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Self-Portrait Self-Portrait

Kahlo suffers a miscarriage; while recovering, she paints Miscarriage in Detroit and My Birth, some of her rst graphic works.

Me and My Doll

Rivera leaves Mexico for San Francisco. Kahlo follows him, and the couple remarries.



Thinking about Death


Days before her death, Kahlo makes her last public appearance at a political demonstration. On July 13, Kahlo dies in her sleep.

Fruit of Life

While recovering from the accident, Kahlo begins to paint.

Kahlo marries Mexican painter Diego Rivera.

1937 1932 1930 1933 1937 1938

1940 1941

1943 1945




In 1930, when Diego received several commissions to paint murals in the United States, the couple packed their bags and headed north.

Self-Portrait Self-Portrait
Kahlo and Rivera return to Mexico.

Russian revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky arrives in Mexico, and he and Kahlo have an affair.

Me and My Parrots
Guillermo Kahlo dies. Kahlo and Rivera return to live in Coyoacan.

Self-Portrait Self-Portrait
Kahlo's physical condition worsens, and she is hospitalized in Mexico City for one year.

Frida Kahlo

1907 – 1954

Frida Kahlo de Rivera (July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954) was a Mexican painter, born in Coyoacán,who is best known for her self-portraits.

Color Palette

Harmony type: Triad Harmony 1: C4 M0 Y49 K0 2: C0 M82 Y82 K30 3: C0 M72 Y77 K0 4: C1 M1 Y0 K100

Hobo Std Medium
ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890

Why I use this color palette and font:
I choose this font because the Hobo Std Medium Font contains no straight lines which make it looks mellow and plump. It’s suitable for art and painting style. Also, it can easily attract attention from audiences. I choose this palette since these yellow and red colors match oil painting style in that period. And it makes the whole page into an old and painting style.