An example of a composition for NB2 (The place where I live), simple but correct, it uses some of the new

structures, vocabulary and connectors we've learnt this year

TINOCAS, MY HOMETOWN Nowadays I live in Tinocas, it is a medium-sized town in Arucas, which is in the north of the island. In Tinocas you can't find cathedrals, museums or churches, but I love it because although you can't find those things, Tinocas is near a beach and a mountain, so you can see nature everywhere. In Tinocas there aren't many people but the people who live there are very funny and kind. If we compare Tinocas with Las Palmas, we can see that they are very different. Las Palmas is very big while Tinocas isn't. But for me, Las Palmas isn't as beautiful as Tinocas. Tinocas is quieter and cleaner. I know that Tinocas isn't the best place to live, but it isn't the worst. I like living there because although we haven't built any cinemas yet, I live near many places and it's a very quiet and wonderful place where you can have a family. by A.R.S. THESE ARE SOME OF THE THINGS YOU CAN USE: Connectors relative clauses comparatives superlatives Varied tenses (present perfect, past, futures...) specific vocabulary (parts of cities, buildings...) adjectives quantifiers (few, little, a lot, many, enough...)

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