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IMPORTANCE OF THIS SUBJECT: Terrorism is very active and relevant subject in the current social and economic scenario of world in general and India in particular. The recent series of terrorist attacks faced by our country shows a deep rooted nature of terrorism and importance of serious approaches towards it. Causes: 1. Increase of living standard is a factor since everyone needs to be go along with pace of this social living environment and affinity to acquire luxury items like new cars, mobile phones new dresses, posh buildings . 2. Even though India is a secular country as we know, it is not reality. This is evident from the deep religious activity and separation of people in the society according to religion Youths are being lured in to religious activities by offering money or brain washing them with blind religious faith. In the second step they were deviated towards antinational activities such as terrorism. Black etc. money 3. Due to unavailability of highly paid salary majority of youth find it difficult to cope with pace of their activities they choose antisocial means to make easy money

. steel. The current trend in education sector will not continue as such.this is going to make an unrest in the society.STRUGGLES OF PEOPLE IN THE CURRENT ECONOMIC SLOW DOWN IMPORTANCE OF THIS SUBJECT: The wave of failure of financial institutions in the west has been slowly engulfing almost all fields in the world.. the main backbone of our nation. IT etc and by the year end it is expected to affect the agriculture sector. cement. since majority of them will become jobless after the completion of their education . As a catalyst to increase the pace of this slow down majority of immigrant workers are coming back to India and our nation will struggle to accommodate all of them because ours is a developing economy having a poor country status. In our country also it has been affected our major industries like automobile.

The older people are not being taken care of as they have been considered as worthless objects.From childhood own wards children are become prey to this. The rapid increase in the use of mobile-phones made all ages in a free like situations which may be boon or bane. We are blaming the western culture for this situation . .people are become strangers very easily similarly deep relationship broken very easily. Majority of people is interested momentary relationship and want to become free from family and society.But in the western society children are being taught in the early stages of their development itself how to become independent and self reliant in the society . The interpersonal relationship is entering into a new phase .THE CHANGING NATURE OF INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP IMPORTANCE OF THIS SUBLECT: As we proclaimed the social values and bondage in India no longer exist.marital and pre-marital relationship is an increasing trend . or it is weaker than the previous generation.But here it is not the case . Extra.

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