Hanson SCHOOL Mount Holyoke College P019A040015 DISCIPLINE(S) History TOPIC A Social History of Kampala Transnational Islam, Modernity and Africa: the Ahmadiyya Movement in 20th Century Gold Coast/Ghana The Making of Colonialism in Equatorial Africa Race, Culture and Literary Nationalism in the Early Twentieth Century Atlantic World Forging a Creole Atlantic Culture: Africans on the Upper Guinea Coast and Northern Brazil, 17001815 Globalization, Economic Governance and Welfare in Mauritius Island Identity in the Francophone Literature of Madagascar COUNTRY(IES) OF RESEARCH Uganda BUDGET $52,150

John H. Hanson

Indiana University - P019A040020 Yale University P019A040026 Marquette University P019A040021 Ohio University P019A040033 American University P019A040010


Ghana, United Kingdom


Robert W. Harms Nicholas M. Creary

History History

Tanzania, France, Belgium South Africa, Lesotho

$42,870 $66,110

Walter Hawthorne


Guinea Bissau, Portugal, Brazil


Deborah A. Brautigam

International Development



Carol J. Smucker

Whitworth College - P019A040001 Language and Literature



WESTERN HEMISPHERE (AR) FELLOW Regina L. Harrison SCHOOL University of Maryland P019A040016 Syracuse University P019A040035 University of Maryland P019A040016 University of Southern California P019A040028 Chicago State University P019A040002 DISCIPLINE(S) Latin American Literature Anthropology TOPIC Ecology and Economics in Quichua Cultural Expression: Ecuador Rap, Soul, and Christ: Music and the Black Evangelical Movement in Brazil Economic Growth, Inequality and Social Networks: Recent Patterns in Argentina COUNTRY(IES) OF RESEARCH Ecuador BUDGET $93,510

John S. Burdick



Roberto P. Korzeniewicz




Carol Wise

Skills, Distribution, and the International Relations Continental Divide: The Mexican Case Study Ethnomusicology The Cosquin National Folklore Festival and the Search for Argentine National Identity



Jane L. Florine



CENTRAL/EASTERN EUROPE AND EURASIA (CEE) FELLOW Theodore R. Weeks SCHOOL Southern Illinois University P019A040003 University of California, Berkeley P019A040032 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill P019A040027 DISCIPLINE(S) History Slavic Language and Literature TOPIC Vilna- Wilno- Vilnius: The National Transformations of a City, 17932000 The Peripheral Avant-Garde: Futurist Movements in Russia and the Caucasus Democratization and the Prospect of European Union Membership: Comparing East Central Europe and the Balkans Voices from the Mountains: Modern Dagestani Literature in Russian and Multicultural Contexts COUNTRY(IES) OF RESEARCH Lithuania BUDGET $35,700

Harsha Ram

Georgia, Russia Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Croatia, SerbiaMontenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina


Milada A. Vachudova

Political Science


Bryon T. Lindsey

University of New Mexico P019A040014

Russian Literature



EAST ASIA (EA) FELLOW Sharon A. Carstens William W. Grimes Christopher I. Beckworth SCHOOL Portland State University P019A040011 Boston University - P019A040006 Indiana University - P019A040020 DISCIPLINE(S) Anthropology Politics Inner Asian Studies TOPIC Teaching Chinese Culture in K-8 Chinese Bilingual Programs A Yen for Asia: Japan's Role in East Asian Regionalism Japanese Ethnolinguistic Origins China's Response to the U.S. Imperium and the Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) Swatow Sojourners: Crime and Migration in the South China Seas, 1856-1945 COUNTRY(IES) OF RESEARCH China Japan, Australia Japan BUDGET $42,850 $44,890 $90,944

Allen R. Carlson

Cornell University - P019A040008

Political Science



Melissa A. Macauley

Northwestern University P019A040024


China, United Kingdom, France


NEAR EAST (NE) FELLOW Samer M. Ali SCHOOL University of Texas, Austin P019A040022 DISCIPLINE(S) TOPIC COUNTRY(IES) OF RESEARCH Morocco, Egypt, Germany BUDGET $49,500

Face Like the Moon: The Middle Eastern Studies Presentation of Self in Three Medieval Islamic Societies Dynamics of Muslim Invasions and Local Resistance in North Africa and the Aftermath National Identity, Social Change and the American University of Beirut (AUB)

Walter E. Kaegi

University of Chicago P019A040005


Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria


Betty S. Anderson

Boston University - P019A040006

Middle East History



SOUTH ASIA (SA) FELLOW Peter S. Gottschalk SCHOOL Wesleyan University P019A040037 DISCIPLINE(S) Religion TOPIC Fields of Knowledge: Disciplined Ways of Knowing India and Its Religion Gender, Caste-Religion and Economic Livelihoods in the Fisheries Sector of South India COUNTRY(IES) OF RESEARCH India, United Kingdom BUDGET $59,380

Holly M. Hapke

East Carolina University P019A040004