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Background of pupils I have interviewed a Chinese student. The student named Lim Soo Huat.

This student was 11 years old and studying in the Sekolah Kebangsaan Simpang Tiga Pdang Hang, Kedah. This student is a single student that a Chinese . This is because, the whole pupils is made up of Malays and originated from villages in this district. Soo Huat come from Kuala Lumpur and back to the original village of following his mother and father.

1.1 Comment on the use of mother tongue In that interview I had asked about their mother tongue. According to he said, in the house he always spoke in Hokkien, while he and his parents also understand Mandrin language. This is because the mother's keen to watch pictures and want to speak Mandrin. I have also asked about the excitement of studying in national schools now and why. What I found was, he would rather be friends with the Malays because they have religious beliefs and customs are strong. Malay is also said to be polite and courteous. Immixture language has never been considered difficult because he says he keen to learn all languages. Language is the most interested in, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese. He also was an outstanding student at this school. Although there are no friends of the same race with him, she was comfortable to adapt to the way of life of the Malays and Malay friends. About language, he stated that he was more easily converse with the national language as the main spoken language is used because students generally are made up of ethnic Malays. Therefore, he prefers to use Bahasa Malaysia. He also did say he sometimes quite difficult to speak her native language as friends at school do not understand his speech. They also laugh at him when he try to answer the question in the class


Sweeping act may chase luck or 'Gods Money'. do not die a custom. we must say "SUI SUI AN PIN" which means peaceful throughout the year. Chinese and Indians. Soo Huat said. in the event there was also negligence and breach of goods.2 Believes Believes associated with. It is often practiced by old people among the Malays. Many taboos handed down orally down to wane." Chinese New Year is the most important festival for the Chinese. ghosts or talk dirty so avoided as presumed damage the harmony throughout the year. Importance of customary taboos to be observed as clearly expressed by saying "let the child die. The Chinese were also forbidden to break the china and glass tools. for business. No polite words like dead. Chinese people are encouraged to express herself like a delicious word "GONG XI FA CHAI" and so on. 2 . During Chinese New Year. There is also the old people say. it is the belief of society associated with past Chinese customs and cultural heritage of their ancestors. things falling and breaking it would turn into prosperity. we have to mention the "Lok Fu Tei Fa Hoi Kuai Wing Wa" means.He also provided the view that. sweeping the floor on the first day will cause the loss of wealth and good fortune throughout the year as a broom in Mandarin is "ZHOU SHAO" which means family fortune will be swept out. Broken glass and pottery will be a disaster occurs and unstable family sustenance. Taboo is a matter of stopping us from doing something because there are disadvantages in it. Chinese language advantage currently provides more space and a great opportunity for the Chinese lead the Malays. there are many taboos to get harmony and well-being throughout the year. If the glass breaks accidentally. Cause the average Malays had to follow behind the Chinese in business. 1.

In addition.Ini bulge because of a man who is considered the symbol of a green hat for a husband who "coward. their native language. Chopstick tingling in food in the vertical is not polite. "ang ang bo hai lang "or good luck. Similarly. The black color will bring bad for the chinese . although increasingly modern age than ever before. 2 (i) Efforts to overcome Based on the beliefs and customs of the problem I believe is difficult for the Chinese to follow the way of the Malays." The husband's wife in another man tiduri . once again I ask why? According to their old beliefs tok their grandmother in Mainland China lagi. Which I. it is also to avoid people who come to visit the house were not treated because the host busy working. Passed taboos should preserve and tell the generations to come.Selain the chinese red is their favorite color. 3 . But there are ways to fix it. this rule laid down should not be underestimated. Soo Huat also reveal the existence of believes can say is to guide behavior so as not to fall into the category civilized society. but for the Chinese they are very taboo if hijau.Don’t insulting and disparaging beliefs and customs of others.Some of which are still practiced abstinence is not wearing mourning colors of black and white colors for thought while celebrating a festival. By way of respect for one's religion and beliefs will guarantee world peace and dignity of the way. Wash cloth on the Chinese New Year is also forbidden because skin diseases are believed to be infected. leading to a harmonious and united society . Also prohibited sharp chinese food Chopstick on in straight for allegedly making such a devil of worship because of the Chinese. For our Malay people dressed in green is the sunna of the Prophet Muhammad. Including with respect to each other. we need to look cheerful.Jadi very taboo for a man to wear a hat hijau. In my view all religions and beliefs are their respective rights. meaning "ong"..

they can not eat beef because the cow is their god. Malay people were forbidden to eat pork because the pork there are different types of bacteria that is very dangerous for health. Chinese society was unable to eat the flesh on specific days and times because they believe that the right to live life even if it is just an animal. The various classes of flow can also unite all students regardless of race. the government can create multiple streams and language classes so that all students can learn the language better. it can enhance even multi cultural with friendly relations race relations is that it can create a variety of languages. appearance and religion. Held occasional celebrations such as celebrations and cultural celebrations. In a crowd gathered. Program on behalf of the government must be to unite the nation. This make cultural and language differences do not exist at all in a pluralistic society. 4 . We should note that in each of them religious taboos in society India for example. With how clean the liver. Envy is a virus that broke out when there is an advantage in some quarters. So. In schools.The second is to stay away from the envious nature of a people with no logical reason. the collaboration and the language can be extended to unity In addition. Next. with the Chinese Moon Cakes or the festival of the Indians Ponggal and the Malays Celebration. the contribution of the government must be to not trigger racial disparities. we have to be honest in giving excuses for others to understand. For example. honest to a friend is better.