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1. Deployment of knowledgeable, competent, safety conscious supervisory personnel at site.

Fabricated structures / materials / equipments shall be brought to site mechanically by truck / hydra, if not manually.

3. Ground condition / movement of the crane / hydra shall be checked before starting the work. 4. Suitable packing (timber pieces, gunny bags etc.) around the structure / material / equipment shall be used to prevent damage of slings and wire ropes during their use. 5. Get approved work permit. 6. After erection of the columns / beams, bolts and nuts and washer shall be tightened. 7. After erection of two columns, tie beam shall be fixed.

Hand tools (portable tools), nuts, bolts, washers are to be carried in the bags/ boxes.

9. Skilled riggers shall be deployed on the job. 10. After erection of structure, scaffolding shall be made around the column for the welding.
11. Access / arrangement for riggers to untie the hooks / slings (at height) is made.

CHECK-LIST 1. 2. 3. Ensure personnel in surrounding area are warned/preferably Cordoned before the activity starts. Ladder (when used) shall be secured. Full Body Safety harness with double lanyard hook shall be worn by all workmen (working at height) and anchored separately to two different sufficiently strong rigid point/life line. Hard hat (safety helmet) shall be worn with chinstrap by everyone. Proper working platform shall be provided with effective hand railing / Toe-guard. All unwanted materials shall be cleared from the platform. Safety Shoes / Proper Hand gloves shall be worn. Work at height permit shall be implemented. Execution engineer / supervisor should be available at work site. YES / NO YES / NO


4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Floor openings must be covered or guarded. APG SAFETY . Drop zones clearly identified with barricades & signage’s displayed YES / NO YES / NO YES / NO YES / NO NAME & SIGNATURE OF ENGINEER/ SUPERVISOR (CONTRACTOR) : …………………………………………………………… NAME & SIGNATURE OF ENGINEER/ SUPERVISOR (APG) : …………………………………………………………… INSPECTION & DOCUMENTATION OF CHECK 1. Rescue management arrangements are in place. Hot work permit (valid) within hot work place. Test certificates of cranes / hydras and other lifting equipment and accessories. 6. Fall arrester shall be used while using access ladders to platforms Visual Inspection of Fall arrester equipments before & after use. Availability of engineers / supervisors at site spot. 13. MONITORING AND FOLLOW UP ACTION The above arrangements shall be checked and verified by the concerned execution engineer / supervisor of APG and the system shall be reviewed at a periodical interval by safety personnel of APG. 12. First aid box to be available on the vicinity. 3. 5. 4. Valid work permit arrangement in place. being used are in place or not. 2.2 10. Report of tool box talks. 7. 14. In no case untested (even if new) lifting equipments / accessories to be used for work.