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Pyramidsfrank ocean


Explosions- ellie goulding

The sand caressing my feet as I run from the beast chasing after me, craving me, wanting my blood on their claws, I run with no destination, my breath cutting shorter between each stride; overwhelming heat making my gold vulture crown heavier on my head, the rays of sunshine striking the jewels that adorned my neck. I attempted looking for a place to hide, but I see none, all I see is sand not a pyramid in site. I can hear the beast coming closer to me. I listen as the huffs of air are escaping their nostrils as they run quicker towards me. I have lost all hope, slumping in the sand my face on my hands so powerless without an escape from this desolation. I feel hands snatch me quickly, not knowing if this is my mind playing tricks on me, or if it is real. When I finally look up and see his face it gives me the courage to start running faster away from the beasts that are pursuing us. In the horizon a sole pyramid we see, we run as fast as our feet allow us. Getting closer and closer we hide our bodies, wanting to getaway from this. “O dear I thought I would never find you, I couldn’t have lived with myself knowing that I did not come looking for you, how could I have lived without you” he said “ fool don’t you see now that I could have poisoned you a hundred times had I been able to live without you.” I halted up from the couch, my eyes wide open, and alarmed by my vivid dream. It felt so intense my eyes seeing what she was. My forehead is filled with sweat almost as if I was the one running. People say that your dreams are an outlet to what you really want and desire, telling you the deepest secrets in your mind. I question what did this dream represent? I think hard, my hands trembling suffering from much lost. As I blink rapidly I could see it all clear in my head the creatures, yes, of course they are my fears trying to catch me setting me back every

time I move forward. My thoughts are my enemy lying on top of my head so heavily like Cleopatra’s vulture crown, but at the end she finally found her Marco Antonio, maybe Harry could be that for me, my escape the one that pulls me away from this darkness I’m living, but I ran away from him last night. Not even giving him a chance to speak not one word, also not giving myself an opportunity to explain who I am and my lifestyle. Who knows maybe he would have accepted to be my submissive; but my fear of letting go of the unknown bound is claws so deep in to my soul and separated me from my only chance of freedom and that was harry. This is just so fucked up, I’m fucked up, I pride myself in being this confident, independent woman, but every chance I receive of getting to know someone I run away in fear like a little girl. Now he must think I’m some sociopath that is immature and doesn’t give a shit about anybody else. That is not who I am, just because I like sex and I don’t want to have a relationship with someone does not mean I’m crazy. Maybe I should just stop telling all this things to myself and say it to him. Yes, I should do that, just go to his apartment tell him how you feel and if he doesn’t agree with the way you live, then fine move on there will be someone else who would accept me for who I am.

I am the type of person that finds inspiration in the darkest things, I see her darkness but I also see her beauty. I stood in my bed dumfounded by what just took place; this woman confident as ever riding me like a queen. Looking so glorious, her hair flowing as her head goes back in pleasure, but also so fragile as I see her wrap her small frame in my bed sheets grab her things and ran away like a puppy dog. Is like a ying and yang, darkness and light. I want to discover her to find her deepest secrets. To trust myself in her so deep that she yells my name. After last night I want her to be my muse, infatuated by her darkness. I want to explore every bit of her but how can I do that, I have never dealt with a woman like this. Let me tell you woman are some weird creatures some are like lionesses independent, too confident for their own good and others are like little cute kittens who want to lay with you forever, but both make everything so dam complicated. Since the first time I saw Mrs. Starr I knew she was like a poison traveling its way

into my veins making me do whatever she desired, unable to read her, us man are really good at that. I tried to analyze her to see what she was looking for, but I could not see it in her eyes, all I saw was lust. That lust that I’m craving to see right at this moment, but I don’t know shit about her, I don’t know where she lives, or her phone number, not even her dam name. All I could do is sit my arse on this chair and let my frustration pore through my fingers and do what I do best and paint. I grab my paintbrush and dap it in red colour letting it touch the canvas. Letting my hands do what they want, drawing the figures of her curves. The red representing fire; she was on fire in every sense of the word and me burning in flames by her touch. I Moved back admiring at what I have created, touching my face with my fingers filled with paint leaving marks behind. My body was so entranced with what I have crated so lost in the moment that I did not hear footsteps behind me. My green eyes were suddenly wide open, not sleepy looking like they did before. Who the hell is here at my flat at 7:am in the morning someone most be going mad to think this is ok, but once I gazed back all my rage escaped me, it was her, standing right there in front of me, she is as lovely as the last time I saw her. How can someone be so fit at 7:00 am in the morning? I beheld her eyes wanting to get lost in the hazel colour, but I’m so bloody angry by the trick she pulled last night, so I just stood there like a total tosser not saying a word, maybe that is what she needed, a time to think. As overwhelming as silence is to me I can stand it for a few minutes. I can cut the tension with a knife; when the silence was becoming excessive and it was too much for me to bare physical signs started showing. My hands shaking my teeth clenching together making my jaw stiffen, I had to say something this was killing me. Nonetheless I keep calm and opted for the funny route as upset as I was I wanted to get off on the right foot with her. I flipped my moppy hair to one side to make it look tolerable and I’m so fucking nervous to talk to her so I had to touch something that wasn’t her. I finally made out the words, “oh hey there you look lovely, I’m glad you have come back I thought my sex faces scared you off.” She laughed like an angel; I don’t think I will ever get tired of hearing this. She finally spoke her voice so soft “ umm I’m sorry I came unannounced but I did not like the way things went last night.”


I have not seen this side of her so stern it kind of turns me on, her face looks so serene her cheeks so flush, like she Is nervous to be around me, I couldn’t hold my anger any longer my mouth just blurted out what my mind wanted to say, “You go straight for the gut don’t you, at least your honest I could give you that, but your cowardness offends me.” Her faces was a sight to see, her mouth curve up into a half smile, like she wanted to kill me and fuck me at the same time, she said to me in a creepily calm voice, “Yes, one of my best attributes, I will ignore your snarky comment because you look really sexy when your mad, but I must say I was not very honest with you last night, I should have just told you who I am from the get go it was not right of me to lead you on” I cannot believe this woman, what does she mean lead me on. I’m fuming right now I could feel my ears turning red, my eyebrows coming together. Like who the fuck does she think she is “So tell me Mrs. Starr who are you? And why do you think you have lead me on, there was nothing there to begin with” and I was right how dare she come in to my house, like supposedly to apologize and all she is doing is making everything more complicated. I felt more lost in translation now that she is here trying to explain herself to me; and one of the things that I hate most is feeling lost, she is impossible to read. Therefore all I do is look at her like an idiot. My moods are so bipolar at the moment she looks so beautiful, but at the same time I want to tell her how childish and stupid she acted last night. Is challenging to be livid at someone who is so stunning, She observes me, crooking her head to one side like I’m some kind of science project at the Uni. Laughing like I just made a huge joke I assume she enjoys this, making me rage. She replied with a smirk in her face, wishing I could just shut her up with my lips, “ You are certainly right Mr. Styles, I’m glad that you have understood where I was going. I don’t want to start a relationship with you. Relationships are not my cup of tea. On the other hand I do like to fuck and I like the person that I’m going to be with to understand that.” I laugh at her crude honesty I truly love that about her. I love that she does not give a fuck. Knowing how to play the game just right, however trust and believe

when I say that I know how to play as well and I do it dam well. My only disadvantage is that she is very hard to read, to understand what she truly wants, her deepest desires so hard to unveil. I’m the kind of man that loves the unknown, is like mixing different colours in the palate, you have an idea what colours are going to come out but is uncertain how dark or light they are going to be. She makes me feel like I’m on the edge about to jump of a cliff; my heart is razing rapidly, the sexual tension between us growing fiercer. Her body language is of a statuesque woman; sitting in my couch with her legs crossed her torso upright leaning in towards me wanting me to feel inferior. I can tell that she has the confidence and she works very hard to keep this appearance. Therefore I hit her where It hurts the most her confidence “Trust me I fancy a good shag too, but what I do not understand is why you left, it seemed as you were just scared and it surprised me because you don’t seem like the type of woman that would do that, correct me if I’m not mistaking?” “You are not mistaking Mr. styles, I left because I have certain rules that I go by and the people that I’m with have to follow to the tee. This situation that I was in last night was one that I’m not accustomed of having, consequently I left so things don’t get more problematic. Now I’m very appealed by you and if you would like to continue seeing me you will have to oblige by these rules. Is this ok with you?” ok now this is some fuckery shit this is a whole other level of madness, what does she mean by rules. She is the most twisted, dark, sexy woman I have laid my eyes to. It makes me more interested, anticipating what she will say next, but I cant show that she is making me feel like a little inexperienced boy I have to play it cool. I smirk lowering my head and shaking my curls off my face. My body Moving closer to her wanting her to want me as much as I want her right now, “ You are just something else aren’t you, please entertain me with these rules.” Her face turned cold getting louder now, “Mr. styles I do not like to waste my time if you think this is a joke, I will see my away out.” Ok that didn’t go as well as I expected, gosh I’m such a wanker, I cannot loose her. Not now that she has told me all of this and she has put herself out there. I

think at this point I will have her anyway she comes, she has rolled me in with her mystery. As she was standing up I grabbed her by her hand pulling her in closer, she stared at me in shook not expecting my sudden splurge of braveness. “Hold on wait, please I’m intrigue, I’m just a little shock that is all. I’m sorry you had to see this side of me. I’m usually more open, but you are just so unexpected.” She looked at me licking her lips as her head goes down her long lashes showing. She looks back at me her face more stern now, like she is fighting the softer side of her that wants to pore out, she says, “I understand completely now are you willing to listen or not?” “Yes please go on” as I point her to the sofa stroking the small of her back. My hands touching the bare skin for the first time since yesterday. Feeling like I’m going to burn from our connection. “Let us sit down come with me.” She flinched a little I guess not use the touch of my hands, she replied softer now, more comfortable then she was before her arms relaxed on top of her crossed legs, “Well harry May I call you by your first name?” “Yes…that is completely fine, you can call me whatever you want actually, some people call me hazza if you want to give it a go that is fine with me.” Ok stop talking so dam much I’m just so nervous I can’t contain my ramblings. She laughed at my nickname not finding it too amusing I believe is pretty cool if you must ask, “umm I think I will call you harry” she giggled, masking how nervous she was, I could tell by the way she licked her lips so many times and the way she crossed and uncrossed her legs. It calmed me a bit knowing that she was as jumpy as I was. She continued looking at my eyes the whole time, I was getting lost in her world as she talked, “I have three simple rules that are very important to me, and you must follow if you ever want to see me again.” She stopped, looking at me questionably, I catch her expression and pushed her to keep talking, “please, keep going, is OK love, I will understand where you are coming from and if is not meant to be is not, lets leave it up to our destiny OK.” she gazed at me flabbergasted, her eyes glaring at me with passion “thanks, this is just all so new to me your not the usual type I go for” I smirked at her, being my usual sarcastic self I replied, “ umm Mrs. Starr you offend me. Crashing at the man’s ego at his own

house that is not right at all.” My British accent more prominent by the last words, she laughed so hard this time echoing all over my studio she replied between giggles “ ok please stop making me laugh, this is serious, harry!” She sounds so sexy when she says my name I can’t help but get closer to her on the sofa, licking my lips which must be so red at the moment, I cant count how many times I have bitten them. “Ok I apologize, but not for making you have a laugh, you look even more striking when you do, but go on with the rules please.” “Ok here it goes.. Number one, you must not fall in love with me; number two, don’t get involve with my personal live; and finally number three do not by any chance call me. I will always contact you.” My expression was blank, how did a woman so gorgeous not want to be love. Caressed by her partner in her most lonely days. Hear her man’s voice whenever she is feeling down at night. This is so odd isn’t that what every girl wants, but I must say I’m captivated by her, her lifestyle so different then mine. Perhaps we could make it work not to sound cheesy, but they do say opposites attract. Maybe I could sweeten her life a little bit, I say, “Wow this is insane, but how can you expect me to say no to you now. I must confess you have a hook on me, and this uncontrollable urge to have you be mine. I don’t want you to walk away from me. Even if this little is what I would have of you, I will take it all without any hesitation.” I hope she is not scared about my confession. I have only known her for a couple of days, and she seems closed off, her guard all the way through the roof. One of her first rules playing in my head don’t fall in love with me, what I’m saying to her reflects just that. Will she run away? Not even looking back because of my hastily confessions. When she finally spoke it gave me some assurance that maybe she will stay with me for just a little while longer. Her smooth hand touched my face, tracing my jawline with her fingers. This was the smoothest touch I have received from her. I figured her walls must be crumbling down little by little,“I just want you to be comfortable with this; I don’t want you to do nothing you would not desire to do harry. You will be my submissive and you will do anything and everything I desire. I’m your goddess, your master, and from now on I own you to be mine. Do you understand?”

I replied knowing I could not look back now. This was my future her and I, however she wanted me I was going to be there for her. It is going to take a tool on me, but I have a feeling she will come around. I replied nervously stretching my long arms to touch her face. My fingers caressing her cheeks, moving in closer as my hands go to her curly hair; I could feel her shaking knowing she has never been touched this softly before. My lips were urging to make contact with hers so close I could feel them tickling mine, sending a shock through my entire body. As my lips were brushing against hers I whispered only for her ears to hear, “Yes my goddess I understand.” From that moment on, from those few words I knew he was mine and that he was all in.

I kissed him like I have never done before, my small hands cupping his face laughing In between kisses. I was so happy, ecstatic that he wants me as much as I want him; that he seems to really care about me. I have never giving a man a chance to be so close to me before and it surprisingly feels good. I said to him “so I have a surprise for you, since I knew you were going to say yes I have a little game for us to play.” His mouth curve up in a half smile huffing a laugh he asked curiously “Ohh love your confidence there, tell me the purpose of this game is?” I explained to him giving him a few vocabulary words in between I wanted him to know that being in a Dom and sub relationship requires not only sex, but I need to know him as a person. “Well ass your Dom I need to know what turns you on what your fantasies are.” He winked at me he makes the cheesiest moves so sexy and funny in a quirky way “trust me I have a lot of fantasies.” “You do!” I laughed, “That is great, it will make the game much more fun. Well, I will start explaining the games to you. Now it consist of, you telling me your deepest fantasies and if you believe I have performed these fantasies before

or not. If you say I have and that is the case then you get a kiss, if I have and you say I haven’t then you will have to take an article of your clothing off, understood.” His eyes squinted giving me a shy smile crooking his head to one side. He looked so young so vulnerable, almost forgetting how tall and manly his physicality really is “I have a stupid question” I smiled at him looking up into his eyes, making him feel more comfortable “Ok go ahead” Giving me a cheeky smile, his darker side coming through “What part of my body are you going to kiss or is it just my lips?” I pouted my full pink lips, crooking them to one side into a devilish smile looking at him like he is the last coke in the dessert, “That, you will have to find out as the game goes along. Harry.” He replied exaltedly, “ With that look in your face, how could I say no, I’m definitely down.” I reminded him making sure he understands the purpose of this game “I’m glad you like my surprise, remember this game is only so I could get to know you better is like an introduction to my lifestyle. It would not be right if I went in to the hardcore stuff so suddenly. Now tell me what is your first fantasy” His smile just lights up this whole dark studio as his dimple show, replying excitedly, “Trust me I’m down for anything, all of the hardcore, kinky shit that you want to put me through I’m down as long as is with you. Anyway let me not bore you with my feelings lets get started with this game. My first fantasy is, as you can tell my favorite animals are cats. So I always had dreams of the woman that I’m with to dress up in a full leather cat woman costume. I want the whole nine yards, the wipe, kitty ears.” I saw as he closed his eyes licking his lips his cheeks turning red, dimples showing very deep on his face “I know it sounds weird, but let me keep going before I stop completely…” I hold his hand making sure he feels comfortable “trust me harry I have seen weird in this ugly world of ours. One thing I wont do ever is start judging you.”

He continued smiling at me as he looks up at my face “..And then she will lick me everywhere and purr. To answer the second part of the game I believe you have done this. Which turns me on even more.” I get close to him, little by little wanting him to guess if he was right or wrong, I wet my lips moving a little closer our foreheads touching, then our noses, then finally my lips brush against his I whisper while still close to his mouth “you.. are.. right” I back off fast not wanting him to touch me. Grabbing my hand being as touchy as ever he said to me “that is so not fair, that wasn’t even a kiss, we must redo.” “Harry, my darling, sooner or later you will learn that I make the rules here, if I hear another complaint from your pretty little lips your are taking an article of your clothes off !” He shuts up quickly taken a back by how strict and demanding I was. “Sorry yes mam, I wont do it again” he continued “my next fantasy is, drumroll please” I taped my hands on my tick thighs laughing so hard by how free he was, it made the whole game so light and fun “I want to do it in my studio with paint everywhere so my walls and floor will be decorated with us making love, and I believe you have done this one.” I suddenly replied thinking this game is so much fun for me either way, which is why I picked it. If he wins I get to kiss his pretty lips and if he looses I get to see his beautiful body what else can I ask for. “Do you want me to take it off for you or you will” His face was so confused it was so adorable, how can harry be so sexy in every expression that he makes. “Really, this is impossible I thought you have done every sexy thing there is in the book” “No I haven’t, tell me your next one I’m captivated” “I want to have sex in a plane, I like being naked all the time, everywhere, so being naked in a plane while having sex in the air is kind of wow to me, and I believe you have done this one”


I go a little of the extra mile taking advantage that he is topless; I stand up and put my curly hair in bun. I proceed to straddle him felling his size grow bigger. My hands flat by the side of his head “I whisper in his ear don’t touch me or else this little game is over do you understand Me.” harry nodded in approval, while licking his neck softly pushing my tongue against his veins. Softly kissing his neck sucking while I move my tongue in circles, “please let me touch you” my mouth stops its movements suddenly as I exclaimed, “What did I tell you if you complain or make some sort of remark that challenges my authority… ughh I warned you, just take your pants off this is going to be so much harder for you, you just had to be nice.” His long hands proceed to his pants sliding them off his legs. I command him to stay put and he does as told taking charge once more and straddling him like I’m going on a bull ride. My hands touch slightly over my breast area putting my hands behind my back to take off my black bra. As I do this he ask “what are you doing” I replied not giving a fuck about being nice at this point, “I’m getting really upset at your questioning Mr. styles I’m going to have to make you shut up too?” I rest on him my nipples exposed trough my silky v-neck shirt, pushing against him to cover his eyes with my bra. The bra being a barrier between him and I, my temptation to get closer to him enhances. Knowing that I’m in control my mouth starts doing tricks kissing his neck as my hands play along restraining his hands with mine. Harry’s neck going back in pleasure I whisper in his ear “what is your next fantasy?” reaching for my lips he simply replies “this moment, and I’m sure you have done this before so you have to keep kissing me.” “Umm now you are cheating, where else should I kiss you tell me where do you like to be kissed harry” He pointed his long fingers to his growing bulge. I smirked, so turned on by how defenseless he looks. His cheeks so red his hands wanting to go everywhere, but cant by my restraint. Allowing his hands to be free but also cautioning him to stay calm, I start doing the little walking man with my fingers and going all the way down to his boxers. My digits tracing the lining of his black and orange Tommy Hilfiger underwear, pulling them down slowly tickling his skin, “ok harry I want you to count to 10, relax, close your eyes, and put your head back” I put my lips slowly on his head as he counted, “1..2..3..4..5..6..” He finished the first round, breathing harshly now, not knowing what I was going to do next by his

blindfolds. “ok harry your going to start one more time this time count a little slower” as he followed my request my tongue started moving faster against his head. As his chest was rising up and down, his hands holding on to the couch wanting to touch my body but knowing he couldn’t. “1..2..3..4.5” this time I went a lot faster vibrating my tongue on the opening of his head “1..2..3..4” he could verily count now. This telling me that he was really close to his orgasm. “I can’t count anymore I’m going to come ohh god” I replied “you have to or else I will stop completely, do you want that harry?” he begged me, his voice a low pitched and raspy “No, no don’t stop I will count, fuck..1..2..3..4..ughh..5” my tongue was going to fast saliva slurping only touching his head. I keep going with this process till he only could count to number 2. Torturing him, analyzing how much he enjoys this, letting him know this is only the beginning an introduction, like I said before, to the pleasure he is going to be receiving and to the power I will be gaining. Letting me know his body wanted to let go of all the emotions he was building. I backed off slowly my eyes never leaving his, feeling the connection there. His smile grew, asking me “not wanting to sound like I’m demanding anything but why did you stop.” “I don’t want you to come” His face grew serious, seeing he didn’t like my idea very much. “So you want me to suffer, another day without you touching me is that what your telling me” he huffed I smiled back “yes that is correct, I want you to be so ready for me the next time you see me that you just want to rip my clothes off. Is that to much to ask?” “Is definitely going to be a challenge but I think I can do it.” “Harry is not if you can is that you will. Is an order.” He replied tugging me closer to him, “I kind of like when you boss me around, you look as sexy as ever. I love the way you squint your eyes when you smile, and the way your hands touched my face when you found out I will do anything for you and I don’t even know why.”


I closed my eyes shutting them hard not wanting to hear all of this emotions that are overwhelming me, “Harry please don’t.” Standing up from the couch looking down on me so tall, and masculine he shouted, “Why fucking not, I understand you don’t want to tell me how you feel but why cant I express myself. Can I at least do that?” I replied my voice calm not wanting to make this situation worst. Is this what I’m getting my self into? Why the fuck did I not just stay away? “It makes me feel uncomfortable; harry your feelings, your openness, are something I’m not use to. Can you understand that?” His voice lowered, but still as intense as ever glaring at me like an animal, “Tell me what are you use to then someone treating you like shit, only wanting you for sex, for your body, not for what you bring to the table. Like what the fuck, why you sell yourself so short? You are amazing, intelligent, and independent. What are you scared off something so simple as love” I got off the sofa not wanting to listen to this bullshit anymore I’m so done with him. He yelled reaching his hand out, “ don’t run away from me again, you are better then this, I now it in my soul I can feel it, you want more. Let me just show you, just give me a chance” I looked back at him tears swelling up in my eyes the pain in my chest so heavy I just want to explode, so that is what I do I cant hold it any longer the pain is bringing me down with such force its invariable, “I don’t feel anything harry, I’m soulless, I’m empty inside, I don’t have any love to give you. Please just drop it” He held me, cupping my face in his big hands “No I wont drop it, I wont do what the others did, who the hell hurt you so bad so I can rip their heart out like they did yours. Please just make love to me one more time, let me show you what it feels like to not just fuck someone for the fun of it but because..” he touched my heart feeling my heart beat “your heart.. Beats so fast that it wants to rip out of your chest” he looked at my eyes cupping my face in his big hands again, wiping a tear off my eyes with his thumb he whispered, “just let go love”


He kissed me so softly his lips melting into mine. It was so many emotions colliding like waves in the shore. My chest was aching so bad I wanted to scream to let out all the darkness. I want this moment so intensely. His feathery lips on mine, feeling like he would never want to let go. This is something else, other worldly; Is like he is taking away all of the pain, from my childhood, from my stupid drunken dad who did not have any love to give to his family, the pain of always being rejected by the people who supposedly loved you. This love replaced in my heart by lust, overshadowing how beautiful just one kiss could be. Just one kiss, from one person that is all it took to change my whole universe. My perspectives so lost by hate, and fear. I told myself like I did while talking to Hanna that I would let go little by little. I told myself that I would allow him to make love to me, making the thought of this a little easier to swallow; because this is my decision, I’m in control of this. Like a grown woman I have decided to let this beautiful man love me. So that is what I did I let his lips cover my body with silent wet kisses. His hands touching every corner of me, caressing my hands looking at them like he has never seen hands before. Exploring every curve of my figure, I have never fucked this slowly; I still had all of my clothes on growing damp by the sweat from my frame. It was a hot summer night in Miami and Harry’s studio felt like 100 degrees hotter then the desserts in my dream. He pinched my nipples with his fingers rolling them like a little ball, massaging the fabric that clung to my breast. I moaned in pleasure, electrified, wanting to know what his next touch will educe to my body parts. I was astonished he hasn’t taken my shirt off. I looked at him questionably and he smiled, his mouth going to my nipples sucking them till my shirt was wet with his spit. It felt so good, feeling the warmth of his tongue and the fabric of my soft tshirt grassing over my aroused nipples. I wanted more, grabbing his curly hair in my hands encouraging him. He finally took of my white t-shirt and laid it on the floor. Sitting on the couch, with me still standing in front of him, my bust bearing showing myself to him, all of me, “you are so beautiful” he said admirably “such a work of art.” He licked his lips telling me “coming here love” and pulling me to straddle on top of him. kissing his neck passionately as he took my curls in his hand pulling me closer my body grinding against his. “I want to make my fantasies come true with you.” He laid some of the pillows on the floor laying my body there “please stay still” I watched his long legs strutting across the studio where a

bunch of paint brushes and different color buckets were laid out he asked me, “what is your favorite color?”— -- “Aqua, that is weird question to be asking right now.” I could tell he was smiling even if his back was to me, and I couldn’t see his beautiful face, “woman can you not be so inpatient, I’m coming” his deep dimples showing. He grabbed my arms polling me up, “here turn around let me tie your hair” he kissed the back of my neck the hairs standing up. His hands were so gentle piking all of my curly hair in to his big hands, and making it into a bun “ok you are all set.” I replied “thank you sir that is very kind of you. Now can you please tell me what the fuck we are doing?” he laughed so hard his curls bouncing as his shoulders shock, “umm I like when you curse, another thing that turns me on about you.” suddenly I feel wetness all over my chest and see that this man has splashed red paint all over my body, I jerked up laughing chasing after him. “Are you crazy! don’t worry I will get you.” I grabbed my aqua color bucket so fast and splat a big handprint on his chest. “ Ok that is how you want to play come here,” he grab me like a little rag doll and started spreading the red color all over my torso. I replied playfully “ughh you jerk you will see, you just want to man handle me don’t you.” I grabbed my bucket again and I stood in front of him and spilled all of its contents over his body spilling on the floor getting it all over his jeans. “Mrs. Starr you are in big trouble now you better run now love.” I ran making laps in the big room, my footprints leaving aqua green and red behind. He finally catches up to me hugging me so hard lifting me up from the floor. We started kissing again paint all over our faces. Slowly he unloosened my belt buckle helping me wiggle out of my tight jeans. A loud smack was heard across the room as he planted his hands on my bare ass with both hands leaving red handprints. I pushed him towards the big couch that we were sitting once before, tugging me with him. We were both at the end of the sofa sliding down like melting chocolate dripping to the floor; him now on top taking control of what is left of my sanity. His arm muscles flexed breathing hard, kissing my lips ever so softly. His hands rooming through my body like a silent predator. Picking my shirt off the now colored floor he wiped some of the paint of his hands. Making sure that he was ready to make me the happiest girl in existence by touching me making me feel on top of the world “oh my god is so

soft, I couldn’t wait to touch you, what have you done to me woman.” With these words he opened my legs forcefully moaning while licking my most sensitive spot blowing hot air to it making me pant for breath. His tongue was moving wildly like he trained it for this sort of job “doesn’t that feel good, to let go?” my answer coming out in soft moans, “yes, yes, don’t stop.” At once he inserted his long middle finger in me while he caressed my backside with his thumb and licked me up like a triathlete. These are the last thoughts that crossed my mind my body jerking up so hard as I climaxed his finger going far deep in my backside. I exploded, that is what it felt like explosions fireworks in my vagina. He surprised me as he went in so deep inside me trusting sexually to a beat only he knew. Our hands colliding together, meeting each others gaze I could not help but pant his name “harry…” “Yes love are you ok” he patted my hair while slowing down his rhythm. A sole tear came down my cheek. “It feels amazing” I said between pants “I know love, I know” he replied kissing my lips softly and starting his tempo again, till we both collided our bodies jerking and twitching. From the excitement from the passion and connection that was so evident between us. As we lay down exhausted, harry kissing my forehead I closed my eyes reaching for his warmth falling a sleep in his arms.

 I woke up to harry with a pencil and a sketchbook on his hands. Staring at my features, he looks so gorgeous with his hair all messy and his white t-shirt and boxers. Hopefully he doesn’t know I’m awake yet so I can stare at him a little longer. He finally looked at me smiling “oh the goddess has awaken, you look gorgeous when you sleep I had to do it.” I looked at him my head to one side staring up at him while resting on my elbows “really, are you making a drawing of me, I probably have blabber all over my face, umm so sexy” chuckling a laughter he replied, “ohh shut up you look beautiful, so genuine, face like an angel you have, I wish I could look that good in the morning” I laughed he is so sarcastic “you look won16

derful” I leaned over to him giving him a kiss on the check “let me have a look” I said to him “ok I will let you see it if you give me an actual kiss not in the checks that is so lame of you.” “Ohh here he is making commands I will give you the kiss, but only because I want to see your art” my lips were in search of his, meeting together like they have known each other for years “ok now let me see” he passed me the notebook getting closer to me to watch my expression “what do you think” wow he is so good, it looks exactly like me, I look so innocent so vulnerable. Seeing what he sees in me is truly a magical experience, I look so peaceful so full of love I cant hide my happiness even in my sleep. “It is beautiful harry” he asked me “what should we call it” I put on my thinking face “we should call it… Cleopatra dreams” “that is beautiful may I ask why that name” “ Cleopatra that would be my name and my dreams that guided me into making the best choice I have made in while and that is you harry.”