AFRICA (AF) FELLOW APPLICANT/ PR NUMBER Rutgers P019A050006 Rutgers P019A050006 Harvard College P019A050046 University of North Texas P019A050048 Indiana University P019A050018 Macalester College P190A050044 University of Notre Dame P019A050041 DISCIPLINE TOPIC Being Maasai, Becoming Indigenous: The Cultural Politics of Representation, Recognition, Resources and Rights The Great Trek to Tanzania: The Cultural Politics of South African Investment in Post-Apartheid Africa Effects on Rural Households and Livelihoods of Increasing Rates of Illness and Death Related to HIV/AIDS in Malawi Politics and Judicial Development in New African Democracies The History of Blood Transfusion in Sub-Saharan Africa Subaltern Agroecologial Knowledge and Land Reform in Western Cape Province, South Africa COUNTRY(IES) OF RESEARCH BUDGET

Dorothy Hodgson




Richard A. Schroeder




Pauline E. Peters




Peter A. VonDoepp

Political Science

Namibia, Malawi, Zambia France, Senegal, Belgium, United Kingdom, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda South Africa


William H. Schneider



William G. Moseley



Emily L. Osborn


Melting Cans and Recycling Traditions: Aluminum, Artisans and Global Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Cote Commodity Chains in West Africa, d'Ivoire, Gambia, Sierra Leone 1940-2000


WESTERN HEMISPHERE (AR) FELLOW Frank Salomon APPLICANT/ PR NUMBER University of Wisconsin, Madison P019A050024 University of North Carolina, Charlotte P019A050021 DISCIPLINE Anthropology TOPIC The Khipu Patrimony of Papaz, Peru Brazil Discovers Africa: Race, Development and Foreign Relations in the Atlantic World, 1950 - 1980 COUNTRY(IES) OF RESEARCH Peru BUDGET $38,318

Jerry Davila




Lisa C. Naughton

University of Wisconsin, Madison P019A050024 New Mexico State University P019A050022 Tulane University P019A050033 University of Texas, Austin P019A050013


Decentralizing Environmental Governance: The Ecuadorian Experience with Protected Areas Archeology and Ethnohistory in Ebtun, Yucatan, Mexico Public Security, Private Interests, and Police Reform in Northeast Brazil Water Management, Livelihoods, and Landscapes in the Andes: The Case of the Quito Hinterland



Rani T. Alexander Anthony W. Pereira Gregory W. Knapp

Sociology Political Science Geography

Mexico Brazil Ecuador

$24,665 $59,027 $71,121

CENTRAL/EASTERN EUROPE AND EURASIA (CEE) FELLOW APPLICANT/ PR NUMBER University of Colorado P019A050017 University of Alabama P019A050039 Indiana University P019A050018 Calvin College P019A050047 DISCIPLINE TOPIC The Political Prisoner in the Twentieth Century: Honor and Resistance Across Seven Polish Regimes Narratives of European Union Enlargement in Life Stories of Urban and Rural Poles National Identity, Assimilation, and Jewishness in Nineteenth-Century Polish Music Plecnik in Prague: Religion and Culture in Central Europe, 1910-1935 COUNTRY(IES) OF RESEARCH Poland BUDGET

Padraic J. Kenney



Marysia H. Galbraith




Halina Goldberg Bruce R. Berglund

Musicology History

Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine Czech Republic, Slovenia

$71,635 $65,470

EAST ASIA (EA) FELLOW Joel Andreas Stephen R. MacKinnon Paul H. Clark Lillian M. Li APPLICANT/ PR NUMBER Johns Hopkins University P019A050029 Arizona State University P015A050030 West Texas A & M University P019A050019 Swarthmore College P019A050001 DISCIPLINE Sociology History History History TOPIC The Rise and Fall of the Chinese Work Unit System Last Romantic: Life and Times of Chen Hanseng (1897-2004) The Kokugo Revolution: Ueda Kazutoshi, Language Reform and Language Education in Meiji Japan Beijing: From Imperial City to Olympic City COUNTRY(IES) OF RESEARCH China China Japan China BUDGET $36,845 $56,367 $40,590 $61,660

NEAR EAST (NE) FELLOW APPLICANT/ PR NUMBER University of Dayton P019A050036 DISCIPLINE TOPIC "Under an American Roof" : The Encounter among Women of Greater Syria and American Protestant Women, 1830-1950 COUNTRY(IES) OF RESEARCH Lebanon BUDGET

Ellen L. Fleischman



SOUTH ASIA (SA) FELLOW Sarah E. Lamb APPLICANT/ PR NUMBER Brandeis University P015A050007 DISCIPLINE Anthropology TOPIC Aging Across Worlds: Ambivalent Modernities in India COUNTRY(IES) OF RESEARCH India BUDGET $37,580

SOUTHEAST ASIA (SEA) FELLOW James F. Eder William D. Davies Teresa R. Sobieszczyk APPLICANT/ PR NUMBER Arizona State University P015A050030 University of Iowa P019A050010 University of Montana P019A050015 DISCIPLINE Biology Anthropology Sociology TOPIC Re-envisioning the Upland Philippines Madurese Oral Narratives Accessing Health Care in Remote Rural Areas of Thailand COUNTRY(IES) OF RESEARCH Philippines Indonesia Thailand BUDGET $32,700 $32,805 $44,090