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Open Letter to Global Media about David Hinkson Injustice

March 5, 2013 By former prosecuting attorney Wesley W. Hoyt Support for the recent press release asking simply that Chief Judge of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals read the Motion for Reconsideration filed by Dr. David R. Hinkson is at This website is filled with evidence of rampant government misconduct and judicial corruption leading to the conviction of Dr. Hinkson. Dozens of letters to Judge Kozinski have been posted to the Ninth Circuit Court Docket, a very unusual occurrence. We commend Judge Kozinski for taking such a keen interest in this case and supporting the cause of justice in the USA. I encourage you to join in this letter writing cause. At the heart of Dr. Hinksons 2005 wrongful conviction on solicitation of murder charges was perjured testimony known to the US prosecutors and the court but only suspected by the defense and never disclosed to the jury. Now that the appeal process is concluding for Dr. Hinkson the present press release focuses on another example demonstrating the widespread U.S. Department of

Justice practice of targeting, prosecuting and imprisoning the innocent on false charges. This practice is so commonplace that even the mainstream media has begun reporting on it; Brad Heath article in USA Today 09-23-11. One of the goals of the Hinkson website is to encourage citizens to write letters to Chief Judge Kozinski making a political statement to countermand the politics at play in the 9th Circuit that have blocked Dr. Hinkson from obtaining a new trial. By writing, citizens are, in essence, petitioning a high official of their government, i.e., the Chief Judge of the 9th Circuit, asking him to require the other judges to follow their own law. The reason for the political approach is to overcome the political solution used by the 9th Circuit in the Hinkson case in a 2010 decision that squeaked by on a 5 to 6 vote of the en banc panel which upheld an additional 33 year prison sentence, based solely on the testimony of one perjuring witness, who was later convicted of using that same exact perjured statements when he presented his case before the Veterans Administration in 2004 in order to cheat the VA out of more than a hundred thousand dollars in benefits. Normally, the Courts consider themselves above political wrangling because supposedly their job is to apply the law. However, in Dr. Hinksons case, instead of following the law, both the trial judge and certain 9th Circuit appeal court judges allowed politics to control their decisions, making Dr. Hinkson a political prisoner

of the USA because he is actually innocent of the murder for hire charges against him. The Hinkson family is grateful for the level of volunteer work that helped launch this press release and website. All parties involved seem to recognize the sacredness of preserving the freedom from a government bent on large scale imprisonment of people in order to feed the engine of the American Prison Industrial Complex. Just like running a hotel chain, the prisons require full occupancy, not only to pay the salaries of the prison workers, administrators and profits of the private company investors that run the prisons, but also to pay the national and international bankers who sponsored the Revenue Improvement Bonds that funded and continue to fund the building of prison facilities. To say that America is overbuilt with prisons is gross understatement. If you think there is no corruption in our judicial system, think again. Those who are unwilling to objectively look at the facts presented in the Hinkson case are invited to familiarize themselves with the famous Cash for Kids case in Pennsylvania which came to light in 2010. Two juvenile court judges were sent to prison last year for accepting $2.0 mm in bribes from a detention facility to which these jurists sent over 5,000 of our American youth. Tragically, one, an honor student who had broken no law, died because of the stigma of being imprisoned along with the physical and mental abuse while in custody as a 15 year old. Thousands of other youth who were imprisoned say their entire

lives have been ruined by this horrible experience of being innocent, falsely accused and then imprisoned by judges who refused to listen to the evidence of their innocence. The fact that so many volunteer hours have come together to bring to pass the Hinkson Website is a testament to the sacred and significant mission of informing the public that we are suffering a loss of freedom in America because of rampant corruption in the judicial system. As a former prosecuting attorney, I can say that every prosecutor knows their first job is to see that justice is done. It wasnt bad enough that US prosecutors in the Hinkson case were telling lies and using perjured testimony and forged documents to prop up a false prosecution, they also manipulated the case with the help of their black robed buddy who sat on the bench after holding a secret in chambers ex parte meeting with the prosecutions chief witness, a known pathological liar whom the FBI had recruited under the pretense that he was a wounded and decorated combat hero. This war hero persona bullet-proofed his testimony for the jury because the Judge, prosecutors and FBI accorded him the status of a defender-of-the-nation. Thus, the jury was sucked into believing all the fraud that oozed from this witness lips, like: Dr. Hinkson tried to hire him to murder federal officials. This story he told as he was weaving his own story about being a super hero because

he was clothed by the government with the garment of a national icon. Who on the jury would believe that Superman would lie to them? Mr. Roland C. Hinkson, father of Dr. Hinkson, said: As I see it, the only way that our justice system can be healed is if the corruption is exposed and those responsible held accountable. In Dr. Hinksons case and in many other similar cases, the government has used deception to convict innocent people of crimes they did not commit (and in many cases, crimes that never were committed, but were fictitious crimes made up by corrupt FBI agents looking for the cash bonus paid by the government). Federal judges and prosecutors also are being paid cash bonuses or bribes for conviction of the innocent under a federal law enacted in the late 1990s. (see memo of law attached.) Davids case is the sine qua non of these cases because the government used most, if not all, of its KGB style techniques to falsely accuse, convict and imprison him. Provable judicial misconduct has been established in the Hinkson case and will be at the forefront of all future efforts to free him. The Hinkson family and those associated with them have undergone numerous investigations by the FBI and IRS who have collaborated to create other false crimes, in order to insure that Dr. Hinkson stays in prison.

Repeatedly, the FBI has violated its own protocol in order to rig up an investigation in an effort to frame Dr. Hinkson with ridiculous scenarios where the dots simply do not connect, but, having conducted an investigation these corrupt FBI agents can report to the US Marshals who act as the body guards for Federal judges who are made to think that Dr. Hinkson is unrepentant and still plotting to kill people from jail or prison. Its so convoluted that most people cant wrap the arms of their understanding around it, but its very real when an FBI and IRS agent come to your door and start asking questions about your son who supposedly is plotting to murder more people when he happens to be in prison. The latest plot is that Dr. Hinkson attempted to hire another inmate to kill several people. That is the story the FBI has repeatedly cooked up, but instead of having the local FBI office send out an investigator from the local field unit per protocol, someone in the government has authorized two individuals to take a cushy sabbatical on the tax payers money and trip around the country interviewing people to create yet another fictional investigation of a crime that never occurred. In this way the FBI continues to exert its influence over the judges in our system by filling them with false information about Dr. Hinkson so that they will think they must protect themselves and used some excuse not to apply the law, but rather to cast their vote simply to keep him in prison. In his 350 page book, a Cesspool of Judicial Corruption, the senior Mr. Hinkson got it right. The final link in the chains that bind

the innocent are the judges who have accepted corruption as a way of life and act on it to imprison more and more innocent Americans each year. Please pass this message on to the world: America has political prisoners the same as other countries, only in the USA the fraud scheme has been refined to the point that the judges are a part of the scam. If world peace is important, it starts with justice for all, especially the innocent, join our letter writing campaign to Free David Hinkson because the US Media suppresses articles like this as they have become a captive of the progressive International Banking cartel that profits from the American Prison Industrial Complex. Thus, information is controlled by insisting that all reporting must be politically correct the new term for censorship. Can the world press help or has it lost its teeth as well?

Best regards, Wes Hoyt