FY 2002 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

Andrews, Barbara Baumgartner, Joy Braun, David




Language(s) Africa
French, Pulaar


Brown U



U North Carolina Public Health Rutgers U Anthropology Anthropology Political Science

Tanzania Kenya Nigeria South Africa

Swahili Swahili, English Yoruba, English Zulu

Brennan, Vicki U Chicago De Motts, Rachel U Wisconsin de RochefortReynolds, Ariana (declined) U C Berkeley

Liberian Refugees in Guinea: Host/Displaced Relations Social Dynamics and Psychotic Disorders in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Disability, Family Coping, and Child Welfare Cultural and Environmental Interaction in East Africa: An Archaeological Perspective "Singing the Same Song": Music, Migration, and Translocality in Yoruba Christian Churches People, Politics, and Parks: Local Communities and International Conservation


Malawi, UK

Chichewa, English Custom, Power, and Nyasaland's Native Local Government

Freed, Libbie Lavoie, Matthew

U Wisconsin U Michigan

History of Science Anthropology Anthropology History

Central African French, Sango, Conduits of Culture and Control: Roads in West-Central Republic, Cameroon Pulaar, Hausa Africa 1914-1980 French, Hassaniya, Mauritania Wolof The Politics of Musical Performance in Mauritania Senegal Namibia French, Wolof Afrikaans Gender, Power, and Performance in Urban Senegal Putting Cattle Disease into Context: The Rinderpest Episode in Southern Africa, 1896-1897 The Role of Christian NGOs in Supporting Democratization Process at the Grassroots Level in Nigeria's Middle Belt Region Music and Emotion Among Ndau Speakers in Zimbabwe The Origin of Human Prehistoric Culture and Carnivory in East Africa The Unemployed are on Strike in Port Gentil: Work, Nation, and Transnationalism in Urban Gabon Voting for a Nationality: Ethnic Identity in a Changing Political Context Xylophones of Burkina Faso: A Comparative Survey Focusing on Language-Music Relationships Postcolonial Treatments: Articulating Bodies, Knowledges, and Communities in Fatick, Senegal 1

Libove, Jessica Rutgers U Marquardt, Gary U Wisconsin

Mullen, Laura Perman, Anthony

U Massachusetts Political Science U Illinois Music Anthropology Anthropology Political Science Music Anthropology

Nigeria Zimbabwe Kenya, Tanzania Gabon Ethiopia Burkina Faso, Mali, Austria Senegal

Hausa Shona Swahili, English French, Fang Amharic Bamana, French French, Wolof, Serer

Pobiner, Briana Rutgers U Shutt, Lisa Smith, Lahra Strand, Julie Westgard, Bjorn U Virginia UCLA Wesleyan U U Illinois

International Education and Graduate Programs Service US Department of Education Washington, DC 20006-8521

FY 2002 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

Wiehler, Simeon

Cornell U




Street Children in Uganda: A Community-Level Analysis of the Social Determinants of Street-Children

Western Hemisphere
Baron, Akesha U Washington Bencic, SUNY, Catherine Binghamton Berry, Nicole Black, Chad U Michigan U New Mexico Anthropology Anthropology Anthropology History Mexico Peru Guatemala Ecuador Tzotzil, Spanish Spanish Kaqchikel-Maya, Spanish Spanish Language, Gender, and Protestantism in a Tzotzil Village Prehistoric Ubanism and Stone Tool Technology at Conchopata, Ayacucho, Peru Everyday Health Care Interactions and Obstetric Care Use Among Kaqchikel Women Gender and Ethnicity in Trans-Independence Ecuador, 1750-1850 "Living Like People": Political Culture, Social Citizenship, and the Shantytown Movement in Santiago de Chile, 19641990 Crafting Oaxaca: Woodcarvers, Tourists, and the Aesthetics of Zapotec Identity Extranjeros y Hijos del Pais: The Politics of Mexican Immigration, Repatriation, and Colonization Feeling the Spirit: Religion and Nationhood in Trinidad The Historical Ecology of the Bolivian Lecos: Regional Interactions and Landscape Dynamics at the Intersection of the Andes and the Amazon The Politics of Motherhood: A Cultural History of Mexico, 1934-1960 Common Ground: A Social History of Nineteenth-Century Brazilian Households Indian Self-Rule in Republican Bolivia Cultural Authenticity and Political Legitimacy in the Ethnic Politics of Post-War Guatemala Causes and Consequences of Party System Decline in Venezuela Medical Schooling and University Development in the Formation of the Brazilian First Republic, 1918-1931

Bruey, Allison

Yale U

History Anthropology History Anthropology

Chile Mexico Mexico Trinidad

Spanish Spanish Spanish Yoruba

Brulotte, Ronda U Texas U C Santa Burden, David Barbara Castor, Nicole U Chicago Dudley, Meredith Ford, Eileen

Tulane U U Illinois

Anthropology History History History Anthropology

Bolivia Mexico Brazil Bolivia Guatemala Venezuela Brazil

Spanish Spanish Portuguese Spanish Kaqchikel-Maya, Spanish Spanish Portuguese

Holt, Katherine Princeton U Hylton, Forrest New York U Jones, Christopher Tulane U Kelly, Jana Kemp, Amy Marquardt, Kairos Parson, Nia Rosenswig, Robert

U North Carolina Political Science Indiana U Education

U Michigan Rutgers U Yale U

Anthropology Anthropology Anthropology

Peru Chile Mexico

Representing Ayacucho: Expressions of the Collectivity in Spanish, Quechua the Urban Musical Scene in Ayacucho, Peru Spanish Gender, Trauma, and Healing in Chile The Emergence of Sociopolitical Complexity at Spanish Cuauhtemoc and the Olmec World System 2

International Education and Graduate Programs Service US Department of Education Washington, DC 20006-8521

FY 2002 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

Rumold, Claudia Sammells, Clare Schneider, Suzanne

U C Santa Barbara U Chicago

Archaeology Anthropology

Argentina Bolivia Mexico Bolivia Venezuela, Brazil Peru Peru Cuba Panama



Michigan State U Anthropology Anthropology City and Regional Planning Art History Archaeology History Forestry & Environ Studies

Scott, Stephen U Chicago Sletto, Bjorn Cornell U Stanfield-Mazzi, Maya UCLA U C Santa Tate, James Barbara Thomas, Tiffany U New Mexico Velasquez Runk, Julie Yale U Wallace Fuentes, Myrna Duke U

Investigating the Origins of Agriculture in Salta, Spanish Northwestern Argentina Food, Power, and the Past: Tourism and Cuisine in Spanish, Aymara Tiwanaku, Bolivia Mobilizing for Health: Women's Grassroots Organizations Spanish in Morelos, Mexico Technoscience, Waste-Management, and Metricization of Spanish, Aymara Urban Environment in La Paz, Bolivia Spanish, Fire Breaks: Conservation Planning, Place-Making, and Portuguese Fractured Identities in the Gran Sabana, Venezuela Statue and Substitute: The Replication of Miraculous Spanish, Quechua Statues in Colonial Peru Chimu Household and Community Organization at El Brujo, Spanish Chicama Valley, Peru Between Bomba and Zanja: Prostitution, Race, and Spanish National Identity in Havana, 1880-1930 Spanish Historical Ecology of Wounaan Forest Use Light, Youth, Virility: Militant Masculinity and Student Politics in Interwar South America


Way, John T. Wightman, Jill

Yale U U Illinois

History Anthropology History

Argentina, Venezuela Spanish Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica Spanish Bolivia Venezuela

Zahler, Reuben U Chicago Bakke, Gretchen deJongLambert, William Dunkelberg, Kermit Elavsky, Charles

We Did this to the Earth: The Pan American Highway and Transnational Modernity in Central America Personal Affliction and Social Transformation: Spanish, Quechua Understanding Pentecostalism in Contemporary Bolivia Honor, Corruption, and Liberalism in the Early Venezuela Spanish Republic

Central Eastern Europe and Eurasia
U Chicago Anthropology Slovenia Slovene The Slovene State and the Art of Paradox Objectivity and Utopia: A Case Study in Educational Transfer Jerzy Grotowski and North American Theatre Czech Identity, Music, and the Global Music Industry

Columbia U New York U U Illinois

Comparative Education Performance Studies Communications



Poland, Italy, France Polish, English Czech Republic Czech, English

International Education and Graduate Programs Service US Department of Education Washington, DC 20006-8521


FY 2002 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

Elman, Kim Engelhardt, Jeffers

Columbia U U Chicago

Architectural History Musicology History Comparative Literature History Anthropology

Czech Republic Estonia Czech Republic Ukraine, Russia Russia Czech Republic

Czech Estonian Czech Russian, Yiddish Russian Czech

Czechoslovakia's Modernity: Communism, Architecture, and Innovation "Singing Revolution" and Composing Tradition: Producing the Nation and the Sacred in Estonia For Nation and Gain: Economy, Ethnicity, and Politics in the Czech Borderlands, 1945-1948 Crossing the Pale: Christian Images in Eastern European Jewish Literature Tatar Theater - Russian Empire: The Politics of Memory Making in Imperial Kazan Accounting for the Holocaust: Slave Labor, Reparations, and the Irreparable Women and Work: How the Growth of Informal Employment Changed Economic Life in the Ukrainian City of Komsomolsk Musical Cueing and Communication in the Restaurant Context: Ethnography of an Urban Hungarian Roma (Gypsy) String Ensemble The Construction and Policing of Hooliganism in Soviet Russia, 1945-1964 The Pragmatics of Development and Social Change in Slovakia State Building or State Breakdown?: State-Mahalla Relations in Uzbekistan Bodies, Money, Morality: Changing Moral Economies of Health in Post-Soviet Russia

Gerlach, David U Pittsburgh Glaser, Amelia Stanford U Goldberg, Madina U Michigan Hegburg, Krista Columbia U Hormel, Leontina

U Oregon




Kiss, Eva

Indiana U

Ethnomusicology History Anthropology Political Science Anthropology

Hungary Russia Slovak Republic Uzbekistan Russia

Hungarian Russian Slovak, Czech Uzbek, Russian Russian Ottoman Turkish, Turkish, SerboCroatian

LaPierre, Brian U Chicago Larson, Jonathan U Michigan Markowitz, Lawrence U Wisconsin Mork, Carolyn U Chicago

Norman, York O'Neill, Kelly Peschio, Joseph Ryan, Daniel Scarboro, Cristofer

Georgetown U Harvard U

History History

Turkey, Bosnia Russia, Ukraine

U Michigan UCLA U Illinois

Literature History History History

Russia Estonia, Russia Bulgaria Poland, Russia, Ukraine

Seegel, Steven Brown U

Islamization in Bosnia, 1463-1600 From Mirza to Dvorianin: The Incorporation of Crimean Russian Tatar Elites into the Russian Nobility, 1783-1830 Pranks and Prankishness as a Mode of Social and Aesthetic Resistance in Russian Literature and Culture, Russian 1810-1840 Estonian, Russian, "The Tsar's Faith": Religious Conversions in Northern German Livland, 1845-1881 Ordering Hegemony: The Bulgarian Socialist Humanist Bulgarian Project Russian, Polish, Territorial Collages: National Mapmaking in Russia and the Ukrainian Lands of Partitioned Poland, 1861-1914 4

International Education and Graduate Programs Service US Department of Education Washington, DC 20006-8521

FY 2002 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program






"Spending the Hopes of Our Children": The MilitaryIndustrial Complex in Comparative Local Perspective, 19451962 Views to an Identity: Polish-Jewish Relations and the Polish-Language Jewish Press Brave New Dying World: Scientific and Aesthetic Representations of the Jewish Shtetl in Early Soviet Culture Nationalism From Empire to Nation-State: Pedagogy and Politics in Habsburg Central Europe, 1900-1924 Constructing Morality in the New Russia Literary Responsibilities: Canonization and Censorship in Transwar Japanese Literature Construction and its Categories: Urban Planning and Community Self-Definition in Taiwan Boundary Negotiation in the Works of Takahashi Takako

Seth, Anita White, Angela

Yale U Indiana U

History History

Russia Poland

Russian Polish

Yalen, Deborah U C Berkeley Zahra, Tara Zigon, Jarrett U Michigan CUNY

History History Anthropology

Russia Czech Republic, Austria Russia

Russian, Yiddish Czech, German Russian

East Asia
Abel, Jonathan Princeton U Bernstein, Anna U Chicago Bullock, Julia Coleman, William Debreczeny, Karl Farrer, Gracia Liu Koga, Yukiko Lee, Jennifer Stanford U Columbia U U Chicago U Chicago Columbia U UCLA Comparative Literature Anthropology Literature History Art History Sociology Anthropology Literature Japan Taiwan Japan China China Japan, China China, Japan Korea Japanese Chinese Japanese Chinese, Tibetan

McCabe, Helen Indiana U McGrath, Jason U Chicago Murthy, Viren U Chicago Nakamura, Miri Stanford U Park, Albert Rama, Robert U Chicago U Michigan

Education Literature/Cultural Studies History Literature History History

China China China Japan Korea Japan

Between Empires: Power in Khams, 1860-1949 Ethnicity and Esoteric Power: Negotiating the Sino-Tibetan Chinese, Tibetan Synthesis in Ming Buddhist Painting Chinese Immigration into Japan: The Patterns of Entry, Japanese, Chinese Mobility, and Settlement Modernity and Urban Space in the Cities of Former Chinese, Japanese "Manchuria" Narrating Trauma in Yi Ch'ongjun and Ooka Shohei: Korean History, Memory, and Language Services for Parents of Children with Autism at a Nongovernmental Organization in the People's Republic of Chinese China Chinese Chinese Japanese Korean Japanese Ideologies of Popular Culture in 1990s China The Politics of Feudalism in Modern China Monstrous Inventions: The Body Politic of Modern Monsters in Prewar Japanese Literature Visions of the Nation: Social Salvation Theology and Agrarian Movements in Colonial Korea (1910-1945) The Unity of Ethics and Aesthetics: Japanese Appropriations of Wang Yangming Thought 5

International Education and Graduate Programs Service US Department of Education Washington, DC 20006-8521

FY 2002 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

Richardson, Sophie Skabelund, Aaron Thornber, Karen

U Virginia Columbia U Harvard U

International Relations History Literature Literature Language & Literature

China Japan Korea, Taiwan Japan Taiwan

Chinese Japanese Korean, Chinese

Principles and Policies: China, Cambodia, and Constructivism Invisible Men: Japan's Postwar Military, 1945-1989 Early Twentieth Century Chinese and Korean Textual Responses to Japanese Literature Media/Literary Constructions of "Savages" and the South in Imperial Japan

Tierney, Robert Stanford U Van Auken, Newelln Ann U Washington

Japanese Chinese, Classical Chinese The Composition and Sources of Zuo Zhuan

Near East
Abi-Mershed, Osama Alvarez-Mon, Javier Bracy, Robert Brink, Marcy Casale, Giancarlo Dardashti, Galeet El-Taji, Maha Foley, Sean Gruber, Christine Hamdy, Sherine Jones, Toby Liebhaber, Samuel Imperial Domination and Cultural Transformation: The Bureaux Arabes and Public Instruction in Colonial Algeria, 1833-1871 Elaminte Art: Genesis and Development Isa al-Isa, Filastin, and the Odyssey of Constructing a National Identity Turkish-Jewish Ideologies of Language and Kinship Ottoman - Portuguese Relations and the 16th Century Origins of Globalization "Ethnic Music": Performing Middle Eastern Identities in the Israeli Nation-State Arab Local Councils in Israel: Through the Lens of the Law Shaykh Khalid and the Naqshbandiyyah: A Muslim Social Movement in the Modern World Heavenly Journeys and the Imaginary: Illustrations of Muhammad's Mi'raj Contested Bodies: Biomedical Technologies, Ethics, and Islam in Contemporary Egypt Oil, People, and Power: The Trans-Arabian Pipeline and Social Change in the Middle East Searching for the Origins of the Arabic Qasida: Oral Composition in Soqotri and Mahri Folk Poetry Modernity, Melancholy, and Justice: Arab Autobiographies as Hamlet Basil of Caesarea and the Anchorites: A Study in Theological Anthropology and Asceticism 6

Georgetown U U C Berkeley U Arkansas Stanford U

History Near East Studies History Anthropology

France France, Iran Lebanon Turkey

French French, Persian Arabic Turkish Turkish, Ottoman Turkish, Portuguese Hebrew Hebrew, Arabic Arabic French, Arabic, Persian, Turkish Arabic

Harvard U U Texas U Washington Georgetown U U Pennsylvania New York U Stanford U U C Berkeley

History Anthropology Political Science History Art History Anthropology History Near East Studies Literature Religious Studies

Turkey, Portugal Israel Israel Turkey, Syria France, UK, Iran Egypt

Saudi Arabia, Jordan Arabic, English Yemen Egypt Greece Arabic Arabic Greek

Litvin, Margaret U Chicago Lloyd-Moffett, U C Santa Stephen Barbara

International Education and Graduate Programs Service US Department of Education Washington, DC 20006-8521

FY 2002 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

Moufarrej, Guilnard Pearl, Laura Sbaiti, Nadya Scalenghe, Sara

UCLA U Michigan Georgetown U Georgetown U

Ethnomusicology Anthropology History Arabic Anthropology

Lebanon Jordan Lebanon

Arabic, Syriac Arabic Arabic, French

Music and Ritual in Maronite Funerals: Continuity and Change in a Lebanese Christian Community The Ethics and Aesthetics of "Modernity" in Irbid, Jordan Enabling Women: Gender, Schooling, and National Society in Lebanon's "Interwar" Period Medical Discourses on the Body and Gender: The Case of Ottoman Syria Technologies of the Spirit: Voice, Vision, and Modern Exorcism in Morocco Surveying the Syrian Landscape: An Archaeological Investigation of Islamic Socio-spatial Practice in the Qinnasrin Region, North Syria, 640-1500 CE Dis-Arming Words: Reading (Post) Colonial Egypt's Double Bond to Europe The Sciences of Man and the Arts of Representation: The Politics of Cultural Knowledge in French Algeria (18711914) Whither Morocco? The Emergence of Morocco's Early Nationalist Movement Pregnant and Unwelcome: Undocumented Migrant Workers' Experiences of Pregnancy in Israel

Lebanon, Egypt, UK Arabic Morocco Arabic, French

Spadola, Emilio Columbia U

Straughnn, Ian U Chicago Tageldin, Shaden U C Berkeley Trumbull, George

Anthropology Comparative Literature

Syria Egypt, UK France, Morocco, Tunisia Morocco Israel

Arabic Arabic

Yale U

History Middle Eastern Studies Anthropology

Weaver, Leslie New York U Willen, Sarah Emory U

French, Arabic Arabic, French, Spanish English, Hebrew

South Asia
The Informal Economy and the State: The Impact of Political Organization on Productivity and Empowerment Among Poor Women in Three States of India Language, Identity, and the State in Pakistan Law and Cultural Difference in Hyderabad State Decentering the Subject: Women and Popular Catholicism in Tamil Nadu The Lotus Grove Hidden Land and Its Histories Esoteric Interpretation in India: A Study of Tantric Hermeneutics in the Pradipoddyotana of Chandrakirti Language Ideology and Grassroots Literacy in Tamilnadu, India The Creation of Textual Culture in Medieval Colamandalam 7

Agarwala, Rina Princeton U Ayres, Alyssa U Chicago Beverley, Eric Harvard U

Policy and Demography India South Asian Studies Pakistan Near Eastern Studies Divinity Buddhist Studies Religion Anthropology South Asian Studies India, UK India Nepal India India India, UK

Hindi Urdu Urdu, Persian, Marathi Tamil Tibetan Tibetan, Sanskrit Tamil Sanskrit, Tamil, Prakrit

Bloomer, Kristin U Chicago Bogin, Benjamin U Michigan Campbell, John Columbia U Cody, Francis Cox, Whitney U Michigan U Chicago

International Education and Graduate Programs Service US Department of Education Washington, DC 20006-8521

FY 2002 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program



Ethnomusicology History of Religion Religious Studies Psychology/Human Development Anthropology Anthropology Anthropology

Sri Lanka India India India India, UK Nepal India India India India India India India, Pakistan India Nepal India India India China India, Sri Lanka

Sinhala Hindi Hindi, Sanskrit Tibetan Urdu, Hindi, English Nepali, English Hindi Hindi Sanskrit, Hindi Marathi, English English, Hindi, Marathi Sanskrit, Hindi Urdu, Persian Urdu, Hindi Nepali Tamil Hindi Hindi Tibetan Malayalam, Sinhala

Music as Symbol, Music as Emissary: A Study of Baila Music in Sri Lanka Subjects of Filmistan: Lived Space, Framing, and Indian Visual Culture The Religious Life of Photographs: Death, Devotion, and Divinity in Himachal Pradesh Cultural Roots and Complexities of the Modern Tibetan Commitment to Non-Violence Routes of Caricature: Mr. Punch and Cartoon in Colonial India Shutting Down the City: The Bandh and Kathmandu's Urban Culture Suffering and Empathy in Banarasi Families The Brahma Kumaris, New Religious Movements, and Globalization Vijnanabhiksu and the Codification of Knowledge-Systems in Late-Medieval India Regionalism and Nationalism in Modern Maharashtra Learning Power: Gender, Education, and Socialization Among Elites in Mumbai, India Community and Consciousness: Critical Intellectual Traditions of the Bhagavatam and Naisadhiya The Rebirth of Adam: N. M. Rashid and Modern Urdu Poetry Economic and Political Networks: Redefining the Ganeshwar-Jodhpura Cultural Complex Economic Opportunity and Socio-Cultural Response in a Changing Nepal Investigating Cultural Change: Chennai Theater Today From Real Worlds to Reels: Labor, Cultural Production, and the Social Life of Hindi Films Bringing the Satellites Down to Earth: Television and Local Lives in Rural Rajastan Inference Justification and the Interpretation of Conditional Assertions The Political Economy of Industrial Relations and Development in South Asia 8

DeMel, Vasana U C L A Elison, William U Chicago U C Santa Elmore, Mark Barbara Horton, Randall U Chicago Khanduri, Ritu Lakier, Genevieve Marrow, Jocelyn Musselwhite, Richard Nicholson, Andrew Palshikar, Shreeyash Parulekar, Susan Patel, Deven Pue, A. Sean Rizvi, Uzma U Texas U Chicago U Chicago

U North Carolina Religious Studies U Chicago U Chicago Syracuse U U C Berkeley Columbia U U Pennsylvania South Asian Studies South Asian Studies Anthropology South Asian Studies Language Anthropology Geography Asian Culture & Language Anthropology Anthropology Philosophy Political Science

Rogers, Clinton U C Berkeley Rudisill, Kristen U Texas Steig, Jordyn U C Berkeley

Steindorf, Sally Syracuse U Stoltz, Jonathan U Virginia Teitelbaum, Emmanuel Cornell U

International Education and Graduate Programs Service US Department of Education Washington, DC 20006-8521

FY 2002 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

Thoms, Christopher Vasily, Laurie Wentworth, Blake

U Michigan Cornell U U Chicago



Nepali Nepali Tamil, Sanskrit English, Hindi

A Political Ecology of South Asian Community Forestry Partnership for Dalit Empowerment: A Collaborative Adult Literacy Education Curriculum Project in Nepal A Topology of Devotion: Gender and Power in the Tamil Ulas Picture India Modern: Modern Art in Post-Colonial Bombay, 1947-1981 Making Places, Making Locals: Land and Belonging in Sumbawa, Indonesia National Curriculum Reform and Teachers' Implementation of Civic Education at the Local Level in West Sumatra, Indonesia The Heritage of Southern Thailand: Traditional Ritual Performances in a Modern, Globalized Context International Law Enforcement in Thailand: an Ethnographic Analysis The Coexistence of Dissonant Cognitions in Toba Batak Laments Contesting Weeds: Conservation and Indigenous Knowledge and Use of the Environment in Samoa Consumption Junction: Consumer Culture in South Vietnam, 1954-1963 Musik Kontemporer . Musical Intersections in Contemporary Indonesia Intent and Consequence: Forestry Institutions and Community Management in Indonesia Islamic Literary Traditions in Javanese and Tamil Global Women: Feminist Activists in Indonesia Thailand's Involvement in the Vietnam War: Historical Lessons and Legacies, 1965-1991 Negotiating Personhood in a Papua New Guinea Village Contesting Custom: Sifting the Legacies of Land and Resource Claims in East Timor

Natural Resource Policy Nepal Education History of Religion Anthropology Nepal India India

Zitzewitz, Karin Columbia U

Southeast Asia
Dionne, Paul Gaylord, Wendy Guelden, Marlane Haanstad, Eric Hodges, William Kirkham, William Masur, Matthew McGraw, Andrew Rhee, Suk (Steve) Ricci, Ronit U North Carolina Anthropology Indonesia Indonesian

Indiana U U Hawaii U Wisconsin U C Santa Barbara U Texas Ohio State U Wesleyan U Yale U U Michigan

Education Anthropology Anthropology Ethnomusicology Geography History Music Forestry & Environ Studies Comparative Literature Sociology History

Indonesia Thailand Thailand Indonesia Samoa Vietnam Indonesia Indonesia India, Indonesia Indonesia Thailand, Vietnam

Indonesian Thai Thai Indonesian Samoan Vietnamese Indonesian Indonesian Javanese, Tamil, Indonesian Indonesian Thai, Vietnamese Tok Pisin, Kali Weng Indonesian, Portuguese

Rinaldo, Rachel U Chicago Ruth, Richard Wesch, Michael Yoder, Laura Cornell U U Virginia Yale U

Anthropology Papua New Guinea Forestry & Environmental Studies East Timor

International Education and Graduate Programs Service US Department of Education Washington, DC 20006-8521


Fiscal Year 2002
CFDA 84.022

WORLD AREA Africa Western Hemisphere Central/Eastern Europe/Eurasia East Asia Near East South Asia Southeast Asia TOTALS

Applications Received 26 98 46 68 32 44 25 339

Applications Funded 18 31 27 19 24 32 14 165

Average Fellowship by World Area $23,984 $22,361 $26,012 $35,240 $26,299 $22,780 $26,685 $26,194

FUNDING REQUESTS / ALLOCATION Total Funds Requested Total Program Funds Allocated

Dollars $10,366,738 $4,230,501

ADMINISTERING INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER EDUCATION Public Institutions 22 Fellows 80 Funds Obligated $1,884,696 Private/Non Profit Institutions Fellows Funds Obligated 16 85 $2,345,805

GENDER Female Male

Number 87 78

Percent 53% 47%

International Education and Graduate Programs Service US Department of Education Washington, DC 20006-8521

FY 2002 GRANTS AND FELLOWSHIPS BY STATE Number of Recipient IHEs 1 4 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 6 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 38 Individual Fellowships 1 26 10 5 1 1 34 5 2 5 14 5 7 2 23 1 1 3 2 5 4 3 5 165

State Arkansas California Connecticut District of Columbia Georgia Hawaii Illinois Indiana Louisiana Massachusetts Michigan North Carolina New Jersey New Mexico New York Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island Texas Virginia Washington Wisconsin TOTALS

Dollars $23,278 $699,642 $239,259 $148,626 $38,042 $8,660 $863,952 $108,682 $32,143 $133,705 $314,489 $136,932 $184,532 $33,215 $648,129 $18,892 $14,518 $67,504 $44,504 $160,875 $124,631 $85,335 $100,956 $4,230,501

FY 64-02 FELLOWSHIPS AWARDED Africa Western Hemisphere Central/Eastern Europe and Eurasia East Asia Near East South Asia Southeast Asia Western Europe Multi-Country TOTALS 543 685 682 616 461 483 402 70 186 4,128

Note: Multi-Country designation is obsolete. Now, principal country of research is designated.

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Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program FY 2002 Research Sites Argentina Uganda Austria UK Bolivia Ukraine Bosnia Uzbekistan Brazil Venezuela Bulgaria Vietnam Burkina Faso Yemen Cameroon Zimbabwe Central African Republic Chile China Costa Rica Cuba Czech Republic East Timor Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Estonia Ethiopia France Gabon Greece Guatemala Guinea Honduras Hungary India Indonesia Iran Israel Italy Japan Jordan Kenya Korea Lebanon Malawi Mali Mauritania Mexico Morocco Namibia Nepal Nicaragua Nigeria Pakistan Panama Papua New Guinea Peru Poland Portugal Russia Samoa Languages Afrikaans Amharic Arabic Aymara Bamana Bulgarian Chinese Classical Chinese Czech Estonian Fang French German Greek Hassaniya Hausa Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Japanese Javanese Kali Weng KaqchikelMaya Korean Malayalam Marathi Nepali Turkish Persian Polish Portuguese Prakrit Pulaar Quechua Russian Samoan Sango Sanskrit Serbo-Croatian Serer Shona Sinhala Slovak Slovene Spanish Swahili Syriac Tamil Thai Tibetan Tok Pisin Disciplines/Programs Anthropology Archaeology Architectural History Art History Asian Culture & Language Buddhist Studies City and Regional Planning Communications Comparative Education Comparative Literature Divinity Education Ethnomusicology Forestry & Environ Studies Geography History History of Religion History of Science International Relations Language Language & Literature Literature Middle Eastern Studies Music Musicology Natural Resource Policy Near East Studies Performance Studies Philosophy Policy and Demography Political Science Universities Brown U Columbia U Cornell U CUNY Duke U Emory U Georgetown U Harvard U Indiana U Michigan State U New York U Ohio State U Princeton U Rutgers U Stanford U SUNY, Binghamton Syracuse U Tulane U U Arkansas U C Berkeley UCLA U C Santa Barbara U Chicago U Hawaii U Illinois U Massachusetts U Michigan U New Mexico U North Carolina U Oregon U Pennsylvania U Pittsburgh U Texas U Virginia U Washington U Wisconsin Wesleyan U Yale U

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FY 2002 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program Additional Primary Countries Countries Burkina Faso Central African Republic Ethiopia Gabon Guinea Kenya Malawi Mauritania Namibia Nigeria Senegal South Africa Tanzania Uganda Zimbabwe Totals Mali, Austria Cameroon Languages Disciplines Fulbrighters 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 18 2 5 2 2 1 1 Funds $17,550 $16,413 $20,765 $41,090 $21,487 $39,937 $26,074 $20,974 $28,273 $65,599 $38,298 $13,950 $28,592 $33,168 $19,538 $431,708 $55,931 $91,851 $47,110 $62,646 $18,455 $14,760

Bamana, French French, Sango, Pulaar, Hausa Amharic French, Fang French, Pulaar Swahili, English Chichewa, English French, Hassaniya, Wolof Afrikaans Yoruba, Hausa, English French, Wolof, Serer Zulu Swahili English Shona Music History of Science Political Science Anthropology Anthropology Anthropology History Anthropology History Anthropology, Political Science Anthropology Political Science Public Health Sociology Music


Western Hemisphere
Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Cuba Ecuador Venezuela Spanish Aymara, Quechua, Spanish Portuguese Spanish Spanish Spanish Archaeology, History Anthropology, History Education, History Anthropology, History History History

Guatemala Mexico Panama Peru Trinidad and Tobago Venezuela

El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica

Kaqchikel-Maya, Spanish Spanish, Tzotzil Spanish Quechua, Spanish Yoruba

Anthropology, History Anthropology, History Forestry and Environmental Studies Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History Anthropology City and Regional Planning, History, Political Science

3 6 1 4 1 3

$57,944 $142,656 $13,030 $90,700 $21,554 $76,543


Portuguese, Spanish

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FY 2002 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program Additional Primary Countries Countries Totals Languages Disciplines Fulbrighters 31 1 Funds $693,180 $13,188

Central Eastern Europe and Eurasia
Bulgaria Bulgarian History Anthropology, Architectural History, Communications, History History, Musicology Ethnomusicology Comparative Education, History, Performance Studies Anthropology, History, Literature Anthropology Anthropology History Comparative Literature, Sociology Political Science

Czech Republic Estonia Hungary

Austria Russia

Czech, English, German Estonian, Russian, German Hungarian Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, English Russian, Yiddish Slovak, Czech Slovene Ottoman Turkish, Turkish, Serbo-Croatian Russian, Yiddish Uzbek, Russian

5 2 1

$134,947 $42,123 $27,690

Poland Russia Slovak Republic Slovenia Turkey Ukraine Uzbekistan Totals

France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine Ukraine

4 8 1 1 1 2 1 27

$102,338 $240,233 $18,367 $22,320 $31,228 $48,728 $21,151 $702,313

Bosnia Russia

East Asia
Anthropology, Art History, Education, History, International Relations, Literature/Cultural Studies Comparative Literature, History, Literature, Sociology History, Literature Anthropology, Language & Literature



Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan



Japan Korea Taiwan Totals

China Taiwan

Japanese, Chinese Korean, Chinese Chinese, Classical Chinese

7 3 2 19

$274,048 $93,313 $75,430 $669,555

Near East
Egypt France Greece Arabic French Greek Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Literature History Religious Studies 3 1 1 $66,744 $20,100 $16,524 2

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FY 2002 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program Additional Primary Countries Countries Iran Israel Jordan Lebanon Morocco Saudi Arabia Syria Tunisia Turkey Yemen Totals France, UK Languages Arabic, French, Persian, Turkish Hebrew Arabic Arabic, French, Syriac Arabic, French, Spanish Arabic, English Arabic French, Arabic Turkish, Arabic, Ottoman Turkish, Portuguese Arabic Disciplines Art History, Near East Studies Anthropology, Political Science Anthropology Ethnomusicology, History Anthropology, Middle Eastern Studies History Anthropology History Anthropology, History Near East Studies Fulbrighters 2 3 1 4 2 1 1 1 3 1 24 1 Funds $35,467 $98,763 $21,142 $122,375 $42,888 $36,900 $33,488 $14,689 $103,493 $18,605 $631,178 $29,064

Egypt, UK

Jordan France, Morocco Portugal, Syria

South Asia
China Tibetan Philosophy


Nepal Pakistan Sri Lanka Totals

Anthropology, Asian Culture and Language, Divinity, History of Religion, Language, Near Eastern Studies, Policy Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, and Demography, Political Persian, Prakrit, Sanskrit, Science, Psychology/Human Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sinhala, Tamil, Tibetan, Urdu, Development, Religious UK English Studies, South Asian Studies Anthropology, Buddhist Studies, Education, Geography, Natural Resource Policy Tibetan Urdu South Asian Studies Sinhala Ethnomusicology



5 1 1 32

$85,984 $29,395 $17,404 $728,975

Southeast Asia
East Timor Indonesian, Portuguese Forestry and Environmental Studies 1 $39,941

International Education and Graduate Programs Service US Department of Education Washington, DC 20006-8521


FY 2002 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program Additional Primary Countries Countries Languages Disciplines Fulbrighters Funds



Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Education, Ethnomusicology, Forestry and Environmental Studies, Javanese, Tamil, Indonesian Music, Sociology Tok Pisin, Kali Weng Samoan Thai, Vietnamese Vietnamese Anthropology Geography Anthropology, History History

7 1 1 3 1 14

$193,055 $31,901 $39,564 $50,239 $18,892 $373,592

Papua New Guinea Samoa Thailand Vietnam Vietnam Totals 8/24/2007

International Education and Graduate Programs Service US Department of Education Washington, DC 20006-8521