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Remodeling a basement is a popular home improvement project. A finished basement makes the space more functional and, when done correctly, can add a considerable amount of living space to a home.
Finishing a basement pays dividends in additional space in a home that doesn’t require the same level of investment as putting an addition on the house. Also, the groundwork for a finished room is already there, as most basements are already set up with a poured concrete floor and some walls, usually cinder blocks. Some electrical components, plumbing and the creature comforts of drywall and a more inviting floor might be all that’s necessary to finish a basement. Whatever finishing method is chosen, homeowners should follow the proper procedures when doing the work. DO start with a detailed plan. Measure out the basement and mark any items that cannot be moved, such as a furnace, water heater or pipes. Create a design board that showcases the materials you plan to use on the project. Think about ways you plan to arrange furniture and consider all of the possible uses for the room. Will it be a home theater? Will someone be sleeping down there? Each scenario will require certain amenities and safety requirements.

DON’T plan to finish the entire basement. Doing so will leave you without a storage or utility area where you house holiday decorations, tools, luggage and similar items. DO get the scoop on building codes. Knowing what the municipality allows in basement remodeling will help you to customize a plan that is functional, safe and legal. No one wants to be slapped with fines for failing to follow the rules. Plus, failure to meet building codes could mean the work that has been done must be torn out and redone. It pays to follow the chain of command and secure permits while having all work inspected. DON’T overlook adequate lighting in your refinishing plan. A basement is likely one area of the house that has limited natural light pouring in. With traditionally small windows, or no windows at all, a basement needs ample lighting in its design scheme. This may include a combination of overhead and task lighting. Ample lighting will help the room feel like part of the house and not just a forgotten storage area. DO take into consideration moisture issues in the basement. Many basements are plagued by moisture issues ranging from water seepage to condensation forming on walls. These situations may vary depending on the weather throughout the year. Certain materials may need to be used to mitigate water issues before finishing can take place. The installation of water-barrier systems, drainage, sump pumps, or encapsulation products could drive up the cost of a basement

renovation. It is essential to have a professional assess the basement water issues prior to starting any finishing work. DON’T simply cover up potential hazards, such as mold or mildew. Have them treated instead. Otherwise, you could have a breeding ground behind drywall that could lead to unsafe conditions in the home. DO have a radon test. Radon is a hidden killer that can cause lung cancer. Because it occurs naturally in the soil and water surrounding a home and is impossible to detect without a specialized test, many people are unaware of the presence of radon until it is too late. Radon may be more concentrated in the basement, where the foundation is touching the soil. DON’T limit furniture choices to one type. You may need to be flexible in your furniture choices, even selecting modular pieces because entryways to basements may have small doorways or obstructions that make adding furniture more challenging. DO keep the possibility of flooding in the back of your head. Basements are especially susceptible to flood damage. Therefore, think about the practicality of finishing a basement if you are prone to flooding. If you decide to move ahead, take certain precautionary measures, such as keeping electrical wiring up higher and using a more waterresistant flooring material, like tile or vinyl. House important electronics and items on shelves so they are not at ground-level.

The dos don’ts of

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Home decor trends for 2013
1 A splash of color
Industry leader Pantone’s annual fashion color report sets the tone for home decor as well as clothing, and the spring 2013 report is no exception. Its softer-hued palette of Dusk Blue, Lemon Zest, African Violet, Grayed Jade, Linen and Tender Shoots is emboldened by Monaco Blue, Poppy Red, Emerald and Nectarine. Designers also see a move toward pure color palettes such as cream and sea glass, khaki and white, or neutral with a pop of yellow. and reused hundreds of times without losing their adhering qualities. Because the company offers color matching, customers can match their repositionable wallpaper to an existing paint color, updated decor or the new Pantone color palette.

3 Cooking up
smart ideas Next year’s contemporary kitchen will include European frameless laminate cabinetry, multi-tasking appliances, hands-free faucets, and increased smartphone and tablet functionality. Value-oriented remodels will remain popular with homeowners incorporating existing flooring, fixtures, cabinets and/or appliances into their design plans to save money and retain favorite design elements.

Chrome and polished nickel will appeal to the emerging “Y” generation and baby boomers modernizing their retirement homes. Tall, slender outdoor lanterns in contemporary, cottage and transitional styles will work well for those in smaller urban spaces.

palette of muted tones and delicate detailing creates timeless interiors, and incorporating vintage pieces fosters a sense of nostalgia, heritage and solidity.

9 Back to nature
Consumers’ eco-friendly focus on using organic, sustainable materials will continue into 2013. Woven wood shades are made from bamboo, grasses, jute, reeds, rattan and other natural renewable resources for honest, simple beauty. The use of timber and wicker furniture, ribbed and woven finishes on accessories, and layered wool throws in the living area of the kitchen brings a sense of the outdoor into the home.

7 Woodn’t it be nice?
Next year’s trendy furniture will boast reclaimed wood or reclaimed-looking synthetic wood. Combinations of wood and metal will be popular, such as a desk with a wood top and an iron base. There will be a new freedom to mix metals, linen or stone into wood, with the juxtaposition of materials and finishes creating a beautiful combination.

5 Heavy metal
Home furnishings will also shine in 2013. New metals such as rose gold and gun metal will be mixed, and pierced, hammered and oxidized textural metals will be especially popular. Vendors will add metal to their wood pieces, and faux animal print metallics will provide texture and reflective light in the textiles arena.

10 You can judge a
book by its cover Exterior design and landscaping say just as much about a home as its interior architectural counterparts. Designers tout stone, concrete and brick that blend into the environment, require little upkeep, and is superior to weather susceptible wood decks, rust-prone metals and dulling plastics. There is an increased use of eco-friendly native plants to save water and reduce pesticides.
~ Brandpoint

2 Not your mama’s
wallpaper Repositionable wallpaper is a decorating mainstay, says Todd Imholte, president of Murals Your Way, whose website,, is the top online destination for wall murals worldwide. The company’s10 collections of peeland-stick wallpaper are available in such themes as Vintage, Dots, Flower Prints and Mostly Modern, and can be removed

8 Watch your step
One of the biggest style trends of the year will be porcelain tile that emulates the look of hardwood in high-traffic areas, offering the natural beauty of wood with the long-lasting durability and ease of maintenance of tile. Rectangular-sized tiles — particularly those in long, linear plank styles — remain popular in floor and wall applications.

6 There’s no place like home
Even as the economy shows signs of improving, homeowners still find comfort in “cocooning” in the warmth and safety of their homes. Adding an ontrend color such as cranberry or velvety chocolate to a soothing

4 Let it shine
Energy-efficient LED products will continue to dominate lighting, and will be prevalent in coves, tray ceilings, toekicks, and under and above cabinets.

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Homeowners only get one chance to make a first impression. That’s one chance to impress potential buyers, family, friends and neighbors with the first thing they see: your home’s exterior. From simple upgrades to meticulous landscaping projects and replacing an outdated roof, there are dozens of options to enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior. Improvements don’t need to break the bank or take a year to complete. By focusing on three simple areas, you can change the entire look of your home that you’ll appreciate every time you pull into your driveway.

Three ways to give your home’s curb appeal a

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1. Landscaping
The key to curb appeal is balancing what makes you happy with what works in your community. Take a moment to observe the types of trees, plants and flowers in your surroundings and look for ways to incorporate them into your yard. Planting flowers is one of the easiest, most costeffective ways to make an impact. Flowers along the sidewalk, in front of the house, inside flower boxes, pouring out of hanging baskets, or even in berms and raised garden beds, provide a giant boost to your curb appeal. Exercise your creativity by combining plants of different height, texture and color in the same container. By sticking to perennial plants native to your environment, you will not have to worry about replanting every year.

If your budget is more limited, focus on the areas that catch the eye. Give shutters and trim a fresh coat of paint, or paint the front door a bright shade of red or blue.You don’t have to make a large investment to make a large impact. Focusing on key areas of your home’s exterior will refresh the entire appearance of the home and provide a facelift that’s within your reach.

Annual Spring Sale • April 18-20

Beauty from the UP ground
Our garden center is bursting with the colors of Spring and everything you need to create a beautiful home. At Ken’s you’ll find the highest quality annuals, perennials, shrubs and vegetables.

compatibility with your existing siding as well as the style of your home. If your home has a busy exterior with more than one contrasting color, try adding a classic, rustic color like weathered wood. The shingle’s subtle blends of color and wood-like appearance complements nearly any exterior paint color. If your home’s exterior is a more neutral shade, try adding a vibrant colored shingle to stand out in your neighborhood.

3. Paint
Whether you’re updating your color scheme or applying a fresh coat, painting is an easy way to update your home’s look from the street in a big way. Depending on your budget, this project can be big or small. To make the most significant impact, consider painting the entire house. This will bring new life to paint that has lost its luster or possibly a new palette of color to incorporate into your yard. Although this project can call for a larger investment, the result will pay off in the end.
~ Brandpoint

2. Roofing
Redesigning the style and color of your roof is a dramatic and effective strategy for improving curb appeal. Your roof accounts for 50 percent of your home’s exterior. Updating the shingles on your roof is going to make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your home — take advantage of it. Start by evaluating roofing choices for




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Does time of year affect roofing jobs?
There comes a time in many homeowners’ lives when they’re faced with the reality that a roof replacement is necessary. A roof can last between 15 and 30 years, and a person who owns an older home may find the lease has expired on the current roof. Is there a particular time of year that is better for having a roof installed? It depends on different factors, including the availability of a roofing contractor. According to the site, The Average Cost of Things, courtesy of the Home Buying Institute, across the country one can expect to spend $18,000 on average to replace a roof with asphalt shingles. Use of other materials, like tile or metal will cost more than this. In general, those living in big cities tend to pay more than those in rural areas. Because a roof replacement is expensive, it is something that some homeowners prefer to put off until it is absolutely necessary. Others are interested in finding the best rate around and hiring reliable roofers for the job. It’s important to note that there really is no season where roof replacements are offlimits. Most roofers can do the job effectively unless the temperature is below freezing or if there is significant rain in the forecast. In fact, planning a roofing job for the middle of the winter actually may work to a homeowner’s advantage. This is typically a slow time of year for some roofers, and they may be anxious to get work this time of year and be willing to negotiate on price. There’s also a good chance that the roofer will not be bogged down with other jobs, enabling the company to start on a home right away. Some roofers prefer working in the colder weather to sizzling up on a roof under the hot sun at another time of year. Naturally the spring is a prime time of year for roofing projects. After the rainy season, the weather is generally comfortable and homeowners are thinking about the projects they will commence. A busy time of year for home improvement all around, homeowners may find that they have to compete with others for a good date to have a roof installed. They also may be paying top dollar for the work and materials that are in high demand. Another thing to consider during the busy season is that a project may be rushed along in order to move on to the next job or one being worked on concurrently. This may lead to corners being cut or less attention to detail. A person may be limited in their choices of roof installation during the summer. Extreme temperatures can make working on the roof hazardous and uncomfortable for workers. For those who live in a climate where the temperatures generally cause the mercury to soar, choose a cooler time of year. Many homeowners opt to have a roof replacement in the autumn. The crisp weather and the decline in home-renovation projects overall can make this a prime time to contract with a quality roofer. If the roof is very much damaged, replacing it before the harsh, winter weather

sets in can be advantageous. Some homeowners find they can get a discount on a roof installation if they bundle different renovations together. A contractor may offer a special on siding and roofing together. For those who have the funds, this may be the opportunity to get two jobs done at once. A roofing project is no small

undertaking, and homeowners are wise to get several referrals and investigate a variety of companies before settling on one. Review sites, such as Angie’s List, or simply word-ofmouth appraisals from friends and family members can help make choosing a roofer an easier decision.



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When it comes to fashion faux pas, the only thing worse than clashing patterns is overly matching every item. Mixing and matching creates exciting contrast — and not just when you dress yourself, but also when you “dress up” your home. The trend toward mixing colors and materials has made its way outdoors, with enterprising homeowners getting creative with their decks. When it comes to building a deck, or refurbishing an existing one, options abound. Design choices beyond simple considerations such as wood or composite, square or rectangular, open the door to creative outdoor environments that are truly unique and reflect your personal style.

revolutionizing deck design

Mix + Match trend

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MARCH 17, 2013 • 9

Mixed materials
Retire that old rule that says all the materials you use for your deck must match. Your railing no longer needs to be made from the same material as your decking. Pairing wooden deck planks stained in a natural hue with a metallic railing and decorative balusters creates a fresh, exciting look. Dress up basic wood and vinyl deck posts with fiber-reinforced concrete postcovers that provide the look and feel of real stacked stone.

Pairing metal or glass balusters with a wood or composite railing is another striking way to add personality to a deck. The combination is the perfect marriage of rustic and modern, incorporating the classic natural appeal of wood with the modern flair of metal and glass.

lighted balusters. Using energy-efficient LED technology, lighted balusters connect to a standard 12-volt power source to create a soft glow.

as well as illuminated versions that coordinate well with regular or lighted balusters. While you’re experimenting with accessories, don’t overlook the opportunity to mix things up with a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and materials for built-in planters and seating. Need help visualizing how your deck might look all dolled up using the mixand-match trend? Deckorators offers a simple online tool, the Deck Visualizer, which allows you to mix different decking, balusters and post caps and see in advance how your personalized outdoor space might look. Log on to to learn more.
~ Brandpoint

Exploring accessories
Accessories like post caps and planters are great ways to enhance a deck’s visual appeal and usability. Metal and glass post caps can add pops of color to a monochrome deck. Available in a variety of colors such as copper, pewter, black and white, metal post caps also coordinate well with wood and composite deck materials. Or, for an even more colorful accent, consider glass post caps. Deckorators offers a line of glass post caps that mimic timeless Tiffany styles. They are also available in basic colors and styles,

Playing with color
Metal balusters also allow you to experiment with color. Available in finishes that mimic popular metals such as bronze, copper and stainless steel, as well as basic black or white, metal balusters also resist insect damage and rot — making them practical as well as pretty. For even more personality, alternate different styles of glass or metal, or mix regular metal or glass balusters with

An inset of deck stones in the floor creates contrast and interest — as well as a functional, durable spot for outdoor kitchens, grilling areas and raised fire pits.

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How to

treat a termite problem
TREATING TERMITES Many people do not even know they have a termite problem until that problem has escalated. Because they remain hidden most of the time, termites can be difficult to detect. Incidences of soft wood or visual recognition of swarming termites that occur in the spring can indicate that termites could be residing in a structure or nearby. There are different types of termites, and proper identification is necessary to find the correct treatment option. Unlike other pests, termites are pests whose detection and removal is best left to a professional who can recognize the subtle signs. He or she will identify certain signs of an infestation, such as mud-looking material on wooden surfaces, discarded wings from a swarm, piles of sawdust, termite tubes running outdoors from the soil to a home, buckling paint, and other indications. There are different ways to prevent or treat a termite infestation. To prevent termites, there are applications of termiticides that are put into the soil surrounding a home or structure. Also, removal of moisture in and around the house is key because termites need moist conditions for survival. Poisoning of nests is also a treatment option. If termites already have infiltrated a home, fumigation may be necessary to remedy that problem. However, fumigation is not always effective at killing eggs and all of the termites. Most exterminators will use a combination of treatments. If extreme wood damage has occurred, portions of the structure may have to be removed and rebuilt. This also may help alleviate some of the scent trails termites use to travel to and from nests and food sources. OTHER TERMITE PREVENTION TIPS • Don’t store firewood in contact with the ground. • Use chemically treated wood for building structures. • Disguise wood by painting it or using a shellac or varnish. Termites may not like the taste of treated wood. • Prevent hidden entry points where termites can go unseen. • Remove cardboard, newspaper, cotton materials and any other cellulose from the floor. • Vent kitchens and baths so that they will not trap moisture. • Fix any and all water leaks. • Don’t plant gardens or put soil directly against a home’s exterior walls. These simple precautions and routine inspections can prevent termites from becoming a problem.

Termites are houseguests few homeowners want to experience. With their reputation for voracity and the damage they can inflict on a home, termites are something most people want to avoid at all costs. If termites are already a problem or something homeowners simply want to prevent, there are effective ways to banish these unwelcome guests or keep them from ever entering a home. WHAT IS A TERMITE? Termites are small social insects that have the capability to destroy wood. Sometimes they are mistaken for ants, but the two insects are quite different. Termites are actually close relatives to the cockroach. Many termites appear as white or light-colored and may seem translucent. Winged termites are darker in color. Termites have a grub-shaped body but, unlike ants, no discernable hourglassshaped waist. Also, their antennae are straight and look beaded, like a string of pearls, while ants have elbowed antennae. Another way to differentiate ants from termites is that termite eyes are very small or nonexistent, while ants’ eyes are clearly visible. Termites live in a nest or colony in large numbers. Their primary food source is plant fiber, known as cellulose. Most termites are rarely seen unless they are swarming or if their nest or a portion of wood has been opened revealing the insects inside.

Plants and gardens touching exterior walls of the home may provide the right environment for a termite colony.

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MARCH 17, 2013 • 11

The idea of bringing one’s cellphone into the garden to help the flowers and vegetables grow seems ludicrous and yet, apps for mobile devices could prove helpful — when used before or after the digging, planting, bending, pulling and watering. “The garden apps are growing in popularity for sure,” says Laura Lapp, owner of Perfect Pots Container Gardens, 745 Strasburg Pike, Strasburg. “I try them when they come out — impressed by some, not totally impressed by others.” Lapp suggests subscribing to the newsfeed of Gardening Daily, “little snippets that are fun to read ... gardening videos, tips and ideas.” Other suggestions: · Leafsnap, a free app identifying plants by using photos of leaves taken by the user’s mobile device, suggests master gardener Elizabeth Lux of Mountville. · Google, the search engine. Joyce Crider, treasurer of the Town and Country Garden Club of Lancaster, uses it to price compare at local nurseries. · Earth911’s iRecycle gives master gardener Barb Baker of Elizabethtown “convenient access to drop-off facilities for compostable materials.” · Lastly, Lapp says she uses her QR reader app to scan QR codes. “Many plant brands now have a QR code on the plant tag or container. Scan it while you’re plant shopping and get all kinds of info on that plant, at your fingertips.”
~ LYnn SCHMidt

Give back to your lawn
One of the best treatments for your yard is to let a layer of lawn clippings settle on the top of your turf after mowing. The clippings decompose and replenish your soil, encouraging positive growth. A common misconception is that leaving the clippings on top of your lawn leads to the development of thatch, when in fact it's usually caused by other conditions. Leaving your clippings only helps your lawn, and lessens the amount of work you have to do.

Be wise with your water
With a few strategic adjustments, you can significantly reduce the amount of water you use to keep your lawn healthy. Watering less frequently with a good soaking each time, the water you use will go further. Watering in the morning will also help your lawn soak up the water, rather than having it evaporate before it makes it into your soil. Installing a rain barrel is also a great way to reuse the water that runs off your house without ever having to turn on the spigot.

Go green with battery-powered mowers and lawn tools.
Gas mowers' engines don't run nearly as clean as more thoroughly engineered car engines and contribute significantly to air pollution, according to the Environmental sProtection Agency. If you make the switch to a battery-powered mower, you can start it easily every time without having to worry about polluting the air. With a mower like the GreenWorks Twin Force Mower, you can get the same great performance as a gas mower with up to 70 minutes of run time. The rechargeable 40 volt lithium-ion batteries that power this mower can also be used with other GreenWorks lawn tools that include string trimmers, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers, making it possible to take your entire arsenal of lawn care tools off gas for good.

Buy a discerning fertilizer
Chemical fertilizers might offer quick results, but organic fertilizers often provide more staying power as they focus more on improving soil quality rather than the quick fix of applying nutrients directly to the plant. To make sure you are effective with your fertilizer use, take a soil sample to a local garden store to analyze it and they'll recommend the best fertilizing mix for your lawn.

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Allow your lawn to protect itself
Mowing too short is a key mistake many people make. A good rule of thumb is to never cut more than one-third of the current height. This will ensure that your grass can develop deep enough roots to thrive and won't get scorched when summer temperatures arrive.
~ Brandpoint

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RESIDENTIAL as well as Commercial Projects!
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Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE and to visit our new location. 599 Airport Road • Lititz, PA • 717.556.0077 • 1.855.3.CONCRETE


Polishing & Resealing of existingConcrete Basements, Garages, Patios & Walks Custom-made Concrete TablesAny Size, Shape or Angle

“If it has to do with Concrete, we can help you out!” o

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