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Although it has been rather difficult finding funds in order to complete the construction of the orphanage, God still

find ways to bless us in other ways. There is so much more to come. As we prepare to make the transition into a new community with the children, we are to be fully equipped for all that is ahead. In 2nd Timothy 3:17 God says that His servants will be equipped for every good work. He will see the work started in us into completion. We thank all the sponsors, especially those in Knoxville, TN. Your contributions are not in vain and I pray as God blesses you to give and you are obedient to his word He pours even more onto you. We thank Katelyn’s Fund for their time and commitment to teaching our mothers and pouring into them what God has poured into you. It is through your generosity that all the children are in good health are never lacking for anything and their needs are always met. Although this is great for our mothers, the children are the ones who will benefit the most. It is all about them first and foremost. We now have a new addition to our family, Alexandro, he is 1 year and 17 days and has brought much joy to the orphanage. Your combined efforts will help to keep him prospering at the One Vision Haiti Orphanage.

During the previous month, we were honored to be visited by Katelyn’s Fund. Katelyn’s Fund is a Christian organization whose heart is set on bringing awareness of orphans everywhere. They take pride in advocacy for the fearless as well as equipping families and caregivers to better care for orphaned children. All this is done through the love of God. This month, we have been blessed to have Katelyn’s Fund amongst us. Through their teachings during the two-day seminar, our mothers here at the One Vision Orphanage have received an outpour of God’s love and are now better equipped to care for the children. It was surely something to be proud of. Our mothers are sincerely thankful and now consider themselves truly prepared once the certificate was attained. That in itself is more than a blessing.

Our prayer is for God to continue this work he has started in us all, equip us for each task, trial and obstacle but most of all continue to be the center of all our lives as we walk in Spirit and not in flesh. Amen

Miss Anne Durand, the Head supervisor of the care Givers, receiving her Certificate from the President of the katelyn’s Fund Sheila Dejong

Little Alexandro

One Vision International Haiti , is a N on Governmental Organi zation working in Haiti to meet the immediate physicals needs of the less unfortunate in order to win a hearing to share Christ