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THE BUDGET According to (Higdon and Topp, 2008)”a budget is a description of a financial plan.

It is a list of estimates of revenues to and expenditures by an agent for a stated period of time.” This is needed as part of the research proposal as a guide to keep the financial aspect at hand and in order, so as to conduct and complete the proposed research. The costs of items are not cheap along with the cost of personal participation. It is found to be costly to prepare for the research to be successful. A budget was formulated by members of the group through their own research as well as from the advice of a financial accountant; Michael Smith. Members of the group using their own personal time went to stationary stores and other businesses to get estimated prices on materials to be used within the research, as well as consultation from Mr. Smith. As the research is directly associated with choice of dress, we the research team was advised to get a financial sponsor. Multiple companies and small businesses were briefed on the purpose of the research and in conclusion a small business’ Scrub Town from San Fernando was willing to sponsor the research. Scrub Town saw it as an advertising opportunity as they deal with selling of scrub clothing for all members of medical staff. They also requested for a budget to be presented to them as they are not to be reimbursed financially. We requested a total of $12,750.00 to undertake the study described previously. Due to the essential but time consuming activities of conducting and analyzing fourteen (14) interviews, the majority of the funds will go towards personal expenses; this is the salary to the researchers. All members of staff are to be paid a salary and as for the researchers’ salary, each is to be allocated $1,000.00. This totaled to $7,000.00 for research staff. The researchers are to be compensated for any persons working under them, to conduct the interviews. They are

500. they are to conduct the interview. $1.500. This will enable the researcher to conduct direct interviews from the appropriate location.00. Other expenses came up to an estimated cost of $250.00. the financial advisor was under voluntary pretenses. filing and recording of data and research support for the project needed to work on any publications that this research may generate.000. $1. Even though professional services are a category of direct expenses it is understood that the services provided by Mr. This is the estimated direct expenses. This was estimated to be $2. code and analyze the data generated from the interview.00. A secretarial staff salary of $500. conducting and assisting in writing up of the research. which includes stationary supplies used in presenting the interview. This estimated budget of $12.00 is to be sufficient funds to carry out and complete this research in an estimated time of two (2) months. that will be used in the presenting of the research. Smith. The data collection estimate also included travel expenses. . this pertains to equipment to be used example is the use of a printer and projector with screen.responsible for the successful execution of the project. This resulted in the total personnel cost estimated to be $7.500. along with recording of data.00 was allocated to the purchasing of two (2) books and some online journals that would be used in understanding.00.750.00 is estimated to this aspect as the interview is scheduled to be conducted on one day. The data collection cost is estimated to be a total of $5.00 will be allocated for the intensive administrative.000.

00 $500. R. & Topp. from http://www.500. $1. How to Develop a Budget for a Research Proposal.000. 26(8).00 $250.00 Reference/bibliography Higdon. 922-929.750. (2008).00 ESTIMATED COST $7..pdf .00 each X 7 research Staff Secretarial Staff Salary Data Collection Stationary supplies Travel Expenses Books Equipment TOTAL $2. 2013.00 $1.The Budget ITEMS Research Staff Salary @ $1. western journal of nursing research.00 $12.unc. Retrieved March 3.500.000.