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Fort Worth, TX 76137 Issued Date: 07/17/2012 Victor L. Gonzalez Windmar Renewable Energy Calle San Francisco 206 San Juan, PR 00901 ** TERMINATION ** The aeronautical study concerning the following project has been terminated: Structure: Location: Latitude: Longitude: Heights: Wind Turbine Wind Turbine 6 Culebra, PR 18-19-36.81N NAD 83 65-18-31.54W 350 feet site elevation (SE) 190 feet above ground level (AGL) 540 feet above mean sea level (AMSL)

Aeronautical Study No. 2012-WTE-1053-OE

This aeronautical study is terminated because: Terminated and superced by studies 2012-WTE-4374-OE thru 4379. If you need to reactivate the study, it will be necessary for you to re-file notice using the electronic filing system available on our website

If we can be of further assistance, please contact our office at (718) 553-2611. On any future correspondence concerning this matter, please refer to Aeronautical Study Number 2012-WTE-1053-OE.

Signature Control No: 158748159-169026393 Angelique Lestrad Technician

( TER -WT )

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