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AUTOMATIC ACCOUNT DETERMINATION OR ASSIGNMENT Whenever there is goods movement accounting documents/ financial accounts updated automatically, so we do some

settings in customization is called automatic account assignment. It works with three important factors: • Chart of accounts. • Material type. • Valuation grouping code. Chart of accounts: - It is a group of accounts (GL Accounts), which is assigned to our company code. One company code is assigned to one chart of account but one chart of account can be maintained for n number of company codes. Valuation grouping code / valuation modification: - It is a 4-digit code, which is assigned to company code along with valuation area (Plant). Account category reference: - It is a 4-digit code that establishes relationship between material types and valuation class. One account cat ref assigned to n number of material type and valuation class. Transaction / Event key: - It is an internal processing key that facilitates the automatic account determination for the various material and invoice posting. Use: - Key to determine the account in which a posting line is generated (at least two transaction event keys are involved in each posting) Value String: - It indicates the posting rule that always contain same account assignment char to certain transaction / event key General /Account Modifier: - It is a subdivision of transaction event key in which GL account is linked during the process of automatic account determination. Valuation class and material type is assigned to it Steps: 1. Activate valuation Group code 2. Assign Valuation area to valuation grouping code 3. Create Account Cat Ref and valuation class 4. Assign valuation class to Account Cat Ref 5. Assign Account Cat Ref to Material type 6. Assign account grouping to movement types 7. Configure Automatic posting Customize settings :SPRO �� IMG �� MM �� Valuation Class and Account Assignment �� Account Determination �� Account determination without wizard 1. Define valuation control T Code OMWM 2. Group together valuation areas T Code OMWD 3. Define valuation class T Code OMSK • Account category reference • Valuation class • Material type / Account Cat Ref 4. Define Account grouping for movement type T Code OMWN 5. Configure automatic posting T Code OMWB Transaction/ Event Key’s BSX - Stock Posting / Inventory Posting PRD - Price difference GBB - Offsetting entry for stock posting WRX - GR/IR Clearing FRI - Freight Clearing