseph, Georgetown UHistory Lebanon, Syria Arabic Lebanon's Rural Sabrina Entrepreneurs: Peasant Economy and Land Tenure in the Late 17th and Early 18th Century Bekaa Valley Kim, U Chicago Literary Turkey Turkish Reading Past the Lines: Zati

Near East Anthropology Israel Arabic

Name Sooyong

Topic and the Social Practice of Divan Poetry in the First Half of the 16th Century Philliou, Princeton U History Greece, Ottoman The Interstices of Empires: Christine France, UK Turkish, The Autonomous Polity of Modern Greek, Samos Island, 1834-1912 French, English Reynolds, Yale U Religious Lebanon Arabic Medieval Islamic AntiGabriel Studies Christian Polemic and InterReligious Dialogue Stilt, Harvard U History Egypt, UK Arabic Between Law and Society: Kristen The Muhtasib of Mamluk Egypt South Asia Arnold, U C Berkeley Political India Hindi, Turkish Communities of Interest: Caroline Science The Local Roots of Religious Nationalism Bednar, U Texas History India, UK Persian, Becoming Rajput: Michael Sanskrit Symbiosis, Identity and the Cultural Frontier, 1300-1500 U Chicago Languages India Busch, Hindi, Sanskrit The Courtly Vernacular: The Allison and Transformation of Braj Literature Literary Culture, 1590-1675 U Chicago Anthropology India Hindi Calculating Risk: An Elson, Mark Ethnography of Insurance in Mumbai Ganem, U Virginia Art History India, Hindi, Urdu, The Adina Mosque at Jacqueline Bangladesh Persian, Pandua, India: Image, Bengali Prototype and the Context of Seeing Anthropology India Hindi "Working" Banaras: A Study Huberman, U Chicago Jenny of Tourist Encounters, Sentimental Journeys, and the Business of Visitation Owen, Lisa U Texas Art History India Sanskrit, Hindi Beyond Buddhist and Brahmanical Activity: The Place of the Jain Rock-Cut Excavations at Ellora Sears, U Art History India, UK Hindi Monasteries of the Tamara Pennsylvania Mattamayuras: Politics and the Patronage of Religious Architecture in Medieval India Sood, U Chicago South Asian India Sanskrit, Competing Cultures of the Aditya Studies Kannada, Hindi Matha: New Sectarian Institutions in the Social ReEducation of Hindu Karnataka


Discipline Studies



Name Stanek, Kara

Language(s) Topic Hindi, English Processual Art: Contemporary Theatre as Communicative Action in an India Imagined Anew Southeast Asia Barkin, Washington U Anthropology Indonesia Indonesian Manufacturing Models for the Gareth Middle-Class: Television and Influence in Indonesia Brannick, Tulane U International Indonesia Indonesian An Assessment of the Christine Health Barriers to Safe Motherhood among the Amungme-Damal of Irian Jaya de la Cruz, Columbia U Anthropology Philippines Filipino, Miracles of the Modern: Deidre Spanish Visual Transformation and Religious Imagery in the Philippines U Michigan History Indonesia, Indonesian, Natural Science and the Goss, Andrew Netherlands Dutch Formation of Modern Colonialism on Java U Washington History Vietnam, Vietnamese, Orientalism and Modernity in Henchy, Judith France French Early 20th Century Vietnamese Conceptions of History Kim, U C Berkeley City and Vietnam Vietnamese Transitional Urban Land Annette Regional Market Development in Ho Planning Chi Minh City, Vietnam Ritchie, Emory U Political Thailand, Thai, English The Political Economy of Bryan Science Singapore, Technical Education and Malaysia Training in Southeast Asia Wilcox, Cornell U History Vietnam, Vietnamese, Personal Revolutions: Mixed Wynn France Classical Franco-Vietnamese Identities Chinese, and Public Rebellion, 1782Classical 1802 Vietnamese, French Wong, U Washington Political Thailand Thai The Middle Class and the Jeffrey Science Origins of the New "Chineseness" in Thailand

University U Chicago

Discipline Country Anthropology India

Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program FY 2000
Research Site Austria Bangladesh Bolivia Brazil Chile China Cote d'Ivoire Czech Republic Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt France Germany Ghana Greece Guatemala Guinea Honduras India Indonesia Israel (West Bank) Japan Kenya Lebanon Malaysia Mali Mexico Mongolia Morocco Netherlands Oman Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Russia Rwanda Senegal Singapore South Korea Spain Sweden Syria Taiwan Tanzania Thailand Trinidad & Tobago Turkey Uganda United Kingdom Uzbekistan Vietnam Language(s) Arabic Bambara Bengali Chinese Czech Dutch Fante Filipino French German Greek Hindi Indonesian Japanese Kannada Kinyarwanda Korean Lomagui Luganda Mongolian Persian Polish Portuguese Quichua Russian Samburu Sanskrit Soninke Spanish Swahili Thai Turkish Twi Uzbek Vietnamese Wolof Yucatec Maya Disciplines/Progr ams Anthropology Archaeology Architecture Area Studies Art History Biology Buddhist Studies City/Reg Planning Ecology Economics Ethnomusicology Folklore Geography Health History Lang and Lit Literature Political Science Religious Studies Sociology Universities Arizona St U Columbia U Cornell U CUNY Emory U Georgetown U Harvard U Indiana U Johns Hopkins U Michigan St U New School U New York U Northern Illinois U Princeton U Stanford U Syracuse U Tulane U U C Berkeley UCLA UCSB U Chicago U Colorado U Georgia U Illinois U Michigan U North Carolina U Pennsylvania U Texas U Virginia U Washington U Wisconsin Washington U Yale U

FY00 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program - World Area Profiles
F u n d s

Primary Countries Ghana

Additional Countries

Kenya Mali Rwanda Senegal

Tanzania Uganda T o t a l s Bolivia

Disciplines Africa Twi, Fante History French, Lomagui, English Anthropology Swahili, Samburu Anthropology Arabic, Bambara, Geography, Cote d'Ivoire French, Soninke History Kinyarwanda, French Anthropology Arabic, French, Mali Wolof History Anthropology, Ecology, Arabic, German, Ethnomusicolog y, History Oman, UK Swahili Luganda, English Political Science


Fulbrighters 1 1 1 2 1 3 $35,797 $16,123 $25,158 $19,543 $29,726 $62,441

5 1

$156,516 $25,537

15 Western Hemisphere Spanish, Quechua History Anthropology, Art History, Portuguese, History Arabic Spanish Economics Spanish Spanish, Quichua Spanish Spanish Spanish, Yucatec Maya Quechua, Spanish Hindi, English Biology Anthropology Anthropology Anthropology Anthropology, Archaeology Anthropology Ethnomusicolog y 1

$370,841 $12,008

Brazil Portugal Chile Dominican Republic Ecuador Guatemala Honduras Mexico Peru Trinidad & Tobago T o t a l s

3 1 1 1 1 1 3 2 1

$82,610 $31,105 $20,022 $13,616 $23,982 $11,066 $40,486 $36,091 $21,239

15 Central / Eastern Europe and Eurasia Austria, Art History, Germany, Czech, German, Folklore, History, UK English Literature


Czech Republic



Poland Russia Uzbekistan T o t a l s

Folklore, History, Languages and Literature, Political Science German, Polish Anthropology, Russian, German History Persian, Russian, Uzbek History

5 4 1

$106,059 $98,439 $27,012

14 East Asia Art History, Ethnomusicolog y, Literature, Sociology Architecture, Buddhist Studies, History, Literature, Religious Studies Anthropology Geography, History Comparative Literature






Japan Mongolia South Korea Taiwan T o t a l s


Japanese, Russian Mongolian Korean Chinese

5 1 2 1

$252,106 $14,795 $43,933 $15,444

13 Near East History, Near Eastern Languages and UK Arabic, French Civilizations Ottoman Turkish, Modern Greek, France, UK French, English History





Greece Israel (West Bank)




Lebanon Morocco Syria Turkey T o t a

Syria Spain

Arabic Arabic, French, Spanish Arabic Turkish

Anthropology History, Religious Studies History Ethnomusicolog y Literature



2 1 1 2

$39,471 $33,469 $23,000 $56,038



l s South Asia Anthropology, Art Bengali, Hindi, History, History, Languages and Kannada, Literature, Political Persian, Science, South Bangladesh, Sanskrit, Turkish, Urdu Asian Studies UK

India T o t a l s



10 Southeast Asia


Dutch, Indonesia Netherlands Indonesian Filipino, Philippines Spanish Singapore, Thailand Malaysia Thai Classical Chinese, French, Vietnamese Vietnam France T o t a l s

Anthropology, Health, History Anthropology Political Science

3 1 2 $27,884 $71,173

City and Regional Planning, History