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Research Proposal 1

The University of Lahore

Research Proposal 2

Submitted To:
Sir Akram

Submitted By:
Moin Safdar 73
Ahmed Mumtaz 96
Rameez Alam Jaswal 76

4 March 2009

Business Research Method

The University of Lahore

The University of Lahore

Research Proposal 3

Sir Akram
Lecturer Business Research Method
The University of Lahore

Dated: 4th March 2009

Subject: Proposal Letter

Dear Sir,

We are very much obliged that you give us opportunity to conduct research and
thankful to you for your guideline. We have chosen our topic which is “Role of
Media (Positive or Negative)”. The reason of choosing this topic is the rapid
development in media sector, and the shaking situation of Pakistan. We want to
access whether the population responds positively or negatively to information
spread through media. Detailed information about our research is within the
research proposal for your assistance. We are looking forward for your acceptance
so that we can continue our research.

Yours Sincerely

Moin Safdar 73
Ahmed Mumtaz 96
Rameez Alam Jaswal 76

The University of Lahore

Research Proposal 4

Media Role in Pakistan

Positive or Negative?


Sir Akram

Moin Safdar 73
Ahmed Mumtaz 96
Rameez Alam Jaswal 76

Date: 4 March 2009

Subject: Research proposal

Type of research:



Since the 21st centaury the media is growing rapid and world is
becoming a global village. Every kind of information, especially news from all over the
world is being communicated through media. People are becoming more familiar with
their surroundings, adapting changes and eliminating any unethical practices in their
society. Media helps community to develop good understanding and broaden the thinking
power. People now are becoming more socially responsible.
The reason of this research is to assess whether the media is playing
positive role or trigger off people against someone (Government, Organization,
Personality etc.).

The University of Lahore

Research Proposal 5

The primary objective of our research is to assess the role of
media in the view of our target sample.

Secondary objective will be to check :

• That if people have any impact on their thinking by media?
• Which is the most popular media?
• Impact of media on Pakistan’s popularity
• Is media always true?

Target Population:
Population of Lahore

Selection of Sample:

n = Z2(1-α/2) pˆqˆ/d2
= (1.96)2 (.57)(1-.57)/(.05)2
= (3.84) (.57)(.43)/.0025
= 376

We will conduct our survey from at least 376 people of different age group which
include rural population, uneducated, labor class, and educated people.


Our survey will be conducted through questionnaires and personal meetings.

The University of Lahore

Research Proposal 6

The approximate budget will be Rs.2500 including transport, questionnaires
and any other contingent expenses. The budget will be contributed by the group members

First of all time limit is the major limitation in our research due to which we
conduct our survey from only hundred peoples. Then our budget, which do not allow us
to access remote areas. Other limitation is the different school of thoughts of our target
population, to cover up this we have to read the mind of our sample population to get the
accurate results.

We are choosing to observe multiple teams, even though such
comparisons might be valuable, in order to allow more depth of understanding regarding
the group on which we will focus. Additionally, we will use structured interviews in
order to minimize our obtrusiveness and it will help us to better compare our data.

The University of Lahore

Research Proposal 7

About the Questionnaire:

The first part of the questionnaire is for the introduction of the respondent
it include the name, age, gender, and occupation. First two questions are
the make up questions the purpose is to get the respondent toward the
topic, then the third and the fourth questions are to check the biasness or
the criteria of the respondent whether he is in favor of media or not. Then
fifth and sixth question covers our primary objective that is “Role of
Media in Pakistan”. The other three questions will cover the secondary

The University of Lahore