FY 2001 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

Chandon, Upjeet Curry, Dawne Galvin, Mary Glenzer, Kent Goldman, Mara Kendall, Nancy Kimura, Birgitta

U Southern California Michigan St U U C Berkeley Emory U U Wisconsin Stanford U U Florida

Anthropology History Political Science Sociology Geography Education Archaeology History Anthropology History Anthropology Anthropology Anthropology Art History Anthropology Anthropology Archaeology

Country Africa
South Africa South Africa, UK South Africa Mali Tanzania Malawi Ethiopia Uganda, UK Senegal

English, Zulu Zulu Zulu French, Bamana Swahili Chichewa English, Amharic Luganda French, Wolof

Racial Politics, "Indianness" and Place in the "New South Africa" Azikwelwa, Asinamal: Don't Ride, Don't Get On, We Have No Money: Alexandra, South Africa and Its History of Resistance, 1940-1986 Development is Political: The Effect of Development Interventions on Local Politics in Rural KwaZulu Natal, South Africa A Historical Ethnography of Civil Society in Mali Expanding the Boundaries of Wildlife Conservation in the Maasai Ecosystem, Tanzania: Creating Space for Local Knowledge Ufulu ndi Sukulu: A Comparative Study of Local Responses to "Democratizing" Education in Malawi Evolution of Political Organization in Konso, Southern Ethiopia The Word Became Kigambo: The Luganda Bible and Its First Readers Spirit Possession, Modernism, and Frantz Fanon in the Fann Psychiatric Hospital in Dakar, Senegal: A Radical Contribution to Psychiatry Urban Islands in the Savanna: Moshi and Arusha and the Changing Landscape of Colonialism A Mother's Paradox: Weanling Needs and Next Pregnancy among the Iraqw of Tanzania At the 'Roots': Diaspora Africans and Ghanaians Experience Heritage Tourism Changing Ethnicity in Highland Madagascar "That Was How It Is" Yakurr Culture in NeoColonial Nigeria Surviving as a Refugee Minor: Identity Formation and Management in a UNHCR Camp Madagascar's Forest Labor: The Meaning of Conservation for Low-Wage Workers Placing Hinterland in the Foreground: Coast and Interior Interaction in Ancient Northeastern Tanzania, AD 100-1900

Manarin, L. Timothy Indiana U Marac, Kathleen Munson, Robert Patil, Crystal Reed, Ann Rennard, Sarah Salami, Gitti Schechter, James Sodikoff, Genese Walz, Jonathan Columbia U Boston U Ohio St U Indiana U Tulane U U Iowa U Colorado U Michigan U Florida

Tanzania, Germany Swahili, German Tanzania Ghana Madagascar Nigeria Kenya Madagascar Tanzania Swahili Akan French, Malagasy English Swahili French, Malagasy Swahili

Western Hemisphere
International Education and Graduate Programs Service Washington, DC 20006-8521 1

FY 2001 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program Baber, Jovita Brook, Mary Constantino, Jill Dix, Sarah Dosh, Paul Drybread, Kirsten Dudgeon, Matthew Epps, Patience Faudree, Paja Ferguson, Michael Green, Robert Harper, Kristin Hedeen, Katherine Hernandez, Raymond Klarich, Elizabeth Konefal, Betsy Lee, Monica Lyon, Sarah Mumford, Jeremy U Chicago U Texas U Michigan Yale U U C Berkeley Columbia U Emory U U Virginia U Pennsylvania U Michigan Indiana U U Mass U Texas U Chicago U C Santa Barbara U Pittsburgh Johns Hopkins U Emory U Yale U History Geography Anthropology Political Science Political Science Anthropology Anthropology Anthropology Anthropology Anthropology Archaeology History Spanish and Portuguese Art History Anthropology History History Anthropology History Mexico, Spain Nicaragua Ecuador Argentina Ecuador, Peru Brazil Guatemala Brazil Mexico Peru Spanish, Nahuatl Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish Portuguese Spanish Hupda, Portuguese Spanish, Mazatec Quechua, Spanish Native Political Experience and the Spanish Empire in Tlaxcala, New Spain (1580-1640) Making the Cut: Miskitu Governance and Forestry in Alamikamba Value Conflicts: People and Their Place in the Galapagos Islands Judicial Politics in New Democracies Does Decentralization Help the Poor?: Responsiveness and Efficiency in Urban Latin America Considerations of Advocates for Brazilian Street Children Birth after Death: K'iche' Mayan Men's Roles in Maternal and Infant Health after the Guatemalan Civil War A Grammar of Hupda Maku The Double-Edged Pen: Indigenous-Language Literatures and Ethnic Identity among the Mazatecs of Oaxaca, Mexico The Theoretical Implications of Adventist Missionization in Peru The Chiefdoms of Hispaniola: A Study of Social Complexity Reforming the Familia Tabasquena: Gender and State Formation in Revolutionary Tabasco

Dominican Republic Spanish Mexico Cuba Mexico Peru Guatemala Brazil Guatemala Bolivia, Spain Spanish Spanish

Cuba: Poetry, Gender, and Revolution Al Origen del Arte entre Nosotros: Reframing Spanish Viceregal Painting in 19th Century Mexico Household Excavations at Pucara: Domestic Organization and Early Elite Strategies in the Lake Spanish Titicaca Basin of Peru Spanish Maya Activism in Guatemala, 1944-2000 Christianity Spoken and Sung: The Language Encounter between Jesuits and Amerindians in Portuguese, Spanish Colonial Brazil (1549-1759) Coffee, Taste, and Transnationalism: An Anthropological Investigation of the US Spanish Guatemalan Coffee Market Reducciones de Indios: Forced Resettlement and Spanish Political Imagination in Spanish Peru, 1560s-70s

International Education and Graduate Programs Service Washington, DC 20006-8521


FY 2001 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program Norlin, Kara U Illinois Economics History Anthropology Geography History Economics Anthropology Anthropology Environmental Studies History Sociology Anthropology Anthropology Brazil Cuba El Salvador Mexico Mexico, Spain Brazil Ecuador Peru Mexico Cuba El Salvador Peru Guatemala Portuguese Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish Portuguese Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish, K'iche Public Sector Rent Seeking: A Brazilian Case Study Rising from the Ashes: Black Cuban Social, Political, and Cultural Organizations, 1912-1940 Indigenous Cultural Activism in Postwar El Salvador Management of Environmental Identity by Women's Groups in the Yucatan and the Effects on Land Access and Agricultural Practices The Politics of Ritual in Puebla de los Angeles, Mexico, 1700-1775 Credit Where It's Due: The Development of the Credit Market in Rio de Janeiro, 1820-1900 A Need to Know: Women in Poverty, Informal Education, and Community Organizations Deciphering the Ritualization of Power in Moche Urbanism Agrarian Change and the Status of Crop Biodiversity in Yucatan, Mexico: Implications for On-Farm Conservation "On the Brink of Being Lost to the Insubordination of All Classes": Free Press and the Conflicts of Cuban Liberalism From Anti-State Activism to Civic Participation: Women's Movement Toward Democracy in El Salvador Sociopolitical Change at Cerro La Cruz: A Study of Middle Horizon Architecture in North Coastal Peru Genealogies of Illness: Violence, Displacement and Healing in Postwar Guatemala

Pappademos, Melina New York U Peterson, Brandt Radel, Claudia Ramos, Frances Ryan, Joseph Stifter, Rachel Swenson, Edward Tuxill, John Urbina, Ian Viterna, Jocelyn Vogel, Melissa Wagner, William U Texas Clark U U Texas UCLA U Texas U Chicago Yale U U Chicago Indiana U U Pennsylvania U New Mexico

Central Eastern Europe and Eurasia
Bennis, Will Brown, Kara Cassidy, Jimmie Cooper, Thomas Cotter, Sean U Chicago Indiana U U C Santa Barbara Indiana U U Michigan Psychology Education Anthropology Comparative Literature Comparative Literature Czech Republic Estonia, Belgium Russia Hungary Romania Gambling Subcultures and Their Influence on Players' Beliefs Grassroots, Globalization, and the Survival of the Estonian Voro Language The Bronze Age of East Coast Primorye in the Russian Russian Far East Hungarian, German, Irony and Subversion of Form in the Novels of French Zsigmond Kemeny The Reception and Evolution of Lucian Blaga's Romanian Translations under Communism Czech

International Education and Graduate Programs Service Washington, DC 20006-8521

FY 2001 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program Gehlbach, Scott Gilburd, Eleanory Gruber, Isaiah Guile, Carolyn Gungoren, Billur Hatcher, Patrick Hope, John U C Berkeley U C Berkeley Georgetown U Princeton U Columbia U U Chicago U Michigan Political Science and Economics History History Art History Social Policy History of Religions Literature Russia Russia Russia Poland Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Russia Russian Russian Russian Polish Russian, Kyrgyz Uzbek, Arabic, Persian Russian New Democratic Institutions and Corruption in Postcommunist Countries "To See Paris and Die": Foreign Culture in the Soviet Union, 1956-1968 The Russian Orthodox Church during the Time of Troubles in the Early 17th Century Art, Architecture, and the Public Domain in Warsaw, 1772-1807 Gender Differences in Labor Market Outcomes during the Early Phase of Transition: The Case of Kyrgyzstan Conversion and Community: Religious Expansion and the Turkic Peoples in the Islamic Discourses of Samanid Central Asia (875-1005 C.E.) Manifestations of Russian Literary Orientalism Modernizing Through Theater: Theater in the People's Houses of Turkey and The Red Houses of the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic, 1930-1950 The Image of Patriarch Nikon in Russian Culture Transnational Corporations in the Emergence of Hungarian Markets Why Are So Many Czech Women Dying of Brest Cancer? A Cultural Approach to Understanding Illness, Detection, and Treatment in the Czech Republic The Jews in Kiev, 1974-1917: Community and Acculturation in an Imperial Russian City Polish-Irish Cultural Relations, 1890-1918 Painting Allusions in the Poetry of Anna Akhmatova "Ius supremum Maydeburgense castri Cracoviensis": Legal Actors and Communities in Late Medieval Poland The Vladimir Historical Museum: The Writing of History Through Material Culture Between East and West: Modernism in the Interwar Romanian and Hungarian Novel The Making of Terrorism in Late Imperial Russia, 1866-1881 How I Spent My Summer: Adolescence in the Soviet Union's "Me Decade"

Igmen, Ali Kain, Kevin Kaldor, Eric

U Washington History Western Michigan U History Rutgers U Sociology

Kyrgyzstan Russia Hungary

Kyrgyz, Russian, Uzbek Russian Hungarian

Kozikowski, Denise Meir, Natan Merchant, John Miller, Kelly Munzinger, Mark Smith, Susan Varga, Adriana

UCLA Columbia U U Chicago U Michigan U Kansas U Washington Indiana U

Folklore History Slavic Lang & Lit Literature History History Comparative Literature History History

Czech Republic

Czech Russian, Hebrew, Ukraine, Russia, Israel Ukrainian Poland, Ireland Polish Russia Poland Russia Hungary, Romania Russia Russia Russian Polish, Latin Russian Hungarian, Romanian Russian Russian

Verhoeven, Claudia U C L A Wallace, Jonathan U North Carolina

International Education and Graduate Programs Service Washington, DC 20006-8521

FY 2001 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program Zavisca, Jane U C Berkeley Sociology Russia Russian Consumption in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia, 1976-2001

East Asia
Andrews, Charles Indiana U History Sociology Political Science Literature Political Science Anthropology Anthropology Art History Anthropology Religion History History Literature Literature Asian Studies History Literature The Social Implications of the Reorganization of Communications Media in Nineteenth Century Japan Japanese Japan Through Sweat and Tears: Socialization of Japan Japanese Japanese Boys via High School Baseball The Impact of Courts on Environmental Policy in Japan Japanese Japan Literature of the Chinese Diaspora: Literature by Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan English Chinese, Ethnic Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia The Evolution of a Leader: Agency, Structure, and Concepts of Self from Chiang's Daily Writings Taiwan Chinese (1924-1949) Forging the State: Culture, Power, and Practice in China Chinese the Yunnan Tin Industry Taiwan Chinese Becoming a Buddhist in Taiwan Negotiating Identity: Social Dimensions of 6thChina Chinese Century Buddhist Art Patronage Social Orders and Their Guardians: Policing, Taiwan Chinese Ritual, and Tradition in Contemporary Taiwan From Nuns and Scholars to Patrons, Dancers, and Kambun, Japanese, Divine-Mothers: The Women of Japan’s Medieval Japan Classical Chinese Nuns’ Revival Movement Modern Sensibilities: Cleanliness and the Body Japan Japanese Politic in Japan Yokohama, 1859-1872: An Intercultural History of Japan Japanese a Japanese Treaty Port Reactionaries and Renegades: Samurai as Japan Japanese Twentieth-Century Cultural Icons Discourses of Illness and Medicine in Pre-modern Taiwan Chinese and Modern Chinese Fiction Taiwan, Japan Chinese, Japanese Literary Space and Identity in Colonial Taiwan Reproducing Society: Kinship and Social China Chinese Organization in Western Zhou China Japanese "New Women" Writers: The Sexual Japan Japanese Awakenings in Tamura Toshiko's Fiction

Blackwood, Thomas U Michigan Gibbons, Margaret Groppe, Alison Huang, Grace Kusnetzky, Lara Rene Learman, Linda Lingley, Kate Martin, Jeffrey Meeks, Lori Miller, Ian Munson, Todd Plauche, Michelle Schonebaum, Andrew Scruggs, Bert Sena, David Sokolsky, Anne U Michigan Harvard U U Chicago CUNY Boston U U Chicago U Chicago Princeton U Columbia U Indiana U U Michigan Columbia U U Pennsylvania U Chicago U C Berkeley

Near East
Blumi, Isa New York U History Turkey, UK Turkish, English The Consequences of Empire: The Integration and Negotiation of Identity in Yemen and Albania

International Education and Graduate Programs Service Washington, DC 20006-8521

FY 2001 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program Callen, Jeffrey Erami, Narges Fishman, Louis Ghaneabassiri, Kambiz Habib, Kenneth Hassan, Mona Martin, Kevin Mills, Amy Ozbal, Rana Savant, Sarah Scalenghe, Sara UCLA Columbia U U Chicago Harvard U U C Santa Barbara Princeton U Georgetown U U Texas Northwestern U Harvard U Georgetown U Ethnomusicology Anthropology History Islamic Studies Ethnomusicology Near Eastern Studies History Geography Anthropology Islamic Studies History History of Religions Anthropology Anthropology Morocco Iran Turkey Egypt Lebanon Egypt, UK Syria Turkey Turkey Arabic, French Persian Ottoman Turkish, Turkish Arabic Arabic Arabic, Ottoman Turkish Arabic Turkish Turkish Identity and Place: Performance Choices of Popular Musicians in Fez, Morocco Trade Secrets: Crafting Bazaari Autonomy in the Post-Revolutionary Iranian Carpet Industry Through Ottoman Eyes: Reassessing the History of Zionism and Arabism in Palestine (1908-1918) Justice and its Determination in Early Islamic Thought: A Study of Six Muslim Thinkers at the Turn of the Tenth Century Fayrouz and the Construction of Lebanese Identity Loss of Caliphate: The Trauma and Aftermath of 1258-1924 "Published Communities:" Periodicals, Capitalism, and the "Structure of Feeling" in Post-WWII Syria The Meaning of Mahalle: Neighborhood and Social Identity in Istanbul Social Complexity and Monumentality in a Halaf Center: Tell Kurdu, Turkey Holy Site in Infidel Land: The Case of Adam's Peak Medical Discourses on the Body and Gender: The Case of Ottoman Syria

Egypt, Sri Lanka, UK, Arabic France Syria, UK Arabic

South Asia
Adcock, Catherine Dave, Naisargi Kleyna, Mark Kuriakose, Anne Leavitt, Guy Lindquist, Steven Little, Layne Mason, David U Chicago U Michigan Columbia U U Wisconsin U Chicago U Texas U C Berkeley U Wisconsin India, UK India India Hindi Hindi English, Hindi Telugu Sanskrit, Hindi Sanskrit Tamil English, Hindi Religion and Politics in the Arya Samaj The New Politics of Sexual Politics in India Representing Development: Industrialization and the Nation in India Social Stratification and Employment Outcomes in Rural Industrial Clusters of Andhra Pradesh, India The Poetics of Saivism in Kashmir, 840-1200 In Search of a Sage: Yajnavalkya and Ancient Indian Literary Memory Site, Secrecy, and Exegesis: Sectarian Agents at Palani and the Contemporary Commodification of a Saint Playing in the Lord's Playground: God, Salvation, and Play-Acting in the Braj Ras Lila

Development India South Asian Studies India, Nepal, UK Asian Languages and Literature India South Asian Studies Theatre India India

International Education and Graduate Programs Service Washington, DC 20006-8521


FY 2001 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program McLain, Karline Murphy, Anne Nauta, Lauren Rao, Ajay U Texas Columbia U U Pennsylvania U Chicago Asian Languages and Literature India, UK Comparative Religion India, UK, Pakistan History History of Religions Pakistan, UK India Hindi, English Hindi Urdu, English Sanskrit, Tamil Whose Immortal Picture Stories?: Amar Chitra Katha and the Construction of Indian Identities Sacred Objects and the Production of History: "Relics" in the Making of the Sikh Tradition Health and Development in Colonial Punjab: Ecology, Politics, and Social Change in Lyallpur District, 1868-1947 Reading the Ramayana in the Srivaisnava Tradition, 1200-1600 American Social Science and the Colonial Philippines, 1989-1946

Southeast Asia
Arguelles, Randolf UCLA History Philippines Tagalog

Biggs, David Byl, Julia Harms, Erik Kaehler, Laura

U Washington U Michigan Cornell U CUNY

History Ethnomusicology Anthropology Anthropology Anthropology Geography Anthropology History Anthropology History of Art Anthropology Political Science Anthropology

Krizancic, Catherine U Chicago Lindquist, Bruce Mawyer, Alexander Miller, Edward Neidel, John Rath, Amanda Stein, Eric Stern, Aaron Welker, Marina U Hawaii U Chicago Harvard U Yale U Cornell U U Michigan U Michigan U Michigan

Between the Wandering Rivers: An Environmental History of Water Use, Wetlands, and Wet Rice in Vietnam, France Vietnamese, French Mekong Delta during the 19th and 20th Century Indonesia Indonesian Performing the Global in North Sumatra From Village into City: Culture and Society in the Rural-Urban Transition Zone Surrounding Ho Chi Vietnam Vietnamese Minh City Market Translators in Kuala Lumpur: Social Malaysia Malay, English Practice in High Finance Cosmopolitanism and Endogamy, A Tale of "Demi" Families and Genealogies in the 19th and 20th French Polynesia Tahitian, French Century Tahiti Negotiating Borders: The Formation of Filipino Malaysia Filipino Transnational Communities in Sabah Identifying Television in the Pacific: The Reception French Polynesia Tahitian of Tahitian Language News Nation Builders and Nationalists: AmericanVietnamese Relations in an Age of Decolonization, Vietnam, Singapore Vietnamese 1954-1960 Natural Resource Management and the Politics of Indonesia Indonesian "Community" in Kerinci, Indonesia The Mutability of Signs: The Development of Indonesia Indonesian Installation Art in Indonesia, 1975 to the present The Bio-politics of the Village: Managing Health Indonesia Indonesian Care in Colonial and Contemporary Rural Java Explaining Public Sector Reform Approaches in Thailand Thai Thailand Industry as Aid: Mining, Development, and Moral Indonesia Indonesian Conflict in Indonesia

International Education and Graduate Programs Service Washington, DC 20006-8521

Fiscal Year 2001
CFDA 84.022

WORLD AREA Africa Western Hemisphere Central/Eastern Europe/Eurasia East Asia Near East South Asia Southeast Asia Western Europe TOTALS

Applications Received 44 125 52 71 35 29 38 2 396

Applications Funded 17 32 25 17 12 12 14 N/A 129

Average Fellowship by World Area $23,928 $22,750 $27,883 $38,349 $29,441 $22,334 $27,421 N/A $27,444

FUNDING REQUESTS / ALLOCATION Total Funds Requested Total Program Funds Allocated

Dollars $12,278,767 $3,488,960

ADMINISTERING INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER EDUCATION Public Institutions 24 Fellows 70 Funds Obligated $1,839,897 Private/Non Profit Institutions Fellows Funds Obligated 17 59 $1,649,063

GENDER Female Male

Number 68 61

Percent 53% 47%

International Education and Graduate Programs Service US Department of Education Washington, DC  20006­8521

FY 2001 GRANTS AND FELLOWSHIPS BY STATE Number of Recipient IHEs 5 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 4 3 1 2 1 4 1 2 1 1 1 1 41 Individual Fellowships 17 1 4 4 2 3 1 1 19 9 1 1 8 16 1 4 1 15 1 5 8 1 3 3 129

State California Colorado Connecticut District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Iowa Illinois Indiana Kansas Louisiana Massachusetts Michigan North Carolina New Jersey New Mexico New York Ohio Pennsylvania Texas Virginia Washington Wisconsin TOTALS

Dollars $426,595 $18,149 $114,172 $108,854 $46,388 $58,455 $18,824 $31,465 $581,494 $278,609 $23,192 $23,240 $233,852 $458,369 $36,022 $101,732 $30,134 $372,972 $36,066 $142,407 $184,800 $25,610 $69,711 $67,848 $3,488,960

FY 64-01 FELLOWSHIPS AWARDED Africa Western Hemisphere Central/Eastern Europe and Eurasia East Asia Near East South Asia Southeast Asia Western Europe Multi-Country TOTALS 525 654 655 597 437 451 388 70 186 3,963

Note: Multi-Country designation is obsolete. Now, principal country of research is designated.

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Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program FY 2001

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Languages Africa Amharic Akan Swahili Malagasy, French Chichewa French, Bamana English Wolof, French Zulu Swahili, German Luganda

Disciplines Archaeology Anthropology Anthropology Anthropology Education Sociology Art History Anthropology Political Science Anthropology, Archaeology, Geography, History History

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Western Hemisphere Spanish Political Science Spanish History Anthropology, Economics, Portuguese, Hupda, Spanish History History, Spanish and Spanish Portuguese Spanish Archaeology Anthropology, Political Science Anthropology, Sociology Anthropology, History Anthropology, Art History, Environmental Studies, Geography, History Geography Anthropology


Spanish Spanish Spanish, K'iche Spanish, Mazatec, Nahuatl Spanish Spanish, Quechua


Belgium Romania

FY 2001 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program - World Area Profiles Kyrgyzstan Poland Romania Russia Ukraine, Russia, Israel Uzbekistan Totals East Asia China Japan Singapore Taiwan Totals Near East Egypt Iran Lebanon Morocco Syria Turkey Totals South Asia Anthropology, Asian Languages and Literature, Comparative Religion, Development, History of Religions, South Asian Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu Studies, Theatre Urdu History Southeast Asia Tahitian, French Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, France Arabic, Ottoman Turkish Persian Arabic Arabic, French Arabic Turkish, Ottoman Turkish Islamic Studies, Near Eastern Studies Anthropology Ethnomusicology Ethnomusicology History Anthropology, Geography, History 3 1 1 1 2 4 12 $105,105 $21,635 $28,438 $24,684 $47,764 $125,663 $353,289 Chinese Japanese, Kambun, Classical Chinese Chinese Chinese, Japanese Anthropology, Art History, History History, Literature, Political Science, Religion, Sociology Literature Anthropology, Asian Studies, Literature, Political Science 3 8 1 5 17 $87,495 $371,795 $21,613 $171,030 $651,933 Ireland Kyrgyz, Russian, Uzbek Polish, Latin Romanian Russian Russian, Hebrew, Ukrainian Uzbek, Arabic, Persian History, Social Policy Art History, History, Slavic Languages and Literature Comparative Literature Anthropology, History, Literature, Political Science, Sociology History History of Religions 2 3 1 11 1 1 25 $43,108 $89,730 $35,039 $315,222 $20,592 $36,816 $697,068

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