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Tri-R Allied Company is indeed one of the leading business in auto parts manufacturing industry. And as we visit the plant in our plant tour, there are many observations that I’ve seen in their manufacturing plant.. In my first impression, their overall plant was good, and an excellent place for manufacturing production, a place that will create an atmosphere of a good working place. LOCATION PLANNING ANALYSIS - in terms of their location in Cavite, its like that the management really planned in deciding for the location of their manufacturing plant. The location is accessible and is near to marketplace, moreover the location is in a perfect ambiance with a quiet environment and is away from pollutions,. The location planning strategy of the Tri-R Allied Company shows an aftermath of a good planning decision strategy, flexibility in the market industry, and a competitive advantage as a benefit of a good measurement of location capacity. However, the environment inside the manufacturing plant I think is a bit disadvantages for the company and its workers – the plant has a poor ventilation system wherein workers might have a difficulty in working their respective jobs, also the lighting arrangement is also a hindrance for most of the workers. The place inside the location plant is clean but it is dangerous for the workers because I think it is somehow narrow inside the plant. JOB DESIGN ANALYSIS – The whole production process of the Tri-R Allied Company is also an example of a good work arrangement. The aimed to reduce the repetitive mechanic tasks is very well achieved. Also, the

the company determines well the production capacity needed by them to meet changing demands for their products. it shows that the required schedules in their work affects the impact of such other factors in determining the amount of work needed from every worker.R Allied Inc. PROCESS SELECTION ANALYSIS TRI. I also saw how everyone is fitted in their assigned tasks.production process has a great workflow of duties and responsibilities of each worker. actually I saw how every worker is challenged and how every worker is dedicated in their respective jobs. Their production schedule shows how effective they were in analyzing the allotment of amounts of work the company and customers required in a given period of time. wherein each worker has a unique tasks that is needed for every production process. the company achieved the benefits of a good arrangement of tasks or what we called job design. also their "effective capacity" is shows how they adjust in completing the work required affected by the factors such as constraints due to delays. CAPACITY PLANNING ANALYIS – Based on my observation.R Allied Inc. Also their "design capacity" shows that they allot the maximum amount of work that they need to be capable of completing the work in a given period. it shows that the company has a good Lead. Because of these. everyone is expert in their own fields. has a good CAPACITY MANAGEMENT. material handling etc. as I see their production schedule posted inside their plant. workers are trained well to fit the job that are assigned to them. Lag and Match Strategy for them to provide quality products and services to their consumers. as for overall capacity analysis. In their schedule. shows the involvement in the shape producing capability and technological constraints for each of . Tri.

work) through the System. it shows the narrowness of the space inside the plant. For the overall welfare of the facility. In here. But the advantage is that they have ease of communication and support. They try to apply their best approach by incorporating it therein within the rules of the production process. and the how the workers can be capable of meeting the requirements. Their process selection shows how they are very well performing under complying their production rules.the available machining processes of the company. FACILITY LAYOUT ANALYSIS Although the company achieved a smooth workflow in terms of their production process (material. I suggest that they must think of a facility or plant expansion to produce of work and reduce the danger in the workplace to promote safety . It is also their space that serves as a hindrance in their complete facility layout system. They have a good flow of movement and materials handling. Posters above the plant shows motivational rules for the workers. Posters around the plant also shows the shape and tolerance requirements of an individual feature. we see that the company identifies their processing options without bias and hence evaluating the best alternative. but clearly. However. They show good integration of materials anyway.

It is an advantage for the company to reduce repetitive work tasks that people can provide. good reputation and good products in the minds of the consumers. the . it is also their key to success. also reflects good operations management.GARDENIA Gardenia Philippines is the leading producer of bread in the food industry. Each machine is designed for its specific use and is used at its maximized capacity. But behind from their product. factory located in Laguna. However it is a capital intensive plant which use high technological machines as foe production and also I can see how very few people are needed in the production process. ease of shipping and delivery shows how it is well planned for the Gardenia Philippines to be located in Laguna. is a good location for a company who looks for an accessible and flexible marketplace. secret for its success is a good management operation skills. Should I say that the workflow is completed without human intervention. I see how well and ease it is for the company as well as for the workers to complete the job without exerting much effort. indeed. Inc. It this. JOB DESIGN ANALYSIS – An organized work arrangement is all I can see in the manufacturing plant of Gardenia Phil. LOCATION PLANNING ANALYSIS – In the Gardenia location. Gardenia Phils. Considering the factors such as marketplace. we can very well see how the management decides well for the planning location of gardenia Philippines. The location is a good atmosphere wherein it has no pollution. It has a good foundation. However..

disadvantage of this is that only few workers are required to do the job making the labor force .