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Catherine University Course Syllabus Advanced Accounting ACCT4100 Spring 2013 Instructor: E-Mail: Office Hours: Class Time: Nancy Johnson, MBA & Masters of Accountancy prior to class, 5:00 6:00pm in the class room, or by appointment Tuesday 6:00pm 9:30pm, Mendal 304

Text Book: ADVANCED ACCOUNTING, 11th edition, Fischer, Taylor, Cheng, ISBN: 9780538480284 Web Page:

COURSE DESCRIPTION: In this course you will focus on consolidations and accounting for state and local governments and other not-for-profit organizations. You will cover the basics of consolidations with an emphasis on the differences between profit and not-for-profit accounting and the preparation of financial statements for state and local governments and other not-for-profit organizations. This class is particularly beneficial for you if you are interested in working for state and local governments, other not-for-profits, public accounting firms that audit governmental or other notfor-profit entities or if you are planning to take the CPA exam. You will broaden your accounting skills so that you are prepared to work in a variety of organizations. Prerequisites: ACCT 2130, 3110. COURSE OBJECTIVES:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Understand business consolidations and related worksheets Understand governmental and not-for-profit accounting Practice techniques for consolidations subsequent events Identify adjustments of subsidiary accounts Explore derivatives and foreign currency options Identify hedging techniques

DESCRIPTION OF MAJOR ASSIGNMENTS, EXAMS, & GRADING POLICY: Students will be graded on: chapter homework problems, discussions, a case assignment, 5 online quizzes, and lecture/discussion topics from the classroom, homework assignments, and discussion boards per the schedule below. Also, classroom participation will significantly enhance the learning experience. Your final grade for the course will be based on total points. (93-100 A, 90-92 A-, 87-89 B+, 83-86 B, 80-82 B-, 77-79 C+, 73-76 C, 70-72 C-, 67-69 D+, 63-66 D, 60-62 D-, under 60 a F) Approx. Points Chapter Quizzes (5) 50 Homework Assignment Chapter Problems & Exercises 150 Cases (1) 25 Class Participation 100 Discussion Board Participation 50 Total Points 375

COLLEGE and INSTRUCTOR POLICIES Disability Statement: Students with disabilities who believe that they may need accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact the Office of Resources for Disabilities 651-690-6563 as soon as possible. If you have a documented disability that requires accommodation, please provide the instructor with the accommodation plan at the first class session. Incompletes: INCOMPLETE GRADE: A grade of incomplete is given only when unusual circumstances deem it appropriate. Ordinarily, such circumstances would involve matters that are not wholly within your control, such as illness. If you wish to receive an incomplete grade you must complete a Petition for Incomplete Grade form (available online) no later than the last day of the term in which course requirements are due. You must be making satisfactory progress in the course and you must have completed 75% of the course at the time the petition is filed. Incompletes are awarded at the instructors discretion. If granted, the normal deadline for completion of the work is no more than eight weeks after the last day of classes in the session or sub-session in which the course is offered. The instructor may establish a due date after the normal deadline if you request it and special circumstances warrant it. The instructor will submit an alternate grade that will automatically be recorded if you do not complete the requirements for the course by the deadline. If you complete the course requirements in the time allotted, the instructor must submit the final grade by the deadline. Extensions to the due date originally agreed to by you and your instructor must be approved by the appropriate academic dean. . Academic Integrity: Students will be expected to comply with University policies and procedures regarding academic integrity as spelled out in Le Guide. Independent work is required on all class work, exams and projects without express instructions from the instructor regarding assignments involving collaboration and teamwork. All written work is to be the students original work with correct APA citations for all outside sources from which ideas, language or quotations are derived. Participation: St. Catherine University defines attendance as participating in the faculty and student interaction required by the course. All students are expected to arrive to class on time, stay for the duration of class, and actively engage in discussions, problem solving, group activities etc. Participation in this course also includes active involvement in the discussion boards during the times assigned and posted in the discussion board. (see Discussion Boards section in syllabus). Students who do not attend the first day/first week of class will be withdrawn from the course by the Registrars Office INSTRUCTOR POLICIES Instructor Expectations: Your success in this course will be greatly improved by: 1. Attending class (both face to face and D2L portions) regularly and actively participate in the class and in the online discussions. 2. Coming to class prepared (do the practice problems and read assigned chapters prior to covering in class) and with all assignments completed with questions on any course material you do not understand. 3. Taking quizzes on the dates listed and turning in assignments when due to support you in staying current late work will not be considered for credit without instructor

approval. Missing a drop box deadline related to technology issues is not considered a valid reason for requesting a late submission. Absences: It is expected that all students will attend all classes, yet it may sometimes be necessary to miss a class due to illness, work matter, or family issue, etc. If you will need to miss a class, you are required to email and see the instructor to discuss the situation obtain updates, etc. Missing the first class session results in an automatic drop from the class. Missing more than one class results in failure of the course. Technology & Communication: D2L course management system will be leveraged throughout this class to 1) INFORM students of any updates, changes and reminders for requirements; 2) DELIVER shared files and important course documents; 3) ENGAGE in participation of lively discussion, obtain feedback and grade information. The D2L link is found on the top right corner of your Kateway home page. In D2L click on the course link, and review the Home Page News Announcements for how to get started and where to access necessary files. D2L help is available the college help desk. Assignment Submission: Assignments submitted via D2L must include the assignment name student name in the file name (Example: Chp 3 Case_NJohnson). MAC users will need to convert files to a word or excel format for PC. If your assignment submission file is not able to be opened you will receive an email with a deadline for resubmission for full credit. Email: Your SCU email account will be the primary account for communication in this course. Please check it each day for course updates and important communication. Homework: Practice Homework (UNGRADED): Accounting is learned by doing, therefore daily homework is an integral part of understanding the material covered in this course. It is expected that all chapter homework practice problems assigned will be completed before the day covered in class. These problems are not graded but increase your overall understanding and will be leveraged in follow on exams and for credit assignments. Students will be asked to share their solutions in class so please prepare all practice problems and bring to class on the date assigned. Practice homework must be turned in for instructor review for all scheduled and unplanned absences from class before 11:59 on the day of the class missed. Assignments (GRADED): For-credit homework assignments will be completed during this course which consist of chapter problems and exercises per the schedule below. Excel work pages and drop boxes are found in D2L, Content, Weekly Assignments. Cases: 1 case is required to be prepared and submitted for credit during the term. Cases are to be submitted in the D2L, Dropbox, Case and should include both an Excel file and Word file if appropriate. To earn full credit when calculations are required all formulas should be built in the Excel documents. Final Essay: 1 Essay will be submitted at the end of the term. Details will be provided in a hand out after the mid-term break. Submission: The homework will be turned in per the syllabus due dates below, by 11:59pm and will be accepted late, but not for credit. See D2L, Dropbox to locate the drop box for submission. Once you have successfully submitted your file you will receive a confirmation email. This is where you will return to find feedback and grading information. Excel formulas,

which will be taught in class, are required for full credit in all homework. Please see the instructor if you have concerns in this area. All submitted files must include student names in the file name: File naming example: Chp1Hmwrknjohnson. Class & Discussion Participation: In Class: Class participation is based on contributing to classroom discussion and problems done as groups during class. You must be in class to participate. If you are unable attend class (or the full class sessions) participation points may be missed. Online Discussions: Weekly online Discussions will be used to further explore topics. Often well go beyond what the text has to say and collaborate to brainstorm new perspectives on the subject. Discussions Boards are found in D2L for weekly topic (Module 2, link labeled discussion for each week) and for homework questions(Module 1:General Course Discussion Questions) where you can raise questions about materials. Specific guidelines are outlined in each discussion but will always involve problem solving, critical thinking and application of knowledge. See Quality Posts below. Initial student post is due by Thursday immediately following class at 11:59pm and reply postings are due by Saturday immediately following class at 11:59pm. Check back frequently to ensure you answer questions raised by your classmates/instructor for full credit. Late discussion postings are always welcome but will not be include for credit in grading. Quality posts: o For each week/module that contains a Discussion forum, you will be expected to post a thoughtful solution to the problem and a detailed and substantial response to a classmate, (i.e., "yes," "no," "I agree," or "I disagree" answer is not sufficient and results in unearned points). Raising a question to a classmate or correcting their errors may result in bonus points being earned. . If your opinion differs persuade your classmate with supported theory and examples o Check back at a later date and review the discussion board. Be sure to answer all questions raised to you from classmates or the instructor. Etiquette: Remember to exercise courtesy and proper etiquette when responding to others' posts along with complete sentences and use spell check. (I.e. no texting syntax allows). Supporting your views by including links to articles, videos or attach files is a great way to earn maximum points. Exams & Quizzes: THERE WILL BE NO EXAM MAKEUPS WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL. Quizzes: 5 - 10 point quizzes will be taken at the end of selected chapters/unit to ensure students are able to accurately assess their level of understand and prepare for the exams. Quizzes are found on D2L in the Quiz folder and also via the Content folder and will be made available to students per the schedule below. Feedback on results will be immediate. Each quiz is due to be taken individually by Saturday at 11:59pm immediately following the class session that week. Missed quizzes cannot be made up for credit. Quizzes are open book, open note, but are time limited and therefore students should study accordingly.

COURSE OUTLINE ACCT4100 Spring 2013 Course Date of Class Chapter and Topic
No previous accounting experience is required for this course.

Assignments and Due Dates

Because of the nature of the course, all readings and problems should be prepared prior to the class session when schedule for review and clarification in class. (i.e. bring completed work to class) D2L: From Kateway, click on the D2L link (upper right corner), click Content, Module 2, week 0, Week 0 Discussion: Welcome & Introduction thread and follow the instructions for creating your self introduction. Return prior to the start of class and reply post to at least 1 classmate. Practice Homework: Exercise 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 14, 15, Problem 15-4 D2L Quiz Chp 15 (taken by 2/16/13 @ 11:59pm) Homework Assignments: Chp 15 Exercise 15-11; Problem 15-6, (Due by 2/16/13 @ 11:59pm) Practice Homework Exercise 2, 5, 10, D2L Quiz: Chp 16 (taken by 2/23/13 @ 11:59pm) Homework Assignment: Chp 16 Problems 16-6, 16-14, Due by 2/23/13 @ 11:59pm)

Week 0

Welcome and introduction to the course

Week 1 2/5 Week 2 2/12

Chp 15, Governmental Accounting: General Fund & Accounting concepts Guest Speaker: Tyler Billing

Week 3 2/19

(May start Chp 16 on 2/12 time permitting) Chp 16, Governmental: Other Government Funds, Proprietary Funds and Fiduciary Funds

Week 4 2/26

Chp 18 & 19 Accounting for Private Not-for-Profit Organizations Colleges, Universities and Health Care Guest Speaker: Faye Larson Chp 1, Business Combinations: New Rules

D2L Discussion: Not-for-Profit Practice Homework, Page 36, #1, 2, 6, D2L Homework Assignment: Chp 1, Exercise 2, Problem 1-1, 1-6, 1-9 Practice Homework, Page 98, 1, 2; Problem 2-8 D2L Quiz: Chp 1 & 2 (taken by 3/23/12 @ 11:59pm) Homework Assignment: Chp 2, Problem 2-6 (in class); 2-7 (Due by 3/23/13 @ 11:59pm)

Week 5 3/5 Week 6 3/12 Week 7 3/19

Chp 2, Consolidated Statements: Date of Acquisitions

3/26 Week 8 4/2 Week 9 4/9

Easter Break Chp 3, Consolidated Statements: Subsequent to Acquisitions Chp 4, Intercompany Transactions: Merchandise Plant Asset and Notes

D2L Week 8 Discussion D2L Homework Assignment, Chp 4 Problem 4-1, 4-2 (in class) (Due by 4/13/13 @ 11:59pm) Practice Homework: Understanding the Issues (p.301) 1, 5, 6, 7

Week 10 4/16

Chp 5; Intercompany Transactions: Bonds and Leases

Week 11 4/23

Chp 6, Cash Flow, EPS & Taxation

D2L Quiz, Chp 4 & 5 (Taken by 4/20/13 @ 11:59pm) Homework Assignment Chp 5; Exercise 1, (Due by 4/20/13 @ 11:59pm) Practice Homework: Understanding the Issues # 1; Exercise #1, D2L Homework: Problem 6-3 (Due by 4/27/13 @ 11:59pm) Practice Homework : Prepare for in class discussion Exercises 3 & 4. D2L Homework: Understanding The Issues 1, 2, 3, ; Exercise I,

Week 12 4/30

Chp 9, The International Accounting Environment

Week 13 5/7 Week 14 5/14

M, Derivatives and Related Accounting Issues Chp 12 Interim Reporting and Disclosers about Segments of an Entity Final Essay

D2L Discussion: Derivatives Practice Homework: Exercises 2, 3, 10 D2L Quiz: Chp 12 (Taken by 5/18/13 @ 11:59pm)

Week 15 5/21