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Defying the Defiant

By Rochey Apryll C. Natividad We've all been there (and perhaps some of you are in IT at the moment).

calls a 'flexible disposition' in order that I may respond properly to daily circumstances. Man, how difficult it is to do that. I am a Bull who has her hooves hooked deep in the mud and is stubbornly immovable at worst. But here's the thing: in the many

Everything had been planned, a decision had been made, visions had been set, the execution was about to commence – then suddenly, something happened. Something – unavoidable or not, just happened. You, and/or everyone else involved, went bananas in frustration. Because adjusted. changed. Yep, the situation left you with just that one difficult – if not annoying – choice: to CHANGE. Yes; you changed course. It's either that that situation made you emerge wiser, or it made you look at life a little darker or grimmer than ever. of that something, needed other to be something or everything also had to be Something

happenstances of my dear one life, I never was able to escape change – and, with a renewed understanding, I now know that I'll never do. It's just not possible. I am pretty sure you share the same sentiment. We are all choicedeprived creatures when it comes to the tickings of the clock and the blows of fortune. Time is linear, fortune is circular. Nevertheless, they move constantly and endlessly – independently of us. What's the big fuss with change anyway? Why is it super duper hard to adjust when the courses of fate go against us? Radical adjustments, considered to be

I have a problem with change. It scares me a lot. Or, in minor cases, it annoys me tremendously. It upsets me and it makes me. The major minor case (does that make sense to you?) I always have to deal with is shifting my perspective a lil' bit to understand a person or a baffling situation or adopting what Machiavelli me messy emotionally and mentally. Turbulence is its synonym for

big steps, definitely force us out of our comfort zones. No matter how strongly we try to cling to what-used-to-be, fate will whiddle us out of that stronghold no matter what. That is just how life works. The universe, from the grand scheme down to the quantum level, proceeds with its motion. Change is constant. Both Philosophy and Science will tell us that the Universe is in constant motion, changing potential energy to actual energy and then transforming it back to

That's just how it all is. Stoppages appearances. higher 'levels'. The point is. Along with such stages are various 'levels' of learning accompanied by necessary 'exams' to pass in order that we may proceed with the next. energy composition of all corporeal beings never cease to move. change is a force governing our physical world. Anything we know to be keeping still is in truth a conglomeration are only of constantly moving as a constantly propel us to flow along no matter what we do or what we don't want to do. we are then bound by this law of eternal motion. be stubborn and you still find everything to be transforming upgrading/degenerating to control? Growth and aging are inevitable stages of life. Universal energies anyhow. Refuse to be swept by the wind of change and you'll find yourself being swept away us sooner is a or later of anyway. Around flow beginnings and endings. acknowledging that we aren't in control of the Universe. grand or simple – as inhabitants of the physical world no one is exempted from the transformation needed to be undertaken. allow for lives to be lived as lives. and Who are we fooling with our insistent attempt .potential energy. Each day is a new 'school day' for all of us where lessons have to be learned and exams need to be passed. Sorry. You defy what is natural at your own peril. No one remains stuck in a level or life stage for long. energies. Since all of us live in the physical world. secular or sacred. These. Acceptance is key. as aforementioned. Rich or poor. Non-motion is false. This is humility. as manifestations of change in action.